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I Didn't Do It: They Finally Did It (FF, cons, first)
by Tori ([email protected])

Jasmine: "I am sooooooo bored Lindy."

Lindy: "I know Jas, me too."

The two best friends were sitting in Lindy's basement with nothing to do for the entire weekend. Lindy's parents had gone away and had taken her twin brother Logan with them. They had no problem leaving their daughter at home since she was well known as being the proverbial good girl and every other parent in town gave her their "Parental Stamp of Approval", something Lindy hated. Their other two friends, Delia and Garrett were off on a school trip leaving them alone in the big house. They'd done the typical sleepover stuff Friday night and now, here they were, bored out of their sculls on a Saturday afternoon.

Jasmine: "HEY! I know. Let's play Truth or Dare."

Lindy: "Come on Jas, that's so lame."

Jasmine: "No, it'll be fun."

Lindy: "Ohhhhh, OK, but I get to go first."

Jasmine: "You always go first but fine, have it your way. So, what'll it be, Truth or Dare?"

Lindy: "ummmmmm, Truth."

Jasmine: "Have you ever seen a man's penis?" (giggles)

Lindy: "JASMINE!!!!" (blushes)

Jasmine: "Come on Lins, tell the truth. Have you ever seen a big fat cock?"

Lindy: "NOOO.......well, yes, and of course Logan, but he's my brother so that doesn't count, does it?"

Jasmine: "Hell yes it counts. How big was it?"

Lindy: "Nope, you can't ask two questions. It's my turn. Truth or Dare?"

Jasmine: "Truth"

Lindy: "Have YOU ever seen a penis?"

Jasmine: "Yes"

Lindy: "Who was it?"

Jasmine: "Nope, two can play that game, besides, it's my turn again. Truth or Dare?"

Lindy: "Dare"

Jasmine: "I dare you to show me how big Logan's cock is."

Lindy:"Damn Jas.......fine. It was this big." (she holds her hands about 4 inches apart)

Jasmine: "No it isn't. It's way bigger than that. OOOPSS!!!"

Lindy: "WHAT? How do you know that? When did you ever see Logan's cock?"

Jasmine: "Oh Lindy, Lindy, Lindy. So načve. I thought you knew."

Lindy: (grabs Jasmine by the shoulders and shakes her) "Tell me Jasmine! When did you see his cock?"

Jasmine: "The first time was right after the 4th of July picnic. Remember when you couldn't find me? Well that was because Logan and I went to the old boathouse and started making out. Anyway, one thing led to another and I ended up giving him a blowjob. It was no big deal you know but his cock is at least 8 inches long Lins."


Jasmine: "Relax Lins. It was just a blowjob for Christ's sake. Hell, you suck off that perverted History teacher of yours all the time because you think he doesn't like you ever since you broke his little Alamo fort." (taps her finger on Lindy's forehead) "Earth to Lindy. Trust me, he likes you.........a lot!" (giggles and then laughs)

Lindy: (puts on her fake surprise face) "Wha......I never.....well.......OK, I have. did you know I give Mr. Vaughn head?"

Jasmine: (laughs out loud) "Everyone in school knows. He even posted some pictures on his Facebook page and besides, you make a lot of noise when you suck cock. Everyone stands out in the hall and listens to you two all the time."

Lindy: (blushes turning beet red) "FUCK! I can't believe this. Why didn't you tell me?"

Jasmine: "Come on Lindy. I like that you're not this goody goody girl all the time. I makes me think there's hope for you out in the real world."

Lindy: "You slut! I can't believe you sucked my Brother's cock and didn't tell me. Hell, I can't believe HE didn't tell me. He's the worst secret keeper ever. So, have you two gone all the way yet? Oh wait, we're still playing. Whose turn is it?"

Jasmine: "Yours, I think."

Lindy: "Truth or Dare?"

Jasmine: "Dare."

Lindy: "I dare you to tell me if you've gone all the way with my Brother."

Jasmine: "Yes Lindy, I've gone all the way with Logan. He popped my cherry on Labor Day and we've been fucking for a couple of months now." (sheepish grin)

Lindy: "Wow Jas, so, you're not a virgin anymore and you didn't tell me.......the biggest of the bigs in the whole wide world and you didn't tell me. I thought you were my best friend. I guess I was wrong." (pouting)

Jasmine: "You are Lindy. You're the best friend I've ever had. I love you, you know that, but how was I supposed to tell you that I was fucking your twin Brother?"

Lindy: (thinks for a minute) "I guess so, maybe.......OK, I forgive you, this time, but if you ever keep a secret like that from me again I swear, I'll........"

Jasmine: (laughing) "What Lins? Gonna hold your breath til you turn blue?" (still laughing)

Lindy: (punches Jasmine's arm) "No bitch. I haven't done that in years. I'll.......fuck, I don't know what I'll do but I'll do it, I swear I will." (laughing)

The two teens hug each other and then......

Jasmine: "Your turn, Truth or Dare?"

Lindy: "Truth."

Jasmine: "Who do you want to lose your virginity too?"

Lindy: "hmmmmmm, I really haven't thought about it. Mr. Vaughn tried but I told him I'll only suck his cock, no sex. I guess that cat's out of the bag, isn't it? I still can't believe everyone knows. Anyway, back to the question. I don't know. I guess I haven't met him yet."

Jasmine: "How about her?"

Lindy: "What?"

Jasmine: "I said, how about her? Have you ever thought about losing your virginity to another girl?" (leans in and gives Lindy a kiss)

Lindy: "Jasmine Kang!!!! What the hell was that?"

Jasmine: "I love you Lindy. I always have."

Lindy: (blushing) "Jasmine, of course I love you, but, I......" (Jasmine kisses Lindy again)

Jasmine: "I want you Lins. I like Logan a lot but I'm not in love with him. I'm in Iove with you."

Jasmine stands up and pulls her sweater off. She reaches around and takes off her bra and then her yoga pants. She sits back down on the couch and pulls Lindys' sweatshirt up over her head and likes that she isn't wearing a bra. Jasmine leans down and starts to lick and suck on Lindy's nipples. Lindy starts to moan and then lays back on the couch. Jasmine kisses her way down to Lindy's stomach. She grabs the waistband of Lindy's sweatpants and slides them down. Then she pulls her white cotton bikini panties aside and starts to lick her best friend.

Jasmine: "mmmmmmmmmm, you're so beautiful Lins and you taste soooooo good."

Lindy: "Oh......My.......GOD! Lick me Jas, mmmmmmmmm, that feels wonderful."

Jasmine: "I want to make you cum baby. Would you like that?"

Lindy: "Yessssss, Jas.....sweetie........that's it.........just like that.......mmmmmmmmm."

Jasmine slips her tongue inside Lindy's tight little hole. She starts to pinch and rub her clit and then pushes her finger inside until she feels her hymen. She thinks about pushing through and taking her lovers cherry but she backs off. She doesn't want to go too far during their first time together. Lindy is soon moaning out loud. She is so wet and Jasmine can't get enough. She's licking Lindy like an ice cream cone melting in the summer hear. Her passion for her best friend reaches a new high when Lindy starts to cum. Jasmine pushes another finger into her sopping wet pussy and Lindy starts to shake and squeezes her thighs tight around Jasmine's head.


Jasmine" "Yesss baby, cum on my face. Cum for me!" (licking and sucking Lindy's wet pussy)


When Lindy finally started to come down from her orgasm, she reached down and pulled Jasmine on top of her. They kissed each other for several minutes and then Jasmine laid her head on Lindy's naked breasts and closed her eyes.

Lindy: "That was the best thing ever Jas. I love you." (kisses Jasmine's forehead)

Jasmine: (smiling) "I love you too baby."

The two beautiful teens held each other for awhile and then...

Lindy: "Well, I guess things are going to be a whole lot different from now on, aren't they?"

Jasmine: "I don't care as long as I can be with you. I'm so happy right now."

Lindy: "Me too Jas, you have no idea how much I love this very second."

Jasmine: (looking up a Lindy) "Yes.... I do."

Lindy: (stroking Jasmine's hair) "What do we do now? Do we tell people or do we keep it a secret."

Jasmine: "I don't care who knows. In fact, I want to jump up on the roof and scream it out to the entire world....... I LOVE LINDY WATSON!!!!!!!"

Lindy: "I'll get the ladder." (kisses Jasmine)

The two new lovers stayed in bed the rest of the weekend. Lindy went down on Jasmine for the first time, giving Jasmine multiple orgasms. Jasmine took Lindy's virginity later that night before they finally fell asleep. When Lindy's parents and Logan got home that Sunday, the two girls were sitting on the couch holding hands. Logan carried his suitcase up to his room while Lindy asked her parents to have a seat.

Lindy: "Mom, Dad. We have something important to tell you. You see, Jasmine and I, we're........"

Jasmine: "......We're in Love!"

Lindy: "Yes, that's right. I love Jasmine and she loves me."

Lindy's parents looked at each other and then said, "Well, it's about time. We thought you two would never get together. We were getting a little worried when Jasmine started banging your Brother but we figured she'd eventually get her head out of her ass and hook up with you."

Lindy: "What? You"

Mrs. Watson: "Give us a little credit dear. You two have been inseparable since you were six. We've seen how jealous you get when Jasmine is dating somebody. As for your Brother, you know he can't keep secret to save his life. He told us all about your little thing in the boathouse the day after the 4th of July picnic. God Bless him but he is dumber than a bag of rocks."

Jasmine: "Oh my God......I'm soooo embarrassed."

Mr. Watson: "Don't be Jasmine. We understand. We were your age once too. Hell, I remember the first time....."

Mrs. Watson: "BOB!!! Focus, OK? The bottom line is, we're happy for you. Come on Bob."

Mr. and Mrs. Watson went upstairs leaving the two girls alone on the couch.

Lindy: "WOW, that was surreal. I thought they'd have kittens."

Jasmine: "Your parents are so cook Lins. I hope mine are half as cool as they are."

Lindy: "Me too baby" (kisses Jasmine)

Lindy and Jasmine broke the news to Logan later that evening. He was really happy for the girls and said he'd kick anyone's ass that didn't like them being lezzies. Lindy punched him in the arm and told him they were "lesbians" not "lezzies. Jasmine hugged him and told him he was a great guy and hoped that he'd find someone as sweet as he was. That Monday after school, the whole gang gathered in the basement and they told Delia and Garrett. They were equally supportive of their friends, although Garrett started getting scared and worried that if they were lesbians then maybe he was gay. Jasmine twisted his ear and told him to calm down and that he wasn't gay. Garrett signed and said, "Thank God for that."

Lindy stopped sucking Mr. Vaughn's cock after school and when he threatened to lower her grade, she told him that she would show his Facebook pictures to the school board and get his ass arrested for having sex with a 16 year old student. Lindy got an "A" that year and as for her and Jasmine, the two of them are still together. Logan and Delia hooked up and have been going steady for almost a year and Garrett, well, it turned out that he really was gay. Go figure.

The End


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