Gen 13: Part 5 - Escape (bond)
by PJ ([email protected])

Night covered the jungle as stars twinkled in a cloudless sky. Lynch and Rachel knelt beside a long-limbed tree, watching carefully as guards patrolled the hidden lab of Ivana Baiul.

"I see three gun emplacements on our side of the compound," reported Rachel, her eyes glowing with a soft, golden light.

"I see them," replied Lynch as he looked through a pair of ultraviolet binoculars.

"Do we try stealth or brawn?" asked Rachel as she turned to regard the thin man.

"Brawn. Security's too tight for anything else," answered Lynch before he unslung his AK and pumped a mini-grenade into the underslung launcher.

* * *

Nebula lay prone on her stomach, her silver eyes scanning the encampment as the CPU in her brain recorded the positions of the guards and generated a tactical display over her vision. The lithe young woman slowly, lovingly grasped the stock of her SMG, engaging the smartlink built into her palm that allowed her to target the weapon with unerring accuracy. A cross-hair appeared within her sight, slowing moving until it covered the chest of a nearby soldier. Nebula cradled the gun with both hands, softly biting her lower lip as she waited for the right moment to strike.

* * *

Caitlin Fairchild lay naked on a x-shaped examining frame, her wrists and ankles bound by thick metallic bands. Sweat glistened on the young woman's smooth, creamy flesh, the result of hours of poking and prodding by Ivana's lackey, Dr. Franklin. Caitlin had watched the scientist work, she realized what he was doing and how close he was to success. The redhead struggled helplessly in her restraints, her super-strength negated by the metal collar wrapped around her neck. Closing her large, green eyes in despair, Cat didn't see as the female Elf, Aleatha, quietly entered the room and closed the door behind her. The purple-haired girl stood still for a moment, drinking in the sensual beauty of Caitlin's naked body.

Opening her eyes, Cat gasped softly as she discovered the Elf leering at her, then with a jolt of inspiration, the young woman slowly smiled invitingly.

"Hi," breathed Caitlin huskily as she wriggled teasingly in her bonds, her breasts jiggling with motion.

Aleatha walked closer, moving to stand next to the frame in order to reach out and stroke Cat's left thigh.

"Why don't you unbind me so we can fool around," suggested Caitlin with a lustful grin.

Aleatha looked up at Caitlin sharply, then softened her gaze, her mind warring with itself as desire fought with logic. With a hungry smile, the Elf girl began unfastening Cat's wrist bonds, then quickly moved to the foot of the frame to undo the ankle restraints. Caitlin slowly rose from the examining surface, then swayed over to the waiting mercenary. The redhead draped her slim arms around Aleatha's neck, then kissed the girl hotly on the mouth. The Elf girl wrapped her own arms around Cat's bare waist, pressing her petite body close as she returned the embrace with frantic fervor. The two girls' tongues slid and wrapped around each other, their lips quivering with arousal as they tasted each other's saliva. Aleatha slowly began kissing Caitlin's neck, planting little kisses across her neck on a path down to her round tits. Cat moaned with pleasure, her nipples growing erect with lust as her pussy began to grow warm. The Elf girl reached Caitlin's breasts, her mouth sucking and licking loudly as she savored the naked female's firm melons. Cat bit her lip as her skin grew hot with excitement, a trickle of honey already beginning to gather in her quivering womb. The two girls walked backwards into a lab table which Caitlin quickly cleared with a sweep of her long arm. Cat reclined back against the table, her legs spread apart as Aleatha pulled away from her heaving tits to kneel down before her red-haired bush. Caitlin groaned loudly as the Elf female started to suck on her cunt ravenously, warm lips caressing and biting her throbbing labia until her vagina was slick with musky juice.

Dr. Franklin typed commands into a keyboard, watching a large monitor screen as it informed him of the machinery's readiness. The red-maned mercenary named Flare lay naked on a vertical lab table, her limbs bound securely to her sides while tubes from several humming devices hung from her arms, legs, and torso.

"Is this gonna hurt, doc?" asked Flare apprehensively.

"It shouldn't, but this is the first time I've done this," replied Franklin.

"That makes me feel better," retorted the redhead as she attempted to wriggle into a more comfortable position.

"Don't move! You need to stay still," admonished the doctor while he typed more commands into his terminal.

"I'll have the strength and endurance of Fairchild when this is over?" asked Flare as perspiration slowly gathered on her forehead.

"Yes, if everything works as it should," muttered Franklin while he worked. "Of course, the genes may react unpredictably with your own unique gene coding. If that happens, you may develop any number of enhanced abilities or mutations."

"Just as long as I get to keep my great looks," prayed the vain woman fervently.

The machines' hums grew louder in strength as the computer initiated the gene infusion. Bright green and gold fluids slid from the tubes into Flare's veins, powerful mutagens transforming her very genetic identity.


"Very soon, now," smiled Franklin, his wrinkled hands clasping each other with excitement as he watched the naked woman twitch in her bonds.

* * *

"Now," whispered Lynch as he rose to his feet, the AK in his hands belching a puff of acrid smoke as it spat a grenade into the nearest guard nest. The small projectile smacked into the ground within the center of the nest, exploding into an eye-searing ball of flame that hurled the two soldiers inside high into the air. Lynch opened fire with his rifle, walking a stream of bullets that ripped into several running guards. Rachel disappeared, her motions a blur of speed as she swept into the compound, tearing flesh with her claws, then biting out throats with her razor-sharp fangs. Lynch burned a clip of ammo firing into the milling guards, then lobbed two more grenades into nests. Stored ammo ignited, cracking like lethal fireworks as men fled in fear only to be cut down by invisible rifle rounds or a blood-drenched claw. John popped out an empty mag, slapped in a fresh one, then slowly jogged from his cover tree towards the blood-frenzied vampiress.

* * *

Nebula flinched back as a grenade flash briefly overwhelmed her night-sight. Squinting under the glare of erupting fire, the young woman watched as a coldly beautiful female charged into a squad of guards, tearing into them with her hands and teeth. A second attacker appeared soon after, wielding an assault rifle with lethal accuracy. The redhead looked towards the soldiers on her side of the compound, regarding them as they readied their weapons and prepared to join their comrades who were under attack. Raising her SMG, Nebula fired a long burst, her smartlink leading her hands as she mowed down six men in less than a second. The woman exploded into motion, her gun keeping up a constant fire as she raked the nearby nests and sentry stations.

* * *

Caitlin writhed on the cold, metal table, her crotch pumping erotically as Aleatha sucked wantonly on her dripping slit. The naked girl's legs were spread wide apart, allowing her captor easy access to her trembling cunt. The Elf girl stopped her tongue fucking long enough to pull down her jumpsuit, releasing her round, smooth tits. Rubbing her full breasts together, Aleatha bent down again, licking Caitlin's pink labia folds as the naked girl moaned achingly, placing her fingers into her mouth so that she could suck them. After lapping at Cat's moist slit for several minutes, Aleatha finished removing her tight jumpsuit, then climbed onto the lab table, positioning her naked body so that Caitlin could sample her wet snatch easily. The Elf girl lowered her body on top of Cat, her pale, white, female flesh rubbing and lubricating the human girl's warm, pink skin. Gnashing her teeth silently together, Caitlin forced herself to lick her captor's pussy, staining her lips and chin with Elf jism as Aleatha buried her face in red pubic hair, sucking desperately inside the heroine's vagina. Caitlin's crotch grew hotter and hotter, her hips trembling as an orgasm rose inside her womb. Licking up across the Elf biff's cunt lips, Cat tightened her arms around the girl's shapely hips. Aleatha grinded her snatch against her prisoner's face, forcing the girl to slide her wet tongue inside a clenching fuckhole. The Elf paused her spooning long enough to taste Caitlin's firm, sweet thighs, her tongue depositing a trail of gleaming saliva. Moans of pleasure grew in intensity as Aleatha approached orgasm, her pussy gushing a torrent of honey until she screamed with unbridled ecstasy.

As the Elf slitch's naked body went limp with exhaustion, Caitlin drew her long legs to her stomach, then kicked the panting Elf away from the polished table. Aleatha gasped softly as she flew through the air, only to slam loudly against the far wall of the room. The nude Elf girl slid bonelessly to the floor, landing upside down in a heap of limbs. Caitlin jumped off the examining table just as an explosion rocked the bunker, briefly shorting out the lights. Moving quickly, Cat bent over Aleatha's clothes, searching for the key that would unlock her inhibitor collar.

* * *

John Lynch knelt near the main door of the bunker, attaching several blocks of explosive to the reinforced, steel portal. Rachel stood nearby, watching out for any of the few soldiers remaining in the compound.

"Alright, let's move back," suggested Lynch as he gathered his gear, then sprinted to the corner of a nearby building. Just as the thin man turned to look at the door, detonator in hand, the portal began sliding open, a platoon of soldiers waiting to run out.

"Two birds with one stone," muttered Lynch with a savage smile before he pressed the detonator stud. A huge, bright explosion covered the face of the grey bunker, shattering the steel door as well as the screaming guards behind it. Blood splattered wetly across the bunker walls and over the ground at the foot of the entrance. When the debris cleared away, Lynch and Rachel ran to the melted doorway, then carefully entered the body-strewn foyer.

* * *

Nebula fired a burst from her SMG, slaughtering three guards that charged from the corner of a bunker. Ducking down as she ran, the red-haired mercenary reached the outer wall of the supply bunker. Nebula pulled a backpack from her shoulders, opening the satchel to retrieve several powerful demolition charges. The woman worked quickly, setting the charges at even intervals around the building.

* * *

"What the fuck's going on?" shouted Ivana as she charged into the security station while wrapping a white, silk robe around her naked body as Roxy followed closely behind.

"Security's been blown to hell," spat Shepherd bitterly. "We've got at least three intruders in the compound. They've killed most of the guards, and two of them have breeched the main door to this building. They'll start descending to our level soon."

"Damn it!" muttered Ivana as her eyes clenched to slits. She quickly looked up to regard her henchman. "Seal all the doors on levels two through four, that should buy us enough time to reach the secret escape tunnel. Get Kelly, Aleatha, Franklin, and our other prisoners, it's time to go."

"Yes, ma'am," nodded Shepherd grimly before he charged out of the dim room.

"Is someone coming for me?" asked Roxy in a quiet, vulnerable voice.

"No, dear. I'll never let anyone take you away from me," swore Ivana as she stroked Roxy's short hair soothingly.

* * *

Computer consoles exploded in clouds of sparks as Dr. Franklin cringed fearfully in a corner of the room. Detonations from around the compound had destabilized the facility's power grid, overloading monitors and sending power spikes into the delicate equipment. Flare screamed in agony, her body writhing obscenely as muscles and bones melted and flowed like water. The red-maned girl's eyes burned with the flames of damnation, her teeth growing into lethal fangs as a corona of red fire glowed around her naked frame. The screams of the condemned seemed to fill the lab as Flare broke her restraints, her back bulging until two leathery wings burst out in a spray of blood and gristle. Flare's head flew back as she howled in agony, two curving, sharp horns punching through her forehead and sliding upwards. The woman's fingernails expanded into vicious claws, her hands clenching until her blood dribbled onto the sterile floor. As suddenly as the hellish transformation began, it stopped, the room plunging into near darkness as weak emergency lights glimmered to life.

Franklin sat on the cold floor, his eyes wide with terror and confusion as he scanned the room for his demonic companion.

"Flare?" inquired the doctor tentatively. "Are you okay?"

"I'm fine, Dr. Franklin," reassured a warm, sexually-charged, female voice. "I feel better than I ever have in my entire life."

Franklin stared with uncertainty as Flare emerged from the darkness, her naked body dripping with blood and pieces of torn flesh. The woman licked her blood-caked lips, her tongue sliding over ivory fangs as she regarded the prone scientist with voracious hunger.

"Come to me, doctor," urged Flare with her bare arms outspread. "Give me a kiss."

The thin scientist rose unsteadily to his feet, his eyes glazed with lust as he was held spellbound by Flare's nude, lush body. The female's wings fluttered with excitement as she watched her prey advance slowly towards her. Smiling with approval, Flare wrapped her slim arms around Franklin's neck, then leaned close to kiss him lingeringly on the mouth. The doctor moaned softly as the wanton female explored his mouth with her tongue, sliding her member down his throat as she pressed her full, erect breasts against his thin chest. A chilling numbness grew inside Franklin's mouth, expanding to his neck and shoulders as Flare's lips encompassed his own. The doctor struggled weakly in the woman's firm grip, his eyes growing wide with alarm as a deathly cold flowed down his torso and arms. Franklin's skin turned grey and dry as Flare's flesh became warm and pink with vitality. The dying scientist twitched one last time, then grew still with death.

Flare dropped the dry husk casually to the ground, then stretched her arms apart, spreading out her wide, red-hued wings as she thrust out her ichor-drenched tits. Smacking her full, red lips in satisfaction, Flare cocked her head, listening to distant voices that urged her to leave and prepare the way for their arrival.

* * *

Caitlin tore the cell door from its hinges, flooding the dank room with light as she marched inside. Sarah lay against one of the chamber's walls, her naked body coated with dried cum and urine. Cat quickly knelt at her friend's side, her face soft with concern as she tentatively touched Sarah's left shoulder. The indian girl gasped loudly, her eyes wide with terror as she pulled away from Caitlin's hand. Caitlin reached out again, gently holding Sarah as the dark-haired girl sobbed and trembled in her strong embrace.

"Shhh, it's okay, Sarah. We're getting out now," soothed Cat before she helped her lover to her feet, then slowly led the way into the bright hallway beyond. Caitlin bent down to retrieve a dead guard's jacket, draping the garment over Sarah's bare shoulders. Cat wore fragments of Aleatha's jumpsuit, a portion barely containing the redhead's large breasts while another fragment clung against her crotch and ass like a second skin. Walking slowly, the two girls proceeded to the end of the hallway, then climbed a short set of stairs to an empty guardroom. Opening the only exit door, Caitlin entered another hallway just as Ivana, Roxy, a man, and an Ork appeared at the far side.

"Shit, the bitches escaped," observed Kelly with a fanged snarl.

"No shit, Sherlock," retorted Shepherd as he raised his submachine gun towards the gaping young women.

"No, don't shoot," ordered Ivana as she regarded the scantily-clad girls coldly. "We'll meet again, ladies, bet on it."

"Roxy, is that you?" asked Caitlin as she stared at a petite, pale-skinned stranger in tight, black, rubber shorts, fish-net stockings, heeled ankle boots, a tied-off white blouse, and a leather choke collar.

"You bet it is, bitch," snarled Roxanne with hate in her eyes, her black-painted lips curling in a snarl of derision. "I switched to the winning team. If you had any brains in that pretty, little skull of yours, you'd join Ivana too, but that's probably too complicated for a big, over-muscled whore like you."

"Roxy, don't," moaned Sarah weakly as she leaned against one of the passage's walls.

"Ah, the lesbian slut speaks. The guards who fucked you really enjoyed themselves. They said you sucked cock like a real pro," sneered Roxy venomously.

"That's enough, we have to leave," said Ivana as she resumed walking down the cross-passageway.

"Roxy, don't go!" yelled Caitlin before she stumbled into an ungraceful run.

Glancing over her shoulder, Roxanne smiled cruelly, unleashing her power upon her onetime friend. Gravity pounced on Caitlin's shoulders, making her gasp in surprise before it pressed her to the metal floor. Cat grimaced as she struggled, her great strength useless as more and more force pressed against her. The prone heroine moaned loudly as two of her ribs cracked, her spine screaming in pain as her mass increased behind its capacity to support. Giggling evilly, Roxy released her helpless victim, then sprang into a run in order to catch up with the escaping trio.

"Rox, what have they done to you?" groaned Caitlin as she staggered achingly to her feet.

"Ivana did something to her, implanted something in her head," whispered Sarah as she slowly stumbled to where Caitlin stood. "The guards talked about it. They were going to put one in me so I would fuck them better, I would screw all of them and like it."

"Come on, let's get out of this hellhole," said Caitlin in a sick voice, her expression filled with despair as she supported Sarah and led the way towards the surface.

* * *

Caitlin and Sarah rejoined Mr. Lynch and Rachel. The quartet re-emerged into the crisp night air, the breeze filled with smoke that poured from all of the destroyed buildings of the compound.

"Someone's been busy," observed Rachel as she watched the grey bunkers burn. "We didn't do all of this."

"Probably a competitor of Aztechnology," replied Lynch as he bandaged Caitlin's cracked ribs, then helped Sarah slide into a pair of pants and a shirt.

"Do you want to go after Ivana?" asked the vampiress eagerly.

"No. We need to rest and heal first, then we go after Ivana and rescue Roxanne," said Lynch before he wrapped his left arm around a dazed Sarah, then led his small band into the thick foliage of the jungle.


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