Gen 13: Part 3 - Prisoners Of War (Ff,bond,ncon)
by PJ ([email protected])

The secret installation was deep within the South American jungle. Guard posts were placed at even intervals within the tall trees, and guards watched from hidden nests in a impenetrable perimeter. Four camouflaged bunkers sat within the cordon, hidden by thick foliage and high-tech stealth systems. Behind the main bunker, there was a large shadowed area concealed by long-reaching branches and leaves. A squad of Hispanic guards stood or sat in the clearing, watching with amusement and excitement as Roxy humped a prone guard enthusiastically. A second guard stood in front of Roxanne, grunting with pleasure as she leaned forward to suck wantonly on his engorged cock. Yet a third man stood behind the naked young woman, shoving his cock into Roxy's tight, clenching asshole. Sweat and cum coated Roxy's bare skin, the deposits of several guards that had already taken turns with her. Roxy closed her eyes with arousal as she savored the taste of the standing soldier's meat, her moist, red lips caressing and stroking the rock-hard pole as she moved her head back and forth. The brunette girl's hips slid up and down erotically, her smooth ass bumping the prone guard's crotch as her pussy fastened like a vice on the panting man's tool.

Ivana stood before a collection of monitors, watching dispassionately as the soldiers in her pay took turns fucking Roxanne.

"So this is why you install a wire in the young woman's head, to turn her into a cheap whore," admonished a well-built man in a richly appointed, grey suit.

"I don't require the girl at the moment, and I like to keep my employees happy," retorted Ivana before she turned to regard the executive from Aztechnology.

"Where are the other two subjects?" asked the darkly handsome suit.

"I have them secured in a cell beneath this building," replied the slim brunette.

"My superiors want you to begin the lab tests immediately. Aztechnology desires to establish a monopoly in creating enhanced human beings."

"Never fear, Mr. Perez, you'll get what you paid for," reassured Ivana with a smile that bared her incisors.

"We always do, one way or another," said Mr. Perez as he bowed briefly, then left the monitor room.

"Want Flare to get them?" asked Bliss from a shadowed corner.

"Yes. Get Fairchild to Lab 2. Have Franklin begin a series of genetic mapping scans," ordered Ivana while she watched the exit door thoughtfully.

* * *

"How are you?" asked Sarah weakly as she sat chained to a cold, stone wall.

"I've been better, how about you?" inquired Caitlin while she stood manacled in place, her arms held above her head. Sarah retained her t-shirt and jeans, but Caitlin was still completely nude from her battle.

"I feel like a character in a bad B & D story," snorted Sarah as she jingled the manacles holding her slim arms up.

"Me too," replied Caitlin before a shiver coursed over her naked flesh. "I'm freezing in here."

"Then perhaps I can get your blood boiling," declared a loud voice from the cell's doorway. The red-haired woman that had captured Roxy walked confidently into the cell, dressed in a black, rubber bodysuit with a plunging bodice. Criss-crossing tie-strings lay across the young woman's cleavage, while stiletto-heeled shoes snuggled against her small feet. The redhead carried a black whip in her left hand as she ran black-gloved fingers through her rich, long tresses, her golden eyes regarding the bound Caitlin with avaricious hunger.

"What's going on? Why are we being kept here?" demanded Sarah angrily.

"Mistress Ivana wants you here, that's all the reason you need," spat the woman while she stood intimately close to Cat and ran a gloved hand over her bare, shapely ass.

"Hey! Don't touch me!" shouted Caitlin.

"The lovely bitch is shy, is that it?" whispered the redhead as she slid her right hand up Caitlin's bare back. "I think you need to relax a little."

The rubber-encased woman swayed away to the far side of the room, then uncoiled her whip and lashed quickly across Caitlin's ass. The tall girl screamed in pain and fright as the snarling woman whipped her back, ass, and thighs mercilessly. Angry, red welts marred Caitlin's smooth skin as her captor lashed out again, marking her inner right thigh with a fiery streak. Caitlin struggled in her wrist manacles, her great strength somehow neutralized, making her helpless and weak before the sadistic urges of her captor.

"That's it! Scream and moan, slut!" purred the fiery-maned woman as she raised her left hand and snapped the whip again. Leather kissed the flesh of Caitlin's ass, adding yet another welt to her vast collection. Cat's legs trembled with agony, yet her pussy grew warm and moist in helpless arousal.

"The whore likes it, doesn't she?" smirked Flare as she walked up behind Caitlin and reached around to cup the girl's large, right breast. "I can smell your cum trickling out right now."

"Please..stop," panted Caitlin as she hung her head low, her red hair plastered with sweat.

"But your body doesn't want me to stop," teased the woman before she reached down and fingered Cat's dripping cunt.

"Uhh,," protested Caitlin weakly, her tits heaving with exhaustion. The lithe woman ignored Cat's pleas, she instead began licking the bound girl's neck and shoulders, relishing the taste of Caitlin's sweat and skin. She moved the whip to her right hand, then rubbed the pommel of the instrument across Caitlin's trembling slit. Cat groaned softly, her legs slack as the woman pressed the pommel between her thighs and into her tight fucktunnel. Sarah watched in awe and restrained excitement as her captor shoved the cum-slick whip pommel deeply into Caitlin's vagina, going back and forth in obscene pumping motions. Cat's round ass moved up and down as the thick pole slid into her womb, the cold leather stimulating the sensitive, pink flesh of her vagina. The woman leaned forward, pulling Caitlin's head back by the hair in order to kiss her forcefully on the mouth. Cat moaned weakly as the woman thrust a wet tongue past her slack lips, the soft probe caressing and entwining with her own tongue until her mouth was burning with submissive lust.

Parting with a stream of saliva, the woman spun Caitlin's nude body to face her, then bent forward to suck loudly on the girl's large breasts while she continued to shove the whip handle into Cat's tight cunt. Caitlin moaned loudly, her lips and chin dripping with another woman's saliva as her tits bobbed to the motion of the whip's penetrations. The girls' captor licked down the valley between Caitlin's bouncing breasts, enjoying the delicious, warm flesh of Cat's tits and stomach. The woman latched onto Caitlin's right breast, filling her mouth with hot, female meat, then biting painfully on the hardened, pink nipple. Caitlin cried out, then bit her lower lip as her ravager moved to the left tit, licking and sucking on the ripe melon until it was drenched in warm spit.

"Flare, quit fucking with the subject and get her to Lab 2, now!" commanded Ivana through the building's intercom system.

"Sorry, party's over," shrugged Flare before she reached up and kissed Caitlin wantonly on the lips. "I'm going to fuck you blue later. That's a promise."

Flare reached into a belt pouch, removing a thick, metal choke collar that she carefully fastened around Caitlin's slim neck. When the inhibitor device beeped its active status, the sultry female released Cat's manacles, then quickly pulled the girl's arms behind her back and fastened on a pair of metal handcuffs.

"Come on, my pretty fucktoy. The doc wants to poke and prod that luscious body of yours," breathed Flare hotly before she shoved the naked and exhausted Caitlin towards the waiting exit.

* * *

Lynch carefully made his way through the rubble, climbing out of the small pocket that had saved his life when the manor exploded. Ascending from what used to be the basement of the house, the tall, thin man finally reached the surface just as dawn broke across the horizon. Lynch stared at the ruins of his home for a long time, knowing that he was the only male survivor of the team.

"Ivana will die for this," swore the scarred man before he turned around and left the smoking crater behind.

Lynch walked for hours until he reached a safehouse that he had set up years ago. Going inside and locking the main door, Lynch stopped long enough to catch his breath, then he took a quick shower and bandaged his many small wounds. Sitting before a computer terminal, Lynch activated the machine, then typed in commands that allowed him access to the Matrix, the virtual computer network that linked the majority of the computers across the world. Engaging a search routine, Lynch found a private jet that was heading to South America, just what he needed to catch up to Ivana and her cohorts. Lynch knew that Ivana had a secret facility in the south, and he knew that she would take his charges there since the base had labs and prisoner containment chambers. He had an inkling as to why Ivana would capture his girls, it was no secret that Aztechnology was looking for scientific techniques to mass produce gene-active humans. Since the great holocaust that had decimated Earth's super-hero community, many individuals and organizations were infusing vast resources into projects designed to synthesize the factors that allowed super-enhanced abilities. Cyberware and magic gave individuals great advantages, but wetware was expensive and invasive, while magic was even more rare than mutant talent. Deducing that the corrupt Ivana had flown south to her hidden base, Lynch prepared his transportation, then began searching for information about an old friend that was reputed to still live in the ancient ruins of South America.


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