The Hulk (MF,F-best)
by Anonymous

The Hulk sat Betty on the car and stared at her flawless face and curves. He
pinched her shirt between his thick fingers and easily ripped her top in
half, exposing her perfect breasts covered only in a lacy bra.

Betty smiled and reached around to release the clasp on her bra. It fell the
ground and her nipples perked up as the cool air blew over them.

The Hulk then stuck two huge fingers between her legs and spread them apart
effortlessly. Her narrow skirt prevented her legs from spreading much. The
Hulk then pulled on her skirt and tore it from her body violently.

Betty smiled and stood on the roof of the car. She wiggled her hips and
turned around for him, then dropped her panties down to her ankles. Her
clean-shaven pussy was now in plain view of the Hulk and her scent rose
up, catching his attention.

He wrapped his left hand around her and held her up horizontally. He examined
her soft sexy pussy momentarily before pressing the tip of his little finger
into her extra tight pussy. With his brute strength, he shoved his finger
into her cunt, easily stretching her to two inches and four-fifths in

"ARGH!" Betty screamed in pain as her pussy was stretched beyond anything she
had ever dreamed of.

The Hulk pushed his thick finger into her up to ten inches in depth then
pulled it all the way out.

He then inserted his forefinger and she screamed in pain once more as her
pussy was stretched to a full three inches diameter. He pushed hard reaching
ten inches in depth once again where his knuckles started to thicken,
stretching her delicate pussy even more.

He pumped her hard for a few minutes with this finger then pulled it out.

"UNGH!" Betty moaned in pain and pleasure as her pussy gaped open a few

He then jabbed his ring finger into her tight pussy, stretching her up to
three inches a fifth in diameter.

"Oh GOD!" Betty cried out as her tight pussylips hugged the thick green
finger stuffed in her young cunt.

He pumped his finger into her for a few minutes then pulled it out. Finally
he pressed the thickest finger to her pussy. His middle finger was three and
a half inches in diameter and with one thrust, he shoved it violently into
her wanton hole.

"ARRGGHH!" Betty cried out as her cunt was stretched even more.

The Hulk fucked her hard with his middle finger for about ten minutes. His
long finger reached the second knuckle where the diameter started to widen.
Betty took twelve inches of his huge green finger and started to shake in
orgasm again and again.

He pulled his finger out and pressed his thumb to her gaping wet pussy.
Betty's eyes widened as she looked down at his four-inch wide thumb, which
quickly widened to over four and a half inches across at the first knuckle.

He pushed hard and the tip stretched her tiny cunt open. Although it was
only three inches high, the width stretched her tiny cunt from thigh to thigh
as he pushed the massive green member into the little girl.

He pushed hard as her cuntlips stretched wide to accommodate his four and a
half-inch wide knuckle.

"UNGH! ARRGGHH!" She cried out in pain again until finally the knuckle
slipped in and his thumb's diameter shrunk.

Betty had about eleven inches inside her and the shape of his thumb could be
seen outlined across her stomach.

Her tiny hands clutched the intruding member as waves of pleasure and pain
overwhelmed her.

The Hulk pumped his thumb into her hard, pulling it out with just the tip
inserted then jamming it back in with incredible speed and force. He grabbed
her body tightly with the other hand and fucked her with his thumb until she
started to scream in an intense orgasm.

He then pulled his thumb from her gaping pussy and pressed the tip of his
little finger against her tiny puckered virgin asshole.

Betty's eyes went wide as she realized what he was about to do. The thick two
and four-fifth-inch diameter finger pushed hard against her ass and she caved
inward from the pressure.

The Hulk showed no mercy as he shoved his finger into her bowls.

"ARRRGGGHHH!" Betty screamed in pain as her anus opened up to the huge girth
of his finger.

With one thrust his finger reached seven inches in depth. Another hard thrust
stuffed it ten inches deep. Betty was on the verge of passing out as the Hulk
rammed his thick finger into her.

He twisted it around, stretching her ass wide and then pulled his little
finger out and pressed the tip of his forefinger to her ass. He pushed
hard and it slid in. Her tight ass caved in with no lubricant as her anal
sphincter hugged his finger.

"OH GOD! OH GOD! ARRGGHH!" Betty screamed out again as her ass was stretched
to accommodate the three inches of diameter.

The Hulk continued to pound her little ass hard for a few minutes as he
started into her gaping pussy. The car rocked side-to-side even though he
was holding her in place.

With his forefinger still stuffed ten inches into Betty's ass, he lifted her
off the car and flipped her over, twisting his finger inside the young girl.

Now with his forefinger stuffed in her ass, his middle finger aimed at her
gaping pussy. He pushed the tip in and smiled as Betty's eyes widened with

With the thick finger in her ass, there wasn't much room left for the finger
now entering her pussy. The Hulk pushed hard anyway and the tip slid in,
stretching her cunt to three and a half inches diameter.

He pushed and pushed until his finger reached twelve inches inside of her.

Betty now had two of the Hulk's massive green fingers stuffed in her ass and
cunt. Her body was stretched lewdly around the thick members as he pushed
down on her body, mashing her tits into the car's roof and started to pump
his two fingers into her at the same time.

He fucked her petite body for a few minutes then stopped, leaving his fingers
fully penetrated in her. He removed his left hand that had pinned her to the
car and lifted up with his right hand.

Betty's body lifted off the car effortlessly and she screamed in pain as her
ass and pussy was now supporting her full weight.

The Hulk lifted until he had Betty completely vertical, facing away from him.
He gazed at her hot asscheeks that spread around the finger stuffed in her
ass. Her full body weight pressed down on the two fingers, trying to force
more of them into her frail body.

He then raised his hand up high and dropped it down, stopping suddenly.

"AARRRRGGGGGHHHHH!" Betty screamed excruciatingly as her downward weight
slammed down onto his fingers and her body gave way to more depth.

The Hulk repeated this a few times, slamming her little body down onto his

He then wrapped his massive left hand around the petite girl. He clutched her
tight and started to push her down onto the two thick fingers.

"NO, BRUCE! DON'T!" Betty screamed as his middle three and a half-inch
diameter finger pushed past her cervix and into her womb.

He pushed hard, forcing his fingers deeper and deeper, reaching fifteen
inches in depth with his middle finger in her pussy. The shape of his thick
member could be seen as he wiggled it inside her.

Betty's pussylips vanished inside her body as they stretched wider than ever
around his second knuckle.

Just then the three Gamma-dogs approached. They barked and howled as drool
dripped from their fangs. They ran toward the Hulk and suddenly stopped.

Their bestial noses had picked up the strong scent of sex in the air. They
sniffed around and approached the Hulk with Betty still impaled on his
fingers. The Hulk lowered her down and let the dogs sniff her pussy.

Each of the horse-sized animals took turns sniffing the young girl's pussy.
Her juices flowed down the Hulk's fingers. They licked the juices from his
fingers and slid their huge rough tongues over her soft white skin.

Focusing on her stuffed pussy, one of the dogs licked furiously, stimulating
her clit with its rough skin.

The Hulk watched as each of the three male dogs became excited. Their monster
cocks fell from their sheaths above and swung heavily between their legs as
they fought to lick the tasty white human.

He then pulled the little girl off his fingers and set her down on the ground
on all fours. Her curvy ass sticking up in the air as she panted to catch her
breath from the multiple orgasms the dogs just gave her.

The Hulk then grabbed the first dog with what seemed like the smallest cock.
It was the French Poodle. He positioned the dog above little Betty and aimed
his three and a half-inch diameter cock at her gaping pussy.

The dog started to wildly thrust forward but kept missing his target, as the
petite girl was a touch too close to the ground.

The Hulk held onto the dog cock with one hand and slid a finger under Betty's
hips and lifted her up about a foot. The dog thrust forward and found his
mark. Its thick three and a half-inch diameter cock drove hard into the girl.

"UNGH!" Betty gasped as her pussy was suddenly stretched wide.

The dog pounded her hard while her lower body was held up slightly by the
hardness of his cock. He thrust his fifteen-inch tool to the hilt into her
little body.

"UNGH! OH! OOOH! NOOO!" Betty cried out from the speed and force of the dog.

Each time the dog hit bottom, Betty's hands lifted off the ground almost a
foot before she fell back down. Her hands started to get sore from hitting
the rough ground after each thrust but she kept it up. Each thrust also moved
her forward over a foot and the dog had to take steps forward to continue
penetrating her fully.

He continued fucking her around the area for a few minutes until his knot at
the base of his cock started to grow as he neared climax.

The Hulk and the other dogs watched, knowing full well what was about to

"OOOH! MMMMH!" Betty moaned as the base of the dog's cock grew and continued
to pound into her pussy.

The knot grew to over four inches diameter and he continued to thrust it into
her. Betty's hot juices slurped and splashed around as the big knot slammed
against her pussylips, spreading them wide.

The dog's heavy grapefruit-sized balls slapped against her thighs with each
thrust as the knot continued to grow. Now, as it reached four and a half
inches diameter, Betty's pussy started to quickly tighten up.

As the diameter exceeded four and a half inches the massive knot embedded
itself in her tight pussy. He continued the thrust into her only now she was
stuck on his knot and didn't move.

Each thrust would shove her forward and pull her back like a rag doll. His
cock stiffened and lifted her off the ground permanently as he wildly and
inconsistently tried to push his cock into her and pull it out.

The big knot continued to grow, spreading her pussylips wider and wider as
most of the knot stayed embedded inside her tender hole. Finally it stopped
growing with a diameter of five inches around. Betty's little pussy looked
stretched out of shape as the knot bulged outward from her pussy.

Then the dog started to cum. He howled thunderously as his balls tightened
up and his hot sticky white cum flooded her insides. Blast after blast filled
her up but the tight seal prevented any of it from escaping. Betty's womb and
vagina filled with the hot dog's cum as the last spurts erupted from his huge

The dog stopped thrusting but Betty still hung helplessly from his throbbing
cock. The other dogs and the Hulk watched and waited patiently.

The Hulk was starting to get turned on and a huge bulge began to form in his
torn and stretched pants.

The mutant French Poodle panted, trying to catch its breath, as he stood
above the tiny Betty, still embedded on his cock. The other two dogs started
to get impatient so the Hulk reached under and started to pull Betty off the
massive five-inch diameter knot stuck in her cunt.

"AAIIIIIEEEEE! NOOOOOO! DON'T!" Betty screamed as her pussy bulged outward
to allow the balloon-sized knot to exit her young body.

The Hulk cupped one hand under her pussy to catch the cum that started to
pour out of her hole.

Betty's pussylips spread wide and opened until finally she popped free with
a huge gush of cum that splashed into his hand. Betty's gaping pussy flowed
cum like a river for almost a minute as the Hulk held her upright.

"Ooooooh, yessssssss!" She moaned in ecstasy, all the while keeping her eyes

When the cum in her pussy slowed to a dribble the Hulk raised his hand up
above Betty and tilted the pool of cum toward her face.

She opened her eyes and looked upward with a smile. Then she opened her mouth
and grabbed her tits with each hand, squeezing them tightly.

The cum started to flow off the Hulk's hand into Betty's mouth like a
waterfall, filling her up quickly. She swallowed but couldn't take it all.
The Hulk poured the cum onto her face and it covered her entire body. She
swallowed as much as she could as the rest coated her sexy body from head
to toe.

The Hulk then dropped Betty back on the ground and grabbed the next dog whose
cock was still fully extended and ready to go.

This one was four inches diameter and fully sixteen inches long. Betty held
her ass in the air waiting impatiently for the next Gamma-dog to fuck her.

He thrust forward a few times until finally hitting her cunt. Her gaping
pussylips opened up slightly wider and took the four-inch thick dog cock
with ease. The dog fucked her hard for a few minutes, forcing another inch
in length into her. His entire sixteen-inch cock rammed into her womb as
she was lifted off the ground by his hard thrusts just as before.

The dog was very horny and didn't last long. Soon his knot began to grow as
well. It expanded to four and a half inches and continued to splash into her
juicy cum-soaked pussy, pulling out all the way, then ramming itself back

"OH YES! OH GOD, YES!" Betty moaned and screamed in violent orgasms as the
dog relentlessly pounded her frail body.

The knot quickly reached five inches diameter and was becoming difficult to
penetrate and exit her now. After a few thrusts the full five inches was
pulling itself out and slamming back into her pussy.

The knot continued to grow more and more. Its girth quickly exceeded anything
little Betty had taken and finally the knot stayed embedded in her sweet

Her pussy bulged out as the diameter hit five and a half inches and continued
to grow.

"OH FUCKING GOD! DON'T LET IT STOP!" Betty screamed as her vagina was
stretched wider than if she were having a baby.

The knot bulged in her stomach almost making her look a few months pregnant.

The dog continued to thrust wildly but Betty's body stayed embedded on the
huge cock. The knot grew and grew finally maxing out at six inches in
diameter. Soon after it reached its maximum size, the dog started to cum.
His melon-sized balls pumped huge amounts of cum into the young girl,
filling her to capacity almost right instantly.

The pressure started to build and although her pussylips hugged tightly
around the knot, cum started to squirt out from between them as her stomach
bulged slightly from being filled up.

Finally the dog was done, his knot still embedded in her overstretched hole.

"Ooooh, yesssss!" Betty moaned in pleasure as hot dog cum oozed from her
tightly sealed pussy.

The Hulk reached under again and started to pull the little girl off the
massive knot. Her pussy pulled out once again as it stretched to six inches
diameter. The Hulk held his hand under her as the cum gushed out so that he
could catch all of it once again.

The massive knot popped free of her pussy and a huge gush of cum splashed
into his hand. Betty's pussy was gaping at least four inches wide as she
moaned in pleasure after cumming countless times.

The Hulk fed the pool of cum once more to Betty, who swallowed as much as
she could before being put on the ground again for the last dog.

The Hulk positioned the biggest of the dogs over top of the petite human girl
and aimed its four and a half-inch thick, seventeen-inch long cock at her
gaping pussy.

The dog thrust forward and slid into her loose, and now, well-lubricated cunt
with ease. He pounded his cock into her, ravaging her body for a few minutes
before nearing his own orgasm.

His knot started to grow like the others, hitting five inches in diameter. He
slammed it into her hard, forcing the other dogs' cum out of her pussy. It
sprayed almost ten feet back from them as loud gushing and squishing noises
tainted the night's silence.

His knot grew like the others, soon reaching five and half inches in
diameter. It started to embed itself in her tight body so the Hulk reached
under and held her in place so that the dog could pull the knot out and jam
it back in.

The diameter grew more and more and the dog was having more trouble pulling
it out of her. Each time her pussylips pulled out from her body and the knot
slammed back into her with a loud smack and a gush of her own juices, pre-cum
and dogs cum. It now reached a full six inches in diameter and was giving the
dog trouble with each thrust.

"AAARRRRGGGHHH!" Betty screamed as her pussy was fucked brutally by the
massive Gamma-dog.

Her pussylips were stretched wide and didn't close up much when the knot
pulled out before it was rammed violently back in. It continued to grow
thicker and thicker, reaching the size of a volleyball. Her loose pussylips
pulled out from her body at least four inches each time the knot pulled out.

Now it was at six and a half inches in diameter. Betty's pussy stretched far
beyond anything she dreamed possible as the Hulk held her in place and the
dog fucked his knot into her. It still grew bigger and the dog was really
having trouble pushing it in and pulling it out.

It soon reached seven inches in diameter and stopped getting bigger.

The dog panted heavily as he began to tire from the brutal fuck. Betty's
pussy continued to slop and splash as the huge knot pushed into her delicate
pussy and pulled back out.

The dog drove his seven-inch thick knot into little Betty over and over
until he finally started to cum. His cock spurted load after load into her
hot cavern as his knot slammed into and back out of her pussy. Each outward
thrust was followed by a huge gush of cum that the dog had just deposited
in her.

Just then, the Hulk's pants tore apart and his hard cock sprung free. He was
kneeling on the ground and the massive cock thudded into the ground beside
Betty. She gazed at it as her body was rocked with another orgasm.

Cum from her pussy was squirting out of her more than ten feet each time
the dog's volleyball sized knot slammed into her pussy. Finally the dog was

The Hulk pulled the exhausted Betty off the knot one last time and the dog
moved aside and began to lick his aching balls. The other dogs lay around
panting heavily after being satisfied by this woman.

Betty stared at the Hulk's cock, which rested on the ground before her. The
Hulk put her down and let her walk toward him.

She grabbed hold of the massive cock and tried to lift it. It was much
heavier than she though and was only able to make it bend slightly. It was
as big around as her upper thigh and over two and a half feet long.

The Hulk then wrapped his hand around the cum soaked Betty and lifted her
up. He then stood and grabbed hold of his cock with his other hand, lowering
Betty to it and aiming it at her gaping pussy.

The eight-inch diameter head pressed against her pussy, as Betty held her
legs as wide apart as she could. The Hulk then pulled her toward him, jamming
her onto his cock violently.

Her young pussy stretched to accommodate his eight-inch girth, stretching her
a full inch beyond that of the dog's knot.

He pushed hard, shoving her down six inches onto his Hulk cock as she
screamed in agony from being impaled by something as large as her leg.

The Hulk jammed her down onto himself again, hitting ten inches deep this
time. The shape of his cock was clearly visible in her stomach as it pushed
its way in. He jammed again and again, jacking himself off with Betty's body.
Slowly he penetrated her deeper and deeper, reaching fifteen inches, then a
full seventeen.

He started to get angry and pounded her down onto his cock even harder,
forcing her to take more of his tree trunk cock.

"AARRGGHH!" The little girl screamed in sexual pain as she took another inch
in depth.

The Hulk started to increase his pace, shoving her down onto his cock faster
and faster until she was almost a blur.

Each time his eight-inch thick tool slammed into the back of her womb and
forced her to stretch more and more. Soon she had nineteen inches of his
cock embedded in her pussy and her body shook and shuddered in intense
orgasms as her pussylips disappeared inside her body and then pulled out.

After almost fifteen minutes of insane fucking and countless orgasms from
Betty, the Hulk started to cum himself. He jammed the young girl down onto
his cock again and again, forcing another inch into her as he felt his balls
swell up and surge.

An enormous blast of cum erupted from his cock as Betty managed to take
twenty inches, two thirds of his thirty-inch long cock.

The cum flooded her womb and bulged grotesquely in her stomach. Each blast
was as big as the full load of doggie cum the girl was just forced to take.

"UUNNGGHH!" The Hulk groaned loudly as he emptied his basketball-sized nuts
into the sweet girl.

He jammed her down on his hard green cock as fast as he could, using the
young girl as a fuck-toy to get himself off.

Betty came hard, her vaginal muscles trying to squeeze the monster green
cock stuffed between her legs. Intense waves of pleasure flowed through her
body, overwhelming her mind until she lost consciousness and went limp in
the Hulk's hand.

He continued to blow his load into her like a fire-hose and it squirted out
from between her tightly overstretched pussylips, spraying the ground below
and the Hulk's thighs.

Eventually he started to slow down and stop. He pulled the limp girl's body
from his cock with a loud sucking noise and a huge rush of his own cum.

He rested his cock on top of her and squeezed out a few more globs of cum.
The cum coated little Betty's tits and face completely, soaking her hair.

Like being splashed with water, Betty regained consciousness, her body still
twitching from time to time from spikes of pleasure.

She hugged the big green cock that rested on her body and wiped cum from all
over herself, then licked her fingers clean. She loved the taste of his cum
and so much of it had gone to waste. Next time she knew she would have to
remedy that.

The Hulk's cock began to shrink and he let it fall off her body, the thick
head slipping past her gaping pussy one last time.

"Ooooooh!" Betty gasped as the Hulk raised her up to eye level and peered
into her gaping pussy.

Between her legs was nothing more than a massive hole almost the size of her
thighs. He shoved two fingers into her and pried them apart, opening her a
little wider. He peered into her deep cavern and smiled.

"Ooooo! Mmmmmm! That feels nice," Betty moaned again and the Hulk put her on
the ground.

The docile Gamma-dogs had wandered away lazily while the Hulk calmed down
and began to take his human form again.

"We're going to have the best make-up sex after we get angry and fight," he
said groggily as he stumbled back to Betty and her gaping pussy.

The End


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