Howling: The Halloween Treat (Mf,anal,snuff,viol)
by Hamster


It was Halloween night and Johnny wanted to fuck a young girl in a costume.
He thought it was only appropriate given the holiday. Johnny Yu had a cute
fourteen-year-old Japanese in his hotel room with him and there was no doubt
in either mind what they would be doing soon. The girl; who was wearing a
plaid pleated skirt, white dress shirt, jacket with her school’s emblem on
it, a cute little tie, ponytail, knee-high white socks and shiny dress shoes;
didn't mind at all. Her reward for the night's activities was well worth
being fucked stupid by a sleazy mobster. That was what Yu was, the son of the
head of San Francisco's Chinese mob. Johnny's favorite contractor (pimp) had
found her on a chat room and found that the girl would be willing to do just
about anything or anyone in the line of duty, despite the downside of her
only available work on certain day she was an ideal agent.

"My name is Ami Toranaga." She said.

"Baby I don't give a fuck who you are." Yu said.

Yu roughly grabbed the girl by the ponytail and bent her over the bed. She
gave a little yelp of surprise but did not resist. With his free hand he
grabbed her panties and yanked them down to her mid thighs. Yu unzipped his
pants and pulled out his cock, which he gave a few light strokes until it
was nice and hard. He set the tip to her pussy and plunged in, pulling back
on her ponytail with each thrust as the girl yelped and screamed in pleasure
which each and every stroke. His dick slid in and out of her slick but tight
pussy with ease even as he bent her head back by her hear with each thrust.

"Oh yeah, yes harder you fucking bastard, harder!" Yu was only too happy to
oblige as he redoubled his efforts. "OH YES, YES, YES!"

The girl finally came to an orgasm and Yu was feeling his own orgasm coming
on as the pressure built up inside of him. With his next stroke he pulled his
cock clean out of her pussy then rammed it into her tight little ass. Yu felt
his cock strangled by the tightness of her butt and nearly came at one. Yu
blew his load inside the girl and released the girl's hair. What a fine tight
little slut! Yu shoved his finger in her butt and swirled it around then
brought it to Ami's mouth and made her suck it.

"I'm hungry." Said Ami after Yu removed his finger.

"I don't give a fuck." Said Yu. "I don't feel like taking you to dinner so
take your money and get out."

Ami smiled and stood then went to the window. She opened it wide and let the
bright moonlight hit her.

"What are you doing now you brain-dead slut?" Yu demanded.

Ami turned to face him. Her features changed and became more animalistic.
Grey fur began to sprout all over her body. Her hands became paws topped with
hooked black claws and she grew sharp fangs. It all happened so fast that Yu
did not have time to even scream as she jumped atop him and sank her fangs
into his throat and crushed his voice box. She lifted her head and then bit
into his mid section. Warm blood poured down her throat. He was still alive,
that was how she liked it! She ripped into him ravenously tearing at his
flesh and ripping out intestine. The man struggled and flailed until he
passed out from lack of blood. As soon as his heart stopped beating the
werewolf lost interest and resumed her human form. Ami picked up her cell
phone and called her boss.

"It's done, he's dead." Said the werewolf hitwoman. "The cops will blame it
on a pitbull."
_ _ _

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