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Hollyoaks: Part 3 - Home Videos (MMFF,inc,oral,anal,cons)
by Sputnik

Tony was beginning to get really frustrated. His milkshakes had been on sale
to the Hollyoaks public for weeks, and he was still to be on the receiving
end of their positive results. He knew the special concoction worked; he had
watched as his milkshakes were gulped down by the eager girls, and had
prepared himself to move in, only for them to drag their boyfriends out of
the door and home, to speed off on their own to deal with their sudden urges,
or, on occasion, to run off with their group of girlfriends they were dining
with. There was an obvious thrill to watching these nubile young girls
swallowing down huge quantities of his spunk, but it just wasn't enough for
him. Tony would often stand behind the counter, watching erect nipples pop
through skin tight t-shirts and legs being uncomfortably crossed and
uncrossed, idly caressing himself through his chef whites. His most recent
customer had taken her drink outside, but just before he made his move, the
young brunette dragged her boyfriend into the nearest alley, not even taking
the time to finish the milkshake. Tony couldn't believe his bad luck, and
resignedly sulked back into the kitchen.

Jake Dean. Meanwhile, was just finishing work for the day. Working for the
local council maintaining the public gardens hardly brought in enough money
to live off himself, let alone enough for his whole family to live off. His
Dad had lost his trucking job, his Mum was barely making anything from her
singing career, his sister Debbie was constantly losing her jobs in the local
shops, and neither of his younger siblings, Craig or Steph had part-time jobs
to help out the family. Jake and Debbie had recently taken over the mortgage
payments due to the hopelessness of their parents, meaning that he was the
main wage-earner. Most of their possessions had been repossessed, meaning the
house was practically empty, and even food was in short supply.

Jake packed up his van with his tools, and out of the corner of his eye,
spotted the half-finished food on the table outside Gnosh. Out of all his
family, he was the only one even moderately responsible with money, and
although stealing half-finished food was pretty low, Jake was aware of the
seriousness of the situation. After loading up his van, Jake strolled over
to the table, and after taking a quick glance around to make sure no one he
knew was watching, gathered up the two cardboard cups half full of milkshake,
and the remains of the sandwiches. Jake hurried back to his van, placing his
stash on the passenger seat, and sighed, depressed at how low he had been
forced to sink. He drove home deeply disappointed with his family, and
particularly, with himself.

As he opened the front door, he could hear his two sisters and brother
arguing in the living room. With his arms full with Tony's food, he walked
through the door and dumped the lot on the plastic picnic table that was now,
along with a couple of deck chairs and a crate, comprised their furniture.
The three turned as they had Jake enter, and quickly swarmed to the table to
start picking at the food and slurping down the milkshakes.

"Nice one, Jake," said Craig.

"Yeah, we were just getting hungry," added Debbie, her mouth stuffed with
sandwich. Steph, meanwhile, was concentrating on sucking the milkshake
through one of the straws, too busy to talk. Jake simply walked away from
the table, too stressed to eat, even if his family did leave anything for

"We're going to have to be more sensible, guys. You're going to have to make
cut backs, we just don't have enough money. Someone's going to have to get
another job to help us out."

"Don't look at me," Steph finally said, "I've got too much going on at
school, plus, since the attack, I've had my epilepsy to deal with." Jake
groaned. Steph had used her illness as an excuse for anything she couldn't
be bothered to do for months.

"Well, I've been trying to get a job, their just aren't that many openings
at the minute. Craig, can't you just copy some CDs or something and flog
them at school like you've done before. I know that's made you a load of
money, how else could you afford that fancy video camera you're always
mucking about with?"

"Don't know if you realised or not, but my PC was one of the things that got
repossessed, so I can't even do my coursework on it. I don't see why I have
to suffer because Mum and Dad can't pay the bills."

"Because we're all in this, Craig," snapped Jake, "we all need to pull
together." Silence fell for a few minutes while the remaining food was eaten
and the milkshakes finished. "Isn't there something you can do though, Craig?
Like doing some kids homework or something just to get a few more quid coming
in? And Steph, you must have something you can do, only if it's just for a
couple of hours a week. Debbie, why don't you go and see Tony to see if you
can get your job at Gnosh back. He looked like he could do with the help when
I was in earlier."

"Urgh, I'm not going back there. He pays nothing, the job's boring and he's
always letching on the waitresses, trying to look down our tops or up our
skirts or something."

"Come on, Debs, who wants to see your fat arse?" said Steph, stirring up the
sisterly rivalry. Debbie immediately stared daggers at her younger sister,
before standing up and attempting to look at the reflection of her behind in
the window, running a hand across the tight black material. Debbie's arse was
anything but flat, it was beautifully shapely, and she knew it. She had a
tight, athletic body, firm, B-Cup breasts and curvy hips. Combined with her
long, sleek brown hair, she was a picture. Apart from her blonde hair, Steph
looked remarkably like Debbie in terms of her body, but if anything, Debbie
was slightly shapelier, as you would expect with her being three years older
then the 18-year-old Steph.

"My arse isn't fat. Jake, will you tell her!"

"I am sick to death of having to be the parent in this family. None of you
can take anything seriously. Debbie, you need to get a job, I don't really
care where it is or who you think will be looking at you, we just need
another income."

"Jake, I can't believe you! You'd really be happy for me to work in a place
where I was being sexually harassed?"

"It's hardly sexual harassment! You're the one wearing those flimsy tops and
short skirts."

"Are you calling me a whore? Is that what you think of me? Well, if that's
the case, why don't you just drop me off at the nearest lap dancing club and
I can grind myself all over fat, wrinkly middle-aged men like Jack Osbourne
of Gordan Cunningham, just so Craig can get his PC back!"

"It pays well though," Craig piped in.


"What? I'm just saying that pole dancers and lap dancers get paid loads, and
they do, some of them get a couple of hundred quid a night."

"How do you know?" asked Steph, "Besides, it's not like Debbie could be a lap
dancer. I mean, look at her. She isn't good looking enough."

"Shut up, Steph! I'd be a better lap dancer than you! You wouldn't know what
to do!" Jake hung his head. Debbie and Steph rose to stand face to face,
Steph still dressed in the white shirt and black skirt of her school uniform.

"If there's anyone who wouldn't know what to do it would be you. I've seen
you dancing in the Loft remember, trying to act all sexy, backing yourself up
against some random guys crotch, pretending to be some huge sex symbol, when
really you're just embarrassing yourself. I'd put you to shame if I wanted

"Oh yeah?"


"Debs, Steph." Jake was losing his patience.

"Then prove it!"


"How am I meant to prove it? Go to some club now? It's five o'clock in the

"You want to prove it? Then do a lap dance against that chair."

"Oh, for God's sake!" Jake had given up.

"How am I meant to do that? You can't just dance against an empty chair. You
need someone sitting there. You need a lap."

"Fine, then do a lap dance for Jake."

"WHAT!" Steph couldn't believe what her sister had asked her to do.

"What?" Jake had drifted off, but his attention had been brought back to
the conversation. "I'm not going to let Steph give me a lap dance, don't be

"Ok then, give Craig one." Debbie was feeling really daring. She wanted
to see how far she could push Steph before she cracked. Plus, she kind of
wanted to see how Steph would in fact do it. The fact that it would be to
her brother, Craig, was totally irrelevant. Her statement had been greeted
with silence. Craig was sitting in a deck chair, staring up at Steph and
Debbie. Steph was clearly thinking about it. Jake, meanwhile, had cracked
open a bottle of whiskey and had begun to take large swigs.

"Ok," said Steph. Debbie was taken aback. She couldn't believe that her
little sister had just agreed to this. Craig attempted to conceal his joy.
Sure, Steph was his sister, but he had always found both of his sisters
hugely attractive (and who could blame him?). He had quite often sneaked
into their rooms to shift through their drawers, looking for underwear or
something equally exciting. Also, ever since Jake had come home with the
stuff from Gnosh, he had been attempting to hide his semi-erected dick.

"So you'll do it?" Debbie needed confirmation.

"Yeah, I will. But just to show you." Steph was lying. Like Craig, and also
Debbie, she had felt a burning between her legs for the last few minutes, and
needed to do something to give her a release. "Let me go and get changed."

"No, no, you have to stay like you are, that's the deal."

"Whatever. Come on then, Craig, sit up." Craig was speechless. His mind was
racing. He suddenly thought of something.

"Hang on." Craig raced to his school bag and brought out his small camera.
"I just thought of a way we could make some money."

"You're going to video me giving you, my brother, a lap dance? And do what?
Sell it to your mates? Put it on the internet?" Craig nodded. A smile spread
across Steph's face. "I like it." Jake and swiftly downed about half the
bottle, and was feeling the effect. He had given up hope of trying to reason
with his family.

"Wait a minute," Jake said, "How exactly are you going to be judging this?"

"What," asked Steph.

"He's right. I mean, it sounds like a competition to me," Craig said, "so
you both need to do it, don't you?" Steph and Debbie looked at each other,
realising that the plan hadn't really been thought through.


"Debbie could give me a lap dance." Jake's comment surprised the others. He
had suddenly warmed to the idea, and unlike the others, couldn't blame any

"Are you Ok with that, Jake?" Debbie was eager. As the two eldest, her and
Jake had always been close. She walked over to Jake and took the bottle out
of his hand, taking a large gulp herself.

"But we still haven't decided how we judge this whole thing," Steph was
beginning to have second thoughts.

"Simple," said Debbie, "we put on some music, sit Craig and Jake back to back
and lap dance for them. The first girl to make her guy cum wins."

"Whoa," Craig was suddenly not sure about the whole thing. He went to get up,
but Steph pushed him back down to his seat. She was determined to show Debbie
up, even if it meant making her brother cum on her. After thinking for a
couple of seconds, Steph was actually quite happy. She was pretty sure Craig
was a virgin, although he might have slept with Abby, not in any case, his
inexperience would hopefully mean that she started with the upper hand. Jake
had stood up from his chair, which Debbie moved to behind Craig's, meaning
that the two girls would be facing each other. Steph picked up Craig's
camera, pressed record and placed it on the mantelpiece. Debbie flicked on
the radio, blasting inane dance music into the room, which suited its
purpose. The two girls began to limber up, getting ready for the main event.

After a while, with Craig and Jake shifting themselves around in the low
quality seats, the two girls exchanged stares, deciding that it was time to
start. The anticipation had both guys already hard.

Debbie walked over to Jake, straddling his legs, sitting so that her
crutch was placed squarely on her brother's hard dick. Leaning forward, she
whispered into Jake's ear; "Now listen up, Jakey, what I'm going to do is rub
myself all over you, my breasts, my butt, my pussy, making you really hard,
harder than you've ever been before. And just when you think that it can't
get any better, I'm going to unzip your pants, take out your cock, and let
you spurt all over me, wherever you want to cum, wherever you want to stick
it, I'll let you. Don't hold back though, Jakey. Whenever you want to cum,
just tell me, and I'll finish you off. Ok?" Jake nodded. Debbie had already
started grinding herself against his dick, and although they were both still
fully clothed, it was having the desired effect.

Steph meanwhile, was being more tentative. Although she had been with her
fair share of guys, she hadn't actually danced for anyone. She began timidly
swaying to the music, her eyes avoiding Craig's. As she glanced over, she
saw the camera, its red light blinking. As she stared into the lens, Craig
reached up and grabbed her right breast. Her body jumped at the strong touch,
but as Craig began massaging her nipple with his thumb, she began to lose
herself. Rolling her head, her long blonde hair fell back as she dropped her
left hand to his dick, gauging its size. Detecting a solid six or seven
inches of meat, she looked down at Craig through half-closed eyes, a smile
creeping from a corner of her mouth. Steph sank to her knees, spreading
Craig's legs to allow her better access, and staring up at him, placed her
face against his inner thigh so that her nose was just millimetres from his
twitching dick trapped under his school trousers. She rolled her head around
his lap, shaking her hair and miming sucking his cock, her hands pressing
against his thighs. Rising up, she could see Debbie sitting on Jake's lap,
whispering into his ear. Steph brought her head level with Craig's, then
drew in closer to her brother, planting a soft, slow kiss on his lips. As
Craig began to reciprocate, Steph pulled back, taking a few steps away from
him and turning her back to her brother.

Debbie continued to grind against Jake. She ran her hands through his hair,
bringing his head in close. She began breathing heavily into his neck,
planting pecks across his throat before extending her tongue and lightly
licking up to his chin. As their eyes met again, she beamed a deeply sensual
smile. Jake reached his hands around and cupped Debbie's firm buttocks, who
immediately pulled away, wagging her finger at him. "No touching yet, Jakey."
Debbie stood and took the bottom of her shirt with both hands, pulling it up
slightly, exposing a couple of inches of her bronze stomach. Her hips began
to sway with the music and she slowly began to turn around, pulling her shirt
up further and further. Now facing away from Jake, her shirt was pulled up
over her head. The clasp of her small, silky black bra came into view.
Letting her shirt fall to the floor, Debbie turned back to Jake; her bra
accentuated her breasts, pushing them together into an impressive cleavage.
She began to lightly stroke the top of her chest. With her right hand she
fully cupped her left breast, while her left hand snaked down her toned
stomach to the top of her trousers. Giving Jake her best innocent, wide-eyed
look, Debbie sank her fingers under the waistband of both her trousers and
her panties, running them through the neatly trimmed bush above her aroused
cunt and quivering clit. The whole event had her hugely turned on, and
although the purpose was to make the boys cum, she didn't see the harm in
helping herself in the process. Her movements became more animated, her whole
hand started to disappear into her trousers, rubbing against her clit and
teasing her lips. Her right hand delved under the cup of her bra, rubbing her
hard nipple, sending thrills through her body. Looking back up at Jake, she
took two steps forward, bringing her hand out of her pants, her fingers
noticeably glistening with her own juices. She extended her hand to Jake's
face, allowing him to take in the scent. She teased his open mouth, darting
her fingers near before snapping them away with a smile.

Steph stood with her back to Craig. Looking back over her shoulder, she took
the hem of her short school skirt, and, whilst her hips moved to the music,
brought the hem up gradually, partially exposing her butt cheek before
quickly lowering the hem again. She repeated this tease, lifting the hem
slightly higher each time, allowing Craig to see her arse tightly covered in
her white lace French panties, which were practically hot pants. The lace was
thin, and the pale flesh of her arse could be made out through the pattern.
Her skirt was tight enough to stay up above her hips even when she took her
hands away, and with about a third of each cheek exposed, shuffled backwards
to again straddle Craig, but this time facing away from him, her semi-bare
backside pressing back against his hard tool. Continuing to sway her hips,
Steph could feel Craig pressed against her behind, his trousers struggling to
contain his erect cock. Craig let his hands dropped down to his side as his
sister rubbed her arse against him, his cock nestling in her butt crack.
Steph lent back, her entire weight going through her butt, pressing down on
his lap; arching her back, Craig began to nuzzle her neck as she sighed and
moaned. Through his breath, Steph could feel Craig quivering with excitement.
Steph increased the pace of her gyrations, enjoying the feeling of dominance
over her practically motionless kin. Gradually, Craig began to meet her
movements until the pair were grinding against each other, their clothes
barely acting as barriers between their raging loins. Steph could feel the
moisture of her cunt, and decided it was time to take things to the next
level. Pushing herself back to her feet, mainly through rocking hard on
Craig's lap, she unfastened her bunched up skirt, letting it fall to the
floor. She then brought her hands up to her tight, white shirt, slowly
unfastening the buttons from the top down. The tops of her white lace bra
came into Craig's view for the first time, matching her panties. As she
peeled the shirt off her shoulders, thrusting her chest forward, her nipples
were clearly visible through the thin material, standing prominently to
attention. Her shirt joined her skirt at her feet. As she pushed her breasts
together to amplify her cleavage, she looked over to Debbie; Steph watched,
mesmerised by the sight of her sister fingering herself. The competition was
getting serious.

Debbie's left hand was now working feverishly beneath her trousers. Her
caressing of her left breast had progressed so that the entire tit was now
visible above the cup of her bra. When she did open her eyes, she was not
only getting off by watching Jake stroke himself through his trousers, but
also seeing Steph grinding her arse against the youngest Dean. Taking her
hands off her body for the first time in minutes, Debbie turned around,
placing her hands on her hips and bending straight forward, bending at the
waist, thrusting her round butt practically into Jake's face. Debbie
seductively swayed her behind around, hoping that Jake would get the
message. He wasn't slow to catch on. Gripping her trousers at either hip,
Jake suddenly yanked the black material down past Debbie's thighs, exposing
her black-thong covered arse, perfect in its roundness. The rough nature
of Jake's movement caused Debbie's impressively firm buttocks to jiggle
slightly. He ran his hands across her fleshy cheeks, exploring every inch
of each globe, squeezing them together then spreading them wide, displaying
Debbie's thong imbedded in her crotch. With his two index fingers, Jake
grasped the waist of the flimsy panties. As she felt the material being
prised from her skin, Debbie swivelled around, wagging her finger. "Not yet,
Jakey. I've got something for you first." With that, she sank to her knees,
her hands magnetised to his crotch, rubbing his shaft through the material
before reaching to his waist and unfastening his fly. Slowly, Debbie pulled
down not only Jake's trousers, but his boxers as well, allowing his painfully
hard dick to spring free in the air. Debbie's eyes widened at the sight of
the thick eight inch prick. "Well, well, what have we here? If I'd known you
were packing this much down there, I would have had us do this some time
ago." With that, Debbie lightly blew across the helmet of Jake's cock, which
noticeably twitched at the sensation. Placing one hand around the thick base,
Debbie took her other hand and smoothly began massaging Jake's shaft. His
whole body trembled at his sister's touch. After beginning slowly, Debbie
gradually increased her speed, occasionally bringing her head down, extending
her tongue and lightly flicking the throbbing helmet in front of her. Her
flicking gathered speed until she was actually lapping at the dick with the
tip of her tongue. Debbie then began running her tongue up and down the whole
length of Jake's dick, caressing his balls with one hand. She could feel that
Jake wasn't too far from cumming. Feeling confident, she looked across to the
camera, and in the small screen could make out what Steph was doing. Debbie
was suddenly less confident.

Steph was bobbing her head around the top four inches of Craig's dick,
jacking the remaining shaft with her hands. Debbie knew her sister had been
with a few guys, but she had no idea how much of natural cock sucker she had
become. Steph, meanwhile, was secretly impressed with Craig; she had thought
that he would have spurted all over her by now, but he was restraining
himself pretty well. He didn't really care which of his sisters won these
stupid competition, he just wanted it to last as long as possible. After
another few minutes, where Steph employed all the tricks she had learned,
constant eye contact, slurping noises, dirty talk, she was starting to get
frustrated. She decided the situation warranted something extra. Standing
up, she took Craig by the hand and lead him across the room. As she got to
the table, she placed both hands against it, bracing herself. Craig paused
for a second. Steph looked back over her shoulder, and motioned for him to
follow. Shaking his trousers from around his ankles, Craig shuffled across
the room after Steph, while also taking time to look across at the sight of
Debbie licking Jake's dick like a lollipop. He stopped, mouth open. Steph's
frustration grew; she seemed to be taking the situation more seriously than
the others. For her all she wanted was to make Craig cum and beat Debbie.
Any pleasure she received could be seen as a bonus. "Craig?" Steph had
regained Craig's attention, and as he looked around, saw his blonde sister
with her butt jutting out, the white lace encasing the round cheeks. She
waggled her behind to spur him on, which served its purpose. Craig approached
her, extending his hands and bringing the panties down with a jolt. He did
want the moment to last, but at the same time was worried that Steph might
back down. He wasn't about to let the opportunity pass by. Steph was
surprised by the sudden roughness her brother was exhibiting, and looked back
with a smile as her backside and pussy were exposed. With her panties around
her knees, Craig took his cock in his hand and swiftly thrust forward, deep
into his sister's tight twat. The sudden invasion forced the air from Steph's
lungs, causing her to gasp with pleasure as her cunt gripped the whole length
of Craig's dick as he rapidly slammed himself home, his balls slapping
against her pussy lips.

The gasps and groans from across the room caused Debbie to look up. She never
expected Steph to go as far as to let Craig fuck her, and judging by the
noises coming from the young blonde, she was not only letting it happen but
also enjoying it. As she had been feasting on Jake's dick, all thoughts of
the competition had escaped her, but now she realised how committed Steph was
to winning. Debbie again stood and mounted Jake's lap. She could just about
accept the fact that Steph could out-suck her, but there was no way that she
was going to be able to out-fuck her. Debbie ground her panty-covered cunt
along Jake's shift a few times, allowing sufficient tension to build up,
before raising herself slightly, taking a firm grip on his cock and guiding
it past the side of her thong, lowering herself fully onto Jake's dick until
she rested with him firmly imbedded in her. Pausing for a moment, Debbie
contracted her cunt muscles around his shaft. Their faces just centimetres
away from each other, Debbie could see the intensity on her brothers face as
he was desperately trying not to orgasm. "Come on, Jakey, don't hold back...
aahh...come on, that's it. Start thrusting up into me, come on. Oh, fuck."
The pair began to move in unison, Debbie moving her hips in tight circles,
attempting to milk her brother of his spunk. Jake's hands gripped her butt
cheeks, running a finger under the back of her thong and along the crack of
her arse. "Oh, is that what that what you want? You want to
play with your sister's butt? Eh? Ah! Is that what you're in to? Maybe later,
Jakey, but right now...aahh...right now I want you to spurt up inside me.
Come on, just relax."

Steph could hear Debbie across the room. "What's the matter, Debs? Scared
you're going to lose? I tell you what, you're missing out here. Craig knows
just what to do, this feels fucking great." Craig was maintaining the same
speed on her cunt, slamming home into her. By now Steph had removed her bra,
and Craig was fondling her breasts as he fucked her. Steph rocked back
against his thrusts, quietly confident that he was close to cumming.

Debbie didn't respond to Steph's taunts. She was too busy concentrating on
fucking Jake. She leant back, her legs wrapped around Jake, his cock now
pressing straight up into her, rubbing her G-spot with his helmet. The
weight shift was too much for the chair, which gave way, with Debbie and
Jake collapsing onto the carpet. With Jake now on top, Debbie had lost her
upper hand, so with her legs wrapped around Jake's waist, she tried to
encourage him to up the pace. "Slam into me, Jake. Stick your dick right
up there, come on." Jake reached for Debbie chest and ripped off her bra,
exposing both breasts, Debbie's dark nipples rock hard. He leant forward
and buried his head in her chest, taking a nipple into his mouth. He was
clearly enjoying the moment.

Craig too was enjoying the experience, but was showing signs of losing
control of himself. Sweat poured from his forehead and his white shirt was
becoming practically drenched. He pulled it over his head and let it drop
to the floor as he continued his persistent assault on Steph's cunt. Steph
pushed back, causing Craig to stop for a moment. Repositioning herself,
Steph climbed up onto the table and lay back, her glistening cunt lips
exposed with her legs spread. Craig was quick to return his dick to his
sister's cunt, steadying himself by gripping onto her hips, bringing her
cunt down to meet his thrusts.

Debbie was fearing for the competition. She was loving the fucking she was
receiving, but that wasn't the point right now. With a swivel of her hips,
she rolled over on top of Jake, who was still not thrusting fast enough for
her liking. She bounced herself up and down on Jake's prick, slamming her
pussy down on him, who had hold of both her tits with his hands. Debbie
continually alternated her technique, changing from grinding to bouncing
and back. She was desperate to make Jake cum.

Craig, however, was really struggling not to erupt. His face was red, and
was being spurred on by the genuine sighs and groans escaping from Steph.
She had relaxed into the knowledge that Craig wouldn't last much longer,
and could therefore accept it for what it was, a surprisingly good fuck.
Craig's thrusts became erratic, his eyes closed in concentration. "Are you
going to cum for me? Come on, Craig, pull out and spunk all over my stomach."
Craig followed his sister's instructions, and with his whole body tensed,
pulled his dick out of his sister's wet cunt and erupted all over Steph's
midriff. Stream after stream spewed from Craig's dick, splattering all over
Steph, who lay back, accepting the cum shot gladly.

"Hey Debs, guess what?" Debbie looked across to see what she dreaded. Steph
had propped herself up on her elbows, and had scooped up a finger full of
Craig's jism, lifting it to her mouth and swallowing down the drips. "I win."
Craig had collapsed to be sitting against one of the table legs, absolutely
spent. Debbie, obviously disappointed, slowed her motions on Jake, her eyes
fixed on the sight of Steph wiping Craig's spunk off her with her white
panties. The now clean Steph jumped down from the table and walked over to
Debbie and Jake. "Look's like you've still got some way to go here, Debs.
Jake looks like he could go on for hours. I bet I could finish him off before
you could."

"Get lost, Steph."

"Want me to leave Jake alone? Ok, I can do that. But what about you, Debs,
you don't look like you're having much fun. I bet I can make you cum."

"Shut up."

"Oh, don't be like that. It was only a game. I enjoyed myself; it felt so
good to have Craig powering up into me, feeling him throb inside me. I'll
tell you, I am sooo wet right now." Steph knelt down behind Debbie, who
still had Jake inside her thrusting up. "It looks pretty good though."
Steph bent forward to get a closer look at Jake's cock disappearing into
Debbie's tight twat. Steph took hold of Jake's cock at its base, and with
her other hand, guided Debbie down harder. Steph was fascinated with the
way the two were fucking, even though the competition was over. "This
thong's really getting in the way, let's lose it." With that, Steph yanked
at the thing undergarment, tearing it clean off, exposing Debbie's puckered
arse hole for the first time. Steph bent her head down, licking the base
and first few inches of Jake's dick before running up Debbie's body, lightly
teasing her pussy lips before guiding herself up to Debbie's butt hole,
dancing her tongue around the tiny opening. Debbie gasped at the sensation.
Steph gripped her sister around the waist, reaching around to rub her clit
whilst holding her arse in position.

The experience had suddenly become very pleasurable for Debbie. With the
pressure of the competition off, there was no real need to carry on, but
couldn't stop herself, especially with Steph's added attention, which now
had well lubricated her butt hole. It was clearly wet enough for Steph,
who replaced her tongue with a finger, initially probing gently before
guiding it past Debbie's sphincter and into her bowels.

"Ah! Fucking hell Steph!"

"You're having fun now, aren't you, Debs? You're a really filthy slut deep
down, aren't you? You love the feeling of my finger in your arse, don't you?
How about this?" Steph forced her index finger deeper into Debbie's butt up
to her second knuckle. Debbie rose up, feeling the resistance, but Steph
pulled her back down onto Jake's cock and her finger. "Just relax yourself,
Debs. I know you love the feeling of this." Steph resumed rubbing Debbie's
clit with her other hand, who was now writhing in pleasure, sucking in breath
through her teeth and biting her lip. Steph looked around and, seeing Craig
stroking his rejuvenated cock, waved him over, removing both her hands from
Debbie, who looked back at her with disappointment.

"Don't worry, Debs. If you thought that felt good, just wait for this." Craig
positioned himself behind Debbie, who, seeing this, hoisted herself higher on
Jake's body, presenting Craig with her arse. Steph had walked over to the
mantelpiece and had picked up the camera, bringing it back to film and close
up of Debbie and her two brothers. Steph moved to behind Debbie, zooming in
to see Craig's dick probing Debbie's arse, attempting to penetrate her ring
but meeting considerable resistance. "Wait a minute, Craig," said Steph as
she leant forward and spat both on Craig's cock head and Debbie's puckered
arse hole. With one hand on the camera, Steph used her free hand to guide
Craig to Debbie's opening, and as Craig and Debbie met with their thrusts,
the first two inches of Craig's cock entered into his older sister.

"AAHH! FUCKING HELL! YES!" Debbie shouted at the feeling of having both of
her holes crammed full of her brothers' cocks. Debbie briefly stooped with
her movements, getting accustomed to the feeling of Craig's cock in her arse.
Jake began thrusting back up into her. Debbie started to slowly reciprocate
as her rectum relaxed, and she bounced gradually, loving the feeling of being
doubly penetrated. Steph placed the camera on the floor and walked back to
her fucking siblings. Stepping over Jake, Steph positioned her cunt right in
front of Debbie's face, and with a hand on the back of Debbie's head, guided
her older sister's face into her thin bush. Debbie inhaled deeply and buried
herself in Steph's cunt, feverishly licking and sucking at her lips and clit.
Steph greeted Debbie's frantic attack by grinding her already wet cunt back
into her sister's face as Debbie groaned in ecstasy as she pleasured all
three of her siblings, all the while pushing down onto the two willing cocks
beneath her.

Jake, looking up to see Steph astride of him, reached his hands up and began
to fondle Steph's previously ignored arse. After spending a moment exploring
her gusset and butt cheeks, Jake used Steph's own lubrication and Debbie's
spit to lube up his fingers, spread Steph's butt cheeks and sank his middle
finger into her arse. Steph now found herself grinding not only against
Debbie's tongue, but also Jake's finger which was getting deeper into her
butt. Debbie reached around and used both her hands to fully spread Steph's
rump, allowing Jake better access as his index finger joined his middle
finger in working its way into Steph's rectum.

The double pleasuring that both girls were receiving was beginning to have
the desired effects. The scent of their juices filled the room as all of
their movements became more and more frenzied. Debbie's hips were bucking
widely, as were Steph's. Both of the boys were also starting to lose
themselves in the moment; for Craig, the extreme tightness of Debbie's arse
and the sight of Debbie's face buried in Steph's snatch was driving him
towards his second orgasm of the day, while for Jake, Debbie's wild movements
around his cock and the feeling of Steph's arse around his fingers meant that
he was beginning to feel his balls tighten. The girl's, however, were further
along in the pursuit of cumming than their brothers.

"Fuck, Debbie, suck my pussy, come on, make me cum all over your face. Cum
with me Debs, moan into my pussy with your brother's cocks deep inside you!

THIS FEELS SO GOOD! AAAAHH!" Both girls tensed up and then shuddered as
their orgasms rocked their bodies. Steph fell forwards in exhaustion,
hugging Debbie's face further into her cunt, who sucked up the juices
that had covered her face. Both girls were spent, but were both stirred
from their daze by the feeling of dicks and fingers being withdrawn from
their various holes. Both boys had pulled their dicks out of Debbie,
whose contractions had brought them to the edge. Debbie and Steph shifted
to their knees, pressing their naked bodies together as Jake and Craig
stood together in front of them, jerking their glistening cocks with
lightning speed.

"Get ready for this Steph."

"Oh, I'm fucking ready, don't worry Debs!"

Both girls' eyes were fixed on the wanking cocks in front of them, their
mouths open in anticipation. Jake and Craig tensed up together before letting
rip streams of cum, covering Debbie and Steph's faces and chests. Wave after
wave of spunk poured out onto the two girls who were eager to accept every
drop. Once the torrent had finished, and the two boys had fallen to the floor
in exhaustion, Debbie and Steph started rubbing each other all over,
gathering up the sperm in their hands and spreading it all over each other's
breasts, pussies and arses. The girls then began attacking the coats of spunk
on each other's faces, licking the mess up before sharing a long and
passionate, cum-swapping kiss.

The four Dean kids lay there, naked and glistening with a combination of
sweat and spunk covering their bodies. Debbie stood up and walked over to
pick up the camera; all three watched her arse sway on the way.

Something told then that the family wouldn't have many money worries for a


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