Same legal disclaimer as before; all these characters are borrowed without
permission, and for that I am truly sorry. Well, not that sorry.

This story continues the same base storyline as my first Hollyoaks piece,
where Tony has begun selling a new milkshake in his caf‚, comprising of a
mixture of aphrodisiacs, and the bonus addition of a jug load of his own

Hollyoaks: Part 2- Jodie Nash Is A Filthy Slut (MF,cons,oral,mast,anal)
by Sputnik

Tony's milkshake had been available to the public for the best part of a day,
and so far he hadn't seen any real success. The drink was selling quite well,
and received rave reviews from pretty much everyone who tried it, but then,
that wasn't really the point of it. He had personally served numerous
customers, something he normally had no part of, in the hope of some sort of
positive affect on their behaviour, but the force of the herbs clearly wasn't
quite as potent as Tony imagined. Sure, he didn't expect to be suddenly
pounced upon by the hot natives of the village, but if they stayed in Gnosh
long enough and sunk enough glasses of the shake, surely something should
happen. But still no, and Tony had to put up with the sight of watching his
two waitresses, Debbie and Mandy running around in their matching black
shirts and short skirts clearing up after his patrons, frequently bending
down to pick up dropped cutlery or napkins, a sight that would normally
suffice, but not today. This wasn't going to plan.

Jodie Nash was a second year student at Hollyoaks College. She lived in the
heart of Hollyoaks, not far from Gnosh, in a flat with two guys, Kristian and
Nick. Kristian has heavily regarded by the girls of the town as being a very
desirable target of their attentions. He had recently engaged in a very
dubious relationship with seventeen year old Lisa Hunter, for which he
received a fair amount of stick from his peers. More recently, he and Jodie
had shared a few nights of passion in a bid to discover whether sex could
actually be totally meaningless. It wasn't something he was particularly
interested in, but passing up the chance to bed his feisty flatmate would
have been criminal. Nick meanwhile, was Hollyoaks' token gay. He had recently
split up with his first real boyfriend, Nathan, and had been constantly
whining about it ever since. Nick's sexuality wasn't always clear cut though,
and during his first year, he and Jodie decided it would be a good idea for
both of them to be each other's firsts. There had been a distinct air of
sexual tension ever since. After the experience, Nick decided that he was
gay, something which didn't make Jodie feel too good about herself.

Jodie herself is very complicated. During her first year, she very much made
her name as a tom boy, joining in with the boys playing football, and pretty
much asserting herself as "one of the lads." While this may have been fun, it
didn't exactly help with her sex life, which was non-existent before Nick.
Over the school break, Jodie reinvented herself; her blonde hair was replaced
by jet black with red streaks, and her football shirts and tracksuit bottoms
were replaced by low cut see through shirts and black push up bras, a
transformation which sat well with the Hollyoaks males. From her previously
frigid and tentative state, Jodie was now well up for anything, spending her
nights either in the local pub or the Loft nightclub in search of a good
time, something she found more often than not. Her new look accentuated her
awesome figure; her years of playing sports had equipped her with an athletic
figure, which still possessed all the right curves. Along with being
beautiful in the face, her new shorts skirts and tight jeans hugged her
round, full hips and arse perfectly, while the Wonderbras made her already
ample breasts look all the more impressive.

* * *

Jodie sat in the memorial gardens in the middle of the village, talking on
her mobile phone.

"...oh, come on, Nick. You can't just stay in the flat all day, it's not good
for you. It's lovely weather, we could go down to the river and catch some
rays or something. Why not? Ok, ok, fine. I'll be back in a minute, I've just
got something I need to do first. Ok, bye."

Jodie ended the call and sighed, dejectedly. She had been desperately trying
to cheer Nick up since Nathan left him, but it was a seemingly impossible
task. She had spent the morning in college, trying to get some work done, but
the allure of the sun outside was all too much. She had dressed accordingly,
wearing an almost ludicrously short skirt to show off her long legs helped
out by a pair of three inch heels and a black fishnet vest, displaying her
C-cup breasts encased in her silky bra to anyone who cared to look. A few
months ago, this look would have caused shockwaves, but the people around the
village had become used to Jodie's new look, and while they weren't openly
shocked, she still drew attention from numerous male admirers.

She decided that a sympathy package from Gnosh might help to cheer up Nick.
Walking through the door, her heels clicked against the hard tiled floor.
Tony instantly looked up. A smile spread across his face. Surely his luck
was in now, after all, if his shakes didn't have an affect on Jodie, then
there was absolutely no hope of success.

"Jodie!" Tony was suddenly aware of the volume of his greeting. Jodie was
clearly taken by surprise. Tony was always going on about customer service,
but she felt shouting across the shop was a tad excessive.

"Er, hiya Tony."

"What can I get you?"

"You're taking a very hands-on approach today, mate."

"I wish." For some reason, Tony's internal monologue had seemingly


"'s just you can't get the staff can you? Mandy's fine, but Debbie's
in her own little world." Tony hoped that he had saved the situation.
"Anyway, what would you like?"

"I'm not really sure. I'm looking for something to cheer Nick up. I was
thinking cake, or at least cake based products. I'll take one of those."
said Jodie, pointing at the selection of treats on the cake stand, "...a
couple of those, and one of those long shiny ones with the white icing all
over the top [another of Tony's little jokes]. Ooh, what's that? Summer
time milkshakes?"

"Yes! I mean, er, yeah, they are. Fancy trying one? I'm doing a special two
for one promotion to get them off the ground."

"Why not, there's nothing like empty calories to sooth a broken heart." Jodie
handed over the money to Tony.

"You're eating in, are you?" Tony was hoping he would be around if anything
happened to Jodie's behaviour.

"No, take out. I said, it's for Nick."

"Oh, yeah, sorry." Tony saw another chance slip through his fingers. He
loaded all the food and drinks into a brown paper bag, and handed it over.

"Thanks, Tone. I'll see you around." Jodie trotted out of the caf‚, her hips
swaying back and forth, her breasts steadily bouncing. Tony was pleased with
the sight of Jodie's arse, but he was gradually growing more and more

Jodie climbed the stairs to her flat and opened the door.


"Huh?" A very uninterested grunt emerged from the sofa.

"I picked us up some stuff in Gnosh for afternoon tea. Fancy some?"

"Not really."

"Oh, come on, you've hardly eaten in days. Besides, I can't eat it all myself
or my arse will balloon."

"Your arse is fine."

"Are you going to have some or not?"

"Just leave it out, I might fancy something later on."

"Whatever. It's too hot out, I've got all sweaty running about town. I'm
going to take a shower." Jodie unpacked the contents of the bag, laying
everything out on the kitchen working top. She then retreated to her
bedroom, having to walk through the living room to get there. She knew
Nick was lying on the sofa, head buried in the cushions, but didn't bother
in saying anything else. Nick did look up however just in time to see
Jodie peeling off her top and walking the rest of the way into her room
wearing only her bra on her top half. She half heartedly flicked the door
closed to give her some degree of privacy, although normally she wouldn't
bother with only Nick home. He wouldn't make anything out of it, and it
wasn't like he hadn't seen it all before.

Nick sat up from the sofa and slowly made his way to the kitchen. He was
actually really hungry, but didn't want Jodie to know as it would downplay
his distress. He tore open the paper bags containing the cakes and began
picking at them. Eyeing the drinks, he took a straw and started sipping at
the cool vanilla shake. Looking up, he noticed that he could see straight
through the living room to Jodie's room, and because she had nonchalantly
pushed the door shut, it was still a foot open. By slightly shifting his
position, Nick could see Jodie's reflection in her full length mirror as
she bent over to remove her underwear, giving Nick a perfect view of her
cunt lips and tiny puckered arsehole. Nick's recent break up had once again
called into question his sexuality, and he couldn't help but attempt to
tilt his head to gain a better view of his roommate. Jodie disappeared from
the mirror then emerged from her room wearing her short red kimono dressing
gown, which barely covered her butt cheeks.

"Someone's up then. Feeling better?"

"A bit," replied Nick, before again sipping at the shake.

"D'you think you're up to talking about stuff in a minute?"

"Yeah, I think so."

"Good. I'll just de-stink myself in the shower then I'll be right out, Ok?"

"Ok." Jodie walked into the bathroom and shut the door behind her. Nick was
a bit disappointed. Although unlikely, he kind of hoped to catch a glimpse
of Jodie soaping herself up. Jodie had helped him decide his orientation
once beforehand after all. Nick picked up the food and styro-foam cups and
made his way back to the living room. After setting everything down on the
coffee table, he checked to make sure he could still hear the shower running.
As he could, he tiptoed into Jodie's room. Like everyone, he had grown used
to Jodie's new attitude, but the change had come as the biggest shock to him.
He looked down to the floor to see half a dozen pairs of the skimpiest
panties imaginable, off all colours and designs. He suddenly heard the shower
switch off, and hurried back to the sofa.

Jodie emerged with her gown wrapped tightly around her body, drying her dark
hair with a towel. She stuck her tongue out at Nick, which raised a smile,
and walked into her room. She picked up one of the pair's of panties from the
floor, and slipped them up over her hips. The pants were black lace, very
high cut and although they weren't classified as a thong, as they were pulled
into place they fitted snugly into her crack, exposing at least half of each
buttock. She adjusted her gown and walked back into the living room, sitting
herself down next to Nick.

After a few minutes of eating and drinking, it became clear to Jodie that
Nick wasn't interested about talking in depth about Nathan. Jodie didn't
really have the patience to deal with a complex conversation, so she was
quietly relieved. A few more minutes passed in silence. The pair feasted
in the Gnosh products, especially the milkshakes.



"You know with gays."

"I'm familiar with the phenomenon."

"Well, how do they, I mean, you, decide who does what?"

"What do you mean?"

"I mean, how do you decide and who er...takes?"

"You mean who's the butch and who's the bitch?"

"If you want to phrase it like that. It's just, I never really understood
it; do you take it in turns or are there, like, set roles and rules about

"Well..." Nick was used to the interest, and preferred it to the name-calling
he received in the street, "...speaking on behalf of the entire gay
population, I think it's pretty set. It probably differs from couple to
couple, but most of them have definite roles."

"What about with you and Nathan?"


"What? I want to know. Besides, we don't normally keep secrets from each

"Ok, ok. Normally, well, always, Nathan would give."

"You mean you were on the receiving end all the time?"

"Yeah, kind of."

"Isn't that a bit unfair? I mean, at least when a girl's with a guy they're
both getting something out of it."

"It's not that I didn't get anything out of it. It feels weird, kind of nice
after a while. It's just something you have to get used to, I guess. From
that I figure you've never."

"Never what? Taken it in the arse? No way. I think you're forgetting my track
record. I'm not exactly brilliant at long term relationships, and it isn't
something I'm going to try straight off the bat with someone I pick up in the
Loft. It's far too personal."

"Haven't you ever wondered about it? How it would feel?"

"Well, yeah, of course I have."

"Have you know, had a little dabble?"

"What? Oh, Nick! I'm not going to tell you that!"

"I thought you said we don't normally keep secrets from each other."

"Ok, fine. I have, ok."

"Go on." Nick was interested intently. He had never got a female perspective
about the issue, and he found himself really wanting to find out more.

"Well, a couple of times, when I've been, well, exploring myself."


"Ok, when I've been frigging myself senseless." Jodie didn't expect herself
to be so crude. She did notice the attention Nick was giving her though. The
exhibitionist side of her liked it. "Well, when I've been. at it, every now
and then I've slipped a finger in there."

"And? How did it feel?"

"It felt, strange, but after a few moments, once I got used to it, it felt
better, like something I might like to try again." Jodie realised how far the
conversation had reached. "It's not like it's something I do all the time. I
don't walk around with my hand between my arse cheeks or anything."

"Relax, Jodes, it's not like I'm going to tell anyone about it, is it?"

"I know, I know, it's just a very private thing I do on the rare occasion
that the mood takes me."

"So what do you do normally?" Nick surprised not only Jodie, but also himself
by his question, but a feeling had just come over him. He didn't expect for a
second that Jodie would answer him.

"Normally? I don't know, the usual, I guess."

"Like what?"

"Well..." Jodie's traditionally prudish nature was telling her to end the
conversation before it got stupid, but her recently acquired attitude
encouraged her go on. "I just take it slowly, being very gentle and soft.
Just rubbing my...breasts, slowly tweaking my nipples."

"Show me." Nick realised he had probably gone too far now. No way in hell
was Jodie going to start feeling herself up in front of him, no body would.

Jodie couldn't believe Nick. He wasn't normally like this, but maybe it was
some sort of rebound thing to help him get over Nathan. Besides, she had
noticed that whilst talking, she had actually managed to turn herself on.
Shifting around in the seat, Jodie's right hand slid under the plunging
neckline of her gown, brushing the top of her left breast. Moving in a
circular motion, Jodie gradually ventured further under her gown until her
hand was cupping her whole breast, gently twisting her prominent nipple
between her thumb and forefinger.

"Ooh," the moan escaped from Jodie's pouting lips without her even realising.
Her eyes were closed as her head rolled back over the arm of sofa. She lifted
her head and looked over at Nick who was rubbing his throbbing bulge under
his lightweight shorts.

"Get it out, I want to see it." Jodie was staring at Nick's shorts. He seemed
larger than she remembered, or perhaps it was just the mood she was in. Nick
did as instructed and untied the drawstring waist of his shorts. Raising
slightly Nick lowered both his shorts and his underwear to reveal an adequate
six inches of solid flesh.

"Touch it, I want to see you wanking." Nick wrapped his hand around his shaft
and began stroking himself, all the time watching Jodie caressing her breast
under her gown.

"Open up your gown," Nick said, deciding that it was only fair. With her
right hand Jodie pulled open her kimono, exposing both naked breasts and her
tight panties to Nick, whose eyes widened at the sight. Jodie's tits were
perfect; her soft, pale tight skin contrasted with her dark brown hardened
nipples, one of which was still in her left hand. With a shrug of her
shoulders she removed her gown and allowed it to drop to the floor. With both
hands now free, Jodie continued to rub her breasts with her left, while her
right hand snaked down her toned stomach to the top of her panties, her
fingers dipping below the waistband.

"So, Nick...ooh...what is it you think about when you're wanking yourself
like that? Eh? Huge big cocks flopping all around you?" Nick reached behind
the sofa and brought up a folder Jodie assumed was full of his artwork. As
he tossed the folder to Jodie, a magazine fell out. She took the magazine
and stared at the cover. It was clear straight away that it was one of Nick's
porn mags, full to the brim of bodybuilder-esque men and their dangling
cocks. Jodie was shocked at the size of these men and their tools. She
rapidly turned a few pages and stared at the scene of a man with his mouth
full of penis. She was already aroused, but seeing this filth spurred Jodie
on even further. She looked over the magazine to look at Nick, who was still
jacking himself off and staring at Jodie's naked breasts. After catching his
eye, she nodded her head down. Nick was puzzled, not quite sure what she
wanted him to do. Looking back to the mag, Jodie used her left hand to pull
the crutch of her panties to the side, exposing her juice covered cunt lips.

Nick took his cue and leant forward, tentatively placing his hands on the
insides of Jodie's thighs. His fingers reached up, replacing hers at the
gusset of her underwear. He stared intently at the sight before him; Jodie's
clit was as prominent as her nipples, quivering for a touch. Nick bent
further forward and extended his tongue, ever so lightly flicking Jodie,
sending a thrill through her body. Nick's inexperience with women meant that
all he had to go on were his instincts, but judging by Jodie's reactions,
his initial touches weren't far off the mark.

Jodie, now with both hands again free, resumed looking at Nick's gay porn,
flicking through the pages, every image arousing her more than the one
before. She softly sighed as Nick probed her folds further; his tongue
continued its assault on her clit, whilst his two index fingers began
pushing against her pussy lips. Using both fingers together as one, he
pushed past the tightness, and forced both fingers into his roommate,
firstly to the first knuckle, and using Jodie's heightened moans as a
further cue, pushed further until the top two inches of his fingers were
imbedded. After a few long thrusts, Nick began alternating the penetrating
finger slowly at first before building up the speed. Coupled with the clit
stimulation she was receiving, Jodie was in ecstasy. With her right hand
holding up the mag, she began sucking at the fingers of her left hand as if
giving a blow job, imagining that she was feasting on one of the centrefold

Jodie was now in total raptures. She grinded her hips against Nick's
movements, forcing even more of his fingers into her. Nick suddenly changed
his motions, and using the first two fingers of his right hand pushed up
into Jodie's cunt, rubbing his way up her front wall until he found a ridge,
indicating to him that he had found her G-spot. Her reaction to his touch
confirmed this; from mild writhing, Jodie was now fully thrashing about on
the sofa. Her eyes rolled back in her head, her hips thrust forward to meet
Nick's fingers, her left hand once again rubbing her tits, but this time
forcefully twisting on her nipples.

body began to tense up, her cunt clamping around Nick's fingers. "OH, GOD!
FUCK! I'M GOING TO CUM! FUCK, NICK! AAAAHHH!" Jodie shuddered as she exploded
over Nick's hand and face. Her breasts rose and fell rapidly as she tried to
catch her breath.

After a few seconds, Jodie had regained her composure, and leant forward on
the sofa, pushing Nick down until he was laying completely flat, his erect
cock standing to attention. Jodie stood herself up and slowly reached for the
waistband of her misplaced panties, sliding them, down her legs exposing her
recently waxed Brazilian pubic hair to the air. She sat down next to Nick and
reached down between his legs, taking his cock in her hand, deftly brushing
her fingers along the shaft, flicking along the helmet. Jodie licked and
pouted her lips, looking down seductively at Nick, whose eye's were closed in
anticipation. Suddenly, Jodie swung herself around to straddle Nick's body in
a 69 position; her legs spread inches in front of Nick's face, her still
dripping twat and bum hole directly in his eye line. Jodie took the prick in
both hands, then slowly sunk her lips around the top two inches of his cock,
taking it easily into her mouth. In the past few months, she had had plenty
of experience of sucking cock, and on more than one occasion blowing a guy in
the bathroom at the Loft.

Jodie bobbed her head up and down Nick's cock, almost sinking to the base,
then bringing herself back up to the top, all the while keeping his head in
her mouth, using her tongue to caress it. It was Nick now who was moaning.
He was so focussed on not spurting so early on that he was leaving Jodie's
parts completely alone. Realising this, he used both hands to sensually rub
all over the backs of her thighs and buttocks. Feeling confident, Nick rose
one of his hands and brought it sharply down on Jodie's arse. The sound
echoed through the flat as Jodie's body instinctively reacted by clenching
her arse. Her squeal of surprise also served to heighten Nick's pleasure by
filling her mouth with vibrations. She removed his cock from her mouth and
furiously began jerking it, and by keeping her head still, extended her
tongue and rubbed Nick's cock over her tongue. Again sinking her mouth
around his length, Jodie used her tongue and her cheek as well as her lips
to suck on his prick.

Nick now brought his other hand up into the air, and spanked Jodie's firm
bum again, this time on the other cheek. Her entire lower body once again
contracted. Nick noticed especially that Jodie's arsehole winked as he
made contact and decided to try something. As he lifted his right hand, he
positioned his left hand over her crack, with his thumb hovering over her
starfish. At exactly the same time as he spanked her, he pushed the tip of
his thumb past her sphincter.

"AARRRGGHHH! FUCKING HELL NICK!" Nick took this as encouragement and kept
his thumb in her arse, subtlety moving it. Nick was surprised at Jodie's
tightness and began working his thumb back and forth. Jodie's attention
had been drawn away from the cock that stayed in her hand. She couldn't
believe the feeling. When she had experimented she had only gone as far
as her index finger, and only then with plenty of lube. She could feel
Nick spitting onto her arse crack to ease his movement.



"I want to try it properly"

"You mean."

"I mean, Nick, I want you to fuck my arse. NOW!" Jodie lifted herself off
the sofa and onto her feet. Nick followed suit and stood behind her, pushing
her down onto her knees and then forwards until her arse was sticking up
into the air and her torso was flat on the sofa. Nick palmed her cunt lips,
scooping up some of Jodie's juices and rubbing them over the length of his
shaft, which after Jodie's blowjob was already quite slick with spit. He
then rubbed his palm over Jodie's tensed up backside, delving two fingers
into her opening.

"Just relax, Jodes. Try to let your arse go completely loose." Jodie tried
to relax as Nick placed his cockhead at her anus, then forcefully pushed
forwards, lodging himself inside her bowels. Steadying himself by placing
both hands on her hips, Nick pushed forwards again, this time allowing his
entire cock to slide into his roommate. Initially Jodie didn't respond,
only by staying still, but as Nick began building up and rhythm, Jodie
rocked her hips back, easing Nick's passage. As his speed increased, Nick
began to really enjoy the experience of watching his cock disappearing into
Jodie's arse, her ringpiece contracting and expanding around his shaft.

"How does that feel, Jodie?"

"Uh, it feels really, really, fucking good, keep going. Just keep on going."

"Beg for it."


"I said, beg for it. Start begging for my cock, or I'll leave you like this,
and I know you want more." Jodie was hesitant. She had never been that vocal
during sex but the feeling of Nick withdrawing his cock from her arse
altogether spurred her on.

"Please Nick. Please fuck my arse."

"Shout it, shout it loud," Nick danced a finger over her anus, teasing her.

Hearing that was all Nick needed. He slammed his cock back into Jodie's arse,
now loose enough for him to fuck her with great abandon. After just a few
more minutes and dozens of thrusts, Nick was ready to erupt.

"Jodes, I'm going to cum."

"Cum in my mouth, I want to taste it, I want to swallow it all down." Nick
pulled out of Jodie's arse with a pop. Jodie swivelled around expectantly has
Nick took his cock in his hand and jerked himself to a climax. Jodie leant
forward and quickly took his cock in her mouth to push him over the edge.

"Come on, cum right in my mouth, Nick. Pump that cock of yours." Nick's hand
has a flurry of movement. His body began to tense.

"AAARRGGH! UUUUHH!" Nick began erupting over Jodie's face, drenching her with
wave after wave of his spunk. After covering her face, Nick landed the rest
of his load squarely in Jodie's mouth, who swallowed it readily. Using her
finger along with her tongue, she licked up the rest of Nick's spunk, and
swallowed that down as well.

"That was fucking awesome," said Jodie, the taste of sperm still in her

Both flatmates collapsed back onto the sofa, breathing heavily and damp with
sweat. The exercise had made Jodie really thirsty, and she decided that she
felt just like one of Tony's new milkshakes.


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