This series of stories is inspired both by the staggering amount of talent in
this Channel 4 soap, and by the almost criminal fact that no one has seen fit
to write any fiction about it. Shame on all of you. Hopefully this may stir
others to take the step. Hell knows there are plenty of possibilities!
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This is a work of complete fiction. I do not own the rights to any of the
characters used, and I have no ties whatsoever with Hollyoaks, its creator
Phil Redmond or Merseyside Television Productions.

Hollyoaks: Hunter Gatherer (Ff,MF,MFf,oral,anal,first,voy,inc)
by Sputnik

Life for Tony Hutchinson in Hollyoaks was a strange one. He had lived there
for over ten years, in which time he had seen every single one of his
original friends either move away, or in three cases, die. He had attended
the local schools, lived a stone's throw from the centre of the village and
over time had owned and operated numerous businesses around Chester. After
his failed enterprises as owner of the Loft nightclub, Tony had concentrated
his talents on the running of his two restaurants; Gnosh, situated in the
centre of Chester, and the newly opened Gnosh Village in the heart of
Hollyoaks, which served as a coffee shop/eatery for the majority of the
student population. Tony's most satisfying business venture, however, had
been as a landlord for Hollyoaks Community College students, which meant that
he lived in the same house as countless lithe eighteen, nineteen and twenty
year old females. While they were out "studying," Tony would often find
himself rustling through their rooms, uncovering the slutty underwear these
newly independent women would buy themselves. Waste paper bins around the
house were frequently occupied by used condoms, confirming to Tony that these
students were highly sexually charged, something he had long suspected from
laying awake at night, hearing countless moans echoing along the landing.

Tony isn't what would be regarded as stunningly good looking; at around six
foot with a reasonable figure, he wasn't physically repulsive, but his major
turn off was the fact that he was very, very annoying. His business mind
meant that he was far too mature (and boring) for his peers, something that
stifled his relationships. He hadn't done especially badly with girls, but
compared to the potential targets running around, his scoring average wasn't
brilliant. Tony was a respected and accepted part of society, and as so, he
was also in a position of great influence. He decided it was about time he
used it to his advantage.

As well as being the owner of Gnosh Village, he was also the head chef, and
so had total say on what was sold and how it was prepared. The shop had
recently received a milkshake machine as part of a large promotion. Although
the machine itself would mix the ingredients, it was down to the owner what
the ingredients would be. Tony decided to make them a little more interesting
than usual. From his years as a chef, he had picked up enough knowledge of
herbs and additives to discover which served as the best aphrodisiac, and
what's more, which were nearly completely impossible to taste. He also
decided to add a special ingredient his own.

On the morning the milkshake machine arrived, Tony had already prepared all
the ingredients ready to start serving the drink to his already horny
patrons. He steadily poured the milk, flavourings and his own additives into
the mix. It was still early, about an hour before the doors would open and
his two waitresses, Debbie and Mandy would arrive for their shifts. Tony had
enough time. He took a part filled jug from industrial fridge, and sat
himself down on a kitchen stool. The contents of the jug appeared to simply
be a thick cream, which would be added to the shakes for added consistency,
but Tony knew better. Over the past few weeks, since he heard that he would
soon have the milkshake machine at his disposal, Tony had begun to prepare.
Whenever the shop was quite or closed, Tony would retreat to the kitchen,
lock the door, undo his chef whites and begin to beat off into the jug. He
had no idea if the presence of his spunk in the milkshakes would have any
affect at all in arousing the consumer, but he found it a great turn on to
think of all the young girls who frequented his shop would soon be wolfing
down juice. Tony had plenty of ammunition; it had been a while since his
affair with Helen Cunningham, the mother of his waitress Mandy, and before
then it had been even longer since his relationship with Izzy. His
experiences had however provided him with plenty of memories to help him
along. It didn't take him long to cum into the jug, and without even taking
the time to pull up his trousers from around his ankles, Tony shuffled behind
the serving bar and upturned the jug into the mixing barrel of the machine.
As his seed mixed faultlessly with the ingredients of the vanilla shake, Tony
felt a huge wave of satisfaction. Now all he had to do was open up the shop.

* * *

The shop had been open for nearly an hour now, and still no one had ordered
a shake. Debbie and Mandy were busy running around the caf‚ picking up
empties and tending to the customers. Tony ventured into the shop and stood
behind the bar. As he tried to look like he was tending to some important
business and not eyeing up his waitresses, Tony was called from behind. The
two school girls, Lisa Hunter and Abby Davies had sat themselves down. "Tony,
can we have two orange juices please?" Lisa asked.

"Uh? Oh, sorry girls, I was miles away. What did you want?"

"Orange juices, Tony," Lisa repeated. Tony snapped from his daze and turned
to the fridge. Then it struck him; maybe all the shakes needed was some
motivated selling.

"I'll tell you what girls, we've just got in this new milkshake machine. We
only got it this morning, and I was wondering if you could test it for me.
It's not something I've done before, and I was wondering whether I had got
the right measures." The girls looked somewhat puzzled.

"Er, why don't you just try it yourself?" Abby asked. Tony was taken aback.
Normally he could sell sand to the Arabs, but he'd never been a position of
selling such a "personal" item before.

"Because I'm...lactose intolerant. Yep, can't stand any dairy at all. Any
milk or cheese or anything like that and my throat just swells right up. And,
and Debbie and Mandy say they're watching their weight, so they won't try it
either. Come on, girls. It's on the house." Tony was desperate now. Behind
the bar he was sporting a mean erection at the thought of having these two
seventeen year old girls down his spunk, and then after they has tasted it
and the aphrodisiacs had taken effect, he could take them both back to the
kitchen, bend them over the stainless steel worktops and...

"Ok, I'll try one," said Abby. Tony emerged from his daydream, and after a
few seconds realised what had been said. The curly haired girl had a tight
body, and the fact that Tony was good friends with her brother, Ben, made
the prospect even more appealing.

"Great, thanks Abby. How about you, Lisa? You'd really be helping me out."

"If it's free, then why not?" Lisa replied. This was better than Tony could
have ever hoped for. He took two large Sundae glasses, and slowly began
filling both of them with the beige drink. Quickly, he turned around and
placed them in front of the two girls. Abby instantly picked up the glass
and lifted it to her lips. Tony watched intently. As the glass was just a
few millimetres from her pouting lips, a mobile phone began to ring. Abby
quickly put down the milkshake, to Tony's dismay, and began rummaging for
her phone.

"Hello? Oh, hi Dad. Just a minute, I'm in Gnosh, I'll just go outside. Lise,
I've got to go, Dad's stressing. I'll call you later."

"Ok, Abs."

Tony saw his dreams vanishing. "But what about the milkshake? Abby?"

"I haven't got time for it now, Tony, sorry. Some other time." Tony couldn't
believe his bad luck. He almost marched back into the kitchen in anger, until
he realised that Lisa was still sitting there.

"How about you Lisa?" She lifted the glass, and slowly slurped at the thick
shake, and creamy layer being left on her top lip.

"Oh, wow. Tony, that's great!" Lisa lifted the glass to her lips again, and
swallowed down almost half the glass in one go. Tony just stared, open
mouthed. Lisa now set about the remaining half with such gusto that a drop
crept out the side of her mouth. Tony's dick was painfully hard. Lisa used
her finger to scoop up the drop, then sucked her finger dry in a way she
would never normally dream to do in public. Tony could never have imagined
his plan would be this successful, and who better to be the first to sample
it. Lisa was a fine specimen; she had fine, athletic body, staggering breasts
which were at least a C cup, and beautiful lips which were begging to be put
to use. Tony decided to take the next step.

"Do you fancy coming back to the kitchen to see how I put it all together?"
Halfway through saying it, Tony knew he had pushed too far too soon. Lisa
looked a little uneasy, and began looking around the caf‚. Tony was still
hanging on to a faint glimmer of hope, until Lisa's sister Ellie walked past
the front window.

"Sorry, Tony, but I've really got to catch up with Ellie." Lisa was halfway
out the door as she finished the sentence. Tony's heart sank, but as the shop
was pretty quite, decided to retreat back to the kitchen to deal with his

"Ellie! Wait up!" Lisa came jogging out of Gnosh to catch up with her older
sister. Although Ellie was six years older, Lisa had done a great job in
catching up in terns of maturity. She was at least a couple of inches taller
than Ellie and was noticeably more shapely. Ellie was by no means
unattractive; her fine figure, B cup breasts and pert arse combined with her
overall slutty attitude had gained her a bad reputation since her return to

"Hey, Lisa, what's up?"

"I need to talk to you about something, something kind of personal."

"Is it anything to do with that creamy stuff at the corner of your lip?"
Ellie insinuated.

"What? Oh, that. That's just some new milkshake Tony wanted me to try out."

"Oh, yeah? If I didn't know you better, I would have thought you'd just come
from giving some guy and lengthy."

"Ellie! Don't!"

"Alright, Lise. Jees, calm down, I was only having a laugh."

"Sorry, Ellie. Look, can we just go back to your place."

"Yeah, sure." Ellie lived with her new husband, Toby, in a flat not far from
the centre of Hollyoaks. The two Hunter girls got to Ellie's front door, the
began to climb the stairs up to their top floor home. Ellie lead the way up
with Lisa close behind. The stairs were quite steep, and Lisa couldn't help
but notice how much Ellie swayed her curvy rear with such confidence. Lisa
suddenly wondered if people thought of her in the same way as she knew they
did about Ellie. It was obvious that he younger brother, Lee's friends leered
at Ellie whenever they used to come over, and that whenever Ellie was around,
she would flaunt what she had with low cut top and short skirts. Lisa didn't
knowingly do this, but admitted to herself that perhaps she should start.
What harm would it do to anyone if she flashed the goods every now and again.
It would be a kind of turn on.

Ellie unlocked the door to her flat and walked in, leaving the door open for
Lisa. Ellie dumped down her shopping bags, then collapsed on the sofa before
motioning to Lisa to join her.

"So, what's up sis?"

"Well, it's about me and Cameron."

"I thought you chucked him `cos he was so boring?"

"Well, I did. But since Kristian, I've sort of got back with him. It's just
that I need a bit of advice."

"Oh, ok. I think I understand. What are sisters for? You want some tips,
right? Well, what's the problem, you've done it before, right?"

"Not really."

"Are you serious? You mean, you and Kristian never."

"No, I think he was creeped out by age thing. But now I'm with Cameron, and
I want to take it to the next step, it's just that, well, the other night I
touched it. You know, is."

"Cock." Lisa was taken aback by Ellie's bluntness, but then she hadn't grown
to expect anything else.

"Yeah, his cock, and it was about four and a half or five inches."

"So, it's a bit small? We can't win all the time, Lise."

"No, five inches around."

"Oh, my, and how long?"

"About nine."

"Jesus Christ. Remind me why you chucked this guy in the first place, and
actually, remind me why you didn't pass him on to me!"

"Ellie, this is serious. It's a problem. Not only would he be my first, but
I don't think I'd be able to handle that much anyway."

"So you want me to give you some advice on handling a monstrous cock? Ok,
wait there." Ellie stood up from the sofa, and walked to the bedroom. Lisa
couldn't help but watch Ellie's arse as she walked away. Lisa could hear
some rummaging, then Ellie emerged with her hands behind her back. "Lisa,
close your eyes and hold out your hands." Lisa looked cautious, but did as
she was told. She felt something long and plastic in her hands. "Ok, now
open your eyes." Lisa opened her eyes, and instantly dropped the ten inch
plastic dildo that Ellie had given her.


"What? How did you expect me to teach you? And be careful with that, it's
seen me through some desperate times."

"You mean this has actually been in you? That's disgusting!"

"Oh, grow up. How do you think girls learn? Don't tell me you, Abby and Zara
never talked about this sort of thing. Well, maybe not Zara, but I know Abby
and Lee have been getting up to no good. Remember, my room used to be next
door to Lee's." Ellie reached down and picked the dildo up from the floor.
She took it in her hands and sat back on the sofa. She held the plastic prick
up in front her face. "Now, what you do is...are you listening? I am trying
to help you out."

"Yeah, I'm watching." Lisa was visibly uncomfortable in her seat, but unknown
to Ellie, the discomfort was mainly due to an extremely moist pussy.

"When you're dealing with a tool of this size, what you do is put one hand
around the base of the cock to hold it in place, then slowly glide your other
hand up and down the shaft, paying special attention to the helmet. Then,
after a while, just to spice it up a bit, start using your tongue on the
head." Ellie extended her tongue, which quickly began dancing around the head
of the dildo, closing her eyes and slowly jacking it off. The temperature was
quickly rising I the small apartment, and as Ellie enjoyed herself, Lisa felt
the need to take her thin jacket off, leaving her sitting in a thigh length
denim skirt and tight black tee. The light streaming in the window
highlighted her erect nipples. Ellie snapped herself out of the daze, and
handed the dildo to Lisa, who appeared hesitant. "Go on."

"What do you want me to do with it?"

"What do you think? Just do what I did."

"But it's got your spit all over it."

"Oh come on, Lise. I didn't think you were such a prude. You'll need some
lubrication. It's sex, there's no room to be a neat freak."

Lisa slowly attempted to mirror what her sister had done before, holding the
cock at its base with one hand and running the other up along the shaft.
After a few strokes, Lisa began increasing the speed.

"Easy, Lisa. You don't want him to spurt just as you're getting started."
Lisa slowed down her actions, and carried on the process for around thirty
seconds. Then, without any further instruction, sunk her lips around the top
two inches of the phallus. She could taste Ellie's spit, but to her surprise,
she really didn't mind it. "That's my girl!" Ellie was very impressed with
the rate of Lisa's progress. From being afraid to touch it, Lisa was now
openly refining her blow job on her sister's used dildo. While Lisa lost
herself in her actions, Ellie laid back on the sofa, all the time watching
her seventeen year old sister. Absentmindedly, Ellie began softly caressing
the top of her chest. She wore a skin tight, white strap-top which was
borderline see through at the best of times, but after a few minutes of
erotic tuition, Ellie's nipples were hugely prominent. She brought her jean
clad legs up onto the sofa, and casually opened them, causing them to stretch
across her throbbing cunt, while also allowing her to watch Lisa through her

The younger Hunter was getting well and truly into her stride. She had
gradually worked her way down to handle the top six inches of the dildo. She
looked up at her sister while all the time continuing the oral assault. The
pair locked eyes, and both carried on their actions. Ellie's hand had
ventured further down her chest in circular motions, her fingers softly
brushing past her nipple, occasionally dipping under the neckline of her top.
She slowly nodded to her younger sister, indicating that her actions were

"That's it Lise, just keep it up like that. Cameron's a lucky guy. It took
me a while to get that far down. Just tell me when you think you're ready
to take the next step." Ellie continued to run her fingers over her chest as
Lisa began to slow down, then gradually took the dildo completely out of her
mouth, a trail of saliva linking the head to her lips.

"I'm ready."

"Ok, well just take it slow. I just want to warn you, it will probably hurt
a bit at first, but believe me, it's a small price to pay in the end. You can
use mine and Toby's room if you want some privacy."

"Don't be stupid, Ellie. How would I know if I was doing it right?" Lisa
stood up from the sofa and reached up under her denim skirt with her right
hand, all the while holding the dildo in her left. Ellie was more than a
little shocked by the frankness of her sister's actions, she wondered what
had got into her. Lisa's hand emerged from under her skirt, dragging with
it a pair of extremely flimsy red thong panties, clearing damp at the
crotch. Ellie still thought of her sister as a child, and although her body
would contradict that, the thought that her sibling even owned such a slutty
garment let alone wear it out in public strangely filled her with pride.

Lisa kept her skirt on, and sat back down next to Ellie on the sofa. Lisa
began to spread her legs and raise the hem of the skirt to her upper thigh,
giving Ellie her first view of her sister's neatly trimmed pussy. Lisa's
arousal was clearly shown by the glistening juices lining her cunt lips. She
tentatively positioned the head of the dildo at her tight opening and paused,
looking back to Ellie, who was transfixed by the scene in front of her. There
was an evident sense of anticipation in the air.

"Take you time, Lise, just feel comfortable with." In the middle of Ellie's
sentence, Lisa plunged the first few inches of the cock into herself,
accompanied by a sharp intake of breathe. Ellie fell silent. After her
initial thrust, Lisa stopped as the dildo reached her hymen. The top two
inches of the shaft were imbedded in her twat, with the remaining eight
sticking out, pointing towards Ellie. Lisa was clearly not sure of how to
tackle the problem of increased resistance. Ellie leant forward, displaying
her cleavage to Lisa, who couldn't resist staring, hoping that a nipple may
peek through. Ellie took Lisa's hand away from the base of the cock, and
replaced it with both of her own. Lisa then used both of her hands top brace
herself against the back and armrest of the sofa in anticipation. The two
sisters retained eye contact throughout, then, with a single nod from Lisa,
Ellie pushed the dildo deep into Lisa's cunt, breaking clean through Lisa's
virginal barrier.

"AARRGGH!" Lisa cried out to the intense feeling of invasion. Although she
was no stranger to masturbation, she had never dared to use penetration,
but now the first six inches of Ellie's sex aid were deep inside her, she
wondered why she had waited too long. Ellie however removed both hands from
the base and sat back as a result of Lisa's scream.

"What are you doing?!"

"I thought you wanted to stop, you sounded like that hurt."

"Of course it hurt, but you said it would ease."

"So, you want me to carry on."

"Fuck yeah, get it in me!" Ellie never expected to hear her sister say
something like that. After a second or two of reaction, Ellie leant forward
again and slowly withdrew the dildo from Lisa's pussy, leaving the first
inch still inside her, Ellie once again thrust into her sister with a strong
glide. Lisa's eyes were closed. Her ample chest rose and fell from short,
sharp breathes. Gradually, Lisa began to match Ellie's strokes, raising her
hips from the sofa and lowering them to meet her sister's hand. Ellie's
attention meanwhile, was fixed on the sight of Lisa's inexperienced lips
spreading and contracting around the thick plastic cock. As she felt Lisa's
reciprocations, Ellie began to speed up the rate of her thrusts, a wicked
smile spread across her face. Looking up at Lisa, Ellie caught her sister's
eye, who looked down at her and gave a pleasure filled smirk before closing
her eyes again, losing herself in this new feeling.

"Jesus Christ, Lise, you're taking this thing like a natural. You're telling
me this is the first thing to get this far up into you? You filthy slut."
Ellie wasn't sure how her comments would be greeted, but was assured by soft
moans escaping from her sisters' mouth. "I bet around school, you've been
teasing all these horny boys, and probably those lonely old teachers as well.
There's nothing like bending over you desk in one of those tight grey skirts
to pick up a pencil you `accidentally' dropped, or wearing one of those
practically see through white shirts with a lacy black bra underneath. If
they could see you know, Lisa; skirt around your waist, slamming your cunt
down on your own sister's dildo. Think of them Lisa, laying at home at night,
imagining a scene like this, taking their pulsing cocks in their hands and
spunking themselves stupid at the thought of sucking on your tits, or forcing
themselves right up your tight virgin arsehole."

Ellie's dirty talk only served to encourage Lisa, who turned around, dildo
still inside her, onto her knees and sticking her round arse practically
into Ellie's face. Ellie used on hand to lift up Lisa's drooping skirt and
lay it across the small of her back, then with her right hand still on the
dildo which continued to thrust into Lisa, used her left to caress Lisa's
arse cheeks, spreading them wide and given herself a view not only of her
stretching cunt lips, but also of her puckered bumhole, which contracted in
time with Lisa's thrusts. Wondering how far she could push her sister, Ellie
began running a finger lightly over the hole to gauge the response. After a
few soft touches, Lisa began to grind her arse back against her sister's
hand, encouraging Ellie to go further. She dipped her mouth down to Lisa's
rear, and gently kissed each cheek while running her index finger up and
down the crack. Ellie extended her tongue, and slowly circled the tight
orifice, leaving behind it a trail of saliva.

"Fuck! Ellie, come on! Ah! This just feels so fucking good!" Ellie didn't
need to be asked twice, and with Lisa's ring piece already lubed up, Ellie
sank her index finger slowly but forcefully into Lisa's rectum. "UH! JESUS!
FUCK, YEAH!" Lisa couldn't control herself; the feeling of being doubly
pleasured by her sister was too much. After just a few seconds, Lisa's
entire body shuddered with the feeling of an almighty orgasm. Exhausted,
she collapsed over the arm of the sofa, her penetrated arse still sticking
up the air, dildo still embedded in her cunt. Ellie simply watched her
sister in wonderment.

The sound of a key turning in the downstairs lock stirred the Hunter girls
from their haze. Foot steps up the stairs caused both of them to stand up.

"Quick, Lisa, into the bedroom. It'll only be Toby. I can deal with him.
Quick!" Although the thought of being caught was exciting, Ellie didn't
really want her new husband to walk in on her deep in her sisters guts.
Lisa scuttled into the bedroom, the dildo sliding out of her cunt and
dropping on the floor. As it lay on the carpet, Lisa's juices caused it
to shine in the light. Ellie hurried to tidy the flat, kicking the dildo
underneath the sofa before rushing to the door to meet Toby. As the door
swung upon, Ellie pounced up into her lovers arms, wrapping her legs around
him, and grinding her dripping cunt against his cock which quickly grew

"Well, this is a nice welcome."

"Shut up." Ellie climbed down, and took Toby by the hand into the open
kitchen that overlooked the rest of the apartment. She peeled off her white
top, exposing her pert breasts to the air, her nipples still painfully hard.
Toby wasn't quite sure what to make of Ellie's actions, but after a day at
work, he was more than happy to fuck her silly.

Ellie sat herself on the kitchen breakfast bar, grabbed Toby by the collar of
his shirt and pulled him in for a passion-fuelled kiss. After a few seconds,
Toby stepped back and threw off his shirt, exposing his athletic torso. Ellie
leant back in for a kiss, but Toby grabbed her by the shoulders, pulled her
off the work top and bent her over, sticking her tight jeans up into the air.
The couple had experimented greatly in their time together, and had found
that one of the most pleasurable experiences was when Toby played a more
dominant role, with Ellie being completely submissive. Toby grabbed the waist
of Ellie's jeans, and crudely dragged them down, leaving her bent over in a
pair of white thong panties. Toby quickly undid his trousers, letting them
drop to his ankles, slide Ellie's underwear to the side and strongly thrust
deep into her moist twat. He was surprised by how wet she was. Toby rapidly
slammed into Ellie's cunt from behind, slapping against her arse, causing the
flesh to wobble.

Ellie threw her head up. She braced herself on the bar, and rocked back into
Toby's thrusts. Her earlier exploits with Lisa had driven her to the point of
climax without a single touch, so now with these thoughts still fresh in her
mind, coupled with the vigorous fucking she was receiving returned her to the
brink. As she looked up, she noticed Lisa's head poking around the bedroom
door, staring at the sight of Toby, a long time family friend relentlessly
pounding her sister. Toby was still far from climax, but just after a few
minutes, Ellie felt her orgasm approaching like a freight train. As Toby
continued the assault on her cunt, Ellie let out a cry of pure sexual joy and
shuddered around Toby's prick.

"Well that didn't take you long, did it? Have you been getting warmed up
without me? Eh? Or is it that you just love getting fucked like a whore?"
Toby continued the same pace on Ellie's pussy, who lay completely drained.

Lisa was enthralled by the sight, and gradually forgot about staying out of
sight, and concentrated more on slipping her hand under the waist of her
skirt, sliding first two then three fingers into her cunt. With her other
hand, she began to rub are impressive chest, peeling her tight black shirt
off and over her head until she was standing only in her denim skirt and a
silky black bra, which pushed her breasts into a staggering cleavage. She
was suddenly filled with courage, and took a step forward. A dildo was one
thing, but she couldn't resist the chance of getting her hands on a throbbing
cock. Besides, it looked like Toby still had plenty of steam left. She opened
the bedroom door.

Toby looked up from his fucking as the moving door caught his eye. What he
saw was certainly a surprise. The first thing he noticed was the knockout
body on this girl, but while he still carried on fucking Ellie, who was by
now crippled by multiple orgasms, he realised who the body belonged to. Lisa
must have been there all the time, watching her sister getting stuffed, and
judging by the fact she was wearing only a skirt and a bra, one hand
furiously rubbing her pussy and the other cupping her breasts, she must have
liked what she had seen.

"Well, well, if it isn't little Lisa." Ellie looked up, unaware that Lisa
had advanced to the living area of the flat. Ellie leant back and took a step
away from the bar, causing Toby's cock to pop free. Ellie leant into Toby,
and whispered something into his ear. Lisa simply stood in the middle of the
room. Toby then began walking towards her, shaking his trousers off from
around his ankles.

"What do you say Lise? How about you get you first taste of real cock? It's
good, I'll tell you that." Toby walked towards Lisa, and stopped just in
front of her, his eight inch erection standing at a right angle, shimmering
with Ellie's juices. Without as much as a response, Lisa sank to her knees,
placed one hand around the base of Toby's member, and with the other slowly
began to jerk him off. Sensing Toby didn't want to hang around while she
learnt the ropes, Lisa sank her lips over his helmet, all the time looking
up into Toby's eyes.

"I hear you're been getting tips from your older sister. She's a good
teacher, I'll give her that. That feels fucking awesome." Lisa, feeling
bolder, took more of Toby's meat into her mouth until the tip of his cock
pressed against the back of her mouth. She felt someone take her by the
hand, and looked around, cock still in her mouth, to see Ellie beckon her
to the sofa. Toby withdrew his cock from Lisa's mouth, and followed the
two girls. Ellie had reached around to Lisa's arse, and between cupping
her arse cheeks, unzipped the skirt until it dropped onto the floor,
exposing to Toby a truly magnificent sight.

Ellie positioned Lisa behind the sofa, and pushed down on her back, pushing
her arse up into the air. Toby took his position behind Lisa, stroking his
cock with his right hand, and running his left over the round butt in front
of him. His hand dropped to touch Lisa's cunt for the first time, and noticed
that it was just as wet as Ellie had been. He dipped his index finger into
her twat and withdrew, completely coated with juices. He returned his hand to
her cunt, this time entering three fingers deep into her. All emerged almost
dripping. Toby took a step forward, and began teasing Lisa, placing the head
of his cock at her quivering opening.

Ellie grabbed him by the hand and shook her head. Toby was understandably
confused, until Ellie pointed above Lisa's cunt, to her rosebud. Lisa herself
wasn't completely sure what was going on behind her, but began to rock back
seeking out Toby's prick.

"Hang on, sis. There's just a little bit of preparation first." Toby dipped
one hand under Lisa to play with her cunt. Ellie then took his other hand
and placed it under the waistband of her panties, covering it in her own
lubricant. After just a few second, Toby had two handfuls of Hunter girl
juices, and began spreading them onto Lisa's crack, dancing a finger over
her arsehole. From her brief anal experience earlier with Ellie, Lisa was
in great anticipation. Taking something up the arse had never previously
appealed to her, but now, there was just something so dirty about it.

Ellie walked around the sofa, and sat next to Lisa's overhanging torso,
reaching up onto her back and unclasping her black bra. As Ellie dragged the
straps down Lisa's arms, Toby placed his cock at the opening of Lisa's arse,
then without warning, thrust deep up inside her, burying the majority of his
eight inches into Lisa's guts.

longer incentive, and pounded into Lisa's arse as hard and as fast as her
tightness would allow. As she became accustomed to the feeling, her arse
relaxed around Toby's cock, savouring her first cock.

Ellie had now totally removed Lisa's bra, and had begun playing with her
massive breasts, tweaking her nipples, feeling her heart pound beneath her
tits. Ellie looked back to see her husband's cock disappearing into the arse
of her seventeen year old sister, and nothing could have turned her on any
more. Toby's face was contorted with effort and pleasure as he attacked the
schoolgirl's rectum. Ellie bent down and took Lisa's right nipple into her
mouth, gently sucking on it before firmly biting down.

"AARRGGHHH! COME ON, MAKE ME CUM! FUCK!" Toby used one hand to reach under
Lisa and thrust two fingers deep into her sopping cunt. His cock was now
dancing in and out of Lisa's arse at an impressive rate as Ellie continued
to fondle Lisa's tits. Ellie now looked into Lisa's face, placed a hand on
her cheek, causing Lisa's tightly closed eyes to open, and planted a soft
and seductive kiss on her sisters lips. Lisa responded, and the pair kissed
for seconds and Ellie continued to pinch Lisa's nipples.

"Are you going to cum for me? Eh? Come on Lisa, cum for me, cum all over
Toby's big cock!" Ellie's encouragement was the final straw, and Lisa erupted
with her first ever orgasm brought about by a cock. Silently, Lisa's body
rocked and went limp over the sofa, completely lost. With all the attention
on Lisa, neither girls had noticed how red Toby's face was getting as he was
nearing his climax. He quickly pulled out of Lisa's stretched arse, grabbed
her by the shoulder, and brought her down onto her knees. Ellie hurried
around to the back of the sofa to kneel next to her sister as he husband
tensed up and then exploded with pulse after pulse of pure white spunk all
over Lisa's tits. Although the situation was new to her, Lisa revelled in the
feeling of hot sperm coating her tits, rubbing them together. Ellie extended
a finger and scooped up a hefty drop of sperm and lifted to her own lips,
savouring the salty taste. Taking her cue, Lisa did the same, catching a
stream of spunk from her right nipple and bringing it up to her mouth.

The taste was strange, but didn't feel new to her. As all three collapsed
around the flat, Lisa couldn't help but feel like one of Tony's milkshakes.


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