** Starring Evangeline Lilly as Tauriel **

Hobbit/Lord of The Rings: Tauriel's Coming Of Age Part 2 (MF,anal)
by ErosTrek ([email protected])

A score of elves sat around the large marble table, resplendent in finery, the noble colors of their robes glowing in the light cast from the torches set into the pillars around them. One of them however was dressed in simpler clothing, brown and green, the colors of the forest, for she was a representative of Mirkwood and nowhere near as noble as those that sat at the table.

Tauriel stifled a yawn. The discussions had been going on for hours and no one had asked her opinion about anything, something which she was grateful for. She felt out of place at this gathering of high ranking elves from across Middle Earth. King Thranduil, Lord of Mirkwood, had sent her instead of his son Legolas. Probably another attempt to keep her as far away from him as possible. He had been eyeing her lustfully as of late and Thranduil had noticed. The king would do anything to stop ahy romance between them. Not that it would stop Legolas if he really wanted her. Her mind wandered further as she daydreamed about the prince's taut muscular body, glistening naked in the starlight as he approached her, laid her gently down onthe moss covered forest floor and lowered himself upon her.

Someone coughed near her and that startled her out of her daydream. Her freckled cheeks flushed as she realized that everyone was looking at her and she wondered if she had mumbled her erotic thoughts aloud.

"Does the representative from Mirkwood have anything to add or have we brought her all this way and taken so much of her time for nothing?"

Her face flushed a deeper red as a wave of mirth went around the table and she scowled at the speaker, a Noldorin elf who was hosting the meeting.

"In fact I do. An evil stirs in Mirkwood, daily our patrols encounter beasts driven by a magic we cannot counter. The forest is growing darker by the day, its breath fouler. Orcs have been getting bolder and raid deep into the forest..."

The Noldorin interrupted her, "And what would Thranduil have us do? From what I hear he has retreated underground and will not leave his halls even for such meetings as these,not even sending his closest kin to them." He looked pointedly at her but she stared right back, not wishing to show any weakness before this prissy elf whose latest encounter with an orc raiding party must have been at least three thousand years ago.

The representative from Loth Lorien stood up and an argument ensued between them. Tauriel sat down and did her best to disappear in the background once again.

A movement in the shadowy areas of the circular room caught her eye. It was Lord Elrond who moments before had been seated at the table and he was talking to a tall man. A human in Rivendell? Rarely did she see menfolk in Mirkwood, they kept clear of the forest fearful of its spells and enchantments. Her interest piqued, she studied the man intently. He had long, flowing black hair though not as long as that of male elves. A short beard graced his chin, something unheard of amongst elvenfolk, which definitely made him look exotic to her eyes. He looked around at the table and caught her gaze, his grey eyes locked with hers and for a moment the twitch of a smile appeared at the corner of his lips. She returned the smile then the moment passed and he returned his gaze to Elrond. A few more words passed between them and then he slipped out of the room as quietly as he had come.

During the rest of the meeting she kept thinking about him, wondering who he was, what he was doing here and especially, why he had smiled at her. Had he found her attractive or did he simply do that to all the elven women he met? This was all new ground for Tauriel. She was a young elf, only 600 years old, and until this trip to Rivendell, a virgin. A few days ago Lord Elrond and his daughter Arwen along with several members of the Rivendell Guard had changed that forever. The memories brought another smile to her lips and a warmth began to spread between her thighs. She groaned. Not now, she told herself,
please not now. Some of the elves around the table cast quick glances in her direction as she fidgeted on her seat. Her heart was beating faster as she thought about what Elrond had done to her and now her mind was superimposing the face of this stranger upon Elrond's and she began to breathe heavily.

Tauriel jumped up suddenly before she lost the will to resist her sudden sexual impulse and excused herself from the meeting. She ran out into the cool evening air and shuddered. She found her hand wandering between her thighs as she leaned against a railing and she snatched it away and started to walk aimlessly amongst the terraces and parapets that stretched along the outer edge of Rivendell. Her brisk pace seemed to calm her passion down and the blush on her cheeks was fading slowly. Thank the Valar that she hadn't done something foolish in front of the representatives of all Elven Realms. Somehow she had gotten the urge to strip naked, lay at the center of the marble table and masturbate right there in front of everyone. All those high and mighty elven lords would not have been
overjoyed by her antics.

* * *

Her aimless wandering had brought her to a chamber on one of the lower levels of Rivendell. Inside the room, atop a marble platform held by a statue was a blue cloth upon which lay a shattered sword. On the wall directly in front of it was a painting, an old scene with a wounded man laying on the ground holding the shattered sword as a dark creature stood before him. Her fingers brushed against the silvery steel of one of the sword fragments, still sharp after untold centuries.

"...and the sword of Elendil filled Orcs and Men with fear, for it shone with the light of the sun and of the moon, and it was named Narsil."

She jumped. Tauriel hadn't noticed the man enter the chamber till he spoke. How was that possible? Was something wrong with her that she was not noticing her enhanced elven senses?

"I have heard of this sword" she replied trying to keep her heart from fluttering about her chest. "It belonged to Elendil and then Isildur who defeated Sauron with it."

The stranger smiled at her and her nipples hardened in response. She was sure he could see them poking through her leather jerkin as his eyes roved up and down her body. Why had she suddenly lost control like this? He was just a man, why was he driving her crazy with that smile of his?

"So what brings you to Rivendell?" she finally asked when she got her breathing under control.

"I might ask you the same thing" he replied, "since I live here."


"Elrond has cared for me as a father, since mine died at the hand of orcs when I was barely two years old."

Tauriel blinked. Something like that would have been unheard of at Mirkwood.

"That was kind of him. So you grew up in Rivendell as an elf. That explains how you move and how you surprised me earlier."

He grinned, which again made her feel all weak and hot all over.

"I am sorry, I did not mean to scare you ... I do not yet know your name?"

"Tauriel .. Tauriel of Mirkwood" she stammered.

"A pleasure to meet you Tauriel of Mirkwood, your beauty is unmatched anywhere in Middle Earth" and he raised her hand and kissed it gently.

Tauriel blushed furiously. He probably used this line with every woman he met a small voice in her head warned her but she ignored it. He was standing so close to her now that she could feel his warm breath on her cheek, could smell his manly scent.

"And you are?"

"I am known as Elessar amongst elvenfolk, however my human name is Aragorn son of Arathorn."

Tauriel gasped as she realized that he was the direct descendant of Isildur himself, pictured in the painting.

"A noble lineage my Lord" and she bowed her head as one would do before a King.

He shook his head and held both her hands up to his chest. She could feel his heart pounding as fast as hers. Could he too be feeling what she felt for him?

"Do not bow before me. I do not claim a title, nor is it yet my time to do so. Especially not tonight where I have been given such good fortune as to meet you, Tauriel."

Before she could say anything he lowered his face to hers and kissed her on her lips. She returned the kiss passionately, parting her lips till their tongues intertwined. They remained like that for long minutes, holding each other tightly while joined at the mouth. She could feel both his hands on her back, moving lower, pulling up her tunic. His fingers felt cold on her bare flesh as he grasped her firm butt cheeks. She raised a leg and hooked it around his thigh, feeling the large bulge in his pants grow even harder as she rubbed her pelvis against him.

Reluctantly breaking their kiss, they undressed each other with a haste born of desire, undoing a variety of leather straps and thongs that held their clothes together. Their swords and daggers fell to the hard floor with a clatter. Aragorn pulled her towards him, naked flesh against naked flesh, her hard nipples pressing into his bare chest and kissed her deeply again. She put a finger on his mouth to stop him.

"I'm sorry Tauriel .." he began, mistaking her interruption of the kiss as a sign of reluctance to consume their passion, "I don't know what i was thinking, here let me help you get clothed again."

"My Lord Aragorn, you needn't be sorry about anything," her green eyes twinkled as she grinned at him, "I only wanted to move on to where I am kissing something other than your mouth."

His eyes opened wide as she slid to her knees while caressing his chest. "Oh sweet Tauriel ..." he groaned as she took his flaccid manhood in her fist and pulled back the foreskin. She gently kissed the exposed glans and felt Aragorn's body shudder at the touch. She teased him for a few seconds by running her tongue over the head, then as she felt it expand beneath her fingers
she let it slip into her mouth and began working on it with a deft tongue. Within moments it had grown to its full length, throbbing and quivering as it filled her mouth.

Tauriel sucked at it noisily and wetly, just as she had done with Elrond. This was only her second blowjob ever and yet from the animalistic noises that Aragorn was making and how his hips rythmically bucked at her face in an attempt to force his cock deeper down her throat, she gathered that he was enjoying it. She might not be as experienced as Thranduil's elf-maidens but she was a quick
learner. After a while she began to have difficulty breathing as he deep throated her mercilessly. She jerked her head back and his cock popped out of her mouth leaving a trail of saliva and semen across her lips and chin. She pressed it vertically against his stomach, fondling his balls with her
hand while licking the underside of his penis. It twitched wildly everytime her wet tongue made contact with that oh so sensitive skin.

"Tauriel my love" Aragorn groaned through clenched teeth, "I can't take more of this" and he grabbed a fistful of red hair and pulled her head back. Her mouth formed an O as he pushed the head of his cock against her lips and she licked the bead of pre-cum that had formed on the glans. As she savored that salty droplet, Aragorn came, his thick semen gushing forcefully into her mouth.
She swallowed as much as she could of his load but everytime she thought he was done, another streamer erupted out of his pulsing cock till there was so much that it poured out of the corners of her mouth like a river of milk and dripped down onto her breasts and stomach.

When his cock grew flacid again and slipped out of her mouth she stood up took a step away from him. The orange torchlight flickered across her cum drenched naked body and her skin seemed to glow. She smiled widely at him as she licked her tongue across her glistening lips.

"So beautiful ..." he whispered hoarsely reaching out to fondle her breasts and roll her stiff nipples between thumb and forefinger. His fingers were now coated by the sticky mess of his cum. He grabbed her shoulders and pushed her back against the cold wall then slid his fingers one by one into her mouth until she licked them clean. Cupping his hand under her chin, he turned her head to one side and then the other admiring her beautiful freckled face. For a moment he stroked her red hair then leaned forward and kissed a long, pointy ear. She shivered and cried out. Elf ears were an extremely sensitive erogenous zone and he seemed to know that as he nibbled gently on it.

Tauriel was in ecstasy and he hadn't even done anything yet. She felt something poke at her thigh and her fingers reached for it. Her eyes opened wide, "My lord you're hard again," she gasped.

"Yes, my little wood elf, did you think that your mouth alone would satisfy my lust? Now tell me, Tauriel, tell me what you want."

"Take me Aragorn son of Arathorn! Show me what menfolk can do that is better than elvenkind!"

As if in a dream, she felt him place a strong hand under her thigh and raise her leg. She instinctively hooked it around his lower back. In this position she was wide open just as Aragorn wanted her and the head of his throbbing manhood penetrated her smooth pink slit. The elf maiden moaned loudly. Aragorn smiled and with one forceful push slid his entire length into her wetness. Slowly, he pulled out of her and in again, out and in, each stroke pushing her up against the wall. His pace increased till he was pounding her roughly while grunting like a warg in heat. Being slammed repeatedly against a wall would have been painful if her body was not in the perfect shape that it was, toned in battle for hundreds of years.

He kept this up for what seemed to be an entire lifetime, till Tauriel felt she was floating in a haze of pleasure far above Rivendell. The focal point of her existence was Aragorn's hard rod penetrating her tight pussy. Just as she was getting used to it Aragorn withdrew and grabbed her from around her waist.

"Let's taste some elven pussy" he growled and with one smooth motion he lifted her up and turned her upside down so that her feet pointed at the ceiling and her face was level with his crotch. The thought crossed her mind that he was quite strong even for a human, then he buried his face between her thighs and began to ram his tongue in and out of her red hot slit and her thoughts blurred into another orgasm. His cock dangled enticingly before her face so she grabbed it and began to suck on it for the second time that evening. For what
seemed like an eternity they remained in this vertical 69, pleasureing each other. Aragorn's short beard glistened wetly from her juices as his tongue alternated between driving deep into her delicious pink pussy or sliding down along her ass crack till he found and teased her tightly puckered asshole.

Tauriel moaned loudly as he sucked her clit and the surrounding fleshy flaps into his mouth while running his tongue over it and suddenly she was cumming, his experienced tongue having brought her to the first of many orgasms. Her body jerked and a rivulet of creamy pussy juice dripped out of her slit. Aragorn held her tightly till the orgasm was over then he lowered her gently to the floor. He lay down behind her, spooning her body with his. Tauriel turned her face towards his and they kissed. She could taste her musk on his lips and it made her kiss him even more passionately. He was fondling both of her breasts, playing with her stiff nipples. She felt his rock-hard shaft pressing against her bottom and raised a leg slightly, reaching around with a hand to guide its head against her dripping wet opening.

Aragorn didn't need to be told what to do. He pushed himself inside the tight love tunnel in an instant. Unlike the previous pounding he had given her when she was up against the wall, he now made sweet love to her, the rythm of his hips slow and gentle. When she moaned softly and called out his name he stroked her long hair and kissed her on an ear which made her arch her back and press her butt against him every time pushing him deep inside her. At some point Tauriel came again but she was past keeping count. Right after she did, Aragorn pulled out of her and straddled her chest. He placed his cock between her breasts.

"Squeeze your tits together baby" he whispered and she did, intertwining her fingers together forming a bridge above her breasts as she squeezed them against each other with her elbows, making a tunnel through which Aragorn could stroke his cock. This was another novel way of pleasuring each other that the young, innocent elf from Mirkwood would never have thought of by herself. She definitely was having quite the education on sexual positions during her trip
to Rivendell. A thought crossed her mind that maybe it was why Thranduil had sent her here in the first place. She would confront him about it when she was back in Mirkwood but for now she got busy suckling on the head of Aragorn's penis as it emerged from between her tits. The human's sensitive skin was so aroused that pre-cum was flowing freely from the tip and she kept teasing
more out with her tongue. After several long strokes between her tightly pressed tits Aragorn reached his limit.

Through gritted teeth Aragorn grunted, "I'm cumming Tauriel!" and he erupted all over her face, squirting a massive load of thick white cum across it. Tauriel was amazed that his balls still held so much manjuice even after he had cum so massively just a few minutes ago. It flew into her gaping mouth and she swallowed greedily, seemingly having acquired a taste for fresh sperm. What missed her mouth splattered over the the bridge of her nose narrowly missing her green eyes, splashed over her high elven cheekbones covering her freckles and onto her full lips and chin. She sighed contentedly as a drop of cum dripped off the tip off her nose and hugged Aragorn as he lay next to her, enjoying the warmth of his body. Exhaustion took hold of her and she slept.

* * *

She woke the next day in her bed chamber, feeling rested. She didn't recall walking here nor of having bathed, yet here she was in bed no traces of sweat or cum on herand a fragrance of lilac in the air. Could it have been all a dream? She smiled as she recalled every moment with Aragorn, his muscular body against hers, his thick cock penetrating her in so many ways ... if it was a dream it was the most vivid one she had ever had and she did feel a bit sore down there.

She stretched and yawned then noticed there were voices on the terrace outside the chamber. She got out of bed and padded quietly to the window frame, an intricate elven design that let in the cool breeze and allowed one to eavesdrop easily.

"He cannot be allowed to fall in love with her, she is not his destiny" a female
voice said.

"Love?" a laugh which sounded more like a snort, which she recognized immediately as Elrond, "that is not love but mere physical attraction."

"That is how it starts and I fear that if he sees her again the future of Middle Earth itself shall be in peril."

Another snort. "I have seen no such thing in his future. You are reading too much into a one night stand, my dear Galadriel."

Tauriel stifled a gasp, the Lady Galadriel of Loth Lorien herself was outside her bed chamber, seemingly talking about her.

"You might be gifted with foresight Elrond, but when it comes to your daughter your vision becomes clouded. I have seen the future you refuse to believe in and it rests upon Arwen and Aragorn being together."

"You know I will not allow that. Though he has been raised as my son, he still remains a mortal man. I would not wish such a fate upon my daughter, nor even upon this Silvan slut."

Behind the window Tauriel bit down on her lip to stifle an angry retort. Slut!? Me!? She thought. Is that what Elrond thinks I am after he took advantage of me along with his bitch daughter?

Outside the elven bearers of Nenya and Vilya, two of the three great elven rings continued their argument, unaware Tauriel was awake and eavesdropping.

"Nothing is certain yet, so many things have to come to pass before I can be certain but one thing is always the same in my visions, the light of the Evenstar falls upon the descendant of Numenor."

Elrond threw up his hands, a sign that he had lost the argument, something that happened often with Galadriel.

"The ships for Valinor dominate my dreams as of late. The days of the elves in Middle Earth are numbered. The age of men will not last for long if the evil we all fear is truly awakening. When the time comes my daughter shall be on one of the ships being built at Grey Havens."

"We shall see" Galadriel replied and the two of them began to walk away, their footsteps receding in the distance. Tauriel was about to relax when ...

*Tauriel of Mirkwood* the voice of Galadriel echoed in her mind, *I know you were listening to us. Elrond can be quite indiscreet at times but I am sure he did not mean what he said.*

"My lady..." Tauriel formed the words in her mind, "I did not come to Rivendell to get insulted by the Lord of this Realm."

*Yet, my child, your actions have given some truth to his words. Yes I know what has gone on between you, Elrond and Arwen as well as Aragorn.*

Tauriel wondered if Lady Galadriel could see how she was blushing furiously. Maybe she really was the slut Elrond thought she was.

*Do not despair, young one, when I was your age I too partook of the pleasures of the flesh at every opportunity that presented itself.*

Tauriel grinned as she imagined Galadriel naked and in compromising positions with other elves, men, dwarves and even hobbits, sometimes all at once. Then she realized that it wasn't her imagination but images that Galadriel herself was showing her and her mouth gaped in surprise.

*I have kept this hidden from Elrond, it is now a secret between us, Tauriel of Mirkwood.*

Another image suddenly flashed into Tauriel's mind, one of her naked standing before Galadriel and her eyes opened wide in shock.

*That is a possible path in your future, if you wish to make it come true, remain in the meeting chamber after everyone has left tonight.*

* * *

The meeting seemed to take forever as Tauriel fidgeted on her uncomfortable chair. Her mind was elsewhere, as it had been on this whole visit to Rivendell. She couldn't help but keep staring at the pillars around the room, each of which had a carving of an elven maiden in practically transparent robes revealing exquisite anatomical details. The sculptor must have had a lot of elf-maidens model naked for him. Tauriel wondered if he had gone beyond sculpting them and had a vision of a muscular artist dropping hammer and chisel and having his way with a squealing model. She grinned and blushed, her thoughts were turning to sex far too often while she was in crowded places.

It was sunset when the meeting adjourned, the last of the sun's rays still illuminating the chamber. When the last of the elves had left for a starlight banquet and Tauriel was alone she got up and examined one of the statues closely. It looked so real that she reached up and touched the firm breasts, half expecting the statue to come to life. It didn't but a slight cough from
behind her startled her and she spun around, freckled cheeks blushing.

"I have always admired those statues but they pale in comparison to the real thing."

An old man with flowing white hair and a long white beard sat on a chair in a shadowed corner of the room. His grey robes seemed to blend into the walls. She was sure he hadn't been there before but she hadn't heard him come in either. He was eyeing her with a twinkle in his eye.

"Do you always ogle elven maidens, old man?"

He laughed. "Ah Galadriel said you were quite a feisty young elf, unlike most Rivendell ones who have become rather dull in their protected abode."

"And who might you be?"

"Some call me Gandalf"

"Mithrandir!" Tauriel gasped. She was before one of the most ancient and powerful wizards of Middle Earth and she had come close to insulting him. She bowed low, "My apologies, Mithrandir, I had not recognised you in the dark."

"Do not fret young one, now come closer so that my old eyes can feast on your beauty."

Tauriel approached the wizard warily. He noticed and laughed again.

"Do not fear me, I won't bite, neither will I cast a spell on you."

He looked her over as she stood before him his eyes pausing at her breasts and hips. She began to feel uncomfortable but he was a wizard who had already outlived most elves, she could hardly tell him to stop even if he seemed to be stripping her with his eyes.

"My lord, I was expecting Lady Galadriel who asked me to meet her here .. " she finally said wondering if he would cast a spell on her if she suddenly bolted and ran. The old fellow was starting to creep her out.

"Ah Galadriel is up to her matchmaking again I see" he laughed, "yes, young one, don't be so surprised. She was not going to be here at the meeting because she left for Loth Lorien some hours ago.

"Oh" Tauriel said, "I.. I thought .. " a wave of disappointment washing over her, a weird tingling in her loins as the expected tryst with the beautiful lady of the woods vanished in thin air. "Nevermind" she answered his questioning look and turned around to leave.

He held up a hand, "Wait, don't leave yet .. I can feel something .." he closed his eyes as if in concentration, "yes, yes, i can feel a tingling, a slight quiver .. after so many years that I have lost count."

Tauriel blinked. "What is it? Are you feeling unwell?"

"Oh I'm feeling as well as I haven't felt in a long, long time my dear" and he looked down. Tauriel followed his gaze and saw the now quite obvious tent in his grey robes. She gasped in surprise. Gandalf reached out and grabbed her wrist in an iron-like grip, pulling her hand till she could feel what was below his robe. She tried to resist, to pull back her hand and walk away but he
was, amazingly enough for his age, much stronger than her.

"Let me go," she cried, "or i'll call Lord Elrond .."

"Oh you will, will you?" Gandalf laughed again, "I'm sure Elrond would love to join us since he has already enjoyed the pleasures of your company. Maybe you would like to ask his daughter to join us also since you two did seem to be having quite some fun together."

Tauriel's mouth was wide open in astonishment. Gandalf had somehow learned what happened! He might even have seen all she'd done with Elrond and Arwen. Oh the embarrassment.

"Maybe your mouth will be put to better use on my ... staff" Gandalf chuckled, "instead of standing there gasping for air like a fish out of water."

Still holding her wrist, he pushed her down on her knees before him. She did so reluctantly not knowing what to expect and quite afraid that if she resisted too much he'd cast a spell upon her. He pulled apart his grey robes and exposed himself to her. It might have been old and shrivelled but it was quivering to life right in front of her eyes. She lowered her mouth to the aged cock that sat in a mane of grey pubic hair. Her lips parted and the flaccid but twitching penis slid between them. It took a couple of minutes of her sucking on it and some intense tongue swirling before it began to swell to massive proportions.

"Never in the last two thousand years has this happened," Gandalf muttered with a wide smile on his face, "the last time was when Galadriel applied her soft lips in such a manner but please don't tell Celeborn, her husband, for he is quite jealous."

Tauriel rolled her eyes as she remembered the mental images that Galadriel had shown her. Her husband being jealous hadn't seemed to stop her from pleasuring herself with a large number of men, elves and dwarves over the centuries.

"It will be our little secret Mithrandir, just as I hope you will not tell anyone, especially Legolas, of what I am doing now."

"Of course, of course my dear, now please help a faltering old man remove your clothes, they are quite tightly fit." He looked at her with a look of such pure innocence that even though she was still scared and upset at having been forced into this situation, she could not really refuse the old wizard.

Tauriel pulled off her jerkin in one quick motion and her suddenly freed breasts bounced a couple of times before settling to pert attention. Gandalf fondled them roughly and pinched her stiffening nipples making her wince from the sudden pain. She put more effort into sucking his cock hoping to distract the lecherous old man, sliding her tongue slickly up and down its length. It was thick and heavily veined now, a far cry from the flaccid worm it had been just moments ago. The seven thousand year old wizard had found his old libido thanks to her. His gnarly cock was straining in her mouth like a wild stallion trying to mount a mare in Rohan's stables.

"Get up, I am ready for you young elf-maiden," Gandalf croaked, "Turn around and sit on my lap." He guided her into the position he wanted as he himself sat on a chair.

Her heart racing, she faced away from him and bent forward. He grasped her firmly about each wrist and enjoyed the view of her pert buttocks as he pulled her down towards his stiff member. When she felt it against her slit she pushed downwards and impaled herself slowly on it. With his entire length deep inside her she wiggled her butt in a circular motion and looked over her shoulder at Gandalf. He had a distant look in his eyes, his mouth half open and she grinned : A powerful wizard was now under HER spell.

She bounced up and down on his lap, his hairy balls slapping at her flesh on each downward thrust. Tauriel was enjoying herself now, maybe not as much as with Aragorn just the previous day, that sex had been simply on another ethereal level. At least with Gandalf it was she who was setting the pace. She realised that she liked the feeling of being in control as she brought him to the edge - Gandalf's breath came in ragged gasps and he groaned loudly - and then pushed him back from it by slowing the grind of her ass. After she denied him several times, Gandalf was getting desperate to blow his load which by now was filling his balls to the limit.

Gandalf's staff, which he had tossed aside earlier, was glowing with a magical bluish light which grew brighter and brighter filling the elven hall with an eerie glow.

"Tauriel ..." he groaned but the elf-maiden once again slowed her pelvic thrusts and infuriatingly he felt his orgasm recede once again. When she grinned insolently back at him over her shoulder, he decided that the young one needed to be taught a lesson. He began to tease the small pink sphincter of her ass with a finger till it relaxed and opened. Tauriel seemed to enjoy the sensation as she leaned back against him and he inserted his index finger. She rode him like this for a minute, cock in her pussy and finger in her ass, moaning loudly from deep within her throat as she derived maximum pleasure.

He suddenly grabbed her around the waist with both hands, lifted her body off him, his cock popping out of her leaving a slimy trail behind it across her buttocks. Then as she barely had time to understand what was happening he drove her down again on his cock aiming for that now gaping little hole which he had prepared with his finger. Tauriel screamed as the thick cock penetrated and
stretched her virginal anal passage to its limit on the first stroke.

"Mithrandir !" she cried, "you're to big for me, it hurts so much."

"You should have let me cum before you little woodland slut" he growled as he thrust repeatedly into her tight tunnel. He reached around with his hand and groped her clit roughly, fingering the sopping wetness of her gaping pussy. An eternity passed as Gandalf ravaged her ass over and over again. Tauriel was split between pleasure and agony when she finally came, her butt cheeks clenching tightly at Gandalf's cock. The blue glow of the crystal atop his staff became as dazzling as the midday sun then shattered at the same moment that Gandalf came. The hall fell into darkness except for the dim starlight illuminating the windows. Gandalf's seed spurted deep into her ass and when
he was done he pulled out of her leaving a very thick anal creampie. He let her go and Tauriel fell to the floor exhausted and barely able to move, drenched in sweat and with cum dripping out of her sore asshole and trickling down between her buttocks. The wizard gathered his grey robes around him, looking smug, satisfied and quite cheerful as he picked up his staff and left. Tauriel moaned softly and passed out.

* * *

A secret door opened behind a velvet curtain and three figures emerged wearing night robes so skimpy as to be almost invisible and very closely resembling the near naked statues that were carved on each pillar of the hall. One of them was Arwen and she looked down with some pity at the unconscious Mirkwood elf. She motioned to her handmaidens, "Take her up to my quarters, make sure she is
bathed before putting her in my bed." The handmaidens nodded and carried Tauriel between them back up the secret passage.

Arwen lingered for a moment reliving the entire scene in her mind. She had seen it all from a spyhole in the wall and her thighs were quite wet. "Horny old wizard" she muttered, "can't he go play with his little Hobbits?" She snorted and then she too retreated up the stairs of the secret passage, licking her lips in anticipation of what was to come.

to be continued ...!

* * *

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