** Starring Evangeline Lilly as Tauriel and Liv Tyler as Arwen **

Hobbit/Lord Of The Rings: Tauriel's Coming Of Age (F-solo,MF,MFF)
by ErosTrek ([email protected])

The forest closed in around her, the still air was thick with the scent of danger, stifling her. It was a claustrophobic feeling she had been getting often as of late. Mirkwood was darker than she remembered it and infested by evil creatures that came from the south, from the direction of the hill-fortress of Dol Goldur. Seemingly abandoned, rumor had it that a necromancer had taken up residence there.

Tauriel kicked at a rock in frustation, sending it flying towards a tree where it hit with a satisfying thunk which echoed for a while in the unnatural stillness of the forest. She had pleaded with Lord Thranduil, to allow her to take the elven guard down to Dol Goldur and eliminate the threat at its source yet he had refused, preferring to stay locked up in his halls. She smirked, her long ears quivering slightly. Thranduil hated dwarves but he was beginning to act like one, hiding in cavernous dungeons below Emyn Duin, the dark mountains of Mirkwood.

She however preferred sunlight, what little of it was to be found under the thick forest canopy. Tauriel glanced upward. She was not expected back till sunset and her patrol today had been fruitless. Unusually, she hadn't found any recent traces of the giant spiders she had set out to track, only hastily strewn webs and half eaten carcasses left to rot on the putrid ground.

A vine was draped around the nearest tree trunk and she grabbed hold of it, testing its strength, then with a swift leap she swung herself up into the lower branches. She sprang from branch to branch with a sure-footedness that came naturally to a woodland elf. Within seconds she was clambering up the highest branches and finally broke through the leafy canopy.

The fresh air and bright sunlight almost made her feel dizzy and she dropped to a crouch till the sensation passed. Grinning as the sunlight lit up her freckled face, she looked around taking in the view. She could make out the Enchanted River that passed close to Thranduil's underground realm and the Long Lake in the distance. The lonely mountain, Erebor, broke the otherwise flat horizon to the east.

Tauriel shut her eyes and raised her face to the sun's rays. She sighed as she absorbed the warmth that she sorely missed below the forest's canopy. A mischievous grin slowly formed on her full lips. She looked around till she found a wide and thick branch that could take her weight. Checking to make sure no one was around ... she giggled, what a silly thought, only a nazgul flying above the forest would see her and one of those creatures hadn't been seen for centuries.

Safe from prying eyes, she relaxed and began to strip out of her clothes. She first undid the straps that held her quiver, bow and twin dagger scabbards slung across her back and placed them within easy reach atop the branch. A quick tug on the string that criss-crossed the front of her brown leather jerkin loosened it till she could pull it over her head easily. With that gone, she shrugged out of her green tunic and placed it across the bough like a blanket. Standing naked except for knee length leather boots, she stretched and shook out her fiery red hair with a contented sigh.

She lay down along the branch, enjoying the caress of the sun on her naked body. A cool breeze rustled the leaves of the trees around her and numerous blue butterflies rose into the air. She laughed with delight, then a puzzled look crossed her face. The breeze had affected her too and she looked down at her pert breasts and saw that her pink nipples had swollen and become stiff. They tingled as she cupped her tits with both hands and slid them between her nimble fingers.

Tauriel closed her eyes and sighed loudly. She had never felt this way before and she wasn't sure what was happening to her but it didn't feel bad at all. Rolling each nipple gently between thumb and forefinger felt so good, she was surprised that she had never done so before. Then again she was a young elf, barely 600 years old, just a kid really when measured against an immortal lifespan.

The young elven maiden soon noticed that her nipples were not the only parts of her body that craved attention. Her thighs were slick with wetness that trickled from her aroused slit. She slid her hands down over her taut stomach, pausing for a moment at the small patch of trimmed, red pubic hair which was the only blemish on her otherwise perfect creamy white skin. Her fingers reached the V where her thighs touched each other and she spread her legs slightly allowing her to touch herself.

Tauriel's green eyes had a dreamy look in them as her questing fingers teased her labia apart like a blossoming flower. She groaned as her fingers slid inside her and came out covered with a sticky wetness. Her cute, slightly upturned nose twitched slightly as she smelled her own intoxicating juices and she brought her fingers to her mouth. Tauriel's face was flushed with an inner heat as she slid her tongue out to lick the glistening strand of fluid that had formed between her fingertips. Her eyes went wide and she began to suck on her fingers, licking them clean, then went down to capture more of the delicious nectar. She soon discovered that her juices flowed more easily if she pushed her fingers in and out of herself.

Her hips began to move in a matching rythmic motion, slowly rocking the branch that she was on, as she ground her pelvis against her hand. Her vagina felt as tight as a glove to the two fingers she had squeezed inside it. Her thumb rubbed at her clitoris earnestly, causing waves of pleasure to spread throughout her entire body.

Sighing loudly, Tauriel reached behind her and drew one of her daggers from its scabbard. Flipping it so she held it carefully from the flat side of the blade, she examined the polished wooden hilt for a moment. She grinned, her green eyes sparkling in the sunlight. Yes, it would be perfect for the task at hand, something the master elven weaponsmith who had created the dagger would never have imagined.

Then she shut her eyes and her lips quivered as she inserted the hilt into her tight love passage. It fit so snugly inside her, filling her up with a thick hard object as nothing ever before had. She was in total ecstasy as she worked the dagger's handle in and out of her wet snatch. Her fingers strummed across her clit like it was the string of her bow and it gave her similar erotic pleasure as when she was shooting arrows into the orcs that roamed through Mirkwood.

Her breath was coming in ragged gasps when suddenly her entire body spasmed and her back arched off the bough as her first ever orgasm erupted. A hot fluid gushed out of her pussy around the edges of the dagger's hilt, spraying onto her tunic. Her cry of pleasure echoed above the forest canopy startling birds into flight for miles around.

Basking in the the warm rays of the sun and her very first post-orgasmic bliss, the naked elf lay back and fell fast asleep.

* * *

When she opened her eyes, the sun was noticeably lower in the darkening sky. There was a steady wind blowing from the north and she shivered. For a moment she was puzzled at her nudity then memories of what had happened came back to her and she blushed, feeling slightly ashamed at her erotic escapade whilst supposedly on patrol. She scrambled to put her clothes back on and make sure all her weapons were firmly secured to her jerkin, then jumped down lithely from branch to branch until she was back on the firm ground in the dark forest.

Legolas met her at the doors of the elvenkeep and glanced suspiciously at the wide grin on her face. What did she have to smile about in these dark times?

"Mae g'ovannen, Tauriel" he greeted her, "my father is expecting you."

Her eyes grew wide and for a moment she imagined that news of her masturbation above Mirkwood had preceded her. She mentally berated herself for her paranoia knowing that even in the throes of an orgasm she would have spotted even the most furtive spy with ease.

Legolas led her through the cavernous halls of the Keep till they finally reached the throne room.

Thranduil, King of the Woodland elves sat on the throne that looked like it had grown out the very roots of the massive tree that pierced the centre of the cavern. An ornamental mithril crown perched on his head, looking like a circle of twigs were growing from his flowing platinum yellow hair. He wore a long silvery tunic that shone and glittered in the torchlight. Seated on the ground before him were two smiling elf-maidens.

"Ah Tauriel, you are late today, did you encounter any difficulties in the forest?"

"Yes, my lord .. ehhh no, actually .." she stammered unsure how to explain her delay.

He glanced at her with one raised eyebrow, his face otherwise impassive. One of the elven woman at his feet chose that moment to put her hand up his tunic and the corner of his mouth twitched slightly.

"Whatever" he waved his hand dismissively, "your presence here means you dealt with any problem swiftly as befits a Captain of the Guard."

Tauriel felt herself relax slightly. Now she was sure that her little diversion in Mirkwood was not the object of this meeting.

Thranduil continued, "We have received word from Elrond of Rivendell. He has called a meeting of elvenfolk to discuss ... urgent matters. I have .. decided .."

His words trailed off and his eyes looked into the distance, unfocused. Tauriel waited and shifted nervously from foot to foot. She glanced down at the women sitting at the King's feet and color rushed to her face as she noticed both their hands were now under his robes and moving energetically.

"My Lord?"

He looked at her as if she had appeared out of nowhere and cleared his throat.

"... ah yes, I have decided that you are to go to this meeting as my representative."

Tauriel gasped. As far as she remembered, he always sent his son Legolas to any such gathering of elves which happened once every score of years. Yet this time he was sending her, a simple Captain of the Guard, to Rivendell, a mythical place for most elves.

He must have noticed her surprise.

"Legolas is busy with other tasks I have set him. Now, go, prepare for your trip. You will leave tomorrow before dawn."

"Yes, my Lord, it is a great honor." She bowed and turned to leave, though she couldn't help but notice that one of the women had pulled aside the king's robe completely and her head was bobbing up and down between his legs.

Legolas met her at the bottom of the stairs.

"Why does he have to do that during a meeting, can't he wait till later?" she whispered.

"What?" Legolas looked at her puzzled, then noticing that her cheeks were flushed with embarassment, he grinned, "oh that. Don't mind it, he is not being disrespectful to you, just that when he gets the urge he needs to be satisfied quickly or he becomes rather irritable."

"They must not be very good at what they do because he's always in such a bad mood."

Legolas grinned at her, "Actually they are rather excellent, I know that from pers..." then coughed as Tauriel glared at him. "I .. uhm .. Father says they are very good," he corrected himself.

"Men" she sighed dramatically, tossing her hair over one shoulder as she headed to her quarters.

Legolas stood there, something glinting in his eyes, as he watched her tight little bottom vanish in the distance.

* * *

The following morning she chose a sturdy horse from the stables and filled a pack with supplies for a three day ride. Legolas came to wave her off and wish her a safe return.

The journey passed uneventfully: a few giant spiders and a goblin messenger skulking in the pre-dawn darkness as she slept near a campfire on the second day had been dispatched swiftly with her arrows and sharp blades but that was par for the course. In fact it was surprisingly quiet, she hadn't even encountered an orc patrol though she had frequently seen the traces of Warg droppings. It was as if all the evil creatures were busy elsewhere. Tauriel didn't mind, it gave her time to enjoy the ride, the horse's bare back rising and falling between her thighs with each gallop was particularly enjoyable. She blushed. These erotic feelings were coming more and more frequently. Ever since she had touched herself while lying in the warm sun above Mirkwood, every little thing seemed to turn her on ...

... the way Legolas looked at her when she was around him, his eyes darting to her chest or to her lower back. Oh yes, she had noticed how he tried to be careful about it and only look when he was certain she was distracted. She had seen the hungry look in his eyes right after the meeting with his father and his sudden embarrassment at almost admitting to her that he had used the whores that serviced the King. She knew he liked her but she was sure that Thranduil disapproved. She was after all a lowly Captain of the Guard while Legolas was an Elven Prince. Maybe if it was only physical, maybe if last night she had gone to his room and ...

The horse reared up and almost threw her off which interrupted her daydreams abruptly. She whispered in the animal's ear trying to calm it down but its nostrils flared: some scent had spooked it. Tauriel looked around and spotted the reason. A Warg and its orc rider crested the hill a short distance away and began a charge towards her brandishing a dull black orcish sword.

Her bow was in her hand and an arrow already on its way before she took another breath. She urged her horse on and charged towards the solitary orc. Her first arrow had hit the orc's shoulder but it kept coming, left arm hanging limply at its side. The next arrow was more accurate, passing right through the orc's throat.

It screamed in pain that sounded more like a gurgle and fell off its mount, dead. The Warg however kept coming at her, huge mouth bared in a snarl showing off its huge teeth. The animal hated elves just as much as its former rider. Tauriel leaned forward on her charging horse, taking careful aim. Two arrows in quick succession struck the beast's chest and the Warg hit the ground. She looked around quickly. Orcs never rode alone and this one was probably a scout for a larger hunting party.

There! She spotted another two wargs cresting the hill and then the air was full of blood curdling cries and savage roars as a whole pack of orcs came into sight and began to charge towards her. She plucked another arrow from her quiver and it found its mark, dropping the lead orc, its leg still entangled in the stirrup, a dead weight dragging on the Warg it had been riding.

Too many of them to stand and fight, she turned her horse around and urged it forward at a fast gallop. The orcs followed so close behind that she could almost feel the foul creatures' breath on her neck. Black, poison-tipped arrows whistled past her, falling far short of their target.

Ahead of her, out of the rolling, grass covered plains, a cliff rose split in two by a large crevasse. Even though she had never been here, she recognised the place instantly just as any other elf would. The entrance to Rivendell. Suddenly, seemingly from nowhere, a lance whistled past her and impaled her closest pursuer, sending both rider and Warg tumbling to the ground in a broken heap.

More lances and a volley of arrows followed, each one finding their mark. Tauriel turned around and let fly an arrow which killed the last orc standing and then turned back to greet her rescuers who had now made themselves seen. Twelve elves, on large, majestic steeds, shiny armor catching the sunlight, pennants atop their lances fluttering in the breeze.

One of them was wearing robes of dark velvet and a hood instead of armor, motioned its horse foward till he was alongside Tauriel's horse.

"Welcome to Rivendell" the leader said softly in a feminine voice, pushing back the robe's cowl which up to now had obscured her face.

Tauriel gasped at such beauty which surely surpassed any woodland elf that she knew, then she remembered her standing and bowed, "Thank you, my Lady. I am Tauriel of Mirkwood. King Thranduil sends his regards."

"Welcome, Tauriel of Mirkwood. I am Arwen Undomiel. Now, let us make haste before another orc pack finds the courage to attack us."

* * *

The following morning, Tauriel woke at dawn fully rested. Stretching luxuriously, her muscles feeling fully relaxed after so much horse riding, she walked to the terrace a flight of steps below her room and looked around in awe as the sun shone into the hidden valley. Rainbows hung above all the numerous waterfalls around the city. The majestic beauty of Rivendell was well known amongst elves but she had to see it for herself to truly appreciate the magic in this place.

Part of the terrace was taken up by a large pool of water fed by a waterfall at one end and cascading into another one at the other side where the terrace ended.

Tauriel looked around and saw no one. The water was beckoning to her. She hadn't bathed in three days of horse riding and she most likely had stains of dry, black orc blood on her skin. She discarded her tunic and stepped naked into the pool. The water was chilly but felt perfect to her. When she was done she climbed out of the pool and sat on the carved stone edge, allowing the autumn breeze to dry her off.

"I see the woodland elves are truly one with nature" a voice said behind her and she looked around startled. A regal looking elf stood tall, towering above her, an intricate mithril circlet over his forehead, one eyebrow raised in a quizzical expression.

"Lord Elrond" she said recognising him, then noticed how his eyes were roving all over her body. Tauriel looked down at herself and blushed a deep shade of red that almost matched her hair.

"My apologies" she stammered, crossing her arms across her pert breasts. "I .. I .. was so entranced by the beauty of this place that I just didn't realize I ..."

"No need to apologise, young one" he interrupted her, "there is nothing to be ashamed of. Your own beauty," once again he looked at her lecherously from head to toe, "can only but enhance that of Rivendell."

"Why thank you, my Lord" she was constantly blushing now, unused to receiving such compliments. Now if only Legolas spoke to her like that, she thought longingly. She reached for her tunic, which she had dropped to the ground earlier, keeping one arm across her chest as she shyly tried to hide her nudity.

Elrond was quicker. He stepped around her and bent to retrieve her tunic and instead of giving it to her he draped it across a stone bench, upon which he sat.

"There is however a slight problem which your beauty has caused that must be resolved before I can allow you to leave."

"Oh?" Tauriel mumbled looking puzzled, unsure what problem she could have possibly caused besides her own embarassment. Elrond cast his gaze down and she followed it, and her heart skipped a beat. There was a very visible tent in his robes. With one swift movement, he pulled aside his robes his long, erect member sprang up before her.

"Behold ! The Phallus of Imladris" he announced proudly using the Elven name for Rivendell, "now young nymph of Mirkwood, come and pay your respects to it."

"Oh my Lord, I cannot .. this is too much .. I am not what you think ..." the words of denial stumbled out of her gaping mouth. Did Lord Elrond think that Thranduil had sent one of his whores!? Buy her body said otherwise. Her long, pointy ears quivered and felt so hot she was sure her hair might catch fire soon. Her nipples had grown erect and she could already feel a wetness between her thighs that was very familiar.

As if in a dream, she found herself on her knees before the Elven Lord of Rivendell, his stiff penis hovering before her full lips. For a moment she considered her options then decided that this was indeed an honor that was about to befall her. He was after all Elrond the Wise, a Sindar elf, while she was just a young Silvan elf which placed her social ranking amongst elves somewhere between low and non-existant. For a moment her thoughts turned to Legolas and a sadness filled her, her first time was not going to be with him. Then she remembered that he had shown no reciprocal restraint.

So be it, she thought. Casting aside any remaining inhibitions she wet her lips. Elrond closed his eyes, a smug grin having replaced the constant frown on his face as she began to lick the length of his meat flute. Tauriel slid her tongue down the sides then along the underside, lingering just long enough for his foreskin to withdraw and expose his glans.

Elrond groaned as the redheaded minx went to work with a passion, her tongue swirling around like a whirlpool on his sensitive exposed skin. He reached down with one hand grabbing a handful of tit, squeezing on it while teasing the aroused nipple between thumb and forefinger.

Tauriel put a hand around the throbbing penis and formed a tight O with her mouth. The wet cock slid in and her head began to bob up and down on it, the glans pushing on the inside of her cheek. She gurgled contentedly as she sucked on a cock for the first time in her life, enjoying the taste and feel of that warm rod of flesh in her mouth. With her other hand she fondled his balls. She knew now she was just like those elf-maidens that had been servicing Thranduil, the ones she had called whores.

Elrond looked down and grunted with satisfaction. This one had natural talent, though he could tell it was her first time. Given enough training, he thought, she'd become just as skillful with her tongue as she certainly was with her bow. He was sure that Thranduil would see to that, he knew all about the King of Mirkwood's perversions. He ran his hands delicately through her long, silken hair then gathered a bunch of it up in his fist and jerked her head backwards. This made her open her mouth wide and he pushed his cock in till his balls slapped at her chin. She struggled and gagged but he held onto her hair tightly and forced the back of her head forward so she could do nothing but deep throat him. The tightness of her warm mouth and throat, her teeth scraping across his skin, made his balls tingle and he knew he was ready to deliver his seed.

"Ada? Ada?" a voice said from a lower terrace. "are you here Father?" the voice asked again this time in the common tongue.

Elrond's eyes opened wide, both eyebrows raised high as he realized his daughter Arwen was climbing the flight of stairs to the terrace where he was seducing the woodelf. He tried to pull out of Tauriel's mouth but the little nymph had somehow managed to find a way to breath while being deep throated and seemed to be enjoying every moment of it too. Her mouth had clamped down firmly on his cock and her tongue was wriggling very suggestively around it.

"Oh there you are, father" Arwen said taking the final step and turning the corner, "The last representative, Haldir from Loth Lorien, has arrived. Shall I ask everyone to assemb ....?"

Arwen choked on the last word as she saw her father was not alone but with the young elf she recognized as Tauriel whom she had saved from a pack of orcs yesterday. Naked. On her knees. Her mouth full as she gagged on her father's cock.

"Father! What are you doing!?" she said in shock.

"Arwen ..gmmmmmphhh" Elrond choked as Tauriel let his cock slide out of her mouth with a wet pop. A trail of drool and precum followed it, trailing from the woman's lips to the tip. As it withdrew completely she flicked her tongue once at the engorged head and Elrond came hard, spewing his seed into Tauriel's wide open mouth and splashing across her cheeks and chin.

Arwen stood before her father, hands on her hips, her violet eyes blazing.

"Father, do you have no shame?" she berated him, "we have delegations of Elves from all across Middle Earth and you are here pleasing yourself with this little Silvan slut. You could at least have had the good taste of asking for the services of a Teleri, Vanyar or even a Noldorin or has Galadriel rebuffed your advances already?"

"Daughter" Elrond gasped, his permanent frown back in place, "you know not of which you speak!"

Before Arwen could say something else, Tauriel was on her feet between father and daughter.

Her green eyes blazed too, with anger and something else, something that pervaded her entire body ever since she had climbed Mirkwood's trees and pleasured herself in the sun. She had the same feeling now when she confronted this woman who had just insulted her. Rivendell itself seemed to be amplifying the feeling, a feeling that coursed through her veins and gave her a sort of reckless abandon.

"Who did you just call a slut, bitch?"

Arwen's angry gaze shifted from her father to Tauriel. She raised a hand as if to slap Tauriel, "No one calls me a bitch!"

Tauriel was quicker and side-stepped the blow then grabbed Arwen's arm at the wrist and pushed her up against an ivy-overgrown wall, pinning her there with her taut body.

"And just what are you going to do about it now?"

"I .." Arwen had barely opened her mouth when Tauriel leaned forward and kissed her on her full, red lips. Her tongue slid inside the startled woman's mouth and roved inside as if it had a life of its own. Arwen suddenly realized that the young elf's lips and tongue were coated with her father's semen and now it was inside her mouth too. Her eyes went wide as she realized that not only had she already swallowed some of it but she was enjoying the taste.

"You like that? You like the taste of your Ada's cum?" Tauriel murmured as she kissed the shocked elf again.

"Yes ..." Arwen whispered and this time returned the kiss then followed up with a long lick up her chin and over her lips to clean up a trail of cum.

The lithe woodland elf's hands were roaming all over her body and Arwen put up only a token resistance that ended completely when her large breasts popped out of her low-cut bodice. Tauriel's mouth covered first one nipple, then the other, alternating back and forth sucking at each of them till they were as hard as rocks.

Elrond was looking on from behind the two women as the redhead stripped his daughter naked. His member which had gone flaccid after his orgasm was now stiff and erect once more, poking up from between his robes like a shiny elven lance. What he was watching was so wrong, yet so erotic. His usual cool demeanor was totally lost when Tauriel looked back at him and winked, tossing her red hair over her shoulder.

"Take me from behind Lord Elrond, take me now!"

Indeed the view of the elf's tight and muscular butt was quite alluring as she bent over. She had led Arwen to a stone bench on the side of the terrace and his daughter was leaning backwards, her thighs spread apart. Tauriel's face was down between those pale white thighs and licking her slit. Elrond's cock twitched as he thought of his daughter lieing there while that long tongue snaked into her ... He shook his head as if to clear it from a spell, then focused on Tauriel's rear end.

He spread her legs apart and touched her intimately then examined his fingers. Dripping wet!

"This might hurt, young one" he told her as she placed his glans against her moist opening and pushed himself slowly in. She was so tight that he was worried that his cock might be too big for her. Tauriel moaned with pleasure, barely audible as it was buried in Arwen's muff. He pulled out and thrust in again, going deeper on each stroke till his cock was all coated with her juices.

"Harder, Hir Vuin, harder" she yelled as Elrond ground his pelvis against her, thrusting surely and deeply. He was fully inside her now, his balls slapping against her clit.

"Father, don't exhaust her too soon" Arwen yelled as she put a hand on Tauriel's head and pushed her face back down on her snatch holding her there till she was satisfied that the elf had started to work her magic on her swollen, aching clit again.

"That will be ... hard .." Elrond muttered in between grunts, beads of sweat dripping down from under his mithril crown, "she is insatiable!"

"Oh yes she is, I knew she was slut when I saw her sucking hard on your big cock, Ada" Arwen moaned loudly as Tauriel slipped two fingers deep into her pussy and teased her anus with her little finger till the sphincter parted and the finger slipped inside. Arwen's back arched and her breath came in short gasps as her virginal hole was deflowered.

"That's .." Tauriel said in between mouthfuls of Arwen's pussy, "for calling me a slut again. Get up and turn around" she ordered. She made her kneel on the stone bench, her hands outstretched grasping the handrail that surrounded the terrace's edge.

"You've been such a bad girl Arwen. You need to be punished" and with that she smacked Arwen's bare butt, leaving a red palm print on the creamy white flesh. "She's been such a bad girl "daddy", Tauriel looked back at Elrond whose eyes were transfixed on his daughter's bare butt as she got spanked a second then a third time.

Arwen whimpered as the woodland elf spanked her left and then her right butt cheek again and again. "Please no, I'll be a good girl, I won't call you a slut again, please stop."

"I didn't hear you." Smack! "Who were you calling a slut?" Smack! Smack! Smack!

"No you're not a slut, no you're not I promise" Smack! Smack! "I'm .. I'm .. I'm the slut, please Father tell her I'm the slut!"

"Louder, I still can't hear you" Tauriel ordered swatting Arwen's bright red buttocks one final time.

"I'M A SLUT, YES, I'M A SLUTTY BAD GIRL" Arwen screamed, her high pitched voice echoing across Rivendell.

Tauriel laughed and pushed 4 fingers deep into Arwen's soaking wet pussy while rubbing her thumb over her clit. Arwen's hips pushed back in a swift grinding motion and then with a loud cry she came, squirting a stream of fluid out of her pussy.

Elrond could take it no longer. The tight sheathe of Tauriel's pulsing cunt and the sight of his naked daughter getting spanked and fingered by the fiery redhead right in front of him had built a second load in his balls that he let fly just as Arwen came. He filled Tauriel's pussy with a thick wad of cum, the creampie began dripping slowly out of her right as he withdrew his still hard cock.

* * *

Elrond pulled his robes around him, looking smug and satisfied. In the distance he could hear the scuffing of metal against stone. Guards in armor stationed at various places around Rivendell must have heard the commotion and were running towards this terrace. Pulling a cowl over his head he disappeared up a flight of stairs before they got there. It would not be good for his reputation as Elrond the Wise if rumors of debauchery were to involve him. His daughter though, he shrugged mentally, everyone expected young elven women to not have many inhibitions.

Four armored figures ran onto the terrace, swords drawn, ready to fight back a horde of orcs or goblins that might have infiltrated Rivendell. Instead their jaws dropped and they looked at each other, unsure of what to do. Two naked elven women, coated in a mixture of sweat and semen, were not a common sight around here.

"My lady Arwen," one of the guards said, "is everything fine? We heard a disturbance ..."

"Oh everything's fine" Arwen said, eyeing the guards dreamily.

"More than fine" Tauriel said going up to one of the guards and sliding a finger slowly up his mithril breastplate to his chin.

Behind her Arwen grinned, she knew what the naughty wood elf was getting at.

"Remove your armors" she ordered, "inspection time."

Tauriel was already down on her knees before the armors clattered noisily to the floor.

* * *

On the highest terrace of Rivendell, a grey wizard sat smoking a pipe of Longbottom Leaf, a favorite amongst the Shire folk who had given it to him. He blew a perfect smoke ring as Elrond joined him.

"Some rather entertaining happenings going on in this usually quiet place this fine morning my dear Elrond" he said jovially, pointing with his pipe toward the lower terrace where Tauriel and Arwen were being taken in every imaginable position by the four naked elven guards.

"Indeed, Gandalf, indeed."


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