Highlander: Passion Part 2 (MF,MM,inter,oral,anal)
by The Fan ([email protected])

The immortals. They have always been around. Living among everyday humanity.
Unnoticed. No one knows how they came to be. They simply are. Immortals are
born just like ordinary mortals. They are men and women from every background
and every walk of life. They come in all shapes and sizes. Immortals are born
just like ordinary human beings but they are not.

At some point, the immortal dies a violent death. That is the First Death.
From that moment on, the nascent immortal is forever changed. The nascent
immortal person can no longer grow old or get sick. He or she gains the
ability to heal rapidly from any injury. The nascent immortal also has the
ability to sense when others of his kind are around. Immortals can live
forever. The only way that an immortal can die is for his head to be cut
off. Once that happens, the immortal's lifeforce, also known as the
Quickening, is released. The Second Death is final.


Duncan MacLeod was born in 1592 in the highlands of Scotland. He was an
immortal. He became aware of his immortality at the age of thirty. He had
already lived the life of a Highland chieftain. He was the leader of the
Clan MacLeod. His people looked to him as their leader and valued him as
the best among them. Duncan MacLeod was also known as the Highlander.

Duncan was not the only member of the Clan MacLeod to join the ranks of the
immortals. Long before him, a man named Connor MacLeod, also a Highlander,
was an immortal. Connor MacLeod left the Clan long before the birth of Duncan
MacLeod. The two of them were related in that Duncan was the great- grandson
of Caleb MacLeod, first cousin to Connor MacLeod. The two of them were born
to a special destiny. There are many immortals out there but the Highlanders
were special. They were stronger and more resilient than the other immortals.
Both of them were more than mere immortal passerbys in the grand scheme of
things. They were warriors battling for truth and justice. It was Connor
MacLeod who defeated the Kurgan, a ferocious immortal warrior from the
Russian steppes. The Kurgan had come very close to killing Connor. The
Highlanders were fated to become the Guardians of the Prize. The Prize was
simply infinite power. Something the last immortal to survive the Game would
win. One of them was destined to win it. It was Duncan MacLeod who defeated
the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. The Four Horsemen were a quartet of very
ancient and powerful immortals led by the mighty Kronos.

The Highlander's longtime best friend, the immortal known as Methos was once
one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Methos had once been one of those
evil men before he changed his ways and joined the Watchers, a secret society
of men and women who observed and recorded the history of the immortals. They
had been around for a long time. Methos and Duncan had joined forces with the
beautiful immortal Cassandra to fight the Four Horsemen. The Horsemen had
planned to destroy the world by unleashing a deadly virus upon humanity. The
Highlander stopped them. This was not the first time that a Highlander had
fought to save the world.

The Highlanders were noted by history and legend to be the greatest warriors
ever to walk the planet and the champions of justice and truth. Millennia
before both Connor and Duncan MacLeod, an immortal named Kal founded the
MacLeod Clan in ancient Scotland. Kal was the legendary immortal who gave the
Clan his name. He was also the protector of the then-small Clan from the
hordes of savages that devastated the Scotland countryside in those days. For
both humanity and the immortals, the name Highlander had always carried with
it a profound meaning. A Highlander was a champion for justice and truth.
Something above the ordinary humans and immortals of the world. Kal MacLeod
disappeared long before the Highlanders became the dominant tribes of the
mountains of Scotland.

Presently, Duncan MacLeod was in Paris. He was in the gym, working out with
his protege, Richie Ryan. Richie Ryan was an American youth whom Duncan
befriended a long time ago. Richie had been friends with Duncan's former
lover Tessa. Richie was an immortal and did not know it. One day, he and
Tessa were shot down by a ruthless street gang.

Tessa died. Richie rose from his First Death. He was an immortal. Duncan
MacLeod became his Teacher. He taught the young man the ways of the immortals
and the skills of a swordfighter. The two of them had grown very close over
the years. They had been working out for several hours. When they were done,
Duncan headed into the showers.

He stepped under the jet of warm water and began applying soap on his body.
He heard a knock on the door and opened it. It was Richie. Richie looked at
Duncan, a grin on his handsome, boyish face.

"Got room for one more?" Richie asked.

Duncan grinned. "Sure." he said.

Richie stepped into the shower. He stood there, letting water fall on him
while looking at Duncan MacLeod. His teacher had a really fine physique.
Duncan worked out a lot and kept himself in great shape. He came closer to
Duncan. Duncan looked at him. Duncan had always felt some attraction for
his pupil but he was never sure whether or not Richie would reciprocate.
Apparently, Richie was into it. They started to kiss. Richie kissed Duncan
passionately. Duncan pulled him into his strong arms and Richie let himself
go. Teacher and pupil looked at each other, and smiled.

"I never knew." said Duncan.

"I have always wanted you." said Richie. "I just wasn't sure you would like
me, with all the women you date."

Duncan grinned. "I think that there is nothing wrong with passion, Richie."
he said.

Richie looked at him. "Me too, Mac." he said quietly.

Duncan grinned and they embraced under the warm water. They began to make
love right then and there. Richie closed his eyes as Duncan kissed and
caressed almost every inch of his body. Duncan caressed Richie's shoulders
and chest. His hand cupped Richie's manhood. Richie moaned. Duncan bent
down and took him into his mouth. Richie looked down to see Duncan sucking
his cock. Richie moaned. He had desired Duncan for so long and now his
dreams were coming true. Duncan soon got him rock hard. Richie looked at
him. He wanted to fuck. Duncan's body looked beautiful. Richie looked down
at Duncan's crotch and saw his long, thick cock. Richie wanted some of that.
Duncan smiled and placed his hands on Richie's hips. Richie bent down.
Duncan's cock rubbed against his butt.

"Fuck me." Richie said.

"With pleasure, my boy." Duncan said.

He entered Richie and thrust into him. Richie gasped when Duncan's cock slid
inside him. Duncan started to fuck him slowly, letting his ass get used to
the girth of the cock inside it. Duncan fucked Richie. Richie screamed in
pleasure as he was fucked. He jerked off as Duncan fucked him. He came,
exploding at the same time that Duncan came inside him.

Richie stood up and looked at Duncan. Duncan looked at him. He could tell
that Richie wanted him to say something but Duncan didn't know what to say.
He cared for Richie and was strongly attracted to him but he didn't want to
be with him... not like that. Duncan was a sexually uninhibited man but he
didn't want anything more than casual sex with another man. His life was
complicated enough already. He was an immortal. He didn't want a young male
immortal as his permanent sexual partner. He spoke first.

"Look, Richie." he said. "I like you a lot. The sex was great. No strings
attached or anything."

Richie looked at the man he thought he loved. The man who had been his
teacher for so long. "Fine." he said. He walked away.

"Oh, come on, Richie." Duncan said.

"Forget it, Mac." Richie said.

Duncan watched him go.

Duncan sighed. He cared a lot about Richie. He simply wasn't interested in
any long-term relationships at the moment. Duncan didn't let himself get
attached to anyone since the death of Tessa. She was the first woman he
loved in centuries. Tessa was beautiful, also fiery and feisty. A very tough
woman. Duncan loved her. Tessa was very accepting of Duncan. She loved him
just the way he was. He told her about his immortality. He told her about his
sexual adventures, which involved both male and female lovers. Nothing could
shock Tessa. She loved Duncan MacLeod and she wasn't letting him go. She was
completely devoted to him. Her love and devotion were exactly what he needed.
Qualities rare in women in this day and age.

Duncan truly loved Tessa. When she died, he was lost. He wanted to avenge her
but it wouldn't bring her back. She was amazing. He could never find such
love and acceptance again. That's why he shut himself off from the world. He
didn't want to risk loving someone because he would always lose them. Such
was the plight of the immortals. He put his clothes back on and went to his
fridge. He took some whiskey and had a drink.

A few hours later, there was a knock on the gym door. Duncan MacLeod went to
open it, expecting Richie Ryan. It was not Richie.

"Hey." said a female voice.

Duncan found himself looking at a tall, sexy and curvy black woman. What was
her name again? Michelle Jackson. "Hello, there." he said.

Michelle looked at him. She grinned. "Oh, come on." she said. "Gimme a kiss."
Michelle tip-toed and kissed Duncan on the lips.

Duncan invited her inside. Duncan was quite surprised to see Michelle
visiting him. She was a pretty lady he had met not long ago. They went out a
couple of times and it was cool. He wasn't looking for anything serious.
Michelle was a twenty-year old African american woman studying Physics at the
local university. He knew she was attracted to him but he didn't have time
to kick it with her at the time.

Duncan looked at Michelle as she walked past him. Michelle was a nice-looking
young woman with dark brown skin and pale brown eyes. Her hair was long and
nicely braided. She had a rocking body. Her face was cute, and reminded him
of a certain member of Destiny's Child. Full lips that seemed to made for one
thing. She had a slightly chubby but definitely sexy body. Big breasts. Big,
bubbly, sexy ass. She looked at him. She had quite the presence and her
perfume was intoxicating.

He looked into her eyes. Michelle was giving him the let's get busy look.
Duncan understood. They went to his bedroom. He had just gotten in there when
she pushed him down on the bed and unzipped his pants. She freed his erect
cock from his pants. Duncan looked at her as she began sucking on his cock.
She got him hard as a rock in moments. He was pumping his cock into her mouth
and she was sucking his cock like he was giving life to her mouth. He soon
came, blasting her pretty face with his cum. She didn't seem to like it but
still licked his cock and balls.

Duncan pressed his cock against Michelle's butthole. She didn't resist. He
pushed and entered her. Michelle grunted when Duncan's cock slid inside her
asshole. Duncan smiled to himself. He could tell she liked it. She liked
having a big dick in her asshole. She liked that manwich meal. Duncan went
in there slowly, letting her get used to the size of his prick. He began to
ram his cock into her butthole. He put his hands on Michelle's hips and
began thrusting back and forth, driving his cock inside her. Michelle's thick
bubble butt jiggled and pushed back against him.

He loved fucking a woman with a big booty. He plowed into her shithole until
he reached bottom. He fucked her until the pressure exerted on his cock by
her tight ass became too much and he came. Michelle shouted when his hot cum
filled her asshole. He pulled out. She lay there, gasping. She turned over so
that she lay on her back and looked at him. She didn't seem to like the fact
that he had just come in her ass but he didn't really give a shit.

An hour later, Michelle Jackson was gone. Back to her university dorm and her
life. Duncan MacLeod sat on his couch. He should have felt good. He didn't.
It had been years since Tessa's death and he had been going back and forth
between male and female lovers. He had no problem attracting men or women. He
stood six feet three inches tall, well-built and athletic, with long black
hair and pale blue eyes. He was a very handsome man. He would always be a
handsome man. Time had no effect on the physiology of an immortal. They never
grew old. They never got sick. Their bodies healed from any injury except
beheading. Such was the life of an immortal. Duncan MacLeod had eternity to
discover himself and do whatever he wanted.

Sometimes, he wondered what would happen if he had an immortal lover. He
once loved the immortal lady known as Amanda. He also had an affair with an
immortal named Methos. Their affair ended when Methos fell in love with the
beautiful Alexa, a feisty waitress in Joe's drinking establishment. Alexa
was dying of an incurable disease and Methos wanted to be with her. Duncan
MacLeod envied Methos. He had found someone to love. Duncan MacLeod did not
think that he was destined for such a thing. If he were destined to find it,
then fate had all of eternity to show him the way.

The End


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