Highlander: First Love (MF)
by The Fan ([email protected])

His name is Duncan McLeod of the Clan McLeod. The Highlander. Born in 1592
in the Highlands of Scotland. He is still alive. For more than four centuries
he had been a lover. A fighter. Constantly facing other Immortals in a fight
to the death. The Winner takes his Enemy's Head. The Lifeforce of the slain
flows into the Killer and giving him his foe's power.


My name is Amanda. I was known under many other names throughout history. I
am over a thousand years old. I am Immortal. One of those who cannot die. No
one knows why we exist. We simply do. We are born as ordinary human beings.
Then we die. We rise from the dead as Immortals. Once that happens, the only
way to kill us is to cut off our heads. Anything else fails. Our lifeforce
can repair any damage done to the bodies it inhabits.

We exist in something called the Game. In the Game, Immortals hunt each
other. They seek the lifeforce which makes them stronger by killing each
other. No one has ever known we were living among humanity. We are careful.
There are Rules. Adamant rules. No human can know of an Immortal. No
Immortals may fight on Holy Ground. Only one Immortal may fight another. To
break the rules means certain Death.

The Final Death. The One all Immortals fear. Immortals seldom make friends.
At least not with their own kind. Presently I am in a mansion in Paris.
Talking to my friend Duncan McLeod. He is an Immortal. A tall, good-looking
man with long black hair and dark eyes. He is a child of Scotland. A
Highlander. Once there were two. The other Highlander was Connor McLeod,
now dead. I could go into this. But it is a long story, as mortals say.

I am telling my friend of my latest adventure.

It happened in the USA. I was in College, teaching the Arts. I am a
connaisseur when it comes to art. Whether it is stealing and acquiring. It
is something I am good at though I do not look it. I am a slender woman with
pale white skin, dark eyes and blond hair cut short. I am not vain but many
have called me beautiful.

"So tell me," said Duncan.

I look at him. He is a good friend. Hmm. Yes. I was telling you of my
adventure in college. I was teaching Arts at this college called Wesley.
It's in New England. A small school with about twelve hundred students.
This is where my life changed forever.

This is where I met Max. He is a young man I met at the college. A freshman.
Only eighteen years old. He was a shy youth and a naive one. One I liked in
spite of myself. One I loved, though I fought it. He was also special. An
Immortal. He did not know it. I knew. I've seen him fall off the roof of a
house and survive. He was a budding Immortal who had no idea he even was one.
He was a loner at school. Blissfully unaware that he was special. He did not
know that he was different. His body would never grow old or fall to disease.
Nothing on Earth could kill him, save for a swift beheading.

Looking at him, I had forgotten what it was like to be young and stupid. He
still acted like a human. He was shy and lonely and working up the guts to
ask girls out. Wrenching his heart when he got turned down. He had no idea
he would live in a fantastic world. That he was Immortal. He lived in the
Game. One day he might claim the Prize. He was drawn to me. Immortals can
sense each other. The ignorant, innocent fool mistaked this for chemistry.

He came to me. I was Amanda Hunt, Professor of Art at Wesley College. I was
pretty by mortal standards and had to fight out several lusty boys and a few
of the girls. He was in my class. We became friends. I dare say the boy had
a crush on me.

Duncan looks at me. I blush. He smiles.

Ok, back to the story.

I was the teacher and Max Welles had a crush on me. He was young as they say.
Still a virgin though this was something he would have vigorously denied if
queried on the subject. He had no girlfriend. He was a nice enough lad. We
shared a few drinks and ate together. He convinced me to go to Burger King,
a place I have avoided for decades.

So here we were.

Having fun and laughing. I was trying to come up with a way to tell Max he
was Immortal. But what would he think ? Some people embraced Immortality. He
still clung to mortal life. He knew he was different and that I was different
but he labeled it as chemistry. I had to make clear to him that we were not
dating. He was crestfallen. I told him we could still be friends. He
brightened up. The bastard gave me a bear hug. One I found myself liking,
until he opened his mouth and called me Big Sister.

Duncan laughs, interrupting my story.

"What's funny?" I ask.

"Nothing," he says.

Uh huh. Duncan can be like that sometimes. A funny guy.


Max and I were close friends. I lived in an apartment near campus. I was
weary of the Game and figured i would be safe. Until one night I saw Max
walking by himself. A tall man was following him. The man's name was
Richard Senn. He was an Immortal on the Hunt and figured a youngster like
Max was easy prey. I took my sword and approached Senn. He told me, "This
is not your fight, I want the Kid."

"He is new to the Game," I said.

Senn laughs. "We all were."

I agree and smile.

"Out of my way," he said. "I still want the kid."

I was firm. "Not a chance," I said.

Senn was shocked. Immortals don't usually stick together. In fact, me, Duncan
and an eccentric Immortal hedonist turned Watcher named Methos were renowned
for us being together.

I drew my sword. Senn drew his. He was not so old. He had been born in 1876
in Ireland and become an Immortal in 1900. He lived only for the Game. A dark
Immortal like so many Duncan and I fought. I took no pity on him when I
struck his head off. His Lifeforce flowed through me and the bastard was

But Max was gone...

I did not see him for two whole weeks...

Then one day he came to my was raining. I remember that day.

One Friday night, when I had been working late, I came home to find a drunk
Max on my doorstep.

"What's wrong, Max?" I asked.

"Trina dumped me," he said.

Max had been seeing Trina for the past two weeks. That's why he was missing.
Trina was a hottie from class. I thought that she was a conniving slut, Max
had been madly in love with her.

"Come inside and tell me all about it," I said.

Max went into my house and sat down heavily on the sofa.

"She dumped me," he said. "I loved her. And she dumped me!"

"Want a beer?" I said, took out a six-pack out of the fridge, and sat down
in the armchair next to him.

As he finished two cans of beer in a matter of minutes, Max told me the
story. Trina had met a guy with more money to spend on her, and had chosen
him over Max. Angrily, I opened my second can of beer. I knew that girl was
a bitch! But I also knew Max well enough not to say that to his face. It
wouldn't do any good. So instead, I went with "How could she do that to you?"
and "Doesn't she realize what a great guy she's losing?"

As I finished my second beer, I was getting kind of light-headed.

I looked at Max. My "little brother-by-choice," now 18, was a really handsome
young man, slim and with broad shoulders, strong arms, a nice face and short,
blonde hair. We could have been twins. The only thing that made us different
was that I was more petite, and had small, perky tits.

(Duncan laughed. I glared at him angrily.)

Max, who already had been a little drunk when he arrived, was now on his
third beer, and was getting a bit emotional.

"Why can't girls be more like you, Amanda?" he said. "I love you. You're
always so good to me."

"I love you too, kiddo," I said.

Max began to cry.

"Oh, don't cry!" I said, and moved over to the sofa, next to him. "Here, come

I don't usually get emotional with lovers. But I felt something for Max. He
was an innocent. He was a fellow Immortal. He was a nice kid. He had issues.

I took him in my arms and held him, and while he hugged me and sobbed, I
kissed his wet face, and stroke his soft hair. Still sobbing, he kissed my
cheeks and my eyelids, and when I dried his tears with the back of my hand,
he kissed my lips over and over again.

I held his head, and kissed him. His tongue went in between my lips, wet
and warm, and I answered his kisses without hesitation. He pressed himself
against me, and we kissed each other like we were lovers, not casual friends.
My hands caressed his back, and his hands slid over to my front and cupped
around my breasts. Max stroke my breasts through my sweater, then his hands
went under my clothes and pulled down my bra so that he could play with my

I moaned and writhed on the sofa as I could feel my pussy tingle. I took off
his shirt and teased him back, caressed his flat, yet hairless chest, and
pinched his nipples lightly. Max whined, and got back at me by moving his
lips down to my breasts. I held on to his hair as he sucked on my nipples
like a baby. Max reached behind me and unzipped my tight skirt, and pulled
off my skirt, my pantyhose and my panties, in one move. I struggled to take
off my sweater and my bra, while he got on the floor and pulled me to the
edge of the sofa.

As he dove face first into my pussy and started to lick it, I moaned loudly,
and played with my nipples, pinched them like Max had done. I had never known
that my young friend was so good at eating pussy! Well, good for his first
time anyways. His tongue flipped over my clit, penetrated my cunt, and very
quickly drove me to my first orgasm that night. Max put his fingers inside my
cunt and moved them in and out, while still working his miracle tongue on my
clit, and this time I plain out shouted when I came.

I pulled him closer and fumbled to open his zipper. I was quite drunk, and he
was no better, but we managed to get the trousers off of him, and I saw my
friend's naked body, in all its glory, for the first time in over two weeks.
What a difference from when I saw him so insecure. He who stood before me now
was a grown-up man, with a slim, sexy body and a hard cock. I grabbed it and
put my lips around it. I jerked my hand up and down the shaft as I sucked it.
Max groaned and held my head. Soon, it wasn't as much me sucking my brother's
cock as him fucking my mouth. He made sexy, grunting noises all the time. I
pulled myself free and spread-eagled, inviting him to fuck another hot hole
of mine. Max was more than willing to do it, and he rammed his spear into my
wet cunt, and fucked me harder than anyone before him had ever fucked me.

"Yes!" I screamed. "Yes! Come on! Fuck me! Fuck me hard! Faster!"

Max fucked me like we were two animals mating, and just seconds after I had
come, he pushed himself as deep inside of me as he could, and growled like
a lion as he filled me with his sperm. He collapsed on top of me and fell
asleep immediately. I pushed him off of me and staggered into the bedroom.

Max and I made love that night. And many other nights after. I would tell
him of the Ways of the Immortals. I would get him a good Teacher. Of course
he wanted me but I knew if I thought him, we would have quizzes in bed and
tests in the shower...together. Considering how insecure he was as a mortal,
he embraced Immortality rather well. He was immature for awhile. I'm talking
about shooting himself, leaping off roofs and taking poisons to see if he
could die. I lost patience with him more than once. But he has that sweet
face that prevents me from being mad at him....well, not stay mad at him

I brought him to Magnus, a trusted friend and fellow Immortal. I have known
Magnus for 300 years and he is going to teach Max. Magnus has been a drill
seargant in the US army once.

"So this is it?" asks Duncan.

"Yes," I say.


Duncan says he would like to meet Max sometimes. I hope he will. Right now I
am looking across the street. Duncan follows my gaze. Burger King. He smiles.
Yet another habit I picked up from Max Welles.

The End


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