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Note: This is an alteration to episode 1 of Season 3.

Codes: Anal, Mf, Oral

Pairings: Claire/Sylar

Heroes: Team Sylar Part 1
by The Chemist

The last few hours had been a nightmare for Claire, being chased all over her house before barricading herself in a closet from the psychopath known as Sylar. She thought she should have been scared more now, but she felt nothing, not even pain as Sylar cut her head open and prodded at her exposed brain.

"Interesting Claire bear, it seems you don't have any nerve ending so you shouldn't feel pain. And here is the region I like to call the 'sex region' as it turns people purely horny when activated. Oh and here is the control section here, it makes you obedient to the person who activates it. That bitch Eden at the Company had this power, but she blew her brains out before I could steal it from her. Anyway, these two areas could form quite the combination to turn you into my sex slave but after I take your power you'll die so I'll no more use for you. Finally Claire bear I found it," Sylar told the helpless teenager as she laid powerless on her coffee table.

Sylar poked around that part of her brain to fully understand her regenerative power until he fully comprehended it and felt that familiar feeling of his brain expanding by learning a new 'special feature'. However an extraordinary event happened at that time, or rather didn't happen; Claire didn't die. He half expected this but assumed she would have died when he consumed that portion of her brain, but it must have repaired itself.

"What an interesting and very pleasurable event has happened Claire bear. It seems as though your brain has regenerated itself, not a completely shocking turn-of-events but a remarkable one though. It seems as though I'm going to be doing further work on this magnificent mind of yours after all." Sylar whispered in her ear as Claire could only shut her eyes and imagine what would happen next.

Sylar went about his work for the next several minutes, making sure he programmed Claire's brain to the exact specifications that his heart desired. Once he was completely satisfied with his work he retrieved the top of Claire's skull that he originally removed and placed it back on her head and watched her power kick in and seamlessly reattach back with the rest of her head. Claire was frightened and remained laying still on the table, afraid of what Sylar had planned for her next, but for some reason she was somewhat hot and could feel a growing dampness on her panties.

"Well Claire I'm sure you want to know why I haven't decided to kill you. It's not because you simply can't die because I can kill you if I wanted and I would rather enjoy the opportunity. You are still alive because I have found a greater purpose for you and that incredible hot body of yours Claire bear. While I was looking inside your brain I activated two very important regions of your brain; the sensual and obedient regions. Let me explain this for you even though you must be making some connections for yourself. I made you incredible horny all of the time and you will obey my orders at all time, despite how badly you don't want to. I have made you my own personal sex slave for eternity, given our new shared super power."

Claire was hearing the words and couldn't believe them, however she knew it must be true as she was about ready to hump anything in sight. Even that monster Sylar that caused her so much in the past was looking like a great solution to her problem.

"Anyways Claire bear, I think that I should make one thing clear to you. No matter how horny you get, you are only to have sex with me. You can masturbate, use toys, whatever to get off if I'm not readily available but you only fuck me. Now it's time for me to sample what is mine forever."

Sylar swooped two fingers through the air while still sitting on the living room chair, which sent Claire's tight black pants ripping from her body and landing against the far wall. Next came her shirt as the long sleeve white clothing was torn from her body leaving Claire lying on the glass table with just her red thong and black bra remaining on her short, somewhat muscular body. Claire was nervous from anticipation of knowing what was about to happen to her, but she wanted him to fuck her so badly it was actually starting to hurt.

"Come over here now and give me a blowjob Claire. Make it good, first impressions are everything."

Before she could think of how disgusting that monster was she was getting herself off of the table and crawling to him on her knees, settling between his legs while her small hands fumbled getting his belt off and pants around his ankles. Sylar was already standing at attention as the thought of Claire sucking him off had excited him greatly. She was barely able to wrap her hand around his impressively sized cock as she pumped her hand along his length before licking his privates all over, including his balls, shaft and head. Claire's long blonde hair that was cascading down her gorgeous face was sticking to Sylar's 9-inch dick as she took him into her mouth. The homicidal monster bundled up her hair so she could focus on the task at hand without distraction and she awarded his foresight by taking the first half of him into her wet mouth. She managed to slowly work with the rest of the 9 inches into her mouth and throat without gagging too badly and 10 minutes after deep-throating his dick the majority of the time Sylar creamed down her throat.

"Oh from now on Claire bear you will always swallow when I cum in your mouth and you'll love the taste of it and want as much as you can get." Sylar told his teenage lover as she gladly slurped down his gooey juice.

"That could have gone unsaid Sylar, I'm a high-school cheerleader, we always swallow." Claire responded as she got to her feet in front of her master. "Sylar you have to fuck me now, I'm so horny and need a cock so bad."

Claire took Sylar by the hand and led him up to her bedroom where he pulled her into a passionate kiss that Claire was at first a little reluctant to accept. Sylar noticed the hesitation and told his sex-slave, "Claire we are lovers now, you will always treat me like you love me because in reality you actually do." When he went back in for another kiss, he immediately noticed the difference in her kisses as she was now thrusting her tongue into his mouth. For the first time both of them noticed the extreme size difference between the two of them as Claire was barely 5-ft and Sylar was a much taller 6'2.

Claire was wasting little time now as she had removed Sylar's pants for a second time that afternoon and also had taken off his shirt, leaving him in completely exposed. Sylar reached around her back and unhooked Claire's bra, letting him take in her breasts for the first time and they were everything he thought they would be. Naturally they were small, a b-cup that were enough to fill a handful but size wasn't a big deal to him as he was more of an ass-man and his Claire bear was packing a great on. He spun her around and dropped to his knees to get a better look of her stunning rear, which bubbled out from her body. Sylar peeled down her thong to get her fully naked and staring straight at her bare ass and Sylar knew at that moment he could easily spend the rest of eternity with this ass. He grabbed a cheek in each hand and groped them before splitting them apart and getting a view of her tightly clenched asshole. Sylar brought his tongue in between the cheeks and licked up and down her crack before settling on her rosebud and eventually he forced his tongue into her anal cavity.

Claire had had sex before but none of her other boyfriends had tried to go near her backdoor and despite the odd sensation she was receiving it wasn't completely bad, in fact she was liking it more and more by the minute. Sylar was now applying pressure with his hand on her upper back to force her to bend over and she was now resting her front on her desk. This position now allowed the murderer access to Claire's dripping wet pussy was a bright pink color and had her clit fully exposed. Claire responded with load moans when his tongue licked her slit and she thought she would die when he started sucking on the nib of her clit. Within another minute of munching on her twat, Claire had an orgasm and released her juices into Sylar's awaiting mouth, but instead of swallowing he spat her own juices into her mouth. Claire was shocked at first but swallowed it down and loved the taste of herself.

"Wow I taste delicious, almost as good as your cum." Claire said still savoring the taste in her mouth.

"Have you ever been with another woman Claire," Sylar asked as he brought her over to Claire's queen-sized bed and laid her down on her back.

"No but I thought of it, I mean I find women to be very beautiful and I think I would want to. I did have a bit of a thing for this one girl but it turned out she was a total psycho. Her name is Elle and she works for the Company, you might know her." Claire said, shocked that she was being so honest with this psychotic killer.

"You have good taste Claire bear, Elle is hot. Maybe as a reward for being together forever we'll treat ourselves to Elle and let you have your way with her." Sylar said as he moved between her legs and with one swift movement buried himself in her pussy.

Claire expected to feel pain as her hymen broke, but there wasn't any, only felt pain instantly as her hymen broke but pleasure soon washed over her as Sylar was pounding away on her tight, teen twat. Sylar couldn't believe how tight she was as her pussy was squeezing the life from his cock and he was grateful he blew his first load already or else he would have came right then. Sylar quickly repositioned them by rolling onto his back and Claire took control by engorging herself on his member and grinding herself in her lap. Claire then began bucking up and down on Sylar's cock and was feeling the most pleasure she had ever felt in her 18 years of life. Sylar lifted the cheerleader off of him and placed Claire on hands and knees with her bald pussy facing him but instead of going back into her mound from behind he butted his cock against her tightly clasped asshole. He planned to go slow and easy with her given she had never had a cock in her rump, but then he remember that she had no nerve endings so couldn't feel pain so he plowed into her ass with all the force he could muster.

Claire felt so much pressure in her rectum then felt completely full but when Sylar started moving in and out she started to enjoy the sensation. Then Sylar said, "Claire bear, from now on you will love anal sex and get off on it." He started to really pound away on her backside as both of their bodies started to perspire, the light sheen of sweat making Claire's golden tan skin glisten exotically in the sunlight that flooded the room. Claire was rubbing her clit furiously and moaning louder than ever when she started to orgasm, which made her somehow tighten the vice-like grip of her asshole. Sylar knew he was going to cum but before he did he pulled out and used his telekinesis to place Claire's face right underneath his cock as he exploded onto her face. Sperm landed on her blonde hair, forehead, nose and mouth, which she gladly accepted before using her hand to scoop the rest the landed on her into her mouth.

"We've got a few hours until my mom gets home today and I'll only need a bit of time to pack so shall we continue in the shower?" Claire told Sylar as she got to her feet.

"Delightful idea Claire bear, but don't forget to pack that cheerleading outfit of yours, it turns me on. Bring any lingerie you have too, we'll buy you more, but for now let's get into the shower," Sylar said as the new couple walked into the bathroom.

"Where are we going to go anyways Sylar?" Claire asked her man as she started the water.

"Back to Odessa, Texas and visit that paper factory that the Company uses as a home base of sorts. Like I said, we deserve to reward ourselves for our new-found love and I know for a fact Ms Elle is there."

To be continued...


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