Synopsis: Clark Kent has left Smallville in search of others like himself.
People with extraordinary powers. He seeks to bring them together to form a
team which would unite to fight against evil and defend the world in its
time of need. Presently, his search has brought him to Odessa, Texas, where
he met super-powered cheerleader Claire Bennett.

Smallville/Heroes: Superman's World (Mf,anal)
by The Fan ([email protected])

Odessa, Texas.

Clark Kent looked at Claire Bennett. Gently, he smiled at her. Claire smiled
at him, and nodded bravely. He looked at her splendid body. Damn, she looked
good, especially on all fours, facing away from him. Her heart-shaped bottom
was positively tempting. Taking this as her general okay to proceed, Clark
Kent grabbed her hips firmly and shoved his cock into the cheerleader's
well-lubricated asshole. The resulting scream which escaped Claire's sexy
lips was music to his ears. Holding her tighter, he thrust deeper into her.
The cheerleader's sexy bottom felt so wonderful against his groin.

Claire grimaced as Clark's hard cock went up her butt. Damn, it hurt, even
with all the lube. She couldn't believe she had agreed to do this. Why had
she agreed to do this again? Oh, yeah. She was in love with Clark Kent, the
young Superman from Smallville. For him, she would do anything. Even take it
up the butt. Letting a man's cock go deep where the sun didn't shine. Yes,
she was doing it for love. That didn't mean it stop hurting like hell.
Especially since he seemed to crave going deeper and deeper into her. Just
how deep could he go and did she really want to find out?

Clark continued pounding his hard cock into his girlfriend's tight asshole.
Oh, he loved banging that tight ass of hers. The more she screamed, the
more turned on he became and the harder he fucked her. Filled with sudden
inspiration, he pulled out of her. Claire gasped inaudibly as Clark suddenly
pulled his cock out of her. He grabbed her in those super strong arms of his
and flipped her on her back. Clark looked into Claire's frightened eyes. He
looked at her reassuringly. Smiling bravely, she took a deep breath, then
nodded. Time for another round. She quietly prayed that this one be the last.

Clark looked into Claire's face. Damn, she looked so damn hot. He looked at
her spread legs, neatly shaved pussy and stretched asshole. Yeah, he wanted
some more of that. He rubbed his cock against her anus, then shoved it right
back in. Claire's eyes went impossibly wide as he slammed his cock right back
into her butt hole. Couldn't he be a little gentler? Apparently not, for he
gripped her slender hips with hands stronger than steel and slammed his cock
deeper into her. This time, he went balls deep. Twelve inches of Super Man
Power were shoved inside her. Claire howled.

Taking his sweet time, Clark slid his cock deeper into Claire's ass. He was
like the general of a conquering army invading enemy territory. Slowly,
carefully but inexorably, he made his way down her anal canal. He loved the
feeling of her tight ass trying so desperately to block his cock as he
inevitably plundered its depths. His cock went deeper down her brown tunnel,
burrowing to the bottom. Resistance was futile against the penile army. When
he finally reached bottom, he couldn't take it anymore. He came, filling her
ass with his magic seed. Claire howled, in both pain and pleasure as Clark's
injection of cum deep in her ass triggered a twitch in her pussy. Orgasmic,
she screamed delightfully, loud enough to wake the dead.

* * *

A short while later, Clark Kent and Claire Bennett lay in bed, entwined in
love. He held her until she calmed. Their aggressive tryst had taken quite
the toll on her sexy nubile form. Still, she recovered pretty fast. Clark
looked at her. Now that he'd just fucked her ass, he felt a little guilty.
Oh, he loved plundering her tight behind. In fact, the idea sprang into his
head the first time he saw her in her cheerleading outfit. Now, though, he
looked at her a bit guardedly. What was she thinking ? Claire looked at
Clark. She couldn't believe this young man. He made her want to do things
she'd never even imagined before. She wanted to give herself to him in ways
she'd never given herself to anyone before. Why did he have such power over
her? He had just fucked her in the ass and she had actually loved it! What
more wonderful lessons could he teach her? Time to find out. Looking him
straight in the eye, she asked him the burning question. Clark braced
himself for anything. Can you do that again? Claire asked hopefully. Clark

The End


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