Heroes/Smallville: Shave The Cheerleader And Rock Her World (Mf,shave)
by The Fan ([email protected])

Kal-El looked at Claire Bennet, the beautiful blonde-haired young
cheerleader. Damn, she looked hot. Claire smiled at the sexy young stud from
Smallville, and giggled as he licked whipped cream off her breasts. Kal-El
smiled. Life couldn't get any better than this.

He pulled down Claire's panties, and looked at the cheerleader's pubes. The
young woman was quite hairy down there. Kal-El took the razor and whipped
cream she handed to him, and began to shave her down. Claire closed her eyes,
not believing what was happening. Ever since she met this stud, weird and
fabulous things had begun to happen in her life. For starters, she was naked
in his bed and he was having his way with her. Oh, and she was loving every
moment of it.

Kal-El continued to shave down the cheerleader's tender young pussy. While he
was at it, he fingered her snatch. He shaved her down until she was clean and
smooth. Claire gasped in surprised pleasure and begged him for more. Kal-El
did something very naughty. He blasted Claire Bennet's pussy with microscopic
heat beams from his eyes, melting away even the tiniest hairs on her pussy.
All Claire felt was a heat rush which was quite pleasurable. She looked at
Kal-El and begged him for more.

Kal-El grinned. He held his hard cock in hand and pressed it against Claire
Bennet's pussy. With a swift thrust, he entered her. Claire gasped as her
hymen was broken by the alien stud's ten-inch, uncircumcised cock. Damn, it
hurt for a second. Kal-El continued to thrust into her, going deeper. Claire
wrapped her arms around him. He was so masculine and sexy. The man of her
dreams. He fucked her hard and fast, and she welcomed him inside of her. She
had been dreaming of sex for ages and now, he was finally making her dreams
a reality.

Kal-El continued to pump his cock into Claire Bennet's snatch. She cried out
in pleasure as he took her to kingdom come. He loved the tightness of her
pussy. Virgins were totally awesome. He continued to fuck her hard and fast,
until he came. He filled her with his seed. He rested on top of her and
sighed. Claire slowly let out her breath. Damn, he was something else! Kal-El
looked at Claire Bennett and smiled. He had never had a more energetic lover
in his day. She was definitely kindred.

It wasn't long ago that they met. Clark Kent left Smallville, seeking to meet
other superhumans. He wanted to form a team or a league to fight the threats
that the world faced. There were quite few Kryptonians who had escaped from
the Phantom Zone and the Last Son of Krypton had already faced off against
some of them. He'd lost his friend Raya of Krypton in the battle against the
radioactive alien psychopath known as Baern.

Oliver Queen, better known as the Green Arrow had gone on a journey as
well. He was seeking Victor Stone, Bart Allen and Arthur Curry, the other
super-powered young men Clark had encountered during his varied adventures.
The billionaire was using every resource imaginable to find the next great
bunch of Heroes. The young men nature and fate entrusted with the power to
make a difference.

Clark Kent traveled all the way to Odessa, Texas, where there were rumors of
sightings of men and women with extraordinary abilities. He had explored some
of these leads. He had encountered a young black man named D.L. Hawkins and
his son. Both father and son exhibited supernatural abilities. Hawkins phased
through a wall while fleeing from the cops. Micah Saunders, the son of D.L.
Hawkins seemed to be quite talented with manipulating any metallic or
electronic devices. Still, they weren't exactly sticking around so Clark Kent
gave up on finding them. Finding super-powered men and women who did not want
to be found wouldn't be easy. Clark Kent knew from experience.

He had practically given up on finding more potential Heroes until he
watched an accident happen right before his eyes. There was a young woman,
blonde-haired and pretty, walking near the highway. A car came and struck
her at full speed. Clark watched, horrified. He was too far away to do
anything about it. Still, he sped forward. The car struck the young woman,
but amazingly, she sprang right back to her feet. Clark couldn't believe it.
The young woman, whom he later learned was Claire Bennet, had superhuman
abilities. She could regenerate. How awesome was that!

Clark Kent approached Claire Bennet, and introduced himself. The young
woman was distraught. Just a couple of weeks ago, she was attacked by a
super-powered serial killer named Sylar. Another superhuman intervened
and saved her, but the poor man was arrested by the cops. The two of
them were walking and talking, getting to know each other when yet another
car came at them. This time, Clark Kent used his powers to stop the
vehicle. Claire looked at him, astonished as he lifted a truck clear off
the ground. Smiling, Clark tossed the car aside.

Out of the car came a tall, dark-haired man clad in dark clothing. Claire's
eyes widened when she saw him. She warned Clark. The young Superman looked
at the super-powered serial killer. He didn't look like much. Sylar smiled
evilly and hurled a huge car at Claire. It landed on the cheerleader,
crushing her. Angered, Clark rushed at Sylar. The telekinetic serial killer
blasted him with a mind punch and struck him hard enough to send him flying.
Clark landed beside the car, just in time to see Claire emerging from
underneath it, healing faster than anything he'd ever seen.

The cars on the road had stopped. Ordinary men and women watched as three
super-powered individuals battled it out. One guy even broadcasted it on You
Tube! Clark sped toward Sylar. Somehow, the killer sensed he was coming and
struck him again. Claire rushed forward to help. Sylar struck her and she
fell. Being what she was, she didn't stay down for long. Clark watched Sylar.
The super-powered serial killer was tough. He had quite a few abilities. But
Clark was a powerhouse himself. He would do whatever it took to win. So, he
unleashed his secret weapon.

From the dark corners of Clark Kent's mind, Kal-El came out to play. The
Kryptonian bad-boy and would-be conqueror of Earth looked at Sylar, and
smiled. Sylar smiled evilly and flew in the air, coming at him
telekinetically. Kal-El flew, and blasted Sylar with the full force of his
heat vision. Sylar screamed as the incredible force struck his body. Crimson
beams blasted away his universe. He fell forever. Kal-El looked at Sylar.
The alien smiled. His enemy was defeated. He looked at Claire Bennet, and
told her to come with him. And come she did. He picked her up in his arms
and flew away.

Kal-El took Claire Bennet to a private place. A motel room, to be exact. He
looked at her. She was one sexy super-powered babe. The cheerleader outfit
was a real turn-on. He definitely wanted to see what was under that skirt.
So, he played the role of knight in shining armor. Claire Bennet fell for
it. Completely. She was drawn to this sexy, masculine superhero. Who wouldn't
be? Presently, they lay in bed, after their initial lovemaking session.
Kal-El watched as Claire Bennet got up and walked around, completely naked.
The cheerleader had a very sexy booty. Kal-El definitely wanted some of that.

When Claire Bennet came back, he smiled at her. Claire smiled back. This sexy
and gorgeous young man had saved her life twice and she just met him. He was
awesome. How she wished other men were like him. She felt that she was
falling for him already. So, when he asked her to try something she felt
rather dubious about, she took one look in his clear blue eyes and nodded.
For him, she would do anything. Kal-El smiled. This was too easy!

* * *

Claire Bennet smiled at her new lover, then she assumed the position. Kal-El
positioned himself behind her, and spread her cute butt cheeks before sliding
his cock against her back door. Claire took a deep breath. This was the
moment of truth. The cheerleader was going to take it up the butt. Kal-El
gently nibbled her ear, and she smiled. A second later, he thrust his cock
deep into her asshole. And Claire stopped smiling. It's kind of hard to smile
with a ten-inch cock deep in your ass. Oh, and devilishly handsome alien stud
plowing deep into you where the sun didn't shine. Claire Bennet tried her
best not to scream. She tried to take it like a champ. But when Kal-El
gripped her hips with hands that were harder than steel and shoved his cock
as far as it would go ( and beyond) in her ass, she couldn't help but howl
like a woman possessed. Kal-El smiled. This was music to his ears.

A short while later, Kal-El came, filling Claire Bennet's ass with his seed.
Claire screamed. Kal-El grinned and smacked her cute booty. Claire winced as
he squeezed his massive cock out of her stretched asshole. Claire had tears
in her eyes. Kal-El gave her a peck on the cheek. She smiled bravely. He was
pleased with what she had given him. And she only wanted to make him happy.
In those days, anyway. As for Kal-El, the Last Son of Krypton was rather
pleased with himself. He had shaved the cheerleader, sodomized her and
totally rocked her world! All in a good day. That's Kal-El for you. He does
whatever he wants, to whomever he wants. He's got no conscience whatsoever.
I wonder what he's going to do tomorrow.

The End


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