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Note: This is an alteration to episode 6 of Season 3.

Codes: Anal, FF, MF, Incest, Oral, Reluc

Pairings: Claire/Sandra, Claire/Meredith, Claire/Doyle

Heroes: Puppeteer's Playtime
by The Chemist

Claire knew she couldn't sit idling in her room while her birth-mom was out there fighting this Eric Doyle villain. As she sat on her bed reading his file, she became disgusted of the sick things he could do to Meredith with his physical manipulation power. Dressed in blue jeans, a low white shirt and a loose black sweater with her long blonde hair straightened, Claire made her way down the stairs and was greeted at the foot of the steps by her mother.

"Mom don't try to stop me. Meredith is trapped by this monster and she needs my help." Claire said angrily.

"I'm not going to try to stop you, in fact I'm going with you. Like your dad always said, 'one of us, one of them,'" Sandra replied as she grabbed her purse and headed for the car.

After a short drive, the mother-daughter combo arrived at Doyle's theatre and parked outside. Claire's idea of sneaking into the compound quickly backfired and both Sandra and herself found themselves under the control of Eric, who was manipulating them like marionettes.

"Well well well, what do we have here? I thought I was only going to have fun with Meredith, but I can see her beauty is no match to this little Barbie." Eric said as he climbed on stage and circled the attempted hero.

"Don't you hurt a hair on her head." Sandra screamed as she watched Eric grope her daughter's ass before moving up to her B-cup sized breasts.

"I couldn't hurt a beauty like this, but I can and will do a whole lot else to her." Eric said with a wide grin before he made the three women take a seat on the couch just off of the stage.

"Claire, Meredith has been doing a great job dancing today and deserves a reward. Plus your mother cares so much about you that I think you should show her some appreciation. So Claire, you are going to please both of your moms while sit back and enjoy the performance."

Claire was trying her hardest to break out of Doyle's sadistic control but her efforts were getting her nowhere. She could only watch herself slump to her knees from the couch and take her place between Meredith's bare legs after she had removed her pants and underwear. Claire had never done anything with a girl before so she wasn't quite sure what to do, but that was out of her control as Doyle made her lower her blonde head and plant her tongue on her birth mom's slit. Claire noticed that Meredith had a hairy pussy, stark contrast to her own, which she shaved almost daily. Claire's tongue licked up and down Meredith's pussy before settling her lips on the clit, which she sucked on while working a finger into her twat.

Suddenly Claire was pulled away from eating out Meredith and was crawling to the space between her mom's legs. Sandra had a much different looking area than Meredith; her pussy lips sagged and the rest of the area looked weathered from age. Claire was disgusted but that didn't stop her from lowered her face into her mom's vagina and sticking her tongue deep within it. Sandra couldn't help but feel intense pleasure as it had been years since Noah had last gone down on her. Within minutes, Sandra was squirting her pussy juice into her daughter's mouth as Claire brought her to an orgasm. Doyle instructed Claire to drink the revolting fluid so she was powerless to fight it and slurped the juice down her throat.

"Claire, grind that sweet little pussy against your bio-mom to bring Meredith to an orgasm. I can sense you're new to this lesbian thing to why don't I walk you through it," Eric laughed.

Doyle quickly got Claire to take off her jeans, followed by her red thong that left her bare beneath the waist. Doyle was drooling on himself gazing at the young blonde before him. Just like he imagined, the cheerleader had a wide, round ass and muscular, sun kissed thighs. Using his mutant ability, he made the teenager get completely naked so he could stare at her exposed firm tits and suck-able pink nipples.

"It's good being me," Doyle said aloud as he controlled Claire and Meredith to lay on the ground facing each other with their legs intertwined. He moved them closer together until there pussies were firmly planted against one another before getting them to grind against each other.

"Mm, yeah," Claire moaned, trying her best to suppress her pleasure as to not give the madman the satisfaction of knowing she was enjoying herself.

Claire's muffled whimper was still too loud and Eric sprouted an even bigger grin across his face. The balding, fat slob-of-a-man was savoring the fact that his sex slave was getting off on the lesbian action with her birth mom. Within minutes, both mother and daughter were gushing their juices and having an orgasm as Eric continued to grind their slippery snatchs together.

"See moms, your little Claire-bear can do something other than household chores for you. My turn though. However, I don't want to control you while you fuck me, rather I want you to be in complete control of yourself while I do unimaginable things to you in front of your moms," Doyle said with a sadistic smirk.

"Go to hell you sick freak. I would never have sex with you in a hundred years." Claire spat with venom.

"Okay well if you don't have sex with me right now, then I'll make you put a bullet in Meredith's head. Then I'll get you to put a matching bullet in your mom's head. So, how are my negotiating skills?" Eric asked as he tossed the handgun to Claire, who turned and pointed at her biological mother.

Claire knew she didn't have a choice; from reading his file earlier she knew that this monster was a murder and a sex freak so she had to do what he said. After making her hand back over the gun, the cheerleader felt the mental restraints drop from her limbs. She walked over to the sex-crazed villain and undid his pants, freeing his thick, smelly 10-inch cock.

"Don't act like you're not impressed," Eric told her as he noticed her eyes nearly pop out of her head in shock.

As the teenager was momentarily frozen with surprise, Doyle removed his shirt to show off his large hairy gut to the frightened 18-year-old. With his pants bunches around his ankles, Claire dropped to her knees in front of his rock hard cock, no doubt sporting wood from watching her lesbian antics earlier. Knowing that there was only one way out of this predicament, she took his enlarged head into her mouth and started sucking. His cock tasted disgustingly salty, like the level-5 fugitive had been refusing showers for the past 5 years and not cleaning himself after masturbating.

"I'm not sure I can do this," Claire said as she removed the putrid thing from between her full lips.

Without needing words to get across his feelings, Doyle picked up the loaded gun and took aim in the direction of her mom. He lowered the gun though and tapped Claire on her blonde head before pointing the gun at his enlarged meat and sat back comfortably in his chair. His message was clear: she either sucks his dick or both her mom and Meredith get shut without him so much as bat an eyelash. With a deep sigh, Claire stroked his pole a few times before lowering her beautiful face and taking half his length in her mouth at one time.

The blonde cheerleader was able to work the top half of his rod with her skilled tongue and full lips, while stroking the bottom 5 inches with her hand, going so fast her fist looked like a blur. Feeling him twist his pudgy hand in her silky hair, Claire wasn't caught totally off guard when he powerfully pulled her downward. Having been no rookie to oral sex, she knew boys loved deepthroat blowjobs so it wasn't long before Claire was taking Doyle's whole length in her mouth. With every plunge she took his grotesque 10-inch long dick into her throat, her forehead would crash into his bloated stomach while her nose would get buried in his greasy pubic hair.

"Excellent blowjob, you must practice often. Tell me Claire, how many times do you think you've given head? I'm sure your mom is dying to know the answer. By the way, if I think you're lying to me I will shot them." Eric said, his intent on humiliating the načve girl.

"Please stop this. I'm doing what you want," Claire said.

"Come on, give me a number."

"North of 200," Claire said with an ashamed tone.

"Wow. Over than 200 times mom! You must be so proud! Why so many Barbie," Doyle asked, his dick still in her hand.

"I love the taste of cum. It's fucking delicious okay," Claire screamed as the villain was completely and utterly embarrassing her.

"What a slut you are. Fell better to get that off you perky chest? Enough with blowjobs though, I want you to go for a ride and you better believe I like it deep," Eric said.

As if on voice command, Claire stood up and straddled the much larger man before lowered her body. She used her hand to guide Eric's chubby against her pink folds before taking the head into her snatch. He slid in with ease as the lesbian grinding she did earlier with Meredith still had her sex drenched with her juices.

Not in the mood for a passive ride even though she needed a few minutes to adjust to his thick girth, Doyle grabbed her smooth hips and shoved her all the way down his shaft. After a brief moment of pain, Claire set about her job and was riding the puppet-master up and down quickly, trying to get him to cum as quickly as possible to end this nightmare.

"I'm glad you're getting into this Barbie," Doyle grunted as her velvety pussy felt great on his sex organ.

The older man was greeting his sex slave with hard thrusts every time she made her way to the base of his cock so that he was practically shoving himself into her womb. Claire couldn't believe that some gross felon was actually getting to put his cock into her pussy, an act that she treated with utmost passion. Her disbelief was suspended by disgust when Doyle draped his blubbery arms around her nimble body and rubbed his sweaty, hairy chest against her as he hugged her. That feeling was displaced by more shock as the monster shoved one of his fat fingers into her backdoor unexpectedly without lubrication.

"Have you ever had a cock up your ass Claire?" Eric asked as he twisted his digit further into her rectum while still pushing into her vagina. "The truth keeps a bullet out of their heads."

"Yes," Claire said weakly, completely embarrassed that her mom now knew that she liked anal sex.

"What a daughter, Sandra. She gives out blowjobs like candy on Halloween, loves swallowing cum and is into sodomy. She's a well-rounded whore," Eric across the room to Claire's adoptive mother who was in tears.

Claire could hear the sobs coming from her mom and felt the most shame anyone had ever felt. She knew what Doyle was saying was 100% true, and now her mom and Meredith knew that she was a big slut.

"Listen Claire, face your mom while you ride me in your fat ass. That way she'll get to see you how much you love my fat dick when I cum deep inside your butt," Doyle taunted as he pulled his finger from her anus.

Claire pulled herself off of Eric and stood between his legs, facing away from him in the direction of her mom on the couch. The cheerleader was much too embarrassed to risk a glance at her mom as she was afraid of the look of disgust and shame she would give her only daughter. Completely covered in sweat from riding that obese fugitive, Claire squatted her athletic legs until she felt Eric's cock nestle in the crack between her glorious cheeks. The blonde reached her hand around to line up her rosebud with his swollen head before using a combination of wiggling and pushing down, he was able to enter past her sphincter.

"Holy fuck that's tight," Doyle groaned into the cheerleader's ear.

After taking a minute to adjust to his size, Claire slowly continued dropping down into his lap, accepting the remaining inches into her anal cavity. Once she had her cheeks nestled firmly against his groin she stood up more so that only his tip was still in her ass before letting herself back down. After a minute Claire had worked up a good pace and was squatting up and down on his rod with reckless abandonment.

"Oh I forgot that this was up your ass. Clean it for me," Doyle said as he brought the finger that he used to first probe the cheerleader's backdoor.

Knowing there was no point arguing, Claire opened her mouth and took his chubby digit between her lips and sucked on it. There was doubt where that finger had been as even though she had never done ass-to-mouth, she knew that taste could be from only one place. Eric was expecting the blonde to simply take his finger in her mouth for a brief second before spitting it out, but the teenager was going on 3 minutes of hard sucking.

"I gotta cum. Get down and open up wide," Doyle shouted.

The fugitive helped push Claire off of his lap and shoved his cock into her mouth. Instinctively, the cum-hungry girl started taking the meatpole deep down her throat while massaging the underbelly with her tongue in an effort to get the delicious cum and to suck off her own tasty ass flavor. Grabbing her long blonde hair for effect, Eric exploded into her mouth with a large first blast that the cheerleader had no problem swallowing down with pleasure. Claire gladly drank down every ounce of the rest of the salty load that had the discrete taste of her pussy and ass juice.

"That was ..." Doyle started to say before Claire smacked him in the temple with the handgun that rested on the table beside where she had just had sex.

Sandra and Meredith instantly felt the pressure over them release as the fat slob slumped to the ground unconscious. Sandra gathered up her daughter's clothes and brought them to her and Claire didn't waste a millisecond to throw them over her naked body.

"Call dad and tell him we bagged another one of these sickos," Claire said as she held her sweater tightly over her abused body.

"I'll leave out the part where you once again had to sleep with him," Sandra said, referring to Claire's last failed attempt at capturing the bad guys.

"I'll dress him so Noah won't suspect a thing," Meredith said in her slight Southern drawl.

By the time Noah and a few other agents showed up to bring Eric Doyle back into custody, Sandra was holding her daughter tightly and telling her that it wasn't her fault.


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