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Authors note: This is story takes place during Season 3, episode 7.

Keywords: Ff, Fist, Language, Oral, TV-parody

Heroes: Elle's Pain Slut Part 6
by MTL ([email protected])

The ride back to the hotel room had been quick and uneventful, a fact which Elle wasn't sure if she should be grateful for or disappointed.

Her power seemed back to normal, at least for the time being, and part of her was itching to use it on someone or something which wouldn't automatically heal itself. However she didn't know what she was up against, and if these Pinehurst people could take away all the powers Peter had it was clear they were dangerous, a fact Peter repeated, a lot. Elle listened intently for a while, but it quickly became clear he didn't know that much. What he did know was definitely worrying, but when he ran out of useful information he went into repetitive mode and Elle zoned him out a little, at least until the subject of conversation was changed to her.

Claire insisted Elle would help them and they could trust her, at which point Peter had asked Elle to give him and Claire a minute, which had annoyed Elle, but with one look from Claire she simply said sure, no problem, and left, slipping quietly out of the bedroom and into the other.

Elle resented that she had to switch her luxury suite for a cheaper one, but they needed an extra bed for Peter, and besides, even under fake names Elle figured it was better to be somewhere a little more low-key.

As she paced up and down Elle questioned why she left Claire and Peter alone. Why did she do what Claire said? What the hell was she even doing here? This whole thing seemed like a bad idea, possibly the worst she'd ever had, which was really saying something considering her previous mistakes, and yet she couldn't bring herself to climb down the fire escape and run for her life as she probably should do. She just couldn't. She just couldn't do that to Claire. Not when she needed her.

Peter was still injured from the fall and he didn't have his powers anymore, and while Claire was self-healing she couldn't exactly defend herself, not against the type of people that were no doubt coming for them, so right now Elle was the only one who could protect them. Doing so put her life in danger, and when the cavalry arrived Noah Bennet was probably going to strangle Elle with his bare hands, but she had nowhere else to go and if she was going to die either way Elle promised herself she wouldn't allow that to happen until she knew Claire was safe and... oh god, what the hell had the cheerleader done to her?

Elle used to have an entire prison worth of super powered people who she would sexually play with, dominating some of them to the point where she had them wrapped around her little finger and now she was completely and totally smitten with little Claire Bennet.

She'd only been away from her for a few minutes and yet almost every single thought in her head was of Claire or at least something to do with her, and more than anything else Elle just wanted to see the cheerleader again, to see her smile, to touch her, to kiss her, hell just to be in the same room with her again.

Elle had never felt this way before about anyone or anything and it terrified her.

She didn't know when it had happened, but at some point over the last 24 hours she had fallen for the cheerleader and she had fallen hard. Or at least, that's what it felt like. It wasn't like Elle had a ton of experience, she couldn't even remember her father ever showing her the slightest bit of affection, making any affection she had for him somewhat hollow, and any affection she'd shown anyone else was pretty much purely sexual, but this, this was something she hadn't been expecting and didn't know how to deal with.

Maybe it wasn't what she thought it was. After all, she barely knew this girl, and she was a girl, and while Elle liked girls she never thought she'd end up feeling this way about one. She'd always figured if she'd ever feel this way it would be about a boy. After all, it was so sappy she tried not to admit it to herself but part of her still clung to that childhood dream of Prince Charming coming to rescue her from her crazy life and take her away to a land of puppy dogs and rainbows.

At that moment Claire Bennet opened the door and walked in, and the moment the two blondes eyes locked Elle realise just how screwed she truly was, as the moment she saw the other girl she felt like she was in a land of puppy dogs and rainbows.

"Hey." Claire said.

"Hey back." Elle said.

There was an awkward silence which only lasted a few seconds but it felt like an eternity to both girls.

"How is he?" Elle asked.

Claire smiled at Elle's concern for Peter, silently wondering if it was genuine or simply for her benefit.

"Better. It took awhile but I convinced him to take some of my blood. It healed him pretty quickly, but his powers are still gone." Claire replied as she closed the door behind her and came to sit down next to Elle, "I tried to convince him to rest but he wasn't interested. It was tough enough convincing him to stay here and wait for backup."

There was another pause which was just as long as the first but somehow felt a little less awkward and long to the blondes.

"So... backups on its way huh?" Elle said.

"Yeah." Claire said.

Elle bit her lip, "And by backup, you mean?"

"Nathan. Peter's brother. My bio Dad." Claire said, unsure if Elle had ever met Nathan or knew who he was, "He said he was going to try and get some people together to come find us and decide what to do about this Pinehurst place."

"And your other Dad?" Elle asked.

Claire paused and then said, "I... I don't know if I can trust him."

Elle immediately opened her mouth to say something, but then closed it as she questioned whether she should really be defending Noah Bennet. After all, no matter what happened next he was probably going to kill her very slowly and painfully for touching his precious Claire-bear, and if Claire was on the fence when it came to trusting him maybe, just maybe she could put off that meeting with him she was so dreading. Maybe when they knew Peter was safe with his brother she could convince Claire to run away with her, leave behind all this craziness and just find a place where they could be together in peace, just the two of them, preferably somewhere nice and hot where it never rained.

A smile threatened to cross Elle's face as she imagined herself on a beach, a very safe distance away from the sea, relaxing in a deckchair with Claire in her arms and relaxing tropical music playing in the background, like it always did in those movies and TV shows Elle used to watch... well, the tropical music part, not the two girls in bikinis holding each other, although Elle would have happily watched that movie/show.

Her fantasy was unfortunately short lived as Elle couldn't convince herself that Claire would be truly happy without her perfect family, and as happy as that little fantasy would have made her Elle doubted Claire would enjoy life on the run for long, and even if she put up with it the cheerleader deserved better.

Besides, there was nowhere on earth Elle could hide from Noah Bennet, and all things considering he probably didn't deserve to have his daughter hate him.

"You were all he talked about you know." Elle said, breaking the silence which had once again fallen between them.

"What?" Claire said, unsure where Elle was going with this.

"Glasses... your Dad, you were all he talked about." Elle repeated, "Well, it's not like he was much of a talker, certainly not with me anyways, but whenever we were paired up together on assignments you were all he would talk about. You, your Mom, your brother. His family. I tried to get him talking about something else, something intere, erm, different, but, it was always you. He loved you so, so much, and it used to drive me crazy that there was another girl out there like me who had someone so totally devoted to keeping them safe. He isn't even your real Dad, but he loves you unconditionally and will never, ever stop loving and protecting you. So, whatever made you think you can't trust him, forget it, because he would die for you. Hell, if I remember rightly he has died for you. And nothing will ever change that."

Claire was stunned by Elle's speech, but as the other girl's words echoed throughout her head Claire couldn't help feel Elle was right. It might not have always seemed like it, but her Dad had been loving and protecting her since day one. If she couldn't trust him, who could she trust?

"It's just hard you know, knowing who to trust." Claire said weakly.

"I know what you mean." Elle said.

More silence, then Claire smiled "So, can I trust you?"

"Probably not." Elle said, fighting back a smile which only threatened to spread as Claire glared at her, "What? I'm a sociopath with paranoid delusions. I don't trust me, why should you?"

Claire continue to glare.

"God, relaxed cheerleader. I was joking... sort of. I mean I was diagnosed as a sociopath but... you can trust me. Mostly because I've got nowhere else to go, but still." Elle said, cracking a smile before turning serious again, "You can trust me. Now go call your father."

There was a brief pause and then Claire got up and headed for the door.

Once she reached it Claire turned, "I trust you."

The two girls exchanged a smile, Elle's fading into a sad look, "You probably shouldn't."

"I don't care." Claire said firmly before leaving.

Elle hated herself for what she had just said. She should have just told Claire she could trust her, but like before she found herself telling the other blonde the truth no matter what it was, and the truth was Elle was terrified she was going to do something to screw this up.

Outside the bedroom Claire paused just before she was about to speed dial her father.

His reaction to Elle being with them was unlikely to be positive and Claire still didn't know what she was going to tell him or what she could possibly say, all she knew was that she wanted Elle to be in her life, preferably without losing everything she had in her life before.

Actually Claire didn't want Elle in her life, she needed her.

Claire had been going crazy without being able to feel pain and the thought of losing it again was horrifying, but it was more than that.

She and Elle were meant for each other. Elle was... Elle was her soul-mate.

To even think that about a relationship only a day old was terrifying and wrong on so many levels, and there was no way Claire was going to let that slip out of her mouth any time soon, but how else could she even begin to explain how perfectly they fit together. And while Claire is sure a thousand teenagers have probably jumped to such conclusions for the first person that makes them cum other than themselves what she felt for Elle wasn't just physical as just being around her filled Claire with a joy she had never known. Elle felt it too, she was almost sure of it.

Calling Nathan or whoever else was one thing, calling her father, a man who might just have good reason to kill Elle before the last 24 hours, meant risking the one thing Claire was now afraid of losing most.

Did she trust him not to hurt the girl she had fallen for? Did she trust him to listen to her? Did she trust him to believe he would let her explain? What could she say? How was she going to explain this? It terrified her to even think about what she was feeling, could she say it out loud? And even if she could, what was she going to say?

To stop herself from over thinking it Claire quickly hit speed dial and in one breath told her father's voicemail where she was, how to get there, that he needed to hurry, that Peter was hear.

There was a long pause, then Claire heard the phrase please complete your call in the next 15 seconds and totally panicked, "Dad... Elle's with us... she's... she's with us... on our side... I know, I know this will be hard for you to understand but... I... I like her. I like her like her, and if you hurt her I will never ever trust you again..."

Regardless of her power when the call automatically disconnected Claire almost died on the spot.

Had... had she just come out on her father's voicemail?

This realisation seemed to cause time to stand still for Claire, the cheerleader standing on the spot still clutching her phone to her ear as her mind raced so fast she could barely hear herself think.

"Everything ok pom-pom?"

Elle's voice snapped Claire out of her panic induced coma, the cheerleader quickly turning to see the other girl peaking her head out from behind the door.

"Huh... oh, yeah, fine, fine, everything's fine." Claire said really unconvincingly, forcing a smile on her face.

Elle lent her head against the side of the door and gave Claire a look which clearly said 'I don't believe you'.

"I think I just came out to my father's voicemail." Claire admitted.

There was a pause, and then Elle laughed.

"It's not funny." Claire huffed, unsure why she was suddenly fighting the urge to giggle.

"It kind of is." Elle chuckled, before adding after Claire scowled at her, "Oh come on Claire, it's only been like, a day. Doesn't exactly make you a lesbian."

Realising this was a conversation for inside Elle turned to walk into the room, Claire's eyes automatically dropping down to her butt as she did so.

"Tell that to my libido." Claire said softly as she followed Elle inside and closed the door behind her.

"I'm serious. Gay, straight, bi, they're all just labels. And despite what I was saying last night in the heat of passion, one little experience doesn't mean you have to suddenly stick a label on yourself and keep it there forever." Elle said.

Claire felt like telling the other girl she'd be happy to be labelled a lesbian forever if it meant she could be with Elle but that was the exact type of thing she was trying to avoid saying as she didn't want to freak the older blonde out. Besides...

"I get it. No labels, that's smart..." Claire said, inching closer, "Does... does that include... us?"

Elle followed Claire's example, the two blondes feeling as if they were being pulled together by some unknown force.

"It would probably be a good idea... not to... you know, try and label us, so there's less pressure." Elle said softly.

The two girls were now inches away from each other.

"No pressure is good." Claire said softly.

They stopped moving when their bodies were practically touching each other.

"So... what now?" Elle asked.

There was silence.

"Peter's next door." Claire said.

Elle smiled at the reminder, sure it was Claire's way of telling her sex was probably a bad idea, but it didn't sound like the cheerleader herself was entirely convinced.

It was pretty obvious both of them wanted to hand Peter a pair of ear plugs and just ravage each other until the cavalry arrived, but worried about getting caught with her pants down and not being able to protect Claire properly motivated Elle to show more self-control than she'd ever had before.

"Relax cheerleader, we don't have to do anything you don't want to do." Elle reassured the other girl.

"That's not exactly the problem." Claire said.

Both girls smiled, acknowledging that the problem wasn't that Claire didn't want too.

There was more silence and then Elle pulled away smiling.

"I have an idea." Elle said happily jumping onto the bed, settling in and giving Claire the come-hither curling finger. Claire gave Elle a look which only increased the voltage of the electric blonde's smile, "Relax, I just thought we could snuggle. I'm... I'm not usually experienced with this type of thing, but from what I've heard when couples... erm... I mean when two people who... like each other very much want to be together but not have sex they do things like talk or snuggle or both, and you're very, very snug-able. So I thought maybe, if you want to, we could snuggle and talk... or maybe just snuggle... or we could just talk, whatever you want."

Claire couldn't help smile at how vulnerable the electricity throwing sociopath suddenly looked trying to explain herself, the cheerleader eventually putting her out of her misery by climbing up onto the bed and into Elle's waiting arms, the two girls melting into each other as if they had been together for years.

They lay there for a while, both trying to think of something to say. Eventually Claire just gave up because in the middle of all this chaos laying in Elle's arms was oddly soothing, like she could just forget about all that other stuff just for a moment and be at peace. While Elle felt that same peace her mind was still filled with questions, most of which she was afraid to ask but didn't feel she could not ask.

"So, what did you tell Peter about us?" Elle asked finally.

Claire's mind had been drifting through various different places she could lay in Elle's arms so she didn't properly hear the question, "What?"

"What did you tell Peter about us?" Elle asked, a little annoyed at having to repeat herself, but immediately back pedalling when she felt she had been to snappy at the cheerleader, "It's just, he asked me to leave so I assumed you talk about me. Did you... did you come out to him too?"

There was a pause.

"Not exactly." Claire said, then added, "Well, I dropped hints... and pretty much spelled it out for him, but I'm not sure he got it, you know?"

"He can be a little dents." Elle giggled, that giggle turning into a few shared laughs with Claire before Elle's eyes lit up, "I could tell him. I could tell him about us, about how we got together... about all the nasty little things I did to you... spare no detail."

This earned Elle a forced glare and a half hearted slap to her arm.

"What? I was going to tell him anyway in the car until you gave me that cute little death glare... yeah, that's the one." Elle laughed.

"You would do that wouldn't you?" Claire scoffed, trying to sound shocked and appalled but she was neither, "You would gloat in detail to a guy who had just been thrown out of a window about how you screwed his niece."

"Well, you're definitely worth gloating about." Elle said, "Besides, I don't remember you complaining... Claire-bear."

This earned Elle a far less forced glare and the cutest little punch to her arm she'd ever received.

"Don't call me that! Ever." Claire said firmly.

"Why not?" Elle asked innocently.

"You know why." Claire said.

"Oh come on pom-pom, you have to let me call you that. It's just such a perfect name for you, because you're so soft and cuddly, and so very, very cute, just like a teddy bear." Elle giggled, hugging the annoyed cheerleader to her tightly.

"Elle, seriously." Claire said firmly after she'd wriggled out of Elle's embrace enough so she could look the other girl in the eye, "Call me whatever you like. Cheerleader, pom-pom, pain slut, pussy eating dyke, cock loving bitch, anal whore, whatever, just don't call me Claire-bear. That's what my Dad calls me."

Elle smiled at Claire's unnecessary explanation, "Ok, I'll try not to call you that, but don't be mad if it just kind of... slips out."

Claire didn't like how Elle was grinning, "Well if you want this... thing between us to work out I suggest that you make sure it doesn't slip out, or at least try to make sure it doesn't slip out too often, and don't even think about saying it during sex."

"Ok, now you're just daring me." Elle laughed, before adding when she saw how upset the cheerleader looked, "But I swear, I'll try not to call you that, often, but if we're going to be... hanging out together a lot then I'm going to need some more nicknames for you because I'm getting a little tired of just calling you cheerleader and pom-pom."

"Well my name is Claire so why don't you try calling me that?" Claire suggested dryly.

"Where's the fun in that?" Elle grinned, "Let's see, anything that isn't Claire-bear. That's what you said right? I can call you anything I want as long as it isn't Claire-bear? Mmmmm, let's see now... baby... babe... sweetie... sweet pea... sugar... sugar dumpling... honey... honey bunny... snuggle bunny... snookums..."

"Ug, couldn't you at least come up with something a little less cutesy?" Claire huffed.

Elle looked thoughtful for a moment and then said, "How about beautiful? Or gorgeous? Or sexy? Or lover?"

Claire smiled, "I like those better, especially the last one."

"Really?" Elle asked softly.

Without even realising it the two girls had been inching closer to each other from the word beautiful and now their lips were practically hovering over each other.

They stayed like that for what felt like an eternity before Claire whispered so softly that Elle barely heard it, "Really."

As soon as that word was out of Claire's mouth the two girls simultaneously pressed their lips together in perhaps the slowest and softest kiss either one of them had ever had. Hours seemed to pass by as the blondes continued to gently kiss one another, only using their lips for a long time until finally Claire gently brushed her tongue against Elle's lips, asking permission to enter which was quickly granted. Even after the adding of tongues the kiss remained slow and gentle all the way to the end when Claire broke it and looked at Elle with pure burning lust.

"Peter's still in the next room." Claire breathed softly.

While the words seemed to suggest Claire was saying they shouldn't her tone made it very clear she wanted Elle to talk her into it, which Elle really shouldn't as she should be as ready as possible to defend against attack but she just didn't have enough willpower to resist the cheerleader.

"I can be quiet." Elle whispered, "Can you pom-pom?"

"I... I don't know." Claire answered truthfully.

"Wanna find out?" Elle asked.

There was a brief pause and then Claire nodded her head slowly causing the two girls to smile before they kissed again. This time their kiss was a lot less soft and a lot more hungry, the hunger intensifying until they were practically devouring each other.

"You need to be wearing less clothes cheerleader." Elle whispered huskily during a momentary break from the kissing.

Elle experienced a moment of regret for still not using a new nickname for Claire but quickly forgot all about it as the cheerleader began tugging at her pants, unceremoniously yanking them down along with her panties which caused Elle to giggle, break the kiss and help her remove them.

The next few moments were a blur with clothes being discarded like both girls powers were super speed until they were both kissing again, this time their naked bodies pressed against each other as they groped each other shamelessly.

"Under the covers." Elle panted huskily.

Nodding in understanding Claire quickly slid between the sheets joined immediately after by Elle who pressed her body down on top of Claire's to restart the kissing once again. Both girls moaned into the kiss as they came into contact with each other, their hands sliding over each other's bodies somewhat like before only this time they were even more boulder.

Up until now they had both stuck to mostly avoiding each other's fun parts, and completely avoided doing so if you didn't count squeezing the other's ass, but this time shortly after the kissing started Claire grabbed onto Elle's tits and began tweaking her nipples. This caused Elle to groan in pleasure and annoyance. She was totally just about to do that before the slutty little cheerleader beat her to it.

Not liking the fact she had been beaten to the punch Elle 'punished' Claire by only spending a brief time massaging the tiny little rock hard bullets and soft flesh surrounding them before sending one hand downwards. With their bodies pressed so tightly together it was actually a bit of a struggle pushing her way in between the cheerleader's legs but the whimper and long moan of pleasure Elle got from the other girl made it more than worth it.

Nearly the whole time they had been kissing and groping each other the two girls had been grinding themselves against each other. The grinding had fit the mood of the kissing. When the kissing had been soft the grinding had been gentle, and when the kissing was rough the girls had been literally dry humping each other. With their clothes off and flesh directly touching the two blondes were as wet as they had ever been, so when Elle's hand reached its destination the electric girl was able to slide a couple of fingers inside her lover with ease.

Elle grinned triumphantly, partly because she had remembered one of Claire's new nicknames but mostly because of the reaction she was getting from... her snuggle bunny.

The sensations had been so strong Claire had been forced to break the kiss and dropped her head back against the pillow to continue a long moan she had started during the lip lock. As her head dropped back she could practically feel Elle's grin and when she opened her eyes it was a flat-out smirk that greeted her. Wanting to knock that look right off the other blonde's face Claire forced her hand downwards in one quick powerful motion and in what seemed like the same second shove two fingers into the girl hovering above her.

This effectively knocked the smirk off Elle's face as the older blonde was forced to cry out in pleasure, her eyes briefly closing only to see a smirk now on the cheerleader's face when she opened them again.

Elle returned the smirk with a grin of her own before she knocked the smirk off Claire's face as she began thrusting her fingers in and out of her, Claire immediately doing the exact same thing to Elle as the two girls began fucking each other.

All of a sudden Elle found herself in quite the predicament. When it came to just about any sexual act the usual protocol was to start out slow and then eventually build up to a quicker pace and then, hopefully, a climax. Starting out slow was important to allow time to relax and get into it, but it was pretty obvious that she and the other blonde didn't need time to relax and get into it as both their holes were wet and inviting to each other's fingers. However just because there was no need to start out slow didn't mean Elle didn't want too.

When she was in the right mood for it Elle loved to tease whoever she was with to the point of it being torturous but she found herself very conflicted. On the one hand Elle would love to spend hours fucking the cheerleader to near climax after near climax until Claire was begging her for sweet release, but at the same time she wanted to immediately start pound fucking the younger girl's pussy hard and rough until she creamed all over her fingers.

There were a few things which quickly made up her mind, and they all had something to do with Claire. For one thing Claire seemed to have no interest in going slow, the cheerleader's fingers were moving through Elle's cunt hard and fast, curling and twirling inside her in just the right spots to drive her crazy. The look of wanton lust in the other girl's eyes seemed to confirm Elle's suspicions as well as increase her own arousal. Alone these things would have probably convinced Elle what to do, but the fact was that at any moment someone could attack, meaning if Elle was going to be able to protect Peter and Claire then this was unfortunately going to have to be a quickie.

With this in mind Elle ditched the medium pace steady rhythm she had been using to fuck the cheerleader with in favour of a fall out assault on the other girl's love hole.

The speed in which she began fucking the other girl soon became something which could rightfully be called vicious, not that Claire seemed to mind as she was too busy trying her best to stifle the cutest little moans and whimpers Elle had ever heard before. Eager to hear more of them Elle curled and twirled her fingers around inside the younger girl, grinning widely as she got the chance to prove that while Claire might be a fast learner she was still just a novice when compared to her.

Unfortunately Elle's actions worked too well and those cute little moans and whimpers she had been enjoying so much grew to such a level she was forced to muffle them with her mouth.

Not surprisingly Claire welcomed the kiss by parting her lips so their tongues could do battle, but she also reacted by thrusting herself back and forth, obviously trying to get Elle's fingers to move deeper and faster inside her but causing the bedsprings to complain rather loudly.

"No, no, no, bad cheerleader." Elle scolded playfully, "No unnecessary loud movements."

"Then try fucking me harder." Claire challenged, her tone clearly just as playful.

"I don't know, if I fuck you any harder I might have to suffocate you with a pillow. I mean seriously pom-pom, any louder and you might as well be shouting out 'hey Uncle Peter, me and Elle are fucking each other in here and I love it because I'm a total lesbian slut'." Elle mocked, doing her best peppy cheerleader impression.

"Ok, I don't sound like that, and I'm trying my best to be quiet, but you're not making it easy." Claire said, half blushing and half smiling, "The suffocating thing sounds fun though, and I am a total lesbian slut for you."

"Good to know." Elle smiled, before adding, "But seriously, you've got to be more quiet. Next time we're out of earshot of one of your relatives I swear you can make as much noise as you want and we can do whatever nasty little thing you want, just keep it down for now ok?"

Claire was about to say ok when a thought came to her and she smiled, "Whatever nasty little thing I want? You promise?"

Elle rolled her eyes and sighed, "I promise."

"Ok." Claire said, adding after a pause, "I want to fuck you."

"Well, isn't that what you're doing now?" Elle giggled.

"I... I want to use the strap on." Claire said, quickly continuing after Elle gave her a look of surprise, "I, I know you said I make a better bitch than a butch or whatever, and I kind of think you're right, I love you taking control and I liked it better when you were on top this morning, but I also really liked being on top and fucking you. I just want to try it, you know? See what it's like. If I suck at it we don't have to do it again, but... I kind of really want to fuck you. Of course if you're not really into it..."

Elle stopped Claire from babbling on any longer by capturing her lips in a soft but forceful kiss which lasted only a few seconds before she broke it and smiled at the cheerleader.

"I would love you to fuck me. In fact if you want I'll do whatever you want for a entire night. Would you like that pom-pom? Would you like to have the power to make me do anything you want? Would you like to dominate me? Make me your little slut?" Elle asked playfully.

"You'd let me do that?" Claire questioned, a little surprised by Elle's reaction.

"Well, while I wouldn't bottom for just anyone I'll make an exception for you." Elle said, a smirk crossing her face, "But only because if this morning is anything to go by you're going to look so adorably cute trying to be a top."

Claire scowled and was about to punch Elle's arm again before she got a better idea, Elle's smile quickly disappearing as the electronic girl was forced to close her eyes and let out a long, only slightly stifled moan as Claire curled her fingers inside her.

"I am so going to make you pay for mocking me." Claire whispered lustfully.

"Maybe." Elle moaned, "But first I'm going to make you pay for that."

"Bring oooohhhhhhhh, bring it on." Claire panted as Elle curled her fingers inside her for 'revenge', "Do your worst. Mmmmmmm, yes, fuck oooohhhhhhhh fuck me. Harder. Pound my pussy with those fingers. Fuck me as oooohhhhhhhh, fuck me as hard as you can."

"I would love to cheerleader, but I told you, we can't make too much noise..." Elle said, before a light bulb went off in her head and she smiled, "But if you're in the mood for something a little... wilder, I might have an idea, if you're up for it."

"I'm up for it." Claire said quickly, "Do whatever you want to me."

"Well, if you insist." Elle said, pushing two more fingers inside Claire, and then adding, "Just let me know if it's too much or too weird for you."

Claire frowned, not sure what Elle was talking about until the other girl slowly pushed her thumb in to join her four fingers inside Claire's pussy, at which point the cheerleader suddenly got it. Or at least, she thinks she got it. It was... definitely something more wild than what they had been doing and despite all the things she had been through, and even things she's done to herself, the idea of this made Claire a little nervous.

Looking up into Elle's eyes her nerves were relaxed a little as she saw the look the other girl was giving her. Considering Elle's sadistic nature it was actually a little surprising she hadn't tried this sooner and even more surprising she hadn't just done it already, but instead of doing that Elle seemed to be waiting for permission, for some small sign Claire understood and she was ok with it.

Although part of her was screaming not to, that there was no way this could be pleasurable, Claire nodded her head ever so slightly, hoping Elle would get the message.

She clearly did if the smirk that crossed her face was anything to go by, and yet Claire was still a little surprised by the other girl's gentleness as she slowly but firmly pushed inside pass the knuckles and then further until her entire hand was inside Claire's pussy.

Claire's mouth was open but no sound came out, her entire body frozen in shock. For better or for worse there was no pain, but it made for an odd sensation and a flat out weird sight to behold. She had someone else's hand inside her. She had a girl's hand inside her. Another girl had slipped her hand inside her, had fisted her, was fisting her. And the weirdest part, was that it felt good. Her love hole was so stretched out and full, her muscles relaxing away the uncomfortableness so that her pleasure just grew and grew.

It overwhelmed Claire to the point she felt faint, which left the cutest little worried look on Elle's face.

"Now... now who's cute?" Claire whispered, struggling to find her voice.

"You ok cheerleader?" Elle asked, ignoring Claire's comment.

"Yes... oh, mmmmmm, it... it feels good. Fuck me. Mmmmmmm, fuck me with your fist. Fuck me with your whole freaking hand. Fuck... fuck me as hard as you can."

Elle's megawatt grin could have lit up the city. Claire returned it as best she could before she was left to stifle another moan as Elle slowly pulled out of her, pulling back to the knuckles and then sliding her way back inside her. She repeated this process over and over, slowly speeding up the pace as Claire's pussy adjusted to the widest penetration of its young active existence, the sensations making it harder and harder for Claire to keep quiet.

Claire tried to think of something unsexy in an attempt to calm herself down, and more importantly quieten herself down, but she found it impossible to do so under the circumstances. In fact it was hard to think at all with Elle's fist inside her, which was something Claire was still struggling to fully comprehend. She had a fist inside her. Someone else's hand was inside her cunt, another girl's hand no less, and it felt good. So very, very good. Her hole stretching wider than ever before every time Elle pulled back to the knuckles so the widest part of her hand was stretching out Claire's pussy lips, something which didn't seem like it should be at all pleasurable but was almost unbearably so.

The cheerleader wondered if it had something to do with her power and the fact that she was, as Elle put it, a pain slut. She had done all manner of things to her own body in the name of testing her ability so after all that self harm she had been left with a taste for it, a taste for pain, pain that had been deprived from her, that she could no longer feel unless it was administered by Elle. Hell, maybe she couldn't even tell the difference anymore between pleasure and pain. Maybe if she somehow got the ability to feel pain again it would all just feel like pleasure to her, or different versions of it. That's what it felt like when Elle electrocuted her. A different version of pleasure.

Sadly it looked like the last thing on Elle's mind was giving Claire the different version of pleasure she craved, but the look in the other girl's eyes gave her another type of pleasure, one that made her heart skip a beat.

There was just such concern in Elle's eyes, such cautiousness, the other girl clearly studying Claire carefully to make sure she was ok at all times. The concern for her well-being just made Claire love what was being done to her all the more, which only made it increasingly difficult for her to remain quiet.

Actually Claire hadn't been quiet for some time now, her moaning and groaning becoming increasingly loud even after she tried muffling the sounds with first her free hand and then the inside of her elbow. In a desperate attempt to quieten herself she reached over, grabbed one of the pillows and shoved it over her own face. The pillow only remained in place for a few seconds before it was torn away from Claire's grasp by Elle's free hand, the upset look on Elle's face making it clear the other girl didn't like the idea of the cheerleader's pretty face being covered up.

Claire gave a brief apologetic look before her lips were captured by Elle's in what she supposed was an acceptance of her apology and an attempt to keep her quiet, not that she really cared after Elle's tongue pushed its way into her mouth and began battling with her own.

Elle had actually interpreted Claire's look as annoyance rather than apologetic which was why the kiss was actually her way of apologising to the cheerleader. Well, it was partly an apology and partly a much more fun way to stifle Claire's moans than covering her beautiful face with some stupid pillow.

Despite all the perverted little things she had done to the younger girl lately Elle couldn't stop worrying that she was going too far with this whole fisting thing. As such she had spent a long time studying Claire's face, watching for the slightest little hint that the cheerleader wasn't enjoying this.

It was hard to tell for awhile, Claire understandably needing time to get used to having something so big inside her, but then Claire started to really get into it, until finally Elle was no longer worried, or more accurately at least she's no longer worried about the other girl not enjoying this. Now her main concern was keeping Claire quiet.

The cheerleader was obviously trying but as the fucking continued it clearly became harder and harder. It seemed like only a matter of time before Claire lost control, so Elle decided it was time to end this.

After sealing her lips firmly over the younger girl's Elle began thrusting harder and faster, causing Claire to moan loudly into her mouth and arch her back. Claire's next moans might as well not have been muffled at all given there volume as Elle began twisting her hand around inside the other girl, gently at first with ever-increasing force. Elle made the twisting as random as possible an attempt to constantly keep the other blonde guessing, but more often than not making sure to twist in a way that made sure she was rubbing Claire's G-spot. Soon she was attacking that spot relentlessly, curling her fingers to make sure she got it each time.

Nearly every time Elle added something to the mix Claire would understandably lose focus on pumping her own fingers in and out of Elle's pussy. At this point Elle was so into making Claire cum that she wouldn't have minded so much if the other blonde had forgotten about her altogether, a feeling very uncommon to the electricity thrower. In fact Elle hadn't ever been in a situation like this before. She always wanted to find a way to cum, but for the first time in her life the only thing that really mattered to Elle was someone else's pleasure.

Despite this Claire never stopped, the younger girl kissing and fucking her back so hard it was almost violent. It was so intoxicating it took everything Elle had not to just mentally say 'fuck Peter' and become completely lost in the sex to the point where she wouldn't even notice if he was in here yelling at her while trying to push her off his innocent little niece. The thought actually had Elle briefly looking around, just to check she hadn't missed one unwelcome entrants from Claire's uncle.

Peter was nowhere to be seen, which was definitely a good thing as Elle doesn't think he would enjoy watching Claire make her cum.

During the few moments Elle had been distracted thinking about Peter catching them Claire had been working overtime with her fingers to bring Elle off, her thumb repeatedly bashing into Elle's clit as she curled her fingers up into her G-spot.

Caught off guard Elle suddenly awoke from her thoughts just in time to feel herself go over the edge. In that split second Elle blasted electricity from the hand deeply embedded within the cheerleader, lighting up the other girl's body with electricity as if she was a Christmas tree. As a result both blondes came simultaneously, their bodies shaking and their eyes rolling in the back of their heads as they struggle to swallow each other's screams.

Elle's climax is hard and wonderful but short lived as Claire's fingers slid out of her, the cheerleader turning into a limp ball of flesh as she was continuously filled with such heavenly pain it brought a tear to her eye.

Fuelled by pure passion to bring the cheerleader as much pleasure as possible Elle twisted, curled, and slammed her fingers inside Claire while filling her with a varying amount of electricity, bringing the younger girl to more orgasms than either of them could count.

When she began to feel a little electronically drained Elle finally began slowing down, only bringing her little snuggled bunny to another climax or two before bringing her pumping hand to a stop before slowly pulling it out of the exhausted blonde beneath her. The whole time she did this Elle was captivated by Claire's beautiful face, the other girl looking so wonderfully angelic as she lay still with her eyes closed breathing so softly Elle wonders if the other blonde had lost consciousness.

Just as Elle begins to consider tucking Claire in and letting her get some rest the cheerleader's eyes slowly blink open.

When she opens her eyes Claire was greeted by Elle grinning down at her before the younger girl was forced to stifle a moan as Elle began gently licking at her cum covered hand, sliding her tongue over the back and the palm before sensuously sucking each of her fingers clean.

"Wow... that was... wow..." Claire sighed softly, struggling to find the right words.

"I take it you liked that pom-pom?" Elle grinned.

Claire blushed, gave a little half nod and then frowned, "What happened to my new nicknames?"

"It's a work in progress... sugar lips." Elle said.

"Well keep working on it." Claire giggled softly before moving in for a kiss only to be denied as Elle pulled back.

"You broke your promise." Elle scolded, before clarifying, "You weren't quiet."

"Hey, I never promised anything." Claire protested, "I said I didn't know if I could be quiet and then you jumped me."

"I don't remember you complaining." Elle pointed out.

"That's because I wasn't." Claire grinned, before adding, "Anyway I did my best to be quiet and it's not like you made it easy or anything."

"Oh, so you being noisy is my fault?" Elle scoffed.

"Yes." Claire smirked.

Elle scowled, "Well, maybe we should stop."

"No. Please no. I'll do better I swear." Claire promised, before a grin crossed her face, "You... you could punish me... for being so naughty."

Elle struggled not to grin back, "Oh don't you worry cheerleader, you'll be punished as soon as were out of hearing range of one of your relations, probably with a nice hard spanking, but for now we've got to find a better way to shut you up."

With that Elle rolled off the bed, reached down and grabbed Claire's panties off the floor before quickly getting back into bed.

"Here, put these in your mouth." Elle tells Claire as she gives her the panties.

"Who's are they?" Claire asked having not seen which pile of clothes Elle retrieve them from.

"You tell me." Elle said with a grin.

Claire looked confused for a moment, then blushed, then cautiously brought the underwear to her nose and gave it a little sniff.

After a few seconds of deep thought she said, "Mine?"

"Uh-huh." Elle replied happily with a nod.

Claire bit her lip and asked, "Could... could I have yours instead?"

Elle grinned again, "Maybe next time, if you're good."

Claire smiled and lifted the panties up to her face, but stopped herself from putting them in her mouth at the last minute, "What were we going to do next?"

"Well, considering how much I made you cum your sweet little pussy has just got to be overflowing with delicious Claire cum, so I was thinking of maybe spending some time, I don't know, maybe a couple of hours in between your legs so I can make sure none of that Claire cum goes to waste." Elle replied huskily, "See I just realised I somehow forgot to go down on you before we left so I haven't tongue fucked you since last night which was way, way too long ago. Please cheerleader, don't stop me from getting to tongue fuck that sweet little hole of yours again."

The other girl's words had Claire whimpering with desire but she still pouted a little, "That sounds... nice... but I really wanted to be the one tongue fucking you."

Elle grinned, "Well I'll tell you what cheerleader, how about we both tongue fuck each other at the same time."

Claire looked confused for a moment, and then she realised what Elle was talking about, the thought making her give a little half blush, half happy smile which Elle found adorable.

"You mean..." Claire whispered.

"A 69. Uh-huh." Elle grinned, "Why? Does that make you hot pom-pom? Does the thought of me and you writhing around like that, licking and sucking each other off at the same time make you hot?"

"Yes." Claire confessed.

"Well that'll be something nice for you to look forward too as your moaning into your little panties as I'm licking the cum out of you." Elle said, before adding as Claire pouted, "Oh come on sweetie, just take your punishment. The sooner it's done the sooner we can 69, ok?"

Claire continued to pout for a few seconds before putting the panties into her mouth and lying back to wait for the oh so horrible punishment she was about to suffer through.

"Oh no cheerleader, I have a better idea." Elle said, lying down and then pointing to her lips, "I want you to sit right here."

Claire looked surprised.

"Come on pom-pom, sit on my face." Elle said, "It will be good practice for when we 69."

Biting her lip Claire got up and cautiously crawled over Elle's body until her crotch was hovering over the other girl's face, at which point she began lowering herself at a speed which obviously wasn't fast enough for Elle's liking.

Claire gasped softly and then loudly as Elle grabbed two handfuls of ass and pulled her down quickly onto her face, Elle wasting no time in sliding her tongue over the sweet hole now pressed against her mouth.

The second her tongue touch those extremely wet pussy lips Elle tasted Claire's cum, and once she'd tasted that heavenly liquid even the slightest consideration of going slow was forgotten, Elle sealing her lips tightly around Claire's cunt and beginning to suck at it like a hoover.

Claire's cum was even sweeter than Elle remembered and there was so much of it initially Elle thought she had found a creamy heaven, but it was sadly short lived as her hungry mouth quickly swallowed down every drop of cum. She was left with cunt cream which wasn't a bad consolation prize, in fact this was the second sweetest thing she had ever tasted, but after initially tasting the sweetest thing ever Elle greedily wanted more of it. She wanted more Claire cum. She wanted Claire to cum in her mouth so she could taste that sweet honey again and make the cheerleader feel good.

Despite her total lust for Claire cum Elle wasn't about to just throw her extensive rug munching experience out of the window. She knew better than that. Instead she used it to her advantage, sliding her tongue deep into Claire and softly stimulating her sweetest of spots, gently massaging her most sensitive of areas so they would be nice and ready for the hard tongue fucking she would soon give this sweet hole.

Of course while she was doing this Elle was making as much of Claire's honey slid down her throat as possible, the other girl's pussy juice acting as quite a nice snack in between the meal of cum she had just enjoyed and the one she was determined to squeeze out of the younger blonde in the very near future.

As she worked her magic Elle wondered why she hadn't gone down on the cheerleader this morning. She had loved licking Claire out so much last night and with every thrust of her tongue Elle was realising her memories didn't do eating Claire's pussy justice, so what the hell had she been thinking?

Just as she was really beginning to feel pissed at herself Elle remembered exactly why she hadn't licked out the cheerleader this morning... she hadn't done it because she had thought if she had then she wouldn't have been able to let Claire go.

There was just something about this girl which Elle found intoxicating, the cheerleader like some kind of addictive little drug which Elle just couldn't get enough of.

Right after their session with the double dildo Elle had wanted to go down on Claire, and then again when they were having lunch together, the former company agent wanting to drag the younger girl into a bathroom so they could finish where they started or eat her underneath the table or maybe just strip her in the middle of the street and let everybody watch her fuck this beautiful blonde's brains out, but every time Elle had reminded herself she couldn't otherwise she wasn't going to be able to stop herself from kidnapping the cheerleader. By the time they were at Pinehurst part of Elle was even thinking how being hunted down by Noah Bennet might be worth it if she had his sexy little daughter as her fuck slave for a few days or even just a few hours. The hunting down part still might happen but now Elle ensure no matter what happens next it's worth it if it means she gets to be with Claire like this now.

Even though her mind wanders around for a little while Elle's mouth and tongue worked tirelessly on Claire's pussy without even a hint of slowing down. For this Claire is very, very grateful, or at least she would be if she had any idea Elle wasn't 100% concentrating on getting her off. In fact if someone had told her Elle wasn't fully concentrated on fucking her Claire wouldn't have believed them given just how good the other girl was making her feel.

It's still a little weird and scary that another girl was making her feel this way, but at the same time it feels so natural, so right, that Claire feels she could definitely get used to it. She was getting used to it. It was already way less weird than it had been the first few times last night and it seemed like with every passing second she became more and more comfortable being with another girl to the point where Claire felt like she had been meant for it.

This position for example, at first Claire had found it extremely weird. She was literally sitting on someone else's face, a position done by straight couples as well as lesbian couples, and yet Claire couldn't imagine it was comfortable for the person underneath and couldn't help thinking it wouldn't be that great for the person on top either. It was certainly a little strange for her at first, but as Elle's mouth and tongue started to work their magic it became harder and harder to care and eventually she began to find herself kind of enjoying it, and then she definitely began to enjoy it.

It was kind of exhilarating feeling a tongue sliding up into her pussy from this position, and Elle's hands were doing a great job of massaging her firm little ass cheeks while that talented mouth and tongue went to work on her cunt. Just as Claire was kind of getting used to it Elle gently pushed her upwards. For a split second Claire worried that she was smothering the other girl or something and Elle wanted to stop but that fear was short lived as Elle pulled her back down again, giving Claire a little treat on the way down as she timed it so that when she pulled the younger blonde downwards her tongue pushed upwards, making the tongue thrust feel deeper and harder than before. Elle did this gently for a little while until Claire was doing it herself at which point she let go and waited.

Claire continued lifting herself up and down, impaling herself on that skilled tongue at the same speed until she was suddenly struck with an idea.

Cautiously she tried to increase the rhythm. Elle followed her perfectly. So she increased the rhythm a little more, and then a little more, and then a little more, Elle following her perfectly every time so that soon the two girls were roughly fucking.

As a result the bed springs squeaked loudly and the panties in Claire's mouth became useless at disguising her moans but at this point neither blonde cared. They were both too lost in the sex, Claire's only concern in trying to get as much pleasure as possible while Elle only wanted to make the other girl climax so she could swallow some more delicious Claire cum.

To increase her pleasure Claire began grinding her pussy on the other girl's face, silently hoping she wasn't smothering the older blonde but feeling fairly confident that if she did Elle would quickly stop her. She was smothering Elle, the electricity throwing blonde barely able to breathe and every single breath she took was filled with the smell of pussy but that only made Elle love this situation more as she felt as if she was trapped in a world which tasted and smelled like pure Claire Bennet.

In a way Elle almost didn't want it to end but she was still yearning for Claire cum so she went into pussy eating overdrive.

Claire opened her mouth so widely the panties fell out, a unprotected moan falling from her lips as Elle began twirling her tongue inside her. The cheerleader quickly placed her hand over her mouth firmly and looked round for the panties but they had fallen out of reach and there was no way she was stopping the skilled muff munching she was receiving to retrieve the stupid things, especially now Elle was using that twirling tongue to attack every single sweet spot she had inside her cunt.

Just when she was finally reaching the edge of orgasm Claire's eyes went wide as her rectum was suddenly invaded, Elle shoving two fingers slightly soaked in Claire's pussy juice straight through her butt hole in one hard thrust. The moment her fingers were up to the knuckles inside Claire's ass Elle slit her tongue all the way inside the other girl's pussy and then shot a little blast of electricity through her tongue and a huge blast of electricity through her fingers.

Claire came on the spot, fighting to keep her screams to herself with everything that she had as she writhes on top of Elle's face. However Elle was merciless, and clearly no longer cared who heard them fucking. It didn't even seem she cared if someone burst in and saw her electrocuting Claire given the amount of volts that were firing into the cheerleader's body, giving Claire that heavenly pain she craved which made her pleasure feel so much sweeter. Of course at this point the only reason Claire was worried about Peter or anyone else interrupting was that it would probably mean her pleasure would end.

This was something Elle was also worried about but for the moment she was much more worried about swallowing Claire's delicious cum as it slid directly from the other girl's pussy, into her mouth and down her throat. It was just as good as it had been when Elle had been cleaning out the younger blonde from her previous orgasm, maybe even a little better knowing that it couldn't be more fresh.

Eager for more Elle continued to blast electricity into Claire's body, pushing as much as she dared out of her mouth and tongue while shooting most of it out of her hands, giving Claire's pussy a little pain while inflicting most of the electronic agony on the younger girl's butt hole and butt cheeks.

Working tirelessly Elle was able to bring Claire to a couple more orgasms before their biggest fear was realised.

Claire was obviously too far gone to notice but the whole time they had been going at it Elle had been carefully listening out for even the slightest sign of an intrusion, and even with her face buried in creamy paradise and Claire moaning, groaning and even screaming louder than she should be Elle heard it, the unmistakable sound of a door breaking.

Many would have waited for a second sound to confirm it while others would have been just to turned on to care, and while both of those scenarios were certainly appealing Elle didn't hesitate.

In the blink of an eye Elle had slid out from in between Claire's legs, got out of bed and was out the door without a single thought of throwing on some clothes or wiping her cum and pussy juice covered face.

Elle's mind was more preoccupied with the far more pressing matter of what she was going to do. She had no idea who, or how many who's, she was facing, and lacking the time came up with a simple plan on the spot. If she had known exactly who she was up against before she stepped out she would have been a lot less worried.

"Knox, Flint." Elle greeted with a predatory smile.

The two men were momentarily stunned to see a naked woman walk out to greet them, but when they saw it was Elle their surprise faded and they quickly forced themselves to concentrate which was not an easy task for either of them but they both had previously learned the hard way what happened if you lowered your guard around Elle Bishop.

"Elle, what you doing here?" Flint asked with an amused grin on his face.

"Oh, just... having some fun." Elle said.

While on the surface the blonde was all smiles her mind was racing as she tried to think of the quickest and easiest way to take these two idiots down. After all Claire might be self healing but Peter was a sitting duck, a sitting duck who was probably seconds away from bursting out of his room to try and help when that would only probably get him killed or captured, either of which would upset Claire so Elle couldn't allow that to happen.

Elle had hoped her naked body would have stun them long enough for her to blast them but they recovered too quickly. She really shouldn't have slept with them back when they were imprisoned in the company and she had been very, very bored, she knew she was going to regret it.

"So you're what, Peter Petrelli's bodyguard now?" Flint asked, breaking the brief silence that had fallen.

"Something like that." Elle said.

"Well you might want to think about going back to your old job, because all we need is Petrelli, and it would be a real shame if we had to do something to you to get to him." Knox threatened.

"Hey now, let's not be hasty. I don't know about you Knox but the way I remember it Elle was the only good thing about being locked up. She always knew how to make the time just fly-by." Flint leered, "So what you say sparky, wanna join us? You help us bring Petrelli back and I reckon the boss would sign you up on the spot, and then maybe we could make the spare time fly-by again."

Elle smiled, "Well, as much fun as another 3 minutes, 39 seconds with you sounds I think I'm going to have to pass as I've traded up since I was slumming it with the likes of you two."

Just at that moment a still fully dressed Peter, fresh from burying his head under a pillow and pretending not to hear his niece having lesbian sex, burst out of his room clutching a bedside light which Elle assumed is the best thing he could find to defend himself with. Again the two idiots recover from their shock too quickly for Elle to attack.

"What, him?" Knox said, not looking impressed.

"No." Elle said.

As if on cue Claire emerged from the same room Elle had just recently appeared from with a bed sheet wrapped strategically around her.

The two intruders look back and forth at the grinning Elle and the blushing cheerleader.

"Wait... you and..."

Flint didn't get the chance to finish his sentence before he and Knox were both blasted by huge jolts of electricity which sent them flying backwards, their heads bashing against the wall before they fell forwards.

"Elle!" Claire exclaimed.

"Relax cheerleader, they'll be fine... probably." Elle said, before adding when Claire gave her a look, "What? I've done that like a million times and almost never killed anyone without meaning too."

"Well, that's... comforting." Peter said.

"How long will they be out for?" Claire asked.

Elle shrugged, "Don't know. Hours, days... minutes, it's hard to say. What?"

"I thought you had done it like a million times." Claire said.

"I have, it's just each time is different, and different people have different levels of resilience, and it's all very..." Elle tried to explain before sighing and simply adding, "They were going to hurt you."

And that's my job Elle finished in her head, the little glint in Claire's eye telling Elle that the cheerleader was thinking the same thing.

"That's... erm... we should probably go." Peter said.

"Awww, do we have too?" Elle complained, the blonde still hoping to feel Claire's tongue in her pussy so she added hopefully, "If these two losers wake up I can always shock them again."

Her hopefulness was met by a look from the other two.

"Fine, where too?" Elle asked.

"Well first..." Peter began before he was interrupted as 5 people suddenly materialised out of thin air.

Elle charged up her hands expectantly but thought twice about using her ability when she was greeted by the sight of a couple of Japanese guys, a sharp dressed man and woman, and a familiar looking man in horn-rimmed glasses.

One of the Japanese men looked around and smiled in greeting.

"Peter! Cheerleader!" He exclaimed before his eyes went wide, "Naked girl?"


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