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Note: This is an alteration to episode 9 of Season 3.

Codes: Anal, First, MMf, Oral

Pairings: Claire/Knox/Flint

Heroes: Being A Hero For Her Hero
by The Chemist

After Claire had told her father, Nathan Petrelli that his father was at Pinehearst, Nathan left the apartment hideout with his girlfriend Tracy Strauss, leaving Claire alone with her uncle Peter. They wouldn't be alone for long as within minutes of Nathan exit there was loud banging on the front door as someone was throwing their body weight into the wooden barrier.

"We need to get out of here now Claire," Peter yelled in panic as he quickly scanned the apartment, looking for an alternative root of exit. He normally wouldn't have been in such a hurry to leave, but hours before this he had his powers stolen by Arthur, his father and the leader of the Villians.

"Peter, use the fire escape. I'll hold them off and give you time to run," Claire said in a new found confidence that Peter had never seen before. He still imagined Claire as the 16-year-old high school cheerleader that he saved in Texas, but she had grown into an assertive woman in the past few months.

"Okay fine. I noticed a sewer grate in the alley out back when we came in. I'll wait for you there," Peter yelled as he jumped out of the window and started the descent down the fire escape. Within seconds of him leaving, Knox and Flint came bursting through the front door. Knox was a skinny, tall black man who was dressed in black jeans, grey dress shirt and black leather jacket. Flint was a large man, standing roughly 6'2 and weighing 260 pounds and could have been the twin of WWE wrestler Kane. The flamethrower was wearing blue jeans, white dress shirt and a brown jacket.

"How cute. You going to hold us up all by yourself little girl," Knox said, provoking the pint-sized hero. He assumed that Claire would be filled with fear so that he would have an incredible amount of strength, but the blonde was calm and assured as she stared with hatred at the two intruders.

"So what's the plan? Peter gets a few seconds head start before you catapult yourself out the window and meet him in the alley. We'll just chase after you guys, you'll fear will grow and Knox here will get stronger and faster. The boss already told us that Peter is powerless so it's only a matter of time until we capture you and kill him." Flint said, showing some intelligence as he flushed out Claire's original plan.

"Onto plan B," Claire muttered to herself as she gazed at the two men. "No that wasn't my plan at all. That would be too simple and you guys are obviously too smart for that. My plan is based on the fact that you two are red-blooded males, and that I am a hot blonde that can make your fantasies come true."

Knox and Flint exchanged a mischievous grin to each other before Knox spoke, "So let me get this right. Your gonna fuck us so that your little boyfriend can run away. What makes you think we ain't gonna hurt you?"

"First, he's my uncle, not my boyfriend. Secondly, you can't hurt me, no one can. And third, yes, I'm giving you two the chance of a lifetime. So what do you say?" Claire asked, looking every bit the high schooler in her light black jeans, grey tank top, black jacket and converse sneakers. Her long blonde locks that cascade down her tight teen body was the icing on the cake.

Just as they had done seconds before, Knox and Flint grinned to one another before silently walking over to the couch and sitting down at either end, leaving the middle seat available. Claire took the hint and walked over to the couch, taking off her jacket before she sat down in between the two men. They both followed her lead and made themselves more comfortable by removing their jackets as well.

"I bet no one has fucked you properly little girl. But don't worry, we the men that will do that for you. Ain't that right Knox?"

"You bet Flint. We gonna tear that ass up and have you screaming our names every step of the way. You gonna love it you little white trash whore," Knox said as he moved his head down into Claire's neck where he started planting kisses, which made her wince in disgust.

"Hey cheerleader, ever see a dick this big," Flint said as he undid his pants to show off his already erect 8-inch cock that had impressive girth. "I bet you can't even fit one of those dainty little hands around this bad boy."

Claire was stunned looking at the size of his manhood, it would definitely be the biggest she'd ever have thus far in her 18 years of life. She wasn't a cock-craving whore but for some reason she found herself drawn to the fat penis as she found herself inches closer and closer to it until she was close enough to wrap her plump lips around the bulbous head. She didn't realize that it wasn't attraction that was pulling her to Flint, but that it was Knox pushing her head towards it. Claire quickly rearranged her body so that she was kneeling on the couch while she sucked and slurped on Flint's massive dick.

Knox was making himself busy as well as he stood up and removed all of his clothes before talking to his sex slave, "Yeah suck that dick bitch. Let it hit the back of your throat. Wow you can't deep-throat, don't worry we will soon enough. Alright lets see them boobs you got blondie." Knox bent down and left Claire's top up past her bra then released her pert tits from their prison by ripping the fabric right from her body. Claire managed to give the black man a sideways glance before she had to revert her focus back to sucking off Clint. After kneading her B-cup-sized breasts, Knox lowered his hands to her waist to undo her jeans. Once unbuttoned, he slid her pants and pink thong down past her knees, unable to get them completely off.

"Now for some blondie. I bet that cunt is nice and tight. The boss said you were only 18 so I think I'm gonna rip you apart. Damn, you must have been expecting someone to crash this ass, you shaved it nice and bald." Knox said as he licked his fingers so he could rub some moisture into Claire's pink folds. Without any foreplay, Knox lined up his cock with Claire's pussy and entered her completely. "Fuck bitch you are tight."

"Hey Knox, give me a turn at that twat. Don't worry, you won't be disappointed, this girl's got a mouth like a hoover." Flint said as he finally removed his big mitts from holding Claire's head in his lap. "You about to go for a ride on the 'fat cock express' cheerleader."

All three of them stood up before Flint sat back down in the middle of the couch, while Claire took the chance to remove the tank top that was bunched at the top of her tits. She then backed onto the burly man, putting her muscular legs outside of Clint's so she could push herself off of the couch to ride him. Lifting her ass slightly off of Clint's hairy chest, Claire shoved his wide member into her pussy. It took her only a few moments for her mound to adapt to the girth, but then she was riding hard on the bald mobster.

"Give me that mouth blondie." Knox said as he was now standing on the couch beside the teenager. Claire took his long 10-inch black cock into her hand and guided it to her mouth where she corralled him with her skilled tongue. She didn't realize until once she started sucking, but Knox went straight from her hole into her mouth so that she now tasted herself, and surprisingly she loved the sweet taste.

"Yeah cowgirl, ride me good. You like that don't you, a hard cock in your pussy. You're just a slut at heart little girl, no wonder you jumped at the chance to fuck us." Clint said as Claire kept riding him.

"Sorry Knox but I wanna rip me off another piece of that fine pussy. Plus I saw the hungry look in this bitch's eyes when she liked herself off my dick so give her that pleasure, alright?" Knox said as he pulled out of Claire's mouth with an audible pop. Flint shifted over to the edge of the couch again while Claire assumed the doggy-style position so that her head was buried back in his lap while her rounded ass hung up in the air for Knox. Knox wasted no time and shoved his saliva-coated cock back into Claire's teenage pussy so that his groin was slapping her milky white ass.

"Damn this pussy is the best I ever had baby. But having Clint's sloppy seconds isn't that appealing, I mean his dick loosen this thing up. I'm going to fuck you in the ass now blondie." Knox said as he eyed up Claire's puckered sphincter.

Summoning all the strength in her body, Claire pulled her mouth away from Clint's dick, which he was holding her there with his hands on her head. "You are not putting your thing in my ass." Claire's look was stern and her words had venom in them as she stared over her shoulder at Knox.

"Okay cool. Actually I don't feel like doing this anymore so let's go hunt down the boss's kid Flint," Knox said as he pulled himself out of Claire's warm box and stood up as he looked for his clothes. Claire knew that Peter needed all the time she could afford to give him since he was moving extremely slowly after the fall he suffered.

"Wait don't go," Claire screamed at the villains who had just finished bundling up their clothes.

"Say the words you white trash whore," Knox said, trying to humiliate the blonde cheerleader.

"I want you to fuck me in the ass. Please fuck me up the ass," Claire muttered, defeated. The trio resumed their positions on the couch with Claire's ass up in the air waiting for her punishment. She didn't know what she was afraid of since she couldn't feel pain so how bad could it be?

"Keep blowing Flint. The pain won't be as bad if you're concentrating on something else. Why don't you focus on deep-throating, every proper slut knows how anyway," Knox said as he placed his cock up against Claire's asshole before pushing in with enough force that he got half of his member in before her hole clenched shut. Claire might not have been able to feel pain since Sylar opened up her brain, but Knox reversed that work as having a dick in her ass was sending searing discomfort through her body.

"Don't worry about pushing me away," Knox said in response to Claire snaking her hand around her body in an attempt to stop the mobster from going any further. "Hey Flint, get ready to feel this bitch's super tight throat." Knox pushed his cock a fraction of an inch further into Claire's rectum, which caused the teenager to open her mouth wide out of pain. Flint took advantage of the situation and heaved her head downward onto him, simultaneously feeling his dick enveloped in her taut throat and her nose ruffle into his greasy pubic hair.

"Dammit bitch, I mean it. Stop trying to not let this happen. Pull those cheeks apart, that will help you more than delaying the inevitable," Knox said. His words were finally getting through to the 18-year-old as she grabbed a hold of her round ass cheek and pulled it open, trying to ease the pain of having Knox sodomize her. Knox couldn't believe how tight this girl was, even with his cock drenched in her own juices, he was having an impossible time getting more of himself in her tight ass.

Knox was right, giving a blowjob to Flint was helping to take her mind off of the pain of getting ass fucked, but only because she couldn't breathe as Flint held her face impaled on his member. Noticing her face turning a deep shade of red, Flint moved Claire's face upwards, keeping just the head of his cock in her mouth as she had thick strands of drool trail along him. Once she regained her air supply Flint shoved her head back down along his cock until he felt himself inside her throat again. He held her there until that deep red colour returned to her face before letting her get air, then back to face-fucking her. Knox had momentarily given up on trying to ram home his entire length into her chute and had started to fuck her asshole with the 5 inches he already had inside her. With each stroke he would remove his entire cock from her bowel and watch her hole pucker back up then push back inside before it shut completely.

"Lift your leg blondie, it'll probably help me get in easier," Knox said as he took Claire's outside leg and hoisted it straight in the air. Claire was now getting assfucked sideways as Flint was craning her neck straight down so that her sodomy didn't interrupt his blowjob. The change in position was beneficial just for Knox though, as Claire's body movement allowed him to get in another two inches of his cock into her tight ass while also letting him control her arm so that she could resist him going further into her. This caused even more intense pain for Claire so she pulled out her arm that was supporting her body (the arm that allowed her to not be in complete control of Flint) to try and push off Knox. Her fighting was preventing Knox to get himself all the way inside Claire's brown eye so he went back to fucking her with the 7 inches he already had impaled in her. Flint noticed Knox's intentions and decided to take one for the team and help out his partner. He pulled the cheerleader's head off of his dick and stopped supporting her weight, causing Claire to lower herself further into the couch. This allowed her less leverage to push Knox away and gave his partner a better angle to push into her stretched backdoor. Knox did just that by dropping all of his body weight onto the 5'0 girl while driving with his legs to finally bury himself totally in her rectum.

"Ouch, holy fuck that hurt. Oww! It hurts so bad." Claire was able to scream now that her mouth was free of having to suck dick. Flint used this time to roughly massage Claire's tits, rolling each of the nipples between his thumb and forefinger. Claire knew that there was nothing she could do about Knox's actions so tried to focus on pleasuring herself despite the intense pain that was washing through her body.

"You were right Flint, this is a little white trash whore. Look at her rubbing her clit as she's got 10 inches of black cock in her ass. I think we got a white trash, anal-loving whore on our hands here Flint," Knox said. Claire couldn't form a response, the only noises that she was capable making were grunts and screams as her virgin asshole was plumaged.

"Mmm, Close, so close, ugh I'm cumming," Claire screamed, amazed that she could actually have an orgasm while having anal sex. Maybe she was a worthless slut, after all only a true white trash whore could get off on anal, right?

"Oh shit son, I'm about to blow. This ass is just too tight. Turn around blondie and get my gift for ya." In one fluid motion Knox pulled out of Claire's ass, pulled her by the hip and straddled her chest as he placed the head of his dick in her mouth and stroked his cock until he exploded. Looking down he could see that Claire was looking around for a place to spit at the shit-tasting spunk, so Knox leaned forward and shoved his cock into her throat. Having to deep throat him made Claire swallow down the thick, salty cum that Knox had just blown into her mouth.

"Wow that looked like fun. Thanks for loosing that asshole up for me Knox but now I think its time for cheerleader here to have a real dick in her ass." Flint said as he still had a rock hard cock that needed pleasing.

"You'll rip me apart Flint, please don't." Claire begged but she knew that she had to take the beating as here tight indestructible body could take a pounding whereas Peter's body was fragile. Accepting her fate, Claire got back onto the middle of the couch on her hands and knees as Flint took up the seat behind her, rubbing his stout head against her rear entrance. To her surprise, Knox sat down on the arm of the couch near her head holding his flaccid cock in his hand.

"It ain't gonna suck itself bitch. The taste of her own ass is still on it too, you'll probably like it as much as you loved sucking her pussy juice off my cock earlier," Knox said. Claire took the limp cock by the base and started to stroke it before putting it all in her mouth and working it over with her skillful tongue, slowly feeling it regain its rigidness. Claire gasped when Flint finally broke through her sphincter with his super-sized penis and out of instinct her arms shout backwards to repel him as her body squirmed in an attempt to throw him out.

"Looks like I'm gonna have to hold this bitch's arms down. I got your back bro, you just grab hold of them there hips and pound it home," Knox said to his partner as he clenched the cheerleader's wrists and held them on her back. Claire did manage to wiggle Flint's dick from her anus but Flint wasn't going to give up the easily so with one hand on his cock and the other on her rounded hip, he attempted to thrust his head back into her orifice. Claire was a fighter and wiggling her backside as best she could, every time she felt his head on her rosebud she would summon more strength and elude his efforts.

"If this dick ain't in your ass in three seconds we gonna toss you to the floor and go get that Petrelli guy. He's pretty fucked up so how far do you think he's gotten? My bet is not very so be a good little slut for your friend and take it up the ass." Flint's words must have gotten through to the blonde cheerleader as she stopped moving her body. Flint bent down and spat onto her asshole then quickly rubbed his dick in the saliva before pushing the head back into her bum.

"Oww, oww, oww fuck!" Claire screamed as the head rested in her plump behind, causing her sphincter to expand past normal limits. Claire remember that when Knox was sodomizing her it helped somewhat to suck off Flint, so rather than moan about how bad it felt to get assfucked by a bulldozer she took Knox's cock into her mouth and focused on giving him the best blowjob of her life.

"That's it, take it you blonde slut. You like my fat cock in your tiny ass don't you. Talk to me cheerleader, tell me you like this dick in your ass." Flint was knowing fucking the petite cheerleader with half of his cock in her bum at a fast speed, working up a sweat in doing so. Flint, who was resting on both of his knees, got to his feet so he could get better leverage so that he was thrusting into Claire from almost directly above her, making her take almost his full length inside her rectum.

"Mmm, yeah, I love that dick in my bum," Claire moaned from around Knox's cock with each of Flint's thrusts into her brown eye. She swore she had to be insane as she was actually starting to take pleasure from this barbarian's anal pounding. Claire couldn't even pay attention to sucking off Knox anymore as she let him slip from her mouth in order to scream out in ecstasy. Claire had to bite down on her lip when Flint eventually rammed all the way into her ass, the thick base causing the greatest deal of stretching that any asshole could possibly endure, but once she got use to it she was back to moaning as if a vibrator was firmly planted on her g-spot.

"I bet no one did this to you in the school yard. None of those high school boys would fuck you up the ass would they blondie?" Knox said as he took his cock in his hands and put it back in Claire's mouth, not wanting to let a perfectly good throat go to waste. The vibrations that Claire's throat was making on Knox's cock as he was imbedded deep in her mouth from the delight of taking it in the ass felt magical.

"I think this bitch needs two dicks in her, don't you think Knox," Flint said as he kept slamming against Claire's pale butt.

"No, no I won't be able to take it. I can barely take one of you. Please don't," Claire pleaded to her captives. Her words went on deaf ears as Flint and Knox stood up before the black man grabbed the blonde under her arms and rolled her around so that he was sitting on the couch and she was straddled on top of him.

"Ride that cock blondie like a good slut would," Knox said as he moved his cock easily into Claire's wet pussy and let her take over and ride his dick. Behind her, Flint was stroking his cock, ready to jump in and tear her apart but letting her get a rhythm with the one cock first. Feeling like he waited long enough, Flint walked between Knox's legs and crutched down so that his dick was level with the object of his affection. Knox knew that the blonde would put up a fight so by feeding off of her fears of being double penetrated he bear-hugged her tightly against his chest, causing her ass to stick out a little higher for his partner.

"Oww, argh, oww, argh," Claire screamed as she felt Flint enter her ass for the second time that day, only this time she already had a cock in her snatch that was pushing against her rectum, making even less room inside her bowels for Flint. Knox held Claire down on his cock by her hips and stopped thrusting into her to allow his partner the time to work all the way back into her anus. Claire's screaming was starting to get less frequent so Knox prompted her to start riding his dick that was in her pussy as Flint continued to drill her bum. Claire somehow managed to ride Knox while Flint was pounding into her and she was surprised to find how quickly to pain was going away and replaced with arousal. Instead of feeling like her asshole and pussy were going to rip, she was now finding that the double penetration was reaching new regions of pleasure. She was beginning to love the feeling of the two cocks grinding against the thin membrane that separated her anal and vaginal cavities.

"Mmm, oh yeah, fuck me boys, fuck me," Claire shouted as her body was being used by the two mobsters. Claire didn't even realize that she stopped riding Knox, instead she stayed still and enjoyed the sensations, but Knox did realize so he started to trust up into the cheerleader's pussy.

"Let me get another turn in that sweet ass Flint," Knox said to his partner. Flint complied and pulled out of Claire's bum, watching with satisfaction as her hole stay gaped for a few seconds until her regenerating power kicked in and shut her opening back to its original tightness.

"You're in for a treat my man, that asshole healed right up and is gonna be super tight again." Claire barely had time to realize what Flint had said before she sat back down on Knox, but this time with her back to him and his cock slidding into her rectum.

"Stupid power, why did I have to lose the pain part of my power and not the healing part," Claire muttered as she bit down hard on her lip, having to get accustom to being assfucked all over again. The guys decided to be nice on the teenager and gave her some time to adjust, so she lent back all the way onto Knox so that she could feel his chest on her back and slowly moved up and down on his dick, only taken about half of it in her rump. Hearing that her painful grunts were stopped, Knox started to push into her, getting all the way into her ass before pulling almost all the way out then thrusting back in to the hilt. Flint also noticed that Claire was good to go again so he moved between their legs and slipped his cock into her glistening pussy. Flint wasn't holding back anymore and was really plowing into the 18-year old, so he was amazed when the cheerleader wrapped her short legs around his waist and dug her heels into his ass to get him to fuck her faster. Flint didn't want to disappoint the youngster so he was giving her everything he had until he felt his balls start to swell and knew his orgasm wasn't too far off.

"Yo Knox, why don't you take some one on one time with this bitch. You know, so that cheerleader can really appreciate you fucking her cute ass" Flint said as he pulled out of the blonde. Claire rolled off of Knox, who placed her on her back with her legs up on his shoulders. This time Knox didn't wait for Claire to heal herself by tightening up her hole because he wanted her to take pleasure from this. Since her ass was already stretched Knox was able to resume fucking her at full speed, which Claire must have liked as she brought her hand down to rub her clit. Claire knew that she was only doing this to help Peter escape, but that didn't mean she didn't get to enjoy herself. Claire thought that she must be experiencing some type of Stockholm syndrome, that or she was just plain horny, but her thoughts were soon pulled from her head as her body was rocked by her orgasm. Flint just stood off to the side, slowly stroking his cock to be ready to blow once Knox was finished.

"Oh shit girl, your ass is too smoking hot for me. I'm gonna blow on your ass, alright baby," Knox said, knowing his orgasm was imminent. Knox pulled out of Claire just as his jizz came shooting out of his cock, depositing several thick strands on Claire's juicy backside. Flint quickly step in and pulled Claire to her knees where she had time to just look up at the big man when he erupted onto her face, the first blast catching the teenager on her forehead, with the next few shots landing on her cheek and nose. Claire looked absolutely adorable with cum splattered all over her face, but it didn't stay there long as she used her hand to gather the thick fluid into her mouth. She did likewise with the spunk on her ass as the innocent looking 18-year-old girl fancied the taste of sperm quite a bit. Claire took her clothes, except for her bra that was torn to shreds, and went to the bathroom where she wiped away the remains of cum from her face and body and got dressed. When she got out she noticed that Flint was fully dressed again but that Knox was missing. She didn't care where he was as she started to run towards the window that looked out onto the alley that had the sewer that Peter was hiding in, but as she jumped to break through the glass, she was tackled to the ground by Knox.

"I don't think so Claire. You really think we would let our target get away just to get a free piece of ass, even from a smokin' hot chick like you? Peter's not the target blondie, you are." Knox told her as she slapped a pair of handcuffs onto her wrists behind her back, making any attempt of running that much harder. Claire couldn't believe how stupid she was, the only thing she could take solace in was that Peter was somewhere safe.


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