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Hercules: The First Time (MF)
by The Fan ([email protected])

Zeus, the lord of the gods sat on his throne on Mount Olympus.

He sat there, looking over the vast hall.

Before him were gathered the gods of Olympus.

Hermes, a tall, lithe man. The god of speed and commerce. Athena, a tall,
athletic brunette with fierce eyes. The goddess of wisdom and chastity and
might (aka the universe's oldest virgin). Aphrodite, a tall, physically
perfect blonde with blue eyes. The goddess of love. Ares, a tall bronze
skinned, black haired bodybuilder-type. The god of war. Hephaestus, a short
and burly guy with red hair. The god of the Forge and Crafts and Metalshop.

These were the main gods.

There were others.

Bacchus, the god of wine. Persephone, the nature goddess. Tantalus, the god
of mystical lust. Thebus, the god of seasons. Myrna, the goddess of youth.
Hecuba, the goddess of wrath. Hades, the god of death. Apollo the sun god.
Vertumme and Pomona, the god and goddess of gardens.

All in all over a hundred deities.

Inside Olympus were the greatest powers in the universe.

They were at the present time all chatting and laughing merrily and drinking
mead. All except Athena, she was engaged in conversation with Ganymede, a
pretty immortal boy and the only deity who didn't lust after her. He had very
different interests alright. He was talking to her and eyeing Patrokles, a
young warrrior god the whole time. Athena shook her head. The good ones were
either married or... yeah, that.

"Ladies and gentlemen!" said Zeus. "I have an announcement to make."

All were silent and listened.

"I assume all of you have been paying attention to the exploits of my son,"
he said.

"What son would that be, your lordship has so many," said Athena.

Zeus looked at her, and grinned.

At that moment all the gods and goddesses got away from Athena. Everyone knew
that when Zeus smiled, he had malevolent intentions. The last time, he sent
Hephaestus hurling about in the air. The poor godling had fallen on the
island of Lemnos and been injured. Being a god meant he could not die but the
injuries would never fully heal. Especially since Phaedra, the goddess of
Healing had left Olympus. Something about her having an affair with Zeus and
Hera finding out. Hera was after all the queen of the gods and Zeus' jealous

"Why do you interrupt me, Athena?" said Zeus.

"Nothing, lord," said Athena. "Please, continue."

"My son is approaching that time when he is in need of guidance. Now, since
I am busy, I will need someone to watch over him."

Athena sneered. She knew what "busy" meant. Zeus had found a new lady friend.
She knew exactly which. More than likely it was Artemis, the young goddess of
Chastity. Zeus wanted to make the insecure virgin into his slut and would not
rest until he had his way with her. Athena feared for Artemis. Incurring
Zeus' wrath was not something anyone would wish for. She was thinking those
thoughts when Zeus was eyeing the crowd of gods and goddesses before him.

"Well?" he said. "Who will be my son's watcher?"

All remained silent. The gods knew of Zeus' mortal offspring. They were a
troublesome bunch. Demigods generally were but having Zeus's blood in them
made them more than human and very vicious and ambitious. She recalled them
all. Perseus who slew the Gorgon and rode Pegasus, the winged horse.
Achilles, the invulnerable one slain by an arrow of Apollo at troy. Theseus
who killed the minotaur. Yes, sons of Zeus were a troublesome bunch indeed.
She pitied the poor god or goddess who was gonna end up playing babysitter
to such a troublesome individual.

"If none shall volunteer, I shall choose," said Zeus.

He looked at them all and was angry and his Power showed. He went from his
usual form, that of a six foot six, blond haired, blue-eyed athletic man in
his early forties. The form mortal women found so seductive. He left that
form and became a 100 foot tall gigantic thing that seemed to be made of
electricity and fire and crystals. His true form, that of the King of the

He spoke in a booming voice. "I SHALL CHOOSE," he said. "I CHOOSE..." all the
gods and goddesses held their breath. "ATHENA!"

Athena's jaw was flapping in the breeze. What? Surely this was a mistake.
Surely... he could not choose her to look after his foul litter not her!
Nobody did this to Athena, not even Zeus! But try as she might she could
not defy him. She knew he had the Bones of Kronos, his Father the Titan
whom he had killed eons ago. Kronos himself had killed OURANOS, the ancient
sky god and husband of GAIA, the earth goddess. Zeus had killed his father
who had killed his father so killing a disobedient goddess like herself
would not seem hard to him.

Biting her lip, she bowed her head with mock respect. The assembly of gods
behind her breathed easier. Zeus was a tyrant. But .she had to do his


The sun rose upon the land of Thebes...

Hercules rose long before dawn. He was doing yard work. Like any normal
Theban son. But he wasn't. He was the son of Amphitryon and Alcmene. The
former was a Theban prince. The world did not know that some eighteen
years ago, Zeus took the form of the prince and seduced his young wife.
He fathered a son with her. That son was Hercules.

Amphitryon thought Hercules was his son and so did Alcmene. She had been
tricked by the king of the gods like everyone else. But Hercules was no
ordinary lad. At 18 months old he was strong enough to strangle two pythons
sent into his crib by the goddess Hera. Recently he had killed the Nemean
lion, a rather savage and fearsome beast. The lion was invulnerable.
Hercules strangled it using his fantastic strength. He told no one about
this. The people of Nemea found the corpse of the lion minus its skin one
day. Hercules made a costume out of the skin of the lion. Even after death,
the skin was invulnerable. He had to use the lion's own claws and teeth to
peel it off.

Right now, he was lifting a rather large rock. The thing weigh exactly three
tons yet the superstrong youth lifted it like it was a pebble before throwing
it into the sea, which was miles away. The rock, propelled by his fabulous
strength went into the sea. Making a big splash. He moved through the field,
plowing and plowing. He did not know his life was about to change.

* * *

Athena flew down to the mundane Earth. She had cared very little for the
world of men. They were little more than savage beasts. The women were a bit
wiser if not more frivolous. She did not see what Zeus or any other god saw
in them. The gods had lusted after the women since the emergence of mankind
and fucked them from time to time. The result was these troublesome demigods.
Those beings who were neither mortal nor divine but a weird mixture of both.
They had super powers but could die like any other mortal although it might
take more to kill them. They were the kings and heroes of this strange age.

She materialized on Earth. She knew how she looked. A woman. But not any
woman. She stood six feet two inches tall, with an athletic body. Her skin
was bronze-colored, her eyes blue and her hair long and black. She wore a
red tunic adorned with gold. A battle tunic made by the god Hephaestus for
her. She knew she was very beautiful by mortal standards and even divine
ones. But men, mortal or otherwise were pigs so she denied them access to
her body.

She walked in Thebes. Zeus hadn't been too specific about his son. So Athena
walked around. She used her magic to dim her beauty so that the mortals were
not dazzled. Only a little. All they saw was a very beautiful woman. She
walked through the city. There were mortals everywhere. Thousands. So many.
She sniffed. The sight of them did not please her. She kept walking, looking
with godly awareness at the whole lot of them.

* * *

Hercules was done with his chores. He went to the Acropolis (downtown in
ancient greece). He was chilling with his buddies Iolaus and Philoctetes.
Iolaus was a tall, slender guy with red hair. He had been Hercules's friend
since they were little. Philoctetes was not a man but a satyr. He was a
short and cubby man from the waist up, only he was too hairy and had horns.
From the waist down he had a goat's waist, equipment and legs. He was a
Satyr. One of the more common creatures in Greece. Satyrs were a long-lived
bunch with a lifespan of millennia. Phil was a youngster, only a century
old. They were drinking light mead and checking out the babes.

"Hey, buddy," said Iolaus. "How come you never talk to chicks?"

"Yeah," said Phil.

Hercules looked at his buds. They laughed. "Well, guys, I'm shy, okay?"
This made them laugh some more.

Just then something happened. A chariot came running at full speed. Everyone
in the Acropolis cleared the place. But not one kid. A small girl who was
playing with her doll. Somehow she had gotten away from her mother. Said
mother was crying to her child to come to her before it was too late.
Hercules saw all that and just went in.

He ran as fast as he could, which was pretty fast. He got there in time to
gently push the girl out of harm's way. The chariot came at him. It was
one of those old, 4-wheeled, 4-horse-drawn things. It hit him full force.
Hercules felt the impact but surprisingly no pain. He simply seized the
horses by the reins and forced them back, chariot and all. The animals
resisted and everyone was surprised when Hercules simply lifted the thing.
The crowd gasped. He brought the runaway chariot to a halt.

Hercules then turned around. Everyone was staring at him. He looked at them.
He saw awe there, and fear as well. "Oh no," he said. "What have I done?"

Before anyone could say anything, Hercules ran.

* * *

Athena made her way to the Acropolis. There was a crowd there. The mortals
seemed more excited than usual. In spite of herself, she was curious. What
had happened? She came through. They were talking about something that
simply could not be. "Who did this?" she asked a little girl and her mother.

"A lad from one of the princely families," said the woman. "They called him

"Hercules?" said Athena. "Where might I find him?"

"At the house of Prince Amphitryon, his father," said the woman.

Athena smiled. "His Father? Doubtful." She left.

* * *

Hercules was getting tired of it all. The endless questions. How did you do
that? They were looking at him like he was some kinda freak for the Gods'
sake. And now he was locked up in his room. He did not want to see anyone.
His parents had argued. Hercules listened with his better-than-normal
hearing. What is wrong with your son? He's your son, too? How can he do
that? Maybe he's gifted? Maybe he's cursed. Oh my gods, maybe he's a monster?

Tired of it all, Hercules left. He went outside his bedroom window and leapt
the 30 feet that separated him from the other building. He ran from rooftop
to rooftop until he reached the temple of Demeter, the Harvest Goddess. From
then on, he was in the sacred woods dedicated to the goddess.

There, he let it out. He was angered as he had every right to be. He
concealed his powers every day of his life. Ever since he was thirteen he
realized he was different. He could hold his breath for ten minutes. He
could run a marathon (thirty to forty miles) in a little more than an hour.
He was very strong. That was the one talent he could not hide that well. At
night he could hear people talking across the city. He could smell roast
beef being cooked three miles away. He had never gotten hurt in his life.
Oh, he'd fallen off a tree and shaken it off and just considered himself
lucky. But now? What was he, to be able to do these things? He did not know.
He had normal parents, and a normal life. So why was he a freak?

He slammed his fist into a rock and watched it shatter. Yes, he was not
normal. He stayed out for a week.

* * *

Athena went to Thebes. She had used her powers to search for the one who had
to be the Son of Zeus. And found him. She went to his parents and presented
herself as a personal trainer of heroes. She had to use her skills to
convince them the lad was gifted, not cursed. A gift of the gods, not a
monster. They were happy to hear that. Then they organized a search for him.
They did not search long. The lad returned home after a self imposed 7 day

"Hello, father and mother," he said.

"Hello, son," they said.

"Look," hercules said. "I can explain."

"No need," said his father.

"No?" said a puzzled Hercules.

"No. You are gifted son. You will bring glory to this household and the city
state. I am pleased to know you are blessed with such strength."

Hercules scratched his head. He had imagined many homecomings but none such
as this. They were actually okay with it. Then he noticed someone that
clearly did not belong. A tall, statuesque brunette clad in nice clothing.
She was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. There was something
fierce, outright animalistic about her. She was a warrior.

"Herc," said Amphitryon. "This is Lady Thena, she is to be your Trainer."

"Hello, m'lady," said Hercules.

The woman looked him from up and down. He could sense something odd about
her. Her eyes were scanning him. Whatever she concluded she kept to herself
for she only said. "Looking forward to training you, Hercules. We start at

'What have I got myself into?' Hercules thought.

* * *

The next day she worked him well. First she tested him.

They had weird tests. She made him stand still for about an hour. On an ant
hill. She made him grow plants. Over the next few weeks, she made him run
sixty miles a day. He ran. He swam in frigid waters. She was ruthless with
him. Then she made him do those weird sessions of reading and memorizing
things and stuff like that.

THEN she made him stay within a 100-foot in diameter circle, alone and hungry
for 5 days.

* * *

Athena returned to Olympus. She gave Zeus an update on his son's works.

"Is he ready?" the king kept saying. "I wish to see him do his destiny.
The Fates have told me to expect unprecedented wonders from him."

"He is a mere demigod," said Athena. "Lord, how much can he do? He seems
human, more or less. I do not see much power in him though I see potential."

"He is my Son!" said Zeus. "There is nothing mere about him." He was pissed
and actually slammed his fist into her face. Athena went back flying. She
caught herself and got up. Her hand was on her magical sword, ready to
unsheath and strike. Zeus looked at her, his eyes full of elemental rage.
"Return to your duties, he said. And question me no further."

Athena bit her lip and flew away.

"One of these days...." she muttered under her breath.

She went to Earth. On her way she was so ticked off she maimed a whole herd
of centaurs.

To Thebes she flew. She went to Hercules. The lad was training hard. The
goddess was nursing her wounded pride. "Who the hell did Zeus think he was?
Making her, a goddess, the receiver of a blow? Playing babysitter to his
bastard son?"

She watched him.

Hercules did not know he was being watched. So he was pleasing himself. He
was carving rock with his bare hands, cutting through the thing like clay
so strong was he. At this show of raw power, Thena was stunned. No one could
do that. The gods had magical powers but such raw strength.... only Zeus had
that, and he got it from his dad Kronos who got it from Ouranos. He was more
like his father everyday.

She approached him silently. She watched him. He really was a handsome youth.
She watched him. He was an artist in his own way. She looked at his artwork,
and gasped. This made her lose focus and the stealth spell she had working
was broken. Hercules turned around and saw her.

"Oh, gods!" he exclaimed. "Lady Thena, what are you doing here?"

She smiled at seeing him like this. He was trying to hide the artwork from
her. She casually moved him aside and saw it. There was a life-size statue
of her, only.... it was naked.

"I can explain," said Hercules. 'Damn,' he thought, 'she has a habit of just

Thena smiled, watching him fumble for words. He was so cute. A boy who might
just be strong enough to lift mount Olympus one day fumbling for words like
a schoolboy. He was so insecure, so vulnerable, unlike his father. She had
gotten to know him over the few months they had spent together. He was a
complainer, he had a weakness for roast meat and mead. But he was so shy
around women it was a laugh. Athena considered that. The son of the cosmos'
biggest womanizer was a shy kid. She was looking at him and realized her
look was an imposing one so she stopped. He was looking at her.

"So, m'lady, you're not mad at me?"

"No, Hercules. I am not mad at you." She smiled.

Seeing him really lightened her day. So light that she forgot to cover
herself and her bruise showed. Zeus had done some damage to her due to his
fantastic strength.

He saw it. "What is that?" he said.


He touched her cheek. So gentle was that touch.... she closed her eyes.

"Who the hell did this to you?" he said. He was looking very angry.

"Nobody," she lied. She was so embarassed she turned away. He did something
then. He reached out and touched her.

"Thena," he said addressing her for the first time by her name. "I cannot
think of what manner of man would do this to you, you are the strongest and
bravest woman I know. You are my trainer and my friend and I... care for
you. Please talk to me."

"No, Hercules." She said firmly. "There is nothing to discuss."

He looked at her right then and she was taken aback by the look of elemental
pain in his face. It stirred something in her heart. Something she could not
understand. She said, "Leave me alone." Then she left.

Hercules was left alone. He was stricken with grief. Who could have hurted
her? She was the most courageous lady he knew? Who could hurt her? He thought
about her all afternoon. He realized he did not know much about her. She
spoke very little of herself. She had no man in her life. She was like an
Amazon, those women-loving warrior women from the distant lands. Except that
unlike a traveling Amazon warrior, she kept no girl for her pleasure. He got
rid of the notion that she was lesbian. It had to be something else? Perhaps
she had come across a warrior she could not beat? That was hard to imagine.
He was strong as god knew what and he would never dare take her on.
Everything about her screamed might and beauty and otherworldly prowess and

He was troubled. He went to his father.

Amphitryon was in his throne room when his son walked in. Hercules looked

"Dad," said Hercules. "I really like this lady."

The old man smiled. He remembered when he was Hercules' age. His son told
him all that was bothering him. They organized a search throughout the
kingdom and in the distant lands. No one had heard of the Lady Thena. It
was like she popped out of nowhere. Hercules was sad and desperate but
Amphitryon reassured him. "She'll be back, son."

"Dad," said Herc. "Help me understand her."

"Hercules, son," said the old man. "I have been alive for fifty six years
and if there's one thing I have learned is that I know nada about women."

Herc sighed.

* * *

Athena flew to the Hesperides islands. They were secluded islands mortals
never went to. She went there to see Phaedra. The Goddess of healing. They
were old friends.

They sat in Phaedra's palace. She listened to Athena's story with compassion.
She too was a victim of Zeus. She had been chased from Olympus because she
had an affair with him. An affair which resulted in a child. Athena watched
Phaedra. The goddess was talking to her offspring. It appeared to be a boy of
eight. A blond haired, bleu-eyed lad. Another son of Zeus. Like Hercules.
Only this one was a full god. His name was Phrixios. Athena watched him shoot
electricity out of his eyes and dry a large cat then bring the animal back to
life to do the same thing again. For a moment she looked at him... and smiled
dreamily about things she had long denied herself.

Phaedra watched her and smiled. "Athena, dear. You are not the same woman."

"I am a goddess, not a woman," said Athena.

"So what's this Hercules like?" said Phaedra.

Athena smiled. "He's clumsy and foolish. He actually thinks he can make
anything better with his power."

"Sounds like his dad," said Phaedra.

"No," said Athena defensively. "He is not like Zeus! He wants to help people,
for real. He has no interest in ruling the world."

"Ah-ha," said Phaedra smugly. "I knew it."

"Knew what?" said a puzzled Athena.

"Knew it was gonna happen sooner or later." said Pheadra knowingly. "Admit
it, girl. You got it bad for this Hercules."

"What?" said Athena. "Hell no! He's half mortal, and he's barely eighteen."

"So? You know what you have to do," said Phaedra. Then she picked up her

Athena got up, a bit outraged and confused. "Is it worth it?" she said,
looking at Phaedra and her son.

"Yes," said Phaedra.

It was a very confused Athena who left the islands of Hesperides.


She went back to Thebes...

To the holy woods...

Hercules was there. Training, always training. He was getting stronger
everyday. She calmed herself down and went looking around the place. There
were two new statues. Two very familiar statues. One of her, the other of
him. Kissing. It warmed her heart and upset her at the same time. On one
hand it was so romantic, on the other who did Hercules think he was? She
was mildy angry at him and went to him, still invisible. She got the urge
to punch him but stopped when she saw the look of longing in those eyes.
Oh, Hercules.

He looked away and she willed herself to be visible. He gasped when he saw
her. She was about to say something when suddenly she found herself inside
two very strong arms. The lad was hugging her. "Oh, Thena, thena." he was
hugging her so hard she thought a mortal would have broken in half. The boy
did not know his strength. She was about to speak when he planted a big kiss
on her mouth. Thena's eyes widened. "Oh, Thena, he said. Where have you been,
I missed you."

Athena tried to control her emotions but found out she couldn't so she just
went along with it. They kissed each other. He held her. They stood equal in
height and pretty much everything else. He kissed her, awakening passions she
long thought she did not have. Soon they were naked, lying on the grass. He
was beneath her. She was looking into his eyes. There was so much she wanted
to say. He was admiring her body, telling how great she was. At the same
time, he was exploring her. His hands were crude but they were enflaming her
immortal flesh that had never, ever known another being's touch.

Hercules kissed her throat while his hands were on her perfect breasts. He
had never made love before but he heard the guys talk so he kinda knew what
to do. He had her lie down and she was kinda puzzled when he opened her legs.
He began to lick her pussy. He probed it with his fingers and tongue. She
gasped. A hot new sensation was cruising through her. He made her...feel. She
felt his tongue in her pussy and her body being perfectly made responded. He
introduced one finger in her asshole and was suprised at how tight she was.
He poked her with his middle finger. He stimulated her until he thought she
was ready. Then he placed his rock hard cock near her. She held it in her
hands and looked at it curiously. She looked up at him, and smiled.

Then she realized what he was gonna do and gasped. He had to reassure her
and was very surprised when she told him she had not done this before. He was
shocked. Such a beautiful woman, never having been with anyone. She looked at
him and he confessed he was a virgin as well. They smiled at each other and
they fooled around. Then she spread her legs so he could stick it in. He went
into her pussy. She gasped as he penetrated her and knocked down the barrier
that was the hymen. He began to fuck her long and slow.

They were both new at this. He took his time, watching her. Thena rubbed her
tits with her hands. With one hang Hercules joined her, with the other he
finger fucked her asshole. Then the fucking he gave her made her cum. She
screamed her pleasure. Thena gasped.

In the eons she had lived, she had never experienced anything like it. The
sensation of having a rock hard hot dick in her most private chamber and a
finger in her ass. She looked at her lover and experienced another mortal
joy as he unleashed his hot load in her pussy. She screamed out loud. Her
pussy felt so good she wondered what it would be like to have his thing in
her butt. Hercules took a second to recover then he was hard again.

He positioned his prick at the pink opening of her virgin ass. He had never
seen such a pretty ass. She was like Venus come to life. He paused. Thena
readied herself for an onslaught of unknown sensations. Hercules hesitated.
He felt responsible for her and would not hurt her. He warned her this would
hurt but she did not care. She grabbed his hand and kissed it. That was all
the encouragement he needed. He slowly entered her ass. His cockhead went in
with a small popping sound. Thena gasped. He went in very slowly. The warmth
and tightness of that ass was... unlike anything he ever felt before. He went
inside her ass, pumping it up. She pushed her ass back. Thena gasped as the
long dick invaded her asshole. She had never felt anything like this before.
She was on her hands and knees, a man's big cock up her asshole. She could
only feel him, his rough hands on her slim waist. She was not a goddess now
but a woman. A woman in love with a man and giving him what she held dearest.
She felt the white-hot pain and finally understood how most mortal women felt
everyday... surrendering to these creatures called men... out of love. She
screamed in pain and pleasure as he came in her ass.

Then he began to pull out. She felt so abandoned. She had not finished sating
the pleasure they had both created. And he had pulled out. Once satisfied, he
left. Like a man. She lay on her back on the grass, a gloriously naked woman.
She looked up at him. He was so handsome, how like his father though it
disturbed her somehow... until he picked her up and said soft words of love
to her and held her in his big, strong arms.

"Oh, Thena, he said. I love you, I love you, I love you."

She kissed him back and buried her head in his neck.

Then lightning struck.

Thena nearly jumped. Hercules looked at her, his eyes full of worry for his
beloved. "What's wrong?" he asked. "It's just lightning."

"No, it's not just lightning," said Thena. "Hercules, there's a lot about me
you don't know."

He smiled at her. "Like what?"

He watched as her clothes simply appeared on her naked form. One minute she
was nude, the next she was dressed up.

"What the..." Hercules began.

"I'll explain later," she said as she took him by the hand and willed clothes
to appear on him. He was more shocked as she led him away.

Then came a fantastic thunderstrike. The loudest Hercules had ever heard. The
next second, there was a man standing in front of them. A tall, middle-aged
blond guy. Upon seeing him, Thena gasped.

"Who is this?" said Hercules.

Thena looked at him and looked sad.

"So, son, after all this time, this is the welcome I get?" said the man.

"Look, mister," said Hercules. "I don't know who you are but I am Hercules
of Thebes, son of Amphitryon. If you don't leave my lady alone I will hurt

"Hurt me?" the man said. He laughed.

Hercules took a step forward. Thena held him back. "He might hurt you, Herc."

Hercules seized up the guy. Old and in good shape. Easy to take down. He
walked up to him and the man stared him down. Hercules grabbed him by his
collar and... the next instant was struck by lightning. He fell back,

"Hercules!" said Thena.

He fell at her feet, unconscious.

"You have hurt him!" said Athena.

"He is not really hurt," said Zeus, "Unlike you are gonna be. You screwed up
Thena. You were supposed to train him not fuck him." He smiled naughtily.
"Guess you finally found a guy you like, uh? The rest of us Olympian guys
thought you were into girls."

"I love him," Athena said.

"He is my son," said Zeus. "He has a destiny. The world needs him. The gods
will need him. He is about to start a lot. Really make a difference. You have
to let go."

Athena looked at Hercules, lying down on the rain-soaked grass like that. He
looked so vulnerable. Her heart ached for him. But she knew the wisdom of
Zeus, however twisted. He told her of the Fates and what they said Hercules
was gonna do. She was awed. He would be like a god among men. Supreme. Above
the rest. She saw loneliness and peril for him.

"I want to be with him," said Athena. "I want to be a mortal."

Zeus smiled. "Immortality can neither be given nor taken away. You know that.
As much as you love him, my son is a mortal. He will live a glorious life and
save mankind as well as the gods but he will die. Be certain of that."

Athena saw the wisdom in that or at least the cold goddess she was saw it.
The woman in her refused to acknowledge the loss of the man she loved. She
wanted to fight and kill and die for him. The goddess prevailed over the

"Can I at least say goodbye?" she asked.

Zeus nodded.

Athena went to Hercules and showed herself in all of her godliness and
beauty. Just as he was recovering and opening his eyes, she kissed him.
Then vanished.

Hercules got up. He felt like something important had just happened but he
could not remember what. He looked around.


"Will he remember any of this?" said Athena.

"Only in his dreams," said Zeus. "Tomorrow he will begin training under
Philoctetes. They will begin the Twelve Labors I will choose for him and
he will fulfill his destiny as the savior of man and god..."

Athena watched. She would always watch. She would exist only in his dreams.
The woman who loved him but could never, ever have him. She watched a lost
and lonely Hercules go home. None of it had happened. Not even their...
special moment. She remembered, though. The touch, the feel, the fabric of
an alternate life...

To the world he would be the archetype of the perfect hero. To her, he was a
scared and shy boy who loved her. And always would... in his dreams.

The End


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