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Hercules: Nymphs And Satyrs (MMF,slash)
by Bartleby Quentin


Hercules sat down on a couch in the villa. This was but one of the many
locales that Hercules called home. He was the Son of Zeus and Hera, the
King and Queen of the Gods. He was also one of the Gods of Olympus. The
God of Mercy. Hercules had been born on Olympus, as one of the Deities
there nineteen years ago. He had been stolen away from his Divine Parents
by Hades, the God of the Underworld. Hades was the habitual enemy of the
Olympians. He had his demonic henchmen, the vile creatures known as Pain
and Panic steal the infant Hercules away from his parents. Hades had an
evil plan. He wanted to take over the world. He needed to get rid of Zeus
and the mighty Gods and Goddesses of Olympus.

Hades wanted to use the immortal brutes known as the Titans to destroy
the Olympians. There was only one snag. The newest addition to the Greek
Pantheon, the young Godling known as Hercules was fated to defeat the
Titans in battle and vanquish Hades.

Hades needed to get rid of Hercules. He had Pain and Panic kidnap him. The
demonic henchmen had been given a magical potion which would strip Hercules
of his powers long enough for the demons to kill him. The potion worked only
half right. It rendered Hercules half human and half God. Somewhere between
mortality and divinity. Of both worlds and yet belonging to neither. The
baby Hercules still retained enough strength to defeat the demonic henchmen
who had transformed themselves into Serpents to slay him.

Baby Hercules was found near the town of Cadmia by Amphitryon and Alcmene, a
couple of farmers. They would raise Hercules as their own child. Hercules had
no knowledge of his true origins. He grew up in the town of Cadmia as would
any other kid. Except that he was different. He had certain abilities that
ordinary human beings did not have. He was very strong. Strong enough to lift
a mountain if it ever came down to it. He was also impervious to harm.
Nothing could hurt him. Not fire or blades. Not rocks or thorns. Not arrows.
Nothing at all. He also possessed better senses than other humans. Sharp
Eyesight, hearing and smell proved to be advantages that he had. Hercules
knew that he was different and one day, he asked his parents and they told
him that he was not their biological child and that they had found him
somewhere. Thus began Hercules's quest for his true origins.

He went to the Oracle of Delphi and spoke to the Statue of Zeus. The King of
the Gods came down from the Heavens and revealed to Hercules that he was his
true father. Hercules was shocked to find out that his true parents were the
Rulers of the Universe. Hercules was told by Zeus that if he were to prove
himself a true Hero on Earth, his Godhood would be restored. Zeus directed
Hercules to the Island of Lemnos and the Satyr Philoctetes. Zeus also
re-introduced Hercules to his childhood pal, the immortal winged horse
known as Pegasus. Hercules was curious about meeting a Satyr. Satyrs were
half-human, half-goat humanoid creatures. They were earthbound immortals
much like the Nymphs. Hercules befriended the funny and wise old Satyr and
Philoctetes trained him to be a Hero. In spite of Hercules's super powers,
it was an undaunting task. Hercules trained hard and when he was ready, he
and his trainer left the Island.

Hercules went to Thebes and fought a Dragon. He triumphed over the
malevolent beast. This attracted the attention of Hades and his newest
ally, the mysterious beauty known as Megara. This set in motion a series
of unfortunate events. Long story short: Hades enlists monsters and
supernatural beasts to fight Hercules. Hercules wins. Hades decides to
use Megara to learn Hercules's weakness. Megara falls in love with
Hercules. And vice versa. Hades uses Megara against her will in order to
trick Hercules into surrendering his super powers.

Hades takes Hercules powers and goes to unleash the monstrous Titans from
the bowels of the Earth. Hercules feels betrayed by Megara. She wants to
prove to him that she loves him but the poor guy doesn't believe her. Hades
sends a Cyclops to destroy Hercules, along with the city of Thebes. Hercules
goes to fight the Cyclops - without his powers. Megara fears that her man
will get himself killed and gets his old trainer Philoctetes to try to reason
with him. Hercules gets his butt whooped by the Cyclops.

Philoctetes gives Hercules a plan to defeat the Cyclops. Hercules wins over
the Cyclops but as the evil thing dies, it destroys half the city and a
column is about to fall over the distracted Hercules. Megara sees her man
in mortal danger and does a selfless act. She leaps to the rescue and pushes
him out of the way of the falling column. Hercules falls to safety but Megara
is crushed. Hercules is stunned. The woman he thought had betrayed him has
just sacrificed her life to save his. She really did love him. As Megara lies
dying, the angry Hercules vows to avenge her and his powers are restored.

He returns to Olympus where the Gods have just lost in battle to the superior
force of the Titans. Even the great Zeus is defeated. Hercules frees Zeus and
together they defeat the Titans.

Hercules returns to Earth to find Megara dead. He goes to the Underworld to
claim her back from the Jaws of Death, so to speak. Hercules confronts Hades
and the dark God tells him that in order to save his lady love, he must free
her Soul from the River of Death.

Hercules takes the plunge. He frees her Soul. Hades expects Hercules to die
in the River since he is half human and half God and only true Gods can
withstand its deadly powers. Hercules emerges with Megara's Soul in his arms.
He is glowing. Hades's jaw drops. Hercules has triumphed over death. He
emerges from the River of Death not as a man but as a God.

Hercules returns to Earth as a God. He restores Megara's Soul to her body and
the lovely lady lives once more. Hercules and company are taken up to Olympus
by the Gods themselves. For the first time, Hercules looks upon the many Gods
and Goddesses of Mount Olympus. He looks at the place he was destined to call

Hercules decides to remain on Earth with Megara and the others. His Divine
Parents grant him his wish and once more, Hercules is half human and half
God. He returns to Earth where he is universally hailed as a Hero.

This is what takes place one night in Thebes...

Hercules stood naked at the center of the room. He looked into the bed and
smiled when he saw what awaited him. A tall, beautiful young woman with a
curvy, sexy body. A stocky, muscular and hairy man whose legs were like
those of a goat. They smiled at him. The young woman was Megara, his love.
The man was his best friend and former trainer, the Satyr Philoctetes.

"Hi, wonder-boy." Megara said seductively.

Hercules looked at her. There she was in all her naked glory. She was a
vision of beauty. He looked past her at Philoctetes. Phil looked equally
beautiful, in the wild and rugged manner of the Satyr. He found them both
equally beautiful. She was as pretty as a Nymph, and he was a ruggedly
handsome Satyr. His cock stirred. He was gonna make love to a Nymph and a
Satyr...what could be better?

Philoctetes licked at Hercules's balls while Megara sucked on his cock.
Hercules groaned as his best friend and his girlfriend combined their efforts
to bring him pleasure. Megara licked the head of his cock and ran her tongue
up and down its length. Philoctetes sucked on Hercules's balls like they were
the tastiest things he ever laid his mouth on. Hercules grunted as
Philoctetes rapidly flicked his tongue on his balls and gasped when he felt
Philocetes finger enter his rectum.

Megara kept sucking on Hercules's cock. She looked into his face, the face
of the man she loved. For him, she would try this triad. That's what she told
herself as she made him cum. He came all over her face and she licked his
cum. He pulled her up and she straddled him while Philoctetes watched. He put
his hands on her hips and she straddled him. His hard cock thrust into her
wet pussy. Megara gasped. He slammed his cock into her. Megara grunted when
she felt Hercules's cock thrusting in and out of her. His cock was so big.
She felt it tearing up inside her. The pain was delicious. Hercules rammed
his cock deep inside Megara, loving the feel of a warm and tight pussy around
his cock. She barked cuss words while they fucked. He thrust even harder
inside her. She screamed at the top of her lungs. He soon came, sending wave
after wave of hot cum inside her. He groaned and pulled out. Megara rolled
off him. Philoctetes looked at Hercules's cock... hungrily.

Megara sat back and watched as the demigod and the Satyr started frolicking.
Hercules kissed Philoctetes and they embraced. They rolled around the bed,
playfully. It seemed to Megara that they had forgotten about her. Philoctetes
started to suck on Hercules's cock. Hercules closed his eyes as the Satyr
sucked him off. Philoctetes had sucked his share of cocks over the years.
Hercules's cock and balls tasted delicious and the old Satyr feasted on them.
Hercules pushed Philoctetes so that the old Satyr lay on his back and parted
the old one's hairy legs. Hercules positioned himself and rubbed his cock
against the Satyr's hairy ass. He put his cock at the entrance of Philoctetes
rectum....and pushed.

Megara watched with interest as Hercules started fucking Philoctetes. The
young demigod slammed his cock inside the old Satyr's asshole. Philoctetes
took the cock up the butt without screaming. As Hercules started to ram his
cock deep inside the old Satyr's ass, only a faint grunt betrayed the
conundrum that Philoctetes was in. Hercules's cock was huge. Gripping the
satyr's hairy legs, Hercules rammed his cock balls deep inside Phil's ass.
He fucked the satyr's ass energetically. Megara watched all this while
fingering herself like crazy. She watched as a shudder overtook Hercules's
body and he came, filling Philoctetes's ass with his hot cum. At long last,
Philoctetes screamed. Hercules pulled out of the satyr's asshole and the
two males lay on the bed, panting.

Megara looked at them. An idea sprang in her mind. She wanted to know if
they were down with it. She told them... naturally, they agreed. Megara
lowered herself onto Philoctetes's cock, which was pointed straight at the
ceiling. The old Satyr had a big dick. Megara went down and it penetrated
her moist pussy. Philoctetes put his hands on Megara's hips. He thrust into
her. Megara felt a hot stabbing pain when the satyr's hard cock entered her
pussy. She bit her lip and began bouncing up and down on his cock.

Suddenly, she felt very strong hands around her waist. Hercules. She turned
and smiled at him. The Son of Zeus held his massive cock in his hand. Megara
gritted her teeth and nodded. Hercules rubbed his cock against her pink
little asshole. His big cock entered her asshole. Megara gasped. His cock
was huge!!!

Hercules began to slam his cock into her asshole. At the same time,
Philoctetes had gripped her by the hips and was lifting her up in the air
and dropping her so that when she came down, his hard cock went deep inside
her. Megara screamed. She felt two huge, hard cocks thrusting in and out of
her. It felt painful. She felt like she was being split in half. They thrust
into her, fucking her hard. She was fucked and thrusted into and slammed and
rammed for what seemed like forever. Her sleek and sexy body was covered with
sweat. She was bouncing up and down, with two hard cocks embedded deep inside
her when she noticed a curious feeling. The double-penetration felt....good.
Even the huge cock lodged up her ass felt...good.

As the two males rammed her female body, she felt something building up deep
inside her. She knew what was coming. She came, screaming at the top of her
lungs. As if on cue, both Philoctetes and Hercules came, flooding both her
holes with hot cum.

Later, all three of them lay on the bed. Their bodies were covered with
sweat. They were sated. Hercules looked at the handsome Satyr Philoctetes and
Nymph-like beauty Megara as they lay next to him. He was glad that they were
not gonna split on him. Maybe he could have it both ways. He had always been
attracted to both males and females. He loved both Megara and Philoctetes and
wanted to keep both of them in his life.

The End


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