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Hercules: Hero To Zero" (MFFF,best,mc)
by MC Woodsmoke ([email protected])

"Momma!" the twelve Muses wailed "we are sick to death of having to charge
all over the damn countryside proclaiming, HERCULES IS A HERO!!"

"Everyone is singing his praises just as Zeus demanded" said Aoede, the Muse
of Song.

"I've made sure his heroics have been recorded, history will remember him."
Clio, the Muse of history, added.

"We've done our jobs Momma" Calliope, Muse of Epic Poetry, the eldest and
most serious of the Muses summed up for all her sisters. "Unfortunately,
Zeus doesn't seem to think it's enough. He has ordered us to proclaim this
kid every time he saves a kitten, or breaks wind. We are sick of it! Okay
he's a HERO already! Get over it!".

Mnemosyne listened to the honest and aggrieved complaints of her daughters.
Zeus was currently the Supreme Deity in the Pantheon of Olympus, but he
wasn't the oldest and wasn't the wisest by far. She had watched the quick
and epic rise of Zeus's boy with a bit of chagrin. After all, even if Zeus
liked to forget the fact he was a Titan's son, she hadn't. Having his son,
Hercules, beat them back after Hades freed them was pushing artistic irony to
its limits. The girls had screamed about that too. She could see his
manipulative little schemes in the whole wild event.

It seemed unfair to her. Zeus never seemed to give his daughters by her,
the Muses, the kind of attention and praise he was now raining on this new
"Prince of Power". Maybe it was time she threw a little wrench into her
nephew and former husband's plans.

Shooing her daughters away, she promised them that she would look into their
complaints and see what she could do. Already a plan had begun to form.
It would allow her to curtail Hercules heroics, and keep her involvement so
hidden, that no one, including Zeus, would ever suspect her. Being the
Goddess of Memory it was relatively easy to make sure that others did what
you wanted them to but then forgot why they were doing it. She'd already
done Zeus one favor by making Hera, his current wife, and sister, forget that
Hercules wasn't actually her son. The real mother was a human which made
Hercules a demi-god at best. She considered just letting that little secret
slip to Hera. Hera would be bound to hate the boy then. With the queen of
the gods against him, it wasn't likely that Hercules would need much more
than an obituary written about him afterwards. Mnemosyne considered it, but
decided that, revealing his true origins was a little drastic. She just
wanted him disgraced not dead.

Mnemosyne put in a call to Venus, Goddess of Love and Beauty. The pretty
little ditz would be the perfect pawn. She had an ego the size of Olympus
and Zeus secretly lusted after his little girls sweet body. His incestual
urges would cloud his judgment. He would never suspect her of thwarting him,
and plotting against her pure hearted half-brother Hercules. Even if he did
ascertain Venus' part in Hercules' downfall he wouldn't look any further.
Thoughts of punishing Venus, in his own kinky way, would sweep all thoughts
of coconspirators from his lofty little head.

Two days later:

Hercules had just returned from Sparti. He had been asked to attend and host
the new games of Olympus there. It had been a hard journey both to and from
the games. Pegasus had been reluctant to leave the Fields of Olympus lately.
He was wooing a new herd of mares. This had left his friend to his feet and
his thumb. As always he had many adventures both going and returning. He
had saved two villages, one from a Giant and another from a flock of Harpy's.
On his return trip he had helped a small village defend itself from a huge
mercenary band that had been terrorizing the area. It had been a dangerous
battle and many more villagers would have died if not for the timely help of
his new friends, Xena and Gabrielle.

He had invited Xena and Gabrielle to visit his home in Thebes and meet his
new wife Megara. He hoped she wouldn't mind. He was still feeling his way
into this marriage thing. He wasn't confidant that he had a clue as to how
to be a good husband. Walking up to his palatial home he could hear Meg
arguing with Phil in the back garden.

Hercules rushed to find his wife. He had missed her greatly and couldn't
wait to hold her in his arms again. Only two things really mattered to
Hercules anymore; loving Meg and helping others. He hoped he had been a
good husband to his beautiful wife these last two month's. It was sometimes
difficult to find a balance between his obligations to Meg as a husband and
the expectations of the world for him to be a Hero. He knew it irked her
when he rushed off to defeat some monster when she had prepared a special
meal or surprise for him. It sometimes seemed that he couldn't walk a
hundred yards without another villain or monster popping up. He was
beginning to suspect his father, Zeus, of throwing obstacles in his path, to
increase Hercules' fame and thereby increase the glory that Zeus gained as
his father.

As he led the two ladies towards the sound of Phil and Meg's rising voices,
Hercules winced a bit, recognizing their argument. He knew most of it by

Phil leaned against a column and addressed Meg with a condescending tone. "I
say he needs to train some more. Did you know, that he was barely able to
throw a five ton boulder the other day. You're making him soft!".

"Listen Goatman!, You can take your Buns of Bronze videos and put them in
Tarturus for all I care. I want some time alone with Hercules. You can go
spend a week in the countryside chasing Nymphs and grazing really short
grass, for all of me. Catch a clue Phil, he doesn't need anymore HERO
training! What he needs to do is spend a little more time in Husband
training!" Meg leaned all the way over and managed to wave a finger in front
of the hairy Satyr's face.

Grumbling barely under his breath Phil said "Husband training Heh! You
already got him by the balls, Babe. What else does, the poor smuck, need to
be trained to do?"

Coming through the main house and out the back Hercules announced, "Meg,
Love, I'm home, and I've brought some friends for a short visit. I hope you
don't mind?"

Meg rushed to her husband and leapt into his arms. He caught her and drew
her into a gentle embrace. Meg could tell that Herc was slightly embarrassed
to be so intimate with his new wife in front of the Warrior woman and her
companion. * Well she wasn't going to have that *. With a sexy smile she
said, "Is that a Spartan Spear in your pocket, or are you just glad to see
me?" She covered his confused and then embarrassed face with hers and kissed
him soundly. She felt him fight it and then give in to her. He kissed her
back with as much passion and desire as she felt for him. He tightened his
embrace and lost himself in the sweet feel of her body pressed to his.

"Oy Vey!" Phil groused turning and walking back into the house. "Someone
call me when the big Wuss is ready to practice his Multiple Monster Battle
Strategy. It's easy to see who wears the short skirt and sandals in this

Breaking her lip lock with Herc, Meg called after Phil in a resigned tone,
"If you really think he's out of shape,...hummfff...then you can have him
tomorrow." Admitting it to herself and Phil she said "As long as he's going
to keep being a Hero I want you keep him ready for anything."

"If you really need work on MMBS Hercules, I could give you a few pointers"
Xena offered. This just ticked Phil off more and he stalked into the house.
Like most Satyrs, Phil had a basic belief that women were good for one thing.
Xena, a heroic warrior woman, seemed like a total oddity to him. His real
concern though was this idea that Meg had that Hercules was a husband first
and Hero second.

Walking into the dining area, Phil grumbled to himself "Yeah Yeah Yeah!
Believe me Wifey-Meggy Poo, if I know Heroes, and I do. Our boy is going to
be busy for the next decade or two." He sort of wanted Meg and Herc to be
happy but his job was training the kid and sometimes the beautiful brunette
so entranced the boy that he forgot to duck and weave in a fight. * I still
think that if I put some type of blinders on the kid, when she was around,
that we'd get more done. * he thought.

In the garden Hercules set his wife down and began introducing her to Xena
and Gabrielle. He related his most recent adventures, which Gabrielle
quickly noted down. Meg and Xena hit it off and were soon comparing stories
about him that he found totally embarrassing. Rumors about his sexual
adventures that each of the woman had heard but knew to be untrue were
exchanged like recipes.

"Well I heard that he serviced the entire harem of the Prince of Persia,
three hundred women in four days" Xena said trying to keep a straight face.

"Yes, I've heard that one and I got a nasty note from the three-hundredth
girl too" Meg laughed. "Did you hear the one about the thirty foot Giant
woman of Veska and how she tried to kill my poor husband by using his whole
body as a ... well... a sexual device?" Gabrielle snorted and seeing the
anguished embarrassment on Hercules face she couldn't help pretending that
she was seriously writing this all down.

`Oh come on Meg, you know I didn't do....." Herc tried to stop the fun at
his expense.

"Now did she use him head first or feet first" Gabrielle wanted to know.

Sitting down and putting his head in his hands, Hercules looked to heavens
and said "A Hero just doesn't get any respect around here." The ladies
continued their discussion, laughing and gaily discussing all of Hercules
rumored strengths, weaknesses and sexual adventures.

Herc just wondered why he had ever thought it was a good idea to let the
deadly and opinionated Xena and her friend, meet his lovely, brilliant and
opinionated wife.

None of them were aware of what was transpiring just yards away in the house.

* * *

Phil was munching on a basket of grass and having a goblet of wine when a
peculiar thing happened. He was gazing at a beautiful sculpture of a woman's
hand that some smuck had given Herc when the kid had saved him from a
ravenous pack of man eating crabs. * It was the worst case of crabs Phil had
ever seen. * The sunlight from the garden was reflecting off the delicate
white marble hand with a gentle sparkle that seemed, as Phil watched it to
grow and expand. The sparkle became a gauzy cloud of sparkles and even as
Phil was thinking of crying out at this strange occurrence the cloud resolved
itself into the most beautiful naked female he had ever seen.

He mind went into overload. He wanted to catalogue her beauty, but it was
impossible. Her breasts were perfect. Her hips were exquisite. Her skin
was cream and silk. Her face was perfection. Everywhere his eyes traveled
there was another detail that added to the beauty of the whole. He almost
passed out. Then she started talking. He quickly realized just how deep a
shithole he was in.

"Hey Shorty, Like, long time no see." Looking at Phil's stunned expression
she said "What's the matter Sweety? Don't you remember your Boss's Mom?
All the other little Satyrs, Nymph's, Cherubs, Succubi, Incubi and other
sexual creatures remember Venus. I think it's time you had your memory
refreshed. Hmmmm???" Venus said and then paused with a look of uncertainty
on her face. "That reminds me, I just had a talk with someone about memory."
Twirling a single lock of her golden tresses she sucked on the tip for a
second. "I can't remember who it was, but what does matter is that I am
ticked off at all the Press and stuff that my kid brother Hercules is
getting. Beauty is being ignored in favor of Strength and [Gag] Heroism. I
mean really does that make sense to you? Like, why would anyone want to look
at, or talk about him when they could be worshipping me?". She twirled in
place and turned up the affects of her magical glamour to blinding levels.

"Gluhh" Phil fell to his knees his tiny hooves tapping the floor in fear and

"You want to worship me don't you Darling?" she said walking over to the
quaking little half goat half man. Being responsible for creatures such as
the Satyr, indirectly through her son Bacchus, she knew all the right buttons
to push to make them do whatever she wanted. Reaching out with her powers
she activated Phil's lustful yearnings. For a Satyr, he didn't seem to have
many, so she really flooded him with them.

Phil nearly screamed as waves of lust and lasciviousness washed over him.
His prick seemed to shoot out of its goatly sheath and stood erect and aching
under him. Crawling forward he began licking and kissing towards Venus'
toes. He stole a glance up her perfect leg to her perfect thigh then
directly into her perfect sex. His mind was racing with fantasies of
debauchery and ceaseless orgies of sexual revelry. * He would do anything
for his Goddess. *

"That's better.... but not quite good enough, Honey bunch. I think you have
the right attitude now but you still need, like, the right equipment for the
job I want you to do." With a negligent wave of her hand she changed Phil.
He fell to the ground in agony as his body stretched and grew into it's new
form. When Phil was finally able to stand again he couldn't believe his new
and impressive form.

He gazed in wonder at a reflection of himself in a Bronze shield nearby.
From a squat two and a half feet tall he had shot up to almost six feet. His
body which had been little, fat and totally non-threatening was now rippling
with muscles and gave the impression of repressed power, sexual power! His
fur had gone from a scratchy brown and dirty mass to a shiny combed and
luxurious silky looking mahogany pelt. A pelt that almost any female would
find irresistible to touch. His goatee was a sculpted marvel and his face
was set in a permanent sexy leer. He was now equipped with gorgeous flashing
eyes that entranced. Feeling his head he felt that his tiny horns had grown
from nubs into a pair of real goats horns, each ten or more inches long and
tipped with gold. The most impressive change was in his goat prick. It had
gone from measly three inches to monstrous proportions. Standing and
returning to kneel before Venus it swung before him a rigid fifteen inch
sword with two huge balls swinging in the sack beneath.

Looking down on Phil's lowered head Venus was pleased. He hadn't been a
very good Satyr before. Hardly even chased a single female and only the
occasional Nymph. Now he was a sexual bomb ready to devastate every female
that beheld him. Reaching down she caressed the space below Phil's chin
were his musk glands were hidden by his beard. Phil groaned in an effort
to control himself but than lost that control as Venus sniffed the golden
fluid coating her fingers and moaned with a low and throaty purr. She wasn't
really affected by the scent, but any human woman exposed would become Phil's
sexual thrall for at least an hour. She watched Phil lose control of his
cum with amusement. Jets of white sperm shot from Phil's long hard dick and
splashed against the barrier of beauty that surrounded her. No item that
would lessen her beauty in any way could penetrate it without her permission.
His prick finally finished it's explosion and his breathing returned to
normal. His cock never lost it's throbbing erection. From now on it never

Pointing at his cock Venus said, "You're, like, the Ever-ready Satyr, you
can just keep cumming and cumming and going and going! Great huh? Maybe you
need a drum to go with that big drumstick. Hmmm?" Her tone indicated that
she thought she had done a marvelous job and someone should be praising her

Phil dared to ask his Goddess what she needed from him. "Thanks loads Venus,
but what d'ya need me for? How will this" he indicated his new body, "help
to reduce the attention Herc gets for his heroics? I mean I'm backing your
play Babe, 100%." he said in fear as a bit of a frown began to crease Venus'
brow, "I just wonder what making me the next Thebes' PlayCreature Centerfold
is going to do to stop the kid from beating up every monster in the

Walking behind Phil, Venus spoke into his ear as her fingers nimbly caressed
his masculine hairy chest. "I'm going to give you some special toys and
you'll use them to destroy my little brother Herky as a hero." With a flash
two objects appeared on the table beside them. With Venus' body pressed so
intimately to his, Phil couldn't do much of anything but tremble and do what
he was told. He hoped that he could think of some way of defeating Venus'
plans. He really didn't want to see all the training he had lavished on the
kid wasted.

Pointing to the reed pipes that had appeared, Venus purred into his ear
"Those are Pan's very own special backup pipes. They play themselves and any
human who hears them loses all their inhibitions and can think of nothing but
pleasure and sexual release. It sort of works like Barry White music." The
second item was a black mask. One half showed a face that was laughing and
the other showed a face in tears. "That's a mask of Lethe, it affects memory
and forgetfulness. Whom so ever wears it will forget what you tell them to
forget and remember what ever you tell them to remember. Cool huh?!! We
were going to call it the mask of Bill Clinton but that didn't seem as

"Now this is what I want you to do" Venus started to explain her wicked
little plan.

After listening for a bit Phil exclaimed, "Whot you talking bout Will... I
mean Venus!! Jeez, I don't know if I can do that! The kid is my bud!" Phil
almost immediately regretted his protest, and channeling Gary Coleman.

With a wave of her hand and a stamp of her foot, Venus pouted like a child,
as she transformed Phil again. Looking up from on all fours he could tell
that he was a full goat and not only that a female goat! "Greesius come here
a moment won't you?" she gestured someone into the room. Phil recoiled in
horror at the monstrosity that shambled in at her command. He was human, but
just barely. He body was covered with rags, smelly greasy oils and creams.
He was leading four very sick and dejected looking female goats in by a rope.
His fat prick was erect and looked like it had been permanently dipped in
some evil grease. He gave Phil a covetous leer that promised that he would
be happy to add Phil to his personal harem. Phil looked up to Venus in
terror and then ducked his eyes to signal that he had reconsidered his
options. She was the Boss without question.

A second feminine wave returned Phil to his buff new Satyr's body and
eliminated all evidence of Greesius.

Giving Phil a little hug to tell him that she forgave him for talking back
and for being a bad little Satyr; Venus continued with her instructions.

* * *

Xena had finally turned the discussion away from Hercules' alleged sexual
exploits. Gabrielle eager to make sure that everyone understood that Xena
had done wonderful things too, recounted a story of how Xena had once
defeated a Naga tribe in the mountains that was stealing babies.

"That was amazing Xena!" Meg said when Gabrielle had finally finished. "I'm
sure that you and my husband could exchange heroic stories all night, but
first how about some dinner? I've got a lamb on the spit and some fresh

"That sounds wonderful my Love" Hercules replied as Xena and Gabrielle nodded
their agreement.

They had all just started to move towards the house when it started.

Wafting across the evening breeze....

Barely audible...........

a funny little tune, playful and light

It was difficult to hear, so they each stopped and quietly listened

Pipe music but like none they had ever heard before

Xena, Gabrielle, and Meg all smiled

The music darted and spun like a wild creature, free and uninhibited

Hercules took a deep breath and felt all his cares drifting away

The music increased in volume and the tune became more lively and daring.

Gabrielle put her hand on Xena's arm. "Do you hear it?"

Xena screwed up her face trying to resist the feelings and thoughts dashing
wildly about in her mind. "Mustn't.... must... I feel... I want..." She
felt an almost electrical thrill from where Gabrielle's fingers were touching
her skin.

"Hercules my husband" Meg nearly moaned. "Do you hear that sweet music.
Dance with me! Hold me! I feel.... I want. I I... have to .... I want
you!" she pulled him into her embrace and began to sluttishly rub her
suddenly aroused body against him. She felt no shame at her wantonness,
only a burning desire for sexual release.

The music danced through the columns of the garden and seemed to sweep into
their minds, like a heady wine. Each of them began to sway in time with the
music releasing themselves from all restraints or propriety.

Nothing mattered! They were free! The music enticed them. It stroked their
senses and ignited their passions.

Gabrielle's hands began to travel restlessly back and forth over Xena's
muscular arm. Fire seemed to burning her fingertips and it felt wonderful.
Grabbing both of the straps that held Xena's leather breast plate in place
she pulled her self up against the Warrior woman until her lips were pressed
against the hollow of Xena's throat. She groaned in lusty arousal as she let
her tongue taste the skin there. The salty taste of sweat was like no wine
she had ever tasted; and she wanted more!

Hercules could feel himself losing control. Meg had dropped her dress and
was now straddling his hips. Her ample breasts bounced and her rigid nipples
danced before his face. Despite himself he found the tips of her warm cones
between his lips. He groaned as Meg began to toss her head in response to
his crude sucking. Her heated words in his ear were lewd and becoming more
obscene and demanding by the second. His cock was hard and getting harder.
He wanted to stop himself but the music was everywhere now, stripping away
his resistance. It wanted him to give in. To seek pleasure. To find sweet
sexual release.

Phil walked fully out onto the patio above the garden. He continued to blow
into the pipes and was amazed when he saw its affects. Meg and Gabrielle had
obviously totally given in to the power of Pan's pipes. Both of the lovely
young woman were fully naked and moving in a horny haze of lust. Xena was
standing still and seemingly trying to fight the affects of the pipes.
Gabrielle was not helping her companion as she stripped off the warrior
woman's clothing and began kissing and licking anywhere she could reach.

Hercules had become a statue. It was taking all his strength of will not to
join in the orgy that Meg was desperately begging him to enjoy. Meg was a
smart woman though. If her husband wouldn't participate, she would use him
however she could. Unbuckling his leather skirt she threw it into the
bushes. With a wild cry of abandon she ripped of his clout. This freed his
thick cock. Tears of need leaked from her eyes. She wanted to cum sooo bad.
Climbing her young husband like a drowning woman she screamed with pleasure
as she captured the thick knob of his cock in her wetness and fiercely jammed
it all the way home. Creamy juices squished and ran down her thighs as she
posted on Hercules' prick like a marble dildo.

Xena's hands slowly but firmly tried to stop, Gabrielle's uninhibited sexual
advances. The swirling music was making it almost impossible to restrain her
own desires. Gabrielle was sucking her left nipple and her fingers were
sliding down Xena's stomach and into her sex. Xena gasped as Gabrielle's
fingers entered her at the same time as she caught sight of the Satyr on the
upper patio playing the pipes. Her warriors instincts told her that, here
was the real threat. She needed to attack and stop the sound of those.....
those pipes...... and their...... their terrible...... ummmm a good hot fuck
would feel so good right now...... but no I must stop that music!! Gabrielle
switched teats and worked two fingers into her own pussy as she finally
succeeded in working a finger into the slickened folds of Xena's sex. She
was about to continue her lovemaking when she suddenly felt herself thrust
away and landed on her bare butt.

"KiiiiiiYiiiiYiiiiYiiiiYiiiiYiiiii!!!!" Xena screamed her warrior cry.
Running a few steps on shaky legs she launched herself up into the air. She
spun through the air performing three nearly perfect somersaults. Her plan
was to land before the unknown Satyr and smash him into submission before he
could react.

Phil saw her coming. His new muscular body reacted for him, with a speed and
agility he never could have matched before. Even as she was spinning towards
him, he gave a mighty blow on the Pipes that would disorient and confuse her.
Holding the pipes between his teeth he continued to blow as he dashed to
where Xena was going to land.

With a thump she landed on the grass, her feet spread wide and her fist
pulled back and ready to crush Phil's skull. Her eyes were dazed though from
the proximity of the wildly erotic music.

"NOooooooooooOOWOOOWWwwwwwww......" She started to yell but ended up frozen
and panting. She realized she had landed much closer to the Satyr than she
had planned. He had actually moved so that she was now only inches from his
muscular chest and handsome face. Looking down between their bodies, her
eyes confirmed what her horrified and befuddled mind had been telling her.
The Satyr's thick prick was buried pleasurably in her wet hot cunt. She made
small pathetic motions as if to get off but that just caused more of his
length to pump deliciously into her.

Phil couldn't stop now. He blew on the pipes for all he was worth. Xena's
fist came forward but missed his head and went around his neck. Her other
fist came forward like it was stuck in the air and joined its partner around
his neck. Her face fell forward and came to rest, panting, against his neck.
With little grunts of pleasure she surrendered to the affects of Pan's pipes.
She didn't care about anything anymore. She just wanted to be fucked until
she came. She loved the feel of the Satyrs burning length, spreading her hot
folds so wonderfully. Her wetness doubled and then doubled again as she
began to hump her ass to increase the wonderful feeling of the meaty stalk
trapped in her body.

Sparing a glance for Hercules, Phil worried that his godlike powers were
making him immune to the affect of Pan's pipes. Gabrielle was lying on her
back happily finger fucking herself, her strawberry blond hair, spread like
a pillow beneath her head. Megara had fucked herself to two terrific orgasms
on her hubby's dick and was now sucking it, while fingering her pussy and
ass. Phil didn't like that Herc still hadn't joined in. He was a frozen
statue, straining as if chains held him.

Meg's lips were sucking at his pole. She had never even dreamed of sucking
cock before but now she was enjoying it incredibly. She twirled her tongue
around his glans, enjoying a erotic slutty thrill. She pumped Herky's dick
into her mouth, shivering at the taste of her own juices mixed with the salty
masculine flavor of hot cock. The wonderful music stroked her thoughts again
and again, encouraging her to greater and greater acts of lewdness. * Being
a depraved cum hungry whore was a wonderful thing to be * the music seemed to
sing like light into her mind.

Phil decided that before he could attempt to implement Venus' plans he needed
the big Wuss weakened. Xena seemed the perfect weapon to him. Running his
hand along his jaw he collected some of the golden magical musk there.
Grabbing the lust addled Xena's head by the hair he pulled her face away from
his body to where he could see it. He rubbed his slick fingers under her
nose and across her lips. Her eyes lost their glazed look. She was seeing
him in a whole new light. She nearly jumped onto him settling her powerful
legs around his goatly hips. Grinding her rock hard nipples against his
hairy chest she moaned deep in her throat. She began a powerful fucking
motion on his prick, taking in a full ten inches of this fifteen inch length.

Xena was in heaven. She desired nothing but to serve and sexually please
this wonderful fucking dream. Nothing mattered but him. She would do
anything for him. His scent was all around her and she found that she loved
it. It called to her mind. It made her giddy with joy. She couldn't think
of anything but pleasure and obedience to her Satyr god.

Phil had a little plan. He hurriedly helped himself to all of Xena's sexual
charms. She didn't need it any longer, but he remembered to blow on the
pipes occasionally to keep Meg, Hercules and Gabrielle occupied. Lifting
Xena's body up he slammed his swordlike goat prick deeply into her honey pot.
Fucking her to three quick orgasms he then drew her off his cock and directed
her drugged attention to the garden below. "Now my little warrior slut. I
want you to go down there and help Meggie girl. You help her fuck that big
ape into next week somewhere! I want him tired. I want him exhausted. I
want him so fuck drunk he can't think." Swatting the Princess on the butt
like a child he sent her to work.

Xena skipped, naked and unashamed, down the stairs to the lower garden, with
nothing but happiness at her orders. Without a glance for her young friend
mauling her pussy and licking her own fingers she rushed to do as the Satyr
had ordered her. She would obey! Nothing would stop her from doing as she
had been commanded. The lovely music started again which just added to her
desire to do perverted and sexy things to Hercules.

She needed to fuck him but his wife was in the way. Walking behind Hercules
she aimed a kick at his knees that caused him to collapse to the ground on
his back.

"Xena help. Please no don't. Meg you must stop..... I can barely control
myself. Try to fight it..... Please!" Hercules' eyes met hers and begged her
to help him. His prick had other ideas, it jerked with arousal at the sight
of the powerful, and aroused naked body of the warrior woman. She looked at
him with curiosity fixed on her face. * Of course she was going to help him!
She was going to make sure that he spilled load after load of thick creamy
cum! What more could a man ask for?? *. She pushed the horny Meg out of her
way. Mounting Herc's smaller, but still impressive cock, she looked to the
Satyr for approval as he approached. With a nod he indicated she should

Capturing the dazed Meg's face with his hands he spread more of his sticky
golden musk. Meg eyes came alive with new desire for this brown furred goat
man. She fell to her knees before him and begged him to fuck her with his
mighty prick. Reaching between her legs she spread her pussy lips She
rubbed her pussy honey around her hole and onto her flexing anus. She would
do anything for this Satyr. She couldn't imagine denying him any part of her
body. His musky smell was a part of her now. Her pussy was creamy from just
imagining him fucking her till she lost her mind.

Phil decided to add the final filly to his personal slut herd. Gabrielle was
still on her back, her knees up, and fingers squishing in and out of her pink
hole. Falling on her he speared six inches of his prick into her eager cunt.
He gathered more musk and massaged it into her face, even letting her suck
some from his finger tips. She screamed and orgasmed. She drew his face
down to hers and speared her tongue into his mouth. Her hips nearly threw
him into the air as she humped herself onto his length. She greedily begged
him to take possession of her unworthy body. Words of slutty lewdness rained
out of her mouth. She whispered lascivious words of debauchery and lust into
his ear as she wrapped her legs around his hips. Promising to be his
obedient sex toy forever she begged him to wash down her cunt with his yummy

Phil came. He shot hot cum into Gabrielle's grasping sex. He pulled himself
out and shot load after spunky load of jism across her chest and stomach. He
hadn't dared hope that things would work out this well. Venus had demanded
that he use the women to rape and mind fuck Herc. It was his own idea to
grab some of the hot wet Nooky for himself. * Hey a goat-mans gotta do what
a goat-mans gotta do. *

Hercules came. Grunting and groaning in protest he tried to contain himself,
but Xena's hot wet sheath just felt too good as it gripped and flowed around
his aching prick. He arched his back and lifted Xena straight up into the
air. With a mighty groan he started shooting and couldn't seem to stop. He
was totally disgraced by his own lack of willpower. What was even worse was
that his godlike recuperative powers were insuring that he wasn't losing one
iota of his erection.

Xena orgasm swept over her like a wave. Mentally she had let herself go.
Physically she was wallowing in a mire of sensual ecstasy and bestial
obedience. She felt every hot jet of Hercules cum shooting into her. That
pleased her because it was what the Dark eyed Satyr had told her to do.
Looking towards her master she cruelly twisted her nipples and resumed her
pounding rhythm on Herc's still stiff prick. * She idly wondered if God
cum had all the fat of regular cum. Good thing I don't care about getting
pregnant. I don't think there are enough Trojans in Troy for this little
party. *

Meg sat down on Hercules' tortured face and ground her enflamed pussy lips
and rigid clit onto him. She screamed with pleasure as she ground her nugget
against his hard Grecian nose. Creamy juices were leaking down her taut
thighs. She gripped her husbands face between her thighs and began pounding
her body on to him. The sound of her wet sex slapping his face set up a sexy
rhythm. What she really wanted was more of her Satyr god's prick and yummy
cum. It angered her that her young fuckable husband wasn't even trying to
please her. "Lick me, you damn bastard" she cried "Someone call IX. I. I.,
I need a real man"

Swimming in a sticky sea of Phil's semen, Gabrielle lost all control.
Shoving most of her right hand into her pussy she used her left hand to lick
up all of the creamy sperm she could find. Phil's musk insured that all of
his bodily fluids, tasted like the food of the Gods to his enslaved subjects.
Gabrielle's eyes rolled up into her head and with a wail she passed out from
the magical ecstasy she had achieved. Even in her stupor she felt it as
Phil's slimy hard rod slid in and out of her. Her fingers continued, even in
her stupor, to transfer the white globs of his sperm directly from her tits
and crotch to her mouth so that she could lovingly swallow them.

Xena fucked Hercules' cock like a machine. When Xena was too tired, Meg
helped her by fucking Hercules or by stroking him and sucking powerfully on
the tip of his slimy cock. Hercules came again and again; each time a little
less godlike in his response. Xena's orgasms had become a mind melting
inferno from which she didn't want to be saved. Meg took time out to service
her new God. She licked and sucked Phil's cock like a wanton whore with an
opium addiction.

The five of them entered a period of unrestrained orgy where everyone was
fucking everything and anything they could. Gabrielle mounted Hercules and
fucked him to four delicious orgasms for her and two for him. While they
were busy Meg and Xena fell into a comfortable sixty nine; sucking, licking
and fingering each others every hole. When Gabrielle was done with Hercules,
Meg wiped Xena's creamy juice from her lips and straddled her hubby's hips.
Lowering her body she forced Hercules' prick into her ass and fucked him to
a slow and delicious cum in her incredibly tight butt. Xena licked and
fingered Meg's clit, while her husbands huge shaft spread her virgin sheath.
Xena's deft clitoral stimulation insured that Meg enjoyed every second of her
first real Greek sex.

Still crying out her ecstasy, Meg finally fell to the side, white goblets of
sperm dripping from her stretched ass. Gabrielle rushed forward from where
Phil had been holding her upside down; licking her mound and feeding his
monster prick into her throat. She mounted Hercules face and Xena, after a
quick kiss from Phil returned to Hercules' prick. She took two more loads of
his cum in her cunt and another up her ass. Meanwhile Meg had returned to
her knees and taken her first load of Phil's Satyr cum. Still shaking with
her orgasms, she scooped it out of her dripping pussy and shared it with the
panting and sweat soaked Xena.

Phil kept the party going for nearly three hours. Occasionally he spread
more of his musk on the girl's faces to renew their sexual obedience to him.
He would have loved to use the stuff on Hercules, but it didn't work the same
on men. Herc would only become incredibly horny and violent. As an added
feature he wouldn't be able to get an erection. He would be an impotent rape
machine, but that wasn't what Phil wanted. He used the pipes to keep him
aroused and confused. Meg and Xena traded off fucking Hercules. Xena and
her recuperative powers took the brunt of the workout. Gabrielle had
established herself between Phil's legs. Licking his balls, sucking his
prick, rimming his ass, offering her wet and horny quim or tight asshole for
his pleasure, as he commanded. Phil had decided early in the evening that he
liked the innocent and tight young body of Gabrielle best.

Checking Hercules' flushed face, Phil finally decided that it was time to do
as Venus had ordered him. He sent the naked Gabrielle to collect the Lethe
mask from inside the house. He admired her pert buttocks and the flashes of
her wet blond bush as she ran up the steps. She returned with the mask and
handed it too him with a sexy smile of complete obedience and desire.

"Sit here Gabrielle and wait your turn" he ordered.

"Xena! Meg! You may stop fucking Hercules now. Go and sit with Gabrielle.
I'll be back to complete your training in a moment."

Looking down Phil noticed Xena's ring like weapon, her Chakram. "Xena I've
always wanted to know about these things. I've heard these are giant IUD's
and I've heard they are cock rings for the Minotaur. Any idea's?"

The three ladies had formed a daisy chain. Each was busy slurping and
licking at her own flower of sex, while her own pussy was given the same
treatment. Xena had both hands on Gabrielle's ears and was busy humping her
wetness against the younger woman's face.

"Fuck it." Phil said as he watched all three women losing control and moaning
with multiple orgasms. "The next thing you know people are going to be
accusing her of being some kind of dyke."

Phil walked over and looked down on his one time friend, Hercules. A quick
image of Greases' evil shitty dick and leering face appeared in his mind. He
resolved himself to what he had to do. The kid hadn't looked this bad after
Hades had taken his powers and let the Titans tap dance on his head. His
eyes were glazed. His was totally exhausted. Beaten dogs looked better.
The wild music had insured the kid's desire and the sexually charmed women
had dragged orgasm after orgasm out of his once powerful body. Phil winced
to see that Herc could barely drag breath into his lungs. His body was
covered with sticky feminine secretions, mixed with his own Semi-Godlike

Hercules saw the powerful Satyr approaching him through the weary slits of
his eyes. He tried to examine him; to find some weakness. The obvious
finally occurred to him.

"PHIL????? Is that you????" he knew now that it was, "but why Phil?

"Sorry kid but your sister wants you out of the Hero biz. I wish I could
help you but she had me by the balls and every other orifice." Placing the
mask over Hercules confused face he said, "Bye kid... It was great while it
lasted. I hope you enjoy your new job".

Under the mask Hercules' face underwent a terrible contraction. He tried as
best he could to fight the influence of the mask. In the end though, he was
just too exhausted. A huge sigh or surrender escaped his lips and his face
went slack.

He didn't react as Phil began to tell him what to forget and what to
remember. When Phil finished and took off the mask he was a new man. He
had a new history and a new quest. He was Hercules, son of Zeus and a human
woman. He had grown up with his mother and now hated and resented his
father. He had tried being a hero but the benefits sucked. Everybody took,
took and took and he was the one with the cuts and bruises at the end of the
day. He had discovered his true calling though. SEX! He lived for great
sex now. He traveled the land looking for sexual thrills and excitement.
Nothing was as important to him as finding new ways and people to fuck. It
didn't earn him anyone's respect or gain him much fame but he didn't care.
It was the meaning in his life. The pursuit of the perfect sexual
experience. He remembered all of this very clearly.

Sitting up he considered the huge Satyr and the three naked women nearby.
"Who are you?" he asked Phil, "and who are those lovely little fuckable party
favors over there?"

"Oh nobody important Herc, you already fucked those girls. I guess that last
glass of YingYang berry mead really hit you hard if you don't remember the
orgy we just had."

"Nope, don't remember a thing" Hercules said rising. He put on a pair of
plain leather pants and a torn cotton shirt that Phil had made sure were
laying nearby. The new Hercules didn't look like a Grecian soldier, from a
Grecian vase. He looked like a common laborer. Once he was dressed he waved
and said "Well I've got to be on my way. `There are girls to screw and cum
to spray', as I always say. Maybe I'll be back this way some day and we can
party again."

Hercules trudged off. He didn't look back. Their were new sexual adventures
awaiting him over the next hill or in the next town. He just knew it.

"One down three to go!" Phil said with a sigh.

He had to make sure that Meg never went looking for Hercules. Venus had
given him very specific orders for the beautiful brunette. He fingered her
rosy pink nipples one last time as he removed the Lethe mask from her face.
He washed his musk from her and she quickly recovered from being in his
sexual command. Soon, she was walking away from the house with a pack on her
back and her traveling dress on. She had to get to Lesbos as soon as
possible. She distinctly remembered falling in love with a poetess who lived
there named Sappho. Her fondest wish was too make Sappho her lover. Her
memories of her past were full of the awful way that men had treated her.
She couldn't wait to reach Sappho's side and embrace and kiss her. She would
show her all the joys of female-female sex that she remembered had always
been such a joyful and important part of her life. She never wanted anything
to do with a man again.

Gabrielle and Xena were in an inn that night before they realized that they
couldn't remember anything that had happened for the last few days.
Gabrielle was washing Xena's back. She was surprised and then secretly
pleased, when Xena moaned in her arms and fell back against her. Gabrielle
let one hand wander to stroke Xena's erect nipples. The other hand seemed to
just naturally lower and begin to feel between Xena's powerful legs. Even as
the two women were sexually exploring each other, for what they assumed was
the first time, Gabrielle had the strangest feeling that if she met a
particular man with a certain scent she would be very strongly attracted to
him. Phil had been ordered to send the Warrior Princess and her scribe on
their way. Just in case though he had put the trigger into Gabrielle that
she would sexually and romantically desire him, regardless of his form, if
she ever met him again.

Hurrying down the path, Phil hoped that it was the one Hercules had taken out
of town. He was trying to avoid notice so he was disguised in a long cloak.
Venus had demanded that he follow Herc and insure that he got started on his
new career as a Sexual adventurer.

Coming around a corner he saw Hercules talking to an gray hared old man.
"Oh great! He's going to start his career by buggering some old guy" Phil
groused. He rushed up to see what was going on.

"Ah Philosoclies. So good to see you" the old man said.

Hercules eyes were glazed over and he appeared to be in a deep trance.

"Someone appears to have been messing with my son! YOU wouldn't know
anything about that would you!!!!". Lightning struck the road all around
Phil making him tremble with fear. He quickly began to babble his confession
to the father of the gods.

"So Venus was behind this hmmmm!!!" Zeus' eyes lit up with interest. "She
had you rewrite his memory so he would stop doing the heroic shit, right?!"

"Well I'll settle with her later. She was right about one thing. It was
time to get him out of the big Olive. I want him to be a hero of the people.
A Defender of the weak. And this business of him taking a human wife was
getting old when I did it." Snapping his fingers he made the Lethe mask
appear in his hand. He slapped it onto Hercules' face and quickly made him
forget his new quest and made him remember to be a hero of the people again.
He left out his memories of his marriage to Meg and his battle with Hades
and the Titans.

"Get going son!" he finally said clapping Hercules on the back and sending
him stumbling away. Zeus turned to Phil giving the mask in his hand a
meaningful look. Fifteen minutes later a blonde young man with a strange
necklace around his neck also went stumbling down the road. His name was
Aeolus, and he was an adventurer and skilled fighter. He remembered that he
was trying to catch up to some guy named Hercules. He knew of a town that
was being threatened by a herd of Centaurs and Amazon women that could use
Hercules' might. Much of his past seemed to be a blur, but that didn't
bother him.

* * *

In Olympus that night Venus went to Zeus as ordered. If you were standing in
just the right place you could hear her punishment. Hera was out on a
shopping trip. Mnemosyne heard and remembered it all.

"Oh Daddy.... Yes AGAIN you fucking stud!!! Fuck me again! Your little girl
was so naughty. Fuck me with your big lightning rod..... punish me again
Daddy! Give your bad little girl your hot cum. Oooo Like fucking
wooooowww!!! Here let me suck on that magnificent stalk. MMMMMmmm mmmhhh
unnnhhh Daddy's little baby girl loves her daddy's sugar stick. Hmmmm yess
Lick me daddy... lick my sweet pussy. Now fuck me again. Make the world
move for me!! Punish your bad little girl!!"

* Well * Mnemosyne thought * there is always the backup plan. I think Hera's
memory of Hercules' true birth is about to improve *



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