Warning! This post describes scenes of intense torture! Do not read further
if you are offended by such material!

Hellraiser: Sleep Over In Hell Part 2 (F/f,nc,bond,s&m)
by PJ ([email protected])

Amy brushed away a strand of sticky webbing, her eyes and ears alert for any
signs of habitation within this strange, dark world. The slim girl's bare
feet left small footprints in the dust that coated the passageway's floor.
After seeming to walk forever, Amy entered a large room lit by fires
contained within immense furnaces set in the opposite wall. The heat washed
over Amy like a physical wave, bringing an instant sheen of perspiration over
every inch of the scantily clad girl's body. Amy carefully advanced into the
fire-lit room, the reek of dried blood and the sweat of desperation heavy in
the air. The central feature of the room was a wooden frame with two chains
dangling from the crossbeam. The chains ended in metal manacles that were
dull with stains of blood. Whips, handcuffs, gags, and other bondage gear
adorned both side walls, things that Amy had only seen in her secret stash
of bondage magazines, and the one time she had been brave enough to enter an
adult video store to look around. Sweat dripped off of Amy's bare arms and
legs, her thin shift clung to every curve of her breasts, her nipples stiff
with forbidden excitement. Amy walked past the dangling chains, briefly
touching one, smiling at the soft tinkling sound that it made. She
approached a large polished wood cabinet that sat near one of the roaring
furnaces. Amy's lungs burned as she inhaled the hot air, her thin arms
gleaming as she opened the double doors of the cabinet.

Amy grinned even wider when she beheld the assortment of leather corsets,
boots, and choke collars that lay within the cabinet. Glancing around to see
if anyone was in the room with her, Amy pulled off her sweat soaked shift,
then slid out of her moist panties. Standing naked before the furnace, Amy
let the heat soak through her creamy white skin, she moaned softly as she
took a ringed collar from a hook and rubbed the smooth leather across her
flushed right cheek. Amy fastened the collar around her graceful neck, the
large center ring resting against her collarbone. The aroused young girl
next withdrew a webbing of black leather, fastening the garment around her
torso, the leather strips tightening around her breasts. Amy snapped the
last strap into place, which ran between her thighs, pressing into her warm
cunt. The leather-clad girl pulled on a pair of jack boots last, the heels
slim, pointed stilettos. The leather straps around Amy's tits and stomach
glistened with her sweat as she swayed over to the wooden frame, her heels
clicking loudly within the flickering room. Amy stood between the two
dangling chains, running both of her hands over them, enjoying the feel of
the cool metal between her fingers. Amy's blood roared in her veins,
boiling with lust while she slid her wrists into the manacles, her pussy
twitching with arousal. Amy hung from the chains, the manacles set lightly
around her wrists, while the fires grew hotter, making the girl's flesh
perspire even more as she rolled her hips, the leather strap inside her
pussy inching deeper into her slit, her pink cervix dripping with her honey.

Abruptly, the manacles tightened painfully around Amy's wrists. Amy's eyes
widened in surprise, she glanced at the manacle around her right wrist,
tugging desperately at it.

"I'm pleased that you made yourself at home in my play pen," said a husky
female voice behind Amy.

"I'm sorry! I didn't mean to mess with your stuff! Can you get me out of

"But you were enjoying yourself so much. I can smell your pleasure from

Amy blushed hotly, closing her legs together, her juices sticky between her
sweating thighs.

"Please, get me out of these cuffs."

"You have only begun to taste the pleasures of bondage, my sweet," said the
woman, her rubber clad form appearing at the edge of Amy's vision as she took
a shining whip from one of the wall hooks.

"Look, fun's over, let me go!" shouted Amy.

The woman did not reply. Amy waited, trapped in her bonds, sweat trickling
uncomfortably down her bare back as she strained to look at her captor.

The lash came without warning, the sharp barbs of the whip digging deep into
Amy's flesh, tearing a narrow strip from her back. Amy screamed at the top
of her lungs, tears welling in her eyes, her lips trembling while she
struggled within the chains that held her. The whip snapped again, slashing
down across Amy's spine, its touch like white hot fire as it ripped more
skin. Amy sobbed weakly, she could feel her blood flowing down her torn
back, dripping down her small buttocks to pool on the stone floor behind her
booted feet.

"Please..," wept Amy, her body in more pain than she had ever felt before in
her life.

The whip fell, caressing Amy horizontally above her waist. Amy heard her skin
tear as the barbs cut into her. The lashes came faster, the whip thudding
into Amy's body, flaying her like a fisherman would skin his catch. Blood
flowed down Amy's legs in an unending rain, the steaming pool beneath her
expanded until she could see her lifeblood in front of her, slowly absorbed
by the thirsty grey stone below. When all the flesh on Amy's back was gone,
the woman began attacking Amy's ass, carefully adorning the girl's firm
buttocks with searing red furrows, delicately cutting the skin in long, slim
strips. Amy was nearly unconscious from the agony, drool flowed freely from
her gaping mouth, tears dried on her cheeks from the furnace's unforgiving
heat. At last, Amy's ass was as clean of skin as her back was. Exposed
muscle and bone gleamed in the firelight as the woman approached her dangling
captive and caressed the girl's slick muscle, staining her fingers with Amy's
hot blood. The woman licked Amy's blood from her fingers as she walked
around her captive to face the bound, bleeding girl.

"Wasn't that wonderful?" purred the woman.

She tilted Amy's hanging head so that the girl could see her tormentor. The
woman had long raven hair that spilled to her waist. Grey, lifeless skin
peeked out from the slits cut in the woman's black rubber dress, revealing
her full cleavage and long, sleek legs. Instead of fingernails, the woman
had sharp, polished steel razors, which she playfully ran across Amy's

"Nothing to say, sweetmeat? I guess you won't need that tongue anymore,

"What?" groaned Amy, her fading consciousness aroused by this latest threat.

"Ah, here it is," giggled the woman, taking a bright metal spike from the

"No! Please don't!" begged Amy, fresh tears exploding from her eyes as the
leering woman approached with the spike in hand.

"Shhh," soothed the woman, gently touching Amy's quivering lips, then kissing
the girl tenderly, her breath cool against Amy's small mouth.

The woman pried open Amy's mouth roughly with her left hand, then rammed the
spike into Amy's tongue, impaling it to the bottom of her jaw. Amy moaned
in agony, her body shuddering as blood spurted out of her mouth, staining her
chin, then sliding between her heaving breasts. The woman yanked out the
spike violently, the metal nail making an obscene sucking sound as it was
pulled out of Amy's cracked jaw. Amy hung with arms outstretched in her
chains while the woman reached into her gushing mouth and severed her ruined
tongue with one of her fingernail razors. The woman daintily nibbled on
Amy's tongue, chewing it with a smile as Amy flopped her head onto her chest,
drooling thick red blood onto her lovely breasts. After swallowing the last
of Amy's tongue, the woman yanked back on Amy's short brown hair, lapping at
the blood fountaining from the girl's slack mouth. Eventually the blood
flow stopped, the woman kissed Amy's stained lips passionately, her own mouth
painted with Amy's sweet blood.

"What's this? I still see some flesh here!" giggled the woman, digging one
of her nail razors down Amy's left breast.

Amy groaned weakly, her mind overwhelmed with pain, helpless to resist as her
tormentor began to slowly remove the skin from her soft, round tits.


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