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Hellcats: Who's The Mommy? Part 3 (FF,inc,anal)
by LL

Charlotte Monroe couldn't believe what had just happened. She wasn't exactly a good girl, being pregnant it would be hard to suggest she was purity personified, but at the same time she didn't think she really should be classified as a tramp either. Except she had just buried her face in her sister's cunt. She could still taste her on her tongue. And it wasn't something she regretted either.

How could she when Savannah was holding her hand and leading her into the bedroom...

"Savannah..." Charlotte murmured as her sister turned to face her.

The cheerleader reached down and took Charlotte's other hand, holding it as lightly as she held the other. Her fingers slid over the pregnant teen's ones, rubbing and massaging them. Looking into Charlotte's face, Savannah smiled a sensual smile, her expression lascivious. She licked her lips, "What?"

The aftertaste of the cum was still there. It was sweet. Charlotte imagined tasting more of it and feeling the warmth of the juice again as it gushed down her throat. It made her throat go dry, ironic when she was thinking about drinking down her sister's juice. She gave a small, quirky smile, "You won't tell on me if I swear."

"No, as long as its not blasphemous. It'll be our secret... one of our secrets " Savannah grinned and tightened her grip on Charlotte's fingers, squeezing them between her own, before sliding her fingertips over the knuckle in a gesture both friendly and sexual.

"Good," replied Charlotte. It wasn't just the language she was about to use that made her pause before she spoke again, but the knowledge that she was going even deeper into a intimate relationship with Savannah; they would never just be sisters again. She looked at the cheerleader standing opposite her, so sexy, so strong, so in control. Charlotte knew that she needed her. She opened her mouth, "I want you to fuck me."

There was a laugh from Savannah. She leant forward and kissed Charlotte. It was a brief kiss, but full of promise. She pulled back and smiled, "Aren't you forward? Is this what got you pregnant?" Charlotte blushed, but Savannah reached up and stroked her cheek as she continued, "I intend make love to you, Char. That's God's plan and its ours as well. But let's not hurry the night..."

The tingle in Charlotte's pussy hinted that she wanted the night to be hurried, even if once the lovemaking began she was happy for that to be longer. However, years of experience had told her it was no good arguing with her older sister. Indeed things always worked better if she agreed with her, "No, let's enjoy it. "

"Good, I knew you'd agree," Savannah moved her head forward, clasping her lips to Charlotte. They opened and the cheerleader's tongue snaked out and into her sister's mouth, swirling around and exploring. The tip touched and licked, exploring every cubic millimetre of the young teen's mouth. Pushing and prodding it forced itself down on Charlotte's own tongue, pinning it to the bottom of her mouth. Charlotte relaxed and allowed her sister's mouth to dominate.

The older Monroe let go off her sister's hands and moved hers round Charlotte's back. They slid down the teen's spine to rest atop her skirt. One of them began to undo the zip, the other gripped the butt cheeks hard - the nails biting through both the skirt and panties beneath to dig into the younger Monroe's ass. Slowly the zip parted, until the skirt slid down Charlotte's thighs and down to her ankle. She broke the kiss to step out of it.

"Very nice," Savannah grinned. Now her hands were free of the skirt she was moving them underneath the thin material of Charlotte's panties. Her fingers skimmed over the naked flesh and Charlotte felt herself begin to wet up. The cotton panties started to stick to her fresh young cunt, a small spot of translucent material slowly widening as more cum seeped from her slit.

Savannah knew what was happening, her own twat was doing the same. She gave a teasing smile, "You should take those wet panties off."

"Yes," murmured Charlotte. She briefly blushed, before remembering it was too late to worry about modesty. She stepped away from Savannah and slid down her panties.

The cheerleader looked lustfully as she watched her younger sister's underwear come off. From the angle she was at the pussy was hidden beneath the stretched belly, but she could smell the aroma of arousal; it smelt fine. Charlotte was standing still the underwear held in her hand, as if she wasn't quiet sure what to do with it and whether she should be striking an explicit pose or not. Savannah felt it was about time that her sister saw what was on offer from the cheerleader. She smiled, "Why don't you sit on the bed? Let me get out of my uniform."

The panties were dropped to the floor as Charlotte moved to sit down, a smile starting to cross her face. The smile got wider as Savannah slid down her top, revealing a lacy white bra. Her tits moved beneath the material as she reached round to unzip her cheerleading skirt. It dropped to the floor. There was nothing underneath

"Like what you see?" Savannah put her hands on her hips, jutting out both her covered titties and her naked slit.

"Yes," said Charlotte. Her mouth and lips suddenly felt dry again. They got even more parched as Savannah's bra was removed, freeing her beautiful tits, and leaving Savannah clad only in her socks. Charlotte felt her mouth turning into the Sahara as Savannah walked towards her, like a tiger stalking a goat. The older Monroe stopped, just out of licking range, her eyes flicked down to her sister and she smiled. Charlotte smiled back, knowing what her sister wanted, "Let me just get off my top."

Her hands shook slightly as she unbuttoned her blouse. Luckily Savannah was willing to help; even as Charlotte loosened her top her sister's hands were in and under it, sneaking round the back to unclip the bra. Blouse and bra dropped almost in unison.

"That's better," Savannah reached out and squeezed her sister's large tits.

Charlotte moaned in pleasure as her sister's fingers pressed deeper into the milk engorged pair. Her moan got larger as Savannah knelt down and slid her lips over one of the teats. The cheerleader began to suck it in, drawing more of the tit into her mouth before clamping down her teeth on the nipple. A sliver of breast milk seeped out at the same time as a trickle of cum slipped from her slit. She gasped louder as Savannah's tongue played over the hard nub, "Oh yes, Savannah. Oh, yes."

The cheerleader sucked harder, biting as she did so her. But what was really starting to do things to Charlotte were Savannah's fingers. The older girl was crouched in front of her sister, a tit in her mouth and her digits starting to slide into teen twat; "Oh yes, Savannah, oh yes."

The fingers move deeper into the hole, pushing out cum like a sponge being squeezed. The girl juice slid over Savannah's fingers and down Charlotte's quim lips. More and more of it secreting as Savannah's nails scratched both painfully and pleasurably at Charlotte's clit; the little lump of flesh seeming to heat to the cheerleader's touch. Savannah stopped eating tit, moving her head so that she was staring directly at her sister as she finger fucked her. A small smile came to her face, "You want me to stick something bigger in here?"

The thought of Savannah stuffing in something larger than two fingers made Charlotte even wetter. She nodded, quivering with excitement, "Fuck me with a dildo."

"Spread your legs," ordered Savannah. Her sister hurriedly obeyed as the cheerleader pulled her porn and toy stash out from under the bed. Charlotte was almost salivating as her sister opened the case and started to look through the toys, holding each one up for Charlotte's inspection before deciding on an eight inch black one. The elder Monroe slid it into her mouth, sucking it like a lollipop as she shuffled between Charlotte's knees. Pulling it out the cheerleader grinned, "Let's try this."

"Ooooh," Charlotte gasped in pleasure as her sister pushed the toy into her. The rubber dildo filled her so completely that a shot of cum was forced out, shooting up the dildo and over Savannah's pussy lips. She gripped the bed as Savannah began to move the toy in and out, hammering it hard over the clit until the pregnant teen was squealing as the pleasurable waves rushed over her, "Aaaarrghhh, oooohhhhh, yessssss...."

More cum slid from Charlotte's slit, surging over her cunt lips and dribbling down to dampen the bedding. Savannah looked upward and smiled, before returning her gaze to her sister's twat. The cheerleader's wrist was moving so fast and hard it must be starting to ache and beads of sweat were starting to form on her body. Harder and deeper Savannah thrust the dildo, toying her pregnant sister. The result was a series of screams of orgasmic ecstasy from Charlotte as her entire body seemed to explode in. Her back arched and her belly bounced out as her mouth opened, "Aaaaaarrrgghh, yessssssss..."

The soaking toy was slipped out. Savannah ran her tongue over it, taking away a strip of the cum that was soaking it. She looked mischievously at her sister, before sliding the toy into her mouth sucking it like a lolly. Watching her sister swallow the cummy toy, Charlotte reached one hand to squeeze at her tit and another to rub at her recently toyed pussy. The dildoing had only reduced her horniness for a couple of moments, Savannah slurping the dildo was quickly reinvigorating her. She grunted as her fingers touched inside her slot, the walls dampness soaking her. She pushed the two digits deeper in, moaning "Oh, my pussy's so wet. It needs to be filled..."

"So does mine," Savannah pulled the toy out of her mouth and licked her lips, "I've just got the medicine for that."

She put down the dildo and reached again into her treasure trove of porn and toys. This time she came out with a double dildo. The cheerleader looked at her sister, Charlotte was breathing heavily - excitement written as plainly in her expression as if she had it inked on her forehead. Savannah stood up, "I think this should help cure your condition... if only for a while."

"I don't want to be made totally better," giggled Charlotte. She didn't resist as her sister moved her legs, so that she was fully resting on the bed with them apart. Savannah then got onto the bed. Charlotte could see the damp cum glittering on her sister's lips as the older teen opened her own legs. One slid over the top Charlotte's thighs, the other moved underneath sandwiching the teen between them. Savannah pushed herself forward, the movement of her legs creating a small frictional warmth over Charlotte.

"Let me put this in," Savannah held up the double-ender in explanation, but she didn't need to clarify where she intended to put it. She threaded one end into Charlotte's pussy; the younger teen gasped as her sister's pushed it in. It touched lightly against her clit, sending a jolt through the teen that translated into a squeak and shiver. Savannah smiled again, "Now for me."

She guided her own slit over and down the toy. As she pushed herself down, the toy shifted deeper into Charlotte - running over the pregnant teen's G-spot. The rubber seem to pulsate, or perhaps that was the quivering of teenage slit walls; in either case little sparks of early orgasm started to burst in Charlotte's cunt. She groaned and gripped her tits, squeezing the large, pliable flesh until it popped out between her fingers, before grabbing them again and repeating the action, "Fuck me Savannah, fuck me up."

"Oh, yes," her older sister moaned as the rubber toy filled her hole as well. From the way she was quivering and gasping the double-ender was banging her clit the same as Charlotte's. She bit her lip as she moved forward and back, "Oh yes, this is so good..."

The two young women rocked, slowly at first, but gradually increasing the speed until after a few minutes they were knocking against each other with a frightening intensity. The bed squeaked and the picture on the wall jumped like there was an earthquake. There flesh slapped together, sharply stinging with each cracking touch. The gunshots off it were drowned out by their passionate moans.

"Aaarrggghh, yessss."

"Fuuuckkk, fuuuuccckkk...oooohhhh fuuucckkk..."

The scissoring sisters were swiftly sweating, the perspiration rolling down them like sheets of water pouring over a cliff-edge. Harder and harder they moved, revelling in the pleasure they were giving and receiving. The double-ender slammed hard into each as they moved into a rhythm - ramming in unison, shrieking in pleasure, before pulling back, squealing as they quickly regathered their strength before hammering down together. Cum was everywhere, leaking from their cunts, covering their lips, sliding down their thighs, soaking the bed. It covered the toy, bouncing up and down as the two Monroe's slammed in and out - it rolled one way and then the next, until Charlotte's juice and Savannah's were hopelessly intermixed.

"Oooohhhh, yesssss, fuuuuckkkk meeeee, this is heaven."

"Yessss, yesssss, yesssss, aaaarrrghhhh, yessss, fuuuucckkk..."

Sweat soaked the two sisters hammered at each other. The explosions of lust getting harder and more intense until they began to merge into one whole. Simultaneously the two Monroe's reached back their heads and screamed as the orgasm wracked their body. It raced through them both, leaving them gasping and panting, temporarily spent.

Reaching forward Savannah pulled the toy out of their cunts, it was slimy with girl cum. Smiling she held it up to show her sister, "Want to lick?"

Charlotte nodded greedily, licking her lips as she contemplated all the tasty cum soaking the dildo.

Savannah smiled, "Let's share."

She opened her mouth to take one end, whilst offering up the other for her pregnant sister. Charlotte didn't hesitate - taking the spare end she slipped it into her mouth and began to slurp. The taste of girl juice was delicious, it flavoured the dildo divinely. The two sister's swallowed and sucked, gulping cum and toy down their throats. As they took more they moved closer and closer, their hands seeking the other's body. Charlotte sucked at the toy as her fingers massaged at Savannah. Again she felt her libido rising as she looked into her sister's eyes and felt her touch. She pulled back and let the rubber drop. Savannah took the toy out of her mouth. She grinned as if she could read her sister's mind, "Still wanting more?"

"Yes... I'm still hot and horny," Charlotte licked her lips and touched her slick slot to emphasise her words.

"But I've already fucked your pussy twice...," teased Savannah, "I may need to try something else... If you want me to?"

Her eyes had flicked down to the strap-on, lying in the case.

"I do," murmured Charlotte, she had an idea what her sister had in mind. It wasn't anything she'd done before or even thought of doing, but she had already gone so far that it seemed too late to have second thoughts. She smiled and made clear what she hoped her sister was thinking about, "I do, if you want to fill my butt-hole."

"I think it's the only thing to do," admitted Savannah, smiling as she reached for the strap-on. She pulled it up her thighs and adjusted the leather belt so that it was comfortably positioned. She sat on the edge of the bed and opened her legs, before turning to look at her sister, ""You may want to suck it first... for lube. I guess it'll be tight up there?"

"Very tight," confirmed Charlotte, before quickly adding in case her sister thought she might know through experience, "I guess."

The teen got onto her knees and bent over as far as her pregnant belly would let her, lowering her open mouth onto the strap-on. Without any cum flavouring it the taste was like sucking a pen, but she still ran it up her mouth and into her throat, until she was close to gasping. Slowly she moved up, leaving a wet trail of saliva on the rubber. She moved her head off and looked at Savannah, "I'm ready. Where do you want me?"

"Lie on your side, facing away from me," said Savannah. She watched as her sister moved into position, before swinging her own legs onto the bed and rolling over behind Charlotte. She reached down and with one hand gripped Charlotte's top cheek, slowly prising it apart from the other and exposing the tight back hole. On her other hand she extended the middle finger. She slowly pushed it into Charlotte's tight back passage, the pregnant teen giving a small jump as she was penetrated. Savannah moved her hand from her sister's ass to massage at her waist, before saying, "This might be uncomfortable."

"That's alright," replied Charlotte through gritted teeth.

Savannah pushed her finger in to the knuckle. The walls of the chute were tight, pressing down and squeezing against her digit - squashing it like it was in a vice. Slowly she began to wiggle and move it around. Charlotte gave a uncomfortable gasp as it ran round her back hole, but otherwise gave no complaint. Slowly the finger began to push apart the resisting walls, leaving a small opening. The cheerleader pulled the finger out and gripped her toy. The hand that had been massaging her sister returned to pulling open her ass cheeks. Savannah guided the cock so that it was resting on the opening of the chute. She paused, "It'll be fun. Work through it."

"Ye..." Charlotte started to say. Before she could complete Savannah started to shove the dildo down the teen's ass. The word became an elongated hiss, "...essssssss."

As the strap-on went deeper Savannah let go off her sister's ass cheek and moved the hand to grip at the pregnant bulge. She continued to push in. At first the toy slid in, if not easy it was at least not hard, as it went down the chute already prepared by Savannah's finger. But soon the toy began to slow as it hit virgin territory. Savannah pulled back half an inch, before rocking forward. The cock moved a bit more and Charlotte shuddered, letting out a moan that combined both sexual excitement and aching discomfort. Savannah pulled back again and said, "You can take it baby, you can take my big toy."

"I can," whispered Charlotte in confirmation. She gave another groan as Savannah thrust forward again. She moved her hand to clasp at Savannah's, before resting it on her belly. Savannah continued to rock back and forth, slowly driving the dildo deeper and deeper into her sister's ass. The teen groaned and gasped as it drove deeper, opening her up and starting to stimulate hidden erogenous zones. The positive feelings of pleasure began to overwhelm the discomfort and ache. The dildo was shoved deeper and Charlotte moaned, "Oh yes, oh yes, bang my butt."

The toy was in its full length, Savannah pulled back so it almost slid out. She paused, as it balanced precariously on the edge of her sister's back chute, "I'm going to come in again and then I'm going to continue until you cum. You ready?"

There was a nod from Charlotte, which turned into a squealing twist of her whole body as Savannah rammed in. With the hole more opened the cheerleader came in fast and hard, rushing the rubber over the anal nerve endings. Charlotte quaked with pleasure and screamed out, "Fuuuucckkk... yesssss.... Fuuucckkk meeeee haaarrrddd."

The older Monroe pumped harder. Her body slapped into her sister's, her tits squashing into Charlotte's back - the nipples hardening as she did so. With one hand she moved under Charlotte to grip the pregnant teen's tit, with the other she massaged the pregnant bulge. Both the tummy and tittie bounced free as Savannah rammed home, sending the cock shooting deep into the teen's butthole. Charlotte's body arched with out of control pleasure, "Fuck me. Bang my ass. I want you to fill my butt - totally fill it. I'm yours."

Savannah's hands crawled and squeezed at Charlotte as the cheerleader pounded her younger sister's butt. The dildo rammed in deep, slapping aside all resistance and pressing over the teenager's anal erogenous zone. The younger Monroe groaned and bucked as she was hammered mercilessly; cum leaked from her pussy as her ass was opened. Savannah wasn't slowing or stopping, she was like a juggernaut ploughing on and on - a machine built for butt-banging. The dildo rammed deep, making Charlotte bend and squeal, "That's it. Fuck me. Fuck my virgin asshole."

The words seemed to speed Savannah. The cheerleader, was fit, but so fast and hard was she going that even with her stamina and strength she was grunting in exertion. Sweat dripped from her skin, sometimes jumping across to Charlotte as the older Monroe slammed into her sister, sometimes sliding down to leave a damp outline on the bedding. But it didn't stop Savannah she slammed on and on and on, sending the dildo into her sister. Charlotte was screaming louder, her entire body shaking as the orgasms raced through her.

"Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!" the pregnant team screamed, her voice becoming hoarse, "I'm yours... Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!"

The orgasms had been small at first - controllable rather than controlling. But the more Savannah fed the toy into the chute the more intense the orgasms had become, longer lasting and more powerful. Until they were sweeping round Charlotte like a tidal wave, unable to be stopped. Her body bent and she screamed in enjoyment as the pleasure merged together into one explosive, unstoppable and never-ending orgasm, "Yaaaaaargghhh, aaaarrgghhh, yessssssss!"

Her body and mind were so shattered by the orgasm it took her a few moments to realise that Savannah had pulled the toy out of her butt. And even longer to say anything. Eventually she became aware that Savannah was sitting up behind her, the cheerleader's hands gently rolling over the pregnant teen's belly, "How was that?"

"Orgasmic," replied Charlotte, "I think I'd like to do it again."

"Oh," Savannah laughed, "I think we might be doing it a lot from now on..."
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