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Hellcats: Who's The Mommy? Part 2 (FF, voy, F-solo, oral, inc)
by LL

"You sure these will work?" Savannah touched the electronic bug in front of her with her fingernail. It rolled across the table, so tiny that if it continued and onto the carpet the chances of it ever been seen again were slight.

Luckily Marti reactions were quick and she placed her hand in front of it, stopping the roll. She looked conspiratorially round the room, the rest of the cheerleaders in the room were either cooking, watching TV or, in Lewis's case, studying - none were interested in Savannah and Marti's conversation. Even so the blonde leant further forward over the table so that no-one could possibly overhear, "Yes. The picture is as clear as a bell and sound-quality will be like you're in the same room. And all you need to do is stick them in a crack in the wall and they'll remain hidden forever..."

Savannah nodded and slid them into the small zippable plastic bag they'd come with. She looked at Marti and frowned, "They do teach some strange law classes here. You sure, ethically, they're alright teaching you this stuff?"

Marti glanced away for a second, her cheeks momentarily reddening, "Extra credit for Professor Parish - he's got us looking into a case of uni corruption. I've got a few spare, anyway if you're worried about your landlord perving around it's a good cause."

"Erm, yes," replied Savannah. Luckily her hand was under the table so Marti didn't see her cross her fingers. Savannah wasn't sure whether that meant the lie didn't count in God's eyes or not, but she just hoped that in her case He was feeling generous and that the extra large donation she was planning to leave in the collection plate on Sunday would win her points. She also hoped that Marti wouldn't decide she needed more credits and start an investigation into dodgy landlords - because she wouldn't find a perverted stalker, but a Yankee Doctor whose only crime was to ask too much rent for a shoddy apartment

"Okay," said Marti, "Once you catch the bastard let me know and we can sue his ass so hard that he'll be paying you damages for the rest of his life."

"If...if..." Savannah was desperate for Marti not assume he was guilty, otherwise in a few weeks she be wondering why Savannah wasn't demanding her legal expertise, "I'm probably wrong."

"Huh," said Marti in a tone that suggested a distrust of either men, Yankees or landlords - though as she didn't elaborate it could have been any or all three.

"If I do catch him though, I'll let you know," said Savannah. She didn't want Marti to assume her landlord was a pervert, but on the other hand she didn't want her to ask why, if she thought he probably wasn't sneaking through her underwear, she was planning to put little electronic cameras in her apartment.

And that was a question Savannah was not going to answer - even to her best friend. The real reason was that she was not only pretty sure her sister had discovered her lesbian porn magazines and toys, but was at least using the dildo. Savannah wasn't sure what she'd do if she confirmed her suspicion, probably nothing, but she needed to know whether it was true or whether she was worrying about nothing.

* * *

For the second day her sister was out and Charlotte had the apartment to herself. She guessed that this was how it was going to be, now Charlotte had dropped out of Uni - Savannah would be out all day at Lancer or cheerleading and she would be stuck on her own with the repeats of TV shows for entertainment. She thought of her sister's secret magazine stash - well perhaps watching repeats of Desperate Housewives was not be the only thing she could do.

Standing slowly up Charlotte walked into the bedroom she shared with Savannah. It was a bit of an effort to kneel down, requiring slow, careful movements so as not to topple over and land on her pregnant belly. She reached under the bed and pulled out the suitcase. It was unlocked, Charlotte felt under the bed for the padlock, but couldn't find it. She wondered whether Savannah had pocketed it, and if so why, or whether it had just been knocked further under the bed. She considered lying down and looking to see if it was, but that seemed like too much effort. If Savannah had noticed that the padlock was off she hadn't said anything, which meant she either suspected nothing or didn't care.

Opening the suitcase Charlotte looked at the treasures within. Moving to sit crossed-legged she pulled out a magazine and started to look through the pictures, in all of them beautiful, sexy women were intertwined, their tongues and fingers entering each others' most intimate holes. As before the magazines entranced Charlotte. She had never really thought of herself as a lesbian; though more and more she was sure God didn't have the same view on sexuality as many of His churches. However, looking at the cuties making out and making love she began to wonder if she didn't have a side that was attracted to other girls.

Taking out a second magazine Charlotte opened it. It was filled with black babes, mainly solo, but with a couple of couple-sets, the young ebony women kissing and fondling each other's nubile bodies. The pregnant teen's pussy began to heat up with its familiar feeling of lustfulness, a feeling that became more intense as she opened up the next magazine. It was harder than the two before it, the young models not only touching with fingers and tongues, but with hard rubber dildos. Charlotte felt her cunt flush with excitement as she stared at the pictures of women only a couple of years older than her stuffing toys up their friend's twats and asses. The ex-cheerleader knew that unless she jilled herself the sexual frustration would fry her brain.

Diving into the suitcase again Charlotte pulled out a six-inch pink dildo. She ran her tongue over it, lubricating it and enjoying the smoothness. Hoisting herself up she climbed onto the bed to pull her dress up and her panties down. She closed her eyes and began to imagine herself naked as another woman entered the room. Charlotte groaned as she slid the dildo into her slick slot, pushing it down deep as she tried to focus on who her imaginary companion was.

It was Marti, her sister's hot friend. The cute blonde cheerleader was leaning over Charlotte and kissing her, kissing her hard like she was in control. Charlotte liked that fantasy, the dildo began to be worked a little quicker as Charlotte imagined that Marti was wearing a strap-on. The cheerleader pushed aside Charlotte's legs, moving between them and driving her imaginary toy into the nineteen year old imaginary cunt with the same force as the teen was slamming the real toy into her real slit.

"MMmnnnn," moaned Charlotte arching her back as the pleasure rushed into her. She rammed the dildo against her clit, the hard flesh quivering under the repeated blows. In her minds eye Marti had pulled the toy out of her cunt and Charlotte had got onto her knees, sucking her own tasty juices off the large rubber cock. In real life her hand moved faster, the dildo rushing in and out of her wet twat in a blur, "MMmmmmnnn."

Harder, faster, deeper Charlotte hammered the toy. The sexual excitement writhed within her, twisting her belly into knots and sending shooting bursts of ecstasy quivering through her veins. Her body blazed as she hammered the dildo in and her mouth opened in a gasp, "Uuurrgghh, aaaarrrghhh."

Breathing heavily Charlotte lay back and sucked her cum from the pink dildo. It tasted good, sadly it also reminded her that Savannah had strongly suggested that she make dinner that night.

* * *

"Dinner's ready," called out Charlotte. There was a brief pause, before she added, "What are you doing in there?"

The correct answer would be installing the final one of the bugs in the shower. Savannah had already placed one in the bedroom, whilst pretending it was taking her a lot longer than normal to decide whether to wear her red or blue top. Unfortunately the only crack she could find didn't cover the bed and unless Charlotte leant against the wardrobe whilst playing with her sister's toy there was no way the bug would see her.

"I'll be out in a second," shouted Savannah in reply. She pushed the bug into the crack between some tiles, you'd have know it was there and actively look for it to be seen. Savannah wasn't comfortable with spying on her sister in the shower, but she needed to know if her suspicions were correct and Charlotte had found the lesbian paraphernalia. Savannah wasn't sure what she'd do if she found out she was, one problem at a time.

She flushed the toilet; it would explain why'd she'd been in there for so long and opened the door. She hadn't been expecting Charlotte to pull out all the stops for dinner, but she had been expecting more than pizza; there wasn't even a baked potato or salad to accompany it; though at least it was frozen rather than takeaway. Sitting down she briefly considered the meal in front of her.

"Eat up," smiled Charlotte. She bit into the Pizza and for a second her face changed, showing equal amounts disgust and surprise, "Uuurgghhh, it's still frozen. I think it needs more time."

Savannah managed to bite her tongue. It was so typical of Charlotte that her older sister couldn't help but wonder how much of the anti-domestic Goddess was an act so that Charlotte could sit around looking pretty and get others to do things for her. At the same time Savannah did want to eat, "Don't worry," the elder Monroe said, "I'll see if I can whip us up a salad."

* * *

It was a couple of days after she planted the bug before Savannah looked at it. Partly it was because Charlotte was around the apartment, and it was only because she Charlotte had gone to visit her friend Kathy that there was space. But mainly it was because she knew that spying on her sister was wrong, especially as Charlotte would be naked and at her most vulnerable. It might be important to her to find out if Charlotte had been going through her things and knew her secret, but was it important enough to bug her?

Getting down on her knees before bed Savannah had prayed for guidance, but God had been silent - which didn't mean a thing; He didn't often pay house calls. However it meant that Savannah had to make the decision on her own. She had grappled with it like it was an overgrown sumo wrestler, first pushing one way and then another. She had almost decided that she didn't want to know when she had opened a copy of 'Pussy Pink' and felt the pages stick together. Charlotte must know, Savannah was sure, but she needed confirmation.

What she would do when she got that proof she still didn't know.

Sitting on the bed with the laptop on her knee Savannah waited for the decoder Marti had got her to download the film into her computer. Luckily the bug only started recording when it detected movement so the cheerleader wasn't going to have to sit through hours of nothingness. The decoder bleeped, telling her that the film was ready.

For a moment Savannah paused, aware that once she started to play she wouldn't be able to go back. Her finger clicked down.

Marti had been right, the picture was as clear as iced water and the sound as sharp as sitting in the front row at the Choral Society's Annual Carol Service. Even before her sister came into view Savannah could hear her humming a song the cheerleader didn't recognise. Suddenly the humming stopped and seconds later the shower curtain opened to reveal Charlotte. The pregnant teen was standing there with a towel wrapped round herself - the explanation for the humming stopping was clamped between her teeth like she was a pirate boarding a trading ship: Savannah's pink dildo.

Reaching up Savannah undid a button on her blouse, it was feeling warm in the bedroom. It seemed to get hotter as Charlotte turned and undid her towel, hanging it over rail. Her butt was firm, the skin on her back pale and beautiful. She turned.

Fortunately for Savannah's internal temperature her sister's engorged belly hid her pussy, because if it had been half as alluring as the pregnant teen's enlarging tits there would have been a real risk that the elder Monroe would have spontaneously combusted. Charlotte took the toy out of her mouth and placed it on the soap rack, next to the shower gel. There was the hiss of water as Charlotte stepped into the shower and turned it on. Luckily the water was neither hot enough to steam or powerful enough spoil the picture quality, allowing Savannah to continue to feast on Charlotte's naked body.

Savannah knew she should turn it off, she had seen that her sister had discovered her stash and didn't need any more proof. But she was unable to resist the siren call of her sister's sexuality, an allure that seemed to reach out of the laptop screen and grab Savannah round the throat to throttle her with lust. Charlotte had poured some of the shower gel onto her hands and was busy soaping herself down. Her hands moved over her smooth skin, suds slipping between her fingers as she massaged herself down. Savannah wasn't sure whether her own breathing had sped up or slowed right down or a mixture of both. She did know the naked teen on the screen was doing things to her physiology which she had only come close to feeling before whilst masturbating to some of her choicest girl on girl porn.

It was either with a sense of relief or a feeling of disappointment, or more likely a strange mixture of both that Savannah saw the last of the suds slide down her sister. Whatever the feeling was it was short lived as Charlotte reached for the toy and slid it down her body. Savannah couldn't see quite where it ended up, her sister's large tummy and the angle of the camera conspiring against her. But it didn't take much brainpower to realise why Charlotte's elbow was jacking in and out of view and why her face was contorting in pleasure. The pregnant teen grabbed one of her tits with her spare hand, squeezing at it hard as she moaned and slammed.

Savannah couldn't help herself. She undid her jeans and slid a finger under her panties. Her pussy was already wet, it got slicker as Savannah slid a finger into the hole. She began to move her digit in time with the movements that Charlotte was making on the screen, driving down into her clit. Both teens moaned lustfully, at least one of them thinking about her sister as she did. Charlotte had a dildo and the advantage of its length and girth, but she didn't have the visual stimulation and soon Savannah was bending and twisting as the orgasm ripped through her.

She collapsed back on the bed, watching as Charlotte pulled the dildo out and licked it clean. The teen switched the shower off and stepped out reaching for the towel. She wrapped it round and headed from the bathroom.

The film stopped.

For a moment Savannah lay still, before she buckled her jeans back up and switched away from the final frozen frame of the shower curtain. She felt shocked and ashamed, she had just fingered herself into an orgasm watching her younger sister do the same. The image of Charlotte was burnt into Savannah's brain though and she couldn't shake it, no matter how wrong it was Savannah couldn't stop imagining her younger sister naked and with her.

She closed her eyes. It took willpower, but gradually she forced the picture of a masturbating Charlotte out of her mind. She resolved never to think about it again, as she stood up and headed for the kitchen to get something to eat.

It was disgusting, a pigsty. Charlotte had said she would clean up, but she hadn't. She said she would take her vitamin pill and it lay untouched. She had said she would cook and they had semi-warm pizza. Savannah sighed crossly, Charlotte needed to grow up - she was about to become a Mommy and needed to act like one. The cheerleader shook her head, Savannah needed a husband, someone to take control.

The epiphany struck like the voice of God on the road to Damascus. It wasn't that Charlotte needed a man, she needed a woman. That was why Savannah had been made a lesbian, it was why God had sent the lustful thoughts her way - it was her that needed to be Charlotte's partner and to help her bring up her child. Savannah prayed often, but it was seldom she literally got down on her knees and thanked God for his message. She did just then.

* * *

Entering the apartment Charlotte looked at the kitchen guiltily. It was spick and span, the surfaces gleaming so brightly it looked like they were new. She knew without looking that the dining table would be the same and that the trash would be out, all tied up in its bags and ready for recycling. She hadn't meant to be out so long, but her old team had been practising and even if she could no longer cheer with them, she could still watch. Unfortunately it meant that she was back so late that Savannah had taken it on herself to doing the washing, a chore which should have been Charlotte's.

The teen walked into the main room and gave a grimace. Savannah was up, reading and probably waiting for her.

"Hi," smiled Charlotte putting as much charm as possible into her words - it wasn't that she had meant to avoid her chores or come back past ten; these things just happened.

"Hi," smiled Savannah back, she put down her book and patted the sofa next to her indicating her sister should sit, "Good evening?"

"Yes. It was fun," Charlotte was relieved, she had been expecting a nag lasting well into the next morning, but Savannah was obviously in a relaxed mood. Perhaps she was on drugs? Charlotte smiled inwardly the thought of her uptight sister smoking marijuana was as likely as their Mom buying the collected works of Aleister Crowley for Christmas. However, suddenly she thought of her sister masturbating to hardcore lesbian porn - perhaps Savannah wasn't as solid a citizen as sometimes she appeared.

She sat down, and for a few moments they were both quiet. It was obvious that Savannah wanted to say something, though as her younger sister was unsure what the conversation was going to be about Charlotte was unable to say if it was an uncomfortable silence or not. Eventually after perhaps half a minute or maybe a bit longer or shorter, Savannah looked at her sister, "How was your day?"

"Good, great really or as great as it can be when your imitating a hippo," Charlotte smiled and patted her bump lovingly to show that she wasn't too serious.

"Nothing happen?" asked Savannah, "You didn't do anything?"

Oh, so that was what it was about, thought Charlotte, Savannah was peed that the chores hadn't been done. She could argue and fight back, getting into a screaming match before giving her sister the silent treatment for the rest of the night and have Savannah begging for forgiveness in the morning. However, that was the nuclear option, better to appear sorrowful and pitiful, playing on her sister's conscience. The pregnant teen fluttered her eyelids and tried to look like she was on the verge of tears, "I'm sorry. I've been really useless. It's just I've been alone all day, just thinking and then Kathy called up and suggested I'm came over. It was so good to be with the girls again, it was like being back as a cheerleader..."

She did give a real sniffle. That was the trouble of playing on Savannah's emotions; they often played on Charlotte's at the same time. She'd never be a cheerleader again; she'd be lucky to get back into University by the time she was forty. And if she got a job it would be a part-time Waitress or assistant in Walmart, something she could fit in around the baby, not a high-paying jet-setting business woman or Federal employee. Savannah was looking at her with concern, Charlotte rubbed her eye and smiled, "Sorry, I'm fine. I'll be alright."

"Yes," for a moment Savannah looked far away, as she sometimes did when she was speaking to God. Then she refocused, smiled and pulled out an object from her pocket. It was the pink dildo Charlotte had been using to pleasure herself earlier that afternoon; playing with herself when she should have been tidying the apartment. The older Monroe held it up, "Do you recognise this?"

Her mouth went dry, Charlotte hoped from either nervousness or shame rather than the lust of seeing her sister's fingers move up and down the pink toy as she held it. Slowly Charlotte nodded, if Savannah was asking she knew, there was no point denying it and adding to her crimes; "Yes, it's the dildo you have under your bed."

Savannah gave a brief smile, "You saw what else I keep under there?"

"Yes," blushed Charlotte, "Girlie magazines."

"Have you looked at them?" the interrogation was sweetly conducted, but it was an interrogation all the same.

Luckily no rubber truncheons risked hammering down on Charlotte's kneecaps, as she paused and thought. How did she answer that one? Did she deny it, pretend that curiosity hadn't got the better of her? But that would be a lie. But if she said she had, she worried what the next question would be - far better to kill this conversation by say she knew Savannah was gay and leave it there. She paused; the word 'no' in her brain, but her mouth decided to go a different direction, "Yes. Yes, I've looked at them."

It was out now, so she might as well continue, "I liked what I saw as well."

"I like them too," replied Savannah, "I guess I'm a lesbian. You?"

"I don't think so - bisexual I guess. The evidence is that I like boys as well," Charlotte patted her tummy to proof her point. She paused for a moment as she thought, "Still it's not like at the moment everyone going to queuing up to date me; if the right girl came along, well..."

She trailed off and blushed as she realised how far she had gone in her admissions. Her sister gave her a sweet smile, "The right girl?"

"Y'know..." again Charlotte trailed off unsure what the right girl was. She paused and shrugged meeting her sister's half-smile with her own, "I don't know - you tell me, who's the right girl?"

A quizzical frown seemed to play across Savannah's face as she thought about the answer, "Well for me, she'd be a couple of years younger - not much, but a little. Cute, definitely good looking, but she doesn't have to be the Mona Lisa. But it not just physical, so I'd like her to have similar interests - a cheerleader would be great as I'd get cuteness as well. I guess I'd like her to be a Christian - that's pretty important..."

Charlotte nodded, as Savannah took her sister's hand and rubbed the back of them in a friendly move. Charlotte thought for a moment about what she wanted in a girl, "I'd like her to be a believer as well, and a cute cheerleader...mmmnnn... I could like that. I'd want her to be a little bit older, she doesn't have to be too experienced, in fact if she'd had lots of girlfriends before I'd be a little bit yeuch, I'm not into being another notch on her bedpost. I'd like her to be able to look after me, to be a bit bossy... y'know like you..."

"It sounds exactly like me," Savannah smiled and ran a finger over the back of Charlotte's hand.

Charlotte glanced down at Savannah's movement; she had first thought the movement had been friendly and sisterly, to encourage her when she was a bit down. But it wasn't, the touch was sensual and hinted at more. The glance was only a second, before she looked up again and into Savannah's face. For a short moment Charlotte wasn't sure what to say, but it was only for milliseconds before she knew the reply "It sounds exactly like you."

Before Charlotte knew what was happening her lips were pressed against Savannah's. Both their mouths seemed to open in unison, Savannah to push her tongue out, Charlotte to allow it in. Round and round it swirled, sliding through every inch of Charlotte's mouth, exploring and probing, darting and touching, pressing against Charlotte's own tongue and swiping against her teeth. Meanwhile Savannah was gripping her younger sister's hands hard, as if terrified that she would let go. Charlotte flexed her fingers and slid them between her sister's, allowing Savannah to push between them.

The older Monroe pulled her face back, "I..."

"Ssshhh, I don't want to talk now," Charlotte said, pushing aside any last chance the two of them had of avoiding what would now become the inevitable conclusion. She opened her mouth and willingly allowed Savannah's tongue to enter her again; it was what she wanted - she wondered if it had been what she had always wanted.

It was a surprise when Savannah released her hands. For a second Charlotte wondered if her older sister was having regrets, though from the way her tongue was flicking it was hard to believe so. But then came the second surprise, Savannah's hands were on the front buttons of Charlotte's dress and she was undoing them. Charlotte didn't try and stop her as Savannah undid them far enough to slide her hand in the material. Nor did the teen try and stop her sister as Savannah pulled down the thin material of her bra and placed her hands on the large, milk engorged titties. In fact, as Savannah started to squeeze Charlotte encouraged her, moving her body forward and sliding her own hands sexily up her sister's waist.

"You have lovely breasts," Savannah breathed quietly, "I can't believe I've never touched them before."

"I can't believe I never let you," replied Charlotte, her voice had become husky with lust. It became huskier and more lust filled as Savannah squeezed hard at her large titties. The pregnant ex-cheerleader moaned deeper and deeper as Savannah's fingers pressed hard into her soft, supple flesh, "Oh yes."

The words came out of a rapidly drying mouth, showing her pleasure as Savannah moved her mouth down and began to suckle at the milk engorged tits like she was a greedy baby. The older Monroe's teeth slid over the hard teats, nipping at the nipples sharply. Charlotte gasped in enjoyment, as her sister moved from biting to licking, running her tongue over the erect nub and daintily dabbing at the small marks her teeth had left in the flesh.

"Oh yes, that's good," Charlotte closed her eyes and moaned heavily as Savannah moved from one tit to the other, repeating the biting and licking. Charlotte leant back and purred like a pussycat; her hands rubbed over her large belly as she repeated her words, "Oh yes, that's good."

Savannah pulled back, a thin trail of saliva between her mouth and her sister's tit. She licked her lips and grinned, "I want you to go down on me."

Charlotte wasn't sure whether it was an instruction, a request or a suggestion. But it didn't matter, she wanted to do it. Slowly she got off the couch and knelt in front of her sister as Savannah hoisted up her dress. Charlotte reached forward and pulled down her sister's panties, revealing a bald cunt. The teen licked her lips in anticipation as her older sister spread apart her thighs allowing easy access. She shuffled forward and bent over as far as she could until her bump was pressing against her thighs; luckily this was deep enough to bring her mouth in contact with Savannah's twat. The older cheerleader moaned, "Eat me, eat me now."

Slamming her tongue out Charlotte began to lap at the pussy. It swiftly dampened as she pushed herself in. Savannah rocked back in pleasure as Charlotte's tongue rammed in, exploring and penetrating the soft, warm, wet walls. She gripped her younger sister's head and held her in place, "Good girl, lick my pussy, lick it all up."

Faster and harder Charlotte's tongue lapped, slurping at girl cum like it was cream and she was a cat. She was surprised at how much she was enjoying pleasuring her sister; the taste was divine, the aroma - delightful. She loved the way that Savannah was moving, her hands stroking through Charlotte's hair and pressing against her skull, the thighs crushing her cheeks, her cunt pushing upwards forcing itself into the pregnant teen's mouth. And the sounds were gratifying as well, a mixture of squeaks and squeals, groans and gasps interspersed with cries of "Yes, yess, yesss."

It all made Charlotte give her all, pushing and lapping her tongue hard against her sister's clit, making the older Monroe bounce and groan. Deeper, faster, harder Charlotte lapped until Savannah was bouncing like a trampoline and screaming like she was on the Electric Chair.

"Yesssss, yessssss, yesssssss," shrieked Savannah. Juice shot from her pussy and down Charlotte's throat as the young cheerleader came.

Charlotte moved back, letting the cum dribble from her mouth and down her front. She looked at Savannah, her sister was red and breathing heavily as she tried to recover from the orgasm. Charlotte smiled and placing her hands on her sister's knees levered herself up, "How was that?"

"Orgasmic," replied Savannah. She smiled and stood up, moving so close to her sister that the Charlotte's belly was pushing into her. She reached out and moved a strand of hair from her sister's forehead, "Let's go to bed..."
_ _ _

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