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Hellcats: Who's The Mommy? Part 1 (F-solo)
by LL

"Where do you want me to put this?" asked Savannah Monroe. Her hands were full with the second-hand coffee table she was carrying, so she gestured at it with her head just to make sure her sister, Charlotte, knew what she meant.

The younger Monroe tapped at her pregnant belly and looked round the apartment, her nose wrinkled in disgust. Savannah knew what Charlotte meant, the window looking out over the main street was cracked, the wood holding it in rotten and there was a distinct smell of... well Savannah didn't know quite what, but it wasn't an expensive perfume. And it was small, so tiny that the double bed Lewis and Darwin were manhandling into the bedroom was going to have to fit both sisters. And as Charlotte was a tosser and turner and Savannah a blanket hogger, neither was looking forward to that.

"It's all we can afford," Savannah explained, in response to her sister's sniff, for what seemed the hundredth time, "All we've got is my scholarship money. If you hadn't argued with Mom and decided to drop out of Memphis Christian...."

She put down the table, leaving the rest of the sentence unfinished. There were an awful lot of 'ifs', if Charlotte hadn't opened her legs, if Savannah hadn't switched colleges, if Charlotte had been on the pill, if Savannah had still being seeing Noah - the baby's daddy. There was enough 'ifs' for both of them, but it was Charlotte who was knocked up.

"I think I saw a spider," Charlotte pulled a face and pointed at a corner, where the wallpaper was peeling. Savannah peered, she wasn't sure her sister was wrong. Spiders might be one of God's creatures, but even He couldn't expect young women not to find them scary.

However, her sister probably didn't need Savannah to start screaming and jump on the nearest chair, it looked so ramshackle it probably wouldn't have held her weight anyway. She made a mental note to get Marti or one of the boys to get rid of the interloper later. That noted she smiled and put on her most peppy expression, "It'll be great, Charlotte, a place of our own. Some fresh flowers, a bit of a clean and some... air freshener; it'll be perfect."

"It'll be cramped," Charlotte was steadfastly refusing to be cheered up.

"No it won't. It'll be cosy," Savannah had never been one to give up easily. She swept her arm round the apartment, ignoring the fact that in doing so she highlighted the fact that it consisted of a bedroom meant for one, a tiny kitchen, a bathroom and just enough space in the main room for a table, a couple of chairs, a couch and a television. She pointed to the one tiny piece of spare room; "Once the baby's born we'll put his crib there. It'll be just like the Gilmore Girls, except you'll have me."

"Huh," Charlotte remained unconvinced, her eyes darting round the room and obviously not liking what she saw. She pulled a face and repeated her grunt, "Huh."

"There's always Cheertown," said Savannah, "We could find some space."

The pregnant teen's face wrinkled even more, "And have them all pointing and giggling at the dumb Christian girl, who couldn't keep her virginity. No thanks."

"They wouldn't say anything," lied Savannah. She was sure Marti would be her normal sympathetic self; she was less convinced that Alice wouldn't see a pregnant Charlotte as a chance to comment mercilessly on the morals of the Hellcats hated rivals.

Charlotte might not have been bright enough to know when to use a condom, but she was smart enough to know when Savannah wasn't telling the truth. Though as the oldest Monroe was so bad at telling lies it had to be admitted you would need to be part blind and almost all deaf not to be able to notice. Charlotte shrugged forced a smile onto her face; "It's not what I planned."

"Life never is," replied Savannah.

* * *

With most of a day's work the apartment had turned out to be habitable. Even the smell had been removed when Savannah had discovered the dead mouse, to her credit the screams hadn't been as loud as they would have been if Charlotte had discovered it. It was also probably lucky that the pregnant teen had been sent out to pick up some cleaning supplies with Marti and that Lewis wasn't terrified of decomposing rodents. Still Savannah had decided not to mention it to Charlotte tales of rotting mice might not be the best pre-dinner conversation if she wanted Charlotte to settle and her sister, whilst not happy, was gradually adapting to their new circumstances.

In fact Charlotte was even singing in the shower, the internal walls were thin enough that sitting in their bedroom Savannah could hear the words of 'All things bright and beautiful' above the trickle of the shower. It could be worse, it could have been some trash by Aly and AJ - Charlotte loved them, Savannah thought they were talentless bimbos who sang like dying harpies.

Satisfied that Charlotte would be in the shower for the next few minutes Savannah reached under the bed and pulled out a small suitcase. She pulled out her keys and unlocked the small padlock. Keeping a careful ear out for the end of the singing Savannah opened the suitcase. She wouldn't get much privacy in the tiny apartment, so she intended to make the most of the time she got.

Virtually everyone thought Savannah was a virgin because she was a good girl, who didn't do sex outside wedlock. Savannah sometimes wished that were true; she was a good girl, she believed in God and His infinite mercy, she tried to do right by her family, friends and even complete strangers. She was also a virgin because she wanted to fuck girls, but had never worked up the nerve to ask any out. She looked in the suitcase, several dildos and girlie mags occupied it. But right at the bottom was her strap-on dildo, unused and still in it's wrapping; Savannah had bought it about a month ago.

It was funny how things turned out. Savannah had been getting on so well with Marti and all the hints had been there, the pillow fights, the blonde cheerleader's crush on Tori Amos, the way she swaggered when she walked. Savannah had been convinced that now was the time, except that it was too late and Marti was being banged by Morgan. It had hurt Savannah, but she had smiled and outwardly wished them luck. It hadn't been too big a sacrifice to decide to move in with Charlotte to look after her little sister; at least it meant she wouldn't have to see Marti's toned body first thing in the morning.

Running her fingers down the hard rubber of the strap-on Savannah wondered if she'd ever get to use it.

* * *

Charlotte had no idea how late it was. But it was dark and the sound of traffic on the road outside had reduced to a couple of cars every few minutes. Also Savannah was asleep; typically the same as when they were youngsters the elder Monroe had pulled over more than her share of the blankets. Charlotte pulled them back, Savannah muttered something, but thankfully remained asleep - she must have been tired after all the moving.

For a few moments Charlotte lay, unmoving. She hated waking in the middle of the night, but the baby inside her didn't want to keep regular hours. Luckily after it's brief early morning wake-up call it had settled down. Unluckily Charlotte was no longer sleepy, even more unluckily whenever she woke up in the middle of the night she felt incredibly horny. And just because her sister was asleep next to her didn't make tonight an exception. Clenching her fists tightly Charlotte hoped the itch would go away.

It didn't.

If anything it got stronger, her pussy almost crying out for stimulation. It was getting harder and harder to ignore. Charlotte had always felt herself to be highly sexed - it was some sort of miracle that she'd avoided penetrative sex until she reached nearly nineteen. God obviously looked out for her, though He did help those who helped themselves. And over the years Charlotte had helped herself by masturbating fiercely at least once, more often twice, not irregularly three times and sometimes even four times a day. It kept the incessant hotness under some vague control, though it was like the control a Lion Tamer had over a very hungry Lion.

Glancing over Charlotte looked at her sister. She was definitely asleep. The younger teen moved her hand down to her slit, being pregnant had made her even more horny than before - something she would never have thought possible. Putting out two fingers Charlotte slid them over her puffy pussy lips and round the open hole. It felt better, even if it was like blowing froth of a cold beer on a hot day rather than downing it in one.

Savannah was unmoving apart from her rhythmic breathing. It gave Charlotte confidence to gradually move faster, rubbing the digits over the top of her horny pussy. The tingling feeling within in began to change from an itch to a scratch as Charlotte massaged herself quicker. She stifled a moan as she felt a flush sexual excitement run through her body. Her eyes flicked to her sister, asleep and innocent of Charlotte's dirty deeds.

The fingers slid into the hole. It was warm and wet, the damp and pliable pussy walls pulsating as Charlotte's knuckles skimmed against them. The teen's eyes fluttered as she found her clit. She pushed the tip of her finger hard against the bud, slamming it into the wall. The feeling was explosive, like a ram hammering down a door. Harder and harder Charlotte fingered her slit. Sweat formed on her body as hot flushes swept through her, guttural throaty moans of passion pushed themselves out from the back of her throat and her back arced as the orgasms hit her.

"Uuurgghhh," Charlotte gasped as she came. Suddenly, with a guilty feeling, she remembered she wasn't alone. She looked over, fearful that she had woken Savannah. Her elder sister was still, unmoving and deeply asleep.

Gingerly Charlotte pulled her fingers from her slit and licked the cum off them. She turned on her side and closed her eyes, she couldn't wait until Savannah went to the Lancers cheer session tomorrow - an empty flat, a couch and a cucumber would keep Charlotte satisfied.

* * *

Charlotte was wrong; Savannah was not asleep. In fact she was very much awake, even if she was trying to pretend she wasn't. She had been awake for quite a while - it being hard not to be woken when someone less than a foot away was grunting loudly and twisting so hard the bed was shaking.

Biting her lip Savannah looked into the darkness. She certainly didn't take the view of some students of the Bible that masturbation was wrong, though it might be stretching even the most liberal interpretation that listening to your sister doing it was right. And she was almost sure she shouldn't be being turned on by it. She prayed silently, thankful that God wasn't nearly as judgmental as others thought He was.

* * *

"Waffles or pancakes" Savannah was at her perky best as her sister stumbled from the bedroom into the living room. Charlotte muttered something, she was less an early morning person, though as she had just bounced her leg against the couch before sitting on the dining table chair the murmured oath might have been vaguely justified. The teen had barely placed her bottom on the shaky chair before Savannah was filling her glass with orange juice.

"Either -don't mind," said Charlotte. She pointed at the tablet next to her glass, "What's that?"

"Vitamin pill - specially designed for Moms to be. It contains everything you need for you and baby," replied Savannah. She was almost bouncing.

"Er, sure. I'll take it later," Charlotte looked at it with suspicion.

"You'll take it now," Savannah said bossily. She stood waiting as Charlotte took the pill and swallowed it with her juice. Then she smiled, "I'll leave you one to take at lunch and I'll be back at dinner for your third."

"Thanks," said Charlotte, though her tone suggested that there was more than a touch of sarcasm in the comment.

Savannah ignored it. It was important for Charlotte and the baby that they got all the vitamins and minerals they needed. And if that meant that sometimes Savannah had to switch from being big sister to being Mommy, well she knew Charlotte well enough that she was confident that her younger sister wouldn't bear a grudge for longer than a couple of months.

Suddenly Charlotte winced and put a hand to her side, "Muscle twinge," she quickly explained as Savannah rushed forward. She touched her large belly "They're not used to the little one."

"You need to stretch," said Savannah, "Like warming up before a big performance."

"Er, you're kidding?" Charlotte didn't sound convinced, but as her older sister shook her head to show she was serious she reluctantly stood up.

And stretched. Savannah stood watching her for a moment. Her sister was wearing a nightie that was just a bit too small for someone who so heavily pregnant. It didn't help that as she moved her titties strained at the thin material. Savannah reached for her door keys - best to get out of here, she decided.

"I'll be at Lancer all day, but you've got my mobile if you need anything," Savannah picked up her sports bag, "Do try and relax."

Thinking about last night and the relaxation that Charlotte had been doing made the elder Monroe blush. It might have also set memories off in Charlotte as she went equally red. For a second the two sisters looked at each other, equally wondering about what the other was thinking. Then Savannah broke the moment, she lent forward and pecked her sister on the cheek, "I'll see you tonight."

"Sure, have a good day," Charlotte smiled back and as her sister left reached up to rub the spot Savannah's lips had brushed.

* * *

Switching off the television Charlotte got to her feet. There was nothing on, but repeats of the Gilmore Girls - not a television programme a pregnant teen wanted to watch - and Buffy the Vampire Slayer - which, according to a Pastor who had often preached in her old church, was a show that acted as a gateway to Hell. She paused and wondered whether he was right, he'd also said sexual relations outside marriage would lead to eternal damnation. At the time Charlotte had sat next to Savannah, the two of them quivering and silently vowing not to kiss a boy until they were both in virginal white with their newly wed Grooms at their side. Now, Charlotte was less clear that God thought this way. If He created Man He must have meant him, or her, to enjoy sex or otherwise He had left people with a major design flaw. Which couldn't be right as that would imply imperfection and God, by definition, was perfect.

That thinking had, and continued to comfort, Charlotte over the last few months, even if her Mom didn't believe a word of it. But Charlotte knew if she was destined for Hell it wouldn't be because of sex. Unfortunately thinking of God didn't make her want to have a quick dip into the Bible, but thinking of sex did remind her that her pussy hadn't been touched since last night. And that thought made her slit itch with desire.

She quickly glanced at her watch. There were hours until Savannah got home, more than enough time to do the chores she had promised she'd do, read a few chapters of the Bible and have a lovely masturbation session. She almost skipped into the bedroom and headed for the bed.

"Ouch...Savannah," Charlotte complained to her big sister, even though she wasn't there. It was Savannah's fault she'd stubbed her toe, the elder Monroe hadn't put the plastic suitcase properly under the bed. And it was definitely Savannah's fault that she hadn't put the padlock on properly and that it had sprang open when kicked.

It was the padlock that aroused Charlotte's interest. If Savannah hadn't tried to lock it Charlotte would have just automatically assumed it was clothes that couldn't fit in the wardrobe or some books that she no longer needed for Uni. But neither of those would be padlocked. Her horniness temporarily replaced by curiosity Charlotte bent down and pulled out the suitcase. It was heavy, certainly heavier than clothes unless Savannah had got some chainmail dresses and a full-plate bikini.

The suitcase sprang open as Charlotte touched the button. The teen gasped. She wasn't sure what she was expecting her sister to be hiding, but it wasn't a whole stack of porn magazines. It wasn't just one or two either, but forty, fifty, perhaps even sixty. It was way more than you needed to have if you were just interested what they might contain - you just needed to buy one or two to sate your curiosity. Charlotte flicked through the top one, she was curious herself. It had a number of busty women in very revealing poses, often touching their most intimate spots. The second was similar. The third had the women together, they were kissing and touching each other, sometimes with dildos.

Entranced at the magazines Charlotte undid the top of her slacks and sat cross-legged. Her hand slid down under her panties as she opened yet another magazine, rubbing at her rapidly wetting pussy as she stared open mouthed at the picture of a teen of about her age sitting legs agape. She ran her fingers over her sensitive cunt lips as she swapped magazines and looked through a series of photos where a black girl seduced and fingered a redhead. Charlotte's fingers got damper and her body flushed with pleasure as she went through the magazines.

They ranged from softcore almost artistic with soft lighting and scenic backgrounds to real hardness where the models were on their hands and knees as other good looking girls fucked their asses with strap-ons. Charlotte knew she should be shocked or disgusted, but instead she found herself incredibly turned on. And this wasn't the hardest stuff that Savannah had either, there were a couple of magazines where the models were tied and spanked or whipped. That did shock and disgust Charlotte, at the same time as turning her on. She quickly put those magazines away, whilst suspecting that they might be ones she would come back to.

As Charlotte went back in she realised that there was something below the magazines. She picked up the magazines and dumped them on the floor beside her. Again the pregnant teen's mouth opened in shock, she was learning a lot about Savannah that she suspected her elder sister wouldn't want her to know. Including that Savannah had half a dozen dildos, including one (still packed) that looked like the strap-on some of the models had been using. Charlotte didn't touch that one, but she did pick up a pink six incher. It was smooth and comfortable in her hand and she imagined it would be fun to see if it was so nice if she placed it somewhere else.

Stripping down to her bra Charlotte got on the bed. She slid the dildo into her mouth and sucked it, making it nice and wet. Not that it needed it, her cunt was soaking from her earlier touch. Lying back Charlotte moved her spare hand down to her slit. For a few moments she just touched the outside, running her fingers over the lips and feeling them quiver as if in anticipation. Then she moved her dildo down and used her fingers to peel apart the hole. The toy slid snugly in and Charlotte gasped in pleasure as it entered her. She closed her eyes and began to work it, pressing the rubber toy hard against her clit. It was much better than fingers.

"Ooooohhhh," she moaned in satisfaction and moved her spare hand from her twat to her tittie. The teenager's tits were filling out nicely with the pregnancy, and as well as increasing in size they were increasing in sensitivity. That and the dildo hammering down into her twat sent Charlotte into paroxysms of pleasure, her body arching and bouncing as she was plugged in, "Ooooohhhh."

The dildo dived through her cummy pussy sending spurts of juice over the top to coat the teen's lips. Harder and harder Charlotte hammered down ramming the clit so strongly it hurt - not that Charlotte cared, not when she was having possibly the best orgasm of her life. She screeched in pleasure again and bent her back involuntarily, as the orgasm surged through her like an out of control flood, "Aaaarrrrghhh."

Eventually she was sated, her pussy numb and her body unsure whether it was aching or in bliss. She looked at her watch and gasped. Savannah would be home any moment. Thanking God that He had seen fit to give her the final earth shatterer at just the precisely the right time the teen stuffed the dildos and magazines back in the suitcase. She just had time to push it under the bed as the front door opened and in stepped Savannah.

"Hi, I'm back. Good day," the Lancer cheerleader chirped cheerily.

There wasn't time to get dressed again. Charlotte thought quickly, before calling out, "I'm just about to have a shower."

It was a surprise therefore that the door opened and Savannah walked in. She quickly averted her eyes as Charlotte reached for her blouse to hold against her naked body.

"I just told you I was about to have a shower," the pregnant teen tried not to sound irritated. The irritation was less about Savannah seeing her naked - whilst the two of them hadn't gone around flaunting their nudity - they were sisters and had more than once seen the other flash a bit of boob or butt. It was more that Charlotte was still recovering from her dildoing and didn't want her elder sister to guess what she had spent the afternoon doing.

"Sorry," Savannah backed out, "I didn't know you were undressed, the towels were still in the bathroom. I'll hand you one."

"Thanks," called Charlotte, shutting the door as soon as her sister had backed out. She leant against it and let out a breath of tension - that had been a narrow escape.

* * *

Charlotte was singing in the shower again. Savannah could hear her - annoyingly it was 'Potential Break-up song' by that pair of bimbos Aly and AJ. God, how Savannah hated them. But she wasn't worried about that at the moment. What she was thinking about was the brief glimpse she had got off her sister's nude body. She had seen it before, quick glimpses after baths or when one or the other had barged into the others room first thing in the morning to borrow a top or a cute pair of pants. But it wasn't just the sight that had set Savannah's heart racing, but the smell of sex. Savannah was innocent, but not that innocent; she knew exactly what Charlotte had been doing. And it made her horny.

She wiped at her brow, it was dry, but she felt that it should be clammy as her stomach flipped and flopped, and her legs trembled. She had listened to Charlotte last night and now she was thinking about the teen fingering herself - it wasn't right. Savannah knew she needed a very quick distraction, some other vision she could place in her head. She'd still be itching with desire, but at least it would be over some porn-bimbo. And as soon as Charlotte was out of the shower Savannah intended to get in - whether there was hot water or not.

Kneeling down Savannah pulled the suitcase out from under her bed, trying to relax as she felt its comforting plastic underneath her hands. Her relaxed state didn't last long - the padlock was off the suitcase. The cheerleader felt a stab at her heart, she was anal about making sure it was always locked - it was too big a secret to risk. But yesterday had been such a day with the moving and the dead mouse and spiders, well perhaps she had been occupied and had forgotten. And whilst Charlotte could be pretty nosy (as trait Savannah had to admit she shared) she wasn't so bad she'd bust a lock.

But if it was unlocked and if Charlotte had seen it... Savannah opened the suitcase and knew her secret was out. It was always the Playboy on top, if somehow someone opened the case and saw what was on top she felt she could explain that away really wanting to read that interview or short story. Unfortunately there was no way she could explain 'Pussy Pink' or 'Bind my Girlfriend', the two magazines which were peering up at her. She rummaged down; the dildos were still there - but one of them was... well sticky - and if Savannah was careful about locking she was even more careful about cleaning her toys after use.

She closed the suitcase and pushed it back under the bed. Absent-mindedly she slipped the padlock into her pocket, it was too late now. Charlotte knew she was a lesbian. For the moment it wasn't being mentioned, but it was unlikely that would remain the case for long.
_ _ _

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