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* * *

Previously on "Hellcats":

With her newly-found lesbian feelings kicking into overdrive, Marti Perkins found herself craving sex, but was shut down for almost a week, unable to feel so much as the pleasure of her own hand. Her fortunes were reversed when a drunken encounter led her to her own coach, Britney Allen, who was attempting to forget her own heartbreak. Marti brought Britney home and in the morning after, they decided never to speak of it again. Little did they know they had attracted an audience during their illicit rendezvous.

Also feeling the effects of a broken heart was economics professor Natalie Hershlag, who found herself being comforted by her freshman TA, rookie Hellcat Molly Cratchit. During the confession, Molly made a brazen move and kissed her professor, but Natalie cut it short and asked her student to leave before things got too heated. That didn't stop neither woman from confessing that they liked what had happened.

After a tumultuous summer and being blackmailed with footage of his girlfriend Savannah Monroe in a MemChrist uniform to record the Cyclones' bid video, Dan Patch was forced to realize that things with Savannah wouldn't last and broke up with her. Savannah was distraught by the news and, last we left off, crying on Marti's shoulder for comfort.

One, two, one, two, three, four
Move to the left, move to the right

* * *

The alarm clock began buzzing at 5 a.m. and was promptly turned off. Most people would go right back to sleep, but Savannah Monroe wasn't "most" people. She relished waking up before the sun. It was a brand new day and a new week. The opportunities were endless and she wasn't going to hit the snooze button to let life fly by.

Bolting upright, Savannah threw her legs off the bed, her feet resting perfectly in her fluffy pink slippers. Wearing a ratty old tank top and a pair of shorts she had outgrown five years ago, the former Hellcats captain threw her sheets and blanket right into place before she ran her hands over the fabric to smooth out the remaining wrinkles. When she was finished, Savannah looked at her bed with her arms on her side and a smile beaming across her face.

Savannah went into her closet and pulled out a white bathrobe and matching towel, along with her toiletry tote, eager to let some shower water really awaken her senses. Before she left the room, though, she stopped and saw Marti Perkins, her roommate, teammate and best friend, asleep in her bed, the sheets tossed around like a hurricane had blown directly over her bed.

But it wasn't the condition of the sheets that caught her eye. Instead it was the position of her roommate's body that made Savannah smile while she shook her head. As she slept, Marti's hands were visibly in her panties and she was moaning unconsciously.

After a few seconds of watching that, Savannah chided herself to turn away. Sure, what she was seeing was a little shocking. It was a rather lewd display of obvious arousal, but at the same time Savannah reminded herself that not only was it natural, but that it was wrong of her to not look away immediately. What Marti was doing was her business and it would have been unfair of her to even begin to judge her friend for what she was doing in her sleep.

Besides, Savannah could understand what could lead Marti to such an act... she hadn't had a boyfriend in so long! No wonder the poor girl looked so desperate.

"Poor Marti," Savannah said softly to herself, wishing there was some way she could help. "I haven't seen her with anybody since she broke up with Julian over the summer."

And, the more she considered it, the more she realized that there was a very easy way to help Marti. She could give Marti what she so clearly needed and have some fun in the process. She could do something that would make them both happy. She could play matchmaker!

This hasn't been the first time she had thought about how Marti had to be suffering without a man in her life and lately Savannah had been wondering if it would be wrong to set Marti up with her base, Tom Boyle. While he had a well-known reputation to be a bit of a bed-hopping lothario, Savannah had seen him act behave cordially with Marti several times at practice. Plus, she figured if anyone could actually tame the base, it would be Marti. After all, Savannah had accomplished success in settling down an equally notorious skirt chaser in Dan Patch...

Dan Patch. Just thinking about him made the smile disappear from her face. He was now Savannah's ex-boyfriend. After about a year of dating, Dan ended things with her Saturday night after the two were had realized that between Savannah's busy schedule and Dan's insecurity, it wouldn't work out. And while Savannah had spent the last days telling herself that he was right and ending things now would spare them both more pain down the line, it still hurt and the breakup left her feeling empty and confused.

Savannah wasn't exactly looking forward to seeing her ex, but she knew she had no choice. Dan was the Hellcats' videographer and Marti's other best friend. She knew was going to have to suck it up and face him sooner or later.

Just so long as it wasn't today. She wasn't ready for that just yet.

Deciding to move forward with the day, Savannah got her smile back on her face and silently stepped out of the room, careful not to wake up Marti. And, as she did this, she found herself walking past the open door of Alice Verdura's room and found the team captain snuggled up in bed with Miranda Summer, one of the team's freshmen who had become Alice's pet project and lover. This caused instant awkwardness and Savannah felt daggers flying from her eyes at the two of them.

Miranda, somehow, had managed to bump Savannah's sister, Charlotte, as a flyer for the Hellcats. Charlotte had worked hard to get that spot after giving birth in May and enrolling at Lancer following her unceremonious departure from Memphis Christian. Savannah wasn't sure how, nor did she have proof, but Miranda had to have had something to do with Charlotte losing her spot as a flyer. And if Miranda did, there was little doubt in her mind that Alice, the Hellcats' queen of manipulation, also had a hand in it.

Walking away from the Hellcats' dastardly duo, Savannah made her way to the showers, resting her tote, towel and bathrobe on a shelf and turned on the hot water. Taking off the top and wiggling out of her shorts, Savannah went over the mental list in her head of things to do. Workout, practice, classes, guidance counselor... As she pulled her bra up over her head, Savannah knew that while she had a lot on her plate today, she could handle it. After all, she always did and the moment you started thinking you couldn't handle everything was the moment when you really started not being able to do it.

Testing the water temperature on her hand, Savannah decided that the water was hot enough and pulled her panties down to the floor and stepped into the shower. Letting the water cascade on her body, Savannah grabbed hold of her bottle of body wash and squirted it onto her luffa, gently rubbing the soap on her body.

As she scrubbed herself clean, Savannah wondered if she made a mistake in letting Dan break up with her. She really did love him and she had been feeling guilty about not spending enough time with him. Despite his insecurities lately, Dan was really the only man who made her feel special. He had changed his ways to be a one-woman man instead of the notorious bed-hopper he had been before.

But, as she rubbed her athletic body down, Savannah also thought that maybe she didn't make a mistake. Dan hadn't seen what happened between Savannah and Tom. He knew she'd never cheat, but he still thought she did. And he knew her family was important to her. If Dan didn't realize that helping Charlotte, Layne and John was one of the most significant parts of her life, then maybe he wasn't the one. Her father threw her family under the bus and Savannah was willing to do anything to help them. Dan knew that and still acted insecure about her. What was with him?

While Savannah worked her way to soaping up her butt, she thought for a moment, but only a brief one, that maybe after the new Hellcat streaking that she should have grabbed one of her new teammates and did things that would have driven Dan crazy. Recalling Jason running back to the van, she thought about his well-toned six-pack abs, which she thought looked quite nice next to Charlotte's continually flattening stomach. Tom also looked quite good with his V-cut, which she remembered quite nicely when he joked to Ariana that he only wished to be around that many naked women in his bedroom, which had made the freshman jiggle when she laughed.

But Savannah quickly dismissed the notion. She realized that while she did want to make Dan jealous, taking one of the freshmen aside and dragging them into her bedroom would have been a bad idea. The last thing Savannah wanted was to miss out on a national championship because she got herself stuck in the same predicament that Charlotte had been in last year.

Pouring some more body lotion on to her luffa, Savannah proceeded to wash her butt clean. As the bubbles accumulated on her cheeks, she thought to herself that it would feel nice to have someone grab her posterior and gently massage it. She had let Dan grab her ass a few times before in the heat of a make-out session, but Savannah would eventually pull back every time before things got too out-of-control. But now, she found herself craving something a little out of control and she would have killed to have some TLC on her butt.

As she pondered the thought, Savannah found her hand sliding around to the front of her body making naughty tingles rush through her body as she considered doing something wicked. She hadn't thought about touching herself for the longest time, but she was giving it some serious thought now. Savannah had lived her whole life without feeling the loving touch of one person to another and she knew if she couldn't find someone herself, she would have to take a page right out of Marti's book and take care of things all by her lonesome. After all, didn't God help those who helped themselves?

Just the thought of doing something like that made her smile with a naughty enthusiasm and Savannah could feel her nipples get reflexively hard from it. And it wasn't just the thought of touching herself that made her turned was the thought of doing it here, right in the showers that they all used. Savannah knew that everyone on the squad thought she was some goody-goody princess, but she could be a bad girl too sometimes. Maybe it was time she proved that...even if she would be the only one who would know about it.

But just before she could indulge in doing something Savannah Monroe was never supposed to do and let her fingers take care of her needs, the locker room door opened with a squeak. "What the...?" Savannah thought. "Nobody else has been up this early with me except on competition days."

"Hello?" Savannah said, peering her head out from the shower curtain, to find somebody she would have never expected.

"Morning," Ariana Valentine said in her usual cheerful tone while wearing nothing but her all-too-common-for-her birthday suit.

"Oh, hey, Ariana," Savannah answered, responding in own chipper voice. "What's got you up so early?"

"I had a bad dream," Ariana told her. "I got stuck in the maze on the back of the cereal box. Again."

"Well, that's unusual," Savannah said, stifling a laugh so she wouldn't look like she was making fun of her. "You didn't come with any clothes?"

"I'm going to be naked anyway," Ariana answered like it was the most logical explanation. "But I just realized I forgot my shampoo. Can I borrow yours?"

"Um, yeah, sure," Savannah said, rolling the bottle down the floor to the synthetic redhead. "You can keep that if you want. I got plenty more."

"Thank you," Ariana said before stepping into a stall. "I have to be up early anyway. I've got another physical therapy session with Dr. Van der Hooven."

"How's that going?" Savannah asked, unconsciously covering her bare breasts with her arms while she spoke with Ariana, who was two whole shower stalls away and too short to look over the edge anyway. She knew it was a little silly to be so shy, but she was hardly the exhibitionist Ariana was.

"Good, I think," Ariana said. "Dr. Van der Hottie seems stressed, though."

"Wait! What did you call her?" Savannah asked, wondering if she had heard her right.

Ariana giggled. "Van der Hottie. Because she's a hottie, get it?" To Ariana, this seemed quite clever. Savannah was less convinced.

"What about you?" Ariana asked after a moment of silence - a rarity from the petite redhead.

"Class, practice - oh and I have to see my advisor, Mr. Moseby today," she remembered. As part of her punishment for purchasing and using a pre-written essay on evolution, Savannah had to meet with her guidance counselor once a week.

"He's my counselor, too," Ariana said, her voice rising with excitement. "Except I only see him once a semester for class selection. He's nice, but he smells like the ocean sometimes."

Savannah shook her head, trying hard not the think too hard on how Ariana might know that. "And I think I'm done with my shower," she said, turning off the water. Savannah knew Ariana would probably prattle on well after she was gone, but she had things to do.

After stepping out and toweling herself off, Savannah threw her robe on, grabbed her stuff and headed back to her room. When she came in, she neatly placed her clothes from the previous night in the laundry hamper and made her way to her closet to get dressed. Opening the door as slowly and quietly as possible, Savannah checked to be sure Marti wasn't being woken up. The taller blonde was still sound asleep, only now, Savannah couldn't help but notice her hand was out of her panties. Eyeing her roommate, Savannah smiled, thinking to herself how peaceful and happy Marti looked every morning before she woke up and wondering if the placement of her hand before was a reason for that.

Finishing opening the doors, Savannah pulled out a matching white set of underwear, a pair of jeans shorts and a red tank top. Savannah slipped the robe off her body, leaving herself naked again before she grabbed her panties and pulled them up her legs until they rested snuggly against her butt. Throwing on the rest of her clothes, Savannah continued going through her morning routine with a bedside prayer, wishing the best for her and her family, friends and teammates. She grabbed her backpack and gym bag and was about make a beeline out the door of the room when she remembered something important.

Pulling a Post-it note and a Sharpie out of her backpack, Savannah scribbled a quick message on the yellow piece of paper. After finishing her note, Savannah slapped it on the mirror before whispering, "See you at practice, Marti."

A quick detour through the kitchen for a breakfast bar and a protein shake later, Savannah Monroe set out into the world, ready to seize the day.

* * *

But what Savannah hadn't realized was that when she had left to go get her shower, she had inadvertently stirred the sleeping Marti Perkins out of her slumber. Normally, Savannah was quiet as a mouse, leaving Marti to wake up and find her roommate gone and the bed perfectly made. But not this morning.

When Savannah opened the door to her closet, the tiniest of creaks found its way into Marti's ears, awakening the blonde cheerleader. And it couldn't have come at a worse time. Marti was dreaming again about a mystery brunette licking her pussy, giving the law student the best sex in she ever had. Before, Marti had only seen the silky brown hair. Now, she had seen the girl's hands. She wanted to know who this woman was. The hands were white, so it couldn't have been Kat from WTSU. She had already ruled out Deirdre and Britney. Who the hell was this girl? Maybe it was no one at all...just a mystery hottie who wasn't supposed to have an identity and Marti tried not to drive herself crazy over it. But she couldn't shake the feeling that her dreams were of someone she knew.

Marti had been jarred from her sleep by Savannah getting ready to start a new day. It had only been after the chipper cheerleader left the room that Marti had noticed her bed sheets were at her feet and that she had a hand in her panties. Feeling alarmed that the virginal Savannah had seen her masturbating, Marti turned over in the other direction, removed her hand out of her panties and kept her eyes open to avoid falling asleep and unconsciously fingering herself again.

"Oh God," Marti thought to herself. "I'm not ready to tell Savannah I'm gay yet. I don't know what she'll think of me. Wait, wait, just because I was fingering myself doesn't necessarily mean Savannah knows I was dreaming about women. Unless... OH SHIT! What if I said something in my sleep?"

It wasn't like Marti didn't want to tell Savannah she was a lesbian. She wanted to tell her best friend the truth about her personal life. Savannah certainly seemed like she had no problem with gay teammates before. It was just that Marti was worried it would put a strain on their friendship. Marti had gone a long time without telling Savannah. What if Savannah felt betrayed that she had been keeping this secret for so long?

As thoughts of whatever negative reaction Savannah might convey about the news ran through her still-groggy mind, Marti considered going to Deirdre for advice. If anybody in her life knew a thing or two about coming out to people, it was Marti's socially awkward lesbian half-sister. Sure, Deirdre wasn't necessarily the best choice in the world, but it was better than sitting around, doing nothing and worrying.

Besides, Marti knew she couldn't go to Alice and Miranda. Knowing Alice as well as she did, she worried this could come back to bite her in the ass. And it wasn't like Marti could talk to Britney. The way her coach had been acting around her since they'd drunkenly spent the night together had certainly made their relationship awkward. And Wanda, well, fuck no! There were things she could talk to her mother about but this sure as hell wasn't one of them.

The one drawback to discussing this problem with Deirdre was that the younger Perkins sister might misinterpret Marti coming to her as an invitation to relive their incestuous one-night stand. Maybe if Marti caught her while she was around her roommate, Ashley. Okay, that would be a little awkward since Marti had gotten to third base with her before her boyfriend had interrupted them, but Ashley seemed to be a social leash for Deirdre, so to speak. If the younger Perkins sister made a move, she could be the one to protect Marti. It wasn't the ideal situation, but it would have to do. Marti knew she had to talk to someone.

But before Marti could plan this out any more, she heard footsteps walking toward her room. Savannah was undoubtedly coming back now. As the door opened and the dark-haired cheerleader walked back inside, Marti turned over toward the closet and shut her eyes, pretending she was still asleep and had just shifted in her bed. While she couldn't see, the aspiring lawyer felt that her roommate was in front of her and, at that moment, Marti cracked open an eye.

She was right, Savannah was right there, clad in a white bathrobe, looking through the closet to find something to wear. As she pondered over her wardrobe selection, Marti decided to keep watching. She had never seen her best friend's morning rituals before, so why not see what Savannah did while the rest of the world slept.

What Savannah did next took Marti's breath away.

The perky college cheerleader took off her robe, hanging it up in the closet, leaving Savannah completely naked and unaware of the hungry eyes boring into her adorable little backside.

Marti quickly pulled a sheet to her mouth, muffling any gasps that might have escaped her mouth. She didn't want Savannah knowing she was spying on her while she was in the buff.

"God, Savannah looks amazing," Marti thought. Sure, she'd seen Savannah naked several times in the past, including a couple dozen times since she slept with Deirdre. But all those times had been while they were showering, be it in the morning or after practice. And those were times Marti had felt particularly unsexy and had been in no mood to check out women.

Somehow, this time was different. Marti could see that Savannah was completely flawless. Her butt was so plump yet still befitted her lean figure perfectly. Her breasts weren't anywhere as big as Marti's, but their apple-size demonstrated how fit she was. Her arms and legs had the right muscular tone to give Savannah her strength without making her look bigger than tiny body really was. Her stomach was a perfect six-pack, a testament to her pursuit of the perfect abdominal core. Marti couldn't stop her eyes from roaming over every naked inch of her roommate and that meant she could see that Savannah's pussy was smooth and bald with the exception of the brown landing strip just over her lips.

At that moment, Marti wanted to get up out of bed, find Dan and smack him in the back of the head. Savannah had this amazing body that had gone untouched all her life. How could Dan let this woman go?

But that thought also reminded her that what she was doing was more than a little inappropriate and she was going places in her mind she wasn't comfortable.

"WHOA!" Marti thought, throwing her feet down on the brakes hard. "This is Savannah fucking Monroe! You can't think of her like that! God, what the hell is wrong with me?"

While trying to calm herself down, Marti missed Savannah putting her panties on, but she didn't miss them clinging to her ass. And then she watched as her best friend wiggle her way into a pair of jeans, which almost sent Marti into a catatonic state.

"I can't believe this woman is a virgin," Marti thought to herself. "Men should be knocking down her door to ask her out. What does she do, walk around with a bag of ice in her panties?"

After Savannah squeezed her lovely breasts into a white bra and put on a red tank top, she knelt down next to her bed and prayed. Marti tried to fight the smile that was threatening to cross her face. Some habits truly did die hard, including Savannah's religious rituals, no doubt leftovers from her home schooling and time at MemChrist. And as Savannah got up to grab her backpack and gym bag, Marti closed her eyes again, making sure her roommate believed she was still sleeping.

Marti knew the both of them would be mortified beyond belief if Savannah ever knew that she'd been checking her out. So she was relieved that her roommate was leaving. But before the door could open and close again, she heard Savannah's feet reverse course. Marti sneakily opened one eye and watched Savannah once again do one of those things she'd never understand about her friend. The brunette pulled out a Sharpie and a Post-it note, writing a message and slapping it on the mirror. Then, finally, Savannah grabbed her bags, took one last look at Marti, who had closed her eye again and walked out of the room.

Once she was sure Savannah was off doing God knew what at that moment, Marti was sure that she wouldn't be getting more sleep now that she knew her best friend had written something to her. Sliding out of bed and into a pair of slippers, she walked over to the nightstand, turned on a lamp and pulled the note off the mirror. As she read it and felt touched at the words.

"Marti, You'll ace E. Law. -Savannah"

Seeing the words in the barely-dried black ink, Marti couldn't help but smile from ear to ear. She'd never had a friend like Savannah. She'd never had anyone like her in her life at all. Marti knew Savannah always had her back with no doubts and there was nothing like that feeling. Savannah knew how important today's Environmental Law exam was to her grade. Prof. Ericson had made it worth 1/3 of the semester and, even though she'd genuinely tried to hit the books, Marti had barely been able to study.

The last weekend had been a whirlwind for her and Savannah knew it. With her commitments to the Hellcats, the weight room and mending Savannah's broken heart, it had been so hard to find time to study and that was without the desperate needs she felt to quench her newfound thirst for pussy, which was something Savannah had no idea about. While Marti still felt confident she'd pass this exam, she wanted a perfect score to keep her GPA as high as possible. So this was a real challenge she was facing.

Even though the little inspirational note was completely in character with her best friend's forever cheerful outlook of "positive outcomes only," the gesture still struck a chord inside Marti. Savannah knew how busy she was and how she lost so much study time and yet she still believed in her teammate.

"God, Savannah, you have no idea how much I love your optimism," Marti thought to herself, feeling a surge of emotion that threatened to force a single tear out of her, a gesture that Marti fought off, lest she become a total sap right before the test.

Suddenly, her alarm went off and Marti swore and jumped out of bed. So much for getting back to sleep. She had to rush to class, too, after all.

* * *

"Okay, take two of these and call me if things don't get better in the morning."

"Thanks, Doc," the burly, muscle-bound football player said, doing a pretty bad job of keeping his eyes off Dr. Kristen van der Hooven's cleavage as he stood up and headed towards the door. Kristen would've smacked him in the back of the head for gawking at her like a piece of meat, but the idiot had come close to getting a concussion once already today and he was too tall for her to reach his head anyway.

Instead she sighed, waited for the door to her office to close, then dropped into the chair behind her desk and tried not to groan in frustration.

She HATED this job! She hadn't given up a mid-level medical career in the NHL to come to one of the top-rated college football schools in the NCAA, only to get stuck working on cheerleaders and the overflow from the football team's new team doctor. And yet, here she was, patching up volleyball player arms and rubbing down cheerleader legs. She might as well be working in a mall kiosk for all the massages she was giving. She'd probably make better money at that.

Well, if the rumors were true about the school's dubious athletics funding, she might find herself doing that anyway. Football paid for the lights around this place and those lights were fading, even as the Lions won. Red Raymond was turning the team around, but not fast enough - and it wasn't making the kind of money guys like Dean Laverne wanted.

Kristen had signed a one-year contract and she knew she couldn't afford to break it. Besides, it was only a year. By the time it ended, something new might have opened up elsewhere. The Olympics would be over by then, maybe her old home at "The Rock" would need a new team doctor by then...

Yeah, it wouldn't be so bad to go back to the Rocky Mountain Gymnastics club by then - Kaylie Cruz would be gone after the Olympics, so maybe Kristen could show her face around there again without feeling like a complete and utter deviant.

There was a knock on the door and Kristen realized her next appointment was here.

"Come in," she called out, standing up. It was time for another massage and Kristen just hoped she could get through this without having to strangle something.

All artificially bright red hair and pep, Ariana Valentine came bounding into the office, still clad in her Hellcats uniform, though judging by the way her chest was bouncing about, she might not be wearing a bra underneath it. Ariana had tweaked a muscle in her groin a little while back and Kristen had been giving her massages once a week to help heal the minor injury. It wasn't her favorite thing to do, especially considering how Kristen had been feeling the last week or so.

"Hi Doc," Ariana said, closing the door behind her. "I'm here for another massage."

"Great, Ariana. Why don't you get undressed and lay down and I'll prep," Kristen said, trying hard not to make eye contact. She wanted to get this over with as quickly as possible.

About Kristen's height, the little redhead had what the doctor assumed was the perfect cheerleader personality - all pep and happiness and bubbliness, if that was even a word. How Ariana got into college was beyond Kristen, but she was here, she was cheerleading and apparently she was good at it, even with a tweaked groin.

Kristen got the supplies she'd need - lotion, a couple of towels and a pair of pillows, one for Ariana's head, one for her knees. By the time she turned back towards the student, Ariana was already topless. She'd been right. Ariana had forgotten to wear a bra today, her perky little teen breasts looking oh-so-perfect.

Kristen winced. This was NOT going to be easy if she was already thinking like that about Ariana's body.

She had thought after that disaster with Kaylie back in Colorado that she'd gotten a handle on her lesbian feelings. She'd only been with men since and hadn't so much as thought about another woman since then. But a week ago, she'd had to give Marti Perkins a thorough exam and all those lustful feelings she'd had back when she'd examined Kaylie that time came flooding back, perhaps even stronger. And this time, they hadn't gone away.

"Do you want a towel to cover yourself, Ariana?" Kristen asked, her mouth suddenly dry.

"Why? You've seen me naked before," Ariana said, slipping out of her Hellcats skirt. That was certainly true - Ariana seemed quite at ease with being naked. As she turned around to place the skirt on a chair, Kristen found herself eyeing the redhead's spankie-clad ass.

In the week since Marti Perkins had reawakened Dr. Van Der Hooven's lust for women, she'd tried everything she could think of to make those feelings go away. She'd avoided getting any of her female patients naked, gone to her gym late at night to avoid seeing any other women in the showers or locker room and even rescheduled one of her own doctor appointments - her own doctor here in Memphis was a very attractive older woman who loved to show Kristen pictures of her daughter, the pageant contestant. Kristen really didn't want to be looking at a gorgeous brunette in a bathing suit while her own crotch was being felt up by said gorgeous brunette's cougar of a mother.

"How has your leg been feeling, Ariana?" Kristen asked, glancing down at her paperwork to avoid glaring as Ariana slid out of her panties.

"Really good. It gets a little sore after practice, but then so do my feet. And my arms. And my back."

"That all sounds pretty common following a good workout," Kristen said, glancing up. She winced. There was Ariana's little bubble-butt, naked as the day she was born and Kristen was suddenly licking her lips.

After going cold turkey on naked women, Kristen had thought the best way to get over her lusts was to get a good solid fucking into her. So she'd gone out to a bar, picked up a guy and gotten laid. That had been Tuesday, but by Wednesday night, she caught herself drooling over one of the co-eds on the women's track team. So Thursday night, she'd gone out, picked up a different guy and did him twice, including giving him a rather vigorous blowjob the next morning. Yet on Friday afternoon, Kristen caught herself dreaming about Rizzoli and Isles making out while catching up on her DVR. Two more guys on Friday and Saturday night hadn't helped and by Monday morning, she was getting awfully sick of spending her limited free time in bars.

"Can I lay down now?" Ariana asked, standing naked in front of Kristen. The doctor struggled not to ogle the girl too much and nodded, not trusting her voice right that second. Down between her legs, Kristen felt a heat starting to build. This was so not good.

Ariana lay down on the exam table, face down and Kristen slid the head pillow, with the cut out section, under her head, letting her lay face down without actually pressing her face into the hard table. At the rate she was going, Kristen was seriously debating getting a professional massage table for her office. With her cute little bubble butt in the air, Ariana settled in quickly and the doctor's mind immediately went back to naughty thoughts.

It had been Kaylie's ass, too, that had made Kristen break a little. She'd just barely touched the gymnast's pussy during her massage back then. Kaylie had seemed not to notice, but Kristen had and she ended the session as fast as possible, before her own body could betray her. She'd left The Rock a few days later, even as she dreamed each night about bedding Kaylie.

Lately, she'd been dreaming of bedding Marti Perkins too, even after having sex with guys. And chances were, tonight she'd be dreaming about Ariana here. Assuming she made it through this massage with her job intact. It was going to be awful hard to keep this massage professional, especially considering the location of Ariana's injury.

Massage oil came out and Kristen poured it expertly over Ariana's naked back and legs, fighting against the urge to spill it all over the artificially redheaded girl's rear end. It was such a lovely backside, the perfect shape, the skin flawless.

Kristen decided to just power through the massage and think about something else while she was doing it. The sooner Ariana had some clothes back on, the better. She turned her thoughts to hockey and tried not to think too hard on the sexy little redhead that her slick fingers were now sliding over.

"You're hands are so soft," Ariana cooed.

"Thanks," Kristen said, wondering who'd be the Red Wings goalie this year. And wondering if his butt would be anywhere near as cute as Ariana's was.

Kristen cursed silently and kept working, trying hard to just shut her brain off and generally failing. The more she tried to ignore Ariana's naked ass, the more she wanted to lick it. And it only got worse the closer her hands got to Ariana's butt. Closer and closer her hands inched, kneading the flesh and muscle beneath it. Every stroke brought her closer and closer to her breaking point.

Kristen's effort to shut her brain down worked against her. More and more, Ariana's little bubble butt mesmerized her. It seemed to swell before Kristen's eyes, taking up everything in sight. Her hands were moving entirely on instinct and muscle memory now, her head lost in the beauty of Ariana's ass.

So it came as quite a surprise to both Kristen and Ariana when one of the doctor's fingers brushed against one of Ariana's pussy lips.

"Whooo!" Ariana said, surprised, lifting her head off the table to look back.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry!" Kristen stammered, taking her hands off Ariana. "I was thinking about... something else and just slipped."

"It's okay," Ariana said. "You just surprised me."

"If you're uncomfortable-" Kristen started to say, but Ariana lay back down and closed her eyes.

"Don't stop," the Hellcat said. "It felt nice."

"It - it did?" Kristen said, her eyes now locked on the sight of Ariana's pussy peeking out from between her legs. The sight, combined with the redhead's perfect little ass resting above it, was making the doctor's own pussy drip with desire.

"Yeah," Ariana said. "Your massages always feel good."

The massage! Of course, that HAD to be what Ariana was talking about. Thinking the young cheerleader was going to let her wandering finger go without another mention, Kristen went back to massaging her leg.

For a few minutes, it was as if nothing had happened. Her heart beating fast, Kristen was able to get her mind off having touched another girl's most private of areas through sheer force of will and adrenaline. But that could only last so long. Eventually, Ariana had to roll over.

"You sure you wouldn't like a towel?" Kristen asked as the redhead rolled over onto her back, going full frontal in front of the team doctor.

"No, I'm good," Ariana said happily. "I'm always more comfortable naked."

Ariana might have been more comfortable, but the sight of her perky teen tits, taut stomach and nearly hairless pussy was making Kristen considerably more uncomfortable. Still, she had a job to do, she told herself as she poured more lotion onto the front of Ariana's thighs and began kneading flesh again.

Ariana began to coo almost at once. The adorable little redhead closed her eyes and settled in to enjoy Kristen's hands upon her. The doctor breathed a small sigh of relief, hoping that with her eyes closed, Ariana wouldn't see how uncomfortable she was - or how turned on. Kristen's panties were so wet, she could feel the front of them sticking to her crotch and if her nipples got any harder, they'd be tearing the fabric of her bra.

They had to be even harder than the two bite-sized erasers Ariana was sporting.

That made Kristen stop dead, her hands still on Ariana's leg. Ariana's nipples were hard and it was quite warm in the room. The young Hellcat's breathing was increased, too. And there was suddenly a smell - an intoxicating smell that made Kristen's panties flood just a little more.

Unable to stop herself, Kristen leaned in closer to Ariana, positioning her nose not six inches away from the freshman's crotch. Yes, there very clearly was a smell of sexual excitement coming from the artificial redhead. Quite a bit of it, actually.

"Are - are you aroused?" Kristen blurted out before she could think about what she was saying.

Ariana's cheeks turned red enough to match her hair. "Yes," she replied quietly.

Kristen was suddenly very aware that her hands were still on Ariana's leg. In fact, they were only a few inches from the cheerleader's dripping wet slit. "It's, ah, it's perfectly natural," Kristen stammered, dragging her fingers a little further down Ariana's leg. "Lots of people get turned on during massages."

"It's not the massage," Ariana said, opening her eyes and looking down at Kristen, whose face was still hovering just above Ariana's crotch. "It's you."

Kristen looked up Ariana's short little body, finding the redhead's face partially framed by her perfect tits at this angle. Until now she had really only thought of Ariana as a flighty, absent-minded airhead, na
But now, as she blatantly ogled the sight of her naked bod, Kristen could see that Ariana Valentine's face was filled with nothing but lust.

It wasn't her bare body. It wasn't her smell. It wasn't the week of sexual desire and unfulfilling encounters with men. It wasn't even the memory of her fingers on Marti Perkins or Kaylie Cruz. Ultimately it was that look on Ariana's face that broke Dr. Kristen Van Der Hooven's resolve.

Her mind almost completely consumed with lust, Kristen reached out a finger and laid it atop Ariana's wet slit. The redhead swooned in delight, her head rolling back on her neck and Kristen knew she'd have to go further.

"You like it when I touch you like this?" Kristen asked, her voice barely a whisper.

"Yes!" Ariana hissed. "Yes, yes, yes!"

Kristen ran the finger down Ariana's labia and watched the young girl shiver in delight. The doctor felt her own pussy quiver in sympathy. Kristen had been through all sorts of medical classes, knew the human body inside and out, but she'd never been more fascinated by the way a body reacted to external stimuli.

Kristen ran her finger down Ariana's slit, the girl cooed. She slid it back up, she moaned. She ran her finger around the Hellcat's clit and the cheerleader gasped. Clinically, Kristen knew this was just the young girl's body reacting to sexual stimulation, yet she couldn't shake the way it was making her own body react. Kristen ran her finger down Ariana's slit and her own nipples ached. She slid the finger back up and her own breath became ragged. She circled around the Hellcat's clit and her own mouth watered with lust.

"Please," Ariana moaned.

"Please what?" Kristen answered, not looking away from Ariana's juicy little snatch.

"Please, Doctor, please fuck me! Please, please, PLEASE!"

Kristen knew she shouldn't. It was wrong in so many ways. A complete ethics violation on every level. It could cost the doctor her job, her reputation, her entire career.

But she didn't care. With a deep breath, Kristen took two fingers and fulfilled Ariana Valentine's wish, sliding them into the horny little cheerleader and starting to fuck.

Kristen Van Der Hooven had never finger-fucked another girl before in her life, but she'd gone to medical school, had her degree and worked on enough women to know the basics. Working her hand like a man's cock, she slid in and out of Ariana's pussy - gently and first, but with increasing pressure and speed - sending tingles all through the little redhead's nervous system.

"Oooh, yes!" Ariana moaned aloud. "Right there, doctor! Right there!"

Kristen licked her lips and pressed her finger a little deeper into Ariana. The redhead squirmed on the table, loving every second. Kristen knew this was wrong, but somehow, that made it so much better. Taking a cue from her own masturbation habits, Kristen curled her finger a little, searching for the slightly rough patch on the upper part of Ariana's vaginal opening-

"OH FUCK!" Ariana bellowed as the good doctor's finger brushed past her G-spot. Kristen gave a silent sigh of relief - not every girl reacted to G-spot stimulation, but Ariana clearly did. Quickly, she began to massage it, smiling to herself that massaging Ariana was what she was here to do in the first place.

The redheaded Hellcat thrashed about on the table, her small but perky tits bouncing, the nipples rock hard. She was biting her bottom lip to keep from screaming in pleasure and her right hand gripped the side of the table for dear life, her left running uncontrollably through her bright red hair. Every stroke of Kristen's fingers were driving the younger girl that much closer to orgasm. And never having been one to hold back in expressing anything, Ariana was letting her new lover know how much she was enjoying it.

"Fuck yes! Fuck yes! Fuck fuck fuck fuck FUUUCCKKK YESSSSSSS!!!"

The good doctor found herself smiling as Ariana's voice grew hoarse. No longer the sweet innocent little girl, Ariana was a writhing slut of a girl, practically climaxing all over Kristen's hand, unable to control herself. One, two, three more little strokes and...

"OHMYGAWDI'MCOMMINGI'MCOMINGI'COMING!!!!" Ariana screamed as orgasm shook through her. Kristen tried to keep stroking the young cheerleader's g-spot, knowing that when she herself climaxed, she preferred the sensations that brought it about to keep going until she was spent. But Ariana was writhing about on the exam table like a fish out of water, her arms and legs flapping about as ultimate pleasure seared her nerves. It was all Kristen could do to get her finger out of the dripping wet honey pot without getting her wrist twisted or her thumb broken.

If Ariana minded Kristen removing her hand, she made no mention of it. She didn't mention anything, her voice devolving into a low, guttural growl of lust and need and exhaustion.

Kristen Van Der Hooven was a doctor. She knew how human sexuality worked. She knew the signs of a woman in orgasm. Seeing one happen live should have been nothing more than perhaps slightly clinically interesting to her.

But watching Ariana Valentine climax from her own handy work was far more than just clinically interesting. It was hot. It was the hottest thing the good doctor had ever seen.

"That was amazing," Ariana said, finding her little-girl voice again, having finally come down from her amazing orgasm. Somehow, that seemed even sexier to Kristen.

"I shouldn't have-" Kristen started to say, but the Hellcat raised a finger to her lips.

"Shush," Ariana said. "It's your turn."

"My turn?"

"Lay down," Ariana said, hopping off the table. Kristen blinked and Ariana had to actually pat the exam table before the doctor realized what the young cheerleader was getting at.

Even though she told herself there were a million reasons not to do this, she was in no position to resist such an erotic invitation. Kristen hurriedly climbed up on the table and propped herself up on her elbows, looking down between her legs as the still-naked Ariana stood between them. The redhead giggled playfully and put her hand up Kristen's skirt. The doctor gasped as the young woman's finger made contact with her panty-covered slit.

Ariana giggled again. "Now it's like I'm the doctor."

"Don't - OOH - don't you want a closer look, Doctor?" Kristen managed to say as Ariana lazily ran her finger around the wet patch on Kristen's panties.

"I do..." Ariana cooed, trailing off a little as she bent down, peering at Kristen's crotch. Kristen nearly groaned in frustration as the air-headed girl stopped touching her and just looked.

"Do you want to take my panties off?" Kristen offered after an agonizing moment.

"Yes, please," Ariana said, her voice cracking a little in lust.

"Well, go ahead!" Kristen said, lifting her ass up off the table. Ariana giggle once more, reached up under the doctor's skirt and pulled the bikini-cut, plain cotton panties down Kristen's short but shapely legs.

"I have a pair just like these!" Ariana said. Kristen blinked, a little surprised the notoriously clothing-forgetful Hellcat even owned underwear, let alone knew what kind she had. But that thought quickly melted from the heat of the overwhelming horniness she was now feeling for this girl.

"Please, Ariana," Kristen begged. "Please, touch me!"

"Okay!" Ariana said happily, dropping the panties unceremoniously to the floor. Suddenly, the younger girl's hands were on Kristen's thighs, spreading them apart to reveal the blonde's sopping wet pussy beneath her skirt. Slowly, tantalizingly, Ariana gently slid the fingers of both hands up Kristen's thighs, barely touching the skin with her fingertips. Kristen closed her eyes and took a deep breath as the feathery touch approached her exposed crotch. She was covered in a thin sheen of sweat and her nipples were threatening to rip through her bra and shirt, but Kristen couldn't think enough to take off any more of her clothes - she couldn't waste the time. She needed Ariana's fingers upon her clit once more.

"Ariana! Please! Please!"

Ariana's head popped up between Kristen's legs and she smiled wolfishly, all hint of the usually child-like persona she used gone. Left behind was a sexual goddess in pint-sized form, her brown eyes twinkling with mischievous lust.

"Time for doctor to get her medicine," Ariana said in a husky whisper. Kristen swooned at the words and then gasped in pleasurable shock as Ariana jammed two fingers deep into the older girl's pussy.

Kristen lost track of everything after that. Ariana rammed her fingers in and out of the doctor's snatch like a girl possessed and the sensations drove the blonde up the wall. Oh, she'd had a good hard fucking before, but never from a girl, never with two fingers. Not even in her wildest sexual fantasies had she been fucked like this. The pint-sized redhead reached up with her other hand, sliding her thumb over Kristen's clit in time with the rapid finger fucking, driving Kristen even crazier.

Orgasm came fast for the doctor. Fast, hard and very wet. Lights exploded behind Kristen's eyes before she could so much as gasp a warning and her pussy flooded Ariana's hand with cum. The redhead kept going. Kristen's back arched as she lost complete control of her body. The redhead kept going. The blonde's voice became a ragged moan of excited release. The redhead kept going.

Suddenly, Kristen flopped flat on the exam table again, her body unable to maintain the pressure of the sexual clench it had been in. Every muscle relaxed at once, unable to bare even her limited weight. Still clad in everything except her panties, Kristen Van Der Hooven lay spent upon her own exam table as Ariana Valentine casually stroked her pussy and clit.

"You get really wet when you climax," Ariana said, marveling at the wetness.

"Shit, I'm going to have to clean that up, aren't I?" Kristen muttered, barely able to lift her head from the table.

"Yeah, I don't think I want a massage on this table anymore," Ariana said, pulling her hand away from Kristen. "I think someone's had sex on it."

Kristen suddenly realized what she'd just done. She shot up like a rocket, her eyes wide, looking at the still very naked Ariana. "You can't tell anyone."

"I won't," Ariana said, smiling. "Promise."

"I mean it, Ariana. I could lose my job and-"

"I don't kiss and tell," Ariana said seriously. Then she stopped and giggled. "Except we never kissed, did we?"

Kristen's face went white. "What?"

"It's okay!" Ariana said. She bounded over, reached up and kissed Kristen once, very sweetly on the lips. "Now we're good."

"Uh, yeah," Kristen said, not sure what else to say to that.

"Thanks for the 'special massage,' Doctor. I'll be back next week," Ariana said, skipping towards the door.

"Ariana, wait!" Kristen said, even as the redheaded Hellcat swung the door open. "You're still naked!"

Ariana stopped dead in her tracks, putting herself on full display to a pair of football players, a volleyball girl and three members of Lancer's coed tennis squad.

"Whoops," she said, turning around and closing the door behind her, ending the free flesh show. "Thanks for reminding me."

"No problem," Kristen said, shaking her head as the Hellcat threw her clothes back on.

* * *

The last of the international economics class filtered out and Molly Cratchit hurried to scoop up their discarded test papers, idly noting all the wrong answers to question number two. Normally, she'd have mentioned that immediately to Prof. Hershlag, but they'd barely said, "Hello," to each other since Molly had arrived.

Things had been so awkward since they'd both admitted to being attracted to each other the other night. They were walking around on eggshells, afraid of what the other might say. Molly didn't want to lose her teacher's assistant job or get run out of the class - but even as Natalie trundled on about the conditions of Sub-Saharan Africa's economic crisis, all Molly could think about was kissing her professor's perfect lips.

So the freshman Hellcat dropped the tests off on the professor's desk, turned to grab her book bag and planned on heading back to Cheertown in order to get some exercise in before her next class. Yeah, she really needed to work up a sweat right about now just to get her mind off of all this. She had practice later that afternoon, but Molly wasn't sure she could wait that long.

But before she could put this plan into action...

"I'm sorry."

The words froze Molly in place, stopping her ten steps from the doorway. Natalie had uttered them so quietly that Molly could be excused for missing them. But she hadn't. She had heard them just fine. And her heart had fluttered with each syllable.

Slowly, Molly turned to Natalie. "I don't know what I'm supposed to do now," the Hellcat admitted.

"I don't either," Natalie said. "I can't help my feelings for you, Molly. I think you're smart, talented, beautiful."

"I feel the same way about you," Molly said. "You're like this brilliant goddess of a woman. Just being around you makes me feel... alive!"

Natalie sighed, sitting down at her desk. "So we can both admit that we're attracted to each other. But there's nothing we can do. So long as you're a student at Lancer and I'm under contract with the school-"

"I could drop out," Molly suggested, tentatively.

"Oh Molly! No! You shouldn't even be thinking that! I won't let you ruin your life like that," Natalie said. "Not for me."

"Then what do we do?" Molly asked. "Just suffer because of some silly rules?"

"That or we could be together in secret," Natalie said, making it clear she had thought a lot about this and was still carefully considering the consequences. "But as long as you're a student, we'd never be able to let anyone know we're together. That means never showing any affection in public. We'd never go out on dates. We'd never be able to go see a movie together as a couple. We wouldn't be able to do anything that every other couple takes for granted. To the rest of the world, you'd be my teacher's aide and nothing more. We wouldn't be able to give even the slightest hint that things are anything but only professional between us? Could you do that?"

Could she? Molly wasn't sure. It would be hard and it would probably make things worse if they ever were discovered. Natalie would be a young professor sleeping with one of her female students. There was no way that being discovered would ever work out well. It would be career suicide, at best. This sort of teacher/student relationship never worked out.

But at the same time, just the idea of pursuing the forbidden and engaging in a hidden affair with her professor was exciting to Molly. She was sure Natalie knew all the risks. And she was also sure that she wouldn't be suggesting it unless they could possibly get away with it. All it would take would be for them to be careful. Very careful. They couldn't tell anyone. They'd have to meet in secret.

"I don't know," Molly admitted. "It's so risky."

"The only other option is to never be together," Natalie said. "Never be more than co-workers, teacher and student." The professor paused, drawing a deep breath. "I honestly don't know if I could do that."

"Me, either," Molly said quietly.

"Then, secret lovers?" Natalie asked quietly, as if someone else in the empty classroom might overhear them.

Molly's brain was telling her that this was trouble. But her heart - and her sex - were telling her to stay. Two against one, staying won out.

To answer, Molly marched over to Natalie, dropping her book bag as she went and took her professor's head in her hands, pulling the petite instructor up into a passionate kiss.

"Definitely secret lovers," Molly said when the kiss eventually broke.

Natalie glanced at her watch and smiled up at Molly. "I have 24 minutes before my next class, if you want to make the lovers part of that official."

Molly's eyes went wide. "You mean right here?"

"Lock the door," Natalie instructed, standing up.

Molly hesitated only a heartbeat before she walked over to the door and turned the lock. When she turned back, Natalie had come around her desk and was clearing off a space on it.

"You mean right here?" Molly asked again, gulping as she said it.

"It might be our only chance," Natalie said, "And I don't want to wait any longer."

Molly knew she should stop and think about this, but before she could, Natalie reached behind herself and undid the zipper on her skirt. It fell to the floor, revealing a French-cut pair of black panties covering a shapely little ass and suddenly all Molly wanted to do was kiss that ass.

"We don't have much time," Natalie reminded her, turning around and grinning.

Molly rushed back over, undoing the button on her jeans as she went. She fell into Natalie's arms and they kissed once more. Molly melted into those kisses, feeling more and more alive with each one. Oh, to spend a night or two kissing Natalie's lips! It was all Molly could ever ask for.

Her jeans suddenly fell around her knees and Natalie's hands began running over Molly's boy shorts.

"Cheerleaders wear something besides thongs?" Natalie quipped. "All my teenage fantasies might have just been ruined."

"I'll throw out everything but my thongs when I get back to Cheertown," Molly promised, reaching around Natalie to run her own hands over Natalie's panty-covered ass.

"I'd rather you go commando in class from now on," Natalie whispered in Molly's ear before nibbling on it.

"Mmmm, I wear too many skirts for that."

"I do love you in skirts."

"I'll throw out all my pants, then, too," Molly promised as Natalie's hands slid past the waistband of her panties. The redheaded Hellcat swooned as Natalie's fingers brushed against her clit.

"I want to touch you, too," Molly managed to eek out, her hands seeking entrance into her professor's panties.

"I need you to touch me," Natalie said huskily in Molly's ear. "But first-"

With that, she pulled out of Molly's panties, turned the Hellcat around, picked her up and deposited her on her ass upon the cleared-off desk. Molly didn't have time to so much as gasp in surprise before Natalie reached for her waistband once more, grabbing her boy shorts and pulling them down. Molly barely had time to lift her ass up off the desk before Natalie yanked them down to her ankles, exposing her student's most private area for the first time.

"God, I wish I had enough time to do this properly," Natalie said, leaning in to kiss Molly's pussy once before sliding a finger into the wet, pink folds and starting to stroke away.

Molly wasn't a virgin, but she felt like she was being touched for the first time as Natalie's delicate finger penetrated her. Every stroke in and out sent a shock of pleasure radiating out from Molly's crotch and the natural redhead loved every bit of it.

Natalie leaned forward, keeping her hand down between Molly's legs to keep stroking her student and kissed Molly on the lips, making the younger girl moan in delight. Natalie's free hand sought Molly's chest, cupping a breast through the fabric of her blouse. Had there been more time, Molly would've loved to strip naked. But they had just minutes and she didn't want to waste a second.

She pulled back from the kiss. "You! I need to feel you, let me touch you!" she pleaded.

"Come for me first," Natalie said, pounding a little faster with her finger.


"Come for me first," Natalie said firmly and Molly almost did right there. There was something in her professor's voice. It was that authoritative tone she sometimes used in class. Oh, it made Molly so wet.

It didn't take much more. Natalie's finger fucking was more than doing the trick and Molly had gone quite some time between orgasms anyway. A few more good, hard strokes and-

"I'm coming! I'm coming!" Molly gasped, and Natalie's free hand shot up to cover her student's mouth. Molly had almost forgotten they were somewhere they could be caught. That thought completely sent her over the edge and Molly's body began to quiver as a powerful little orgasm took over her body, practically dropping her back flat on the desk.

Only because Natalie held her up did Molly avoid collapsing completely. As it was, colors Molly had never seen flashed before her eyes and, for a long moment, she couldn't think of anything but the awesome pleasure flooding her body from inside her pussy.

When she came to a few moments later, the first thing she saw was Natalie's beautiful face smiling at her, taking her hand off Molly's mouth.

"Wow," was all Molly could say.

"Wow indeed."

"Can I touch you now?" Molly asked, glancing down towards Natalie's still covered crotch.

"I was hoping you'd say that." Natalie smiled as she reached down and pulled aside her own panties. Molly felt her mouth water a bit as she glanced down at Natalie's nearly-bald pussy. There was only a small tuft of hair above it, clearly well groomed and as brown as Natalie's flowing locks above. Molly would have said it was the prettiest pussy she'd ever seen, but then she realized that outside of her own and a few biology books, she'd hardly spent much time looking at another one before this.

Still, she dropped to her knees before her professor and gently placed her hand, two fingers on either side, around Natalie's honey pot.

"We need to hurry," Natalie reminded her. "Not much time left."

"Sorry," Molly apologized. She hesitated for just a second, then leaned forward and put her mouth right onto Natalie's pussy.

The professor gasped in pleasant surprise. She had expected to feel Molly tentatively finger her slit, but Molly had been unable to resist the siren-like pull of Natalie's pussy. Now, taking her first tentative licks, Molly felt like she was doing the right thing. How could this be wrong? Who cared what the administration or the Hellcats thought? Who cared what anyone thought? This was wonderful. This was right.

This was so freaking hot!

"Mmm, hurry Molly," Natalie said, running a hand through her assistant's red hair, but holding the younger girl's head in place, pressed against her crotch. Molly did as she was told, increasing the pace by which she was licking Natalie's pussy. The professor quivered in delight, but clearly needed more.

"My clit!" Natalie urged. "Focus on my - yes!" Excitement shot through Natalie's voice as Molly's tongue moved just a bit north and struck home on the erect little bud. Now Natalie started humping Molly's face, desperate to get off in what little time they had left. She pressed the redhead's faced deeper into her pussy and rocked along in time with each lick.

Molly could barely breathe, but her own body loved it. This was the hottest thing she'd ever done in her life, with the most beautiful woman she'd ever met.

Natalie's breath was getting more ragged and Molly pressed forward, licking the little bud between her lips even harder. She had to get Natalie off fast. She just had to.

"Yes!" Natalie hissed. "Yes, yes! Right there! Don't stop! Don't stop! Don't Stop! Don't - YESSSSSSSSS!"

Natalie actually stumbled backwards, letting go of Molly's head as she did so and falling back against one of the foldout desks in the classroom's front row. She winced in a little pain, but otherwise enjoyed the quick little orgasm Molly had just given her.

"Are you okay?" Molly asked, standing up and ignoring the fact that her own pants and panties were around her ankles.

"Mmmm, more than okay," Natalie said, glancing up at the clock. "We don't have time for anything more now, but, well, secret lovers, right?"

"Secret lovers," Molly agreed as Natalie stood up, pulled her panties back in place, and went to grab her skirt. "I won't tell anyone. But-"

"But what, honey?" Natalie asked.

"We can do it again, right?"

Natalie's face lit up with a smile. "Oh, my dearest Molly - you and I are so very far from done. We're only just getting started."

With her skirt in place and Molly's pants pulled up once more, Natalie kissed Molly one last time, then ran to her next class.

Molly just sat there, eyes closed, trying to remember every bit of the incredibly hot sex she'd just had.

* * *

"All right, Hellcats! That's a wrap! Great work today! Really good practice!"

"I wouldn't go THAT far," Alice Vedura muttered as she, Marti and Savannah walked towards the locker room. "Britney really needs to be pushing the bases to get us up faster."

"Oh, leave her alone, Alice," Savannah said. "Britney's doing just fine."

"Vanessa would be better," Alice grumbled.

The girls stopped by the edge of the mats to grab their stuff, as did some of the other Hellcats.

"I think I'm going to go for it," Tom said as he and Jason stopped to grab some stuff. The girls always went into the locker/shower rooms first, leaving the guys to run laps or work out or just rest for a bit until they got their shot at Cheertown's only shower facility.

"Go for what?" Jason asked, taking a long pull of Gatorade.

"I'm going to ask Marti out," Tom said, flexing his arms.

"Say what now?" Jason said.

"Marti," Tom replied. "I'm going to ask her out."

"Out for what?"

"A date."

"You DO dates? I thought you just hooked up with, well, whichever girls fell in your lap. Literally."

"I date," Tom said defensively.

"I mean, look at those two Kappa girls from that sorority party we hit last week. One of them literally fell into your lap and the next thing I knew you were banging both of them in the coat closet."

"I date," Tom said again, defensively.

"The closet was OPEN, dude," Jason pointed out. "Everyone walking down the hall knew what you three were doing."

"Just because I get lucky - a lot - doesn't mean I don't date. We've been here a couple months now and Marti hasn't been on any dates with anyone. This is the perfect time. I'm going to ask her out."

"Dude, come on, I get it - Marti's hot. Fuck, she's one of the hottest girls on a team of hot girls. Her tits make the Rocky Mountains look small. But she's so far out of your league, it's not funny."

"Like you stand a chance with her?" Tom shot back.

"Of course I don't stand a chance with her!" Jason snapped. "A girl like Marti Perkins? She ends up with someone special. Someone amazing. Probably another lawyer. Or a doctor maybe. Someone besides a future TV news producer. Or a sports reporter," he added pointedly.

Tom hesitated, but he'd already worked up his nerve and he wasn't going to back down now. "Well, I'm still going for it," he said.

"Your funeral," Jason shrugged.

"Whose funeral?" Charlotte asked, popping over.

"Tom's," Jason said as his buddy went over to Marti, Alice, and Savannah. "He's going to ask Marti out."

"What? Is he crazy?" Charlotte laughed.

"Yeah, yeah I think he is."

Tom walked right over to the three senior Hellcats, a smile on his face.

"Hey guys," he said.

"Oh, hey Tom," Savannah said. "Do you need me for something?"

"Oh, no. I was hoping to talk to Marti."

"Me?" Marti said, surprised. "But you're Savannah's base."

"Uh, yeah, I'm not looking to talk about cheerleading."

"Oh," Marti said. "What's up?"

"Well, I, uh, I got a free meal card the other day and I was kinda wondering if maybe you'd like to go with me out to dinner tonight."

Marti blinked. "I, uh, I don't-"

"SHE WILL!" Savannah butted in.

"She will?" Alice asked, surprised.

"I will?" Marti echoed.

"She totally will. Come get her at 7," Savannah said. "I'll make sure she's dressed nice."

"Savannah-!" Marti tried to protest, but it was too late.

"Well, okay then," Tom said. "Seven tonight it is."

"Okay, bye now Tom," Savannah said, pulling Marti into the showers, Alice following behind them.

"Savannah!" Marti snapped. "What the hell?"

"Marti, as your roommate and best friend, you need this."

"She does?" Alice asked.

"She does," Savannah said. "Marti hasn't been on a date since she broke up with Julian-"

"Hot professor dude, right," Alice said. "But Tom? I mean, the guy's a fairly decent lay, but he's a goof. And a player. He's tapped half the new cheerleaders already."

"Plus you," Marti pointed out.

"Plus me, before I went all girls, all the time," Alice agreed, not in the least bit shamed.

"Marti," Savannah continued, "It's time you got past Julian and started dating again."

"I'm over Julian," Marti said, meaning it completely. How had she gotten dragged into this? Tom was a nice guy, but she had no romantic interest in him and it wasn't like she could reveal why right here in front of not only Savannah but also Alice.

"Then get out there! Meet some guys. Find someone new!" Savannah said. "I'm not saying Tom's the guy, or that you should do any more than go to dinner with him-"

"-Well, he's paying, so maybe some hand stuff under the table," Alice cut in.

"-BUT," Savannah continued, staring daggers at Alice, "Use it as a first step towards getting back on the dating wagon."

"Says the girl who just broke up with her boyfriend," Marti responded, feeling very uncomfortable right then as this unwanted date was forced upon her by a well-meaning but very misguided roommate.

"C'mon, Marti. Do it for me?" Savannah asked, giving Marti her best puppy-dog eyes.

"Ugh, fine," Marti said. "But it's just dinner and he doesn't get any hand stuff under the table," Marti snapped towards Alice.

"Sucks to be him," Alice said, slipping off her top and heading towards the showers. Miranda stood in the doorway in just a towel, waiting.

Marti sighed. "I bet Alice gets some hand stuff in the shower."

"Huh?" Savannah said, before she saw Alice and Miranda kiss and Alice peel the towel off Miranda's tight young body. "OH!" Savannah gasped, catching on. "Uh, maybe I'll wait a few minutes before taking my shower..."

* * *

Savannah sighed and trudged up the steps to Lancer University's Rambaldi building, wishing she could go back to Cheertown or pretty much anywhere else on campus. Rambaldi housed some of the school's clerical offices, but it was the top floor's Student Advisory Wing where Savannah was headed today. There, with a mildly impressive view of the campus, was where her counselor, Mr. Moseby, had his office.

When Savannah had cheated last semester and purchased a paper on evolution, she'd nearly been kicked out of school. Only Marti's budding skills as a lawyer had saved her, but she'd still received a fair amount of punishment for her crime. Aside from having to take the class over, she had to meet with Mr. Moseby every week to go over her academic and social interactions at Lancer. In many ways, it was the worst part of her punishment.

"Ah, Ms. Monroe! Come in, come in!" Moseby said, smiling. A dark-skinned, balding man whose age Savannah couldn't quite pin down, Moseby had apparently been at Lancer for a while now, serving as a guidance counselor and student relations facilitator. Before being assigned to him, Savannah had thought he was little more than the campus's "cruise director," setting up social functions and keeping track of which students attended and which didn't. Even Savannah thought he was a little too cheery at times, though he could be easily flustered, especially when things went wrong.

"Hello, Mr. Moseby," Savannah said, trying to smile but not quite pulling it off.

"How are things with your mother and sister?" he asked innocuously.

"Fine," Savannah said. "Mom's looking for a job of her own now and Charlotte and I are still working at The Rat as much as we can so we can support baby John."

"Such a noble thing you're doing, Savannah, helping out your sister like this."

"We're family, sir. We have to stick together."

"Indeed, indeed," Moseby said. "How have things been going over at Cheertown?" he asked, his blindingly white teeth seemingly taking up half his face when he smiled.

"Okay. We're trying to find ways to fund our trip to Sectionals."

"Yes, I heard the athletics budget got cut again. Hard to believe for a school like Lancer, but I guess it's a sign of the times," Moseby said. "Have you been keeping your grades up?"

"Yes, sir," Savannah said, knowing full well that Moseby had her complete, up-to-date transcript right in front of him.

"Good, good," Moseby said. Usually, this was when he'd pick one class and grill her a bit on it, but today he simply closed the file with her transcript and pulled out another one. "I see you Hellcats put on a fund raising bake sale last week."

"Yes, sir," Savannah said. "And we're going out canvassing local companies for endorsements this week."

"Very entrepreneurial of you," Moseby said. "But I'm a little concerned. Usually, you Hellcats are a little more socially involved on campus."

"Sir?" Savannah asked, unsure what he meant.

"You put on dances and parties and help build the community of Lancer. You don't just cheer on the Lions, you cheer UP all of campus, if I may use a bad pun."


"Well, I know I can't force all you Hellcats to put more time into the community here, but I can certainly make sure YOU, Ms. Monroe, help your fellow Lancer students out."

"Did I mention we're trying to earn money to go to Sectionals?" Savannah said, fearing a new workload coming her way.

"You did, but I think you can spare a few minutes here or there." Moseby reached for yet another file folder and opened it up. "I have a number of graduate students who are doing surveys for classes and they need volunteers to answer them. If you'd be willing to meet with a couple of them, answer their questions honestly and maybe encourage some of your fellow Hellcats to do the same, it would be a big help."

"Do I have to?" Savannah asked.

"In a word?" Moseby replied, grinning. "Yes."

* * *

"Again, NO, I've never watched any type of anime and I've never had my head swirled in a toilet," Savannah said, rolling her eyes. The bespectacled young man with cowlick and the largest pocket protector Savannah had ever seen giggled despite her answer, and increasingly, Savannah felt like she would need to take a shower after this survey.

"Not even 'Sailor Moon'?" the nerdy fellow asked.


"What about 'Super Sentai'?"

"No, I don't watch any shows from Japan!" Savannah said flatly.

"Well, I guess I can't ask you any more questions," he said, deflated. He stood up, looked at her one more time and smiled brightly. "Still the longest conversation I've ever had with a cheerleader!" With that, he walked out of the study room, cackling a little. Savannah shuddered, trying very hard no to imagine what that boy would do to the mental images he now had of her.

"Wow, you lasted longer than any of the last six girls to get in with Nerdington," a new voice said from the doorway.

"Nerdington?" Savannah asked.

"I think his name is Neddleton or something like that, but we all just call him Nerdington. It's mean, but somehow accurate," the gorgeous Asian-American woman standing in the doorway said. "Hi, I'm Brenda and I should be your last survey of the day."

"Thank goodness," Savannah said. Nerdington - or whatever his name was - had been the fifth and while he'd been short, the others hadn't. Savannah had been sitting in this study room for over an hour and a half now. With all her classes done for the day and no practice, she'd hoped to try and get an extra shift in at The Rat, but that had seemed less and less likely the more this torture had gone on.

"I'll try not to take that personally," Brenda said with a smile as she sat down and pulled out her notes. "Do you want to run to the bathroom or go get a drink or anything?"

"Should I?" Savannah asked, admiring Brenda's black leather top and sequined blue miniskirt. "And aren't you dressed a little fancy for this sort of thing?"

"Confession - I totally have a date after this and I'm going right from this to a club," Brenda said.

Savannah smiled at that. "Well, I'll try not to hold you up."

"Don't make promises you can't keep," Brenda said with a wink. "Depending on your answers, this might go a while."

Savannah's heart sank a little. Yeah, that extra shift at The Rat was totally not going to happen this evening.

"So, what's this survey about?" Savannah asked.

"Officially, it's a study on the morals and ethics of college-aged individuals and how they've changed in the last 10 years," Brenda said. "Unofficially, it's all about sex."

"Sex?" Savannah said, her eyes going wide.

"Yep. So, let's get started. Like I said, I got a date," Brenda said with a smile.

The next 10 minutes were basically Brenda getting Savannah's stats. The survey was going to be anonymous, but Brenda still needed Savannah's age, birthday, birthplace, home location, any and all religious and political affiliations and a number of other basic facts to help put the Hellcat into as specific a category as Brenda could. And even though her name wasn't going to be a part of this, it didn't make Savannah feel any less like she was under a microscope.

"So, now for the meat of the matter," Brenda said with a sly grin. "Are you currently sexually active?"


"Have you ever been sexually active?"

"No," Savannah admitted with a blush. Brenda seemed so sophisticated and Savannah felt a wave of insecurity pass through her over confessing she had never been with anyone. She didn't know why, but the idea of being judged by this woman she had only just met embarrassed her.

"A virgin cheerleader? How novel," Brenda said. "I love it. I might be able to prove my thesis after all."

"How so?"

"Well, I'm trying to prove that there's an increasingly conservative motion in today's youth in regards to sex, but honestly, the survey isn't showing that. Apparently, we're all even hornier and more sexually adventurous than we were a decade ago."

"Oh," Savannah said, blushing again. "Well, I'm not."

"So, I guess I can skip over a lot of the questions about what you've done. But I have to know, are you one of those virgins that has a bit of a skewed definition of the whole having sex thing? So, just to be sure, have you ever performed or had oral sex performed on you?"

"No!" Savannah said, her hand shooting up to cover her mouth out of habit.

"What about anal?"

"NO! Oh, God, never!" Savannah said, shocked.

"Good, very good," Brenda said, happy to find such a perfect subject. "You have no idea how many girls think they're virgins today even though they're having anal sex. So you really are a virgin. Have you ever dated?"

"Yes, I've had two serious relationships, one having just ended."

"But you never had sex with either partner?"


"Fascinating," Brenda said. "Okay, now that we've basically eliminated the experience section, let's move on to orientation and desires."

"W-what?" Savannah stammered.

"Do you consider yourself heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual or something else?"

"Hetero!" Savannah gasped, before feeling a reflexive bit of shame for being so insistent that she was straight. "I've only ever dated boys! I mean it's not like I'm anti gay or anything. I'm just that. I like boys."

"Okay. Have you ever fantasized about having sex with boys?"

"Well, I guess," Savannah said. She had certainly thought about it some last year when she thought she was ready to let Dan take her virginity.

"Did you ever masturbate to these fantasies?"

"NEVER!" Savannah exclaimed, the response shooting out of her like Brenda had asked her if she enjoyed kicking puppies in her spare time. "I do NOT masturbate!"

Savannah blushed as she remembered what she had almost done that morning in the shower and it made her hope for some kind of divine intervention to get out of this.

"Whoa. Relax. There's nothing wrong with it," Brenda said calmly. "And there's nothing wrong with not doing it, either. Well, I guess if you're a boy, there's some evidence that it helps ward off prostate cancer, but I haven't read anything saying anything similar for women."

"Can we PLEASE talk about something else?" Savannah pleaded, her cheeks burning. She couldn't talk about private things like this even with Charlotte or Marti, least of all a complete stranger.

"Sure," Brenda said. "What about girls? Have you ever fantasized about having sex with another girl?"

"NO! No no no no NO!" Savannah said. "Like I said, I've got nothing against gay people, but I'm not like that."

"Interesting. That's twice with a rather vehement refusal. Have you had issues with lesbians before?" Brenda asked, her pencil flying over her notepad.

"Oh God no, never," Savannah said. "Don't make me sound like I'm a homophobe! I've had lots of gay friends, both boys and girls." She paused. "Well, okay, Darwin's the only gay guy I know, but I've known and been friends with several lesbians."

"Care to elaborate?"

"Other Hellcats. When I first joined, Patty Wedgerman was one of the first to welcome me to the team - of course, I think she was hitting on me at first, but we were friends until she transferred to be closer to home."

"Anyone else?"

"Alice just sorta came out as a lesbian," Savannah said, wracking her brain. "And I guess Miranda did, too, since they were caught making out with each other."

"But does that mean they're lesbians, or that they're just experimenting?" Brenda asked pointedly. "For that matter, do you know for sure they're not bisexual?"

"How would I know that?" Savannah asked.

"Have you tried asking them?" Brenda suggested. "You might get to know them better. Or any of your friends, really. Who's your best friend?"

"That's easy, Marti Perkins," Savannah said without hesitation.

"Have you and Marti ever talked about her sexual preferences?"

"No, but we don't need to," Savannah replied. "I know she's straight. I mean it would be totally cool if she wasn't. But I know she totally likes guys. She dated as many boys last year alone as I have my entire life."

"So a whopping two, huh?" Brenda said with a sly smile. "Relax, Savannah. You don't have to keep giving me that 'not that there's anything wrong with that' bit. It's clear you're not homophobic. Now back to your friend, are you sure this Marti wouldn't be interested in even just experimenting with another girl?"

"No, I'm not sure, but... well, Marti's so much braver than I am with this stuff. You should really ask her these questions. She's actually had sex and stuff."

"I'd love to," Brenda said eagerly. "That could really help me out. I'd love to talk to any of your fellow Hellcats. I'd be able to get a whole range of experiences from them. Do you think you could arrange that?"

"Honestly, if it gets me out of here before these questions get any more personal, I'll drag them here myself," Savannah replied, wondering if there was a way for her to flee her own body to make this humiliating questioning stop.

"Fantastic," Brenda said, closing up her notepad. "I'll mark you down as not wanting to answer the rest of the questions-"

"Wait, that's been an option this whole time?" Savannah said, dismayed. Brenda just kept right on talking.

"-And if you could get maybe one Hellcat a day to come see me here, at this time, every day this week, that'd be great."

Brenda stood up and for half a second, Savannah thought she saw a flash of bright red panties between her legs under that miniskirt, but she shook her head and didn't want to think about it.

How, she wondered, would she ever convince four other Hellcats to come do this?

* * *

Waiting at the maOtres d's booth, Tom tapped his fingers on the wood, wondering where his date was. He was hoping he hadn't messed up and given Marti the wrong address. She was five minutes late and as he looked out the windows for the front entrance, Tom pondered if calling her would be too drastic.

That's when he saw her coming to the front door. Marti Perkins walked up to the door, wearing a short pair of cut-off jeans and a canary yellow top with a black purse on her shoulder. Her hair was its usual curly self and her top hinted at the voluptuous cleavage underneath her shirt.

Tom, trying his best to be a gentleman, opened the door to let the older Hellcat in and marveled at her. "You look amazing tonight, Marti," he told her as she crossed over. "More so than usual."

"Thank you," Marti responded, reminding herself that despite not having any desire to go through this charade there was no need to treat Tom rudely. "So do you."

"I appreciate it," Tom told her, looking down at his green button-down shirt and khaki pants. "I feel like I overdressed for you."

"Well, I suppose if one of us is, there needed to be somebody who was dressed down," Marti joked. "Can I just say make one thing clear?"


"You're not getting any from me tonight," Marti said firmly so there could be no confusion whatsoever about how serious she was. She hoped that by getting that out of the way they might at least be able to have some fun together as friends.

Tom opened his mouth as though he was about to protest, but held his tongue, reasoning that if not tonight, maybe another date.

"Okay, that's fine," Tom relented. "Come with me. I got us seats at the bar."

"No adult beverages, right?" Marti questioned. She didn't want Tom trying to take advantage of her.

"Couldn't if I wanted. Too young," Tom laughed. Even Marti laughed at the self-deprecation. "Come on, I'll take you to our seats."

As Marti walked with Tom, she wondered if he was being legitimate about trying to be sweet to her or if he was just scheming to get into her panties. He just pulled out a barstool for her to sit on, making Marti really grateful she wore shorts to avoid giving Tom a free show.

"Hope you don't mind me choosing something light," Tom told her. "I'm, well, not exactly made of money. Honestly, I wanted to take you some place nicer."

"No, no, it's not a big deal. This is fine," Marti tried to reassure him. The Chili's that Tom had selected wasn't too far from campus and had good food the last time she was there. At least he was trying to be honest with her. If she were still straight, maybe he'd have had a chance.

"Good," Tom sighed before suddenly zoning out as he caught sight of the valley of D-cup cleavage behind Marti had brought with her for their date.

"Hey, you alive in there?" Marti asked, resisting the urge to wave her hand in front of his eyes.

"Sorry, wandering attention span," Tom tried to explain. Marti could only roll her eyes. If she were still straight, that would be the time where she'd be walking out. For a moment, she thought about leaving anyway, using Tom's wandering eyes as the best excuse.

But then their waitress showed up.

"How are y'all tonight? My name's Alyssa, an' I'll be your server tonight." A gorgeous chestnut-haired girl, Alyssa's Chili's-issued polo shirt was clearly a size or two too small for her 34D chest - not that either Marti or Tom would complain. Her Southern accent was a little different than local - perhaps South Carolina, Marti mused as Alyssa read off their soups and specials. Marti would've bought the most expensive item on the menu just for a chance to run her tongue over Alyssa's nipples and, judging from the way his jaw hadn't quite closed yet, she could tell Tom felt the same way.

As she walked away, Marti imagined taking the poor girl to the nearest bathroom and ravishing her right there in one of the stalls, not caring who walked in on them. Every time Alyssa returned throughout the evening, Marti's mind ran another dirty scenario.

The two Hellcats ordered light, a veggie platter for Marti and steak fries for Tom. The two spent most of their time talking about what they did prior to cheerleading as Marti recalled her gymnast past and Tom talked about his little league baseball career. He tried his damnedest to keep his focus on Marti, but he occasionally caught a glimpse of another woman walking by.

He tried to hide that he was doing this, but Marti couldn't help but notice every time he did it. She resisted the urge to call him out on it, though. Tom was a nice guy, she thought and Marti felt he was probably capable of settling down with a girl someday if he could just stop losing his attention to every pair of tits he saw. Besides, he wasn't the only one having trouble staying focused.

While Tom recalled a story from eighth grade, Marti felt her own eyes wander when the bartender switched one of the TVs to a sports network. The Nashville Predators were about to take to the ice on the road against the Detroit Red Wings and Marti couldn't help but think of Dr. Van Der Hooven's offer the week before. And with that thought in her head, she couldn't shake the touch of the blonde doctor's fingers on her skin. Right then Marti badly wanted the good doctor to rub her aching muscles and perhaps offer up a happy ending.

Her pussy dampening quickly from that fantasy, Marti tried to focus on Tom's story, but found herself being distracted by thoughts of other women even more than he was. She thought not just about Dr. Van Der Hooven giving her a special massage, but maybe even Coach Allen coming in for medical reports and joining them for a threesome. Marti could just imagine that sweet pussy on her tongue as she moaned from the ecstasy of Dr. Van Der Hooven's fingers on her clit.

Trying as hard as she could, Marti refocused her attention on Tom, who was just wrapping up his story. "...So, I looked down on the dirt and there's a pool of blood down there and it dawned on me my nose is broken. And that's why I will never play kickball or even be a spectator to a game again."

"Shut up! That happened for real?" Marti gasped in astonishment, trying her best to cover up that she blanked him out of her mind. Tom nodded in agreement. "Oh my God, that's awful!"

"Tell me about it," Tom answered. He was about to add something when he suddenly stopped and looked deeply at Marti.

"Is something wrong?" Marti asked. "Do I have celery in my teeth or something?"

"Oh, no, nothing's wrong," Tom told her. "It's just that, well, you look amazing. You have the most beautiful eyes and..."

Wanting to stop him before things got too far, Marti was firm and direct. "Listen, Tom, I've had a good night," she told him. "And I think you're a great guy. But, I'm just looking for something different. Sorry."

Wanting to do his best to not look dejected, Tom shrugged his shoulders in defeat. "Well, it's alright," he said. "No sense in not taking a risk, right?"

"I see Savannah has been telling you think positive outcomes only," Marti quipped.

"Yeah, she has," Tom laughed before pulling out his wallet.

"Oh, no, don't," Marti told him and reaching into her purse. "You asked me out and we didn't work. The least I can do is pay my way."

"No, let me be a gentleman," Tom answered back. Marti had to fight off the desire to say, "You would be if you weren't checking out other women."

"Well, alright, I appreciate this," Marti said as she hopped off her stool. "I'll see you tomorrow at practice."

"See you then," Tom said, turning his head toward the TV to watch Pavel Datsyuk score a goal for the Red Wings. He was certainly dejected. Savannah always talked about her and from what he heard, she sounded perfect. Still, he'd known something had to be wrong with him if she was leaving so early and not wanting to reflect, he focused on the hockey game.

"Your date left?" said a voice behind him. Tom jumped but relaxed when he saw it was Alyssa, his waitress, coming to drop off the bill.

"Oh, yeah, she did. It just wasn't working for us," Tom answered honestly.

"That's too bad," she replied. She checked over her shoulder and then leaned into his ear, whispering, "I get off in 15 minutes if you want to do something."

Tom smiled, enjoying this reversal of fortune. He was already thinking of what time he could get the waitress off.

* * *

"Wanda, I'm back," Marti yelled as she came back into the apartment.

"Oh, hey, honey, how was your date with Tom?" Wanda asked, pausing the DVR to talk.

"It was like that dream I had where I got disbarred," Marti answered, plopping her butt down on the couch next to her mom. "Nothing was going right for me. I like Tom a lot, but we're just complete opposites. I think we're just better off as friends and teammates. The guy's great and all, but it's just that..."

Marti trailed off, wanting to work her way around this right. She wasn't exactly ready to tell Wanda the real reason the date was such a bad idea.

"...It's just that what, honey?"

Marti sighed before coming out with her answer.

"It's just that he's not right for me. Yes, he does have a sweet sight side and he can be charming, but he and I aren't looking for the same things. He's more of a one-night-and-done guy and I want something more serious."

"Really? Why not try and change him?" Wanda inquired. "If Savannah could get Dan to settle down, why not take a chance with Tom?"

"It'd be a waste of time. Thee guy has 'lifelong bachelor' written across his forehead," Marti explained and she wasn't making that up. "I'm just not into that right now."

"That's too bad," Wanda said. "I was really hoping you had found something with him. You haven't gone out with anyone since Prof. Wrong and you broke up."

"God, why does everybody call him that?" Marti sighed, not wanting to hear Julian's name right now. "Look, Mom, things just weren't right between us. I'm trying to figure out what I want right now."

"I know how you feel, sweetie," Wanda told her daughter as Marti got up from the couch to get a bottle of water from the fridge. "It's like I've been telling you, college can be confusing. People are always looking for to find themselves."

"I didn't think I'd be waiting until my senior year to figure it out," Marti complained. "Let me ask you something. Do you think I made a mistake going out with Tom?"

"Well, honey, if you feel it was a mistake, then I think I'll let you be the judge of that," Wanda told Marti.

"I appreciate that, but I meant before I came back tonight," Marti explained.

"Oh, well, truthfully, I do," Wanda said. "If a guy is going to make Dan feel insecure about his relationship, then he can't be anything but trouble. Not to mention you are a senior and he's a freshman. He'll still be in school for three years at least after you graduate."

"You're right," Marti said as she untwisted her bottle cap and put the water to her lips. "This was a bad idea from the start."

"I would say so," Wanda said. "Of course, there is one other reason it wouldn't work. He's a guy and I know that's not your thing."

At that moment, a strong mist of water blasted out of Marti's mouth, leaving the floor in front of her very moist as she spit out what she'd been drinking.

"What?" Marti asked, trying to regain her composure. "What are you talking about, Mom?"

"Well, it seemed to me that you were trying to cover for being attracted to girls," Wanda said, knowing that she had definitely hit a nerve there if her daughter was actually calling her "Mom" for once.

"Mom, I'm not attracted to..." Marti started.

"Marti, dear, for someone who is trying to become a world-class lawyer, you're doing a terrible job of lying," Wanda interrupted. "I heard everything you did with your coach and saw you two lying naked on the couch when I left for work the next morning."

Feeling her body become paralyzed in a combination of shock and fear, Marti dropped her water bottle on the floor, her jaw hanging down. She couldn't believe that she thought she had been so careful with what she did with Britney when the truth was she had been extremely reckless.

"You saw us? You heard EVERYTHING?" Marti finally said, a state of panic filling her head while she put her hands in her hair. "Oh my God! I can't believe this!"

All Marti wanted was for a hole to open up beneath her feet and feel herself plummet to the center of the earth. "Wait," Marti realized. "If Wanda saw me and Britney the next morning, that probably means... Oh no!"

"Mom, please tell me Travis knows nothing," Marti begged. Unfortunately for her, Wanda's face said it all. "OH GOD!"

"Marti, relax," Wanda pleaded to her daughter, but it was to no avail.

"Relax? Mom, do you realize what is happening here?" Marti argued. "I can't believe you guys found us like that! I was going to tell you eventually. I just... You can't tell anyone! Britney only just got here from L.A. and if you say anything..."

"Slow down, baby," Wanda said, a bit taken aback at Marti's selfless cries for her coach's mercy. "I'm not telling anybody and Travis won't either if he knows what's good for him. But it's not Britney I wanted to talk about. It's you."

Wishing more and more for that hole to suck her in, Marti slowly moved to the couch next to Wanda and sat down beside her. She felt defeated and she expected a lecture, but instead Wanda put her arms around her only child, letting her know without uttering a word that things were going to be okay. Slowly, Marti felt herself being absorbed by Wanda and returned it with a hug of her own.

"Marti," Wanda asked softly, "Are you a lesbian? It's okay if you are. You can come out for your mama."

As much as Marti knew this was inevitable, she certainly hadn't planned on coming out to her mother like this. Still, she couldn't fight the warmth of the invitation.

"Yes, Mom. I am. I'm gay."

For several moments, there was nothing but silence in the room. Marti and Wanda stayed together in the sort of embrace that can only come from the mutual love of a mother and her daughter. Nothing else mattered to them.

Finally, Wanda let go and looked Marti in her eyes. "Baby, you know I love you no matter what," she began. "I don't care if you're gay, straight, bi or whatever you want to call yourself. You're my baby girl and nothing is ever going to change that. Do you understand?"

As Marti gathered her thoughts, she realized that Wanda's love for her was as it always had been, unconditional. After several seconds, she finally uttered, "I understand. Thanks, Mom."

"Do you feel alright?"

"I feel a lot better. I wanted to tell you eventually, but I wasn't sure how to do it. Guess I gotta tell Travis, too, right?"

"It can wait," Wanda told her. "He's meeting with his probation officer. If you want to talk to him about it when he gets back, that's just fine."

After thinking that proposal over, Marti told her mother, "Alright. I guess he should know too. After all, he did hear me having sex with my coach and saw us naked together."

"Works for me," Wanda added. "You tell him when you feel it's time. But there's something I want to know. When did you know?"

"That I'm a lesbian?" Marti asked. Wanda nodded. "That's something I'm not exactly willing to talk to you about. No offense. It's just I don't want my mother knowing every detail of my sex life."

"Okay, that's fine with me," Wanda told her. "What about Britney? Should I be expecting her to come by this apartment in the future?"

"I wouldn't worry about that," Marti explained before she told Wanda as bluntly as possible why. "Coach Allen was just sloppy-drunk and received some bad news from L.A. She just needed comfort and I needed something else and one thing led to another."

"I see. Well, I don't mind you bringing women here to spend the night. But next time, please stay off the couch," Wanda requested.

"Shit, I forgot about that!" Marti cursed. "Look, why don't we get off and I'll start cleaning and..."

"No need," Wanda reassured her. "Travis and I took care of that. No big deal." Suddenly, she paused in thought. "Huh."

"What?" Marti inquired.

"This isn't some experimental thing for you, right?" Marti shook her head to mother's question. "Well, it's just that you're a lesbian and so is Deirdre."

Marti may have been ill prepared about having to come out, but she had been practicing her poker face in case somebody put those two dots together. It was her best chance at ensuring people it was a coincidence that both she and Deirdre were gay, not the design of an illicit one-night affair.

"Yeah, what are the odds?" Marti said, playing it cool and hoping her mother didn't have any follow up questions. "Two half-sisters not knowing each other most of their lives turn out to be lesbians? That has to be a million-to-one."

"It is," Wanda laughed. "If I ever believed there is a gay gene, it would make me wonder if I was Rex's beard all that time."

As Marti laughed at the joke, she was relieved to see Wanda to the same. Her poker face had carried the bluff perfectly and she tried not to be too obvious about exhaling in relief.

When the two settled down, Wanda asked her daughter, "So, did you tell Deirdre?"

"Yeah, I did. She was the first person I spoke to, actually. I was feeling confused when I realized how I felt and there wasn't anybody I could think of that could be more helpful in that situation than Deirdre," Marti lied, her face not giving up any clues to what the truth was.

"Well, that was smart of you," Wanda replied. "What about the other Hellcats? I'd imagine eventually Alice, Lewis, Charlotte and Savannah would know. Oh, does Dan know yet?"

"I'll tell them when the time is right," Marti answered. "And don't worry, I'll be fully-dressed when I tell them."

"That's a relief," Wanda said. "I'd rather you'd let them know straight from your mouth instead of catching you in bed. That'd be quite the shock for Savannah if she walked in on you."

"Yeah, I know," Marti agreed, but her brain seemed to go off on a different route.

Would it be so bad if Savannah walked in on her with another woman? Maybe that would be something she actually...

At that point, the logical part of Marti's thinking threw up all sorts of stop signs. That could never happen. Ever.

"And sweetie, don't think you ever need to hide something like this from me," Wanda encouraged, breaking her daughter from some very inappropriate thoughts. "If you ever have some personal crisis that you can't figure out, you can come to me. Okay?"

"Okay, Mom," Marti promised. "And thanks for listening. It feels a lot better to get this off my chest. Um, I really need to go get ready for bed. I guess I'll see you tomorrow."

"See you tomorrow, Marti. Sleep tight," Wanda agreed, letting Marti head to her bedroom.

As Marti walked into the room, she felt relieved that had finally had this conversation with Wanda. It certainly had been awkward, but in the end, everything turned out right. It was really how Marti hoped it would have gone. There was nothing but unwavering support from Wanda. All that was left now was tell her friends.

But when she took off her jewelry, Marti had that one nagging thought in her head that never seemed to go away.

How much longer could she wait before she told Savannah she was a lesbian?

* * *

"Thanks so much for helping out, Marti."

"Sure, Brenda was it?"

"That's right," Brenda Wu smiled, waving Marti towards the chair across the table from her. It was the same study room where Savannah had taken the same quiz the day before. "Did Savannah tell you what the survey was about?"

"Yeah, sex," Marti said. "She also pretty much told me that if I didn't help you out, she'd get kicked out of Lancer."

"I'm sure that's not true," Brenda said. "You didn't have to wear your uniform, you know."

"Actually, I'm going out right after this, canvassing for donations to the Hellcats travel fund. Gotta hit up a bunch of businesses and see if any of them want to even partially sponsor us."

"That's right, Savannah mentioned you guys were looking for financial help."

"Don't suppose taking this survey pays," Marti said.

"Only in good karma. But let's get started, I don't want to hold you up."


Brenda spent the next several minutes getting Marti's personal information before getting down to the meat of the survey. "Are you sexually active?"

"Yes," Marti admitted.

"Okay," Brenda smiled. "Are you in a steady relationship?"


"So, multiple partners?"

"Not at the same time," Marti said.

"But you've slept with more than one person in the last, say, semester?"

"Yes," Marti admitted, blushing a bit.

"Males, females, or both?"

"This is confidential, right? It won't get out that these are my answers?"

"That's correct," Brenda said with a smile.

"Girls," Marti admitted. "I, ah, I recently discovered I'm sexually attracted to girls."

"Ooh, fascinating," Brenda said. "By recently, do you mean-"

"Just this semester."

"Would you care to elaborate on your realization?"

"I, ah, do I have to?"

"It would be a huge help," Brenda offered, smiling brightly at her. Marti cursed. Brenda was a little too cute to say, "No," to.

"I slept with a... girl I've known since last year."

"Another Hellcat then?"

"No, actually. She's been a lesbian forever, I guess, but I hadn't realized how alike we were," Marti replied, trying hard not to mention that this was Deirdre, her own sister, she was talking about. "We'd had a huge fight, hadn't been talking for a while and when we got back together... well, one thing lead to another and I realized I liked sex with girls."

"I feel like there might be more of a story here, but you're not going to tell me, are you?"

"No, no I'm not," Marti said. "Is that a problem?"

"Not for the survey," Brenda smiled. "So, do you consider yourself completely a lesbian, or do you still find boys attractive?"

"Well, I've only been with girls since then. Girls I shouldn't have been with, for that matter."

"Interesting," Brenda said, her pencil flying over her notepad. "What do you mean girls you shouldn't be with?"

"Uh, without naming names or getting myself in trouble? A rival cheerleader and someone whose authority I'm supposed to respect more than I did that one night."

"My, my, Marti Perkins, you are just full of stories you won't tell," Brenda said. "So you've ruled out boys?"

"No, I haven't," Marti admitted. "I even went on a date with a guy last night. It was a disaster though. So maybe I should. Rule out boys, I mean. I haven't even glanced at a boy sexually since this happened. I used to fantasize about boys, but now when my mind wanders like that, I'm thinking about girls."

"When your mind wanders? Do you mean when you masturbate?"

Marti blushed. "Well, yeah, though I went a good week where I wasn't able to do so."

"How frustrating. I like to masturbate a couple times a week, even when I'm getting regular sex," Brenda admitted. "Care to talk about your method for masturbating?"

"Uh, well, I sorta use my fingers and, you know..." Marti trailed off, curling her fingers to demonstrate how she fingered herself when she was alone.

"I was referring more to what you thought about, but the actual physical habit is useful, too," Brenda said with a smile. "You have lovely fingers, by the way."

"They've never failed me yet," Marti said sheepishly, before suddenly remembering that Brenda, whose mind was clearly on sex, was probably taking statements like that far more seriously than Marti herself was.

"So what do you fantasize about now?"

"Girls. Always girls. Hot girls. Short girls. Girls with dark hair. Girls with big boobs. I have a hard time walking across campus sometimes - the view can be distracting."

"You know now a little bit about how guys feel sometimes." Brenda pointed out. "Do you ever fantasize about girls you know?"

"I'm trying NOT to," Marti admitted. "I work with a lot of hot girls on the Hellcats, so I don't want to be thinking of them in ways other than as cheerleaders and friends."

"That's understandable."

"The last time I masturbated, I was thinking about Selena Gomez," Marti admitted, not sure why. There was just something about Brenda that made her seem like someone you could tell these things to.

"I like Selena," Brenda confessed. "I have her CD in my car right now."

"Oh, I don't listen to her music. I just think she's hot."

"Can we go back to why you won't fantasize about your friends? Any of them in particular?"

Savannah's face - and her naked ass from the day before - flashed in front of Marti's eyes, but she lied. "No, I just don't want to end up staring at a girl's ass and becoming distracted during the middle of a routine is all."

"Some willpower you've got there, to stop being attracted to someone just because they're on the same team as you."

"I just think of them as family," Marti said.

"I suppose that's one way to think about it. Now, you haven't told any of your teammates about your sexuality?"

"Not yet and I don't know if I will," Marti said. "I don't want to mess up the team dynamic, you know?"

"Are you so sure it would?"

"Well, maybe not the team dynamic, but MY dynamic might be messed up."


"I don't want anyone to look at me different. I'm still Marti Perkins. Just because I prefer to eat pussy instead of sucking cock doesn't change who I am, right?"

"That's putting it bluntly," Brenda said with a smile.

"Sorry, was that too vulgar?"

"Not for me," Brenda assured her. "So if you're still just Marti Perkins, why are you so worried about coming out?"

Marti didn't have an answer for that one.

* * *

Lewis Flynn's muscles ached pretty heavily. Marti Perkins was a top-notch flyer, but she was also tall for a flyer - and thus heavier. It wasn't that she was overweight or anything, but she had a good five or six inches on most of the other flyers, save perhaps Alice and that meant a good ten pounds more that Lewis had to heft. He could do it - he could bench press Marti all day long. But he had to admit, it left him a little tired at the end of practice.

"I'm going to hit the sack and sleep until next week," Lewis grumbled as he and Darwin entered their room.

"Alice won't like that. We've got the Lancer/MemChrist game tomorrow, after all," Darwin said, his voice taking on Alice's demanding tone.

"Don't care," Lewis said. "I'm going to sleep until I die and then sleep through the afterlife."

"Sounds pretty good to me," Darwin said, collapsing onto his own bed. Lewis paused only long enough to kick off his shoes before following suit across the room.

"Get the light."

"You get the light," Darwin shot back.

"Dude, do NOT make me get out of bed."

"You aren't even IN the bed, you're on top of it."

"I swear to God, Darwin, one of these days, I'm going to hit you."

"Whatever," Darwin said, pulling his pillow over his head and turning his back on Lewis.

Lewis sighed and got up, walking over towards the door and the light switch right next to it. He just managed to flip the light off when there came a knock.

"Damnit, Savannah, if you want us to run another routine-" Lewis started to snap, opening the door.

"Hey, Lewis," Dan Patch said, standing there trying to look casual while continually glancing about.

"Dan? What the hell are you doing here?"

"I know, I know, Cheertown is Savannah territory, but - well I need a wingman."

"A what?" Lewis said, blinking.

"A wingman. Someone to back me up while I'm hitting on chicks, you know?"

Lewis stared at him for a moment, still not comprehending.

"Lewis, man, do you want to go to a party? Off campus?" Dan asked. "There'll be non-Lancer chicks there."

"Non-Lancer?" Lewis said, suddenly catching on. "You mean, no one who would've ever had anything to do with the Hellcats?"

"Exactly," Dan said. "C'mon, man, when was the last time you got laid?"

"Qualifiers - I had to bang Nasty Kathy so we could steal her phone."

Dan blinked. "Okay, bad example, I guess. But I haven't gotten laid since before my brother's wedding last year."

"Yeah, dating Savannah must lead to a great deal of blue balls," Lewis said. "But back up - what's this about a party?"

"I got an invite to a party at some guys house just outside Memphis. Used to work with him down at the docks and he's good for all the alcohol and pizza you want."

"Alcohol and pizza?" a new voice spoke up. Lewis leaned his head out past Dan and saw Jason and Tom approaching. "I'm in!" Tom said.

"Count me in, too," Jason said.

"No alcohol, guys - we got a game tomorrow," Lewis warned.

"No, Lewis, we got a dress rehearsal tomorrow while the football team does the real work," Darwin said, coming up behind the other base. "Dan, there going to be any gay dudes at this party?"

"Probably - my buddy goes both ways, so-" Dan started to say.

"So I'm in," Darwin said, clapping Lewis on the back. "C'mon, Lewis. Let's get away from this hen's nest for a while."

"Oh, I'm so in on that," Jason said. "I like the girls and all, but I could use a night away from skirts and deep discussions into the plotlines of 'Hart of Dixie'."

"And I've still got blue balls from that disastrous date I had with Marti," Tom muttered.

"You went on a date with Marti?" Dan asked.

"Trust me, nothing happened," Tom sighed.

"You came home with a waitress," Jason pointed out. "I woke up to her throwing her thong in my face while you two went at it doggy style across the room."

"Come on, dude - you'd still have blue balls too if you'd gone on a date with Marti Perkins," Tom pointed out.

There was a silent nod from all the guys, even Darwin.

Lewis shook his head to clear memories of some of the fantastic sex he and Marti's had and remembered what the discussion was really about. "Guys, it's the MemChrist game-"

"-So we just go, maybe only have a drink or two and come back before it gets too late," Tom said. "It's not like the game is first thing in the morning. MemChrist doesn't even arrive here until the afternoon and the game's not until 7 p.m. tomorrow!"

"Plenty of time to lose a hangover," Darwin said.

"All right, all right!" Lewis said, giving up. He knew when he was beat. And the guys were right - the estrogen had been flowing pretty heavily around and Lewis still wasn't happy taking orders from Alice. A night away from the girls sounded better and better. "Fine, but no one has more than two drinks."

"No more than two drinks at a time, boys!" Jason shouted.

"Two drinks TOTAL!" Lewis amended.

"Ah, who's counting," Jason said. "Let me just get changed and we can hit Dan's party."

"Be quick," Dan said, peering over his shoulder. "I wanna be out of here before Savannah gets back."

"You could've just called," Lewis pointed out.

"Would you have said, 'Yes,' then?"

"Probably not."

"Then I had to come in person," Dan said.

Five minutes later, Dan led Lewis, Darwin, Jason and Tom out to his car, none of them realizing that only three of them would return in it the next morning.

* * *

"Thanks again for your generous contribution, Mr. Sandhurst."

Marti Perkins fought hard to keep from rolling her eyes as Alice Vedura leaned provocatively over the lawyer's desk, showing off as much cleavage as was physically possible in a Hellcats tank top. Gerald Sandhurst wasn't hiding the fact that he was staring at Alice's chest, practically drooling over his checkbook as he made out a rather paltry fifty-dollar check to the Hellcats.

"Always happy to help out Lancer Athletics," Sandhurst said, handing Alice the check, which she then slid into her bra right in front of him. He shivered and Marti nearly gagged, hoping the heavy-set man wouldn't stand up to show them out.

"Bye-bye now," Alice said, waving as she lead Marti out of the room, sashaying her ass in her Hellcats uniform skirt a little more than usual. She kept the act up past the secretary - who frowned deeply at both of them - and all the way out to the parking lot, where Alice's car waited. Once inside, Alice gagged theatrically.

"God, could that guy have been any skeevier?" she said, reaching into her bra and pulling out his check.

"Maybe if you'd flashed him, he would've written a bigger check," Marti grumbled. How on earth did she end up partnering with Alice for this round of canvassing? She would've much rather gone with Lewis or Savannah.

"Somehow, I think even if I'd given him a blowjob, that guy wasn't worth more than a hundred bucks," Alice grumbled. "What's our total for the night?"

"Well, thanks to your expert sales skills," Marti said sarcastically, "We're up to $320. Which, with the price of gas these days, might get the bus to Sectionals, but certainly not back."

"Guess we better keep looking for more businesses."

"I don't know, Alice - it's getting kinda late. Not many places will still be open," Marti said.

"What are you talking about? Restaurants are still open. Bars are still open."

"In this neighborhood?" Marti countered, pointing to the rather run-down area of Memphis they were walking through. "We'll be lucky not to get mugged."

"I've got my mace and you can always hit a guy's fist with your face," Alice said, deadpanned. Marti frowned at her. "Hey, it might fix your nose."

"What's wrong with my nose?" Marti asked as Alice started the car and turned further away from Lancer.

* * *

"Is that the third guy Darwin's hooked up with since we got here?" Tom asked, looking rather alarmed as he glanced across the crowded living room to where the senior Hellcat was kissing another dude.

"Fourth - you missed the ugly redhead he was all over while you were in the bathroom," Lewis said with a shiver.

"Great," Dan Patch muttered. "I bring four guys with me to a party and the only one getting any action is the gay one."

"I don't know, I thought I saw Jason chatting up a little blonde a few minutes ago," Tom said. "'Bout time, too. Was beginning to worry he was the next Darwin."

"Nah, you seen his laptop?" Lewis said. "No man with that many pictures of girls kissing other girls is gay."

"Well, if things don't pick up soon, we're all going to need to borrow his laptop when we get home," Dan muttered. He couldn't believe this. He'd come to this party looking for some quick sex to help get over Savannah, but so far he'd been nothing but shot down. Something was seriously wrong. "I need a drink," he grumbled.

"Not much, man," Lewis warned him.

"Dude, I'm not cheering tomorrow. Hell, I don't have class until 11 a.m.," Dan shot back. "I can get as drunk as I want tonight."

"Yeah, but you're our ride and-"

"Here, take my keys, boy scout," Dan muttered, slapping his key ring into Lewis' palm before heading off towards the keg.

"Where's Dan going?" Jason asked, suddenly appearing next to Lewis and Tom.

"To get a drink," Tom said. "You strike out with that cute little blonde?"

"Huh? Oh, that blonde was my cousin," Jason said. "Nah, I kinda got my eyes on someone else."

"So long as it's a she," Lewis muttered.

"Oh, she's all woman," Jason said with a knowing smile. "Bit of a MILF, really," he added before disappearing back into the crowd.

"Didn't know he was into older women," Tom said.

"Yeah, well, I prefer women my own age," Lewis said. "Come on, let's find some. Gotta be some chicks here who want a couple of good looking, athletic guys to hook up with."

"We had that back at Cheertown," Tom pointed out.

"Yeah, well, we can't keep sleeping in the same pool, know what I mean?"

Tom frowned. "No, not really."

"Well, it's like this. I've dated both Marti and Alice. You've shagged Emily and went on a date with Marti. We need to expand our horizons a little. You know, get with girls who AREN'T on the team. It's the whole reason we came here tonight, remember?"

"Yeah, yeah," Tom said. "Though I don't know what's wrong with the Hellcat girls."

"You clearly haven't been on the team long enough," Lewis grumbled.

* * *

"Ugh, my feet are killing me," Alice grumbled. "I think we've been canvassing long enough, don't you?"

"I thought that three stops ago," Marti countered. "And we've only made 30 bucks in the last hour."

"What do you want, Marti? I didn't pick this area, Britney did!"

"That doesn't mean we need to keep going," Marti snapped. "We could just give up."

"I'm not walking all the way back to Lancer without resting first," Alice countered. "Let's find some place to sit down for a bit."

"Here?" Marti said, looking around. If anything, the two Hellcats had traveled ever further afield from their Lancer stomping grounds and were in the sort of seedy section of Memphis that Marti had tried to avoid most of her life. In fact, if she wasn't mistaken, Marti believed the half-abandoned warehouse that her father, Rex, had once lived in was only a few blocks away, at least according to Wanda. "There's not much," she said, looking around.

"What's that neon sign down the street?" Alice asked. As she did, there was a small crash from the alley behind them.

"I don't know, but let's go find out," Marti said, eyeing the dark lane between the buildings suspiciously. Alice didn't argue and the two cheerleaders quickly moved down the street. To their mild surprise, they soon found themselves in a bit of a crowd, a few dozen people, most of them on the less reputable side by their attire.

"Looks like some kind of bar," Alice said. "I can't read the sign."

"At this point, as long as there are chairs and a bathroom, I don't care what it is," Marti said. "I want in."

Suddenly, Alice's eyes went wide and an evil smile crossed her face. "You sure about that?"

Marti's face sank. She knew that tone a little too well. "Why?" she asked.

"Too late, we're going in," Alice said, grabbing Marti by the arm and pulling her through the crowd into the building before Marti could see where they were. Then, next thing Marti knew, they were in a poorly lit, long hallway lined with pink neon lights. The crowd noise seemed to grow louder as they approached the far end and Marti began to seriously wonder where they were.

"Alice-" she started to protest, but then Alice burst through the curtains at the far end and, just like that, Marti came face-to-face with a pair of very large, very fake and very naked breasts.

"Hi, here to sign up or just viewing?" a topless waitress said, smiling brightly at the two Hellcats.

"Sign up?" Alice asked.

"It's amateur night. First prize is splitting the entry fee," the waitress said. "Last week, it was almost 900 bucks!"

"Amateur night?" Marti asked, still confused and still distracted by the girls naked tits.

"Yeah, we let anyone over 21 go up on stage and strip," the waitress said, smiling. "Let me tell you, you two would do wonders wearing those Hellcat uniforms. Lot of Lancer alumni around these parts."

"Stripping?" Marti asked.

"Yeah, sweetie," the waitress said. "You wanna give it a try?"

"Not right now," Alice answered for them both, still gripping Marti's arm tightly. "But we'll happily stay and watch for a bit."

"Great," the waitress said. "Two drink minimum and if you're interested, some of the girls offer discounts on lap dances for other girls." Marti couldn't help but feel her pussy water at the sound of that.

"I'll have a Sex on the Beach," Alice said.

"Rum and Coke," Marti said.

"I'll be right over," the half-naked server said, walking off and letting both Alice and Marti get a good look at her ass in short-shorts.

"We're in a strip club?!" Marti hissed as Alice looked around. Sure enough, there were three stages, all featuring poles and girls in various states of undress, with a lot of guys sitting around the runways, occasionally throwing money up at the girls. "You dragged me into a strip club?!"

"Hey, I wanted to sit down," Alice said, spotting a free table. She yanked Marti towards it, while also signaling towards their topless waitress where they'd be. "Now I can sit down AND have a drink, all while being entertained."

"You knew this was a strip club, didn't you?" Marti accused as she sat down.

"Not until we were just walking in the door, but the look on your face is priceless," the half-naked server popped up with their drinks, smiling at Marti as she leaned over to place her rum and coke before the Hellcat.

"Thanks," Marti mumbled.

"Anytime," the waitress said, winking at Marti, making the Hellcat's pussy quiver once more. Oh, this was not good. The waitress walked off, her hips sashaying provocatively as she did so.

"Man, look at the ass on her," Alice admired openly. Marti was, but turned to look at Alice when she spoke.

"You really think Miranda likes to hear you talk about other girls like that?"

"Miranda and I aren't exclusive," Alice said simply, eyeing another waitress who walked by.

"Does Miranda know that?" Marti grumbled. "Why are we here, Alice? Can't we just get a cab and go back to Cheertown?"

"No way. We're here and I want to see some naked girls dancing," Alice said, matter-of-factly. "And, since I've got all the money we've gathered up tonight, you can either go home now and trust that I bring it all to Britney, or you can wait here with me."

Marti scowled at the Hellcats captain. Alice just toasted her with her drink.

* * *

"I really like sex on the beach," the busty brunette hanging off Dan Patch's arm said, her drink - a Cosmo - sloshing about. She was clearly more drunk than Dan was, which suited him just fine. Hardly holding back himself, he downed the last of his beer and leered down at the girl's breasts.

"You aren't drinking a Sex on the Beach," he pointed out.

"Ugh, I can't stand those," she said. "No, I like having sex on the beach. There's something so hot about being covered in sand and water while you're getting it on."

"Had a lot of it, have you?" Dan asked.

"Lost my virginity down on the Gulf Coast," she said. "All of them," she added for emphasis.

Dan smiled. This, this was exactly what he needed. Some slutty little girl who wasn't going to get all hung up on their having sex. A few more nights like this and he would be able to put Savannah Monroe completely out of his head.

"You wanna get out of here?" he asked.

To his surprise, the girl shook her head. "Nope. Not without my girls," she said.

"Ah, come on, Sandy-"

"Sarah!" she corrected him with a laugh.

"Sarah. You're into me, I'm into you. My place isn't THAT far and-"

"I don't leave without my girls. You help me get them some boys and you and I can do anything you want." She took a long sip of her Cosmo. "Anything you want."

"How many friends do you have?" Dan asked.

"The two blondes over there, Tiffany and Meaghan," Sarah said.

"Foursome out of the question?" Dan asked.

"We're good little Christian girls, Dan Patch," Sarah scolded him. "Find them a couple of boys to play with on their own. You MUST have friends."

"Oh, I do. I do," Dan said, breaking off to go hunt down Lewis and the Hellcats. It never occurred to him that he never once had told Sarah his full name.

* * *

"Give it up for Sandy!"

Marti Perkins groaned as yet another artificially busty blonde got up on the stage and immediately stripped down to her bra and panties. She staggered - clearly a little drunk - down the runway towards the pole, which she almost walked right into. Sandy was no better than Mandy who'd gone before her and neither was as good as Candy, who'd gone before them both.

Amateur stripper night was a disaster.

"Can't any of these girls dance?" Alice complained, drowning her third beer.

"I don't think they're here to dance," Marti pointed out as Sandy took off her bra. "Oh, those are sooo fake."

"I'd still suck them," Alice snorted. "But come on, the dancing is what's sexy. Not just the being naked. If we just wanted them naked, they'd just walk out naked."

"You wanna go up there and show them how it's done?" Marti asked, rolling her eyes. Knowing Alice, she probably did.

"We're such better dancers than any of these chicks," Alice said. "Better bodies, too."

"I don't know, Candy had a really cute butt," Marti said, finishing her own beer. She waved towards one of the topless waitresses, who came bouncing over to drop two more beers in front of the two Hellcats. They were starting to run up quite a tab. Marti knew she should be pressuring Alice to go, but she was having a hard time working up the nerve. After all, it wasn't like she wasn't enjoying the view. These girls might not be able to dance, but Marti was gathering enough mental fuel for a month's worth of lonely nights.

Alice took a long pull on her beer and openly leered at Sandy. "I wouldn't say, 'No,' to those legs wrapped around my head, but if a girl dances like that, she's gotta be a dead fish in bed, know what I mean?"

"Uh, no," Marti said.

"Okay, think of Lewis - we've both banged him," Alice said. "Lewis can DANCE. The boy can move and he knows how to move his hips and his hands and his cock while he's fucking. But I've been with guys who can't dance and they just sorta thrust into you and don't show any imagination."

"And the same applies to girls?" Marti asked.

"Sure, why not?" Alice said. "Maybe more so. I mean, sometimes you like it when a guy just grunts and thrusts into you, you know? All animalistic and primal and that sorta thing. But with a girl, she's gotta be able to keep up. At least with me."

"So even if someone's really, really hot, if she can't dance, you don't want to sleep with her?"

"Never said that," Alice said with a smirk. "But if she can dance, chances are the sex will be hella better."

Marti found herself thinking back to her own few women. That Kat girl she banged at Qualifiers could certainly dance and there was no doubt Britney could, too. But what about Deirdre? Marti had never seen her dance, yet Deirdre had still given Marti one of the most powerful orgasms she'd ever had in her life...

Alice slammed her empty beer down on the table, distracting Marti from her train of thought. "Enough of these no-talents," she said, grabbing Marti by the hand. "About time we showed these losers how it's really done."

"But- but-!" Marti's protests were cut short as Alice dragged her towards the line of girls waiting to perform on stage. The blonde Hellcat knew she should've protested, but for some reason, couldn't bring herself to. No, all she could think about was watching Alice dance.

And get naked.

* * *

"Where the hell have you guys been?" Dan hissed as he came up behind Lewis and Tom. The two erstwhile Hellcats were watching a rather tame game of beer pong. Neither Lancer student was playing, but they were watching, each with a red plastic cup in his hand, both having drunk a fair amount.

"Dan!" Lewis said, smiling a little too brightly. "Dan, tell this fool that the best way to bounce a ping pong ball is to use a little wrist."

"Huh?" Dan said.

"No, no, no, no," Tom said, shaking his head theatrically - at least, Dan hoped that was theatrically. "It's more of a drop, not a throw. I've won three - THREE - beer pong games that way."

Dan frowned. "You two are drunk."

"Suusshhhhh," Tom said. "Don't tell anyone, but I think there's alcohol in my beer."

Dan felt his head throb a little. "Okay, you two are useless. Where are Jason and Darwin?"

"Darwin's off getting lucky with some dude - couldn't keep their hands off each other," Lewis reported. "Did you know Darwin was gay?"

"Yeah," Dan said.

"I didn't," Tom said, swigging the last of his beer. "I thought he just had sex with guys."

"What about Jason?"

"No clue," Lewis said.

"Ooh, ooh, he's off trying to get with a milk," Tom replied.

"A milk?"

"Yeah, a Mother-I'd-Like-to-Know," Lewis said. "Or is it kill?"

"It's Fuck, and the term is MILF," Dan sighed. "I guess I'm stuck with you two."

"Aww, we like you too, Dan," Lewis said. "I still say it's all in the wrist."

"Come on, you two, let's go get you both laid."

THAT broke through the beer-induced haze. "Get laid?" Lewis asked.

"By who?" Tom asked, instantly suspicious.

"Couple of cute blondes," Dan said. "Come on, guys, it's the most action I've seen all night. I need you two lug heads to keep my girl's BFFs from cock blocking me."

"Wait - her friends have cocks? I'm out," Lewis said.

"They don't have cocks! Come on, guys, a couple of sure things here, I promise."

"They're that slutty?" Tom asked.

"Yes. They're that slutty."

"Fine, where are they?" Lewis asked. "But they better be hot."

* * *

"How did you talk me into this?" Marti Perkins wondered aloud as she and Alice Vedura stood behind the curtain. Still clad in their Hellcat uniforms, they actually looked pretty tame compared to the lingerie - or less - clad strippers around them. But they'd be joining their underdressed companions soon enough. Too soon, in Marti's opinion - they were up next.

"I'm a helluva motivator," Alice said, peeking out between the curtains at the competition. "Wow, this Lexus girl has an ass on her."

"I thought her name was Ferrari," Marti said, peeking out as well. Alice was right - the girl had a fantastic ass and was grinding it against the stripper pole like a pro.

"She's named after a car, who cares which one?" Alice muttered.

"We don't have to do this, Alice," Marti said. "We can still back out. We can keep our clothes on and-"

"Marti, shut up and have another shot," Alice said, grabbing one from a rather large tray left behind the stage probably for just this reason. She handed one to Marti, then took one herself and drank it down quickly. Marti hesitated for a moment, then followed suit. She really didn't know why she was doing this, but she went ahead and did it anyway.

Lexus/Ferrari finished her set to a smattering of applause and a few more dollar bills thrown on the stage and just like that, it was time for the Hellcats to perform.

"We're going to mop the floor with them," Alice said, smiling at Marti.

"I do NOT want to mop these floors," Marti said, feeling a good buzz growing in her head. Also a slight buzz between her legs as Lexus/Ferrari walked past them, not bothering to cover up. That girl had a helluva body.

"I saw that," Alice said.

"Saw what?" Marti asked, confused.

"I saw you checking her out," Alice said, turning her back on Marti. Marti blanched, but didn't have time to say anything. The announcer was calling them out.

"Gentlemen gentlemen, now for something extra special. We've got two very lovely ladies coming out to drive you wild. Please welcome Amber and Melodie!"

"Who?" Marti asked.

"Us, now move!" Alice said, shoving Marti out through the curtains onto the stage. Marti turned to make sure Alice followed, then turned to face the crowd. The spotlight, thankfully, was right in her face and she couldn't see the men gathered around the stage, waiting to see what the two Hellcats would do.

But she could hear them.

"Wooot! Go Lancer!"

"Go Hellcats!"

"Booo! MemChrist Rules!"

"There's one in every crowd," Alice grumbled. "Form up, Marti," she added. "Routine Six."

Despite being drunk, despite being horrible uncomfortable with the whole situation, Marti Perkins was a trained cheerleader and when she was told to form up for a specific routine, she formed up. Putting her hands on her hips, she struck a pose and waited for the music to start.

I make them good girls go bad
I make them good girls go
Good girls go bad
Good girls go bad

The Hellcats had quite the repertoire of dances and routines, choreographed by a number of former captains and members over the years, but this was one of the ones Alice had created herself over the summer. One of the first, truthfully, that she'd started coming up with about 30 seconds after Savannah had told her she was going to be captain this year.

Calling upon her inner slut, Alice stepped forward in time with Cobra Starship's "Good Girls Go Bad" and immediately drew every eye in the room to her. Not that that took much effort, considering how hot she looked in her Hellcats uniform. She sashayed down the catwalk, making sure her skirt twirled up as she reached the pole and spun about it. She got an appreciative cheer from the crowd as she flashed her spanks to them.

I know your type
Yeah daddy's lil' girl
Just take a bite
Let me shake up your world
Cause just one night couldn't be so wrong
I'm gonna make you lose control

Marti came down the track next, mimicking Alice's moves, which is what happened with the usual routine, but Alice knew the crowd here wasn't looking for a usual Hellcats routine. They needed some skin. So as she passed Marti, she quickly reached over, undid the zipper on the blonde's cheerleader skirt and with one quick move, pushed it down her legs. This got a fantastic cheer from the crowd and a disapproving look from Marti, who kept dancing like the good little cheerleader she was.

Alice ignored her and kept dancing.

She was so shy
'Til I drove her wild

As the music swelled, Alice yanked her cheer top up over her head, leaving her clad in just the white sports bra. This got a few boos and hisses from the crowd, but Alice ignored them. These flesh hounds would get what they wanted soon enough.

I make them good girls go bad
I make them good girls go bad
You were hanging in the corner
With your five best friends
You heard that I was trouble but you couldn't resist
I make them good girls go bad
I make them good girls go
Good girls go bad
Good girls go bad
Good girls go

Marti walked by again and this time Alice slapped her on her ass before spinning around and matching Marti step-for-step towards the front of the runway. This was a choreographed part of the routine, though usually some of the tumblers would be somersaulting around behind them at the same time. But when you only have two half-dressed cheerleaders, you can only do so much.

But they could do a little more and, as Marti stopped at the edge of the platform, Alice reached up and undid the back zipper of her top. And Marti, getting into things a little, lifted it over her head and stood before the crowd in her own sports bra. The crowd roared appropriately, especially seeing as how Marti's nipples were rock hard and poking through the fabric of her bra rather prominently.

I know your type
Boy you're dangerous
Yeah you're that guy
I'd be stupid to trust
But just one night couldn't be so wrong
You make me want to lose control

As Leighton Meester took over the singing for a bit, Marti seemed to get more into it, grabbing the pole and twirling about it for a moment before resuming her dance towards the back of the stage. Alice came forward, swinging her hips in time with the music and shedding her skirt as she went, leaving both Hellcats in their bras and spankies. Everyone approved, but wanted more.

So Alice gave it to them.

She was so shy
'Til I drove her wild

As she reached the edge of the stage, Alice reached up and yanked off her bra, which she promptly swung over her head a few times before chucking it at Marti, who was looking a little dumbfounded as her cheer captain stood topless in front of a crowded strip club, which was roaring so loud with approval that she almost lost track of the music.

I make them good girls go bad
I make them good girls go bad
I was hanging in the corner
With my five best friends
I heard that you were trouble but I couldn't resist
I make them good girls go bad
I make them good girls go
Good girls go bad
Good girls go bad
Good girls go bad

"I can't believe you're doing this," Marti hissed at Alice as they came together and started dancing face-to-face, gyrating about, moving their chests in time with the music. Marti had always thought it a bit sexual a move anyway, but seeing Alice's breasts bounce about now that she did the routine with nothing covering her chest, the blonde Hellcat nearly came.

Alice Vedura, who'd never been one of Marti's favorite people, was suddenly the sexiest woman Marti had ever seen.

Oh she got a way with them boys in the place
Treat 'em like they don't stand a chance
And he got a way with them girls in the back
Actin' like they too hot to dance

The girls broke apart and hit different sides of the stage to dance apart. Normally, other Hellcats would be highlighted at the moment, but again there were only the two of them and Alice and Marti tried to make up for it by dancing sexier. Marti worked her tight midriff, flexing it for the crowd appreciatively. Alice went with her tits, licking a finger and pinching her nipples, making her side of the stage roar with delight.

Yeah she got a way with them boys in the place
Treat 'em like they don't stand a chance
And he got a way with them girls in the back
Actin' like they too hot to dance

Normally, the girls would swap places, but Alice knew the song was winding down and she needed to get a little more out Marti if they were really going to beat the rest of the competition. So when Marti moved to cross the stage, Alice sidestepped behind her and waited for the blonde Hellcat to drop to her knees, just like in the choreography. Marti's knees hit the stage and she raised her arms high above her head, just like she'd always drilled-

-And Alice reached down and yanked the other girl's sports bra off right up over her head.

Marti froze for a second, but the crowd loved it, cheering and throwing money at Marti's perfect tits. Even Alice, who'd seen them occasionally in the Hellcats showers or changing rooms, had to admit that Marti's breasts were damn near perfect.

I make them good girls go bad
I make them good girls go
Them good girls go bad
Good girls go bad

They were getting close to the end and Marti, bless her soul, seemed to realize that. She kept her hands held high and let everyone get a good long look at her tits before she stood up and faced Alice. She shot her captain a nasty look, then moved to the other side of the stage to let the rest of the crowd see. And see they did, as just about every pair of eyes that had an angle on Marti's chest was locked on her globes, watching every jiggle as she moved in time with the music.

Marti really was a good girl gone bad.

But Alice knew they had to finish strong. And as the music began to wind down, she made one last move.

I was hanging in the corner
With my five best friends
I heard that you were trouble but I couldn't resist
I make them good girls go bad
I make them good girls go bad
I make them good girls go
Good girls go bad
Good girls go bad
Good girls go

Alice spun Marti around, looked her right in the eyes-

-and as the last lines of the song came out, so did Alice's tongue, taking one long, hard lick on one of Marti's very erect nipples. Alice thought Marti's eyes would jump out of their sockets, but the song was done and so was their routine. The crowd was on their feet and it seemed like dollar bills were appearing out of nowhere. Marti stood there, dumbfounded for a minute, until Alice grabbed her uniform and shoved it up against her chest.

"Grab the cash and let's go, Marti. We don't want to overstay our welcome."

That got Marti going, though as she helped scoop up all the singles, she couldn't help but feel the slippery, warm, wet sensation of Alice's tongue upon her erect nipples.

"Now THAT," Alice said as the two Hellcats slipped backstage to get dressed again, "is how you dance, ladies."

"I can't believe we just did that," Marti said.

"Believe it! It's amazing what you can do with a little liquid courage." Alice looked around. "When do we find out if we won?"

"Yeah, I think I need another drink first," Marti said, slipping back into her skirt.

* * *

Dan Patch had gotten drunk and ended up in trouble before in his life. More than once, in fact. Oh, he'd never robbed a liquor store, had never crashed his car, had never ended up in jail - well, except on that first date with Savannah, but that didn't count, did it? But he'd ended up in trouble plenty of other times. And that trouble, almost universally, came from women.

Ignoring how he lost his virginity to Marti Perkins, Dan's relationship between women and alcohol included a drunken threesome with a pair of MILFs in New Orleans, a horrible quickie with a vengeful stewardess on a flight to Florida a year later and what ended up leading to a three month affair with a married school teacher (thankfully one he'd never had in school). Aside from that, there were a number of drunken one-night-stands that had never quite gone right and one near-disastrous connection with what turned out to be a transvestite one Mardi Gras - Dan had never even told Marti about THAT story.

Now, as he sat in the back of someone's SUV, driving to somewhere he wasn't entirely sure of, Dan was starting to get the feeling that this particular hook-up was going to end up another great example of alcohol plus girls equaling trouble with a capital 'T'.

Oh, Sarah was a great looking girl. Small with breasts and legs perfectly sized for her frame. Dark hair that cascaded down past her shoulder blades. Deep brown eyes you could get lost in if you tried. Lips that could suck the paint off a submarine. The way she was pawing at Dan's hair and jacket, it almost seemed like she wanted to get into his pants right here in the car. She was a complete, 180-degree turn from Savannah Monroe.

Which was exactly what Dan wanted.

Of course, they'd had to dump her friends. And his.

Sarah's companions had immediately taken in Tom and Lewis. Tiffany, the busty blonde, was driving and she was spending almost as much time reaching across to grab Tom's crotch as she was working the manual shift in the SUV. He wasn't complaining, even if all either one of them had to do was look in back to see the other two couples getting a lot further than they were.

Lewis was quite smitten with little Meaghan. The tiny blonde was almost his complete opposite and a fair sight smaller than anyone Dan had ever seen Lewis date before. Even Nasty Kathy was taller than Meaghan and, if anything, Meaghan seemed even sluttier. He couldn't quite see from where he was, but Dan thought Meghan had already unbuttoned her blouse, giving Lewis access to her goodies right there in the car. For his part, Lewis' shirt had vanished and Meaghan seemed to really enjoy running her pale fingers over his dark skin.

"Where are we going?" Tom asked at one point.

"Our place, sexy," Tiffany said. "Don't worry, it's not far."

But something about how she said that made the hair on the back of Dan's neck stand up. Lancer wasn't far from here. He really hoped these girls weren't actually Lancer students. The whole point of going to this party had been to get away from school and the incestuous mire that was the entire Hellcats team.

"Unzip your pants," Sarah suddenly whispered in Dan's ear. "I wanna taste your cock."

"Now?" Dan asked.

"Now," she said, not waiting for him to respond. She reached down and undid his zipper herself, reaching into his pants to free his erection. Dan glanced around the car, but Lewis's face was pressed against Meaghan's and Tom had his eyes closed as Tiffany did something to him in the front seat. By the time he turned back to his own crotch, Sarah had engulfed his cock in her mouth.

And just like that, Dan Patch didn't care where these girls were from anymore.

* * *

"I told you we'd win," Alice crowed as Marti opened the door to the cheap motel room.

A mere three buildings down from the strip club, the motel had been the only place Marti and Alice could agree on after they took their winnings - over 900 bucks - and wondered what to do next. Being well after 1 a.m., there were no cabs in this part of Memphis and walking back to Lancer was out of the question. They needed to get some rest too with tomorrow's MemChrist game looming. So, using some of the money they'd gotten from the club, Marti reluctantly let Alice book them a room at the motel so they could get some sleep until cab service resumed.

"I still think we could've called Lewis. He'd have come and gotten us," Marti said.

"You maybe, not me," Alice said, pushing into the room. "Wow. So not The Salvatore, is it?"

"You expected better for 40 bucks and no questions asked?"

"I, I hope you don't mind," Alice said, flopping down on the bed - the only bed, Marti noted, "I signed us in as Misses Torrance and Missy Patone."

"You named us after 'Bring It On' characters?"

"I'm not good at coming up with names on the spot," Alice shrugged.

"Also, we're married?"

"I don't think the front desk clerk bought that, but who cares? He didn't give us any trouble, did he?"

"Why not Shipman?" Marti asked, sitting on the bed next to Alice.

"Please. Missy was totally the guy in that relationship."

"Against a Type-A personality like Torrance? I'm not so sure."

"Who's the lesbian here?" Alice asked, sitting up and causing Marti to have to bite her tongue to keep from replying. "Trust me, Missy wore the pants and Torrance took it like the champ she was. Man, I'd give money to see THAT wedding night video."

Marti snorted a laugh. "Well, we've got money. A lot of it."

"Yeah we do," Alice said triumphantly. "Those knockers of yours totally won the crowd over."

"My knockers thank you," Marti said proudly.

"So, that's $450 each. Try not to go flashing it around at Cheertown, okay?" Alice said, reaching into her purse and pulling out the rather large wad of cash.

"Wait, we aren't giving it to the transportation fund?" Marti asked. "I thought that was the whole reason we got up there?"

Alice shot her a look. "Seriously? You want to tell Britney - or worse, Savannah - where we got 900 bucks? How you flashed your goodies to a crowd of total strangers. How I-"

"No!" Marti said emphatically, seeing Alice's point. "No, I don't want to tell anyone."

"Good, me either," Alice said, flipping through the cash. "So many ones..." she murmured.

"It's all there, right?"

"I watched the guy count it out - though I did get distracted by that hot Asian chick who took the stage after us. Think she's one of their regulars?"

"No clue."

"Maybe we can come back sometime."

"We?" Marti asked.

"Sure, you're my wife, Ms. Pantone," Alice giggled as she finished up the count. "Yep, it's all here."

"I don't think I've ever seen that many dollar bills in my life," Marti said with a sigh as Alice handed her half.

"Me either," Alice said, suddenly getting an impy grin. "You know what I've always wanted to do?"

"Besides strip at a strip club?"

"I've always wanted to roll around on a pile of money in just my underwear."

"Seriously?" Marti said, surprised.

"Yep," Alice said, getting off the bed and yanking her shirt up over her head, exposing her sports bra to Marti once again. "Come on, Marti. Either get your cash and ass on the bed, or move aside so I can."

Marti stood up and watched as Alice splayed her cash out on the sheets. A lot of it was ones, but there were some fives and 20s in there, too and Marti had no problem believing that there was $450 on that bed.

Alice quickly shucked off her skirt and spankies, leaving her in just her bra and thong and she climbed onto the bed on all fours, looking for all the world like the sex goddess Marti could now see she was.

How had she never seen this before? Hell, she'd seen that naked photo of Alice that got passed around Lancer last year. She'd seen Alice showering at the gym. She'd even seen her making out with both boys and girls. But, to her eyes, never had known had Alice Vedura ever looked hotter that she did right at that moment.

"Admit it," Alice said. "This looks like fun."

"Yeah, yeah it does," Marti agreed, though she knew she and Alice were talking about different things.

"If you want to join me, you know what you gotta do," Alice said, rolling over onto her back, looking quite pleased with herself to be atop a pile of money. "Pay for play, Marti. Throw your money onto the pot, get your uniform off and come roll around like a rich bitch for a while."

At that moment, Marti's eyes were glued to a single dollar bill that had attached itself to Alice's stomach somehow - sweat, maybe, or perhaps there was something sticky left on the bill. It was probably best not to think about it. But all Marti wanted to do was to gently pull that bill off and then kiss Alice's caramel skin underneath it.

But she couldn't.

Oh, she never would. Not Alice. Not her sworn nemesis. No, never. Marti Perkins and Alice Vedura were like fire and ice, two opposites that could never exist together in the same place.

But here they were, about to share a bed for the night and Marti's head was still spinning from all the drinks she'd had at the strip club. And she had just seen Alice topless - and Alice had seen her bare breasts too. Maybe. Maybe, for just one night.

Before she knew what she was doing, Marti was holding her half of the money up over the bed. Alice's eyes went wide and Marti gently tossed it up enough to separate the bills while letting them cascade down.

"That's it, Marti," Alice squealed in delight. "Make it rain up in this joint."

Marti quickly stripped out of her uniform down to her bra and panties and got on the bed with Alice. Just like that, they became two giggling girls, rolling around and laughing, just enjoying the elation of the very bold and very sexy thing they had done that night. And yes, Marti had to agree, it was a lot of fun to be rolling around on a bed full of cash.

With Alice.

* * *

They never made it to the girls' rooms. By the time Tiffany pulled the SUV into the parking lot, Sarah had almost gotten Dan off with just her lips and Lewis was threatening to rip his pants off to get at Meaghan. Only Tom and Tiffany had yet to advance too far, mostly because they were in the front, driving, while the other two couples were free to get at each other in the back.

Still, everyone managed to get themselves covered enough to get inside the building. It was a dorm building, Dan could tell and it even looked familiar, but the coloring was all wrong for Lancer. He didn't know where he was, but that didn't matter. He wanted a piece of Sarah's perfectly shaped little behind and didn't care if that meant screwing her in the elevator to get it.

There wasn't an elevator, just some steps and soon they were all laughing and kissing and stumbling into a common area, complete with three couches. Tiffany started fumbling for the keys to her room, dropped them, picked them up - giving everyone a nice shot of her thong-covered ass under her skirt - then dropped them again before turning to Tom.

"Fuck it, do me on the couch," she said. With a shove, the busty blonde sent Tom falling backwards over the nearest couch and was leaping atop him not long after. That got everyone else going and, before Dan knew it, he was taking part in a mini orgy.

Meaghan spun Lewis around and yanked down his pants, exposing his large cock to the room briefly before she practically inhaled it. Dan blinked as the tiny little blonde took quite a bit of Lewis' dark shaft down her throat, wondering for a moment how he'd gotten into a live-action porn movie. But then Sarah practically shoved him onto the last couch in the room and straddled him, pulling off her top and exposing the tiny white bra that had held her impressive chest melons up.

The bra had to be a few sizes too small, because Sarah's titflesh was overflowing out of the fabric in several places, which was surprising from a girl her size. Dan peered closer, trying to get his alcohol-fuzzed brain to focus on the physics problem of a bra too small for tits when he suddenly noticed a very important fact.

Sarah bra clasped in the front.

With the kind of giddy enjoyment he hadn't really felt since he was 12 or 13, sneaking his first look at one of his dad's old girlie magazines, Dan reached up with one hand and undid Sarah's clasp.

Or tried to, anyway. It took three attempts, his fingers not quite getting it. She was reaching to help him out when he finally got it, the fabric sprung away and he was greeted by the heavenly sight of Sarah's tits.

"Oh, wow," Dan whispered. They were spectacular. Smaller, perhaps, than he'd been lead to believe when they weren't pushed up, but they were perfectly shaped, with two of the most perfect nipples resting like cherries atop a sundae.

"Suck my tits," Sarah commanded. Dan didn't need to be told twice, wolfing down one of the breasts before him, practically inhaling the whole tit in his mouth before letting it slide out enough that he was just sucking on the nipple.

Sarah giggled. "Again!" she said, and Dan repeated his trick, this time with the other breast. She squealed and laughed, her free boob jiggling nicely next to Dan's face as he licked upon the hard bud between his lips. Feeling like he was doing something impressive, Dan let go of Sarah's nipple and turned to brag to Lewis and Tom.

But Lewis and Tom were too busy.

Meaghan was licking Lewis' hard shaft like it was a melting ice cream cone in a July heat wave, her tongue seeming quite small and pink next to the Hellcat's large, dark meat. From the expression on his face, Lewis seemed quite content to sit there and enjoy the oral action, but he did keep looking over to where Tom and Tiffany were going at it.

Dan had to shift his view a little, actually pulling Sarah over to the other side of his head to see that Tom had managed to lose his pants and Tiffany was down to her bra and thong. They were lying with Tiffany atop Tom in a classic 69 position, Tiffany doing her best to suck Tom off while he rather eagerly feasted upon her panty-covered snatch.

"Why don't you pull the panties aside?" a confused Dan asked. He never saw if Tom heard him or not, because Sarah interrupted.

"Kinky," she said, reaching under her skirt to pull her pink SV brand thong to one side. Dan's cock was still sticking out of his pants from when she'd gone down on him in the car, and with one quick move, Sarah was sliding down over the shaft, making Dan moan in delight. She was so tight!

"Hey," Lewis said, one eye closed as Meaghan sucked on one of his balls. "Hey, hey guys!"

"Not now, Lewis," Tom called from the other couch. "I'm about to be fucked!"

"Condoms, you idiot," Lewis said, reaching for his wallet. Dan watched him, confused for a moment, until Lewis pulled out a string of four condoms - four? Who needs that many in their wallet at one time? - and broke off two, chucking one at Tom and one and Dan. Dan saw the one chucked at him land on the floor next to him, but still glared at it for a moment, not sure what he was looking at.

"Dude, PUT IT ON!" Lewis said sternly.

That sunk through and Dan suddenly realized what Lewis was telling him. Carefully, he lifted Sarah up off his cock and reached for the rubber.

"Oooh, let me," Sarah said, taking it from Dan. She ripped it open with her teeth, spit the wrapper over the back of the couch and bent down to place the condom over the head of Dan's cock. She looked at him once, playfully, before rolling the condom down over him. Then she gave him a good five or six tugs. "Want to be sure it's on there good," she said, stroking him.

"It's on, it's on," Dan said, wanting to get back to the fucking.

Across the small room, Tom had beaten him to it, having turned Tiffany around to bend her over the back of the couch and rail her from behind, doggy-style. Her bra was still on, but her thong was now wrapped around Tom's left arm for some reason. He didn't seem to be complaining.

Lewis had moved on, too and was just now laying Meaghan down on her back, her skirt and panties puddled on the floor. Dan watched in admiration as Lewis got on top of her, gliding his impressive cock into the little blonde with ease, making Meaghan groan with delight. The little girl must have been a bit of a size queen.

"Eyes up here, soldier," Sarah said, grabbing Dan's drunken attention. She'd gotten rid of her skirt now, but still wore her pink panties pulled aside for access to her sopping wet cunt and Dan eagerly lined his cock up with it, slamming up into the raven-haired beauty, who took it with a grunt of satisfaction.

"God, Dan, you're bigger than I thought you were," Sarah moaned, dropping her arms down to his shoulders and riding him cowgirl-style. Dan wasn't complaining. Sarah's delicious tits bounced quite nicely in his field of vision. Sarah began to buck about wildly, making Dan feel a bit like a used bronco that she was trying to break. But he kept at it, trying to time his upward thrusts with her movements and generally failing.

"That looks like fun," Tom said, pulling out of Tiffany. "Wanna ride me?"

Tiffany glanced over at Dan and Sarah and shrugged. "Sure. Lay down." He did so, and she straddled him. Tom licked his lips and raised his hands up, taking one of Tiffany's breasts in each hand, marveling as the titflesh flowed between his fingers. In this pairing, he was the one to start bucking wildly, as if he was trying to fuck Tiffany right off of him. But she rode him like a pro and they both got all the advantages.

Lewis didn't need to follow someone else's ideas to enjoy sex. Never had, never would. He kept right on plowing Meaghan missionary style and the little blonde loved it. "God, Lewis, I've wanted this for so long."

"Yeah, been a long night," Lewis drunkenly answered, giving her a little extra thrust, just assuming she'd gone a while without sex. She was certainly tight enough, in his learned opinion. Watching the little white girl quiver underneath him turned Lewis on even more and he drilled into her even harder.

"My ass, Dan!" Sarah suddenly begged. "Fuck my ass!"

It took Dan half a second to realize he was being spoken to, his eyes still slipping from Tom to Lewis and their conquests for the night. It took another full second for him to realize what she was asking.

"You sure?" he managed to ask as Sarah climbed off him. She turned around and bent over the couch, her naked ass practically in Dan's face.

"Fuck. My. Ass!" she demanded.

After a command like that, Dan jumped to by standing up and lining his slick, condom-wrapped cock up with Sarah's puckered backdoor. He hesitated only a moment, glancing over his shoulders to see both of the other couples watching with rapt attention - though not enough to stop their own fucking - and then he slowly slid his cock into Sarah's tight little ass.

"Mmmm, oh FUCK!" Sarah groaned. Despite her tightness, Dan managed to work himself all the way in to the little brunette without much trouble and while he paused for a moment once fully inside, both he and Sarah weren't willing to rest there very long. Dan carefully placed each hand on her hips, slowly pulled almost all the way out-

-and rammed his cock back into Sarah as hard as he could, making the girl cry out in pain and pleasure.

"Fuck yeah!" Tom called from where he sat beneath Tiffany. "Fuck her ass, Dan!"

Dan didn't need the encouragement. Sarah was so tight, she might as well have been milking his cock already and each thrust he made into her brought him faster and faster towards his release. Beneath him, Sarah was fingering her clit, adding to her own pleasure. Dan was surprised to find he didn't care. This little girl was just a fuck to him. And that was what he really needed. A good, hard fuck.

"FUCK YES!" Sarah cried as Dan rammed into her hard again. And again. And again.

And then, suddenly, as if by unwritten agreement, all three of the Lancer students suddenly started to race to orgasm, pounding their respective partners for the night harder and hard.

Lewis stopped watching Dan and Sarah and instead focused all his attention on Meaghan's sweet little pussy. With his hands on Meaghan's perky little tits, Lewis pounded away, no longer caring if she was enjoying it or not - though from the look on her face, she certainly was. Lewis was using this girl he didn't know for one reason and one reason only now - to get past all the shit he'd gotten from Alice and Nasty Kathy and even Marti. Lewis was sick of being the good guy. All he wanted right now was to get his rocks off and Meaghan was doing just that for him.

"Oh, fuck Lewis! I'm gonna - I'm gonna- YES! YES YES YES YEEESSSSSS!!!!" Meaghan cried out as Lewis drove her to orgasm. He didn't really care though. He just kept slamming his cock in and out of her and Meaghan just lay there, trying to recover for a bit, taking the pounding Lewis was still giving her.

Across the way, Tiffany was riding Tom almost as hard as Lewis was pounding Meaghan, her clamping pussy lips sliding up and down on Tom's shaft like crazy and her tits bouncing even as he held on to them for dear life. If he hadn't been drunk off his ass, it would've been a ride he would've remembered the rest of his life.

"Mmm, yeah! Fuck yeah! Fuck, fuck, FUCK!" Tiffany swore, her hands covering Tom's upon her breasts, pinning them in place and letting her steady herself even as she bucked atop him. "Fuck my motherfucking cunt, Tom! Fuck it real good!"

Tom was already pounding up into the girl atop him as best he could, but he tried harder anyway. After all, who turns down an offer like that? Tiffany's tight little pussy was going to be draining him dry any second now anyway, what harm did it do to fuck a little harder?

Tom found out soon enough, as he suddenly lost control and shot his load, filling the condom he wore and collapsing underneath Tiffany.

"FUCK!" she swore, continuing to ride him, trying to get herself off before he went limp.

Sarah was the next to climax, Dan's pounding of her ass driving her over the edge. She didn't scream or curse as her orgasm overtook her. Instead, she hissed, squeezing her eyes tight and went rigid before collapsing on the couch, taking Dan down with her. Somehow, he managed to keep his cock in her ass the whole time, but it hadn't been easy.

Lewis wasn't far off, either, but he suddenly had a problem. Pounding into the limp Meaghan, he suddenly felt a not-unfamiliar snap. His condom had broken. He took two more pumps, then pulled out, not at all surprised to see his rock-hard shaft bare save for the ripped ring of latex around it. He glanced down at it, instantly regretting giving his spare condoms to Tom and Dan.

Dan was gingerly easing his cock out of Sarah's ass, not entirely sure what to do now. She was just lying there, half out-of-it, having enjoyed her orgasm. He thought about turning her over and sticking it back into her pussy, but even as drunk as he was, Dan wasn't going to do that without asking first.

"Cum on my tits."

"Huh?" Lewis asked, surprised to see Meaghan looking up at him.

"Cum on my tits, Lewis. Do it!"

Even Dan heard her that time and he turned to watch as Lewis gave his cock several quick strokes before suddenly blasting his entire load all over Meaghan's chest - and face. She didn't seem to mind.

"Fuck it," Dan said. He aimed his cock at Sarah's naked ass and stroked it too. If Lewis could cum over his girl's tits, why couldn't Dan get his rocks off over Sarah's ass? Horny as hell and having just come from Sarah's tight backdoor, it was less than a minute before Dan was shooting his cum all over Sarah's buns.

Dan never found out whether Tiffany came, though from the way she was passed out atop an also sleeping Tom, he suspected she did. The other girls were out now, the alcohol and sexual release doing their best to send them off to dreamland. Lewis had to push Meaghan's legs aside, but he sat down too and looked about ready to nod off himself. Dan tried to do the same, but he slipped on some piece of Sarah's discarded clothing and slid to the floor with a thud, landing on his ass.

Mentally, he gave a shrug. He'd slept in worse places. And with that, Dan Patch passed out.

* * *

While the two cheerleaders were rolling on the cold, hard cash while wearing nothing but their bras and panties, an idea raced into Marti's mind, one she thought sounded so bad but yet so right. After all, there probably wasn't going to be another opportunity like this, her alcohol-addled brain reasoned.

"Hey, Alice, guess what?"



Before Alice could react, she got pelted in the face with a fist full of dollars. But instead of an ice-cold death stare, the captain fired back at the law student with Washingtons, Lincolns and Hamiltons in the face. "You're going down, Perkins!" Alice threatened as she launched a green barrage at the tall blonde.

"In your dreams, Verdura," Marti retorted, firing more the crinkled bills at Alice's face, only to see that her superior found a pillow on the bed to shield herself from the attack. The move, though, left Alice completely uncovered from overhead and Marti took advantage with a playful spike of money on top of Alice's brown hair.

What Marti hadn't expected, though, was that Alice had a free hand available and chucked a handful of money at Marti's face from below, catching inebriated blonde off-guard and putting her on her back on the bed. Before she allowed Marti the chance for a counterattack, Alice straddled her teammate's hips and pinned her wrists down to the sheets.

"When are you going to learn, Marti, that you can never beat me?" Alice snickered. "Wait, hang on. Let me get that for you."

Marti was about to ask what Alice was talking about when she felt the slow peel of a dollar bill from her sweat-covered face. "Wow, your skin feels great," Alice told her teammate and frenemy.

"Um, thanks," Marti replied sheepishly. She was wondering if Alice had just hit on her. She hadn't given her a compliment before and Marti knew as well as everybody on the Hellcats that Alice was batting for the other team. Still, no other Cats, save for Britney, knew Marti shared Alice's sexual fantasies, so it could have just been that more-experienced Hellcat was paying the blonde an alcohol-fueled compliment.

The next thing out of Alice's mouth, though, confirmed what she was really going through her mind.

"You know, I promise to kill you if you tell anybody else this, but I always thought you were gorgeous and ever since Kelsey and I first got together..." Alice paused during the middle of her confession. "No, I shouldn't. I've said too much."

"Too much of what?" Marti inquired. She had a feeling where this was going, but she wanted to hear Alice say it. After all, it wasn't every day your lesbian off-and-on enemy told you how beautiful you are. "Come on, tell me. I wanna know. Nobody else will know."

"You sure? Because like I said, I will kill you if anybody else finds out," Alice repeated.

"I promise," Marti told her again, making a cross over her heart to show how serious she was.

"Well, this going to sound silly," Alice restarted, "but since Kelsey and I first slept together, I've been fantasizing other girls on our team. Not just Miranda, either. I've thought about you, too."

"Really?" Marti asked, trying her hardest not to sound completely turned on. At that point, a stick of dynamite could have exploded next to Marti and she wouldn't have even flinched because she was so intent on hearing what Alice was saying.

"Yeah, I have. I imagine your pussy tastes as sweet as Kelsey and Miranda. I want to grab hold of your beautiful butt or even better, those big tits of yours. God, I've wondered how they'd feel. I'm surprised nobody pulled out a $50 in the strip club because they look so worth it," Alice drunkenly confessed, not giving a care if she was offending Marti. She was too sloshed to worry about silly things like sexual harassment. "Of course, that's all it will be, a fantasy. No way a girl as straight as you would even THINK of fucking me, am I right?"

Alice lay back down on the bed of money, glad to have gotten that fantasy off her chest. As she took another roll on the cash, though, Marti was wondering if she should also help her captain get her bra off her chest, too. It was very tempting. The taller cheerleader could see clearly why every guy and girl would have done anything to get with Alice. She had such sweet light brown skin, a stomach that reflected how hard she worked out, a booty she loved to flaunt and eyes that had a come-hither look to them. As she looked at Alice, Marti felt all of reasons to not make out with her strip club dance partner begin to disappear.

"I don't know," Marti felt herself say. "This may be the alcohol talking, but if you want me, come and get me."

"What did you just say?" Alice asked, hardly believing what she heard.

"Come on, Alice," Marti goaded her teammate. "It's just the two of us together for the night, lying on a bed of money in our underwear completely drunk. Not to mention we danced topless in a strip club. Why shouldn't we go one step further? If you want me, even for one night, then get your ass over here and kiss me."

Even though her blood alcohol content had definitely impaired her judgment, Alice knew what she heard: Marti Perkins was offering herself up to her as a first time lesbian experience, a real college experimentation event. It took a couple of heartbeats after the blonde stopped talking to let this all sink in, but the ebony Hellcat wasn't about to let an opportunity like this slip away.

Surprising herself to a degree, Alice sat up on the bed and pulled Marti closer to her by that blonde hair, eliciting a startled yelp from the taller flyer and looked her square in the eyes.

"What I told you before is nowhere even close to how bad I want to do this," Alice confessed before kissing her teammate square on the lips.

Marti's eyes bugged out, a bit taken aback by Alice's aggressive sexual nature. Nobody had been this rough with her before in bed, male or female, but this take-charge attitude was sparking fires in her body that she knew couldn't been quelled without a hard orgasm. As much as she would have loved to knock Alice down a peg in bed, Marti was content let her body be played with like it was the ebony girl's toy.

Under normal circumstances, Alice would have never considered making a move on Marti, but the alcohol had certainly done enough to ease that inhibition away. And she was glad she finally did it. Marti's lips were so soft and sweet, just as she had hoped for and when Alice pressed her body down on top of her teammate's she was glad to feel that she wasn't the only one with hard nipples.

When Alice forced her tongue into Marti's mouth, the blonde showed no restrain and continued to let the captain have her way. It was so hot and Marti feared that if she did anything that would change this situation, she'd wake up in her Cheertown bed with a wet and unfulfilled pussy. She started moving her arms down Alice's back, wanting to feel that smooth skin against her own. As Marti reached her sometimes-rival's butt, she couldn't help herself. She squeezed Alice's ass in her hands, kneading the brown flesh like a baker would with dough.

Alice was certainly feeling appreciative of what was now happening.

"Um, somebody wants to play grab-ass, doesn't she?" Alice teased as she broke the kiss. "You like that, Marti? You like grabbing hold of my ass without asking? You like feeling my tight cheerleader cheeks in your hands?"

"Oh yeah! They feel incredible!" Marti moaned, wishing Alice would keep kissing her.

"Well, if you want to play with my ass, I think I should find something to play with," Alice responded. With that, she moved her hands up Marti's back and, reaching her bra, began fidgeting with the clasps, wanting to give her teammate's breasts some air. Though she wanted to keep fondling Alice's toned butt, Marti wanted to give her new lover a hand and reached back, unhooking the wire clasps and pulling her bra down one strap at a time.

With the blonde's tits finally free, Alice felt her words escape her. Sure, she had admired Marti's large breasts while they showered together, but actually being able to play with them gave her a whole new appreciation. They were so big and natural, reacting with a jiggle to even the slightest breath Marti drew. Alice wanted to pay her compliments but words failed her. So she put her mouth to another use.

"Ohhh, that's what I like!" Marti groaned as Alice bit onto her left nipple. She loved it when people played with her boobs. Marti knew very well that her lovers couldn't get enough of her tits. They certainly were her best feature. And Alice feasting on her breasts was incredibly hot to her and in some sense, wrong. Alice and Marti had butted heads since the blonde came to the Hellcats and now Marti felt nothing was going to stop her from coming all over Alice face.

Marti wasn't the only enjoying every second of this. Alice loved having her teammate and sometime rival on her back, moaning in pleasure from the things she was doing. Seeing Marti submissively surrender herself to Alice's pleasure was making the captain's panties begin to get wetter. The thought of having the one Hellcat she couldn't tame to herself stimulated Alice to the point that her nipples threatened to cut through her bra.

Fortunately for Alice, that problem was taken care of when she felt Marti unclasp the bra, setting her brown mounds free. Not wanting to let up on the attention she was giving the blonde, Alice backed up slightly to let the bra slide down into her arms, all the while lightly biting down on Marti's pink nipples.

"God, Alice, don't stop! I love it! Oh, please!" Marti moaned wantonly, tossing her hair back. Never in her wildest dreams had she imagined Alice sending pleasure through her veins so quickly, but here she was, calling out her captain's name. It was so surreal but so good at the same time.

Unfortunately, that pleasure came to halt as Alice unexpectedly pulled away.

"Wh-what? Why'd you stop? That was great," Marti pleaded, trying to get Alice to pay attention to her tits again.

"Because there's something I want to do with you," Alice explained, pulling her bra all the way off her arms to leave her dressed in just her bottoms. "Come on, Marti, flip over to your stomach for me."

All Marti could do was smile happily once she realized what her teammate had in mind.

"Alice Verdura, you are fucking evil, you know that?" Marti asked as she rolled onto her belly, propping herself up with her forearms.

"You're not the first person to tell me that and I doubt you'll be the last," Alice retorted, peeling a couple of greenbacks from Marti's sweat-covered body. "Let's get these off."

Not wanting to wait any sooner for what she craved, Alice peeled Mart's underwear down her legs, the waft of Marti's inviting pussy hitting her nose almost immediately. Like the hungry slut that she was, Alice wanted this in the worst way.

"God, you want this, don't you?" Alice teased the newly nude Marti. "You're lucky I do too."

"Oh, Alice, please, don't make me wait!" Marti begged. "Please, do it!"

"Do what?" Alice asked, wanting to tease Marti to her heart's content.

"Alice, don't be like that!"

"Come on, Perkins, I want you tell me what you want."

If Alice wanted to play that game, Marti knew she had to play along. Being the aspiring lawyer she was, she knew she would have to play the game to get what she wanted.

"Eat my pussy, Alice!" Marti cried out. "Please, eat me out now! Show me how good you are! I need it! OHHHHHHH WOW!"

As fun as it was to leave Marti twisting, Alice felt her friend/enemy's words were sufficient enough. Besides, she wanted to see how good she tasted so the cocoa-skinned cheerleader helped herself to Marti's nectar. And she was glad to finally get that taste.

Marti's pussy tasted sweet to the tongue. It was a lot like when she first licked Kelsey. Once she had that first taste, she wanted more. Alice couldn't imagine Marti making her taste buds dance the way they were, but as she lapped away, she just wanted to put her tongue in deeper and really make her squirm.

Meanwhile, Marti's breathing got shallower with every lick Alice gave her. She turned her head back, lusting after Alice as she ate her pussy. Marti could hardly see her teammate's face around her ass, but she could see that Alice was enjoying this as much as she was. Sure, Alice was still a novice at licking, but Marti could tell she had practiced enough to know what she was doing.

It was then Marti realized she hadn't revealed to Alice the depth of her experience, but she wanted to surprise her with how good she was. Right now, she wanted to come.

"Wow, Alice, eat that pussy! You are so amazing at this! God, make me come!" Marti told her frenemy. "Just imagine, ohhhhh, if we did this on stage! All those men would be so turned on wanting to get up there and fuck us but we wouldn't let them. Ahhhhh, maybe get some of those slutty strippers joining in! You would love that, wouldn't you?"

"God, you're a bigger slut than I ever thought," Alice said. "I like that."

With her face right in front of it, Alice saw the perfect opportunity to give Marti's ass a swat, earning a moan of pleasure from the blonde. Wanting to continue this teasing, Alice slapped Marti's shapely behind a few more time, each eliciting approval from the taller Hellcat.

"Hmm, you really do enjoy this, don't you?" Alice asked. "Maybe we need to drink together more often."

"Oh, God, that would be great," Marti gasped. "I didn't have any idea you'd be so good. Keep fucking me, Alice! Keep fucking me!"

Alice may have known she was a bitch, but ignoring a request like that would have been too cruel. She starting going deeper with her tongue and rubbing Marti's clit harder. At that point, Marti didn't care how thin the walls were. If people heard her, she wanted them to know how good this felt.

"Ohhhh, Alice! I'm getting so close!" Marti whined, desire dripping from her every word. "Make me come! Do it now!"

With Marti's pussy soaking wet, Alice knew she was ready. She repositioned her tongue to lick Marti's swollen clit and moved her hands to grab hold of Marti's ass, manually forcing the cheeks to bounce in her palms.

Marti felt her release was seconds away and considered muffling her voice in a pillow, but decided it against it. She was enjoying this way too much to try and silence herself. She wanted Alice to know how much she wanted this.

"OHHHHHH, ALICCCCCE!" Marti hissed through gritted teeth. "MAKE ME COME! MAKE ME FUCKING COME!"

Wanting to stop the games and get rewarded for her hard work, Alice lightly bit down on Marti's clit, prompting the reaction she was seeking.

"OHHHHHHHH FUCK!" Marti shouted, her pussy and butt spasming against Alice's face, her body coated in sweaty dollar bills and her eyes screwed shut.

Alice would have been priding herself on making rival orgasm if not for the fact that Marti hadn't tasted so damn good. She had wanted this pussy for a while but hadn't wanted to admit it. Being able to show how bad she wanted it and to have it taste even better than she had dreamed was such a relief to her and Alice proved it in how she drained Marti of her orgasm.

Eventually, Marti collapsed on the bed, working to catch her breath after everything Alice did to her. For someone who discovered her lesbianism not that long ago, Alice was really good at licking pussy. After a few moments, Marti regained her bearings and flipped herself over, not bothering to peel off the pair of dollar bills that were plastered to her skin below the knee.

"Alice, kiss me," Marti asked her captain. "I want to taste myself on your tongue. Please."

"Hmm, I was hoping you would want to do that," Alice purred. She crawled over, draped her body over Marti's, leaned down and kissed her blonde teammate. As their tongues intertwined, Marti enjoyed the taste of her pussy from Alice's mouth, the sweet taste driving her wild. She loved being this kinky and uninhibited, so the fact that she was tasting her nectar from the mouth of Alice Verdura made her horny for some of what the captain had to offer.

"God, Alice, you were amazing," Marti complimented. "But, if you don't mind, I'd like to fuck you now."

Alice was actually surprised that this sort of offer was coming to her from Marti, but she played it cool. "I don't know, Marti," she answered slyly. "Aren't you worried I might turn you out?"

"Hey, you got to fuck me," Marti told her. "The least I could do is repay you."

"Can't argue with that," Alice agreed, bringing Marti in for another kiss. While their tongues battled for control, Marti hooked her thumbs into the last piece of clothing Alice had on, her panties, before dragging them down her legs slowly.

As she moved her hands back up Alice's body, Marti started shifting her weight, putting her chocolate-skinned lover on her back. Sure, this may have been a great chance at earning more than a year's worth of comeuppance, but dammit, Alice looked way too beautiful to just ravish. Marti wanted to make this time with Alice count.

The blonde began her descent down Alice's body, taking her time to alternate licking and biting each nipple. The soft moans from the Hellcats captain told Marti she was doing her job right, so she changed tactics and began kissing the soft flesh of Alice's B-cups.

"Hmm, wow, you're good at this," Alice sighed, her body catching a little more on fire with each little touch of her lover's lips. "What have you been doing, Marti, watching lesbian porn? Is that how you know what to do?"

"You could say that," Marti smirked, looking Alice in the eyes, further bringing her superior closer to orgasm. In Marti's mind, she wasn't lying. Ever since that night with Deirdre, she felt her life had been a non-stop porn or piece of literotica. Now being with Alice was doing nothing to quell Marti's beliefs that this was a new chapter of her erotic tale.

"God, it shows," Alice said, the need for release growing greater. "Oh, make me come, you drunk slut! Let's see if your game is as good as your talk."

"Mmm, I was hoping you would ask," Marti teased, dropping down so her face as in front of Alice's bare pussy. Despite the darker complexion, it looked so warm and inviting. Still, Marti wanted to milk this opportunity for it was worth.

Instead of eating Alice's cunt, Marti kissed around it, coming close but never actually touching it. And it was having the desired effect, driving Alice crazy with lust. She wanted Marti to start paying attention to her pussy, but instead, she was avoiding it deliberately.

"God, Marti, please, fuck me already!" Alice pleaded. "Fuck me now, dammit!"

A wicked smile crossed over Marti's mouth. It was so gratifying to hear Alice beg for her like that. How was she going to keep teasing her now?

Deciding enough was enough as far as teasing went, Marti went in and began licking at Alice's pussy, tasting the sopping wet cunt for the first time and enjoying every moment of it.

"Ohhhhhh, shit!" Alice groaned, every nerve in her body reacting to the pleasure. "God, Marti, you're amazing for a first-timer!"

"If only you knew," Marti thought to herself. She started licking away at the clit and massaged Alice's lips, putting the brunette closer to the edge with every lick. God, Alice tasted good. If only she could bottle up the taste so she could have more when she sobered up.

With Alice crying her name out, Marti slid a finger into the brown honeypot and pulled it in and out, driving the Hellcats captain crazy with lust with each motion.

"Fuuuuuuuuck, Marti! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!" Alice shouted. She had been genuinely shocked that Marti had such a talented tongue. If she had known how good the blonde was before tonight, she might have tried to entice her earlier.

Marti, for her part, just couldn't stop. Alice's pussy was so addictively delicious and she didn't want to pull away. The juices were hitting all the right spots on her tongue, lighting up her taste buds like a Christmas tree and Marti was feeling greedy for them. She wanted Alice to come and she wanted it now.

"Spread open a little more for me, Alice," Marti instructed. "I got something I want to do."

"Hmm, knock yourself out," Alice agreed, granting Marti just a little more room. No sooner than she complied, though, was Alice shouting, "OH SHIT!"

At that moment, Marti plunged both her tongue and a pair of fingers deep into Alice's cunt, the captain now arching her back in ecstasy. She could feel the release was almost there and Marti went deeper, sensing every muscle in Alice's body tense up.


That last comment egged Marti on further, putting all she had into her probing tongue and her pumping fingers. A few more seconds and Alice was a goner. Her pussy clenched up and she began coming furiously into Marti's mouth, filling her mouth with the nectar the law student so dearly craved.

"OHHHHHHHHHHHH! SHIIIIIIIIIIT!" Alice cursed, her brain feeling like it was about to overheat. If she'd been able to think clearly, she'd have been astounded at how good Marti was at licking pussy. She couldn't think, though, so her body started to cycle down, trying to slow down her heart before she went into cardiac arrest while cutting through the orgasmic haze.

Satisfied that she had filled her stomach with her frenemy's cum, Marti crawled forward on top of Alice, kissing her newfound lover to let her get a taste of herself. Marti figured Alice, who was pretty much down for anything, would be into this. When Alice pulled her down into her face by the hair, Marti got her answer.

The two cheerleaders continued kissing, paying no attention to the few dollars bills on the bed that managed to stick to their moist flesh. Marti rolled off Alice and collapsed next to her. "That was..." she trailed off, yawning suddenly.

"Awesome," Alice finished for her. "Awesome and sexy. I swear, for your first time, you were quite skilled, Marti."

"Uh-huh," Marti said, rolling onto her side to face Alice. The darker-skinned Hellcat followed suit and the two girls lay on the bed facing each other for a moment. "I'm a quick learner," she added as Alice yawned next to her.

"I guess," Alice said, feeling her eyes droop. Oh, she was getting the post-sex tired feeling she often got. Add in all the alcohol and the time of night...

"I'd, ah, I'd do it again," Marti said, yawning once more. "But I think I need a nap first."

"Sure, sure," Alice said, closing her eyes. She was out before Marti was.

"Guess I'm the winner," Marti said before drifting off to dreamland herself.

* * *

It was the pounding in her head that woke Marti Perkins up and thank goodness it did, because the sun was up and she had class to get to. She groaned and rolled over, her body pretty much refusing to get out of bed just yet. She might have fallen back asleep, except her arm hit another body.

"Ouch," a female voice said.

"Ouch?" Marti said, her eyes still closed. The question seemed to kick her brain into action, at least a little and she started taking account of things around her. The first thing she realized was that this wasn't her bed. Savannah Monroe made sure Marti had some of the softest sheets around and a comforter that was the very definition of cozy. Marti's naked body wasn't wrapped in either one at the moment and that meant she wasn't in Cheertown. She also wasn't at Wanda's because her room there didn't have a window that faced east.

The next thing Marti realized was that she was naked.

And then she remembered that "ouch."

Marti slowly started to come more awake, aware quite suddenly that she'd slept with someone last night.

It wasn't until she opened her eyes that she wanted to scream.

There, lying in the bed next to her, the sheets down around her waist, exposing her naked breasts, was Alice Vedura, also clearly just coming awake.

"Oh, no," Marti managed to eek out.

Alice put it a bit more succinctly when she got a look at whom she'd spent the night with.

"Oh, fuck no."

Both girls shot out of bed, Marti taking the blanket with her to keep her nudity covered. Alice didn't bother.

"Oh please, I got to see that plenty well last night," Alice said, seeing what Marti was doing.

"You remember what we did?" Marti asked, not sure she did. The last thing she remembered clearly was winning the amateur night at that strip-club.

"I remember enough," Alice said, looking around the room. "We hit that strip club, won a butt-load of money, came back here and I clearly got carried away."

"You got carried away?" Marti asked, looking around as well. Their uniforms were lying on the floor, discarded at some point.

"Listen, Marti, you're hot and all, but I never would've had sex with you if I was sober, alright?" Alice stopped and looked at Marti, hands on her hips, not at all ashamed of her nudity. Marti envied her.

"I mean, yeah, you're hot and all, but I have standards."

"What's THAT supposed to mean?" Marti asked, spotting her panties on the floor. She reached down to start putting them on.

"I mean, you're not even gay!" Alice said. She stopped. "Unless... did I turn you? Oh, wow, I didn't even think of that."

"YOU did NOT turn me," Marti said, glaring at Alice.

"Okay, so it was an experimental thing. I get it. You'll probably go out and seduce a 40-year-old law professor or something to prove you're straight. That's okay. I won't be offended. Is that my thong?" Alice asked, spotting the underwear in question hanging off the doorknob to the hotel room.

"Yes," Marti said, refusing to take the bait on the professor jab. Let Alice think Marti was still into Julian - or guys in general.

"I think," Alice said as she walked over to the door to grab her underwear, "that the best thing for us to do is to just forget this night ever happened."

"Agreed!" Marti said immediately. "We never slept together, we never went stripping, we never won the money."

"We just went canvassing, got what little we could, I spent the night with an off-campus friend, you went home to your mommy's and we certainly didn't spend the night having sex." Alice paused, watching as Marti pulled her bra on. "Unless..."

"NO!" Marti said. "No, one-time thing, never happen again," she said, seeing the way Alice was eyeing her. "God, aren't you hung over?"

"Little. But I'm a Hellcat. I work through the pain."

"I hate you," Marti grumbled.

"So not what you were saying last night," Alice said, pulling her thong on.

* * *


The scream woke Dan Patch up. Or rather, the way it hurt his head did. His head was pounding, telling him he got really drunk last night. Judging from the screaming and the fact there was a bra covering his otherwise naked crotch, he guessed he got lucky, too. He smiled, trying to remember the sex-

-And stopped the minute he saw who was yelling.

Lewis and Tom were coming around, too, as were the girls. But it was the blue-and-white clad "Nasty" Kathy Kurowski glaring down at him that was drawing all their attention.

"Oh, hell no," Lewis said, sitting up. "What the hell are you doing here, Kathy?"

"What am I doing here? This is my dorm, Lewis! We fucked on that couch last year!" Kathy shouted.

"What?" Dan asked.

"You idiots. You IDIOTS! The night before the big Lancer game and you go out and fuck Lewis Flynn and Dan Patch?" Kathy screamed.

"I did NOT fuck him," Dan said firmly.

"I'm not talking to you," Kathy said, eyeing him for a moment. "I'm talking to THEM!"

In the light of day, with considerably less alcohol in his system, Dan Patch looked over and suddenly realized he recognized the three girls that he, Lewis and Tom had hooked up with last night.

Sarah, Tiffany and Meaghan were all Memphis Christian cheerleaders.

"Dan, I'm going to kill you," Lewis said, clearly recognizing them as well.

"Why is everyone shouting?" Tom asked, pulling himself off the other couch from under a still-naked Tiffany. "Oh, hey, MemChrist cheerleader chick," he said, spotting Kathy.

"Who the hell are you?" Kathy said.

"He's with us," Lewis said.

"Then he shouldn't be here," Kathy said. "Lewis, if you wanted sex so bad, I was right here for you."

"I never want sex THAT bad, Kathy," Lewis growled, hunting around for his clothes.

"And Dan, I made you an offer."

"Which I turned down," Dan reminded her, pulling his pants on.

"You what?" Lewis asked. "When did this happen?"

"You just said you weren't interested in me, Lewis," Kathy shot back. "So lay off as I try and move on."

"With Dan?" Lewis asked.

"Hey, I'm in the room," Dan said, looking for his shoes.

"Do I still have to be in the room?" Tom asked. Behind him, Tiffany groaned and rolled over, falling off the couch behind him.

"I think anyone who's not enrolled at Memphis Christian should be out of this room," a new voice said sternly. The whole group turned and looked towards the entrance. Vanessa Lodge stood there, arms crossed, taking in the entire scene with a serious frown.

"Vanessa," Lewis and Kathy said in unison, neither happy to see her.

"Boys, get dressed. Meaghan, Sarah, Tiffany, you too," Vanessa added. "I don't want you girls naked while I'm yelling at you. Boys, as soon as you're dressed, you'd better be headed off this campus. You can bet Coach Allen and I will be discussing this particular prank of yours-"

"It wasn't a prank," Dan said. "We met at an off campus party, got drunk and some bad decisions were made."

"Mmmm, I don't think they were fucking bad decisions," Tiffany said, grabbing Tom's ass as she stood up.

"Swear jar!" Kathy snapped.

"Sorry," Tiffany said sheepishly. She looked around. "Has anyone seen my pants? My money's still in them."

"You really expect me to believe the night before the big rival match between MemChrist and Lancer, three Lancer Hellcats just happen to pick up three Cyclones and get them drunk?"

"We were already drunk when they found us, Coach," Sarah said, sliding a shirt over her head.

"That's not very reassuring, Sarah," Vanessa said. "Kathy, were you involved in this?"

"No, Coach, I was not," Kathy said, glaring at Dan and Lewis as they got dressed. "But I do know these three were going to an off-campus party last night. They promised they wouldn't get into trouble," she added, glaring at her fellow Cyclone cheerleaders.

Vanessa shook her head. "Alright, we don't have time for this. The game's this afternoon. I'll talk with Coach Allen then. Boys, be gone. Now."

"Yes, ma'am," Lewis said. Dan could tell from his expression that Lewis was ashamed to have disappointed Vanessa, even when she wasn't his coach anymore.

"Uh, can I just find my pants first?" Tom asked, Tiffany still gripping his naked ass.

* * *

"Thanks for seeing me, Lewis. You look like you had a rough night."

"Uh, yeah you could say that," Lewis muttered, sitting down in the same study room both Marti and Savannah had answered Brenda Wu's survey. "And I've still got to go cheer the Lions on as they play MemChrist later today."

"Well, we'll try and keep this as quick as possible," Brenda said.

"Sure, sure," Lewis said. He spent the next several minutes giving answers to Brenda's basic questions before finally getting to the sex stuff.

"So, are you sexually active?" Brenda asked.

"Uh, yeah," Lewis admitted. "I sorta had sex last night, even." He paused. "At least, I think I did."

"Got a little drunk did we?" Brenda asked with a knowing smile.

"And woke up on a girl's couch with no clothes on," Lewis admitted. "Not my finest hour at all."

"Well, I guess that leaves out being gay as your orientation then," Brenda said.

"Yeah, I just like the girls," Lewis confirmed.

"And they must like you, too."

"I do all right."

"Sex wise, or do you also have meaningful relationships?" Brenda asked.


"Have you only been sleeping with girls, or have you dated as well?"

"Well, this semester, no, I haven't dated anyone," Lewis realized. "Which actually makes it the longest period of time since I arrived at Lancer where I wasn't dating anyone, now that I think about it."


"Well, last year, when I broke up with Alice, I ended up with Marti. And when I broke up with Marti, I ended up with Kathy. And when I broke up with Kathy, I ended up back with Alice again."

"And then you broke up with her?"?

"Well, she cheated on me. Several times, actually. All in one week."

"Ouch," Brenda said, wincing in sympathy.

"She claims it's because she's a lesbian now, but I think she's just being Alice, you know?"

"No, I don't."

"She's gotta be top dog. Even now that she's the team captain, she's not happy. I think she'd be coach AND team captain, if she could. She's already butting heads with Britney and I'd bet big money she's just using her newfound sexuality to woo some of the new girls over to her side."

"Sounds like you might be a little bitter."

"I am. I mean, I gave up on Kathy - who, I admit, was psycho - to get back with Alice and after a summer spent half apart, she comes back and decides she's into girls, but not before banging both the new male bases? I feel like I've earned the right to be bitter."

"So, you're getting back at her by going out and having one-night stands?"

"Huh?" Lewis said. "No, last night was just sort of... well, I don't usually do that. I mean, I suppose I could. I'm pretty sure I had fun until I woke up this morning. But that's not really who I am."

"Who are you?"

"I'm a good guy, damn it. I'm usually in a steady relationship. And while Kathy might think I have sex too quickly when I'm not committed, truth is, I was committed to her when we started sleeping together! She was on a rival cheer team and I was more than willing to stick up for her and our relationship. I'm not a wham-bam-thank-you-ma'am kinda guy."

"So why aren't you out there dating someone else?"

Lewis didn't have an answer for that.

"You know what I think," Brenda said after a moment or two of silence. "I think you're not over Alice. I think part of you still cares for her."

"Yes, part of me still cares for her. Part of me will always care for her. Just like part of me will always care for Marti." He snorted. "Hell, part of me will always care for Kathy, even after she locked me in a bathroom and tried to keep me from Nationals last year."

"How insane are you cheerleaders?" Brenda asked.

"We don't call her Nasty Kathy for nothing," Lewis said with a shrug.

"And yet you dated her."

"She had her moments. And Marti and I had just broken up and... and..."

"And you didn't want to be alone?" Brenda guessed.

"Yeah," Lewis said. "I didn't want to be alone."

"There's nothing wrong with being alone."

"Says someone who just started dating someone new," Lewis muttered.

Brenda closed her notebook, placed it on the table, got up and walked around to put a hand on his shoulder. "Lewis Flynn, I may have just met you, but I'm 100 percent certain that you will find someone. A guy as good as you doesn't sit around single for very long."

"Here's hoping," Lewis said, reaching up and giving Brenda's hand a little squeeze.

* * *

Britney Allen hadn't made too many changes to her office since she took over coaching the Hellcats, but she had put up a lot of pictures from her own cheerleading career. From Crenshaw Heights to UCLA to the Hellcats win at Qualifiers, the wall behind Britney's desk was like a small timeline to her successes. It also, she realized looking at it, held some secrets.

Like the one UCLA team trip photo where she and fellow freshman Madeline were hugging in their bikinis on a beach at Lake Tahoe. An hour after that photo was taken, Madeline had confessed her love for Britney and an hour after that, the two had consummated their relationship - along with Britney's boyfriend at the time - inside a boat while the rest of the team had partied up above them. Madeline had been Britney's first lesbian lover, her college bisexual fling that had led to her breaking Madeline's heart and sending the other girl fleeing from the team.

Britney's dalliance with lesbianism and cheerleaders hadn't ended there. Britney would find herself sleeping with three other cheerleaders before leaving UCLA. Britney had always had her boyfriend Jesse with her each time she experienced another woman, but it still never ended well. Jesse didn't complain. A hot girlfriend who brings other women into your bed for you? He had nothing to complain about. But Britney had broken at least one cheerleader's heart each year she was at UCLA, never once intending to.

And now, here she was in Tennessee of all places and once again she'd fallen into bed with a cheerleader. Except this time, she was alone, Jesse was gone and that cheerleader was Marti Perkins, who Britney was here to coach.

Marti didn't seem to be suffering from a broken heart or anything, but that didn't mean Britney wasn't concerned. If this got out, both of their lives would be ruined.

And yet, the sex had been so good she had to wonder if it was worth the risk. Drunken or not, Britney had needed that release and Marti Perkins had a body built for sex, all tall, busty and blonde. Britney found herself wishing she could taste Marti's pussy just one more time-

The knock on the door broke Britney out of her reverie quickly and the diminutive blonde turned to see Miranda Summer standing in her doorway. "Miranda, what's up?"

"Uh, Vanessa Lodge is here to see you," Miranda said. "She's the coach of the Cyclones." And the woman who's job Britney took, Miranda didn't add. Not that she'd been here when it happened. But even the newest Hellcats knew who Vanessa was.

"Uh, send her in," Britney said, turning away from her picture wall and walking towards her desk. A moment later, Vanessa Lodge walked in, smiling slightly at Britney.

"Coach Lodge," Britney said, smiling.

"Coach Allen," Vanessa returned. "Do you have a minute?"

"Here to place some sort of bet on the big Lancer/MemChrist game?" Britney asked, trying to sound lighthearted.

"No, I'm afraid not," Vanessa said. "Do you know where all your cheerleaders were last night?"

Britney blinked. "They were in bed, I hope. This game's important."

"For us, too," Vanessa said. "Which is why I was quite surprised to walk into my team's common room this morning and found two naked Hellcats and another naked Lancer student having clearly spent the night with three of my cheerleaders."

Britney blinked. "What?"

"Two Hellcats - Lewis and, uh, Tim was it?"

"Tom," Britney offered, surprised to hear it was the boys who were in trouble.

"Tom, that's it. They spent the night sleeping with a couple of my girls. And so did Dan Patch."

"Dan? Really?" Britney asked, surprised. "I thought he was with Savannah."

"If he still is, she's got problems," Vanessa sighed. "Listen, I know Lewis quite well and I thought I knew Dan well enough to rule out this sort of thing. Both parties claim it was a case of mistaken identity, but I know my girls are lying because they knew Lewis from when he dated Kathy, and they... well, they've seen Dan around," Vanessa said, not wanting to reveal to Britney that Dan had helped MemChrist with their bid vid.

"Are you sure? I mean, Tom I'd believe - he's got a reputation as a player. But Lewis and Dan?"

"I know Lewis and Alice broke up recently," Vanessa said. "Could he be acting out?"

"He could be," Britney admitted. "Just doesn't seem like him."

"Agreed," Vanessa said. "Listen, I'm not looking to get them in trouble. Lewis is as dear a friend as you can get with a student," she said, not knowing that Britney believed she'd gotten closer to Marti than Vanessa ever would have with Lewis. "I'm just here to ask you to keep an eye on him. I'd hate to see him in trouble just because his personal life isn't going as well as he'd like."

"I'll do that," Britney promised. "What about your girls? Are they all right?"

Vanessa snorted. "Kathy's giving them the riot act. They're stuck doing the entire team's laundry by hand for the rest of the month and she's already running around telling the boys to get their jock straps extra dirty."

"I don't even want to know how," Britney said. She paused for a moment. "You and Lewis were close?"

Vanessa nodded. "I'd like to think so," she admitted. "He's a good guy."

Britney was still thinking about Marti. "But you never crossed a line, right?"

"NEVER!" Vanessa said quickly. "Why?"

"No reason, just, you know, you hear rumors about some Hellcat hooking up with a teacher or something," Britney back peddled, hoping she wasn't stringing her own noose. She didn't know that all Vanessa could think about was her own relationship with Red Raymond back in the day.

"Those rumors have been around a long time," Vanessa said. "I wouldn't pay any attention to them. No Hellcat would ever sleep with a teacher. Or the other way around."

"I'm sure you're right," Britney said, trying hard to forget the image of Marti Perkins' naked body that was burned into her brain.

"Good luck out there today, Coach Allen," Vanessa said.

"You, too, Coach Lodge," Britney said, suddenly quite glad to see Vanessa go.

* * *

Miranda Summer pressed her back against the wall as Vanessa walked out of Britney's office, never noticing how the door had never quite shut behind her. At first, Miranda had thought she'd just uncovered some dirt about Lewis and Tom getting it on with some of the Cyclone cheerleaders, but there was something about the way the two coaches had reacted to those rumors of a Hellcat sleeping with a teacher.

Who could they be talking about? No one Miranda knew, that was for sure. She hadn't even heard these rumors yet, but she decided right then and there that it was time to start listening for them.

"Hey! Tom!" she suddenly heard a male voice call out and Miranda looked up to see Jason come jogging in from outside, all hot and sweaty. She paused, licking her lips. She might have been in a lesbian relationship with Alice right now, but as Alice always said, it never hurt to look.

"Hey man," Tom said, holding a bag of ice to his head.

"Where'd you guys disappear to last night?" Jason asked quietly. Miranda found herself sliding closer so she could listen. "I had to get a cab home from the party. And Darwin rode with me, talking about how big the guy he'd gotten with last night was." Both men shivered at that.

"I don't want to talk about it," Tom said. "We couldn't find you, so..." he trailed off, wincing as someone's sneaker screeched on the hardwood floors across the practice room.

"Yeah, sorry, I got distracted for a bit," Jason said.

"Distracted by that MILF you were hunting for?" Tom asked, elbowing Jason in the ribs. "You land her?"

"Maybe," Jason said, smiling like a fool, making it clear he had.

"Damn dude. Good for you. Who was it?"

"I can't say," Jason said.


"I just can't, alright?"

"Fine, you don't want to brag, be that way. I totally got with a hot blonde last night anyway, so I don't need to hear about your MILFtastic evening."

"Yeah? Well, good," Jason said. "Sounds like everyone got lucky last night. Hey, you still got those 'Madden' cheat codes?"

"Yeah, come on, I'll give them to you now," Tom said, getting up.

Miranda watched the boys leave, her mind swirling.

So there were rumors about a Hellcat and a teacher that had both the former and current team coaches worried and Jason was apparently hooking up with a MILF last night. Miranda might have been home schooled, but she knew what MILF stood for. So now she had to wonder - had Jason ended up sleeping with a teacher last night? And if he did, how did Britney and Vanessa already know about it?

Miranda blinked, a thought coming to her. They'd only know if it was one of them. And it wouldn't be an issue if it were Vanessa since she didn't work for Lancer and hadn't ever coached Jason.

But Britney, on the other hand...

Miranda smiled to herself. She couldn't prove anything yet, but if this rumor even sounded true, Alice might get her wish and Britney might be going away for good. All Miranda had to do was prove it...

* * *

"God, look at everybody here!" Savannah observed. "How is anybody going to be able to get out of here?"

"I have no idea. I'm just worried somebody is going to open their car door and hit me in the stomach," Marti responded. "This place is a zoo." It was also too bright and too loud, in Marti's opinion. Still a little hung over from the night before and trying very hard not to show it, the blonde Hellcat was wearing dark sunglasses and drinking plenty of water as she followed her too-bubbly roommate into the stadium.

The annual football grudge match between Lancer and MemChrist always brought out a huge crowd. Tonight, though, with the game being broadcasted in primetime on ESPN, it was going to be a standing room only game. The cars were almost lined up bumper to bumper. The "parking lot" extended outside the actual parking lot and stretched out into a field of grass and even that wouldn't be enough. Shuttle buses were bringing in fans from other parking lots around campus.

"You realize if we're late for the game, it's your fault for suggesting this route, right?" Marti continued.

"Whoa, Marti, I'm sorry. I didn't think the parking lot would be this bad. If I had known I..." Savannah prattled on apologetically until she saw the smile on Marti's face. "Oh my God, Marti, you are terrible! You know I don't do well with your jokes."

"You'll learn sooner or later," Marti promised. "If I keep exposing you to them, you'll figure them out. Come on, let's keep going before someone accidentally stains our uniforms with relish."

"Do you know if Dan's going to be there?" Savannah asked, a little too slyly a few moments later as Marti dodged a pair of Cyclone fans with giant foam fingers and a little too much beer in them already.

"I don't know if your ex is going to be there or not, Vanna," Marti said. "Why, hoping to rekindle something, or to avoid awkward situations?"

"Ugh, avoid awkward situations," Savannah said. "I mean, it'd be cool if we could still be friends, but things are still a little raw."

"Well, if it's any consolation, I do know Britney asked Red Raymond if she could borrow one of his camera guys to record our performance, so if Dan's there, he's not recording us."

"Well, that's good because I don't want us to..." Savannah started before she was interrupted.

"Oh my God, Marti! Savannah! Come over here!" the unmistakable voice of Wanda Perkins called out.

"Damn," Marti cursed. Sure enough, there was Wanda and Travis Guthrie along with enough meat to feed a small army.

"What's wrong? Are you and Wanda having trouble again?" Savannah inquired.

"No, it's just that I wanted to get to the stadium right away," Marti said. She wasn't sure she had the mental strength to deal with Wanda at the moment.

"Come on, Marti, we've still got time," Savannah coaxed her. "Let's go over and say, 'Hi.' Consider it building good karma."

"Well, alright," Marti agreed, hoping this would be as painless as possible. She adjusted her sunglasses and took another long swig of water before following Savannah over to the Perkins clan.

Wanda had set her car up near the front entrance of the stadium and had set up a barbecue for tailgating. She must have been here for hours, which surprised Marti - Wanda wasn't THAT big a football fan.

"Hey Marti, Savannah!" Travis said. "You girls ready for the big game?"

"Guess so," Marti said.

"Me, I love the MemChrist game. Always have. Old family tradition, tailgating. Your mom was kind enough to indulge me, this being my first time out for it since... well, since I was in jail."

"Like I needed my arm twisted," Wanda said from behind him.

"Mom, you've never tailgated before in your life," Marti pointed out.

"Don't be a wet blanket, Marti," Wanda grumbled. "Go help your sister with the burgers for a minute, would you?"

This caught Marti by surprised because she hadn't even seen Deirdre over working by the grill.

"Hey Marti, hey Savannah," Deirdre said, not taking her eyes off the grill. Deirdre was putting the kind of mindless concentration into flipping burgers Marti had only seen in medical students preparing for mid terms,

"How are you two? I haven't seen you in a while, Savannah," Deirdre added a moment later.

"I've been great," Savannah said. "Didn't know you'd be here. Or that you could grill."

"It's a learning process," Deirdre pointed out. "My first few attempts looked more like coal. But these are a special mix, layered with some spices Travis told me about last time I was over to Wanda's for dinner. Care for a taste, sis?"

Oh, Marti would have loved a taste right now, but not of the burger. She was far too hung over still to even think about eating. But, after last night, her craving for another kind of taste was stronger than ever. Deirdre was wearing a blue Lancer Lions t-shirt designed to look like a jersey that hugged her curves and enhanced her large tits. And not only that, the freshman was also sporting short, blue yoga shorts that accentuated her butt and thighs.

Marti knew she had to cool it fast, but she could feel herself getting hotter and wetter ogling her half-sister. All she could think of ripping open that shirt and yanking those shorts to the ground, no matter that they were in a packed parking lot surrounded by people. But seeing Savannah nearby made Marti realize she needed to resist any crazy urge she might have had to ravish her half-sister and play it cool.

"Um, sure, I'd love one," Marti responded, figuring she could at least nibble on something. "Medium rare, please."

"Coming up," Deirdre said as she flipped a slab of beef to cook the other side. "You both look amazing in your uniforms."

"Thanks," Marti accepted the compliment, her eyes not leaving her sister's body. There was something in her sister's voice that made it clear that Deirdre was struggling to hold back her own urges from seeing both Marti and Savannah in their cheerleading uniforms. Marti felt that she could hold back on her own temptations, but having Savannah around made her more confident Deirdre wouldn't try anything.

"Marti!" Savannah said, snapping her pal out of her thoughts. "Are you alright? Deirdre wants to know what you want on your burger."

"Oh, sorry," Marti apologized. "Um, just ketchup and mustard please."

"Okay, I can do that. You want one too, Savannah?"

"I like my burgers plain," Savannah replied.

"Alright, one plain, one with ketchup and mustard coming up," Deirdre said as she lay the burgers on the buns and put the condiments on Marti's. "Here you go. Just tell me what you think of them. I practiced a lot doing this."

"Sure, no prob," Marti said before taking a bite. And when she did, her taste buds flipped. She'd been reluctant to try but one taste made her not even feel the lingering appetite curbing effects of her hangover. "Oh my God! Deirdre, this is delicious! Savannah, you've got to try this."

Savannah shrugged and bit in. And she had the same reaction as Marti. "WOW! This is so juicy! Wow, you need to give me the recipe."

"Maybe later," Deirdre assured her. Truth was, it was so hard looking at Marti and Savannah and not getting totally distracted. They looked so good that it was hard for her to not burn the hamburgers while she was staring. Marti, she was already plenty familiar with and while she knew she should try to resist the urge to have a second go-around with her sister, she couldn't help it. Deirdre loved Marti and found her so beautiful. Why shouldn't she get the opportunity to fuck her sister again?

And with Savannah, there was just something about her that she couldn't ignore. The girl looked so pure and there a good chance that she never touched a person at waist level. And if what she had seen with Charlotte had been any indicator, she probably had a crazy fit body too. How could she have not gotten naked for the pleasure of another person? The bare midriff teased her flat stomach and perfect abs. At that point, Deirdre questioned Marti's sanity. If she was into girls now, how could she not make a move on her roommate?

Before she could think about her chances of getting into either girl's jeans, they were finishing off their burgers, so Deirdre changed her focus. "So you really enjoyed them?"

"That was incredible. Maybe we should have you grill at our events," Marti said.

"Thanks, I put a lot into this," Deirdre explained. "My first attempts were disasters, so I'm glad you really like them."

"So what's the deal? Did you teach yourself to grill?" Savannah asked.

"Actually, that was her," said Deirdre, pointing to a blonde coming toward the trio. Upon seeing her, Marti's heart skipped a beat. She felt she could control her urges for her sister, but this woman was another story.

"Sorry, Deirdre, but the concession stands are running low on napkins but I managed to get a few," Ashley Carson said before seeing the two Hellcats gathered around the grill with her roommate. "Well, I certainly wasn't expecting a couple of cheerleaders here, but you're certainly more than welcome to hang around. How are you doing, Deirdre's sister?"

"It's Marti and I've been fine," Marti said.

"And you are...?" Ashley asked, turning to the other Hellcat.

"Sorry, nice to meet you. Savannah Monroe."

"Ashley Carson."

"So you're the one who taught Deirdre how to cook?" Marti asked.

"I was the only child in my family and my dad really wanted a son, so I got to do some of the things he wanted to teach a son," Ashley said, being friendly before directing the conversation toward something more personal. "Um, can I ask you something, Marti? You know, in private."

"Um, yeah, sure. Savannah, you don't mind if I go chat with her, do you?" Marti asked.

"Go ahead. I haven't talked with Deirdre alone in a long time. It'll be good to catch up with her," Savannah said.

"Just don't be too long because I'll need help on the chicken," Deirdre said. "Some of Ashley's other friends are coming by soon."

"Cool, catch up with you soon," Marti said as she and Ashley ducked around some cars, knowing what this conversation would be about. As soon as Marti knew they were out of earshot of Savannah and Deirdre, she came right out and asked Ashley, "Alright, is this about what we almost did that one afternoon?"

"Yeah, it is," Ashley confessed. "I'm so sorry my boyfriend walked in and ruined it. We're broken up now, I swear. Not even booty calls."

"It's okay," Marti said. "Forget it ever happened."

"But I don't want to forget. I want to make it up to you," Ashley said. She eyed Marti in her Hellcats uniform. "I'd like to make it up to you while you're wearing that uniform."

"Huh?" Marti said, confused, her head still hurting from the hangover.

"Listen, I've got a car with tinted windows. It's just over there. I'd love to take you to it and get up under that skirt of yours. Really make it up to you for screwing up what happened the other day."

"You mean, like, right now?" Marti asked, surprised. She looked over her shoulder, half expecting to see Deirdre and Wanda laughing at her, but they were deep in conversation with Savannah over the finer points of tailgate cooking.

"Right now," Ashley said, smiling seductively. "I'm willing to lick you anywhere, Marti Perkins." She paused for effect. "Anywhere."

Marti shivered. Even though she'd just gotten laid by Alice the night before, Ashley was a gorgeous young woman with a killer body. Looking down at Ashley's exposed belly and long legs, Marti practically accepted right then and there.

"I really shouldn't. We've got to perform during the game and..."

"And your friend is hitting it off with your mother and your sister, no one's looking over here," Ashley pointed out. "And I can give you a big O in six minutes flat."

Marti nearly creamed herself just hearing that. What was wrong with her? First sleeping with Britney, then Alice and now practically falling into the backseat of a car with Deirdre's roommate? It's like the moment she had realized she was a lesbian, Marti had become some kind of super slut. She'd never been like this when she'd dated boys.

Of course, she hadn't really dated any girls. Just slept with them. Deirdre, Kat, Britney, Alice. A string of one-night stands, the last two of which never should've happened. Or the first, for that matter. Maybe what Marti needed was a real girlfriend. Someone to be loyal and monogamous with.

"Well?" Ashley asked, actually reaching down and undoing the button on her short-shorts. Marti nearly drooled over the extra exposed skin, but before she could answer, she heard someone shouting her name.

"Marti! Come on, we gotta get going!" Savannah called from over by Wanda's tailgate.

"Too bad," Ashley said, sticking her thumbs into the waistband of her shorts. "All I needed was six minutes."

"Six minutes?" Marti echoed, hardly believing it.

"You'd better get going," Ashley said. "Maybe Deirdre has six minutes..."

Marti turned and watched as Ashley sauntered over towards Deirdre, practically wrapping her arms around Deirdre's shoulders and pointing towards the grill. Ashley's ass looked so good in those shorts.

"MARTI!" Savannah hollered, breaking Marti out of her reverie.

"I'm coming, I'm coming!" Marti said, wishing that was true.

* * *







Football nights were when Lancer University's campus was at its liveliest and tonight was no exception as everybody gathered at Welling Memorial Stadium for one of the great rites of college.

It was the annual grudge match between the Lancer Lions and MemChrist Hurricanes and it was a Thursday tradition even as the game was looking nothing like a rivalry. Lancer was 4-1, its only blemish coming at home against Tennessee, while MemChrist was 2-3. There was even talk about Lancer possibly being a BCS buster if they finished the rest of the season undefeated. Up 14-7 late in the first quarter and knocking on the door for another touchdown, the Lions rushed five yards up the middle for a first down.


Immediately after, the student section politely shouted, "BITCH!"

The Lancer Hellcat cheerleaders were in rare form, rooting on the Lions to another big win (hopefully), while the crowd and the Lions fed off the energy. Of course, the Lions would never admit that to anyone, but having a premiere cheerleading squad to support you always helped fire you up.

As the fliers felt their feet touch the ground, Marti turned around to see if Lancer could put another six points to the scoreboard.

"Check it out, Marti," Lewis pointed out from behind her, just moments after lowering her to the ground. "Lancer's got an empty backfield, but MemChrist doesn't have six defensive backs lined up to counter the nickel set."

"Lewis, I love how excited about football you get, but I don't know what you're saying. Again," Marti bluntly pointed out.

"He's saying that Lancer is going to run a pass play and MemChrist is about to get burned."

Marti cocked her head to the side, hardly believing who was explaining this to her.

"What?" Savannah said in response to the look her best friend shot her. "When you've been around Lewis for as long as I have, you pick up some football terms. It's the only way I could have learned what the heck all that meant."

"I can't believe you, of all people, know what he's talking about, Savannah," Marti laughed. It was like Savannah had another side to her. Marti was half-tempted to see if Savannah could surprise her again.

Before Marti could wonder what more there could possibly be to Savannah, the sight of the brown pigskin flew in front of her eyes, landing firmly in the hands of a Lancer receiver in the end zone for another Lions touchdown.

Amid the roaring cheers of the crowd, Alice shouted to her teammates, "EVERYBODY, TOUCHDOWN CELBRATION!"

As the marching band played the school's fight song, the Hellcats led the crowd with the words before Marti, Savannah, Alice and Miranda took to the air, posing in the liberty stand before coming down in a 720-degree twirl before hitting the ground. After the special teams added the extra point for the 21-7 lead, 21 of the Hellcats lined up, each landing a series of back handsprings.

"I think I was away from cheerleading for too long," Charlotte complained to Savannah and Marti as she came up behind the two. "I feel like I need to rest 30 minutes after each set of back handsprings so my eyes don't get cross-eyed."

"Come on, Charlotte, you can't use that excuse forever," Savannah laughed. "It's not like you can-"

"Savannah, get over here! Now!" Alice barked out.

Pausing to take a quick look at Marti and Charlotte, almost to ask if they knew what was going on, Savannah rushed over to her captain. Concerned as to what was happening, Marti and Charlotte ran behind her.

"What? What's wrong, Alice?" Savannah asked. She was looked in the same direction as Alice's eyes but saw nothing out of the ordinary.

"Look at the Cyclones," Alice told her.

Savannah looked closely, trying figure out what was going on, as did Marti and Charlotte. Savannah saw it first and Charlotte wasn't too far behind her. The pyramid stacking and the cartwheel timing looked so similar. Too similar, in fact.

"I can't believe them!" Charlotte growled. "They're ripping off our moves!"

"What's going on?" Marti asked, trying to see what her friends were seeing.

"The Cyclones, they're stealing our moves," Savannah repeated. "Look."

Marti closely examined the Cyclones. And sure enough, they were swiping their moves from under the Hellcats' noses. The choreography was a striking match to the moves Alice personally drew up and, unbeknownst to the other girls around her, some she hadn't even shared with anybody else. How could the Cyclones know those routines?

"How'd they do that?" Alice complained. "I've been saving some of those for emergencies."

"Maybe it's a coincidence," Charlotte tried to reassure them. "They could just be using them like they planned."

"Keep watching, Charlotte," Alice instructed. Sure enough, the Cyclones began stacking their pyramid in a style that the Hellcats had been working on in the last couple of weeks.

"I'm going to kill them," Marti said, getting ready to storm off and rip Kathy's head off.

"NO!" Savannah urged. "If you go after them, Marti, you'll be kicked off the team."

Marti took a deep breath. As much as she didn't want to admit it, Savannah was right. Her future was too important to risk on a few punches to Kathy's head as good as it might have felt to do it.

"What are we going to do?" Marti asked. "We can't let the Cyclones get a hold of those moves."

"I don't know," Alice answered. "I guess I'll keep my notes closer to the vest. I don't know how they got my ideas. But I won't let them find out anymore."

"I think we need to let Britney know," Charlotte said. "We can't let them outperform us anymore."

"No, we'll tell Britney later," Marti decided, getting some questioning looks from the Monroes and Alice. "Look, I hate them as much as you guys, but I don't want to embarrass Vanessa."

Savannah, Charlotte and Alice looked prepared to argue, but they stopped. Savannah and Alice admired Vanessa too much to humiliate her, while Charlotte had heard enough to know Vanessa wouldn't cut somebody out from under the legs.

"Alright, I won't talk about to Britney tonight," Alice said. "But we will need to discuss it at some point. I'll tell her we'll need to stick to some emergency moves tonight."

"Nothing more," Savannah instructed as Alice walked off. "I got a bad feeling. If MemChrist is using our moves, how'd they get them?"

"I'm not sure," Marti said. "Charlotte, have you seen anybody from MemChrist hanging around Lancer?"

"No, I haven't," Charlotte told her. "Trust me, I'd tell you guys if I saw any Cyclones."

Marti could only shake her head. She knew MemChrist wasn't above executing dirty tricks to get what they wanted. Somehow, the Cyclones were digging through the Hellcats' playbook. How that was happening, Marti didn't know. One thing she was certain of, though, was that she wanted to stop them.

* * *

"Okay, let's get this over with. Yes, I have sex. Yes, I'm currently only banging girls. Yes, I've done oral and anal. I've had nude pictures of myself taken, they DID get distributed all over campus. I've yet to be paid for sex, my biggest sexual fantasy used to be getting gang-banged by the entire starting lineup of the Tennessee Titans, but since I've realized I was a lesbian, I kinda want to be gang-banged by the Tennessee Titans cheerleaders, if that makes sense. Oh and as of two nights ago, I can check off both performing in a strip club and sleeping with a mortal enemy off my bucket list."

"Well, hello to you, too, Alice Vedura," Brenda Wu said, blinking at the stunningly gorgeous cheerleading captain as Alice marched in, threw her book bag on the table and plopped down in a chair, still looking at her phone the whole time.

"Listen, I'm only doing this to get Savannah off my back. And while you're totally cute and under other circumstances, I'd probably let you buy me a drink and take me home, I've got a lot to do, so can we hurry up, label me a slut and move along?"

"Why do you consider yourself a slut?" Brenda asked.

"I don't. I just get labeled that by pretty much everyone."

"Why is that?"

"Because I love sex and have no problem showing that," Alice said. "I'm not ashamed of my body, my sexuality or my desires. I just can't help what other people think."

"That's a healthy attitude to have, in general," Brenda said. "So why are you so hostile about it?"

"Because people should respect my decisions. People should respect me."

"They don't?"

"No! No one does! I'm a slut! A floozy! A girl!"

"Come again?"

"No one respects me because I'm a girl," Alice snapped. "My father throws all his attention to my brothers, but I'm ignored! Just because I wasn't born with a penis! But I'm just as good as they are at everything! I'm an athlete, a scholar, hell I've even had sex with hotter girls than any of them have ever landed!"

"So you think by having lots of sex with lots of girls, you'll win your father's approval?"

"Approval? No," Alice admitted. "But his attention, at least. When he finds out I'm gay, he's going to flip his lid."


Alice blinked. "Huh?"

"You think your father's not going to be happy you're gay. Why? Does he have something against gay people?"

"I, uh, I don't really know," Alice admitted. "I just figured that... that..."

"That you had to rock the boat in any way you could to get his attention, positive or negative."

"Yeah, something like that," Alice said, sinking into her chair a little.

"Is there anything more positive you could do for him to notice you? You ARE the captain of the Hellcats, after all."

"Like he even realizes that. You know what he said to me when I told him I was going to be captain this year?"


"'That's sweet.' Of all the things he could say, it was 'THAT'S SWEET!'" Alice raged. "Oh, I could've punched him in the nose!"

"How does upsetting your father with your sexuality - or anything else for that matter - get you the respect you deserve?"

"I don't know," Alice admitted. "I'm just constantly hoping that if I do something crazy enough, it'll wake him up to the fact that I'm here. And I'm spectacular, you know?"

"You are rather spectacular," Brenda said, smiling.

Alice blinked, glancing over at Brenda. "Are you coming on to me?"

"No, no. I just started seeing someone and-"

"Too bad," Alice said. "I would've let you get a first hand look at my sexual habits and preferences."

"You would?"

"Sure. You're hot. I'd do you."

"I'll take that as a compliment," Brenda said.

"Let me know if that someone new doesn't work out," Alice said. "Maybe you, me and the girl I'm banging can get together for a threesome. Haven't had an all-girl one of those yet." With that, Alice walked out as fast as she walked in, leaving a very bemused Brenda Wu behind.

* * *

He knocked on Natalie Hershlag's office door and with only a moment's hesitation, heard her call for him to enter. Taking a half second to straighten his tie, Dean Phillip Laverne put a friendly but stern look on his face and entered.

"Dean Laverne," Natalie said, barely glancing up from the paper she was reading. "What brings the Dean of Athletics all the way to my little office?"

"Nice to see you, too, Prof. Hershlag," Laverne said, moving to take the seat across from Natalie's desk. She frowned and he smiled to himself. Yes, he was planning on being here long enough to sit down.

"I'm rather busy grading some reports here, Dean. If this is just a social visit-"

"It's not," he said. "Alas, I've just started a new relationship over the summer and am no longer available to go after attractive economics professors."

"I'm sure Prof. Samuels will be upset to hear that," Natalie quipped, mentioning the 80-year-old economics department chair, who was prone to falling asleep in his own classes.

"Charming, as always, Prof. Hershlag."

"What can I do for you, dean?" Natalie asked.

"You've been signing paperwork for the Hellcats again," Laverne said flatly.

"As I have every right to," Natalie pointed out.

"Yes, yes. And you've got one of them as your personal teaching assistant, too. A freshman, if I recall."

"Molly Cratchit is exceptionally talented, has a good head on her shoulders and can juggle multiple assignments at once. And she just so happens to be quite the cunning linguist, a skill very few possess. She earned her spot."

"I'm sure."

"What is it you want, dean? Seriously?"

"I want you to stop. The Hellcats are done. This is their last year, if I have anything to say about it. Cheerleaders should be seen and seldom heard, little more than sideline distractions while the football players set up for their next play. This team acts like games are nothing more than formal practice sessions."

"Dean, I know next to nothing about football, or cheerleading for that matter, but it occurs to me that a school like Lancer should celebrate all its athletes, not just its male football players."

"You come from New York City, Professor, so perhaps you don't know this-"

"I was born in Israel, actually," Natalie cut in, but Laverne kept going.

"This is the South. The DEEP South. Here, Football is King. That's with capital letters. In the South, everything else is unimportant. It's football that pays the electric bills at Lancer and since they can barely do that under Red Raymond, I'm afraid the acrobatic princesses of the Hellcats are going to have to go back to being what they SHOULD be - football groupies, nothing more."

"Dean, I can't make you alter your budget or allocations, but I can and will continue to sign off on any and all requests the Hellcats send me. Those girls deserve the right to compete, just like any other athlete. And since I'm not a part of your vaunted athletics department, there is nothing you can do about it."

"You don't want me as an enemy, professor," Laverne snapped, standing up.

"Nor you, me, dean," Natalie said, calmly. "Have a nice day."

"You, too," Laverne growled, turning on his heel and walking out. That had NOT gone how he'd wanted it.

* * *

The door slammed shut behind Dean Laverne and for a few seconds, Natalie Hershlag didn't move. Then, finally, she eased back away from her desk and a red tressed head popped up from between her legs.

"Oh my God," Molly Cratchit said, her chin coated in Natalie's pussy juice. "I thought we were done for."

"No no, there's a reason I hid you under there in the first place, lovely," Natalie said, stroking Molly's face. Indeed, Natalie wasn't wearing anything beneath the waist and had she been forced to stand, the whole gig would've been up. Caught, by the Dean of Athletics of all people. Natalie's career would've been extra ruined and Laverne would use it to kill the Hellcats all the faster.

"Oh and what's with that 'cunning linguist' crack?" Molly said, slapping Natalie's bare thigh. "You might as well have just told him I was going down on you under here."

"That oaf? He wouldn't catch a reference like that if you spelled it out for him," Natalie said, rubbing her leg where Molly had struck it.

"Can I get up?" Molly asked.

"Yes, yes, of course!" Natalie said, sliding her chair further back. Molly climbed up, still wearing her Hellcats uniform, though the top had been pulled up enough to let Natalie play with Molly's tits. "I think we should be done for the day."

"I have class anyway. I'm sorry I couldn't, you know," Molly motioned towards Natalie's crotch.

"Oh, sweetie, don't worry. You'll have plenty of opportunities to make it up to me and I'll pay you back a dozen times over," Natalie promised.

"I have to go out canvassing for money myself the day after the big MemChrist game," Molly said. "Do you want to meet up after that?"

"What, like a date?" Natalie asked, reaching over to give Molly's breast one last playful squeeze before the Hellcat covered up.

"Can we even have real dates?" Molly sighed. "Or even just real sex? On a bed, even?"

"That I think I can arrange," Natalie said.

"I don't mean to put you out-" Molly started.

"Good, then you can do me a favor and run these over to the business office on your way out," Natalie said, reaching over and handing Molly a stack of reports. "Oh and hand me my pants, would you?"

"Yes, ma'am, Prof. Hershlag," Molly said, smiling despite herself.

* * *

"Okay, Jon, just take this binky and be a good boy for a few minutes so Mommy can get Aunt Savannah off her back, okay," Charlotte Monroe said, feeding her infant son a pacifier and placing his car seat on the floor of the study room. Them, confident young Jon wasn't going to have another crying fit, she took a deep breath and looked up at the happily smiling face of Brenda Wu.

"He's adorable," Brenda said by way of greeting. "He's yours?"

"My pride and joy, most of the time, anyway," Charlotte said, brushing a long strand of brown hair out of her face. "Hi, I'm Charlotte Monroe."

"Hi Charlotte, I'm Brenda," the Asian beauty said. "And I guess I don't need to ask if you're a virgin or not."

"Yeah, I guess not," Charlotte said, blushing a little. "I hate to rush, but I've only got an hour before I have to leave for my next work shift."

"This shouldn't take that long," Brenda promised. "Though I might have to take a moment or two to gush over your son before you leave," she warned.

"He's going to be a heartbreaker, that's for sure," Charlotte laughed.

"Was his father?"

"Him? Heck, no. More of a nerd. A nerd with a hard-on for my sister who took me as his consolation prize."

"Ouch. You sound a little bitter."

"About getting Jon? Not in the least - he's the light of my life, nothing else comes close. Not even cheerleading. But the father isn't who I would've chosen by a long stretch."

"So are you still with him?"

"No, no. He sees Jon once in a blue moon. He's out to college in Utah and doesn't come home that often, so..."

"A regular star-crossed love affair gone bad," Brenda said. "I had that too with a girl I dated a few years back. Bailey ended up going to MemChrist, but got kicked out when she got knocked up."

"Same thing pretty much happened to me," Charlotte said. "Thank God Savannah was able to get me into Lancer."

"Yeah, Bailey wasn't so lucky. She's back living on her parents' farm, raising sheep or goats or something and dealing with a kid. So, let's get back to why we're here," Brenda said. "Sex. You've obviously had it and with a boy."

"Yeah, but just once," Charlotte admitted. There was something about Brenda that made it easy to tell her things.

"You only slept with the father once?"

"Yep. My first time, too."

"Wow, talk about bad luck," Brenda said. "Have you used condoms or birth control when you've had sex since?"

"Oh, I haven't had sex with any other boys since."

"Not even the father?" Brenda asked, surprised.

"No, he was a one-and-done sorta thing," Charlotte said. "I regretted it immediately and, well, haven't found anyone else worth dating." She paused. "At least, not yet."

Brenda raised an eyebrow at that. "So, you haven't had any sex since your first time."

Charlotte hesitated. "Well..."

"You HAVE had sex?" Brenda pressed.

Charlotte frowned, looking down at little Jon, who was sucking away at his pacifier, his eyes fluttering close as he headed towards a nap. "This is just between us?"

"Your name doesn't even go on the survey," Brenda said, leaning in.

"I had sex one other time, since my first time," Charlotte admitted.

"But you just said-"

"I was with another girl," Charlotte whispered, her cheeks apple red.

"Oh. Oh!" Brenda said, catching on. "Wow! Did you enjoy it?"

"Well, yes, I did. I mean, it was so much better than my first time."

"Most people don't enjoy their first time," Brenda said. "My first time, the guy was barely in me three seconds before he filled the condom. But the second time? So much better. And my first time with a girl? Totally didn't get off. But my second time? I'm still masturbating to that memory, let me tell you."

"I don't think I'd ever felt as good as what... the girl made me feel," Charlotte admitted. "I mean, I knew it was wrong. So wrong. But it felt so good!"

"There's nothing wrong with having sex with another girl as long as you both agree to it."

"I don't think I would've agreed to it if she'd asked me first, but... well, I'm glad I did it," Charlotte said.

Brenda practically beamed at her. "So, are you considering coming out now?"

"Coming out? Oh, no! No no no!" Charlotte said. "No, I'm not a lesbian. I'll never have sex with a girl again."

"You just lost me."

"I had sex with a girl once. And yes, it was good, but it made me realize that I wanted to have sex with boys. I like boys. I think they're hot. I get aroused by boys."

"Not by girls?"

"Well, maybe sometimes. Like in the showers at Cheertown, or something, but that's different."

"Have you considered that you might be bisexual?"

"No," Charlotte said, shaking her head. "I experimented once, but I look at that as trying it out. Yes, it was fun, but it's not what I want. I know I want a boy. I just want a boy who wants me and not my sister."

"Well, I hope you find him."

"Yeah, me too," Charlotte said, her eyes drifting off for a moment. "Yeah, me too."

* * *

"Thank you for your generous contribution," Molly Cratchit said with a big smile.

"Yeah, your 30 bucks'll go a long way to getting us to Sectionals," Frankie said beside her, the scorn she felt for the grocery store owner just hidden enough. Still, the old man - who had spent most of the presentation ogling Frankie's stomach in her Hellcats uniform - frowned at her and he muttered something about it being his pleasure before walking off, leaving the two cheerleaders standing in the middle of the Piggly Wiggly aisle all alone.

"Thirty bucks is better than nothing," Molly pointed out.

"We got nothing at most of the other places, Mol," Frankie said. "We didn't even get 200 bucks tonight."

Frankie was right. They'd canvassed almost 25 different businesses and ended up with a whopping $187 to show for their efforts - including a $7 offer from a run-down video rental store that Molly wasn't sure would still be around by the time Sectionals actually happened.

But it was better than nothing. And some of the other girls had to have gotten more. At least Molly hoped they had as she and Frankie walked towards the exit. They were a ways from Lancer now and it was going to be a long walk home.

"Well, this is the last place, unless you want to start knocking on houses," Molly said. Sure enough, it was mostly residential zones beyond this.

"No thanks, that's how hot cheerleaders like you and me end up disappearing until they cover our story a few years from now on 'Dateline'," Frankie said. She paused. "Well, your story. You're a cute little white girl. As a fine black sister, I'd be lucky to even get a mention."

"I'm sorry?" Molly said, not really knowing what else to say to that.

"Don't be," Frankie said, smiling as the two walked out into the parking lot. Frankie suddenly had a big grin on her face. Molly frowned and looked over to where a very handsome young black man was sitting on a motorcycle, holding some flowers.

"Troy, you ass," Frankie muttered. "Can you get yourself home, Mol?"

"Sure, sure. In fact, I gotta run some errands and-"

"Great. See you back at Cheertown. Tomorrow morning," Frankie said with a wink as she rushed over to the guy, who couldn't even hand over the flowers before Frankie was making out with him. Molly laughed as the other Hellcat stuffed her Afro into a motorcycle helmet, wrapped her arms around Troy and rode off into the night.

She waited all of ten seconds after Frankie was gone to pull out her phone.

"Hey, I'm done. Can you come get me?" she asked when the other end picked up.

Suddenly, a black Lexus with tinted windows pulled up in front of Molly. Molly blinked, then felt her jaw drop as the driver's window rolled down and a sunglasses-sporting Natalie Hershlag smiled up at her.

"I'm pretty sure I can," Natalie said.

"This is NOT your car," Molly said, marveling at the super-expensive ride.

"No, it's a rental," Natalie said. "And, if you'd be so kind as to get into the back seat, I'd like to take my girl on a real date, thank you very much."

"What?" Molly said. She'd expected just to go back to Natalie's place and have sex, but a real date? Could they even get away with that?

"Hurry up and get in the back."

"Why the back?"

"Because that's where your present is. Now move, or I'll swat that cute little behind of yours!"

"Yes, ma'am!" Molly said, opening the back door to the Lexus and getting in. Next to her on the seat was a large white garment bag.

"Open it up," Natalie said, watching Molly like a hawk through the rearview mirror. Eagerly, Molly undid the zipper on the bag and opened it to reveal a marvelous black Oscar de la Renta off-the-should dress, matching shoes and even a lace SV Signature thong.

"Oh my god!" Molly exclaimed. "It's beautiful."

"Not as beautiful as you," Natalie said. "But it'll do. And unlike the car, that's NOT a rental. Those are all my gifts to you. Now hurry up and put them on, we have reservations in 20 minutes. Your little fundraising drive took a little longer than I thought."

"Get dressed? Where?" Molly asked.

"Right there in back, sweetheart," Natalie said, starting the car moving forward. "No time to take you anywhere else."

"Okay," Molly said. "But keep your eyes on the road, please. I don't want to die just because you got distracted watching me put on my thong."

"Well," Natalie said with a sly smile. "Maybe you could save that part for when we're stopped at a light?"

Molly did her best to get dressed quickly, but she was just barely strapping on her shoes when Natalie parked the Lexus outside a fancy Italian restaurant several miles outside Memphis. Molly never saw the name of the place, but judging by the looks of it, she'd never be able to afford to go there on her own anyway.

The dress made her look like an absolute knockout and she almost blushed as every eye in the room turned towards her as she and Natalie walked in. And she knew they were looking at her, because while she felt Natalie was far more gorgeous than she herself was, Natalie wore simple business casual attire, a skirt and jacket, cut perfectly to fit her small, thin frame. She looked like the smart, sexy businesswoman Molly knew she was. It also, Molly realized, marked Natalie very much as the "man" in their relationship. And everyone in the restaurant knew it, too.

Natalie ordered for them both - a simply amazing vegetarian ravioli in a cheese and tomato sauce that Molly thought was positively orgasmic. During dinner they discussed their daily lives, as if they hadn't spent half their time together already. Molly mentioned their lack of success in getting funding help from the community. Natalie complained about three different faculty meetings than ran longer than they should have and both of them laughed about a not-so-subtle argument Dean Laverne and Red Raymond had engaged in on the campus TV station during a joint interview about the sports funding cuts. By the time desert came - authentic Italian shaved ice - Molly had almost convinced herself that this was a normal date, except she was with a beautiful woman several years older than she was, who also just happened to be her professor for whom she was a teacher's assistant.

Natalie paid for the check with cash and this time Molly got to ride in the front as Natalie drove them back to her place - here, the left-side slit in Molly's Oscar de la Renta gown came in quite handy, as Natalie's right hand rested underneath it for half the ride. They made it back quickly enough and Molly barely had the presence of mind to grab her Hellcats uniform out of the back of the car before Natalie took her up to the apartment, lead her into the bedroom and peeled the super-expensive dress off the young redhead.

Then, for the first time, Molly and Natalie made love on a bed.

It was romantic, movie-magic sex. Natalie guided Molly to the four-poster bed - barely giving Molly the chance to wonder who has a four-poster bed in an apartment in Memphis? - laid the younger girl down on her back and reached down, sliding the brand new designer thong off her legs, making Molly fully nude beneath the still-dressed Natalie. Hungrily, their mouths sought each other, their tongues entwining as Natalie's hands sought down Molly's chest, gently tweaking each nipple as the two women still kissed. No one said a word as Natalie pulled back and threw off the jacket to her outfit, exposing a very white blouse underneath that didn't quite hide the white bra under it. Molly reached up and undid each button, wordlessly working as Natalie gazed lovingly at her, her brown hair undone, cascading down over her shoulders.

Trying to keep from hyperventilating, Molly worked as steadily as she could, undoing each button with trembling fingers. This was crazy. She and Natalie had fucked twice already, in her classroom and again in her office. Why was this so different?

As the last button came away and Molly pulled the shirt off Natalie's shoulders, exposing the sexy white-lace SV Signature bra, she once more marveled at the pure beauty that was now straddling her. With her shirt off her arms, Natalie reached behind her to undo the bra, catching it before it could fall onto Molly's face. Natalie's tits were small, but perfect as far as Molly was concerned and she reached up to cup once in each hand. They were a perfect fit.

"Mmmm," Natalie moaned as Molly's fingers massaged her tit flesh. But the young professor said nothing else as she reached down to the side of her skirt, finding the zipper and undoing it skillfully with one hand. She then leaned forward, kissed Molly once on the lips and stood up, long enough to shuck the skirt and the matching white SV Signature panties - clearly, Natalie had done her underwear shopping all in one place - before climbing back atop Molly, now pressing her nude skin against the redhead's bare body.

They started kissing once more and for several long moments, Molly was lost in a blissful cloud of Natalie's lips upon her own, savoring the way their skin felt pressed against each other, nothing separated them. It occurred to her only then that she'd never been completely nude with Natalie until just now. How silly, she thought, to have had sex with someone twice without ever getting naked. Thank God they finally had this chance to make love like they deserved.

When the kissing finally stopped and Natalie's mouth moved south, Molly could only coo in response. Natalie's lips - those talented, perfectly shaped lips - worked their way down Molly's neck, her collarbone, her tits, her bellybutton, until finally coming to a stop just above Molly's clit. There, Natalie seemed to hesitate, looking up Molly's naked body as if seeking permission.

Molly just nodded her acceptance and with a hint of a lusty smile, Natalie brought her mouth down on Molly's clit.

If Natalie had worked her lips and tongue over Molly's mouth with admirable skill, she was even better now, working over the Hellcat's sex like a grand maestro, perfectly orchestrating the younger girl to orgasm in no time flat. Indeed, Molly couldn't remember ever reaching climax that fast, either from sex or masturbation. But Natalie knew what she was doing and Molly was quite certain she reached the heights of sexual bliss within seconds of her professor going down on her.

If Natalie minded, she didn't say a thing. Indeed, she kept quiet, merely rubbing a single finger around Molly's clit as the college student came down from her orgasmic high. When Molly's breathing returned to normal, Natalie climbed up her body, kissed the redhead once more and then started rubbing her own pussy atop Molly's sopping wet one.

This...this was amazing. Molly could look up into Natalie's beautiful brown eyes and watch as the more experienced woman got them both off. Molly felt like putty in Natalie's hands and she might as well have been. With nipple rubbing against nipple and their clits coming into contact with each other, Natalie brought Molly to her second orgasm of the night within moments of hitting her own first.

It was some time later, as Molly came around for her third or fourth orgasm - she'd lost count and couldn't think of a better feeling - that Natalie finally said something.

"I'd like to try something, if you're up to it."

"I'm up for anything," Molly said, kissing Natalie's nose playfully. "I think I've proven that."

"You have, love, you have," Natalie said. "But I thought I might use a toy. Again, only if you want."

"Show me," Molly said, lying back in the luxurious bed. If Natalie wanted to bring her to yet another orgasm, who was Molly to protest.

Natalie got up and went to the bureau across the room. Molly propped herself up on one shoulder, marveling at the tightness of Natalie's naked ass. Natalie rummaged around in a drawer for a minute or so, then pulled out something that shocked Molly out of her post-orgasmic laissez-faire. Natalie turned around and held up a bright pink strap-on dildo.

"Oh my God," Molly said.

"I want to have you like a man would," Natalie said, sounding tentative and unsure for the first time since Molly had met her. "That is, if you're up to it."

"I've had sex with boys before," Molly pointed out. "But never with a - a fake boy, I guess."

"Never used a dildo?" Natalie asked.

"No, I've always, you know, gotten by on my fingers," Molly admitted, blushing. Oh, if Emily could hear her now.

"It's entirely up to you," Natalie said. "And we don't have to do it tonight. But I would-"

"Okay," Molly said, cutting her off. She lay back on the bed and spread her legs. "Take me like a man, Natalie. Take your big, hard cock and have your way with me."

Molly thought Natalie might drown right there, as the young professor had to swallow hard three times after Molly said that. But she quickly got into the strap-on, cinched it up tight and climbed back onto the bed, the hard pink phallus waving between her legs.

"Let me know if this hurts," Natalie started to say before Molly reached up and put a finger on Natalie's mouth.

"Don't. Don't treat me like I might break. I'm not a virgin and I want you to make me yours. We've made love all night, Natalie. Now I want you to fuck me. Fuck me hard, like a man. I'm your girl, now use me like one."

Natalie's jaw dropped a little at that, but she recovered quickly, lined the fake penis up with Molly's wet opening and slid it inside in one swift movement. Molly gasped and for a second, Natalie hesitated, Molly holding the cool phallus deep inside her. But then she nodded up at her lover and Natalie started humping in and out of the young Hellcat.

To Molly's surprise, she loved it. She'd given all the power to Natalie, who clearly was getting off on it, increasing her thrusting in and out of her young lover. Molly pointedly didn't think about where or with whom Natalie might have gained her experience with strap-on dildos and instead luxuriated in the feeling of being fucked. Harder and harder, Natalie thrust the pretty pink cock up into her and Molly's body reacted to every thrust exactly like it should - with increasing pleasure.

"Yes!" Molly hissed. "Yes, yes! Fuck me, Natalie! Fuck me harder! HARDER!"

"You're my little fuck toy, Molly. You're mine!" Natalie said, thrusting harder and harder. "Mine, mine, mine, MINE!" She reached down and gripped Molly's jiggling tits for support.

"Yes! YES YES YES YESSSS!" Molly might have lost track of how many orgasms she'd had earlier in the night, but she remembered this one, fucked out of her completely. It was downright glorious and Molly knew then and there that this would hardly be the last time she let Natalie fuck her like a guy.

And it wasn't. Natalie did it three more times that night and once more in the morning before Molly slipped back to Cheertown.

She snuck in early, still wearing her super expensive Oscar de la Renta dress, but her more comfortable Hellcats sneakers. She was also going commando, having forgotten her SV Signature thong at Natalie's and didn't have time to slide on the white cotton panties she'd worn under her Hellcat spankies. Fortunately, there was no one in the common area at the moment and Emily was off in the showers, letting Molly slip into her room and get out of the too-fancy dress and into her bathrobe before rushing off to take a much needed shower herself.

She thought she got away with it, but she was spotted. Twice. First by Emily, who had turned back from the showers, thinking to grab a new bar of the soap she liked instead of using the generic stuff Lancer provided the sports teams. Seeing Molly do a walk of shame, Emily decided to suffer through the generic soap and question her roommate about it later.

But Emily wasn't the only one to spot her. Doing a bit of a walk of shame herself, Miranda was peeking out of Alice and Frankie's room and spotted the gorgeous redhead sneaking back in dressed to thrill, too. Miranda also chose to keep it to herself, filing the information away for use later, when keeping Molly's secret might just come in handy.

* * *?

Through all the drama they had already endured as a team, there was one feeling that the Hellcats could never shake.

And that feeling was that of being hungry.

The clanging of silverware and clamoring for Memphis-style barbecued ribs rang throughout the building, each cheerleader trying to grab at the sauce-slathered bones. The preparers of the meal, Wanda and Travis, slapped down the barbecued ribs on to the Hellcats' plates before the cheerleaders looked for other comfort food like fried chicken, French fries, mashed potatoes, corn and peas.

"God, it feels like just yesterday, I was trying to jump over people for food," Britney recalled as she looked at the feeding frenzy. "Brings back some memories of food trucks I'd rather forget."

"Maybe you should grab a plate and get line, dear," Wanda told her. "I don't want you starving."

"Thanks, but I just ate a few hours ago," Britney told her. "I might pick up some food in half-an-hour. But again, thank you so much for providing a meal for us."

"All Wanda's idea," Travis said as he heaped a load of mashed potatoes on Darwin's plate. "But I'm always happy to help out the girls who got me out of prison." Darwin coughed and glared at him. "And the boys, too. The Hellcats are the closest thing I've got to family right now, so serving up some grub is the least I can do."

"Happy to have you as part of the family, Travis," Britney said. "The Hellcats do like to take in strays. Just look at me!"

"You're hardly a stray, dear," Wanda said popping up next to Travis to refill the potato bowl. "You're their coach."

"And despite what happened to Vanessa, the girls have pretty much accepted me with open arms," Britney said.

Wanda nearly choked, but covered it up with a cough. Having walked in on Marti and Britney wrapped up naked in each other's arms, it was all she could do not to make a joke about just how open the girls had been in welcoming Britney. "The girls do seem to like you. Right Marti?" Wanda said before heading back towards the kitchen.

"Sure, Mom," Marti said, sliding up next to Britney without ever looking the diminutive coach in the eyes.

"Hey Coach," Savannah said, popping into line next to Savannah to get food from Travis.

"Hey girls," Britney said before quickly moving to sit far away from Marti Perkins.

"What will it be, girls?" Travis asked.

"I'll take some corn and peas," Marti said.

"Chicken and potatoes, please," Savannah answered.

"So, what are the two of you doing today?" Wanda inquired, bringing over the bowl of corn and peas.

"We were actually going to watch some movies together after we're done," Marti said. "Savannah just got some new classics in the mail."

"We can't decide if we should start with 'Breakfast at Tiffany's' or 'Funny Girl'," Savannah told them. "What do you guys think?"

"'Breakfast'," Travis said as Wanda returned to the kitchen. "Definitely 'Breakfast'."

"I told you that was the way to go," Marti said.

"In my defense, I haven't seen either one. But Audrey Hepburn was hot back in her day," he said with a wink, glancing over his shoulder to be sure Wanda wasn't paying too close attention.

"You can't go wrong with Audrey Hepburn," Marti agreed

"Well, it's tough to argue against that," Savannah said, their food now on their plates as they began moving to the table. "She's always been one of my favorite actresses."

"She's one of the best," Marti told her. "After watching so many of her movies with you, I can't believe she only won one Oscar. That's just not- Ompf! Sorry, Molly."

"Oh, that's on me," Molly said after Marti walked into her chair, which was unusually far from the table. "You okay?"

"Yeah, I'm fine. Thanks," Marti told her before shifting back to her conversation with Savannah.

Molly had good reason for being distracted. She was texting with Prof. Hershlag, who'd just sent her a rather detailed description of what the older woman was going to do to Molly's pussy next time they met. It was all Molly could do not to blush hard enough for her cheeks to match her hair in color. Considering the forbidden nature of their romance, Molly didn't want her embarrassment to be what gave away her affair with her teacher. Still, it was hard not to find herself daydreaming when Natalie was sending texts talking about owning Molly's sweet ass.

Molly had just finished sending her last text to Natalie, confirming their next date, when she was rudely interrupted from her daydreaming.

"You seem quite happy today, Red," Emily Sear said over Molly's shoulder, nearly startling the redhead out of her chair. "What's the good news? Aced an exam?"

"Umm, yeah," Molly stuttered, trying to lie her way out of the blonde skateboarder/cheerleader's questioning. "We had been studying up on the effect of the Australasian economy on American companies. It was quite difficult considering some of the smaller nations in the region."

"Hey, congratulations!"


Emily sat down next to her fellow freshman with a plate full of food and continued talking. "You know, I always thought it was because you had some success with whoever you were saving that last red velvet cupcake for during the bake sale."

Molly just turned her head at Emily and asked, "You're never going to let it go, are you?"

"That depends," Emily answered, a smirk etched on her face. "You can tell me or I'll let my curiosity get the best of me."

"Alright, I'll bite," Molly said, putting her fork and knife down. "What's this fascination with my love life?"

"I can't help, I just want to know what the deal is with you." Emily said. "You and I are pals but you've been keeping all these secrets. Come on, I told you I wouldn't judge."

"No," Molly answered. "Not yet. I'll tell you when the time is right, but I'm just not ready right now."

"Jeez, you're no fun sometimes," Emily mockingly grumbled.

"I can be fun!" Molly said a little too defensively.

"Chill, I was just joking around," Emily said, putting a hand on her shoulder. "Don't be so serious for once."

"Sorry, it's just that things with me are... Well, I'm still trying to figure them out," Molly explained as best she could.

"I know, I know," Emily answered. "Look, why don't you unwind? My cousin just sold me his old N64 and a copy of 'Tony Hawk's Pro Skater'. What do you say we play after we finish eating?"

"Really? I haven't played a video game since those fourth-grade math games on the PCs," Molly told her.

As much as Emily wanted to say that those games didn't count, she stopped her mouth at just the right moment. "Well, maybe it's time to try it again. Come on, it will be fun. I promise I'll set the system up myself."

"You drive a hard bargain, Ms. Sear," Molly said. "Were you a businesswoman in a past life?"

"Might have been," Emily replied. "I would prefer being Babe Didrikson Zaharias, though."


"Pioneer in women's sports. But that's not important. What's important is you and I will be tearing up some rails."

"Alright, but could you watch my food first?" Molly asked. "I need to use the little girls' room."

"Well, I can't guarantee the safety of your chicken," Emily joked as Molly walked off to the bathroom.

Alone, Emily started working on her potatoes, trying to scarf it down and get to her game as soon as quickly as she could. She knew she wasn't the most ladylike of her teammates, but to play as Tony Hawk, she was willing to sacrifice her manners.

As she worked on the last potato, though, a ringing sound alarmed Emily enough to nearly choke on a bite. Going for a glass of water, Emily washed it down and caught her breath to see where the sound came from and saw it was from Molly's cell phone.

She knew she shouldn't do it, but Emily's curiosity got the best of her. After all, she could have died, so why not see what the message was?

Emily's picked up the phone and read the text message, her mouth dropping when she saw the words, clamping her hand over mouth before a gasp escaped.

"I 4got to tell you, ur panties r still here. I'll b keeping thm warm 4 u."

Emily's mind was racing. Molly was definitely sleeping with someone and everything about this screamed, "Romance." The redhead was doing her best to hide whoever this person was.

"Who is this person, Molly Cratchit?" Emily thought to herself. "Who are you trying to hide?"



Aly Michalka as Marti Perkins
Ashley Tisdale as Savannah Monroe
Heather Hemmens as Alice Verdura
Sharon Leal as Vanessa Lodge
AJ Michalka as Deirdre Perkins
Emma Lahana as Charlotte Monroe

Emily Osment as Emily Sear
Ariana Grande as Ariana Valentine
Molly Quinn as Molly Cratchit
Miranda Cosgrove as Miranda Summer
Hayden Panettiere as Britney Allen

Guest Starring
Magda Apanowicz as "Nasty Kathy" Kurowski
Alana Randall as Frankie
Tiffany Thornton as Tiffany
Meaghan Jette Martin as Meghan
Sarah Hyland as Sarah
Ashley Benson as Ashley Carson
Kristen Bell as Dr. Kristen Van Der Hooven

Special Guest Star
Natalie Portman as Prof. Natalie Hershlag

Special Guest Appearance by
Phill Lewis as Mr. Moseby

InThe313 and TRL claim no ownership of the copyrighted material used in this story. We are simply playing with the toys and we promise to put them back in the box when we are done. "Hellcats" is the property of Bonanza Productions, Tom Welling Productions, Warner Bros. Television and CBS Television Studios. "Bring It On: All or Nothing", from which we are using Britney Allen, is the property of Universal Studios Home Entertainment Family Productions. "Belong Here" was performed by 78violet. It was written by 78violet and Butch Walker for the 2010 "Hellcats" soundtrack. "Good Girls Go Bad" was performed by Cobra Starship featuring Leighton Meester for Cobra Starship's 2009 album "Hot Mess" and was written by Gabe Saporta, Kara DioGuardi, Kevin Rudolf and Jacob Kasher. All similarities in this story to any person, living or dead, is purely coincidental. As per usual, please support the official releases.


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