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Hellcats: Saving Savannah Part 7
by MTL ([email protected])

Marti Perkins could remember the first time she entered Cheer Town, the cutesy nickname for the on-campus residence for the cheerleaders. She had initially hated that cutesy nickname, but it had grown on her, along with pretty much everyone in Cheer Town. Of course there was one person in particular. Someone she had mocked from afar the first time she saw her, and then right to her face the first time they met. Now Marti had no idea how she hadn't been left speechless by the incredible beauty of Savannah Monroe, or why she hadn't asked her out the second she was lucky enough to talk to her instead of cluelessly mocking what her now girlfriend loved. What Marti herself had grown to love.

Luckily Marti had been allowed to make up for her mistakes and had spent the last few years winning championships with the most amazing girl on the face of the Earth by her side in what was easily the best years of her life. Now College was over. They all had graduated and celebrated the end of an era, and then waited until the last possible minute to leave Cheer Town. Not because they feared the future and wanted to live in the past forever, but because this place was really special to them. Especially their dorm room, which was where Marti found her girlfriend. In the middle of their now former room staring at the two twin beds they hadn't had the heart to separate as it presented an important milestone in their relationship.

In fact just about every important milestone in their relationship had taken place in this room, and Marti was determined that before they leave they had one last one. One big one. Something which would be the perfect end to their college experience. The perfect end to the perfect college experience. And sure, Marti had considered doing this in the courtyard where she first saw Savannah, or even by the information desk where they had first met, or into the tiny apartment they were moving in together, but no, this was where it had to be. As far as Marti was concerned there was no other real option, or other real choice.

Wanting to surprise her lover Marti approached as slowly and silently as possible while Savannah seemed content to enjoy her last few minutes in this room, only for the beautiful brunette to look over her shoulder at the last second, give her a beaming smile and murmur, "Hey."

"Hey." Marti replied, quickly closing the distance between them and wrapping her arms around the other girl.

Savannah sighed contentedly and relaxed into her arms and then murmured, "So, car's all packed, huh?"

"Uh-huh." Marti confirmed, pressing a quick kiss to Savannah's head, before asking softly, "Can we stay here for a second?"

"How about forever?" Savannah asked softly, and then when Marti chuckled softly into her ear Savannah added, "I'm serious Marti. I, I know we have to leave. Move on. Start our lives for real, or whatever. And I do want that. I want a life with you. But... I don't want to leave. Because in this room, in your arms, I've never felt more safe. Or more loved. This is where I learned to accept myself. Where you saved me from myself. Because of you I, I finally stopped being afraid to be who I truly am. And finally got to be happy. With you. Gosh Marti, this is where we first kissed. Confessed how we felt. Made love. How could we ever leave it?"

For a few long seconds Marti considered abandoning her original plan. To make a memory that she knew Savannah would treasure forever. That they would treasure forever, in a new place, to prove good things could happened between them outside of this room. They had their entire lives to make new and precious memories. But she knew Savannah would never forgive her for not doing it in this place which would always be sacred for them, at a time she desperately wanted another reason to look forward to the future. So instead Marti gently turned Savannah around and cupped her cheek, taking a second to enjoy the way her girl closed her eyes and leaned into the touch before she finally spoke.

"Hey..." Marti murmured softly, waiting until she was sure she had Savannah's attention before continuing, "No matter where we are, I swear to you, I will do everything in my power to make you feel safe and loved. My arms will always be here to make you feel safe and loved. And as long as I breathe you will be safe and loved. I love you Savannah Monroe. I love you more than I ever knew it was possible to love someone. And I love this room, but it isn't the reason I came to terms with my sexuality and had the best years of my life. That was all you. You gave me the perfect first time. The perfect first kiss. The perfect college experience. The perfect life. And you saved me too Savannah. You saved me from a life of nothing but misery and sarcasm and replaced it with joy and happiness I could never imagine. I will love you for my entire life, and beyond. I promise you that as I ask... no, beg you to marry me."

Savannah bought her hands up to her face and whimpered as Marti let go of her, moved back slightly and then knelt down on one knee while presenting her with a little black box containing a beautiful engagement ring. Given they were both women, and how Marti used be so dismissive about marriage, Savannah had made peace with the fact this day would never come. Now it had, and she was so dumbstruck that all she could do was weep and pray that Marti would understand that the tears sliding down her cheeks were from overwhelming happiness. Yet the seconds ticked by and Savannah couldn't blame Marti for being disheartened.

Thankfully Marti's pretty face falling was enough to finally jolt Savannah out of her dumbstruck state enough to weep, "Yes, yes, a thousand times yes."

Smiling widely Marti quickly stood up, grabbed Savannah's face with both hands and gave her a deep, passionate kiss. It wasn't very long, but it was easily one of the most intense of their lives, which was really saying something. It was like their souls were caressing each other. Making love to each other. Loving each other. Both of them would just love each other with every fibre of their being. Then Marti broke the kiss and just hugged her tightly as Savannah wept. As they both wept, Savannah was relieved to realise she wasn't the only one overwhelmed by the moment. A moment which seemed to last a lifetime. Or at least Savannah wished it would. Eventually though, the spell had to be broken, and unsurprisingly it was Marti who broke it.

"You really had me worried there for a second." Marti said softly into her ear.

"Sorry." Savannah said softly, moving back and looking into Marti's beautiful eyes, "But you did blindside me."

Marti frowned, "I was going on and on about how much I love you."

"Yeah, well... you do that anyway." Savannah smiled.

"Fair point." Marti acknowledged.

There was another moment of silence, and then Savannah rightly pointed out, "You know we can't actually get married, right?"

"Not yet." Marti said boldly, "But I have a good feeling about this. And no one can tell me I can't marry someone so beautiful and amazing just because their junk is the same as mine."

"Marti!" Savannah scolded, before giggling, "Way to ruin the romance."

"Ruin, huh?" Marti raised an eyebrow, taking that as a challenge, "How about this, I swear to you, one day I will find a way to marry you."

"That's better." Savannah smiled, "Now, give me my ring."

"Huh?" Marti frowned, before feeling foolish as realisation hit her, "Oh, right."

Savannah tried to wait patiently and act all ladylike, as she had always been taught. But then again she hadn't exactly been brought up to be expecting marriage proposals from girls, and given how much Marti had just made it clear that she loved her, and knew her, Savannah didn't think it would be a deal breaker when she snatched the little box away from her girlfriend. It was partly Marti's fault anyway. She was the one who was taking ages getting the ring out of the box. Although that didn't stop the blonde from looking at the brunette with a mixture of shock, amusement and maybe even a little disappointment as Savannah tore the box away from her. Then Savannah discovered it wasn't as easy as it should have been, and maybe she should have been more patient. Oh well, she got it in the end, and the ring did look really, really good on her finger.

"Oh baby, I love it." Savannah cooed happily.

"I know it's nothing special, but-" Marti began to explain apologetically before she was cut off.

"Nonsense, I love it. And I love you." Savannah said, taking a moment from staring at her new ring to kiss Marti on the cheek.

Marti blushed a little, gave Savannah a few more long seconds to stare at her new accessory and then said, "Right... well... we, we should probably get a move on before we get thrown out or something."

"Oh Marti, we're not going anywhere. At least not for the next hour." Savannah grinned, that grin become increasingly wicked as she added, "Or did you really think we were going to leave here without having sex one more time in this bed?"

Marti swallowed softly and then said, "I thought that was the point of spending so long 'getting up' this morning."

"No, that was just part one of that bed's farewell tour." Savannah smiled wickedly, "And that was before you proposed. Now you've at least got to let me go down on you for like an hour."

There was a brief pause and then Marti softly said, "You know I didn't propose just to try and get sex, right?"

"Yeah, I know. You're not a guy. Besides, you don't need to work so hard to get laid. In fact, all you need to do is ask nicely." Savannah grinned, before quickly clarifying, "Unless you're not in the mood, in which case-

"NO! I'm definitely in the mood." Marti quickly interrupted, "I, I'm always in the mood when it comes to you."

"Awww, that's actually kind of sweet." Savannah smiled softly, "So are we going to do this or-"

"Oh definitely." Marti grinned, quickly closing the distance between them.

Returning the grin Savannah took a few steps forwards herself, doing her part to close the distance as quickly as possible. As a result their bodies smashed into each other and they began frantically kissing like the newly engaged couple that they were. Even the feeling of their teeth smashing together painfully couldn't spoil the amazing mood they were in, especially as they spent the next few minutes almost literally tearing off her clothes, Savannah grateful for the fact that she had at least one suitcase of clothes left to pack that she could change into if anything happened to what she was wearing. Although even if she didn't she wouldn't care, she needed to be naked right now and fucking her beautiful fiance.

Marti was in the same kind of mood. And again she was always in that kind of mood when around Savannah. Sure, she loved her clothes, but she loved Savannah even more. And right now, she really needed Savannah to be naked. Luckily she had become an expert at removing another girl's clothing, especially from Savannah's tight little body. Well, only Savannah, obviously, just like Marti only wanted Savannah for the rest of her life, because anybody else would be a distant second, the lovesick blonde thought as she stripped the beautiful brunette. Then a few long seconds Marti momentarily lost the ability to think as she completed her goal and was confronted with a naked Savannah Monroe.

Marti couldn't ever imagine a time that she wouldn't find naked Savannah breath-taking, and she knew her girlfriend felt the same way. Which was heart-warming really, and in this case provided both girls a few long seconds to admire each other before they went right back to kissing passionately. They did that for quite some time, somewhere along the way falling onto the bed and taking it in turns to roll on top of each other. Which they, or at least Marti, tried to keep nice and gentle at first, but inevitably things heated up with Savannah in particular grinding her body into Marti's in a way which made her moan lustfully, then return the favour.

Just as Marti was really working up a rhythm she found herself pinned down to the bed on her back and Savannah grinning down at her. As the stronger of the two she could have easily broken the hold, but honestly she just didn't want too. Savannah's mouth was like the eighth wonder of the world or something, and right now Marti was staring at it and thinking about her girlfriend's earlier promise. Then she was moaning softly again as Savannah leaned down to kiss her neck. Marti then continued to moan softly as Savannah covered her neck in kisses, before sucking on it hard enough to leave a mark.

Normally Marti was the one doing that, although recently Savannah had been more than getting her revenge. Truth be told they were very territorial about each other, and while they trusted each other completely the green eyed monster took over whenever one of them saw the other trying to reject the advances of one of the many on-campus students. Mostly frat guys, most of whom just couldn't take the hint, no matter how many times Marti punched them in their smug faces. Which led to a lot of apologies, mostly from Marti to Savannah, but at least the make up sex was always good. And... Marti quickly forgot about this unpleasant topic as Savannah's mouth moved lower. Not quite as low as she wanted, but still very good.

Savannah loved Marti's boobs. She always had. Even back when she was in the closet she remembered mentioning to Alice that Marti had nice boobs, which was always a plus because the unfortunate truth was good looks had always mattered in cheerleading and... wow, no wonder no one was surprised when she came out. Because sure, her point was solid, but she had not said it in an objective way. Oh well, nothing she could do about that now, nor did she want to concentrate on it. Not when she was kissing down Marti's chest and up over her girlfriend's beautiful boobs, Savannah lingering on that soft flesh before eventually taking a nipple into her mouth and giving it the attention it deserved.

Marti's boobs were perfect. They were big, but not too big. If Savannah wanted to she could hold them in her hands, but they were big enough to motor-boat, which was something Savannah had done more than once when she was drunk or when she was feeling silly, but she could also hold them both in her hands if she wanted, and she did want to, she always wanted too. Right now though, she was covering that soft flesh in kisses and she didn't want to stop prematurely. Not when she was having so much fun, and not when she was driving Marti crazy in the process.

"Savannah, please just, ah fuck!" Marti swore as Savannah finally gave her what she wanted.

Not in the mood to resist, at least not in that moment, Savannah wrapped her lips around Marti's left nipple and sucked it pretty roughly considering she was just getting started. She then moved to the right nipple just as quickly and gave it the same treatment. Then she settled into a more familiar routine, one which involved kissing up and down Marti's boobs as she made her way back and forth in between her girlfriend's nipples and sucked them with varying degrees of force. She also quickly added her hands and tongue into the mix, using the former to push Marti's tits into her mouth and play with the one her mouth wasn't paying attention to while swirling the latter around each nipple and flicking them.

Over and over again Savannah did this. Honestly she could have done this all day, but they had limited time in this bed, so she could only ignore the first couple of times Marti pleaded for her to go lower before she finally did it. She still slowly kissed her way down Marti's stomach and then lingered on her strong thighs for a couple of minutes, because while they were in a hurry it wasn't like when they got drunk and hooked up in a bathroom. No, she had time to give her woman's body the attention it deserved, and by golly Savannah was determined to give it no matter how much Marti would have preferred otherwise.

Marti had a love-hate relationship with Savannah's teasing. A certain amount of it she loved, but even when they were kind of in a hurry Savannah would push her luck as much as she could. Marti was just grateful they didn't have all the time in the world, because thanks to Savannah's now expert mouth, tongue and hands by the time the brunette settled herself in between the blonde's legs Marti thought she was about to explode. Then the now former cheerleader captain lowered her head, stuck out her tongue and slowly slid it over her former squad member's aching for attention pussy lips, causing Marti to cry out in a mixture of pleasure and relief.

She then continued to cry out, but only with pure pleasure as Savannah repeated that long slow lick over and over again, in that glorious moment her lover giving Marti exactly what she wanted, and what it felt like she needed. Savannah even lingered on her clit at the end of every lick, just to make the initial cunt lapping that much more intense. Of course it couldn't last, and Marti's greedy body adjusted to the pleasure it was receiving and soon ached for more. And yet not only did Savannah keep up the slow and gentle licking, but the clit lingering became increasingly infrequent until Savannah was deliberately avoiding her clit altogether, which of course made Marti whimper pathetically.

Feeling embarrassed by that sound Marti snap, "Savannah, you're such a clit-tease."

At least Marti tried to snap, however any annoyance or even anger was undermined by the fact that her words came out as a petulant whine, not unlike a stroppy toddler not getting their way. Which of course made Savannah chuckle at her expense, making sure to back off momentarily so Marti couldn't enjoy the vibrations on her pussy, which was really just adding insult to injury. Then Savannah went right back to that slow, gentle cunt lapping which had driven Marti crazy countless times, especially in this bed.

Suddenly Marti was flooded by thousands of fond memories of the things which had went on in this bed, and her heart once again ached that this would be the last time Savannah would gently lick her pussy in this bed. She had no doubt that Savannah would eat her out again, as it was easily one of Savannah's favourite things to do, something she had blushingly admitted several times before, but it would never again be the same. It would never be in the bed they had first done it in. And she wanted to rush this why? Because of some probably not reinforced rule about leaving by a certain time? Fuck that, Marti was going to enjoy this one final time, and if that meant letting Savannah go down on her for as long as she wanted, well, everyone had a cross to bear, and this one really wasn't so bad.

Savannah was definitely in that mindset. She knew they had to go, but she at least wanted to try and do this whole 'one final time' thing right, especially as Marti had just proposed. In fact Savannah would rather be caught licking her girlfriend's pussy by a janitor, teacher, or even their now former coach then do a half-hearted job at pleasing her woman. Savannah Monroe did nothing half-heartedly, especially not eating pussy. She was an out and proud lesbian now, not so in the closet that she was in denial about what she truly was, and she had this amazing woman to thank for it, and she did so every day, but especially today, so she didn't care if they got caught by the next girls to live in this room, she wasn't stopping until she made Marti Perkins have a nice hard orgasm to end their time here together.

The thought made Savannah blush furiously, but she didn't take it back. She used to be a lot more worried about getting caught, and she had almost died of embarrassment the first few times it happened, but somewhere along the way she became addicted to it. She wasn't sure why. Maybe it was exposing her taboo desires/sexuality, maybe she was casting off her old prudish nature or saying 'screw you' to her conservative parents who had completely rejected her when she came out, or maybe she was just proud to land such a catch like Marti Perkins and wanted to show her off. Or maybe she was just a big slut now.

Whatever the reason Savannah had grown to kind of liked being caught having sex, and she especially loved the idea of being caught by the next two girls who would live in this room. She wanted them to see what kind of things happened in this room. That this was a place of discovery. Of love. Of lesbian sex. And she wanted to encourage them to do the same thing she and Marti had done. To tell them that even if they didn't fall in love the same way she and Marti had it would still be one of the most fulfilling things they could ever do in their lives. That any woman could do in her life. That she didn't think a woman's life could ever truly be complete until she had been with another woman.

It had been very tempting to write down the latter and leave it on the bed, and although Marti had talked her out of it maybe Savannah would write it anyway and post it. After all, Savannah wish someone had told her how amazing it was to get fucked by a woman when she had been in the closet. How amazing it felt to have another girl's tongue or fingers inside you, or to get strap-on fucked in the pussy. Or get strap-on fucked in the ass. Most of all Savannah wanted to write down what it was like to eat pussy. To describe in detail how she could make her strong, proud lover whimper pathetically for her just from a swipe of her tongue. How it was the most intimate act she'd ever experienced. And how amazing it tasted.

Marti knew just how much Savannah loved this, which was one of the reasons why she let this go on so long. Well, it was the third, just behind her own selfish pleasure and most importantly that this was their last time in this bed, but there was a limit to what she could take. To her credit she was pretty sure she lasted longer than ever before, and by the end of it she was trembling with need, constantly letting out really pathetic sounds and digging her nails into her flesh and grinding her teeth to prevent herself from begging Savannah to make her cum. So Marti thought she could be forgiven for breaking, as surely anyone would, eventually under her girl's talented tongue.

"Savannah... please..." Marti whimpered, "Baby, oooooooh, I need to cum. Please... for the love of God, make me cum! Ohhhhhhhh fuck, please make me cum with your wonderful little tongue. Please, mmmmmmm, I... yes, oh my God yes, Savannah, baby, aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh Gaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwdddddddddd!"

Once the floodgates were open Marti just started babbling like a moron, but she just couldn't help herself. Luckily before she could embarrass herself too much Savannah took pity on her and pressed her tongue against her entrance. There was a few seconds there were Savannah teased her by letting it linger there, but it didn't matter. Marti knew what her girl would ultimately do. And sure enough it wasn't long before Savannah was slowly pushing her tongue as deep as it would go into Marti's pussy. She then left it there for a few long seconds so they could both savour the moment, then Savannah began thrusting in and out, tongue fucking Marti at a slow and steady pace.

It was more than enough to bring Marti to the edge of orgasm, and at first that was enough. However Savannah had become very good at leaving her on that edge for what felt like hours, and this was no exception. In reality it was probably only a few minutes, but they were some of the longest of Marti's life. But she loved each one of them, because although the need to cum was almost painful it was prolonging the last time she would ever receive head from Savannah in this bed which meant so much to them. Ultimately though Savannah increase the pace ever so slightly, which was all it took to make Marti have the kind of powerful orgasm that she couldn't imagine having with anyone else. Not that she wanted too.

When Marti came her ability to think coherently was completely wiped out, let alone her ability to talk. The whole world fell away and there was nothing but Marti, Savannah and this wonderful bed. The two beds designed for two platonic friends that they had roped together so they could have night after night of passionate lesbian sex, cumming in each other's mouths just like Marti was cumming in Savannah's right now. It was as perfect as it had always been, and yet with a twinge of sadness which made it all the more intense, Marti just too blissfully focus on that intense feeling as she was dully aware of Savannah giving her some of her best work ever.

Savannah loved everything about eating pussy, and she often went back and forth what her favourite part of it was. It was definitely either the gentle lapping in the beginning or making Marti cum. Because she loved savouring Marti's taste and the feeling of pleasing her woman, but it was hard to beat having Marti's cum squirting in her mouth, down her throat and all over her face. She doubted that she'd ever reach a conclusion. But, while the gentle lapping stage left her plenty of time to consider it, this stage definitely required her focus. So while her mind wandered for a few seconds and there mostly Savannah was focused on swallowing as much of Marti's cum as possible.

As she had now been doing this for years Savannah was able to time it perfectly so she pulled her tongue out of Marti's entrance and then covered it tightly with her mouth so she could just about get every drop of that first precious climax. She then repeated the process, but it wasn't long before that precious liquid was leaking out of her hungry mouth and covering her face. That wasn't necessarily a bad thing, as she could get it later and she got quite a kick out of being marked as Marti's. Still, Savannah preferred to drink Marti's cum straight from the source, so she continue doing her best to get as much as she possibly could in between tongue fucking Marti with all her strength.

When her tongue was really tired Savannah replaced it with first one and then two fingers, although it wasn't long before she attacked Marti's clit with her tongue. She then switched back and forth between fingering and tongue fucking Marti for God knows how long, Savannah determined to make sure that this last time in this bed was extra special by squeezing as many orgasms out of her fiance as possible. Her fiance. That was what Marti was now. Not just her girlfriend, but her fiance. And soon she would be her wife. Or perhaps she should be the husband, given Marti was very much the top in their relationship. Which would make Savannah Marti's wife. Oh yes, Savannah liked the sound of that.

Proving that she was in fact a top Marti eventually reached down, roughly grabbed Savannah and then pulled her upwards. She clearly tried to do it gently, although she very much failed. Not that Savannah complained as seconds later she was being passionately kissed in her favourite place in the world, Marti's strong arms. Those arms quickly wrapping tightly around her as the immediately pulled her in, Savannah whimpering softly into Marti's mouth as her fiance tasted her own cum and pussy cream on her lips and tongue. The two girls then kissed passionately for a few minutes, before Marti broke the kiss and smiled happily.

"I need to fuck you." Marti announced.

"I'm yours." Savannah smiled in replied, "Do whatever you want to me."

Marti let out a primal growl and then briefly kiss Savannah again. While doing that she rolled on top of Savannah and grinded her body down on top of her, so when she broke the kiss this time she could tower over her and give her a preview of what was to come. From the look in her eyes Savannah loved the preview, but was eager to get to the main event so to speak, and Marti was only too happy to retrieve what she needed for that. Luckily she had left their favourite strap-on in Savannah's handbag, which the brunette kept on her at all times just in case one or both of them ever wanted to fuck, which was often and in all sorts of places.

They had used this toy so much Marti didn't even have to look, she just had to reach inside the bag, retrieve the necessary item and start strapping it on. For this she stared lovingly at her girlfriend turned fiance, Savannah staring back until Marti was properly equipped. Then Savannah jumped off the bed and kneeled in front of her woman, increasing tenfold the power Marti felt from just firmly securing her dick around her waist. Which was not something she'd admit out loud in public because it might give people the wrong idea. Sure, she had a tiny bit of penis envy, but she never wanted a real one and was comfortable with fucking Savannah without one. It was just fun, is all. Besides, if this dick was real she probably wouldn't have survived the blow job without cumming.

After sliding her tongue up the length of the shaft suggestively is Savannah looked up at Marti and asked innocently, "Do you want me to get you ready for my pussy, or my ass?"

Grinning at the hopeful tone there at the end Marti said, "Go ahead. Oh, and this isn't a OR situation. It's an AND. Mmmmmm yeah, for our last time in this room I'm going to use all your hot little fuck holes. Starting with that pretty mouth."

With a wicked smile of her own Savannah wrapped her lips around the first few inches of Marti's dick and started bobbing her head up and down it, slowly but surely taking inch after inch into her mouth until it was obviously pressing at the entrance to her throat. Throughout this they kept eye contact, Marti sliding her hand into Savannah's long brown locks and gently caressing them for a few long seconds, before tightening her grip and pushed downwards. If Savannah had resisted she would have stopped, but Marti knew just what Savannah was capable of, and wasn't willing to waste too much time on this kind of head when she could be fucking a more sensitive hole.

To Marti's delight Savannah didn't resist, slowly but surely taking every single inch of that dildo down her throat. Marti then held her there for a few long seconds, and then, and only then, did Savannah start choking and gagging. Marti then let go of Savannah's hair and her girl came up for air, before they repeated the process. Then Marti briefly fucked Savannah's face, just to make sure the dildo was thoroughly lubed and Savannah got the kind of treatment she secretly craved. Then Marti pulled her off the cock, kissed her forcefully and then took her in her arms and carried her over to the bed so she could continue having her way with her.

Savannah spread her legs as wide as she could as soon as Marti gently lowered her down on the bed, and even if she was a cheerleader that was pretty wide. Was a cheerleader. Savannah's heart sank. Wow, that was going to take some getting used too. Luckily her spirits were quickly raised by Marti gently climbing on top of her so she could take her like a husband takes his wife, Savannah's heart hammering with joy knowing soon she would be Marti's wife and soon she would be taken in what her mother had once called the proper way, by someone her mother would have never have approved of. By a beautiful woman. Her woman. Her beautiful Marti.

Her beautiful fiance who was slowly penetrating her somehow still tight pussy, Savannah gasping as she felt a surprising amount of discomfort as Marti's big cock entered her. Of course it was quickly replaced by pleasure, Savannah letting out an appropriate moan before smiling happily at the woman she loved. Marti smiled back, and then pushed forwards, Savannah continuously rewarding her woman with moans and smiles as inch after inch of strap-on cock was slowly slid into her cunt. Then when Marti was about halfway in Savannah wrapped her arms and legs around her and pulled her in closer, forcefully pushing a few inches inside herself in the process, which triggered her loudest moan yet.

"Someone's eager." Marti giggled.

"To have you inside me? Always." Savannah said softly, and then as their eyes locked she added, "Please Marti, give me all of you. I want every inch of your big cock inside me."

The look of lust Marti gave her almost made Savannah feel like she could cum on the spot. It certainly made her quiver with anticipation, Marti not keeping her waiting much longer as she buried her cock into her with one powerful thrust, causing a loud cry of pain and pleasure to escape Savannah's lips. It was quickly followed up with several more cries, as well as moans, whimpers and gasps, although all the sounds were of pure pleasure as Marti began to fuck her. Oh yes, Savannah was getting fucked by her woman. Her fiance. Her future wife. Or should that be future husband?

Wife didn't sound quite right considering Marti would definitely be the dominant one in their marriage bed. Sadly there was no official term for it, but Savannah was confident that anyone who saw them would have the ability to tell who the top and who the bottom was in the relationship. Savannah felt like everybody who met them immediately penned Marti as the butch, and Savannah as the bitch, and despite her upbringing and the fact she still considered herself a good, mostly good, Christian girl Savannah loved to play up the submissive bottom/girly girl stereotype, and Marti seemed only too happy to embrace the role of the dominant top/tom boy.

Marti used to mock people who played into those stereotypes. They promoted the idea that people could be defined by their labels, and some of them were just embarrassing. Especially the submissive ones, as what kind of role were they setting? Now Marti had a great deal of respect for anyone to truly submit to someone else. It took a lot of bravery, bravery she didn't have. Which she proved the one time she tried to be the submissive one. And to act that way in public... Marti couldn't even imagine. Well, she could, but it was more like a nightmare. But playing up the butch role, that just felt like Marti embracing who and what she truly was. And she loved the looks she got from other people when she did it.

Of course as much as Marti liked acting a certain way in public, nothing beat being able to do it in private. Especially not when her strap-on was firmly in place and she was fucking one of Savannah's hot little fuck holes. Yeah, Marti loved taking total control and showing her sweet little Savannah what a dominant top could do to her submissive little cunt. And that little ass hole. And even that pretty little mouth of hers. Well, she had already had her mouth, in more ways than one, and would get to her ass hole soon enough but for now Marti was very much concentrating on Savannah's cunt. Oh yes, she was taking Savannah's main hole and reminding her why it belonged to Marti Perkins.

She was also reminding Savannah directly of that with deep, long kisses and staring lovingly, yet dominantly into her lover's beautiful eyes. Marti knew it was wrong but she wanted to own literally every fibre of Savannah's being, and Savannah had often played up to that, whispering that she was Marti's girl, or Marti's bitch, or Marti's dyke. Just about anything along those lines as long as it involved Marti's in it. She also told her the same thing nonverbally, either through the eye contact they shared for most of the early stages of the pussy fucking, or kissing, or even the gentle touches. Hell, Marti was so worked up at this point even Savannah wrapping her legs around her felt like Savannah letting her know she was hers.

It was really unhealthy, but Marti had been having these thoughts ever since she and Savannah had gotten together. Or more accurately ever since they had started having sex, and it was during sex that those thoughts almost became overwhelming. Take now for example. Marti was so focused on proving her ownership of, and dominance over, Savannah she was almost tempted to give her too much too soon. Luckily her love for Savannah once again prevailed and prevented Marti from doing that, instead sticking to a slow and steady rhythm until inevitably Savannah begged Marti to make her cum. Whether Marti would oblige was another story, but the important thing was that the blonde's unhealthy obsession didn't hurt the brunette in any way.

Savannah certainly wasn't in pain right now. Exactly the opposite. She was overwhelmed with physical and mental pleasure, the former mostly because of the strap-on sliding in and out of her and the latter because of the way Marti was looking at her. Ironically despite how much she loved being fucked by Marti's dick it was mostly the way her future wife was looking at her which was really getting her off at this point. Which was mostly true for them when they made love, as there was just something in Marti's gaze which was always just so intense. It made Savannah feel wanted, loved and even conquered. Which she knew was wrong, but it was something she shared with Marti, which just meant they were perfect for each other.

It was that unhealthy feeling of utter submission which eventually turned pure pleasure almost agonising as Savannah desperately wanted to cum, and yet she wanted to hold back as long as possible so she could continue staring into Marti's eyes as the other girl slowly and gently fucked her. Even though she knew it wouldn't take much, just a little harder thrusting, Savannah wouldn't beg for it until she absolutely had too. And maybe not even then, because she wanted Marti to fuck her forever. Of course that wasn't really possible, and eventually Savannah just couldn't take it anymore, especially as she knew how little it would take to make Marti give her what she wanted at this stage.

So Savannah whimpered, "Marti please, fuck me. I need to cum baby. Mmmmm, please, make me cum. Make me cum for you. Ooooooooh yes, fuck me! Fuck me! Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkk yesssssssssss, oh Marti! OH MARTI! OHHHHHHHHH MARTIIIIII OOOOOOOOHHHHHH YEEEEEEEESSSSSSSS!"

Proving Savannah right Marti increase the pace ever so slightly, pushing the now former cheerleader captain to the edge of orgasm in what felt like seconds and thus making her incoherent. She then left her there for a few long seconds, gave her a wicked smile, and then pushed over the edge, making Savannah scream extra loudly and cum on Marti's cock. Her cunt squeeze down tightly on the cock of her future wife, or husband, or whatever, and covered it in her cum. And Marti wasn't slowing the pace for a second, Savannah clutching onto her dominant lover tightly with her hands, arms and legs while she screamed her head off.

Savannah wasn't sure how long Marti fucked her like that, but it was more than long enough to make her feel faint. Then just as she thought she would do it Marti slowed down. It was gradual and gentle, but it still had Savannah whimpering with disappointment. Then Marti sucked on her fingers and then reached down to slip one of them into Savannah's slutty little butt hole, causing her to cum again. Or at the very least have a powerful after-shock. Either way she grinned wickedly as she knew exactly what Marti was preparing her for, and she, and her slutty little butt hole, couldn't wait.

Marti had never been able to deny Savannah anything, so of course she had made her cum right after she asked her too. More or less. Sure, she teased her a little after that, but it was only to make the orgasms that much stronger. And Savannah was adorable when she thought she was about to be denied, even though she really should have known better, and always claim she did. Although it wasn't quite as beautiful as the look in her eyes, and on her face, when she was cumming, which was why Marti adored fucking Savannah face to face, and tried to do so at least once during every single session of love-making they had.

She also knew that Savannah loved watching her cum just as much, and Savannah got plenty of chances as thanks to the stimulator on her clit and the sheer joy of fucking the woman she loved like this Marti came several times as she continued pounding Savannah's pussy. Which was one of the things she loved about being a top. Even in being the giver she got plenty of satisfaction herself. Although that would have been true even if she didn't cum. Not that she was complaining. But still, it was worth it just to see Savannah cum once, and Marti always made sure to give Savannah multiple orgasms just so she could admire her beauty during these climaxes. And to please her future wife of course.

At the same time Marti certainly wasn't ready for this to be over, and she had become an expert on knowing when to slow her role and let Savannah recover, without having to stop completely. Which was exactly what she did this time. Of course there was another thing she always did now, if she hadn't done it already with a nice big butt-plug or something, and that was to prepare Savannah's ass for its inevitable fucking. Because God forbid they should ever have a lovemaking session without a deep, hard anal pounding at the end. And as this was their last time in this extra special room there was no way Marti wasn't fucking Savannah's perfect little butt.

So Marti slipped one finger, and then another, and then another into that now very experienced ass hole, slowly sliding her fingers up and down and side to side as well as in and out, making sure Savannah would be thoroughly ready for her anal penetration. Along the way Savannah came a few more times, because of course she did. She was Marti's personal anal whore, with an ass that was made for fucking. From the way Savannah was smiling, and blushing, at her it was pretty clear that she didn't need reminding of that. Although she was going to be, because Marti could never get enough of that amazing ass.

"I want your ass." Marti practically growled.

"Then take it." Savannah encouraged, "It's yours Marti. Mmmmmm, my ass hole is yours to fuck. Please fuck it. Ohhhhhh yessssss, fuck my slutty little ass and remind me it's your personal fuck hole!"

Marti let out another animalistic like growl at hearing those dirty words from her sweet Savannah, then pulled her fingers out of her girl's butt hole, grabbed onto her legs and pushed them up to Savannah's chest before ordering, "Hold your legs for me baby. I wanna look into your eyes as I take your tight little lesbian ass."

Savannah quickly did as she was told and then Marti's strap-on was pressing against her butt hole, causing her to look up and do her best to focus on her girlfriend's beautiful face. This achieved multiple things for Savannah. For example just looking at Marti made her feel safe, relaxed and comfortable because she knew her woman loved her more than anything in the world and would never really hurt her. That was especially true when Marti was looking at her directly in the eye, which also allowed Savannah to see just how much the blonde was enjoying this. Not that she couldn't tell when Marti's gaze drifted down to her ass hole as it stretched for the dildo, but there was something to be said for the twinkle Savannah saw in Marti's eye whenever the other girl took her ass in this position.

Usually Marti's gaze would switch back and forth, the blonde having confessed long ago to being fascinated by the sight of Savannah's ass hole stretching for her cock, however this time Marti's eyes stayed locked with hers the whole time. It was intense, even in an odd way almost romantic. Then Savannah cried out joyfully as Marti entered her forbidden hole, the first few inches sliding easily into the brunette's now veteran back passage.

She knew it was twisted but Savannah had come to enjoy the pain of having her ass stretched as it was a reminder of the taboo nature of what they were doing. It made her feel naughty, and the pain was nothing on the ecstasy she knew she would soon be feeling. And even though she wasn't sure she could ever admit it out loud, even to Marti, even the stretching sensation of a dildo entering and filling her felt kind of good, Savannah's ass becoming so slutty that she could actually enjoy the sensation. Especially because, again, any pain she felt was so brief.

Sure enough a few gentle thrusts in and out later and pleasure was sliding through Savannah's body, sparks of pleasures shooting straight from her butt to her brain which had shamelessly begging, "More! Fuck me! Oh Marti! Give me more!"

To Savannah's delight Marti wordlessly did as she requested, inch after inch of the dildo being pushed into her ass hole, Marti staring lovingly into her eyes almost the whole time, and looking down at where her dick was disappearing into Savannah's rectum a few times but other than that all of her attention was on the brunette's big brown eyes. All of this made Savannah's heart flutter, especially the way Marti was looking at her. Because don't get her wrong, Savannah loved Marti's fascination with her ass, but there was just something about looking into the eyes of her lesbian lover at this incredibly intimate moment.

This continued until the dildo was all the way inside Savannah's butt, at which point Marti paused to savour that fact before slowly lowering herself down so she was on top of the other girl. This allowed Savannah to let go of her legs and thanks to the fact they were now resting against Marti's shoulders meant the brunette stayed bent nearly in half, allowing the blonde to thrust nice and deep into Savannah's back passage.

Usually this was a position Marti saved for hard anal pounding however on this occasion she kept her thrusts nice and soft, gently stretching out Savannah's ass as she stared deeply into her girlfriend's eyes. Of course while Savannah was very flexible, allowing her to be in positions like this with ease, it still wasn't exactly the most comfortable arrangement for the brunette so after a while Marti gently guided the other girl's legs from her shoulders to around her waist, Savannah immediately taking the hint and wrapping both her legs and arms around her lover's body.

This was a position Marti mostly used to make love to Savannah with her strap-on. However as bizarre as it may sound Marti didn't just make love to Savannah's pussy. No, there were times like this when it felt like to both girls Marti was making love to Savannah's ass hole, which in a way only added to the kinkiness and debauchery of the act while underlining the fact that no matter what they did to each other it was all out of love.

Certainly the way Marti was gently thrusting into Savannah's butt hole while staring lovingly into the other girls eyes spoke volumes of how she felt about her, as did the way Savannah stared back and clung to her tightly. Not that all they did was stare at each other. No, as was usually the case they often kissed, although the first dozen or so were soft and gentle. Eventually things became more heated between them, Marti able to tell that Savannah's butt had become accustomed to her large cock and now the horny brunette wanted to get her ass pounded.

To make this clear as crystal Savannah started whispering in Marti's ear, "Fuck me. Mmmmmm, fuck me harder! Fuck my slutty little ass hole harder. Please Marti, pound me. Pound my ass! Ooooooooh yeahhhhhhh, drill my little bitch hole and show me who's boss. Yesssssss, remind me who's in charge in the bedroom. Who's the top, and who's the bottom."

Marti grinned wickedly, then suddenly pulled her dildo completely out of Savannah's ass and stated, "You wanna get fucked like a bitch? Fine, flip over so I can take you like a bitch. Mmmmm, that's it baby, spread those cheeks. You know how much I love to see your slutty little bitch hole."

As Marti spoke Savannah eagerly flipped over onto her hands and knees, pressed her face into the bed sheets, reached back and spread her butt cheeks before encouraging Marti some more, "You like my bitch hole, huh? Well it loves you Marti. It loves you, and it misses you. Oh Marti, my bitch hole feel so empty without your big cock inside it. Please shove it back in so I can feel like what I am again, your little bitch who takes it up the ass. Oh Marti, I love it up the butt! I love getting fucked in the butt by you Marti, mmmmmm, please, please, please fuck my slutty little ass and remind me I'm your bitch! Mmmmmm, your lesbian bitch."

"Yeahhhhhh, you're my bitch." Marti growled lustfully, as she slowly pushed her dildo back into Savannah's butt, "My lesbian bitch."

Savannah let out a joyful cry and then went right back to talking dirty, "Oh yes, I'm a lesbian! I am your lesbian bitch! You made me your lesbian bitch! Oh Marti, I was so miserable before you drag me out of the closet and made me yours. Oh God, you fucked me soooooooo goooooooodddddd that you made me yours forever, and now I'm your lesbian bitch. Your little lezzie bottom who loves it in her bottom. Mmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhh, I love being your lesbo slut who's addicted to getting her tight little butt fucked. Ooooooooohhhhhhhhhh, pound me hard! Slam my little ass hole and remind me that you made me your little dyke whore who just can't get enough big woman cock up her slutty little gay girl ass! Oh Marti fuck me hard! Oh Marti!"

While she was still begging Savannah continued to spread her ass cheeks nice and wide because she knew how much Marti loved it. She loved it too, pretty much for the same reasons. For example Savannah loved literally offering up her butt hole to Marti, and it was a total rush knowing the other girl was getting off watching a dildo sliding in and out of that forbidden hole, and most of all how it added to the sheer taboo of having anal sex. Lesbian anal sex. However there were a few additional reasons, like the fact Savannah had grown to love exposing herself so intimately like this, the girl who most people still thought was a prude embracing her kinky side thanks to her girlfriend's unique appetites.

Of course the biggest difference between their reasons for loving anal sex was the feelings of dominance and submission they respectively felt, Savannah of course being the submissive one. After all what could be more submissive than spreading her ass cheeks and allowing her girlfriend to sodomise her with a large strap on dildo? Not that she didn't feel super submissive from just taking Marti's strap on up her ass, but there was just something about this position which seemed to firmly state who was in charge in their relationship. The only other position which made Savannah feel quite so wonderfully submissive was when she was on all fours, a position she quickly found herself in once Marti gently pushed her hands off her butt cheeks.

Marti didn't say a word but they both knew that was a long-standing sign for Savannah lift herself up onto all fours if she could and the blonde certainly didn't complaint when she did. Not either girl seemed capable of coherent words at this stage, other than Savannah continuously moaning, "Oh Marti!"

This was due to the fact that the moment Savannah's hands were off her own butt cheeks Marti began rapidly increasing the pace until the sound of flesh smacking off flesh almost drowning out Savannah's moans, groans and screams of pleasure. God, this was heaven. This had to be what heaven was like, because Savannah couldn't imagine anything better. Nothing in the world could be better than being butt fucked by Marti Perkins so hard that it was like she was being spanked, and yet any pain she felt was completely overwhelmed by the pure ecstasy she was feeling.

Just before she came Savannah thought dreamily how appropriate this was, Marti totally showing her who was boss and fucking her dyke ass. She couldn't think of a more appropriate ending to their time in this room, Savannah submitting her body to Marti's will as she should have done the moment this dominant blonde walked into this room, if not sooner. Then Savannah couldn't think of anything, her mind melting under the force of the climax that exploded through her, the ones that followed it keeping her as happy as a clan.

Meanwhile Marti was thinking similar thoughts, namely how she loved the feelings that sodomising Savannah gave her and how appropriate this was for their final sex session in this room which meant so much to them both. Oh yes, there was no better way to end their time at Lancer then by Marti bending Savannah over and fucking her up the ass, her sweet little Savannah cumming so hard her cum was violently squirting out of her cunt, making Marti in turn smirk with pride.

Over her time at Lancer Marti had done so many things she could have never imagined. Being a cheerleader, falling in love with another cheerleader, and becoming obsessed with fucking that other cheerleader immediately spring to mind, but was perhaps most shocking was just how kinky and even depraved some of her sex sessions with innocent little church mouse Savannah Monroe had become. Which of course made things like this all the sweeter, Marti once again remembering the game in which they pretended it was the first day Marti moved in and this is how they would pretend it would end with the blonde's dildo deep inside the brunette's butt, Marti ass fucking Savannah into submission and making her new captain her bitch.

Not that Marti needed dirty words or games to make her feel powerful and dominant when she was fucking Savannah's ass. No, butt fucking this formally innocent Christian girl was more than enough of that, especially when she had Savannah in this position. Her favourite position. The position she could feel her thighs smacking relentlessly against Savannah's perfect ass, those well round little cheeks jiggling against the force of her thrusts, Savannah bent over in front of her in what seemed like pure submission, Marti feeling like she was dominating the other girl so completely.

To drive this point home Marti growled, "Who's my bitch?"

"Me!" Savannah quickly confirmed in the middle of a loud cry of pleasure, "I'm your bitch! I am your little lesbian bitch! Oooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkk, oh Marti, I love being your bitch. Ooooooooh I love being the submissive bottom to such a dominant top like you. Oh Marti, fuck my ass! Please put me in my place with a nice deep ass fucking. Ohhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhh, my ass was made for fucking! Mmmmmmm, it was made to be fucked by you. Oh Marti, my tight little dyke ass was made to be pounded hard and deep by the dominant super stud known as Marti Perkins, the woman who will own my ass hole forever. Who will own me forever. Oh Marti, I'm yours. All of me is yours. Yeeeeeesssssssss, I wanna be yours forever! Marry me and pound me into total submission to you! Oh God, I'm going to be Savannah Perkins! I am going to be Savannah Perkins, Marti Perkins's submissive little anal whore! Her lezzie slave! Her wife. Oh Marti, make me your wife! Oh Marti, oh God, ooooooooohhhhhhhhhh myyyyyyyyyyy Gooooooooooddddddddd, I'm cumming, I'm cumming for you Marti, aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkk!"

This not only had Savannah cumming yet again but also had Marti going over the edge of climax. Just like almost every other time they had sex Marti had been holding her orgasm back, savouring this moment of ecstasy and ensuring that when she did cum it would be wonderfully hard. So when she did finally cum Marti knew it was only a matter of time before she would have to stop, and although she powered through her climax valiantly the ones that followed wiped out all of her strength. However since she was determined to make this special she didn't stop so she could retain her air of dominance. No, she used every ounce of energy she had to make sure she and Savannah came as much in as hard as possible, then Marti collapsed down on top of her girlfriend, the two cheerleaders landing on the bed in a sweaty heap.

After a few long minutes of that Marti rolled them over into the spooning position, snuggled up against Savannah and then whispered in the other girl's ear, "Who's my bitch."

Savannah chuckle dreamily at hearing these words again, but once again replied, "Me. I'm your bitch. Your little lesbian bitch."

"My ass to mouth bitch?" Marti pushed with a wicked grin.

"Oh yes." Savannah moaned happily, "Your ass to mouth bitch. I'm your ass to mouth bitch! Mmmmmm, your little gay bitch who loves ass to mouth."

"I don't know." Marti teased, "I'm not sure you really want it."

Savannah rolled her eyes, looked back at her top and then pleaded, "Please Marti, please let me suck my own ass off your big hard cock. I love the taste of my own ass. You made me love it. Please let me show you what a good little ass to mouth bitch I am by taking your big dick out of my slut butt and letting me suck it clean."

Marti grinned, "Well, since you asked so nicely..."

Savannah let out a guttural cry as Marti slowly began sliding her strap-on out of Savannah's sore little shit hole, and then another when it finally came completely out of her well fucked hole. It had been inside there so long that Savannah felt like something had been amputated, but then again she always felt that way when Marti Perkins was no longer inside her. At least in this case she got compensation in the form of a yummy treat, Savannah turning over as quickly as she could to find Marti now lying on her back, that yummy treat glistening on her woman's big dick which was still as stiff as a tentpole, the sight making her mouth water more than it already was.

Crawling down the other girl's body as quickly as she could, which really wasn't that quickly given how tired she was, Savannah got into position and then wrapped her lips around the head of Marti's big cock. She then closed her eyes and let out a loud moan as she tasted the deepest part of her own butt, Savannah savouring the taste for a few long minutes before greedily slurping it clean. She then started slowly working her mouth up and down Marti's cock, eventually opening her eyes again and looking up to Marti for approval. Marti was quick to give it, smiling happily at her and reaching down to stroke her hair.

Pushed on by that encouragement Savannah push the ass flavoured dildo into her throat. When she had first tried this Marti had tried to tell her it was unnecessary, but Savannah had insisted upon it because it was yet another thing which made her feel wonderfully submissive to the far more naturally dominant girl. Besides, there was such a thrill to becoming the kind of slut who could deep throat her lover's dick. So she practised over and over again until finally she got it right, that practice paying off now as Savannah slowly but surely took the entire length into her mouth and down her throat, allowing her to get every drop of ass cream.

This prompted Marti to start encouraging her, "Oh baby, that's right. Suck my cock. Mmmmmmm, you look so good with a cock in your mouth. I've always thought that. But you don't want real cock, do you, you dirty little dyke? No, you want to suck on my big girl cock right after I'm done using it to slam your tight little gay girl ass, don't you? Yeahhhhhhhh, that's it you filthy little ass to mouth loving lez, take it down your fucking throat! Take every fucking inch of this big dildo down your whore throat so you can clean every drop of your slutty dyke ass off my big dick! Oh fuck, that's sooooooo fucking hot! You're so hot Savannah. You're so hot, and nasty, and I love you so fucking much. Come here!"

With that Savannah allowed herself to be pulled upwards into Marti's arms for a deep and passionate kiss. The cock had been thoroughly cleaned at this point, making Savannah feel she had fulfilled her duties as proud ass to mouth loving bottom, and it was incredibly thrilling to kiss after a little ATM action because it meant Marti was tasting Savannah's ass on Savannah's lips and tongue, a fact that wasn't lost on Marti as the kiss only became deeper and more passionate by the second. Then Marti reached down and started sliding a finger along her stretched ass hole, which kind of tickled so Savannah eventually broke the kiss and giggled.

"Marti, stop it." Savannah giggled, before shooting her a sultry look, "Unless you want another round."

"Oh ,I definitely want another round, but..." Marti said, glancing at the bedside clock, "We've already been pushing our luck, so we should really go."

"Yeah, we probably should." Savannah agreed, briefly biting her lip before pushing her luck even further, "5 more minutes?"

Marti smiled, "Honestly I think you could talk me into staying until someone physically throws us out, but 5 minutes sounds good to me. Besides, it's cuddle time."

Savannah smiled, and then after about 5 minutes asked, "Marti?"

"Uh-huh?" Marti hummed softly, her eyes having closed several minutes ago as she held her girl tight.

"What do you think is going to happen to us?" Savannah asked softly.

Marti opened her eyes and looked down at Savannah before replying, "What do you want to happen?"

Savannah looked up into Marti's eyes and softly said, "I wanna marry you."

Marti smiled, "Done."

"No, I mean for real." Savannah said, "If we're going to do this, I want it to be in a church, surrounded by our friends and family, or at least as many as will come, and most of all, I want... I need it to be legally binding. I can't, I can't stand the idea of anyone telling me I'm not Savannah Perkins, and being in any way right."

Smiling sadly Marti pointed out, "That's not up to me babe."

"I know." Savannah said sadly, "But, but even if we need to wait our entire lives, it's worth it, you know?"

"I know." Marti said softly, and then because she couldn't resist added, "Beats moving to Canada."

"Marti!" Savannah scolded, unable to stop herself from letting out a weak laugh.

"I'm sorry, ruining moments is kind of my thing." Marti quickly added, "This is our home, and I want what we have to be recognised as real here too. Because nothing has ever been more real to me."

"Me neither." Savannah said, so overwhelmed with emotions that her eyes filled with tears.

"Anything else?" Marti pushed.

"Kids." Savannah said softly, "I want kids. Lots of them. And since we can't, you know, I want at least one to be adopted, but I also want to find a donor who looks like you and have at least one blonde baby. After I get my cheer camp of course."

"Of course." Marti smiled.

"Does that scare you?" Savannah asked nervously.

"No." Marti quickly replied, before truthfully adding, "Well yes, but I knew what you wanted before I bought the ring. We were best friends before all this, remember? I'm going to do everything in my power to make sure you get whatever you want."

Savannah smiled, "What did I do to deserve you?"

Marti smiled and leaned in for a kiss, "I asked myself the same thing every day."

One soft kiss later Savannah whimpered, "Thank you for saving me."

With another smile Marti cupped Savannah's face to make sure she was looking her in the eye when she told her, "You saved me too. I love you."

"I love you too." Savannah whimpered just before they kissed again.

* * *

That last part was repeated several times throughout the next few years, most notably during their wedding vows which came only 5 years later when gay marriage became legal all over the US. Marti and Savannah were some of the first to take advantage of it, and while it might not have been everything Savannah had dreamt about when she was a little girl it was almost perfect. Her sister even came. 5 years after that Savannah Perkins gave birth to her first child, a beautiful blonde girl that they called Alice after the 'meddling bitch' who had helped given them the push they both desperately needed to save them from misery.

Of course life wasn't perfect. It never was. Career ending injury stopped Savannah from achieving her dream of getting a championship ring on every finger, but as she always said from that day on that she got the ring that really mattered. Plus enough championship rings to legitimise her cheer camp, which she got thanks to her lawyer wife, who eventually became her judge wife. Through it all they kept a picture of the first time of them cheering together in view at the entrance to their house, that way when they got home or left it they could see two girls in hellcats cheerleading uniforms and think how far they had both come, and how they truly saved each other.

The End.


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