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Hellcats: Saving Savannah Part 4
by MTL ([email protected])

Savannah had always loved cheerleading practice. She could remember Dan asking her if she found the monotony of doing the same routines over and over again boring but the truth was that she had never felt more alive or felt more comfortable in her own skin than when practising her routines with her squad.

Practice makes perfect was a common saying in the Monroe household, and while Savannah like to think she wasn't quite the perfectionist her mother was she definitely believe that continuous hard work and perseverance paid off. But it was more than that because as all of her routines involve putting her own health and the health of others on the line Savannah was able to completely clear her head and just concentrate on the moment. That had been heavenly for Savannah who's mind had been cluttered with inappropriate thoughts for as long as she could remember.

Of course Savannah hadn't been stupid enough to go looking for an alternative dangerous activity to take her mind off things. She would never risk her cheerleading career like that. However recently she had found another way to chase off her inner demons, and although it basically meant she was giving into them it had Savannah redefining her understanding of happiness.

In between each routine Savannah would glance over at the cause of her happiness.

Marti Perkins.

Just the sight of her, or even the thought of her name, caused Savannah's heart to flutter and her body to tingle. To a lesser extent that had always been the case, but now there was less of the overwhelming guilt and self-hatred which had been eating away at Savannah's soul. However now Savannah had a whole new list of fears to go along with the old ones, which she could thankfully block out during practice but once it was over Savannah new those feelings would come back. That was why she pushed her squad longer and harder than ever before under the pretence of practising for Regionals, if they could even get there, but that was a whole other issue.

Putting that and everything else aside Savannah continued to concentrate on the practice until Alice finally wined, "Ok, that's it, I'm hitting the showers."

"Alice..." Savannah snapped, pushing down her feelings of frustration, which in all fairness were not the fault of Alice, and as calmly as possible said in a rather pleading tone, "Please stay. I know we're all tired, but please just one more-"

"That's what you said the last two times." Alice interrupted, "And while I don't mind a workout I know at least one of us has a date to be getting too."

Despite her best efforts a look of terror briefly crossed Savannah's face. Because sure, the more she replayed it in her head the more it sounded like Alice was boasting that she had a date and Savannah didn't, and that was probably how everyone except maybe Marti heard it, but for a brief moment it sounded like Alice was telling everyone that Savannah had a date with Marti to get too. Mostly this was because Savannah knew Alice's part in what was going on with her and Marti, but still.

"You have been running us pretty hard today." Lewis spoke up in agreement, simply because it was the truth.

"And we could probably all user break." Marti said, quickly adding, "Besides, I kind of wanted to talk to you about something important. If you're still feeling wired afterwards we could run laps or something."

Doing her best to ignore the smirk on Alice's face Savannah murmured, "Yeah... I, I guess you guys are right. Let's call it a day. Great job guys!"

Savannah was briefly happy that she sounded more like herself with her last comment, then as her fellow cheerleaders left in the direction of the showers Alice called out, "Have fun with her Marti."

That comment had Marti and Savannah both simultaneously blushing and fuming with anger but they both hid it best they could, Marti slowly leading the way into their coach's office and then gently closing the door behind them.

"So, what's up?" Savannah asked nervously.

"You tell me." Marti said, stepping closer so she was kind of, sort of in Savannah's personal space but not quite touching her, "You seem a little... stressed."

"Oh." Savannah murmured, before trying to dismiss it, "It's nothing."

"It doesn't seem like nothing." Marti murmured, moving ever so slightly closer as she lowered her voice to add, "Is it, you know, about tonight? Because if it is I totally get it, you don't have to say anything, but just... I know it sounds crap, but just try and relax, ok? Don't let it get to you. And if it's too much we can put it off to the weekend if you want."

"No, I want to get it over with." Savannah said, quickly realising that wasn't exactly romantic or even very nice considering they were discussing what could be their final date, which of course was the problem, but for now Savannah just concentrated on backtracking, "I mean, it's not that I'm not looking forward to it, I just-"

"I know. It's driving me crazy too. This whole thing is." Marti smiled softly.

Savannah returned a soft smile and then after a pause asked, "Ok... I... should we, you know, go shower?"

"Let's give it another minute. Wait for everyone to leave." Marti said, trying and failing to keep a wicked grin off her face.

"Why?" Savannah asked.

"Well... it's just hard for me, you know? Being in there and not checking you out." Marti said softly, pretty much whispering that last part and the next part into Savannah's ear, "Or touch you."

Particularly her final comment came off a lot dirtier than Marti had intended it too, but it had the desired effect of making Savannah blush and eye the door nervously.

"Marti." Savannah said in a warning tone.

"Sorry, it's just... being around you." Marti murmured softly, "And... I get it. You were putting off the end of practice because you didn't want to hit the showers any more than I did. When, you know."

Savannah did know and she was grateful beyond words that not only was Marti experiencing the same thing but she was helping her deal with it. Of course this was a quick fix, but one way or another it would gradually get easier to be in a room full of naked girls again, especially after today. Or at least as easy as it ever would be for them. And as for Savannah's inner demons, well... that was a whole other story.

"So..." Marti said, moving slightly back, "Let's just hang out here for a bit, ok?"

"Ok." Savannah murmured, before adding with a soft smile, "Thank you."

"No big." Marti shrugged, fighting the urge to kiss or gently touch Savannah in some comforting gesture.

The two cheerleaders exchanged a soft smile, then after a awkward pause Savannah asked, "So... any hints about tonight?"

Marti smiled, "You'll just have to wait and see."

There was more silence, both girls reflecting on the significance of tonight... their final date. Or at least the final date of this one week trial run Marti had convinced Savannah to try. Whether it was truly their final date was up to Savannah. Marti had made her feelings very clear. The blonde knew what she wanted and seemed determined to get it. The brunette envied that focus, that clarity.

Not that Marti was being pushy. If anything the blonde had been the perfect 'gentleman' under the circumstances, finding the right balance of checking Savannah was a ok at all times without being too repetitive/irritating, and doing the little thing so very right.

Over the past week Marti hadn't exactly reinvented the wheel as far as dating was concerned, but all the clich‚s had worked like a charm on Savannah. Picnics, restaurant meals, movies both on the big screen and the little one now in their room had been great. Amazing even. Although by far Savannah's favourites just involved hanging out in their room together, sometimes talking about everything and nothing, sometimes Marti just holding Savannah in her arms as they lay in a comfortable silence.

Of course all their dates ended in amazing sex, and whenever they were alone with each other, like now for example, the temptation to give in to those desires was almost overwhelming, no matter how risky it was. Hell, for a few moments Marti and Savannah would just settle for a kiss, but then they heard the sound of their fellow cheerleaders exiting the showers.

"Ok, you better go first. Otherwise... you know." Marti said, wiggling her eyebrows in a way which made Savannah predictably blush.

When the brunette opened the door Marti became very grateful she hadn't elaborated on what she might do to Savannah if they were left alone in the showers as there was another brunette approaching them with a beaming smile.

"Savannah, Marti." Alice beamed in an incredibly unwelcoming smile, "Did you enjoy your little... talk?"

Briefly Savannah looked back nervously at Marti, the blonde giving her a comforting look before murmuring, "Ignore her. See you later."

"Bye." Savannah mumbled, heading off in the direction of the showers.

As Savannah left Marti scowled at Alice and asked, "What do you want?"

"Closure." Alice shrugged before elaborating, "See, if there's one thing I can't stand its not getting resolution to something. That's why I don't start watching a TV show until at least its second season. There's nothing worse than a TV show which ends on a cliffhanger."

Marti glared at the other cheerleader. Part of her wanted to tell Alice to 'shove it', but some of the other Hellcats were still hanging around, some even half watching them to see if they would start yelling at each other, so Marti didn't really want to antagonise the brunette. Besides, as much as she used to admit it, she kind of owed Alice for helping her realise the truth about herself and Savannah... who probably wouldn't react well to Alice asking questions.

So Marti begrudgingly asked softly, "What do I have to do for you not to bother Savannah about this?"

Alice smiled, "Just give me some closure."

Gritting her teeth and not looking the other girl in the eye Marti softly mumbled, "You were right."

"About what?" Alice pushed.

"Me... and what I really want." Marti admitted.

"Duh, I knew that. Tell me something I don't know." Alice said, "Like are you and-"

"It's complicated." Marti interrupted, her phone beeping to let her know she had a text as she added, "You promised to leave Savannah alone and I'll tell you all about it tomorrow. Until then just back off, ok?"

These words immediately had Alice's blood boiling, but before she could lash out Marti looked at her message with this intriguing little expression on her face, prompting Alice to compromise, "Tell you what, I'll back off if you tell me who just texted you."

Marti looked up at her and stared at Alice for a few moments, then murmured, "Dan."

"Savannah's Dan? As in her boyfriend and your best friend?" Alice rhetorically asked excitedly, "Oooooh, what did he say?"

"That wasn't part of the deal... and he's her ex-boyfriend." Marti said, her eyes shifting to the showers before looking back at Alice, "I've got to go. Tell Savannah... actually you know what, I'll tell her myself. You stay away from her or else."

With that Marti quickly ran into the showers to grab her stuff and apologise to Savannah before rushing off to meet her best friend.

* * *

Marti hadn't seen or heard from Dan for an entire week. The last time they'd gone that long without talking was when they had sex, and just like then Marti was worried she had lost her best friend. Really the only friend she'd had for most of her life. The only person who stuck by her through everything. And she had stolen his girlfriend.

Sure, they technically hadn't been together but he had only just broken up with Savannah, probably because of something Alice had said to him, when Marti fucked her and then literally begged her roomie to be hers. That totally violated the bro code, or something.

Of course Marti had no idea if he knew that or not, who knows what Alice could have been telling him while he was ignoring her calls and texts. Although truthfully this was a conversation which definitely needed to be face to face. Marti owed Dan at least that. Not that she had any idea what she was going to say to him, even though it was one of the few things she had been obsessing over this week other than Savannah.

When Marti finally saw him he looked good, considering. Upset, but that was understandable. They just needed to talk this out, let him vent his frustrations at her for a little while then she would explain that she was in love with Savannah and hopefully Dan would slowly come to understand, respect and eventually be ok with it. Or as ok as he ever would be. Then things can go back to normal between them. More or less.

"Hey Dan." Marti said, sitting down next to him on the bench. There was an awkward silence between them she joked, "Sooooo... you don't call, you don't write..."

"Do you remember this place?" Dan asked bitterly.

"Well, duh. It's the campus grounds." Marti grinned, then when that didn't say anything further answered more seriously, "Where we saw Savannah for the first time."

"Mm." Dan grunted softly, before adding in a mocking tone, "So... was it love at first sight?"

The tone of the words hurt more than the words themselves, but Marti had expected something like this. She'd been hoping he might take it a little better, but he sort of had a right to be like this.

"No." Marti answered truthfully.

"But you wanted to fuck her." Dan said coldly, like it was a statement, not a question.

As it wasn't true Marti answered it as a question, "No. When I first saw her I thought she was some air head football groupie, but I couldn't have been more wrong. She's smart, and caring, and... good. Amazing. And I know it's not what you want to hear, but I love her. I've loved her ever since our first real meeting because we argued and I got to see how passionate she was, how determined, and strong inside, and when it was over... it was like I could see inside her soul and I knew, I just knew I felt something for her. I had no idea what it was at the time, and I buried it because it scared the shit out of me, but it kept coming back and getting stronger and stronger, and eventually I couldn't just bury it anymore. I couldn't just pretend it wasn't there. I'd fallen for her. The first time we met I fell for her, and it just got to the point where I... I couldn't pretend I wasn't in love with her anymore."

Marti knew she was babbling, knew she was crying like a little girly girl, two things she absolutely hated to do but she couldn't help it. She was pouring her heart and soul out, and it hurt, but in a weird way it also felt really good to finally tell someone other than Savannah how she felt, even if Marti was pretty sure Dan was about to bite her head off for it.

She was right, "So what? You were always a dyke but just didn't know it?"

Marti resented Dan using that term but forgave him for it under the circumstances, eventually answering in a soft voice, "Yes."

"I don't believe you." Dan said flatly, "I've known you my entire life. I've never even seen you look at another girl."

"Then you weren't watching hard enough." Marti shot back, softening her words as she added, "I mean I, I looked. And I thought about, you know, that kind of stuff, but I always dismissed it. Always made excuses. Always told myself I was straight because it never even really occurred to me I wasn't. Which I know sounds like crap, but that's how fucked up I was."

There was a long silence, then Marti let out a humourless little laugh.

"You know, it's funny. Alice gave me this whole speech about how I needed to save Savannah, but I don't think it even occurred to me until right now just how much she saved me. Savannah I mean. Without her, who knows what I'd be doing. She... she dragged me kicking and screaming out of the closet just as much as I dragged her. More even." Marti murmured, quickly getting by the look on Dan's face that her confession wasn't helping matters, "But I need you to know something. I don't know what Alice told you but absolutely nothing happened between me and Savannah until after you guys broke up. And I know I still suck as a friend for hooking up with her, but let's face it I would have sucked no matter when it happened. And trust me on this, you guys were all wrong for each other. I mean, I thought you were good for each other, but apparently I'm kind of an idiot when it comes to these things. Or at least I have been. And... God Dan, I'm just so sorry. I know you love Savannah-"

"I don't care about Savannah!" Dan snapped, completely taking Marti by surprise.

"But then-" Marti barely got out before Dan grabbed the side of her head with both hands and pulled her roughly forwards and crushed his lips onto hers.

Marti immediately tried to push Dan away but he pulled her back to him, so she punched him in the gut. There was no malice behind it, but a lot more force than those times they had been joking around.

He immediately let go of her and Marti jumped up, "DAN! What the hell are you doing?"

"I love you Marti." Dan quickly replied, ignoring the pain as he stood up to look Marti in the eye.

"What?" Marti mumbled in disbelief.

"I love you." Dan repeated, "When I'm around you all I can think about is being with you. Of holding you. Of kissing you. And all the other dumb aspects of love. I know I should have said this sooner, but I... just wasn't ready. I wasn't ready when we had sex, or when Alice threatened to tell you how I really felt if I didn't break up with Savannah, but I'm ready now and I'm all in. Just, just give me a chance to show you we belong together."

Dan took a step forward and Marti took a step back. Then they just stared at each other for a few seconds.

Marti couldn't believe it. Dan was in love with her! And had been for a while... and she was now pretty sure she'd always been gay, and that Savannah had been gay, so... that meant she had to be the dumbest girl in the entire history of the world.

Seriously, how the hell did she get into college when she was completely oblivious to everything important going on around her?

Of course there would be plenty of time for Marti to bang her stupid head against a wall later. For now she had to let her best friend down in the most gentle way possible, both for his sake and the sake of their friendship.

"Dan... I'm sorry. I love you as a friend, but I've never felt that way about you." Marti said softly but firmly, trying to make herself clear before softening the blow, "I mean, we're great as friends. We've always-"

"Had great chemistry? Always clicked? Being able to talk to each other about everything? I know." Dan interrupted, "That's why we're meant to be. You and me M, we make sense. Not you with someone you've just met, and not me with some self-righteous cheerleader with a laundry list of mental issues. You and me, we're meant to be, and all that cheesy crap we hate."

The dig at Savannah had Marti's rage flaring up, but under the circumstances she let it go and said softly but clearly, "Dan, I'm sorry for how this went down, but I'm with Savannah."

"Oh really?" Dan questioned bitterly, taking a step forward as Marti moved backwards, "So what, you came out of the closet? Told your Mom you're a rug muncher now? And Savannah's Mom and the rest of your little squad all know you're fucking each other?"

Again Marti let the words go, although it was more of a struggle this time, "Not yet, but-"

"Oh please." Dan scoffed, taking another step forward as again Marti moved backwards, "You're butch, sure, but you're no muff diver. And as for Savannah, who knows, but there's no way in hell she'd ever be openly gay. It would destroy her. You know that. In fact if you really loved her you wouldn't let Alice put ideas in her head and let her ruin her life. Maybe that way her parents might talk to her again someday."

Now that hit a nerve, "You don't know what you're talking about!"

"Don't I?" Dan asked, finally getting closer to Marti without her moving backwards, even as he obviously became increasingly angry, "You're going to take everything from this girl, then you're going to break her heart and leave her with nothing. It's just who you are. You're afraid of commitment, just like me. That's why I knew, I knew deep down you wouldn't be able to commit to us, even though you know in your heart it's supposed to be you and me. But that's ok, because you're a stereotype, and sooner or later you'll wake up and realise you've done the whole experimenting in college thing and it's time to stop pretending to be a dyke, dump that bobble-headed whack job and leave her to slit her wrists while listening to something emo."

The sound of Marti slapping Dan echoed seemingly throughout the college, suddenly making them both feel like all eyes were on them. Of course no one had paid attention to them at first but as their argument became increasingly heated people slowly started paying attention, and the slap had the last few turning to look at them.

Briefly looking around Marti was grateful that she didn't recognise anyone so hopefully this wouldn't get back to the Hellcats or anyone she or more importantly Savannah knew. And if it did hopefully by then it would be just another unreliable rumour so it wouldn't matter too much.

Of course if any of this did get back to Savannah in any way Marti was going to take it out on Dan, something she was very tempted to do right now anyway. However once again she restrained herself. Partly because that would only make this argument worse and get more people's attention which would be extremely bad because man, what was she thinking agreeing to meet here? But also despite everything he said Dan was still her friend, and considering she came here more than half expecting a fight she couldn't really hold it against him for delivering, even if he now owed her an apology just as much as she had owed him one.

So speaking very slowly and as calmly as she could Marti said, "You're mad, and you have a right to be, and you've been a true friend to me for a very long time, so I'm going to do you a favour and forget every single word you just said. In fact we can pretend this meeting never happened, and you can disappear again for another week or so. Then we can try this again, and hopefully we can save our friendship because that has always meant a lot to me. But, FYI, for our next meeting... call me a dyke as much as you want, but leave Savannah out of it. Because if you say one bad thing about her that conversation will be over and you'll be lucky to get a third one. Now, I'm going to leave and you're going to let me while there's still a chance that we can forgive each other and get back to being friends. If you follow me we're through!"

With that Marti turned and started walking away at a brisk pace, desperately trying to keep her tears in as she was determined that Dan and everyone watching wouldn't see her cry.

The last part of her little speech had been a lot more antagonising then Marti had been going for but she was really struggling to keep her angering check and it was pretty clear that Dan was in the same boat so it may have been necessary to make sure he didn't follow her.

Of course it was extremely difficult for Marti not to turn back as he called after her, "You're not a dyke Marti. We're meant to be together. One day you'll realise that. I can wait until then."

"You'll die of old age first!" Marti snapped angrily, beginning to run as her eyes filled with tears of rage and sorrow.

Similar feelings flowed through Dan as he watched her go, staring blankly at the spot she disappeared just long enough for the small crowd to disperse. Then he took out his phone, selected Savannah's number on speed dial and then just stared at it for a few seconds.

On some level Dan knew he wasn't in a right mental state to say a single word to Savannah, or another one to Marti, and what he was thinking of doing was wrong. But it was a necessary evil, he reassured himself. Something which would benefit himself, Savannah and Marti in the long run. Because this way Savannah wouldn't have to lose everything, and Marti wouldn't have to waste her time in a doomed relationship, and most importantly of all he wouldn't lose Marti to a fucking girl. And Marti probably wouldn't talk to him again for a very long time, but one day she and maybe even Savannah would thank him.

So he pressed the little green button on his phone, brought it up to his lips/ear and waited.

He didn't have to wait long, "Dan..."

The apprehensive tone in Savannah's voice had Dan briefly hesitating. He was angry at Savannah, and would never forgive her or Alice for messing things up so much. But it would be better this way. Because from the way she had been talking about Savannah, which had been like a knife repeatedly stabbing his heart, Marti was so lost in her delusion that she was gay it could take years for them to break up, and the idea of banging hot chicks while waiting around for Marti to realise who she was meant to be with was no longer appealing.

Still... he would take no pleasure in doing what he had to do.

"Break up with Marti." He said coldly into the phone, "Tell her you were just experimenting or going through a phase. That you don't love her. That you've never loved her and you never will. That she disgusts you, that she can burn in hell, and then kick her out of your silly little club and never speak to her ever again. If you don't I'll tell everyone you're a fucking dyke who stole Marti from me!"

"Dan, please-" Savannah tried to interrupt in a weak voice.

"I'm serious." Dan said flatly, "I'll tell your Mom, your Dad, your sister, your whole stuck up family! And your cheerleader friends here, and back at Memphis Christian. I'll tell them all you're a lesbian whore and then your family will never speak to you again and you'll be the laughing stock at all those stupid cheerleading competitions of yours! So do as I say and then stay away from me and Marti."

With that Dan hung up the phone, feeling like the biggest jerk in the whole entire world.

Excluding murderers, rapists, etc he probably was because some extremely dark part of him had enjoyed that. It was like hurting the two girls who had hurt him was... therapeutic. He just hoped Savannah would do the right thing so he wouldn't have to make good on his threats. Either way he was confident he would eventually get the girl, but it would be better for everyone if Savannah just did what he said.

* * *

Savannah stood still as a statue with her phone to her ear for a long time. Not taking in the words, not calling Marti or anyone else, but just standing there rooted to the spot without a single thought going through her head.

She felt dead inside. And not the my soul is now in heaven or hell but like an actual corpse. It was perhaps the worst feeling she'd ever felt, and continued even as she slowly lowered herself down onto her bed, lying down flat on it and just waiting for the moment she would feel something again.

When she finally did Savannah prayed for the empty feeling to return as all her fears, anxieties and inner turmoil brutally tour her brain and even her soul apart, leaving her nothing but a crying wreck.

Meanwhile Marti was marching back to her dorm room, her tears slowly stopping as she became consumed with anger and rage, both at Dan for the things he had said and at herself for being so fucking stupid she didn't realise what was going on around her until it was too late.

Why hadn't she realised Dan had feelings for her a long time ago and dealt with it when he had first started having them, made it clear to him there would never be anything between them but friendship? Why did she have to have sex with him when that probably only added too or created these feelings in the first place? And most of all why couldn't she have realised she was gay before she joined the Hellcats so she could have asked Savannah out before Dan even met the beautiful brunette? And ok, Savannah might not have said yes right away but if Marti had made it clear to Dan she wanted Savannah he would have surely backed off AND understood which way she swung, which would avoid this whole messed up situation, right?

All those questions, and others that were running through her head, were briefly forgotten as she had a horrible case of d‚j… vu, Marti opening her door to find her roommate weeping on top of her covers. The only difference was the last time it had felt like Marti's heart was being ripped out, now it was like her heart was being ripped out and repeatedly stomped on.

"Savannah!" Marti called out, slamming the door closed behind her before rushing to her roomie's side, "What happened? Did Dan say something to you? Or Alice? If either of them said or did anything to hurt you I swear to God I'll kill them!"

"I... I..." Savannah whimpered, Marti's touch calming her to the point where she realised that Marti looked upset too, "Wh, why? What happen between you and Dan?"

"It's not important. Not compared to you." Marti said softly, brushing a hair out of Savannah's face, tucking it behind her ear and then cupping that pretty face she adored so much, "I mean you're... Savannah. Oh, Savannah, I... please just... just tell me what I can do to make whatever this is better. Whatever it is I'll do it. Just... just tell me how I can make this better..."

As Marti was talking Savannah lent into the blonde's hand, that small touch comforting her in a way she couldn't even describe. When Marti finished talking Savannah tried to form words but she just couldn't, so instead she slowly lent her head forwards so she was resting against Marti's chest.

Without another word Marti wrapped her arms around Savannah and held the cheerleader captain tightly, the two girls staying like that for what felt like an eternity as Savannah just gently cried against Marti's chest. Then all of a sudden they were slowly moving, Marti kicking off her shoes, gently lowering Savannah down and then getting underneath the covers with her. The whole time Marti never broke the embrace, and now the blonde was lying on her back with the brunette laying on top of her Savannah felt an overwhelming feeling of calm flooding her body. Not enough to stop the tears that were flowing from her eyes, but at least she stopped making any noise as the silence that followed was oddly comforting. Or maybe that was just Marti's arms. Savannah didn't know and she really didn't care. All that mattered was that for a while she was safe and happy.

Then suddenly Savannah had a moment of clarity. Well, truthfully it wasn't so sudden. In fact it wasn't sudden at all, just an acknowledgement of something she'd known long before she met Marti Perkins, perhaps even something she had known her entire life.

"I'm gay."

The words were so softly spoken it barely qualified as a whisper but in the silent room they sounded deafening, especially to Savannah who couldn't believe those words escaped from her lips.

They also sounded deafening to Marti, who was filled with so much overwhelming happiness from those two little words that she felt her own eyes flooding with tears of pure joy. She also briefly felt like letting out a girlish squeal for the first and probably the last time. However that urge quickly died down as she analysed the questioning and even sorrowful tone Savannah had used.

Clearly the other girl wasn't yet as happy with this as Marti was, but the blonde had no idea what she could possibly say to make it ok. Was there something? It felt like she should say something, but she really didn't want to put her foot in her mouth. Of course that was pretty much what Marti always did so why should this be any different?

As if to prove that point Marti's first words were, "Is... is that the first time you said that out loud?"

Stupid Marti! Stupid! Stupid! Stupid!

"I... I don't think I've even let myself think it." Savannah said softly, "But I am... aren't I?"

Marti at least knew better than to answer that.

"It's ok. I know you think I'm gay. Apparently everybody does." Savannah murmured almost bitterly, "And they're right. Because I can try and deny it all I want but... you, you make me happy. It, it scares me. And it would be so, so much easier just to push you away, and part of me really wants too, but... I don't want to go back to pretending I'm happy when the truth is... I, I want you so badly it hurts..."

As Savannah seem to trail off Marti murmured, "You have me. If that's what you want. But... like I said before, you're not signing a contract. If... if you want out, you can just say the word, which will probably kill me, but... I want you to be happy."

"I know." Savannah said softly, another silence falling between them before she added, "My Mom will never forgive me. I mean, she probably already knows. Maybe that's why she's really so mad at me. Because leaving Memphis Christian is bad enough, but to be a sexual deviant... an abomination... that's-"

"HEY! Look at me!" Marti interrupted, waiting until Savannah was looking up at her before continuing, "You are neither of those things. You're beautiful, and kind, and caring, and just flat-out amazing. You're... you're perfect."

Savannah smiled softly and then said, "That's not how my Mom will see it. Or my Dad, or my sister, or anyone else in my family."

"Then don't tell them." Marti said, "Seriously, they shut you out so do the same to them."

There was a brief pause as Savannah considered telling Marti the reason for her latest and perhaps most hysterical crying fit yet. In a way she wanted too, partly because she was angry at Dan, and partly because she had cried so much over the last week and Savannah would like to make it clear to her lover that she wasn't always such a wreck, and this time it was more than just herself-hatred which led to her little outburst.

But Savannah didn't want Marti to think she was just doing all this because Dan had threatened to out her. Because sure, Savannah would have opted for another week or so of secretly dating before telling anyone, but now she thought about it that didn't seem very fair to Marti. Besides, she was so tired of all of this, and her family and friends had a right to hear the truth from her, not some angry ex-boyfriend.

"No." Savannah said softly but firmly, "They're my family. They deserve to know the truth."

"They don't, and we don't have to tell anyone if you don't want too." Marti promised, "I mean, I really want to tell people but-"

"I wanna tell people too." Savannah interrupted, surprising Marti with her first comment and then even more with her second, "I, I want to... you know... to tell... to... come out..."

Again Savannah's words made Marti overwhelmingly happy, but her tone had the blonde worried, "Are you sure?"

"Yes." Savannah whispered, "I was supposed to make a decision today. To decide whether we should date... no, whether we should keep dating or not. And I want too. I wanna keep dating you. And I'm... I'm so tired. I'm so tired of being afraid of what they and other people think. I'm so tired of pretending I'm something I'm not. I'm so tired of hating myself. I'm just... I'm just so tired of fighting these feelings I have when my family still barely talks to me as it is and I could live my entire life avoiding temptation yet still be hell bound for the way I feel inside. I just... I just want to be happy, and... you... you know. So I'll burn for you. I'll burn in hell if, if I can be with you. Even if... if I have to lose everything I had, everything I've ever wanted... that's ok. My family... my own cheer camp... heaven... I want those things... but not as much as I want to be happy..."

Throughout her speech Savannah's eyes had been welling up, perhaps more than ever before, so by the time she trailed off it seemed like the poor girl was seconds away from a total meltdown.

Knowing her next words maybe the most important she'd ever say the blonde did her best to make them good and not crap and/cheesy, Marti gently cupping Savannah's face again as she whispered, "I can't promise you heaven or success. No one can. But I promise you'll be happy. Whatever it takes, whatever I need to do I'll do it. I swear, I will make you happy."

Marti was pretty sure her words were at least cheesy but they seem to work, or at least not make the situation worse, so she considered it a win. Savannah still cried, but first she smiled gently down at Marti and then rested her head back down so the blonde could hold her again.

They stayed like that for what felt like another eternity, Savannah crying harder and longer than she'd ever done before. However unlike all those other times it truly made her feel better. It was like she was mourning the death of straight girl Savannah... a girl who had never really existed. Like everything Savannah had told herself she wanted died with her, and while Savannah wanted to revive her immediately, and would no doubt want to do so in the future, she didn't think she would ever want to enough to actually do it. Or like Savannah had been desperately clutching onto the door frame of her closet as Marti tried to pull her out of it, and now she was finally out the world wasn't big and scary but beautiful and Savannah never wanted to leave.

Eventually, when felt like she had no more tears to shed, Savannah asked, "So... tonight was going to be our final date... what were we going to do?"

Marti smiled softly.

"Well, I thought long and hard about it and nothing seemed good enough. So eventually I decided I would just take you back here, then ask you to look me in the eye..." Marti said, waiting until Savannah was doing just that before adding, "Then I was going to tell you that I love you and that I'd do anything to make you happy. That if you gave us a chance I would worship the ground you walk on and cheer you on as you achieve every goal you've ever wanted. That I believe in you, and if you let me, I'll be your football groupie forever."

The last comment actually got a small laugh out of Savannah, which of course was the intention, both girls briefly pausing as they remembered the insult which led to their first ever argument.

"I mean cheerleader." Marti grinned, "I'll be your own personal cheerleader, supporting you no matter what. I'll be whatever you want me to be Savannah, just so long as you promise to be mine. Please Savannah, be my girlfriend."

Savannah blinked at Marti for a few seconds, then smiled and softly whispered, "Yes... yes, I'll be your girlfriend."

Marti smiled, feeling tears of happiness well up again as she rested her forehead down against Savannah's. Then she gently kissed the other girl, although despite what Marti had intended it didn't remain gentle for long.

It seems that Savannah was tired of all this heavy talk and crying and wanted to do something to take her mind off it. Marti couldn't blame her and was more than happy to comply, however when she tried to switch their positions Savannah took her by surprise as she shoved her back down onto the bed and straddled her.

Almost instantly Savannah broke the kiss and after briefly pausing to pant murmured, "Stay. I want... I need to do something."

Marti opened her mouth to ask what but she was silenced by Savannah's lips. After that Marti quickly decided she would just let Savannah do whatever she wanted, the blonde lying back as she and her new girlfriend became a lost in a long, drawn out kiss which gave Marti plenty of opportunities to think of Savannah as her girlfriend, the term making her heart flutter every time.

Savannah went through something similar, although it wasn't primarily her heart which seem to be affected. As such by the time the kiss was broken the usually submissive brunette was like a rabid animal, quickly shoving the covers off the bed and then tearing at the clothes of her lover, almost literally ripping off the blonde's shirt and bra to get at her beautiful boobs.

There was a couple of kisses to Marti's neck but that was it, Savannah's mouth then immediately latching on to one of the other girl's nipples and sucking it roughly, making her girlfriend moan.

Feeling the same sensation she had before from the words 'her girlfriend' Savannah sucked harder on Marti's nipple, making her girlfriend moan louder which obviously had the process repeating itself again, Savannah becoming completely lost in what she was doing.

Meanwhile Marti was gently curling her fingers into Savannah's hair and then gently pressing the other cheerleader's mouth more firmly against her nipple. Not enough to even come close to hurting Savannah, and probably not enough for the brunette to even feel it, but enough so it gave Savannah all the encouragement she needed to suck ever so slightly harder and to start using her tongue, Marti's head whipping back as she felt that soft wet muscle circle that sensitive little thing.

Normally when Savannah did this she would spend a little time kissing the soft flesh of Marti's boobs in between licking and sucking on her nipples. Now Savannah seemed completely focused on the blonde's nipples, not that Marti was complaining but it kind of made the pleasure more intense to the point where her desire for Savannah to touch another part of her body turned into a burning need a lot faster than usual. In fact by the time Savannah's hands came up to cup Marti's tits, pushing one further into her mouth while massaging the other, the blonde cheerleader was having to bite her lip to stop herself from begging Savannah to do more.

Of course Marti would have been happy to do just that but last time she had tried it seemed to put Savannah off more than encourage her, at least at this stage, so she tried to just relax and enjoy. Luckily it wasn't long until after that before Savannah did something else, that being grabbing hold of Marti's pants and panties and pulling them down the blonde's long legs. This was a surprising first, previously Marti had always been the one to remove her bottoms and that had almost exclusively been to rub her centre against Savannah's, not for the other girl to finger her. Then Marti wondered if that wasn't what Savannah had in mind, the thought making the blonde's body increasingly burn with anticipation.

That anticipation increased tenfold after the brunette had finished removing the blonde's pants, panties and socks, Savannah slowly, nervously crawling in between Marti's legs until she was inches away from the other cheerleader's pussy. Then Savannah bit her lip and looked up, the two girls exchanging an intense stare for a few long seconds before finally the little Christian girl closed her eyes tight, lent forward and slid her tongue over Marti's pussy lips.

Marti let out a incredibly high pitched cry of pleasure at that gentle touch, then for a few long seconds both cheerleaders remained still as statues. Then Savannah drove her head downwards as she started lapping hungrily at the sweet treasure in front of her, the cheerleader captain feeling so proud of herself for continuing to make Marti cry out in pleasure.

It was kind of funny. Savannah had gone through so much inner torment, had hated herself for having such sinful feelings and prayed for so long to be good and normal. Perhaps she could have spared herself at least some of that emotional pain if she had only tasted pussy sooner.

Then again maybe it had to be Marti's pussy. That if it had been anyone else, a girl who didn't love her the way Marti did, or a girl that Savannah wasn't in love with, it wouldn't be the same. Or maybe Marti just had the best pussy in the world. Really it didn't matter, not right now anyway. In fact all that mattered to Savannah Monroe at that moment was licking at the soft wet fountain of heaven in liquid form that she found in between Marti Perkins' legs, all of the brunette's fears, doubts, etc seeming to just melt away as she became lost in going down on another girl for the first time in her life.

Meanwhile Marti was feeling just as blissfully happy, and more confident with her own sexuality than ever before. Not that there had really been any doubt left in her mind that she was a lesbian, but wow. Just wow.

No, Marti was going to be a lawyer and she needed to learn to put thoughts and feelings into words, so as hard as it was she would try and do justice to exactly what she was feeling. Of course it wasn't exactly easy. After all, for the first time in her life another girl was going down on her. Savannah was going down on her. Finally she was feeling Savannah's tongue sliding over her quivering cunt, and words like amazing, incredible and wonderful couldn't do what she was feeling justice, nor could short sentences like body trembling pleasure or mind numbing ecstasy. Then all of a sudden Marti found a word which perfectly described what she was feeling... frustrated.

It all happened so fast, one second the feelings of Savannah's tongue sliding from the entrance to her womanhood up to her clit was the greatest feeling in the world. Then suddenly Marti wanted more, then she really wanted more, before finally craving more. And she so didn't want to push Savannah, but the feeling of the other girl's tongue brushing over her entrance and clit were making Marti whimper with frustration.

Luckily Savannah recognised those whimpers, having made them herself several times throughout the week, the sound awaking the brunette from her dreamlike state so she could focus on what was really important. The thing that during that moment Savannah wanted more than anything. That being to make Marti cum.

During the past week Marti had gone down on Savannah every single night and most mornings, the brunette making the blonde's breakfast and dinner before the blonde made the brunette her desert. The whole time Savannah was taking notes and trying to build up the courage to returned the favour, and now she finally was the cheerleader captain did her absolute best to remember each and every one of those notes and try and use them to give Marti pleasure. Of course each of the notes quickly proved useful however continuing to remember them, or even thinking clearly, became increasingly hard.

The first obstacle was sliding her tongue into her roommate's pussy. Not that it was a physical problem as Savannah's tongue slid into Marti's core like a hot knife through butter, but the psychological aspect of having her tongue inside another girl's pussy for the first time, Marti's pussy no less, made Savannah so overwhelmed it nearly ended her. It was the same story when she began sliding her tongue in and out of Marti... fucking her. She was fucking Marti. With her tongue. She was fucking Marti with her tongue. She, Savannah Monroe, was tongue fucking another girl. Who was now her girlfriend. She, she was now tongue fucking her girlfriend. Then pure heaven in liquid form suddenly filled Savannah's mouth, the poor little church girl not even realising what had happened until much later, and when she finally did it only made her fuck Marti harder.

Of course Marti immediately knew exactly what had happened. She had cum in Savannah's mouth. And even as her body shook almost violently and her whole world seemed to spin and spiral out of control somehow Marti could hear the gentle sound of gulping, her eyes rolling in the back of her head at the knowledge that Savannah was swallowing her. That she was cumming in Savannah's mouth and the innocent little church girl was swallowing it. Savannah was swallowing her girl cum! Another girl was swallowing her girl cum! Her girlfriend was swallowing her girl cum!

Those thoughts combined with Savannah's tongue, which returned to pumping in and out of the blonde cheerleader the second there was no more cum for the brunette cheerleader to swallow, made Marti cum again. This time the orgasm was more powerful, making Marti barely even aware that Savannah's mouth was still glued to her pussy lips or that her roomie's tongue soon returned to her cunt. The same was true for her next couple of climaxes, Marti overwhelmingly so happy that Savannah had become just as lost in eating pussy as the blonde when the positions had been reversed.

Finally Savannah switch things up so that her lips moved up to wrap around Marti's clit. As she seemed to suck that for all she was worth Savannah slid two fingers into Marti's extremely welcoming love hole and began pounding them in and out of her. Almost immediately Marti came again, and then again, and then again, Marti slipping into such dreamlike state she wasn't aware of anything but ecstasy she was receiving.

During this time Savannah switched between these two different techniques, knowing from experience it would increase the pleasure and quickly finding out it was nice to give her tongue a rest but she didn't want to go without swallowing Marti's cum for long hence why she didn't stick to particularly the second technique for too long before switching back to the first. Of course through all that switching Savannah's own body was aching for release, but after everything Marti had done for her the cheerleader captain couldn't even conceive of diverting any of her attention away from her fellow cheerleader.

Just as she thought that Savannah felt fingers digging into her and then suddenly Marti was trying to tug her upwards. Despite the fact that it was painful to resist Savannah really didn't want to leave the paradise she had found in between Marti's legs, so she used all the strength she possessed to stay exactly where she was as she fucked the other girl hard enough to make her cum in her mouth again.

Then she heard Marti softly whimper, "Savannah... please..."

From the sounds of it Marti was trying to elaborate but struggling to find the words as Savannah greedily sucked the last drops of the blonde girl's cum from her pussy. Marti would probably get it eventually but Savannah was pretty sure she knew what she wanted, and while the brunette really didn't want to move a thought suddenly occurred to her, what if Marti wanted to stop because she was tired or sore or something. And wasn't she just thinking that she owed Marti for everything she done for her? Surely that should include doing what Marti wanted?

So not wanting to be selfish Savannah slowly moved upwards, although she kept her fingers gently pumping in and out of Marti's pussy and even began using her thumb to rub the other girl's clit. This of course meant it was still a struggle for Marti to talk, but the curly haired blonde just about managed it, "Please... get naked..."

Savannah hesitated for a few seconds. In a way she felt like tonight should be all about Marti. That she should spend the entire night pleasuring her new girlfriend as a way to say thank you to her for being so patient and understanding with her, for not forcing her into anything that she wasn't ready for, and most of all putting up with all of Savannah's emotional drama just so they could be together. But from the look in Marti's eyes she wanted Savannah to get naked almost as much as Savannah wanted too.

So, while it made her feel selfish, Savannah pulled her fingers out of Marti's sex, quickly sucked them clean, and then moved back so she could practically tear off her clothes.

Marti felt more exhausted than in her entire life, which it had to be noted was filled with hours each day of being in the gym and riding her bike, a past in gymnastics and a present as a cheerleader. None of which was apparently as draining as having another girl go down on her. Not when the girl was such a natural at pussy eating like Savannah Monroe.

Honestly for a few seconds Marti was worried she wouldn't have enough strength to return the favour. Then she saw Savannah, her new girlfriend, naked.

That gave Marti the second wind she needed to roughly grab hold of Savannah, smash her lips against the other girl's in something which seemed more like an attack than a kiss and flipped them over so she was on top. Then, after keeping the kiss going just long enough so that she could force Savannah's tongue into submission with her own and savour tasting herself on her girlfriend's lips and tongue, Marti broke the kiss and quickly move down in between Savannah's legs.

Unfortunately before Marti could tuck into the delicacy in front of her Savannah called out, "Wait! I, I want to... you know, together?"

A huge grin crossed Marti's face as Savannah awkwardly pressed her hands together as if they were playing charades or 20 questions or something. Luckily Marti had a pretty good idea what her lover was getting at.

Deciding to savour this Marti slowly crawled up and then whispered in Savannah's ear, "Do you mean you want to 69 with me baby? Is that what my girlfriend wants?"

"Uh-huh." Savannah blushed but added, "With you on top. I... I want you to be on top."

Marti pulled back and looked at her blushing but clearly horny girlfriend for a few seconds. Then she gently kissed her, quickly turned around and then simultaneously lowered her centre down to Savannah's lips while moving her own mouth down to the other cheerleader's wet heat.

Not willing to wait a second more than necessary Savannah lifted her head upwards to meet Marti's descending twat, immediately burying her face in that wonderful wetness and shoving her tongue as deep into the other girl's pussy as it would go. At the same time Savannah reached up, grabbed hold of Marti's butt and pulled her girlfriend down on top of her.

The shiver that ran through Savannah's body as she thought of Marti as her girlfriend was exactly why she couldn't afford to be patient. True she also really wanted to give Marti pleasure again and to taste her fellow cheerleader's cum and pussy cream... to feel it slide down her throat again... but the point was while she desperately wanted to do all that she was in such a rush because she didn't have much more time to make Marti cum. Not when it felt like the first touch of Marti's tongue would make Savannah explode into a million pieces, figuratively and possibly literally, leaving the poor cheerleader captain unable to do anything but weep with joy.

Perhaps that would have been the case if Marti had attacked Savannah's cunt right away like her captain had done to her, however that wasn't the case. Instead Marti chose to begin licking Savannah's pussy in long, slow strokes which had the poor brunette whimpering hysterically and tongue fucking the blonde harder in an attempt to make her return the favour. For a few seconds it didn't work, although it felt much longer to Savannah. Then, just as Savannah was pretty sure she was about to make Marti cum again, the other cheerleader slammed her tongue inside her and that was it. Prudish little good girl Savannah Monroe was completely gone and in her place was someone Savannah didn't recognise. Not that she really felt like she had any control over her body, for the next few glorious minutes, or however long it was, Savannah becoming completely lost in having sex with her girlfriend.

Marti had tried to take things slow, she really had. It seemed the right thing to do, because no matter how wet Savannah looked surely she should give this girl a little light tongue work at first, right? Surely that's what she needed to do? And it's what she did do, for a little while, but Savannah didn't exactly make it easy, and Marti couldn't bear the thought of having yet another orgasm without first making the girl she loved cum.

So the second she felt the need arising Marti shoved her tongue into the source of all the yummy goodness she had come to crave, managing to easily fuck Savannah to climax in what seemed like seconds. Ever so briefly Marti was pleased that Savannah could get so wound up going down on her. It was both flattering and an extremely positive sign for their relationship. Then Savannah came in Marti's mouth, pure heaven in liquid form flowing pretty much directly down her throat and all over her face in a sign that she had once again made Savannah feel good. That she had given this girl that she loved more than anything pleasure. That she had made her girlfriend cum.

Those last three words echoed in Marti's head in some form as she went berserk, frantically fucking Savannah with her tongue to try and give her roommate as many orgasms as she had given her. Frantically turned to desperately as Savannah continued fucking her with equal passion, the two girls making each other climax over and over again, only pausing to swallow each other's cum, getting as much as they could while the rest ended up on their faces and in their hair. Eventually Marti switched to finger fucking while sucking on Savannah's clit, the other cheerleader also swapping to this technique the first time but sticking to tongue fucking during the other times Marti switched.

While she felt like she was lost in her ecstasy for an eternity the whole time Marti was listening out for any sign that it was too much for Savannah or she was suffocating her or something. So when she heard Savannah let out a little whimper it sounded deafening to her. At the same time Marti suddenly became horribly aware just how hard she was grinding her pussy down on her roomie's face. She had been trying to do it gently because during the few times she had convinced Savannah to sit on her face Marti had loved the feeling, and while truthfully she had loved the harder grinding she wasn't sure how the innocent brunette would feel about it.

So the second she heard that little whimper Marti told herself to move. It took a little while for her body to register the command, but eventually it did as it was told. Savannah weekly clung onto her butt, which was a encouraging sign, however Marti was determined to move and the other girl was too weak to stop her.

Once they were face to face again Marti asked, "Savannah, are you ok?"

Savannah smiled and murmured softly, "I'm happy."

Getting the reference to earlier Marti smiled and whispered, "Me too."

For a few seconds they just stared at each other, and then Savannah said something which made them both giggle, "I mean I'm tired and kind of sore, and I don't think I can handle anymore sweet loving, but... I'm happy."

"Good." Marti said, looking over at the clock briefly before adding, "You wanna get some dinner? It still pretty early, so-"

"I love you." Savannah blurted out, looking down to avoid Marti's gaze as she added, "I'm, I'm sorry I didn't say it sooner, but... I do. I love you Marti. I, I think I've been in love with you since the moment we met, but I couldn't say it. Not unless I was drunk and I knew you didn't think I meant it, but I did. Just saying it then felt so good, and when I sobered up it scared the crap out of me, and it still does, but-"

"Shhhh, it's ok." Marti said softly, trying to calm her girlfriend who seemed to be on the edge of a meltdown.

"It's not ok Marti." Savannah insisted, "You kept telling me that you loved me but I never said it back. Even though I wanted to every time I just couldn't because I was scared. And I'm still scared. But I want you to know, I really do love you, and I'm so sorry I couldn't say it before."

"Hey, listen to me... I will never, ever force you to do or say anything you're not ready for." Marti said softly but very firmly before smiling, "But, it means a lot you said it. I mean, I kind of thought you might. Or at least hoped. It would kind of suck to date someone who didn't at least like me a little bit."

Savannah smiled, and even lightly chuckled as she said, "Well... I didn't say anything about liking you."

That had Marti laughing softly although it sounded quite loud in their quiet room, then she gently hugged Savannah and rolled them so the brunette was lying in her arms where she belonged.

There was silence for a few seconds and then Savannah offered sleepily, "Maybe we should rest for a little while, then get something to eat?"

"Sounds good." Marti murmured, both cheerleaders partly wanting to rest and partly wanting to lay with each other. Then after a little while Marti softly called out, "Savannah?"

Looking up Savannah spoke softly, "Yes Marti?"

Smiling softly Marti cupped Savannah's cheek, "I love you too."


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