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Hellcats: Hell For The Hellcats
by D.R.

On a steamy summer evening in Memphis, the campus of Lancer University would normally be silent. But a series of car horn blasts broke through the muggy sleepiness of the empty grounds. They came from a beaten-up old Ford waiting outside the cheerleaders' dorm, its ancient engine spluttering reluctantly.

Marti Perkins was sitting behind the wheel of the jalopy, pouting her lips in impatience as she pounded the horn. She was waiting for her roomie and fellow cheer teammate Savannah Monroe, who was racing downstairs from their room. Both were members of LU's elite cheerleader team, the Hellcats - and both were running late for practice.

That would be bad enough except - as a result of university cutbacks - their new training complex was out in the western suburbs, off campus. Marti, who normally loved to tone her lithe body with long bike rides, now found had no choice but to borrow her mother's old car to drive out there - and take Savannah too.

The two roomies were quite a contradiction. Marti was a townie, raised by a single mom in a local trailer park. Despite a natural intelligence that belied her blond bimbo exterior, she had been forced to fight her way into LU, and - as a former gymnast - take a scholarship through the Hellcats. Savannah, however, was a legacy with a long attachment to the team - and a member of a strict Christian family. Peppy, petite and intense, Savannah was a contrast to the more casual Marti.

Despite their different backgrounds, and after a short but tense period of hostile rivalry, these two nineteen-year-old women soon bonded over their loyalty to the team and each other. With a shared experience of family strife they soon found a deep rapport. Marti had a troubled time with her mother, a hard-drinking party girl who never wanted to grow up. This had always weakened Marti's confidence and made her somewhat cynical. For her part, Savannah was estranged from her ultra-conservative parents after choosing to attend a secular college. Her sister captained a rival team which only made life harder. As a loyal daughter and faithful Christian Savannah was torn between love for her family and loyalty to the Hellcats.

The worldly Marti and the vigorous Savannah formed the backbone of the team. As their relationship Savannah found herself feeling strangely confused and jealous, looking over the nubile body of her friend with unknown feelings. She had surprised herself with her honesty towards this girl who had been a stranger just a few months before. The pair had found had a frank intimacy with one another and shared their secrets with sincerity. Marti confessed how she had lost her virginity to her professor the year before and now really regretted it, following up with a confused affair with an old male friend which ended in disaster. The bashful Savannah revealed she was still a virgin, despite a few close calls. A mutual loneliness bought the two closer - and Savannah began to wonder if she really was into boys after all.

But that was the least of her concerns this night as she sprinted out of the dorm towards the waiting car. Like Marti she was wearing her uniform, which clung to her perfect little frame as she ran in the sweaty Tennessee summer heat. As team captain she was horrified at the thought of being late, and she urged "Okay, let's go!" as she ducked into the car.

The battered old Ford sped off into west Memphis and across the river. It was a thirty-minute drive through a bleak suburban sprawl to the complex the Hellcats now had to train in. Their drive would lead them across a part of that city that was foreign to the girls. As they vigorously gossiped and joked they could not help but notice the emptiness of the neighborhoods they passed through.

"Wow, things have been bit hard around here," said Savannah absently as she regarded the empty shops and abandoned houses. Being from a privileged family, poverty had always seemed someone else's problem to her. Allowing herself a slight superior smile at her friend's obtuseness, the more lowly-born Marti sneered "You always make the best of everything. This is how the other half live and it's not pretty. The economy has-"

"Okay, Marti", Savannah said firmly but soothingly to calm her friend down. "You're bearing a lot of tense energy tonight. I study economics y'know! You need to focus. And stop speeding! Now, I'll call the team, tell them we're coming."

"No signal out here," said Marti. "This is a wasteland alright". She silently rued, for the thousandth time, the need for this long dark drive.

Savannah frowned girlishly at her dead phone. "Hmph, so I see." She peered out through the growing gloom, her dark brows knitted. "Y'know, it really is a bit creepy out there..." The blank shopfronts looked like skulls and she felt her natural anxiety starting to build.

Marti's smile broadened. "If we see the zombies from "Thriller" maybe you could dance with them?" Her beaming face met her friend's frowning disapproval. Deprecating humor was not something the ever-serious Savannah liked and made her ripe for the teasing Marti's wit.

"I thought we agreed, no sarcasm!" She folded her brown, lissome arms tightly across her firm breasts, staring out the window with a grim petulance. "We'll have to get used to these drives, thanks to the university not treating us with respect - as usual." She back turned to her friend with a firm expression and continued, "So we should work on making maximum use of our time. I was thinking some kind of team-building thing!"

Oh here we go, thought Marti, looking away into the wing mirror and rolling her eyes. She knew Savannah's pep talks well and felt another was coming. In an attempt to forestall the stern lecture she was about to rile Savannah a little more when suddenly she noticed three bright lights, like a group of shining moons, reflecting in the mirror.

"Gee," said Savannah, blinking as the sudden glow as the light filled the car. "W-what is that?" A low, growing roar approaching in the background began to really disturb her. "What's going on?"

"Looks like bikes - a bunch of motorbikes", Marti replied in a steady voice. Goddamn bikers, she thought. She had always loathed the leather-clad thugs, especially the ones that haunted her mother's bar. They were the kind of seedy trash she had longed sought to rise above. Her teeth clamped tight and started to grind as the growling, roaring machines pulled up along either side of the girls' car.

Savannah felt herself shudder. The noise and anger of the bikes was intimidating enough for the sheltered naif, but the looming ogre-like shadows that rode them were worse still. Nervously holding her hands tight in kind of reflexive prayer she stared down hard at her sneaker-clad feet. Just go away, she thought; please God just let them leave us be.

Marti grimaced as she the lead bike came right alongside of her. She stared straight across at the hairy mass of leather-clad flesh astride the chopper. A vivid ginger beard shone as bright as his white bald scalp in the glare of the headlights. He stared back with an open lechery, savoring the sight of a beautiful nubile blond.

The overweight leering thug as aptly named Dirty. A leading boss of the outlaw biker gang the Jackals, he had recently led his posse around the seedier fringes of Memphis dealing meth and guns. His keen predator's eye had picked out the girls' car just after they entered the empty streets that were his hunting ground. The Jackals had always found rich pickings among college students, but when he caught sight of the stunning girl in the driver's seat - and another besides - he knew they were on the menu. When he caught sight of their cheerleader outfits, he felt his pants bulge with a sudden rush.

What an asshole, thought Marti to herself. She watched with disgust as Dirty raised two leather-clad fingers like a 'V' up too his mouth and flicked his tongue between them. Savannah, her throat tight burning, tried to avoid any contact with biker beside her. Their catcalls were barely audible about the roar of their bikes. Softly, she began to whimper, and nervously looked across at Marti for support.

I'll give you a finger, you jerk, thought Marti viciously. With an angry stab of her arm she held up her middle finger directly towards the looming biker. A wave of total surprise washed across his face, causing him to wobble for a moment and grab the bars with both hand. Savannah gasped in shock as Marti chuckled with delight.

"Oh no, Marti! Don't do that!"

With a tight, satisfied little smile Marti turned to her friend. "Savannah, these creeps are a joke, you just show 'em up and they get lost. See the look on that fat guys face?" She suddenly noticed Savannah's face go gray as she looked past her and over her shoulder. "What? What is it-"

She turned around to see the furious-looking Dirty lift up a sawn-off shotgun he had taken from a side holster. Savannah started to scream "Oh no, no! Oh please, Jesus save us, please Jesus-" Marti felt her throat go so dry and tight she nearly choked. Her hands went white as she gripped the steering wheel. In a blaze of blind panic she could barely see and so pressed hard on the brakes, bringing the coughing Ford to a shuddering halt.

Everything seemed so vivid for the two terrified girls. For the briefest of moments time seemed to freeze. Marti could hear Savannah praying frantically, almost incoherently, in a small voice. She felt her desperate gasps as she struggled for breath, and her powerful heart thumped wildly. "Are you - are you 'k Savannah?" Fighting down a sob, she whimpered "Oh god, oh god, this is not good, shitshitshitshit-"

The roar of the bikes went silent and voices barked. Suddenly the Ford's doors were yanked wide open. Both girls shrieked in horror as they torn from their seatbelts by cruel grasping hands. Marti was pulled out by Dirty, and she stared into his blank face with a clear, focused kind of fear. Beside him was a sallow, seedy creep whose small dark eyes were already stripping and raping the stunned girl.

"Bind 'er tight, Snake", grunted Dirty, throwing Marti across to his henchman like a sack of coal. She wanted to scream, to fight, to run - to just fucking do something. But she could barely keep her thoughts straight with the adrenaline surging through her and shock beginning to set in. Snake's grabbed Marti's struggling arms and tied her wrists tight with nylon cord, then threw across the side of the Ford's hood. She felt the fat, hot tears begin to break through her closed eyelids.

As Savannah was grabbed by her attacker, her stream of prayer had degenerated into an incoherent babble of pure fear. Her face was glowing from feverish crying and her almond eyes glistened wet. As she stared up from the pudgy, ring-laden hands that grabbed her to the person that owed them, Savannah felt her whole body suddenly seize in panic. She was looking up at a grotesque, acne-ridden woman of considerable girth. The hideous face broke open in a yellow, near-toothless mockery of a smile. "Ooohh, Ruth got herself a cheerleader too - and such a purty lil one at that!" Too petrified to even scream, Savannah felt her once-powerful body go limp like a doll and the giant hag - Ruth - throw her across the car's hood, facing Marti opposite. As she slapped a pair of tight handcuffs on her writhing victim, Ruth crowed "What a jackpot boys! Two quality pieces of cunt, custom delivered 'n' all!"

The two girls - paralyzed with fear, their wrists fastened behind them - stared at each other across the hood. Marti tried to mouth the words "I'm sorry" to her friend as she was wracked with sobs. But to her horror Savannah's eyes seemed glazed over in sheer unseeing agony and Marti felt herself suffer all the more seeing her friend's torment.

Suddenly Dirty's guttural voice barked again in Marti's ear. "You gonna learn a lesson 'bout respect, you fucking bimbo."

Snake's laugh was cruel as he pulled Marti's arms up in a strappado fashion. Her muscular shoulders were strained to the limit as they stretched so unnaturally. She fought down a desperate moan as she hear Snake's drawl close in her ears. "They all nymphos, fucking cheers. That's why they do it, the sluts - just strippers with more cred'bility."

Marti struggled to speak through her cracked lips and burning throat. "Ohgudplz-plz-please I'm sorry so fucking sorry please d-don't-agudd-what-wha-STOOOP!" She felt Dirty grab her hand roughly and force her middle finger between the blades of a pair of wirecutters he had pulled from out of a pocket.

"You give me the finger, I keep the finger, bitch!" He squeezed the cutters tight on the finger's first knuckle, rocking it back and forth to help saw through the bone and muscle. Marti's eyes bulged as she felt an electric kind of fire race through her body. She wailed like a wounded animal, fighting to find the breath to beg for mercy.

Snake roared with delight. Grabbing a fistful of Marti's silken blond curls, he jerked her head back and roared in her ear. "Yeah, you fuckin' scream blondie! Let us hear how you scream like when all those darkie boyfriends you got fuck you, yeah? When they lay the pipe up that amazing ass of yours, eh, bitch? Scream! SCREAM!"

It took a full minute until, with a wet cracking sound, her finger was finally cut off. Marti's howls of agony had shredded her throat and she was reduced to rasping gasps. Dirty sniffed at the severed digit like a dog then tucked it into his jacket pocket. Taking a roll of duct tape from Snake he wrapped Marti's bloodied, mutilated hand in a crude bandage while she pleaded in agonized groans.

"Not so tough now, eh cunt?" snarled Snake.

Savannah stared with an almost uncomprehending stupor at her friend's suffering. She was lost in a private world of paralytic fear and degradation. As hot tears streaked her face she felt Ruth's soft, fat hand flip up her short cheerleader skirt and slip inside her tight nylon panties. Shuddering at the total violation, Savannah prayed frantically that she was just trapped in a nightmare, and soon everything would be fine - but was brought back to horrid reality as she felt sharp fingernails poke her tender pussylips.

"A virgin! A fuckin' lezzie virgin cheerleader! Well, thank you Satan!" whooped Ruth as she pulled her hand out and slapped Savannah's rock-hard ass with a savage firmness. With a yelp of pain the terrified girl could contain herself no more.

"Pllllzzzzzoooguddd..gdgg-god please m-make them stpppp-" Every part of her begged for some kind of miracle, a rescue from this sudden hell. She was pulled roughly to her feet, although her once-powerful legs now trembled like a frightened foal's. Ruth reached around and mauled her pert tits, savoring their young firm freshness. Savannah howled to the moon with an nearly incoherent plea - "MMOOOMMM HELP PLEZZZuuughgggdd-"

Marti's tight, toned body shuddered with her agonized sobs. Her hands and skirt were bloodied, and she glowed with sweat. It took everything she had just to stay focused, let alone fight back. Through the gray haze of shock she could see Ruth molesting Savannah, and the sight of her friend being abused made Marti's despair all the more worse. Only one thought pounded through her mind: 'they're going to rape us - rape us - rape us..."

Dirty ran his hands slowly up Marti's silken legs. "These pegs go all the way up, that's for sure." She desperately tried not to scream as she felt him finger her asshole and pussy painfully through her panties. "Yeah, no cherry here, bet blondie's wet for us already...oh, fuck yes." Dirty groaned with pleasure at the sight of Marti's perfect, muscular body, bound and writhing helplessly before him. He could barely believe the fruits of the night's hunt. One tight little college girl would be enough of a score, but two elite cheerleaders was like a fantasy granted. He intended to relish every second of it.

Snake was rifling through the car and found the girl's I.Ds. "The blondie's called Mar-tee," he drawled, "and the doe-eyed dyke ova there is Savannah."

"Oooo! A pretty name for my pretty girl" cooed Ruth into Savannah's ear.

"Not no more," said Dirty. "They're bitch, slut, whatever now. They ain't got names."

"They're nineteen, they are," drooled Snake. "Gonna fuck me a teenage college cheerleader, I am" he chuckled to himself.

Both girls looked at each other across the hood. Each sought to find some strength in the other's eyes but what they saw made them feel worse. Marti saw a fear so animalistic in Savannah she feared her friend had lost her mind. Savannah looked at the girl whose strength she had found so inspiring, and seeing her just as fearful as herself amplified her agony.

A distant glow signaled the approach of an oncoming car. "Get'em bitches on the bikes, quick! Back to the club!" growled Dirty. He looked over at Snake in the girl's Ford. "Rag the tank and burn this thing quick. Then follow us home!"

Ruth strapped Savannah high and tight on the back of her seat. "Squeeze those juicy thighs of yours real hard girl, and try to stay on. Wouldn't want to lose my virgin pussy now!" Cackling with delight she fired up the bike and it surged forward into the night. Savannah's screams of terror rang in Ruth's ear as they headed off.

The bloodied Marti was limp and compliant as Dirty fixed her onto his bike. "Y'heard Ruthie now, you ride this seat harder than any of your darkie boyfriends, bitch, or that pretty little face'll get some serious roadrash." She watched Snake light a rag and thrust it in the fuel tank of her car - her mom's car - as she was dragged off into the darkness. The boom in the distance felt like a nail through her heart. With a vicious clarity she realized neither she nor Savannah would ever see their families again.

Strapped to speeding bikes and thrown helplessly through the void, time lost all meaning for the girls. They were driven through the backroads of rural Tennessee towns, constantly struggling as hard as they could to stay balanced. Savannah shrieked high and shrill the whole way much to Ruth's delight. "Sing, pretty girl!" she bellowed over the roar of the bike. "You're my bitch now!" Burning with horror and humiliation the terrified girl pissed herself, unable to control the warm urine soaking her panties.

Marti closed her eyes tight and tried to wish the nightmare away. But she could feel the sweat freeze on her bare skin, and her hair flutter behind her in the wind. She knew there was no escape. Not wanting to give her captors the pleasure of hearing her scream, Marti bit her tongue till it bled. She tried to prepare herself for the violations she knew were coming but her mind still reeled with shock.

Finally the endless hell ride finished as the bikes pulled up outside an isolated country bar. It was clearly a gang pad judging from the fearsome security and the armada of bikes in a row outside. Both girls were still shaking and dazed as they were untied and thrown over the shoulders of their captors. "Time for your big show now, bitches" growled Dirty, as he thumped on the front door. "I'm back, with cunt!" he bellowed.

"You bitch, you pissed on my seat!" Ruth snarled. She dropped Savannah roughly to her feet, "Lick it off, bitch! Clean up your mess!" She took a fistful of the girl's shining hair and rubbed her face - burning from tears and the wind - down hard into the leather seat. The brutalized Savannah had choice but to comply, and retched in disgust as she was forced to lap up her own piss.

The thick steel door was flung open and a sick yellow light flooded out into the gloom. Dirty dropped Marti on her feet, holding a fistful of her hair with one hand and her bound wrists with his other. He then frogmarched the dazed, staggering girl into the reek of the clubroom. Her already pressed senses were flooded with the stench of stale beer and sweat. Acrid smoke burned her nose and the stinking heat pricked her skin. Just behind her Savannah, gurgling and semi-conscious, was dragged inside by Ruth.

"Home is the hunter, motherfuckers!" bellowed Dirty to his gang members. "Two slices of quality cunt - fuckin' college cheerleaders, one a'thems a cherry!"

Over twenty drunk, horny bikers exploded with joy at the sight of the two terrified teenage girls. "On the slab! On the slab! On the slab!" they chanted, referring to the heavy wooden table where any woman or girl unlucky enough to enjoy their hospitality would be tied down and raped.

"Not yet!" Dirty said as he and Ruth brought the girls up onto the clubroom's stage. Normally used for the occasional gig it allowed the whole room to get a good view of Marti and Savannah. "We's going to have some fun with these bitches first!"

The two girl's wrists were cut free. Both reeled from the trauma they were enduring. The noise and shock of the clubroom and the roaring gang had brought them around to a horrid lucidity. They drank in every moment of their terror, every aspect of their degradation. Burning with humiliation and primal terror, they could not bring themselves to look each other in the eye. Barely able to speak through her shaking and crying, Savannah mumbled "M-Marti, oh god Marti, I'm so scared, I'm so scared..."

Marti fought down a series of racking sobs. The sight of her friend's suffering made her feel so much more terrible. "I-It's okay, S-s-s...Savannah...ohgud j-j-....just do what they say if we do they say its gonna be g-gonna be okay..." Gingerly she handled her mutilated hand as it throbbed with pain.

Ruth whooped in a high, weird voice. "Now kiss each other you lezzie bitches! Tongue and everything! Show the boys how a couple of lezzies do it, eh?"

Shaking hard and uncontrollably Savannah wailed "Plzzzomigod, please we're not lesbians! We're not gay! PleasAAAHH!! AHHH!!" She yelped with pain as Ruth slapped her hard with an open hand. It sent her head ringing and sent hot tears flowing afresh.

"Tongue each other! NOW!"

"Oh, Savannah, I'm so sorry, god I'm so damn sorry," whispered Marti as she carefully embraced her friend, "This is all my fault, I wish I had never done it god I'm s-"

She was cut off as Savannah suddenly and firmly returned her embrace. She was desperate for some kind of comfort and strength and clung to Marti for support. Their soft, salty lips met and they began to tenderly kiss to the roared approval of onlookers. Two little pink tongues flicked and licked each other as each kiss grew deeper. Suppressed feelings of love and lust stirred as the two were tortured in their own private hells - their shared horror had broken down all difference between them.

"Look at 'em go!" shrieked Ruth in perverse delight. "Lying lezzie bitches!"

There was an audible groan of pleasure around the room at the sight of the two girls kissing. For a few moments time seemed to stand still as every biker's cock throbbed in joy. Then with a cackle Dirty and Ruth pulled them apart again.

"Enough of the warm-up, time for the show!" growled Dirty. Grabbing Marti's top just below the base of her neck, he tore it off with a few sharp, violent tugs. She shrieked in fright and humiliation, struggling and trying to cover her ample 34C breasts as they bounced free. But Dirty seized her wrists roughly, and as Marti yelped in pain from her aching hand he lashed her wrists tight with nylon cord.

"Look at the tits on that!" bellowed a voice in the crowd. The room roared again in approval.

Streaked with sweat, her eyes soaked with tears, Marti stared in a dull haze of horror at the leering faces as they reveled at the sight of the topless girl. She hung her head in exhaustion and shame as Dirty's calloused hands groped and mauled her perfect tits. A long, low moan of despair shuddered through her as he then ripped her skirt with a single pull. The body she had worked for years to tone and shape to perfection was now virtually naked in front of a room of rapists. She felt her long, powerful legs betray her and begin to buckle, shaking uncontrollably, as Dirty ran a finger inside the rim of her nylon panties. They would have given way completely but Dirty kept a firm grip on her hair with his other hand, holding her upright. He leaned in close to her ear and whispered in a rasp "Now you nigger-lovin' slut, let's see that pussy."

The elastic band of Marti's panties broke with a loud snap as Dirty tore them off. Now she was naked, her smoothly shaved pubic mound exposed. Marti broke down completely, wailing and crying so hard she shook violently. This is it, she thought. I'm going to be raped. Raped. The word spun around in her head as her world felt apart.

She slumped to her knees as Dirty spun her around to face him. Marti was barely able to see through the tears but she knew what was coming. She had found it unpleasant enough to give a blowjob to a boy she liked - to be forced to give one disgusted her completely. Dirty smacked her in the face with his heavy belt buckle as he opened his pants. Wincing in pain Marti recoiled, opening her mouth to cry - and suddenly feeling Dirty's firm ten-inch rape rod slide down her throat. His triumphant bellow, and the roars of the crowd, rang in her ears as she was brutally facefucked. Barely able to breathe, gagging on the huge stinking cock, Marti felt like she was going to die.

Ruth had also begun stripping Savannah. "Your gurlfriend's got a hot body, bitch," she snarled. "Now let's show the boys that tight little ass of yours, eh?" Savannah was unable to resist as Ruth slowly but firmly pulled her cheerleader top up over her head, then wound it around her elbows to bind her arms tight. No-one had ever seen her rock-hard 34B breasts before - now everyone in the room drank in the sight. Ruth reached around and smacked them, watching the firm flesh ripple and turn pink, as Savannah made choked sobbing noises.

"Oh Lord Jesus, please no..." gasped Savannah as she felt Ruth take a firm grip around her skirt and panties. "Oh Lord, please, not like this, not like thissAAAHHHHGGGUUUDDD-" Both were suddenly yanked down to her ankles, revealing tan lines. A small puff of neatly trimmed brown curls crowned her tiny pussy. Ruth turned the squealing girl around, presently her firm ass to the excited audience. Cackling viciously she slapped it hard in time to their cheers as Savannah cried out in pain.

Dirty was in a reverie of ecstasy at the feeling of his firm cock in Marti's wet, cool mouth. The gagging and flexing of her throat forced it even further down as she struggled for breath. Drool streaked her chin as she made weird choking noises. Unable to hold himself any longer, Dirty came like a shotgun while his gang applauded sardonically. Marti felt it explode in her mouth and, to her complete disgust, was forced to swallow it. She felt broken and degraded as Dirty pulled out, slapping his flaccid dick across her face several times.

"Bring the Horsecock, boys! Blondie there's gonna break in her little friend!" yelled Ruth.

Savannah tried to pray as Ruth forced her to the ground. But she felt crushed by despair as all her pleas that night had gone unheeded. Her sweet, secret dreams of a special night where she should surrender her virginity had been shattered. Nothing now stood between her innocence and a roomful of sadistic rapists.

Ruth pinned Savannah's arms down as Dirty dragged the gurgling Marti over. Snake appeared, and both girls stared in a truly stupifed horror at the giant black strap-on he was holding. Twelve inches long with a tight leather strap it looked like some instrument of torture - which, of course, it was. As Dirty held her tight Snake strapped it on the trembling Marti, pulling the belt tight across her taunt, muscled chest. Her bellybutton piercing blinked in the harsh light as she stood there with the giant dildo firmly fixed between her legs.

Staring up at her dazed friend, Savannah suddenly realized with a chilling clarity what they were going to do to her. As her legs were spread and Marti forced to her knees between them, Savannah shrieked "NNNNOOOO! OHGUDNNNOO!! T-T-This...this isn't h-human, this is SICK ohgud ohhpllllllzzz STOP NOOOOOOO!"

She felt the dildo pressed hard against her tight pussy lips. Barely lucid, sobbing in agony, Marti rasped "Savannah please forgive me, I'm so sorry oh god so fucking fucking sorry so sorry..." She broke down in a sudden paroxysm of pain. "I C-CAN'T!" Marti screamed. "OH GOD! P-please..don't make me do this - don't.."

Savannah screwed her eyes tight and braced herself for the violation. "J-j-j-just, ohgud Marti just please try not to make it hurt..."

"FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!" roared the room.

Frustrated by the girl's paralytic terror, Dirty nodded at Snake. In the flash of an eye he had dropped his pants and was on his knees behind Marti, his throbbing cock already rock hard. Taking a firm grip of her hair with one hand, and grabbing her bound wrists with the other, he thrust up hard into her bouncing ass.

Marti's animalistic scream of horror was even louder than the cries of the joyous bikers. But then that too was nearly drowned out by Savannah's shrieks as her cherry was torn. Snake pushed in further, deeper, as Marti's eyes rolled into the back of her head. She had never conceived there could be pain like this as she felt herself broken inside. The more she squeezed her rock-hard muscles to try and force him out, the harder he made it hurt.

Meanwhile the one end of the horsecock pounded Marti's clit to a bruised bump as the other end stretched Savannah deeply and painfully. Snake forced her down onto the struggling Savannah, and the sweaty bodies of the girls writhed in a perverse mockery of lovemaking. They were forced to kiss again, their pert breasts crushed against each other. As Snake thrust up again and again into Marti's ravaged asshole, her own pussy was pounded raw as she crushed the tiny pink box of her friends'.

"Mmmmarti!" wailed Savannah. "Marti please STOP! Stop it hurts so muchhhuugghh-"

Struggling for breath Marti gasped "I c-can't ohgudohgudogud-" She could barely speak through the haze of pain and ragged screams. Collapsing on top of Savannah she groaned "Ohgud-I'm-I'm bleeding, ohgud he's ripping me apparTTTTAAGHH-"

Snake finally came in Marti's ass with a last, savage thrust. He pulled out and she half-rolled, half-fell off Marti. Both girls lay on the stage, panting furiously from pain and exhaustion, staring with unseeing eyes at the glaring lights above. Although they were just inches apart they could not bring themselves to look at each other. More than their bodies has been violated by that double rape.

"Enough of the warmup, now for the main course!" snorted Dirty as he hauled Marti to her feet. Her once-powerful, athletic body was as helpless as a ragdoll in his arms. Ruth in turn stood Savannah up, the traumatized girl sobbing in pure agony at the fire between her legs. She wailed in fresh horror when she saw the blood on her thighs.

"ON THE SLAB! ON THE SLAB! ON THE SLAB!" chanted the gang.

Marti was lashed down tight onto the large wooden block. She prayed for the first time in her life: please God, let me pass out...

Dirty called over to one of the bikers. "C'mon Old Man, first ride on the niggerlover's all yours." Marti craned her head up to see a leering freak, old enough to be her grandfather, come shuffling over. The room cheered as he dropped his pants and exposed a huge misshapen penis. Closing her eyes tight, Marti failed to suppress desperate whimpers as she felt him climb on top of her.

"Pritty one alright," drooled the Old Man, as he licked and sucked at Marti's ample tits. She cried out sharply when he bit a nipple so hard it drew blood. As he slid his foul dick slowly into her tight, dry pussy her cries rose to a crescendo. "Yeah! You make sum noise now, gurl!" chortled the Old Man as he pushed into her deeper and faster. She tried to turn her head away as he ran his reeking tongue across her face. The soft velvet fold of her cunt gave way to the forceful thrusts as he grunted and swore right into her ear. Wherever she looked, there were expectant lustful eyes. A queue began to form as other bikers crowded around, cheering the Old Man and slapping on and spitting at Marti. For all her prayers there was no escape into unconsciousness - she would feel every moment of what she was going to endure.

Savannah was spread-eagled and bound on the nearby pool table. With her virginity now lost in such a painful and degrading way she was beyond really caring what happened to her now. As the first biker climbed onto her she tried to think of her family, her church - something to help her mind escape for this nightmare. But all she could see was the horrific visage of the man raping her. All she could feel was his cock tearing her apart. As he pushed his tongue into her mouth, she wondered if she had actually died and gone to hell.

Dirty and Ruth clinked beers at the bar and watched the savage defilement of the girls get underway. As soon as one biker had finished another climbed on. One of Savannah's feet were released so she could be rolled over and assraped, her perfect behind sodomized and burnt with cigarettes while she shredded her throat screaming. Marti had two on top of her, one pounding her pussy and the other delivering a grueling facefuck. The noises she was making were barely human.

"When the boys are done," said Dirty, "get the dogs out. I want them on the blond. And string the little one up, we're going to play darts with her pussy."

Ruth laughed cruelly. "I love it! I'll get the camera, it's going to be a long night!"

Time had disappeared for the girls. The gang of over twenty men had pounded at least one hole each in their nubile bodies. A blur of choking, tearing cocks had reduced Marti and Savannah to limp fucktoys. There was no time to scream, to cry, or even breathe. Taunt muscles sang in agony as they were pushed and pulled by dozens of cruel hands.

Savannah felt numb inside. She prayed that when they killed her it would be quick. The sensations of all the rapists cumming inside her left her feeling violated beyond healing. Glazed eyes stared at nothing as she wondered why God had abandoned her. Then she felt the hands drag her off the pooltable and across to the wall. One of the bikers slapped her hard several times to bring her round from the edge of unconsciousness.

Her wrists were bound above her and hung from a hook on the wall. She groaned as her lithe legs were bent back until her ankles were by her ears. They were lashed to the wall fixing her painfully in position. The power of her supple, toned body was now being used against her as she strained at the bonds. She gazed down in horror as her raw and abused pussy and asshole were now exposed to all. As a final degradation Ruth thrust Savannah's still damp panties into her mouth, gagging her broken moans.

Through the haze of her tears and delirium could see what they were going to do her. As the first biker raised his hand and aimed a dart at the horrified girl, she realised she was now the human dartboard in a sadistic game. Phone cameras flashed and Ruth's video loomed close as Savannah shut her eyes tight in preparation for the pain.

"NNNNNNHHHHHHH!! NNNNNNNNHHHHHHHHH!!!" she screamed furiously, shaking her head. Then she felt a piercing pain in her right breast, and her eyes sprung open as she looked down at the dart impaled there, just above the nipple. As the other bikers mocked the thrower for her poor aim, Savannah convulsed in a stunned agony. The pain was like nothing she had ever felt. Totally concentrated at the point, but so extreme it wracked her whole body. No serious damage was done nor any bleeding.

The second dart whistled through the air. Cameras clicked. Savannah ground her teeth so hard through the panties that one of them cracked loudly.


It landed a few inches to the side of her pussy, biting deep into the tight thigh. Her guttural groans were choked by her gag as the next biker aimed. 'Oh dear Jesus', she thought feverishly, 'how much of this can I endure? Why can't I just pass out...Jesus please ohnohonohonoNNNNOOOO-" The third dart landed opposite to the second, The next was a little higher. As they kept coming Savannah was stunned as the way the pain just grew worse and worse.

The group of bikers took nine throws - all hitting her body but not her pussy - before the tenth landed true. It skewered her clit and pierced wickedly into her. She bucked reflexively, feeling it cut like a white-hot needle through a thousand nerve endings. There was a loud 'pop' as her desperate struggling in the tight bounds dislocated one of her shoulders and increased her suffering ten times over.

"BULLSEYE!" yelled the successful biker, as he gleefully collected his winnings from the others. Finally overcome by her suffering, Savannah's last thought before she slipped into blessed unconsciousness was a hope her body would be found by her family, one day.

Across the room Marti was lost in her own hellish fugue. She had been almost strangled insensate numerous times, her crushed pussy and drooling mouth both perpetually stuffed with cock. It was a testimony to her exceptional fitness and physique that she could withstand the pounding. But as she was pulled off the slab and frogmarched to the door - her numb hands bound again - she was barely aware of what was going on.

The sudden slap of the night air brought her back to some kind of clarity. Her broken body shone in the moonlight, covered in cum and sweat. The two bikers who had dragged her out then forced her to her knees before Dirty. She slowly licked her dry, cracked lips and rasped "Please, God please don't hurt me, I'll do whatever you want just please fucking stop hurting me..." Her voice trailed off into ragged sobs.

Dirty looked down at Marti's face, once immaculate now glowing with cum, spit and tears. He had repeatedly penetrated every hole in her body and savored the sight of an uppity bitch broken and begging. He certainly loved the begging.

"Heads down, ass up. You act like a bitch blondie, you get fucked like a bitch." Dirty's voice was as hard as a slap in her face. "You like your cock big and black, you gonna get it big and black."

Her head was forced down into the cool grass as she saw the dogs come out. Lead on a leash by Ruth were four giant black rotweillers, straining to be unleashed as they barked and growled. Dirty pressed his foot down hard on Marti's head, his boot sole on her cheek, pinning her painfully in place. As he nodded at Ruth, and she released the first dog, it suddenly struck the appalled Marti what the sick bastards were going to do to her.


In a swift, practiced move the powerful dog had mounted Marti, sliding its cock into her exposed pussy. Its weight and size were almost as powerful as a man's and the rape was no less painful. Dirty encouraged the dog on as he ground her face under his boot, choking off her anguished wails. It came after a few ferocious minutes with several harsh barks, before jumping off Marti and returning to Ruth.

"Next!" shouted Dirty.

"SSSSSSSTTTTTTPPPPPP-" hissed the disgusted Marti.

The second dog was bigger than the first in every sense. She felt it slide into her ravaged asshole, then pump her like a piston in a literal animal frenzy. Its claws shredded her sore, exposed flanks. Shock had almost completely overwhelmed her again. Over and over a cold, clear voice pounded in her aching head: raped by dogs...raped by dogs...raped by dogs....

All the dignity and strength she had once mustered were long gone now, stripped away like her uniform. As the third and the fourth beast fucked her, she quietly came to terms with death. There was no possible way she could see herself living on after a degradation this total. They had broken her, she realized, in a way that could never be fixed.

As she collapsed in a panting, sweaty, sobbing wreck, Dirty finally knocked Marti out with a sharp kick to the back of her head. He had recorded the whole thing on his phone camera. "Put the dogs back now Ruth, they had their reward." he said casually. Then he dialed a number and spoke to a rasping voice on the other end. "Jasper? Where are you?...Okay, get to the clubhouse. Meat for sale. You going down to 'Cee-Juay', right? Well wait till you deliver those bandito bastards two cheerleaders straight off the block!


There was to be no escape in death for Marti Perkins and Savannah Monroe that night. They were traded by the Jackals to a network of slavers disguised as a trucking firm. Both girls were dispatched in plastic barrels, hooded and bound. As a parting gift the gang soaked each in an inch of piss before the lids were sealed.

A day of pure black hell followed. The minds of both girls were broken several times over in the sightless, stinking prison they were bound in. Their twisted muscles ached and cramped as they wept helplessly. By the time they were delivered to the underground slave market in Ciudad Juárez they were the perfect psychological blank slates for their new masters. The selection of puta gringas had been lean this year, and the two hot cheerleaders sold for fifty thousand each.

The rest of their brutalized lives - and deaths - is another story. Suffice to say neither of the girls were ever seen north of the Rio Grande again. Except, that is, on the videos of the Jackals Motorcycle Gang...who for long afterwards would enjoy wasting a beer and a wet afternoon watching the destruction of the Hellcats, and the screams of Marti and Savannah would ring out around the clubrooms once more...


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