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Hellboy: Hell Hump (MF,F-dom,demon)
by She-wolf Of Tel Avia

The Sciencedents of the B.P.R.D. sat grimly in a circle.

"There's no doubt then, Hellboyy's dieing." one of Them said.

Another looked down at her notes. "Yes my tests shows that he only has six
months at the most."

The Leader slammed his hand down on the desk. "Damnit! He's the most powerful
agent in the Bureau for Paranormal Resercah and Defence and the CIA has found
out that we're not the only ones in this buisness and not all these Nations
are friendly. We need to keep HB alive. We've been studying him for sixty
years. What's wrong with him?"

The female scientist looked uncomfortible. "Well, eer, the thing is..." she


"Hellboy's a virgin and a force for good. As far as we can find out, both are
unnatural for a demon." she told them.

"You mean all I have to do is to get him laid and he'll be alright?"

"Have You got any idea where we're going to find a some ass for a nine foot
tall 500 pound bright red tailed virgin, that can keep her mouth shut?" the
Leader asked.

"That's not the the problem. Demons feed on evil, so he has to do something
evil, too."

Unseen in the shadows a female form hid listening. Liz Sherman squatted as
she heard the scientists. Her best Friend was dying and these eggheads
couldn't agree on how to save him. She slid away like one of the many ghosts
she fought till she came to Doctor Broom's old room. Ever since his death no
one had entered here.

"Fools!" she thought, but then outside Abe she was the only one the Broom had
taught to read the million books stored there.

She climbed the ladder till she found the book she was looking for "Demonic
Erotica". Liz climbed down and went to Doctor Broom's desk and began reading.

* * *

The BPRD had a open area in the woods for Hellboy to walk amd enjoy the open
air without danger of him being seen. He wasn't as well as he should be. His
tail dragged the ground. His bright red skin now a dull pink. No matter how
much he rested or ate Hellboy now felt hungry and sleeply all the time.

"Well, there you are!" came Liz's voice from behind Hellboy.

Hellboy turned and his eyes popped out. He had never seen Liz like this
before. She was dressed in a shoulderless black studded leather outfit. A
metal studded bra lifted and seperated her proud young breasts. Under it
was a black see through mesh that went from the bottem of the bra to the
top of her leather g-string. She also had knee high boots as black as the
rest of her outfit.

"Liz, what the Hell?" Hellboy asked totally shocked and confused.

"Silence, Demon!" Liz snarled and from her hand a wake of fire shot out to
cover Hellboy.

Hellboy was immune to fire and cold, so he was unharmed save for a slight
tingling over his body. His coat, boots, shirt, and pants burned away in the
ball of fire leaving him totally nude. As he bathed in the fire, he felt his
20 inch cock become as hard as his stone hand.

Groaning Hellboy looked at Liz. Her outfit had burned off too and her skin
had turned gas flame blue and her body was surrounded by a blue flame.
Without knowing why Hellboy cringredand whined. "I'm sorry, Mistress, forgive

"I should forgive you? On your knees, worm." Liz demanded. When he kneeled
Liz moved up to him. She lashed him with another flamewhip. "Show me

Hellboy's tongue slid deep inside Liz going deeper than any man had ever had.
The tip entered her womb causing Liz to stand on the tips of her toes and
groan in pleasure.

"Yes, lick me, dog. Clean ever inch of my godness pussy."

Hellboy's tongue twisted, turned, and curled inside Liz's cunt. She gasped
for air and steaded herself by holding onto his horn stumps. She couldn't
last. Liz came again and again, her flame growing hotter and hotter. Finally
with one final effort Liz fleebly backhanded Hellboy across the face knocking
him down backward.

Before he could rise up Liz jumped up sprending her legs and crashed down on
Hellboy's groin. One second she was empty, the next 20 inchs of rock hard
demon cock was fully inside her pussy to the hilt.


Both screamed at the top of their lungs as pleasure and pain filled them for
one minute before Liz rose to near standing leaving only the tip inside her.
She lifted her feet off the ground to drop heavily back down on Hellboy's

"DO it! Do it! Do it! Do it! Do it! Do it!" she chanted as Hellboy bounced
his hips like a basketball.

Liz's flame alnmost turned the clearing area into lava. Then as she grabbed
Hellboy's horns a last gasp of effort to stay on as she felt something probe
her asshole. With Hellboy's cock buried deep inside her cunt, Liz wondered
what it was a second before Hellboy's tail rammed deep inside her ass.


Liz screamed in pain and joy as she was fully stuffed with only a thin strip
of flesh seperating the two huge members inside her. She screamed and shook
like a wild wounded animal mindless in her primal pleasure. Then she felt a
burning hot shower of thick goo invade her womb and coat her pussy walls like
paint and she knew that Hellboy had lost his cherry.

Gasping for air Liz looked down at her demon lover and even now could feel
the beginning of new life growing inside her.

"When Father died, he took the secret of keeping you heathly without evil."
Liz told Him.

"I won't destroy the world." Hellboy stated firmly.

Smiling Liz shook Her head. "No, but we'll find a limited evils to save you,
Hellboy. Just you and me." she promised.


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