He-Man: Rescuing Teela (Mf,f-best,oral)
by Tina Bell ([email protected])

"He is so sexy," Teela thought to herself, staring at He-Man as he battled
Skeletor. Finally, after nearly an hour of clanging their swords together,
Skeletor decided to run.

He-Man came over to Teela and untied her hands. "Thank you so much He-Man!
I wish there was some way I could repay you!"

"Well..." He-Man thought for a moment. "Never mind. You would never go for
it," he chuckled.

"Really?" Teela questioned. "It wouldn't involve this, would it?" She reached
down and grabbed between He-Man's legs. His dick was hard as a rock. "Just as
I thought. Another perverted male."

"Now wait a minute, Teela. Most men would get hard if a beautiful girl like
you touched them there."

"Would they get hard if I talked dirty to them, offering to suck their dick
and let them eat me out?" He-Man's dick spasmed.


"Would they get hard if I asked them to fuck me so hard that I hurt for a


"Well, what are you waiting for?"

He-Man grabbed Teela and pulled her close, kissing her deeply. His hands
roamed all over her body, grabbing and squeezing her tits and ass.

"He-Man, I'm wearing too many clothes," Teela said. He-Man ripped off her
clothes and picked her up, putting her legs over his shoulders and worked
his tongue all around her wet, hot pussy. "Oh dammit, He-Man, don't tease
me with that tongue, stick your dick in me!"

He-Man threw her on the ground and ripped off his loin cloth. His dick was
at least 13 inches. "Oh, I can't take that, He-Man! Nevermind!"

"No way, bitch. You've teased me long enough. I want that pussy and I want
it now." He-Man dove on her and started pounding her cunt hard. After 25
minutes, he came inside her.

"That was the best fuck I've ever had, He-Man," Teela said.

"You weren't too bad yourself," replied He-Man. "Now suck my dick clean. I
don't want it smelling like your pussy all day."

Teela obediently took his softening cock into her mouth, sucking it and
licking it, gagging a couple of times. She was on her knees sucking his dick
when suddenly she felt something brush up against her pussy. She turned her
head to see Battle Cat sniffing her cunt as He-Man's cum dribbled out. He
licked his rough tongue against her leg, drinking He-Man's cum, and proceeded
to stick his tongue inside her pussy. "Oh!" she moaned. He-Man smiled and
winked at the green and yellow animal. Teela orgasmed three more times as
Battle Cat ate her pussy.

"Now I think you owe Battle Cat something," He-Man said. "He pleasured you,
now you must suck his kitty dick."

Teela licked her lips and said, "Oh yeah. I want that cock in my mouth."
Teela lay flat on her back and Battle Cat positioned his cock over her mouth.
She had him cumming in 3 minutes, as she took it all in.

Teela was exhausted. After being captured by Skeletor, rescued and fucked by
He-Man, and eaten out by Battle Cat, she was ready to go home and go to


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