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Harry Potter: Part 5 - Every Animus Has His Day
by Tricksterson ([email protected])

"Bitch!" Hermione heard her friend and lover Ginny growling as she stomped
angrily towards her.

"Excuse me?" she said, hoping that she wasn't the target for Ginny's rather
formidable temper.

"Oh! Not you Hermy. That Ravenclaw cow, Cho Chang."

"Been sniffing around our Harry has she?"

"Oh, that I could deal with. *He's* been sniffing around *her*!"

"Tell me about it. Ever since that bint Fleur Delacour showed up from
Beauxbaton Ron hasn't so much as put a finger on me. Or in me."

"I know. He doesn't even want my ass any more. Just hers."

"I could understand it if they were getting anywhere but Fleur won't give Ron
the time of day and Cho's got eyes for Cedric from Hufflepuff."

Both girls rolled their eyes simultaneously and went "Boys!'

Hermione thought for a minute and said, "Maybe that's the problem."

"What is?"

"That their boys. Maybe we need to upgrade to a man."

"A man? Who?" the only adult men available were teachers and while Ginny had
confident in both her and Hermione's seductive abilities they were all either
too old or, like Snape, too creepy.

"Oh, I have an idea in that department."

* * *

Despite the fact that he was on the run, Sirius Black didn't wake up when
the girls entered his cave. Harry had told Hermione about it in case he
needed to get a message or supplies to his godfather and couldn't make the
trip himself.

"Hermy are you sure about this?"

"Absolutely," and with that she set the food they had brought down next to
Sirius and whispered in his ear, "Mr Black?"

He awoke snarling and gave her a push, reaching for his wand. When he saw who
it was he looked shamefaced. "Oh, sorry Hermione, what are you doing here?
And you are?" he asked looking at Ginny.

"That's Ron's sister Ginny. We came up with some food for you because Harry
didn't think it was safe for him to be the only one coming up here. So we
brought a picnic lunch in case anyone saw us. Enough for three."

"Oh. Well, thank you."

"We also thought you might want some company." The two girls sat down, one on
either side. Both let their robes fall aside to let Sirius get a good view of
their legs. Hermione's in particular were long and slender but Ginny's were
quite shapely as well, if shorter. Although both girls had put on shoes for
the trip, neither were wearing anything under their robes except panties.

Hermione bent over to open the picnic basket, being sure to give Sirius a
good look at her developing breasts.

While eating she and Ginny made sure to "accidentally" smear both the greasy
chicken and blueberry pie on strategic parts of their body. They had likewise
"forgotten" to pack any napkins.

"Here Hermy, let me clean you off." Both girls leaned over Sirius' reclining
body and started licking each others face, neck and upper chest. During this,
their robes started to slip off, revealing bare shoulders and the beginnings
of their developing cleavage.

This was, as the girls had intended, delicious torture for Sirius. He had
been in Azkaban for 12 years without even seeing a woman and a year on the
run had given him little opportunity for relief except for the occasional
back alley fuck in dog form.

"Girls, what are you doing?" asked Sirius, not believing that they could know
the effect they were having on him.

Both girls looked pointedly at the bulge in his pants. "Turning you on, I
believe," teased Hermione. They then each draped themselves on on of his
shoulders and ran their tongues along the sides of his neck.

"But you're just kids!"

"Far from it," whispered Hermy, as she stuck her tongue in his ear. "Don't
worry, we haven't been virgins for over a year."

"Just ask Ron and Harry," said Ginny as she started to unbutton his shirt.

"You mean they..."

"Have been since before last term started. Course we had to practically
force them into it. What *is* it with boys. Aren't we pretty?" With that she
doffed her robe revealing her ripening young body. Ginny who had finished
with Sirius' shirt and was now at his belt followed suit and then slid her
naked body up his, ending by planting her lips on his. This saved him the
inconvenience of an awkward reply as his arms went around her, roaming up
and down her body, finally settling on stroking her tight young ass.

Ginny slid back down again and finished undressing him while Hermione
started caressing the older wizard's muscular chest and neck. As Ginny
eagerly engulfed his pole in her mouth, Hermione planted her bush in his

Giving in to thirteen years of sexual frustration, Sirius started thrusting
his tongue into Hermione's fourteen-year old cunt, bringing forth moans of
pleasure. At the same time Ginny took her mouth off the mage and planted in
her pussy, riding up and down, while her hands stroked Hermione from behind.

"Oh fuck!" cried out Sirius, amazed at the tightness of Ginny's thirteen-year
old twat.

"Yes!" replied Ginny as she plunged up and down on his cock. "Fuck and fuck
and fuck and..."

"Fuck and fuck!" yelled Hermione, finishing the chant. She had found that
experience counted for something after all as Sirius tickled and sucked her
clit. Ginny's hands tightened on and clawed at her breasts as she came,
moaning. Reluctantly Hermione pulled herself off of Sirius' face and then
Ginny off his willy.

Ginny was reluctant. "He hasn't come in me yet!" she protested.

Sirius was equally reluctant. "Don't you realize how long it's been?"

Hermy kissed her protestations away. "Trust me luv. Haven't my plans always
worked out?"

Ginny had to admit that was true and although he had less confidence even
Sirius had to admit things had gone swimmingly so far.

Hermione got down on all fours and smiled winningly at Sirius. "Take me
doggie style."

Sirius shrugged at what he thought was a pun but as he entered Hermione said,
in a commanding voice. "Change! While your in me! Fuck me real doggie style!"

Hermione could feel the cock in her changing even as the older wizard was
thrusting into her, becoming thicker, the head changing shape as well, the
feelings that went through her cunt were indescribable.


Ginny meantime crawled under her, her tongue licking at her clit even as
Sirius' dog cock rammed in.

Hermione felt the dogcock inside her start to well into a knot and that's
where Sirius' rare ability came into play. "Change back!" She yelled. Now
Push deep. Now go doggie again. She felt the knot, shrink then swell inside
her, a unique pulsing that caused her to shake almost epileptically in
orgasm. A wordless babble came out of her and her eyes rolled up in her head.
Her fingers clawed tracks into Ginnys thighs as she came with a bang like no
other she had ever experienced. She collapsed with her face in her lover's
pussy, her wildly dancing tongue setting off a lesser but still screamworthy
climax in the young redhead.

* * *

On the way back to Hogwarts Ginny told her friend, who needed her support
walking back, "Men aren't much better than boys, maturity-wise, are they?"

"No, but it was still wonderful. But I think we've been approaching the boys
preoccupation with Cho and Fleur all wrong. Maybe we should attack it from
the other end."

"You mean if the boys are fascinated with them..."

"Steal them out from under Ron and Harry's noses. Or some organ of theirs

To be continued...


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