This is a fictional story about fictional characters. Don't read if smut
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Harry Potter: Part 5 - Draco's Awakening (g,b,mandrake,b-mast,fist,ws,b-troll)
by Big Red Dope

"Be sure to keep your ear muffs on at all times. The mandrake's scream is
capable of killing you, however these are young enough that it'll only
temporarily knock you out. Does everybody understand?" Professor Sprout

The professor waited until everyone agreed and then she continued.

"Ok, now everyone firmly grab hold of your mandrake by the sprouts and pull
them up out of their pot."

Draco watched as Harry, Ron, and Hermione did as instructed. He let Vincent
Crabbe do the work for him while he sneered at the goody two-shoe trio and
plotted his next act of revenge. Harry had threatened Draco once for the
fun he had with Ginny, but Harry's threats didn't scare him.

It's scream was indeed loud and even a little agitating, but after a few
minutes Hermione kind of got used to the mandrake's scream and blocked it
out a bit. Except for it being dirty and crabby looking the mandrake was
cute in an odd exotic kind of way and except for the sprouts coming out of
its head it almost looked human.

Hermione began to poke and prod and pet it like a dog or cat. Then she
reached down and started to rub its belly. She looked away momentarily when
another student called her name and when her eyes returned to the creature
she was shocked and surprised to see an erect cock standing out between it's
legs. It was nearly six inches long and well hung for something that small.
Hermione quickly removed her hand from its belly and was relieved when it's
prick quickly shrunk back down and virtually disappeared back to where it had
been hiding.

"I'm sure Ginny would really love to hear about this," Hermione thought as a
wicked grin came to her face. "I'll just have to come up with a spell to
mute their screaming so it won't be such a bother."

"Ms. Granger."


"Ms. Granger!" Professor Sprout shouted.

"Yes, Professor Sprout?"

"You need to stop daydreaming over there or you won't pass this class."

"My apologies. You have my full attention now."

"Good. Now let's continue."

"Way to go," Ron whispered nudging Hermione.

"Oh, shut up Ron!"

Oblvious to the class lesson Draco had been engulfed in exacting revenge on
his heralded foes. Thanks to Dobby, Harry had been able to put an end to
Draco's fun with Ginny, but Draco swore it wouldn't happen again. His mind
turned as idea after idea churned through his head and he plotted his next

Then as he saw Hermione's delight at the mandrake dick his devious mind
suddenly clicked.

* * *

Nearly a week passed before Draco was presented with the opportunity to hatch
his evil plan. He lay in hiding underneath his invisibility cloak outside of
Hermione's door. Draco sat there patiently for hours until well after dark
when Ginny arrived and knocked on Hermione's door.

Hermione answered and the two girls chatted briefly before sneaking off into
the darkness of night. Draco followed them all the way to the greenhouse
and watched as Hermione wove her wand through the air. There was a very
brief and small flash of light and he figured it to be a mute spell on the
mandrakes they were about to fuck.

Nobody spoke of it, but all the students knew what sluts Hermione and Ginny
were. There was even an unconfirmed rumor that Hermione had sex with Fang
and Dobby. None of the students told because they all wanted a piece of the
action too.

Draco watched in silence as both girls stripped down nude and removing four
mandrakes from their pots began to rub their bellies. Sure enough a big
smile crossed Ginny's face as two six-inch cocks were now in front of her.

Hermione and Ginny both climbed onto separate tables and began by jacking
off the pricks of their respected creatures and sucking and licking one dick
before switching to the other.

Although he hated them with a passion Draco too was one who at times wanted
a piece and as he watched he lowered his pants enough so that his penis could
hang out and he could start masturbating.

He continued to stroke himself as Ginny got onto all fours on her table and
started to get anally dp'ed as one of the mandrakes clung to her back and
the other clung to her sides as it literally hung upside. Hermione was just
starting to have one of hers penetrate her pussy while she continue to
masturbate the second one.

Draco was relentlessly sliding his hand up and down his prick as he watched
Ginny screw the short ugly creatures. Precum began to seep onto his fingers
and he knew he had to make a small change to his plans. He pulled his pants
up and burst out from his hiding spot flicking his wand around casting
several spells before the girls could react.

Before having just the two mandrakes thrust their cocks into her ass, Ginny
now found herself with a mandrake cock in her mouth as well. All three
pushing and shoving their members into her body with little consideration
for her.

Hermione quickly turned at Draco's appearance, but was subdued before she
could react.

"You shout or try to play hero, and I swear to god I'll have these disgusting
creatures fuck you and Ginny to death. They won't stop even if they've
come," Draco growled with his hand over Hermione's mouth.

"Fuck you Draco!" Hermione shouted when he moved his hand.

"No fuck you bitch!" Draco screamed striking Hermione's face hard with his
hand. "You know I think I'll take a page from your book."

Following Hermione's lead but using his own chant Draco cast a mute spell on
Hermione and Ginny and neither girl could make sound no matter how hard they

"Now that that's taken care of I have a few things I want to try out," Draco
sneered. "First let's see if your ass is as flexible as Ginny's."

Draco threw Hermione of the side of table and knelt down behind her.
Spreading her asscheeks apart with his hands Draco began to flick his tongue
into her asshole.

"Taste almost as good," Draco said as his tongue slide up Hermione's crack
and then started to drill into her anus. "Normally I wouldn't do this
without a glove, but this is a special occasion."

While Draco started to finger Hermione's ass Ginny was busy with her own
problems. She quickly found out that when the mandrakes came their loads
were very much larger than that of humans. Not only did Ginny have the cum
of two cocks slowly leaking out of her anus and trickling down her legs she
also had to contend with the cum that the third mandrake had shot into her
mouth twice already. Ginny managed to swallow both loads, but it was getting
harder each time. The fact that the cock in her mouth was also hitting the
back of her throat almost forcing her to gag didn't help either.

As he was getting ready to insert his fourth finger into Hermione's bottom
Draco looked up and saw the discomfort Ginny was in and the tears running
from her eyes.

"You weak little bitch," Draco mocked Ginny as he waved his wand with his
free hand.

The creature forcing his dick into Ginny's mouth removed himself and leapt
to the table Hermione was currently bent over. Draco dropped his wand and
with one finger inside pinched the walls Hermione's cunt until she opened
her mouth and let out a muted yelp. When the opportunity presented itself
the mandrake on her table slipped it's prick into her mouth and started
pushing it down her throat.

While that was happening the bottom mandrake removed itself from Ginny's
behind and slipped its prick into her pussy. With both bottom orifices
filled Ginny grabbed the sides of the table and squeezed as she continued to
get rammed hard.

With his one fist now slowly sliding in and out of Hermione's butthole,
Draco turned his attention to her pussy. He began much the same way by
first inserting one finger into her cunny and slowly working in the second.

With Hermione's help Ginny had experimented in many different sexual acts
and positions, but nothing she had ever participated in before had been this
rough. Ginny's vagina and ass had turned red and started to hurt as the two
mandrakes continued to roughly thrust their large cocks into her body. She
could tell the that whatever spell Draco cast on them was a potent one as
her legs were completely covered in cum and her knees slipped in pools of it
whenever they move around on the table. As far as she could tell they had
no intentions of slowing down anytime soon.

Hermione on the other hand was in a similar predicament. Although she had
had sex with the troll, Fang, and a threesome with Ron and Harry, never had
she had her ass and cunt filled simultaneously with something as large as
Draco's fists. The large loads of cum the mandrake was shooting into her
mouth was a bit of a challenge as well.

Draco continued to forcefully dig his fists deep into Hermione's lower
orifices taking in the delight of having Hermione's body squirm each time
they went in.

Slowly but surely the trauma became too much even for Hermione. She closed
her eyes trying escape elsewhere and her body hardly reacted anymore to
Draco's forced double fisting.

Draco looked at Ginny, then at Hermione, then at Ginny again. Neither girl
was moving all that much and they were just letting their bodies continue to
get sexually penetrated. Irritated Draco pulled his fists from Hermione's

"Are you two little sluts giving up already? Your reputation is far greater
than the person behind it apparently."

Draco snapped his fingers and the mandrakes vanished into thin air leaving
the girls and Draco alone.

"Ok, we're done."

Hermione and Ginny started to get up and move, but stopped to look at Draco
as if something was up.

"I said we're done. You can go."

"I don't care if we're done or not, we're going and I swear to god Draco..."
Hermione scowled as she started to help Ginny from her table.

"Shut the fuck up Hermione. Shut up now! Listen you pathetic sniveling
bitch, I couldn't give a rat's ass what happens to you or Harry or anyone
else, and none of you will ever get me back for anything so stop with your
empty threats! Both of you on the floor on your knees now!"

"Go to hell Draco!" Ginny screamed.

Draco slapped Ginny across the face hard and she fell to her knees.

"No you go to hell you little bitch! You should really stop fucking your
brother! That's why your family is as screwed up as it is! You get up
before I say so and I swear to god I'll chop you into little pieces and feed
you to Fluffy."

"As for you my sweet Hermione," Draco began turning his attention to her.
"You're a dogfucker aren't you? Oh yeah I know all about it. They're just
rumors to everyone else right now, but trust me you don't want to cross me
any further than you already have or all of Hogwart's will know for sure and
I'm sure your parents will be proud of you. Oh and I've changed my mind
here a bit. Ginny I want you to lay down on the floor and Hermione I want
you to straddle her face."

Ginny obeyed, but Hermione stood there defiantly.

"Do it Hermione or else."

Fuming with anger, Hermione gave in and reluctantly did as she was told.

"Now I want you to piss into Ginny's mouth."

Ginny's face turned a deathly pale and Hermione's head snapped around in

"I'm getting tired of this. Do it now!" Draco screamed at Hermione.

"I'm sorry Ginny," Hermione whispered as urine started to shoot from her
pussy into Ginny's mouth. Hermione's bladder held a good minute to minute
and a half piss and trying not to swallow any of it Ginny's mouth soon
filled with the yellow liquid and she gagged on it spitting it all over her
face and chest.

"Good good," Draco smiled with delight as Hermione finished pissing and
stood up. "Now Ginny I want you to do the same to Hermione."

With piss now trickling down her face and chest Ginny stood over the now
laid out Hermione and relieved herself as well. As her mouth filled up with
the golden liquid Hermione spit it out getting urine all over herself like
Ginny did.

"You fucking bastard, you're going to pay for this," Hermione scowled
standing up after Ginny finished.

"No, fuck you bitch and who said you could stand up?? Both of you on your
knees next to each other now!"

Still with no real alternative Ginny and Hermione did as they were told.
Draco smiled widely and with a purely evil gleen in his eye he pulled his
pants down exposing his cock. Then just as quickly pee started to spray
from it. Draco waved his cock back and forth shooting piss directly onto
Hermione and Ginny's faces and into their hair. He then aimed for their
chest and lower bodies covering those in piss as well.

"I certainly feel better now," Draco laughed as he zipped up. "You're
dismissed for now, but if you try anything you know what will happen."

Putting his cloak back on Draco once again disappeared and his exit from the
greenhouse was only indicated by its door opening and closing.

"Hermione, what're we going to do? We can't go back to our rooms looking
and smelling like this."

"We'll go the Moaning Myrtle's bathroom and clean up there. Hopefully she
won't be there, and then after that we'll go visit Harry. I'm sure he can
come up with something appropriate for Draco," Hermione replied staring
intently at the spot Draco had just occupied.

* * *

Nearly a week passed with little to no contact with the trio of goodie
goodies even in class, so Draco was starting to become confidant in his
humiliation of Hermione and Ginny. Not that he feared theirs or Harry's
threats of retribution, but it was still nice to know that he had the

He was walking to class with Crabbe and Goyle and they started to turn the
last corner of the hall to get there. That was the last thing he remembered
before a wet cloth was place over his mouth and noise causing him to pass

Draco was dizzy and confused as he woke. His hands were raised and bound
over his head and he couldn't quite tell where he was. After taking a few
minutes to clear his head he recognized the room and the precarious situation
he was in. Much like he had done to Ginny he was now nude and bound in place
though his feet were free and he could walk albeit it a few inches.

"Recognize this room Malfoy?" A voice rang out from the darkness.

Draco remembered hearing the voice before, but couldn't quite place a face
with it.

"You should. This is where you abused my sister after drugging her. This
will be where you make up for that abuse and all the grief you've caused

"Ron you bastard! Show yourself!"

"Tsk tsk! Since you know who I am then there's no reason why I need to show
myself then. Harry was supposed to be here, but I talked him in letting me
come instead though he sends his regards."

"Fuck you and your sister! Fuck each other like the brother and sister you
call parents."

"Shh! You hear that Draco?"

Both boys listened for a moment. There was nothing to be heard.

"You don't scare me Ron, and when I get out I swear to god..."

"Shut Draco, and that's if you get out. Listen now."

Again there was nothing and Draco was about to starting talking when he heard
it. A thundering in the distance of heavy feet and a screeching growl.

"Oh shit! Ron what are you doing??? There's a troll coming! Get me out of

"Let me think about it."


"Uh, no. You're going to treat my friends and family like you do, you're
going to pay for it. But hey I'll leave the lantern on so you won't be
completely in the dark."

"RON! You there? I'm sorry! RON!"

With the absence of a reply and the footsteps drawing closer Draco started
to really panic. He twisted his arms around but they were bound too tightly
and he didn't have his wand. He kicked and pulled and thrashed about trying
to free himself, but he stopped when the noises did.

He listened intently trying to figure out where the troll was and suddenly
felt a fist punch him in the side. With only his hands bound in place the
lower half of Draco's body swung backwards from the force and back forward
where it slammed into something hard and fleshly.

Draco recovered from the impact and looked up to see what he had been fearing
for the past few minutes. With drool dropping from his mouth and his eyes
and sparse hair in a wild state the troll stared down Draco. Then reaching
up with one hand it grabbed the cable binding Draco's hands and ripped it
down freeing him.

Draco landed on the floor with a thud and started to get up to escape. He
barely got a foot away before a hand grabbed him by the neck and pulled him
back. Draco's eyes filled with terror when he spotted the enlarged and
throbbing cock that was poking out from under the troll's loin cloth. He
started to scream when the troll forced his face to it. Draco refused to
open his mouth and sensing the non-cooperation from him the troll began to
squeeze Draco's neck. It wouldn't let up until Draco opened his mouth.

Just as quickly as Draco opened his mouth the troll slammed its prick into
it. Draco had never sucked another guy's dick before, but this thing was
huge and he didn't particularly want it in his mouth. He gagged and almost
choked several times as the creature kept forcing his cock down into Draco's
throat. Draco soon tasted the sour dirty flavor of the troll's precum.

Just as suddenly the troll withdrew from Draco's mouth, and Draco breathed a
heavy sigh of relief. He found it to be premature though as the troll spun
him around backwards and started to poke the head of his dick at Draco's

"Oh my god this can't be happening," Draco stammered as he slowly felt his
ass get split wide open by the hefty troll member being pushed inside.

After a few minutes of almost humanely soft penetration by the creature,
Draco felt the cock bottom out in his ass and his buttcheeks push against
the troll's legs. In an attempt to make this as painless as possible Draco
decided to stop fighting with the troll and go along with it for the time
being. So when the troll started to pull out, he helped by moving his ass
away, then back in when the creature started to resubmerge itself.

Suddenly the troll flopped down onto the floor and Draco flinched when he
felt his sphincter get pierced a little deeper. Then for the first time in
his life Draco felt dirty, humiliated, and below everyone as the quickening
up and down motion started to turn him on.

The troll kept ramming his rod into Malfoy's behind, and Draco stopped
helping as he turned his attention to pleasuring himself.

Let alone that it was with a dirty disgusting troll, but Draco found his
first homosexual experience to be quite erotic and stimulating. Although
still feeling disgusted by it, having a rod plunged into his ass was
starting to turn Draco on swelling his cock.

Draco felt an intense desire to pleasure himself and did so wrapping his
hand around his shaft and jacking it off. This continued for several
minutes and Draco desperately wanted to cum, but couldn't. That was until
he shut his eyes and the staff thrusting in and out of his ass became
Hermione then Ginny sporting strap-ons fucking him from behind.

Draco let out a loud grunt as his body's intense feeling of pleasure blew up
and cum started to shoot out from his peehole. The troll could sense what
Draco was feeling and pulled him off its prick. Draco turned around in time
to see a large white blast flying at his face. The force of the impact of
the troll's first cumshot caught Draco by surprise knocking him to the
floor. The troll let out three more large shots of white goo one of which
struck Draco on the leg.

Malfoy laid on the floor for several minutes thinking about what just
happened and the loosening of his hard edge and hate towards Harry and
company. Hermione and Ginny were the school floozies, but would they
fulfill his growing needs after what he had done to them? Perhaps Ron or
Harry could... Draco quickly shook his head in disgust at thoughts now
wondering about. He would figure this out later once he could escape the


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