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offends you.

Harry Potter: Hermione's Exploits Part 4 - Ginny Gets Hers
by Big Red Dope (ff,mf,fist,ws,bdsm,spank,magic,mc)

Much like it had happened in the past when Ron said or did something stupid,
Hermione once again forgave him and everything was smooth between the group.
The fact that Hermione had had sex with Fang multiple times since Ron
mentioned it kinda help push the peace treaty.

Today Hermione was studying in the library for an upcoming exam for Professor
Snape's class when Ginny sat down in a chair across the table from her.
Seeing the girl join her Hermione stopped writing for a moment.

"Hey Ginny what's up?"

"Can I ask you something personal?"

"Uh, sure I guess. Something wrong?"

"Well... I know about you screwing Ron, and Harry, and Fang, and Dobby, and
I even heard the troll rumors around school though the only ones who could
confirm that would be you, Harry, and Ron, but what about other girls? You
ever had sex with another girl before?"

Hermione's eyes widen in shock and she quickly scanned the library to make
sure nobody was around.

"Did... Did you just say Fang?"

"Uh... no..."

"Yes, yes you did. I heard you! What do you know about Fang?"

"I saw you fucking him the night you had that fight with Ron."

"And how exactly do you know that? I thought you were supposed to be at a
quidditch match?"

"I was, but the people I was going with decided not to go so I came looking
for you cause I wanted to talk. When I got wandering near Hagrid's house
that night I heard some screaming so I climbed a tree to peer into a window
to see what was happening. You're not going to fuck Fang anymore since
Hagrid's back now are you?"

"Well, obviously not. So what exactly is it you want with me?"

"Like I asked earlier have you ever had sex with another girl?"

"Why? Do you want to have sex with me and if I say "no" are you going to
blackmail me into it?"

"No, no. That's not it at all. Like I'm sure everyone knows by now I have
feelings for Harry very badly, but now I have them for you too. Since I've
fucked him already it's your turn now. Everytime I think about you licking
my pussy it makes me horny."

Hermione sighed partially melodramatically.

"Look Ginny, I like you and you're nice and cute and all, but... It's

Ginny looked at Hermione almost like disappointment was about to cross her

"Ok look Ginny, come to my room tonight at dark. Make sure nobody knows
you'll be there."

"Sure thing! I'm looking forward to this!" Ginny said getting up from the
table and running off.

"So am I," Draco grinned evilly as he watched Hermione from around a nearby
bookcase. "Harry and Ron will learn to stop interfering eventually."

* * *

Hermione heard a knock on her bedroom door as she read from a book. She
closed the book and set it down on her table.

"Who is it?" Hermione called out.

"It's me," Ginny answered back.

"Come in."

As soon as Ginny shut the door and locked it behind her, Hermione cast a
spell on it reinforcing the lock.

"Come sit down," Hermione said patting the bed.

While excited at the prospect of sleeping Hermione, Ginny was still a bit
nervous this being her first time with a girl. Her slow unsure walk to the
bed showed it.

Hermione ran her hands through Ginny's hair several times and kissed her on
the lips. She then she reached up Ginny's shirt and squeezed her nubs of
breasts pinching her nipples. Ginny gasped at the sudden stimulation in her
nipples and looked at Hermione with uncertainty.

"You sure you want to do this?" Hermione asked. "Once I start I don't stop
until I finish. It's up to you."

"Yes, I want to do this. Please let's keep going."

"Ok then. There's no stopping now," Hermione whispered as she started to
remove her tie and shirt. "Take your clothes off."

When both girls were nude Hermione ordered Ginny to lay on the bed on her
stomach with her legs spread. Hermione spread Ginny's asscheeks and began
licking at her butthole.

"Normally I don't start with the ass, but if you can pass this then
everything else will be a piece of cake," Hermione said as she ran her tongue
up Ginny's crack and deep into her rectum. "I know you've let Harry fuck your
asshole, but have you ever fingered it?"

"No, I haven't."

"Good then, because tonight will be your first time. I want you to start
fingering your butthole like you finger your pussy so much."

Hermione got up from the bed and watched for a few minutes as Ginny reached
back and slipped a finger inside her anus and began sliding it in and out.
Hermione then retrieved two dildos hidden in her nightstand. Ginny began to
moan as Hermione climbed onto the bed behind her.

"Ok take your finger out now," Hermione prompted her as she moved Ginny's
hand out of the way.

"I don't want to. I like it," Ginny protested trying to put her finger back

"You're going to do this my way and I said no. Trust me you'll love what's
coming up."

"Alright..." Ginny moaned waiting for her ass to be filled again.

"You like it when there's something shoved inside your butt don't you?"
Hermione teased flicking her tongue at the outside of Ginny's rectum.

"Oh yes Hermione, very much so!"

"Good good we'll start with this then," Hermione playfully said.

Hermione took the first dildo and licked it up and down moistening it. Then
she turned her attention back to Ginny's anus and began licking at it again
almost pushing her tongue down into it. Hermione then sucked on the tip of
the dildo once more before poking the tip of it into Ginny's butthole.

"Oh Hermione... Please..."

"Do you want me to push it in?"

"Yes! Push it in deep like Harry did!"

"Here it comes Ginny."

Hermione slowly pushed the dildo deeper and deeper into Ginny's ass as she
continued to lick the skin around the sex toy. When it seem like it finally
bottomed out, Hermione began pulling the dildo out eventually removing it

"Hermione..." Ginny began to whine.

"Shh... I'm putting it back in," Hermione whispered as the dildo once again
disappeared inside of Ginny's butt. "Now you have to do something for me.
Turn onto your back."

Ginny followed command though she raised her ass a bit so she wouldn't apply
too much pressure to the toy currently in her rectum.

"Good girl," Hermione purred as she began to suck on the second dildo. When
it was nice and moist she climbed on top of Ginny placing her pussy right in
front of her face.

"Tell me Ginny, do you like this?" Hermione teased inserting the second toy
into Ginny's cunny. Then reaching under the slightly raised ass Hermione
took hold of a vibrator in each hand and began to slowly push them in and
out of their respective holes.

Ginny could only let out tiny moans and breath heavy with the intense
pleasure she felt in both of her lower orifices. Hermione pushed the dildos
in and out of Ginny's pussy and ass for several minutes before stopping.

"Now Ginny," she began, "If you would like the pleasure you're filling to
continue I want you to do something for me. Remember how you fingered your
pussy when you watched me, Harry, Ron, and Dobby and how you started to fist
yourself afterwards? Do that to me. Stick your fingers in my pussy and
then fist me."

Ginny quickly agreed and as she slipped two fingers inside of Hermione she
felt the dildo action start up again. She would have eventually done it
herself, but Hermione was now thrilled beyond belief at the prospect of
finally being fisted. The two fingers turned into three, then into four,
and before Hermione knew it Ginny had managed to fit her entire fist into
her cunt.

Both girls felt extreme pleasure and their bodies started to ache as they
pleasured each other. Ginny had never had both holes filled at the same
time and Hermione was learning the thrill of being fisted. Hermione
continued to penetrate Ginny's butt and pussy with the dildos as her own
cunt was being filled by a hand.

Suddenly a very dirty and nasty thought filled Hermione's head. While it
was pretty filling being fisted by Ginny, Ginny did have small hands. Also
having sex with the troll and Fang taught Hermione how turn the initial pain
of having her pussy stretched into intense orgasmic pleasure.

"Stick your other hand into my cunny," Hermione requested.

Ginny seemed hesitant but after some nudging she obliged. The first two and
even three fingers on her second hand were easy to get in, but getting the
rest of her second hand inside would require some pushing and stretching.
Sensing Ginny's hesitantcy again Hermione reassured her.

"Push it all the way in. I can take it," Hermione assured her.

Hermione yelped a bit and bit down on her lip as Ginny complied and slowly
but surely inched the rest of her hand into Hermione's cunt. Hermione
wasn't sure how to interpret the sensation pulsing through her body now that
she had Ginny's two hands stuffed inside her box.

Ginny heard the slight yelp, but paid no attention to it as she had her own
body to deal with. She was still having both dildos continuously pumped
into her body by Hermione so Ginny only did what was fair and returned the
favor as she very slowly and gingerly pulled her hands from Hermione's cunt
and slowly pushed them back in.

This went on for several minutes and being the novice that she was Ginny's
body gave out at the double stuffing and her body convulsed in orgasm with
her love juice lubricating the dildo in her pussy as the fluids squirted
out. Being the young up and comer that she was Ginny was ready for another
round as she continued double fisting Hermione's cunt which eventually
became easier for her to do after awhile.

Seeing Ginny come made Hermione much hornier than she already was and her
pussy ached to come as well. Before doing anything else Hermione pushed the
dildo in Ginny's ass as far into it as it would go and let it sit there as
she pulled the sloppy and messy dildo from Ginny's cunt.

"We're going to change things here for a bit," Hermione panted as Ginny's
hands continued to pummel her now moistening box.

Hermione took the newly removed dildo and reaching back found her asshole
pushing it inside. With one hand now thrusting a dildo into her anus Hermione
then reached down and fit her free hand into Ginny's wet slit.

Both girls started to grunt and groan emphatically as they were being fisted
while fisting the other. Hermione was able to hold out for a bit longer, but
Ginny once again succumbed to her body's temptations as it convulsed with
orgasm a second time. When her body was again recovered Ginny decided it was
Hermione's turn to finally come and with much more force and enthusiasm Ginny
began to double-fist Hermione excitedly.

Hermione had pulled her hand from Ginny's pussy and was licking the cum from
it when she felt the sudden forceful pounding on her privates. Ginny was
obviously very enthusiastic and into what she was doing and right now there
was just about nothing that could excite Hermione more.

Longer, and harder, and deeper Ginny plunged her hands into Hermione's pussy
and Hermione desperately tried to fight off the ensuing orgasm, but her body
said no more and gave out. The sheer bliss and utter extreme of Hermione's
orgasm nearly caused her to pass out from its intensity. Ginny witnessed it
too as she removed her hands from Hermione's insides just in time to see body
shake violently and the cum to squirt out like a dam had just broken.
Hermione's cum gushed out splashing down all over Ginny's face. It got into
her eyes, into her nose, into her mouth. Hermione's cream literally painted
Ginny's face.

Hermione and Ginny untangled themselves from each other removing the dildos
and laid on the bed panting heavily trying to recover. After taking several
minutes to recuperate Ginny turned to Hermione.

"You got it in my eyes you know."

"I know, the force that orgasm surprised me too. It's never been that
intense before. Let me help you with that," Hermione smiled as she began to
clean Ginny's face by licking it. After several minutes of Hermione downing
her own love juice Ginny's face was relatively clean.

"There, that should do for now, but we should really get to the bathroom to
clean up," Hermione said.

They huddled together underneath the invisibility cape that Hermione was
borrowing from Harry and made their way to the bathroom. There Hermione and
Ginny cleaned up and they sneaked back to Hermione's room and dressed. When
she was done dressing Ginny kissed Hermione on the cheek and thanked her.

"Thank you for tonight Hermione. I just wanted one time so I'll stop
bothering you now."

"Well Ginny if you can repeat tonight then you won't ever be a bother again.
I don't know when he'll ever be ready for a girlfriend if he ever is, but
I'll let Harry know you're certainly ready."

"Thanks again Hermione! You're the best!" Ginny thanked as she kissed
Hermione on the cheek one more time.

"You are indeed the best Hermione, but I want Ginny instead," Draco said
appearing out of thin air.

"DRACO!" Both girls shouted simultaneously.

"What? It's not like Harry's got the only invisibility cloak at Hogwart's.
I'm sure everyone will be happy to know that Hermione is fucking anything and
everything. I mean come on. Fang?"

"Don't you dare!" Hermione growled.

"I have no business with you right now," Draco said as he wove his wand and
a bolt shot out striking Hermione putting her to sleep.

"Now you on the other hand... You like Harry don't you?" Draco grinned
evilly as he turned to Ginny.

"What... what does that matter?" She stuttered.

"I'm going to destroy his and Ron's lives for all the shit they've given me
and what better way than with you..."

Draco removed a small flask from his belt and opened it. Too terrified to
react Ginny did little to put up a defense as Draco forced her mouth open
and poured the liquid in the flask down her throat. Whatever it was tasted
sour to Ginny and soon had her feeling very groggy and sleepy. Within in
moments of swallowing Draco's potion, Ginny was passed out on the floor.

* * *

Ginny woke from her sleep with straps around her wrists and ankles. The
straps were then attached to cables that forced her arms in the air above
her head and her legs spread wide apart. She was trapped in a dark damp
room that was barely lit by some lanterns. Ginny guessed it to be one of
Hogwart's dungeons. Nearby was a table that had numerous items on it none
of which she could make out since the dungeon was so dark. The only other
thing that scared her was the fact the she was also nude.

"Hello? Is anybody out there?" Ginny called hoping nobody would answer.
There was silence for a minute or two and it was beginning to seem there was
nobody there, but then a voice answered her.

"Excellent, my sweet Ginny is awake now. How are feeling tonight?"

Ginny instantly recognized Draco as he seemingly stepped from the shadows
wearing only a black latex bikini brief shaped bottom and black latex gloves.

"Draco..." Ginny started to call out suddenly felt dizzy.

"Are you ok my dear Ginny?" Draco asked only inches away from her now.

Ginny shook her head a bit still dizzy and now confused, but it only lasted
for a small bit as she soon recognized the person in front of her.

"Draco my love," she called out wanting to get close to him now.

"Shh! You've been a very bad girl Ginny haven't you?"

"What? What do you mean?"

"Don't make me remind you what you did with Harry."

"Harry?" Ginny asked thinking for a moment. "Oh my god! I'm so sorry!
Please forgive me!"

"I would like to Ginny, but not only did you let him fuck you, you let him
fuck you in the ass."

"I know and I was wrong and I'm sorry."

"Wel,l it's too late for that Ginny, so tell me. What am I supposed to do
with a girl like you?"

"I... I... I must be punished."

"And punished you will be," Draco replied as he took a t-shaped chain that
had three clamps on the ends and attached two clamps to Ginny's nipples and
the third to her clit.

"But first you will be punished for not calling me Master Draco," he said as
he pulled on the chain attached to all the clamps.

The sensation wasn't that bad as Draco first pulled on the chain in the
middle. But then he pulled on it closer to Ginny's nipples and she let out
a yelp as her nipples were pulled from her body.

"Did you just groan?" Draco asked after hearing the sound she made.

"Yes, I did Draco," Ginny admitted. "It felt good."

"It's Master Draco to you! Let's see if this feels good!"

Draco tugged hard on the chain closer to her clit and Ginny let out an even
louder yelp as the sensation was now felt in a new spot.

"Tsk, tsk, tsk. What am I to do with you Ginny? You seem to like anything
and everything that's done to you."

"I know Master Draco, but it just feels too good. And I'm with you. You're
the greatest ever. Even better than Harry."

"Don't you ever speak Harry's name again!" Draco shouted furiously. He
stepped to the table and from it he grabbed a leather cat o' nine tails whip.

"I'm sorry! I didn't mean to say his name! It's you I want!"

Draco stopped for a moment and stood in front of Ginny.

"Is it me you want? Do you really mean that or are you just saying it so I
won't punish you?"

"Yes Draco! You really are the only one for me, though I must be punished
for speaking his name."

"Yes, you must be punished and in time you will learn not to say his name."

Whip in hand Draco walked behind Ginny and reared his arm back.


The whip stung hard into Ginny's exposed bottom. Again and again Draco
whipped her butt and even in the dim light he could see it turning red.
Ginny was so infatuated with Draco at the moment that nothing he could do
to her would make her feel anything but horny.

Being in control and punishing Ginny started to turn Draco on as well. As
he continued to spank Ginny's ass with the whip he felt his prick start to
extend out and hardened. Draco threw the whip on the ground and started to
remove his bottom. As her bent over to remove them he noticed something
trickling down Ginny's leg.

Draco walked over to Ginny and wiping a bit of the fluid up with his finger
he then forced Ginny to taste it.

"What's that on you leg?"

"It's pee Master Draco."

"I see. Do you have to use the restroom?"

"Yes, Master Draco."

"I so wanted to relief the pressure in my cock, but I suppose it'll have to
wait for now."

Draco walked back over to the table and retrieved a small bowl. He then
placed it underneath Ginny.

"Piss in that, and if you get any in any other place but in there you'll
have to punished."

Of course Ginny pissed everywhere but in the bowl. When she was done peeing
a look of disappointment crossed her face.

"I'm so disappointed in you Ginny. You do realize now what this means?"

"Yes, Master Draco. I've been a very bad girl and you need to punish me."

"Now it's not that I want to do this to you," Draco started as he pulled a
chair from the table placing it in front of Ginny and standing on it. "But
you need to learn a lesson. Now open your mouth."

Ginny did as she was told and for a moment there was silence as Draco stood
on the chair with his cock pointed at her head. Then suddenly a yellow
stream of urine started to shoot from his prick and pelt Ginny in the face.
Draco aimed all over getting piss in Ginny's hair, in her eyes, before
finally peeing in her mouth. He watched as Ginny tried to swallow it all
down, but failed and it started to leak from her mouth and drip from her

Draco finished after a minute or two and getting close to urine soaked girl
noticed that it looked like she had a smile on her face.

"You dirty little slut. You like it real nasty don't you?"

"I like to be nasty for you Master," Ginny grinned with urine still falling
from her chin.

"I heard too that you like to have things shoved up your ass isn't that

"Yes master Draco."

"That's what I thought," Draco grinned menacingly as he walked behind Ginny

Instead of whipping her again, he took his glove-ridden hands and spread her
asscheeks apart. Ginny moaned and her pussy started to get wet as she felt
Draco's tongue lick into her anus.

"Please Master..." She mumbled.

"God your such a dirty whore," Draco growled as his tongue continued to lap
at Ginny's asshole.

Draco slowly inserted one finger into Ginny's asshole and with the action it
saw earlier in the night it let the finger easily slide in. Then Draco
inserted a second finger in Ginny's rectum and it went almost as easily as
the first.

Ginny's body started to burn badly and she became very horny as Draco
continued to slide fingers into her her butthole. She then grunted in
surprise as her butthole suddenly stretched more than it ever had before and
it felt completely plugged up.

"You like this don't you slut?" Draco sneered as he slowly pulled his hand
out of Ginny's ass.

"Yes master! I love it!" Ginny moaned.

"Good, so do I," He replied as he shoved his whole hand back inside of
Ginny's rearend.

Ginny so wanted to rub her clit and masturbate as Draco continued to fist
her ass, but her restraints wouldn't let her and Ginny was forced to let her
clit go untouched as her precum start to drip to the floor. Soon it didn't
matter as Draco started to really pound her ass with his hand, and Ginny was
soon on the verge of orgasm. Draco could sense that and started to taunt

"You want to come don't you? All little sluts like you want to come."

"Oh god yes! My ass burns with delight! My body quakes with pleasure!"

"Go ahead you little cunt and come! You don't deserve me anyways!"

With one last hard shove Draco forced his hand deep into Ginny's ass almost
reaching to his elbow. Ginny's tiny body couldn't take any more and she
screamed loudly and it thrashed around as she orgasmed. Her girl cum
squirted out all over the floor making almost as big a mess as her piss did.

When all was calm again Draco removed his arm from her butt and lowered Ginny
to the floor just long enough to hang her by her feet. Draco then took two
candlesticks and pushing one down into her pussy and one into her ass and lit

While Draco waited for the candle's to burn he took an already burning candle
and sat back down in the chair. Tipping the candle he let its hot melted wax
splatter onto his chest and his cock flared out as the pain from the hot wax
shot through his body. With his free hand Draco began stroking his prick as
he let hot wax drip and fall onto his stomach.

Then he heard Ginny yelp in pain as the candles started to melt and hot wax
touched down around her sphincter and cunt.

"You will learn to love the pain as I do," Draco shouted as he continued to
jack himself off and let the candle wax drip onto his scrotum.

"I do like it master. You taught me to like it."

"You're a good little bitch."

Draco then dripped some hot wax onto the head of his dick away from its hole
and that pushed him over the edge. His hand raced up and down his shaft as
hot gooey cum started to squirt out.

Draco slowed and stopped as he cum finally did, and he got up and walked
over to Ginny.

"You like the hot wax on your body don't you?"

"Oh god, yes!"

"Then let's see if you like it in your body as well."

Draco removed the melting candle from Ginny's pussy and started to tip it
over to pour some wax inside.

"Stop right there Draco!"

Draco froze at the sound of the voice yelling at him.

"Potter is that you?" He roared.

"You're not going to get away with this you bastard!" Harry growled as he
stepped from the shadows much like Draco did earlier that night.

"Potter how the fuck did you find me?!?!?" Draco growled. He then noticed
Dobby cowering behind Harry. "I should have known. You'll get yours one
day Dobby. You should've never told Potter about this place!"

"Shut up Draco! You're time at Hogwart's is up!"

"I don't think so!" Draco shot back snapping his fingers. Ginny suddenly
passed out.

"What did you do to Ginny?!?!?"

"Oh nothing really. She's just sleeping right now, but she won't remember a
thing when she wakes up. Neither will Hermione as I'm sure you've learned
by now if you've checked on her."

"Until next time Potter."

Draco took off into the darkness as Harry and Dobby got Ginny down.

"God damn it Draco, I swear to god I'm going to get you back for this and
everything else," Harry scowled as he carried Ginny away from the dungeon.


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