Harry Potter: Part 3 - Hermione's Cherry Chapter 1: Making Up, Making Out
(fg, oral, fist, voy, ghost, cons)
by Tricksterson ([email protected])

The holidays were coming and Hermione was miserable.

Everything had started so well. The group sex at the Burrow has been the most
wonderful experience of her life. The only thing that had remained was to
give up her virginity to Ron or Harry and then the whole school year would
belong to the four of them.

That was where the trouble started. Both were so eager to be her first that
neither would let the other have a shot at her. Every time she brought the
subject up it started a fight.

It would have been bearable if she had Ginny to fall back on but Ginny had
been avoiding her. She wasn't sure why but knew that somehow, someway it was
the boys fault. So she had set herself to tracking her young friend and
erstwhile lover down.

She hadn't seen Ginny in the Gyffindorr girl's showers but knew from the few
times she had glimpsed her that she was as neat and clean as ever, so where
was she washing up? It had to be somewhere other people didn't go or she'd
have heard about it.

Aha. Moaning Myrtle's bathroom. The wash basins were large enough that a
small girl like Ginny could almost take a bath in them. Certainly they were
large enough to clean up effectively.

She snuck quietly into the bathroom and sure enough heard splashing sounds.
There in front of a basin, wearing only panties, was Ginny. Hermione's eyes
roamed up and down the small body of her sometime lover, the tight ass, the
long beautiful red hair, the smooth expanse of back. The urge to reach out
and stroke her soft skin was almost overwhelming.

"Ahem." The redhead spun around, startlement, fear and, when she realized who
it was, anger in her face.

"What are *you* doing here? Come to gloat over stealing Harry and Ron?"

"Steal?" Hermione realized that there had been a disasterous failure of
communications along the line. "What makes you think I 'stole' anybody?"

"I've seen them hanging around you with their tounges hanging out and
their...things halfway out of their pants. But they won't give me word one,
will they?"

"Oh my poor Ginny. Those stupid,stupid boys. They might be 'hanging around'
me but neither of them will let the other so much as kiss me. Noone's put
their hands on me except me since that night and it's driving me bonkers!"

"You mean I've been mad at you for nothing?"

"I'm afraid so."

"Do you forgive me?"

"On one condition."


Hermione smiled slyly. "Come over here and fuck me crazy!"

Smiling and eager for relief the small redhead went into her lovers arms.
Quickly their lips and tongues met in an urgent and passionate kiss.

"What do we have here? Two young lovers?"

Both looked up franticly to see a smirking Moaning Myrtle overhead.

Hermione wanted to tell the ghost to go away but didn't want to provoke her.
The last thing either she or Ginny needed was to be labled dykes. Besides to
be fair this *was* Myrtle's home, more or less.

"Well...yes. I suppose so. Do you want us to leave?"

"Oh no, I want to watch"

"Watch...well i suppose that's alright." She looked to Ginny who gave a
reluctant nod. Actually the idea of being watched rather turned her on.

"I didn't think ghosts liked...that sort of thing."

"Just because we're dead doesn't mean we don't have feelings. All kinds of
feelings. There's just not much we can *do* about them."

To demonstrate, she swooped down and planted what should have been a
passionate kiss on Hermione. It felt cool and slightly damp and not entirely
unpleasant, rather like kissing fog, but when Hermione's arms instinctively
went around the dead girl's body they closed on nothing.

"See? Poor, poor me," Myrtle said with a sob.

"Well at least you can watch." And with that Hermione determined to give both
Ginny and the ghost girl a show they'd remember for some time.

"Ginny, you know that dance tune by the Wyrd Sisters? Witchy Girl? Could you
clap out a beat for me darling?"

Curious as to what Hermione was up to Ginny started clapping her hands
together, alternating with slapping the floor. Hermione started to twirl,
and as she did, let her robe fall to the ground. She then undid her
Gryffindor tie, twirling over her head then plafully tossing it to Myrtle,
who pouted when it went through her hands. Both she and Ginny watched,
raptly as Hermione danced first back away from Ginny, then forward, pulling
off her school sweater, then unbuttoning her blouse, showing a pair of
small firm breasts caged in a lacy white bra, which soon joined the rest
of her clothes on the floor. She leaned forward, just out of Ginny's reach
and shook them teasingly.

At this Myrtle could no longer contain herself and joined in, dancing in
circles around and above Hermione and discarding her own clothes, which
dissapeared when they reached a few inches away from her. For some reason,
perhaps because of the baggy school uniform everyone always thought Myrtle
was fat but, although she had a thicker body then the two mortal witches,
this was not so. Her torso and limbs were not as slender, true, but still
quite shapely and led to a large pair of firm breasts. Even though Myrtle
was a Fifth Year when she died, both girls doubted either of them would be
that large and round when they reached the ghosts death age.

As Hermione danced away from her, Ginny got on all fours and slowly pursued
her lover who stayed teasingly just beyond reach. Soon Hermione's skirt went
sailing over her head and through Myrtle who responded by swooping down on
Hermione and running her hands over the dancing brunette's nipples, the cold
caress hardening them.

Evenually Hermione found herself backed against a stall door, clad only in
her panties. As she reached to take them off, the stalking Ginny growled,
"Let me," then reached out and took a grip on them with her teeth. A few
strong tugs and they were half pulled, half torn off, leaving Hermione's
pussy exposed and vulnerable to the small redhead's tongue and teeth, which
soon had Hermione shuddering in delight. Slowly, moaning, she eased her way
to the ground. Soon Ginny's tonguethrusting had her biting her lip to keep
from screaming and letting the whole floor know what was going on.

She needn't have worried. She soon heard a moan coming from above and,
looking up saw Myrtle masturbating furiously. One hand was stroking and
pinching her pale nipples, the other was rubbing her clit in a frenzy.
Realizing that any noise would be dismissed as Myrtle, Hermione gave a
short sharp yelp as Her redheaded partner's teeth nibbled at her clit.
Arching her back she gasped out loud as she came for the first time in
three months from someone else.

Ginny lifted her cream covered face from between Hermione's legs. "Forgiven?"
she said with a grin.

"Now and for always," murmured Hermione. "Now it's my turn," she said as the
girls changed positions, Hermione slipping two fingers into her lovers slit
as her thumb massaged the younger girls clit. The thrusting quickly brought
both results and demands.

"More, Hermy, more," Ginny moaned. Acquiesing Hermione slid a third finger
in. Surprised that the small girl's cunt could fit this many she slid a
fourth to further begging and pleading. Instead of merely thrusting she
began massaging Ginny love canal from the inside.

The small redhead's body arched up from toe to head. "YEAHHHH! OH YEAH!!!"
She began bucking uncontrollably as Hermione went the full distance, slipping
in her thumb and working her lover's pussy from the inside. Ginny's fists
pounded the floor and her scream turned more to a gargle, her tongue hanging
out one side, drool coming down it. Finally her whole body went stiff, her
eyes rolled completely into her head, then went as limp as it had been stiff
a second ago.

"Ginny? Ginny!" Hermione pulled her hand out of her friend as Ginny's
stillness started to scare her. "My God! Myrtle! I killed her!" She started
to weep.

Myrtle, concerned over her new friends, floated down over Ginny. "She's not
dead. Look, silly witch." Sure enough Ginny was breathing, however shallow
and ragged it was. Slowly her eyes rolled back to their normal positions,
though still unfocused.

Still crying, Hermione covered her love's face with grateful kisses. Once
again, still not in full control of her mental faculties she tried to plant
a passionate thank you kiss on Myrtle's lips but went through her.

Slowly Ginnys eyes refocused and her lips moved, though no sound came out.
Hermione put her ear close to her lover's lips.

Ginny whispered, "That...that..was...incredible."

"Are you okay, darling?"

Ginny nodded weakly. "Love you...Hermy...fucking love you!"

Hermione helped Ginny get dressed and then put on her own clothes. She looked
at Myrtle. She had never really liked the ghost before but this experience
had made a bond between them. "Myrtle?"

Myrtle, sad at seeing them go was back to her usual selfpitying tone. "Yes?"

"Would you like to be able to touch and be touched?"

"What a stupid question. Of *course* I'd like that! But how? No touching for
Myrtle. I died a virgin, and now am one forever."

Maybe she wasn't *that* fond of Myrtle after all. But she still felt sorry
for her. "Well, I can't promise anything...but if you like, I could do some
research. Maybe there's a potion. I mean, not forever but for an hour or

Myrtle's face lit up with a rare smile. "Oh, that would be wonderful!"

"We have to go now. We have plotting to do."

"Plotting? Against who?"

"Who else? The boys."


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