This is a fictional story about fictional characters. Don't read if smut
offends you.

Harry Potter: Hermione's Exploits Part 2 - Back Together
by Big Red Dope (bg,Mbbg,g-mast,elf,fist,inc,anal)

Ginny sat at the dining table a bit from Harry and Ron and slowly ate as she
watched them eat. More so as she watched Harry eat. Once at the brink of
death, Harry had saved her and the others who were petrified by killing the
basilisk and Tom Riddle. Harry was once again a hero at Hogwarts and Ginny's
infatuation with him only intensified.

Eating was momentarily interrupted as Hermione entered the dining room and
everyone stopped to watch as she and Harry hugged, then she shook hands with
Ron. Ginny sighed heavily resigning to the idea that Harry was probably more
interested in Hermione. She sighed once again and ate the rest of her meal
in silence. Ginny finished before everyone else and quietly left the dining
room trying not to be seen.

She returned to her room and decided that she wanted to be alone so she
cast a spell on the door's lock. Ginny sat down on her bed and pulled out
a picture of Harry she had stolen from Ron. She looked at the picture for
several minutes and desperately wanted to be with Harry, but this was as
close as she was going to get for now she thought.

It what became an almost regular event for Ginny when she looked at Harry's
picture and thought about him, she could feel her pussy start to tingle and
dirty thoughts of Harry began to race through her head.

Ginny stripped of all her clothes and lay back on her bed. She closed her
eyes and as thoughts of Harry sticking his shaft into her mouth raced through
her head, Ginny's hand unconsciously slid down between her legs and she began
to rub her clit. It swelled with each touch, and Ginny continued to get
hornier as she thought of Harry pumping his cock into her mouth. In her mind
Ginny could sense how excited Harry was as she ran her tongue over his shaft
occasionally tickling his scrotum.

Ginny stuck two fingers into her hairless pussy as she felt the imaginary
Harry bust his load and shoot cum all over the inside of her mouth. She then
licked her lips clean and giggled with a big grin as Harry then pushed his
cock into her pussy splitting it open.

Faster and deeper Ginny dug her fingers into her love box as slight moans
escaped her lips and her dirty dream continued. Harry now had his hands
around her hips and was pumping deep and hard into her pussy. Back in
reality Ginny stuck a third finger into her tiny cunny and her body was now
twitching and burning up with passion as she continued to finger herself.

"Oh Harry... Fuck me hard! Cum for me!" Ginny groaned loudly as she could
feel Harry's balls slapping against her ass and the vaginal pounding he was
giving her.

"OH my god!" Ginny shouted as her body started to shake with orgasm. She
felt her girl cum start to squirt out all over her fingers as her dream
Harry pulled his cock out and started coming a second time. This time all
over her belly and very small breasts.

Ginny was startled back to reality when she heard a loud pounding on her
bedroom door and Ron's voice.

"Ginny you alright! You're friends said the door was locked and I heard
screaming just now!"

"I'm fine Ron! I just want to be alone right now!"

"Are you sure? Open the door and let me in."

"Alright hold on," Ginny replied as she quickly dressed and hid Harry's
picture. She then cast a spell to hide the cumstain and smell that was now
on her bedsheets. When all was right Ginny released the spell on the door
and let Ron into her room.

"What's going on Ginny?" Ron asked closing the door behind him.

"What do you mean?"

"Like I said I heard some yelling and your door was locked."

"Really Ron it was nothing. I just wanted to be alone and I fell asleep for
a few minutes. I had a dream about the basilisk. That's why you heard me

"Oh I see... Very well then I'll be going..." Ron said before turning and
heading towards the door. Ginny started to sigh in relief thinking she
avoided something uncomfortable with Ron.

"Oh, next time you might want to use a stronger spell to hide that stain,"
Ron called back.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry! Please don't tell Harry!" Ginny gasped.

"Who said anything about Harry?" Ron asked as he turned facing his sister
and leaned against the door with a grin on his face. A look of petrified
horror crossed Ginny's face.

"Don't worry about it Ginny, everybody knows you like Harry, just not that
you have your dirty dreams about him."

"Please don't tell him Ron! Please!" Ginny begged.

"Don't worry about it I won't say anything. It's almost kinda cute in a
twisted sort of way."

"Thanks Ron... Does Harry like Hermione a lot?"

"Of course he does, they're friends."

"I mean like really like her, like boyfriend and girlfriend and doing things
I heard the older kids talking about? Sex I mean."

"We're all too young to be having sex anyways, so I don't know why you're
asking about it, but as far as I know the friendship they show in school is
all I know of. Besides I don't even know why I'm talking to you about this.
This is gross."

Ginny's face nearly lit up at Ron's response.

"Good then that means, I can make Harry my boyfriend before Hermione does if
I let him stick his thingy in me."

"What the bloody hell are you talking about Ginny?"

"If I can have sex with Harry before Hermione does, then he'll be my
boyfriend for sure. But I've never done anything before, I might be bad at
it and he'll still go to Hermione. I need to practice..."

Ginny thought for a moment before looking up at Ron.

"No, no! Absolutely not!" Ron began to protest. "You're my sister!"

"Why not?" Ginny frowned. "I want Harry to be mine! Besides, you know that
diary you think nobody knows about? I found it one day, and I know how much
you want Hermione."

"I don't care, the answer's still no!"

"Well fine then I'll have to tell Hermione and Harry all about your diary."

"You wouldn't," Ron said challenging her bluff.

"I don't want to Ron, but please? It'll help us both get what we want."

Ron thought long and hard about it for several minutes and with the desperate
look in his sister's eyes he gave in.

"Alright... You win," Ron conceded sitting down on the edge of Ginny's bed.
"What do you want me to do?"

"Just sit there and take your clothes off," Ginny said as she started to
remove her uniform.

Ron sat naked on Ginny's bed while he waited for her to finished stripping.
When she did she walked towards Ron and got on her knees.

Acting on what she heard the older students say and what her own fantasies
entailed Ginny started by rubbing Ron's cock up an down with her hand. Even
if it was his sister's hand, the touch of one other than his own caused Ron's
member to harden immediately.

"So that's how they get so big," Ginny replied as her hand continued to
stroke the enlarged prick in front of her.

"Uh... You almost done?" Ron asked nervously.

"Not yet, you know that. If I was Hermione what would you want her to do

"Umm... I'd want her to suck my dick," Ron answered half wanting to stop this
right now, half being too turned on to care at the moment.

It didn't take Ginny long to act as Ron suddenly felt her lips wrap around
his dick and start to move up and down it.

"Oh my god Ginny..." Ron groaned as he felt her tongue slither up the bottom
of his shaft and kept sliding up and down keeping him moist.

Ron closed his eyes and his dirty dream of Hermione started up as he watched
her give him a blowjob. At the same time Ginny began thinking of Harry and
how big his dick might be in her mouth and neither cared when Ron began to
force Ginny's head quickly and forcefully onto his member.

"Mmmmmmm..." Groans and slurps escaped Ginny's mouth as Ron's cock quickly
slid in and out between her lips.

"Hermione! I'm fixing to cuuuuuuuuuum!" Ron grimaced as his body started to
ache and his dick exploded.

Ron felt shot after shot unload as his cum pelted the back Ginny's mouth.
When he was done coming in Hermione's mouth and Ginny was finished swallowing
Harry's load, both opened their eyes and returned to reality.

"Oh my god Ginny, that was awesome!" Ron smiled.

"See? You can fantasize about Hermione again if it still bothers you. I was
thinking of Harry just now."

"If you want to we can," Ron replied. "I have things to teach and learn
from you."

"Good. So you'll stick your dick in my cunny so I'll be ready for Harry?"

Ron only replied with a smile as and he and Ginny switched places. With her
on the bed Ron lifted his sister's legs up and over his shoulders as he
guided himself to her tiny opening. Slowly but sure Ron inched himself inside
of Ginny before quickly bumping into her hymen.

"This will hurt a bit I heard, but at least it won't get in the way when
you're with Harry."

With one strong thrust Ron popped Ginny's cherry and she let out a small
whimper. He finally bottomed out and started to pull his cock out.

"You thinking about Harry," Ron asked as he started to pump his prick in and
out of Ginny's pussy.

"No," she panted between breaths, "You thinking about Hermione?"

"No, just thinking that even if I come to love Hermione and you love Harry,
I'll always care for you. You're my sister after all."

"Thanks... Ron..." Ginny groaned as her vaginal walls stretched with Ron's
pounding cock.

With lust filling the room and Ron slamming his prick hard into Ginny's cunt
both failed to hear the bedroom door open and shut.

"Ah, Ah! Ginny I'm fixing to come!" Ron shouted as his prick continued to
slam her cunt.

"I'm coming now! My body burns!" Ginny cried as she had her second orgasm
of the night. It was a wetter and sloppier than the first and it created a
cum stain nearly three times the size of the first one.

"Here it comes Ginny!" Ron gasped one last time as white streams of cum
started to shoot out from his prick a second time. Cum splashed down all
over Ginny's stomach and some even reached her still flat chest.

"Was I good? Will Harry be my boyfriend?" Ginny asked when Ron fell onto
the bed next to her.

"You were great Ginny. I don't see how he could say no," Ron smiled as he
propped himself up on the bed.

"You really shouldn't be screwing your own sister Ron," Harry said leaning
against the bedroom door.

"Harry! What, what are you doing here?" Ron stammered as he fell out of the
bed trying to dress.

"I could ask you the same thing, but I already know the answer. I saw Ginny
leave the dining hall early and I just wanted to come by and see if
everything was alright."

"Harry please don't tell anyone! I made him fuck me so I could learn to be
good enough for you and be your girlfriend!" Ginny pleaded.

"Don't worry about it. I won't be telling anyone anything, though do you
really want to be my girlfriend?"


"Hmm..." Harry thought to himself as he looked Ginny up and down then started
to massage her barely developed chest. "Ron go get Hermione."

"You sure?"

"Yeah, go get Hermione and bring her back here."

After Ron dressed and left the room Harry cast a lock spell on the door.
Ginny watched nervously as he stripped and then sat down on her bed. Harry
stroked his cock for a few minutes and when it was nice and hard he ordered
her to suck it.

Like she did earlier to Ron, Ginny started by jacking off Harry. She then
felt his prick grow bigger as she wrapped her lips around it and began to
bob her head up and down.

"Good girl, I bet Ron liked this alot," Harry moaned as he felt Ginny's wet
tongue slither up and down his shaft like a snake.

She may have been new, but Ginny sure knew how to suck cock Harry thought as
Ginny slobbered all over his knob for several more minutes. He so wanted to
come, but then he looked down and saw something he liked better.

"Stand up and turn around Ginny."

She did as she was told and when her cute little ass came into sight Harry
grabbed a cheek with each hand and began squeeze and massage it.

"I bet Ron didn't tell you how nice your butt looked did he?"

"No he didn't."

"Well he should have, because it's very nice. So nice in fact that I want
to fuck it."

Harry lay back on Ginny's bed with his hardened dick pointing straight up.

"Now stand above me with your back to me and slowly lower yourself down.
I'll do the rest."

Climbing onto the bed and placing her ass right above Harry's dick, Ginny
slowly lowered herself down and felt Harry's hands grab her asscheeks again.
This time he spread them apart revealing her virgin anus.

Having a cock split her ass and force it's way inside, felt about the same
as when she lost her virginity to Ron earlier in the night. It was tight and
hurt a bit at first, but as Ginny continued to rise up and down on Harry the
pain in her ass soon turned to pleasure.

"Oh Harry! This feels very nice too!" Ginny exclaimed as Harry's shaft
continued to press up and down into her rectum.

"Oh very good! That's what I wanted to hear!" Harry grimaced in delight.
"You should show Ron this one day. He'll like it just like you do."

The tingling sensation that Ginny had experienced with Ron was now starting
with Harry.

"Harry my body burns I really need to touch myself," Ginny begged.

"No problem Ginny," Harry said as he pulled out long enough for her to get
on all fours on the bed and he got behind her plugging her asshole back up.
"How's this?"

"Oh god! Harder Harry!" Ginny yelled as slipped a finger into her vagina
and furiously began dipping it in and out.

"You're so good Ginny! You make me want to come like no other!" Harry
screamed as he bottomed out his prick in her anus and began shooting his hot
sticky cum all over the inside of her asshole.

"HARRY!" Ginny shouted as she continued to finger fuck herself even though
her body gave out and she started coming all over her hand and bedsheets

When things finally calmed down after a few minutes Harry laid next to Ginny
on her bed. He leapt from the bed when there was a knock at the door.

"Ask who it is," Harry whispered to Ginny.

"Who is it?" Ginny called out.

"It's me Ron."

Harry removed his spell from the door only long enough for Ron, Hermione,
and Dobby to come in.

"What's going on? Why's Dobby here?" Ginny asked.

"I hear you're growing into a big girl, and want Harry to be your boyfriend,"
Hermione replied with a wicked smile.

"Yes..." Ginny replied almost mumbling.

"You're not old enough to be Harry's girlfriend yet, and he doesn't really
want one it seems, but you're more than welcome to hang out with him or
Hermione even if I'm not around," Ron said.

"When will I be old enough?" Ginny asked curiously.

"When you can do this," Dobby answered.

Harry started first by lying down on Ginny's bed. Hermione and Ron removed
their uniform's and Hermione acting much like Ginny just had lowered herself
down onto Harry's cock except Hermione slipped it into her pussy. With
Hermione leaning forward almost laying on Harry's chest, Ron climbed on the
bed behind her and pushed his prick inside her cunt as well touching Harry's
dick as it slid inside.

Ginny stared in amazement as Ron and Harry started their dp fucking of
Hermione's pussy. Groans of ecstasy escaped from her lips as a smile
crossed her face. Ginny's jaw dropped when Dobby then leapt onto the
bed with a rockhard cock that was nearly three times the size of Ron and
Harry and pushed it into Hermione's mouth.

Ginny had to sit down on a chair when she got horny watching the foursome
in front of her. She managed to slip three fingers into her pussy and she
started to really get wet again as pants and moans left the sweaty bodies
of the three humans and the house elf. With Ron breaking her in, her
horniness, and her wetness, Ginny was soon able to slip her entire hand
into her pussy and began to fist herself.

Being a bit of a slut and constantly horny, the two prick's in her pussy and
the one in her mouth aroused Hermione to the point that her body start to
shake ferociously as she orgasmed. Her body didn't care about the orgasm
and kept up with Hermione as she continued sucking and fucking.

Little to no of Hermione's cum escaped her pussy as it instead sloshed all
over Ron and Harry.

"Dobby going to come," Dobby said pulling his dick from Hermione's mouth.

"Me too!" Harry and Ron shouted simultaneously both removing themselves
from Hermione.

"Cum all over my face!" Hermione shouted excitedly as she smiled watching
Harry, Ron, and Dobby jack themselves off right in front of her face.

Ron was the first to blow his load quickly followed by a simultaneous spray
from Harry and Dobby. Ginny shoved her fist deep into her cunt one last
time as she watched Hermione's face get bombarded from three loads of cum
all over her face and hair. She then orgasmed for a third time that night
when she saw Hermione wipe the white goo from her face with her hand and
lick it clean.

Exhausted from all the sex that night Ginny just watched as she lay back
naked in the chair. Ron, Hermione, and Harry all used spells to clean and
straighten up the room and each other.

"I'll take care of the rest here," Ron told the others.

"Ok, but be sure you clean your sister thoroughly and I'll see you back at
the room," Harry called back as he and Hermione left the room with Dobby.

"So how was your first night?" Ron asked as he cast a spell on his sister
and she was suddenly clean and dressed.

"It was great, especially with Harry, but I thought you said we shouldn't
even be talking about sex?"

"I just wanted to make sure this was something you wanted to do. To be
honest I was quite nervous when I was fucking you, because I wanted your
first time to be nice and since you've started coming here I've found you
very attractive and I had been looking forward to this night with you for
awhile. Anyways, you look tired. You need to get to be and get some

"Yeah I think I will go to bed now..."

"Good. I'll see you tomorrow," Ron said as he headed for the door.

"Hey Ron?" Ginny called from her bed.




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