Harry Potter: Part 1 - Hermione (bg,voy)
by Jeff Walters ([email protected])

Hermione started to remove her clothing when she felt the wind move past her
quickly. She turned around but didn't see anything, and continued to remove
her clothing until she was left standing in her under garments. She started
to undo the bodice strings and when it was loose enough to breath properly.
Hermione couldn't believe women wore these all the time but knew that it made
her now growing breasts more pronounced. She stepped out of the bodice and
removed the straps of her bra and let if fall to the ground. It was then
that she heard a sound like a moan she looked around and still not see
anything, must be this old building creaking she thought.

Hermione moved over to her washbasin and dipped the cloth into the water;
she moved it to her body and shuddered at the coldness of it. She grabbed
her wand and said some words and instantly the water started to warm up.
Hermione then dipped the cloth back in the basin and started to wash her
face and neck and was started to clean around her breasts when she heard
a noise and then she felt something land on her breasts. She looked down
and noticed a thick coating of a white subject. Hermione not knowing what
it was put her finger to it and brought it to her mouth. She licked at it
and I tasted slightly salty with a strange taste, a taste she had never
had before but she did like it. She brought the cloth back to her breasts
and washed the liquid from her breasts and started to wash around her
breasts, her nipples now starting to get all puffy and hard from her touch.
Hermione had only started to grow breasts over the last six months but she
really enjoyed the feelings she got when she cleaned herself. She noticed
how her nipples got very sensitive when she cleaned her breasts, and she
had heard some other girl witches saying things in the girls cleansing

Hermione moved over to her bed and moved down the covers and laid down on
the sheets, she lifted her legs and started to cleansed them and then her
stomach and then finally between her legs. This was the area that she had
heard the girls talk about, they had said how there was a spot down there
that would make you very happy and you could use things in your hole to
make you even happier. She had decided to find this spot tonight and
continued to cleansed herself when she felt a tingle when she was rubbing
at the top of her vagina. Was this the spot the girls had talked about,
Hermione did not know for sure but she started to feel enjoyment the more
she rubbed and noticed how the lips to her vagina were getting all puffy
and very much redder.

It was then she noticed an odd shape just hovering near her to the right
about 3 feet from the ground. It was red and was long with the front of it
looking like a mushroom, she moved her hand to it and it felt hot and it
stirred and started to grow even bigger. Hermione could only get half her
hand around it and started to rub it to see what it would do, it was then
she noticed the hole at the end of this object and the same white type of
fluid that had hit her. She touched the liquid again and brought it to her
mouth and it tasted the same as the liquid she had tasted before. It was
then she moved forward and started to lick and kiss this strange object in
front of her. Hermione liked the taste she was now experiencing, the more
she took it into her mouth the more the strange tastes would come, it tasted
slightly like the soap that they used in their rooms but it also had this
musky and salty taste as well. Hermione was licking and sucking on this
object and suddenly she felt something in the back of the throat, it was the
same taste but it was coming out the head of this object, Hermione continued
to suck and swallow this liquid and it kept on spewing out the little hole
until it suddenly stopped.

Hermione noticed the object was getting smaller so she started rubbing it
harder and it started to grow again. Hermione grabbed at it with both hands
and pulled it really hard towards her and suddenly her friend Harry Potter
appeared behind this object. Hermione looked up and down and noticed that
Harry was naked and this object that she had been in her mouth was attached
to Harry. Hermione asked what Harry was doing there and he said he had
noticed how she had changed over the last couple of months and he had also
changed and when he was with her his cock would grow liked it had just done.
So I got my invisibility cloak and came into your room to watch you undress
and bathe. It was then I got this urge to rub it and it got me these funny
feelings and it spat out this white stuff that landed on you. I was about
to go when I noticed you went to bed and I saw you rubbing your spot down
there and it made it get bigger. I hadn't noticed that it had gone through
the cloak when you started to kiss it and lick it. The way you sucked it
and licked it made it spit out again.

Hermione looked down at this object and said, "Is that what you call it "a
cock", I have heard some of the girls talk about it in the bathing room but
didn't know what it was. Is it always like that, so hard and so big?"
Hermione asked.

Harry said, "No, it only gets like that when I am excited at seeing something
like a good looking girl."

Hermione said, "You think I am good looking?"

Harry said, "Yes, Hermione you are so good looking every time I see you it
goes like this."

They both looked down at his cock, which was 8 inches long, and as hard as
it had ever been. Harry asked Hermione could they both move on to the bed,
which they did. Hermione could you rub yourself down their like you did
before, Hermione moved her hand down between her legs which she spread open
and started to rub the spot that she had found before. Hermione started to
get the same feeling she had before and the more she rubbed the better the
feeling came, Harry had his hand on his cock and was rubbing at the same
speed as Hermione was using on her clit. It was then that Harry moved and
got between Hermione legs and leaned forward. Hermione looked where Harry
was and grabbed at his cock and moved it to her opening and suddenly Harry's
cock entered into Hermione body. The first two inches of his cock went in
easily and then he felt the pressure of muscles around his cock and he tried
to push harder. It was when he was about three inches in that he felt a
barrier at the front of his cock. He looked at Hermione who was seemed to
be in pain and was about to withdraw from her vagina when he saw and then
felt Hermione move her body forward suddenly and his cock penetrated this
barrier and his cock went further in. He was nearly all the way in. He saw
Hermione crying and she said that it was hurting her but she was also feeling
things that she had never felt before. He asked if she wanted him to stop
when he felt her moving herself forward and back on his cock and he got the
message and started to move in and out of Hermione. He felt Hermione move
her legs around the back of his and lock herself into his legs. Harry could
hear Hermione saying things and moaning into his ear and he started to say
things back to her. Harry leaned back on his arms and looked the pleasured
look on her face and moved in and started to kiss this girl. He had never
kissed a girl but he had never done the other things as well and this felt
all natural to him anyway. Hermione started to kiss Harry back and then she
moved her tongue into Harry's mouth and Harry moved his tongue with hers.
Hermione enjoyed this even more and was moaning into Harry's mouth. Harry
could feel Hermione's body against his and stopped the kiss and started to
kiss down her body until he got to her breasts and was immediately attracted
to her puffy nipples. Harry sucked and licked on them just as Hermione had
done on his cock before. He went from one breast to the other and noticed
how the nipples would get even harder. He moved back up her body and started
to kiss her again. It was then Hermione started screaming at Harry to do it
harder, yes Harry, Harder Harry, god yes it feels so good. Harry wanting to
please Hermione started to thrust into her harder and faster and with this
he started to get the same feeling he had before he had liquid come out his
cock. He was about to say this when he felt Hermione liquid all around his
cock and her she was moaning yes, yes and yes. That finally made him come
once more and his cock spat out the remaining cum he had in him.

They lay beside each other on the bed and smiled, "What did we just do?"
Hermione asked Harry.

"I don't know Hermione, but I know whom we can ask."

The End

Coming up Hermione and Harry get educated.


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