Harry Potter:
Wet Nights At Hogwarts Part 4 - Handwritten (mm, bond)
by Alexis Sinclair ([email protected])

"There was something about the delicious pain on his wrist and ankles, there
was comfort in the stretching sounds of his extended muscles. Kevin lay there
helpless in the dungeon, fulfilled with perverted satisfaction."

"Oh my god!" Ron was unable to hold his enthusiasm. "This is too perfect,
Harry!. Check out this part!" and he pointed a paragraph at the bottom of the

"The tremendous pain traveled from his crotch to the tip of his sore nipples,
his burn toes and his severed fingers, sending waves of pleasure up to every
single blond hair of his head. The orgasm that wouldn't come was making his
mind melt, all that was left of him were animal instincts, beautiful
instincts of lust and pain."

All of the carefully elaborated plans of revenge were quickly dismissed at
this discovery. Of all the young wizards and teachers of Hogwarts, Harry
Potter and Ron Weasley had found Draco Malfoy's 'Secret Notebook', pages
after pages of talented hand-written sadism, sodomy, and perversion.

At mid day, the Great Hall was crowded as usual, the chatting noises from all
the tables gave Harry and Ron enough privacy to discuss their secret affairs.

"This is it!" said Harry. "This is how we get him!"

"Yes!" exclaimed Ron. "But how?"

"I don't know. We'll figure something out! It's just too good to let it

"Look" said Ron, motioning his eyes towards the Slytherin table. "He hasn't
shown up for lunch!"

"Sure he hasn't" laughed Harry "He must be worried sick, searching in his
very ass for..." Harry touched Ron's knees with the leather-covered book
under the table.

"Are you mad!" said Ron in a loud whisper "Put that away!"

"Fine, fine!" said Harry as he shoved the book in his bag.

Harry's life was taking a very welcomed upturn, first Ron, then Ron (...the
real one), and now the sweet revenge, payback time for more than three years
of building rage towards Draco Malfoy, he would soon own his ass (and perhaps
do other things to it), he could almost taste it, whatever 'it' was, he was
not entirely sure yet.

Almost two weeks had passed since their last encounter, surprisingly, things
had been quite normal in their 'relationship' (if you could call it that
way), they kept the sarcastic comments and name callings up to date, and no
one but Draco, Crabbe, Goyle, Harry, Ron and Hedwig knew about the incidents
occurred in one of Hogwarts secret basements. Harry knew, that Draco had to
suspicious about them planning their vengeance, and he also knew he was
surely dreading the idea that they had found his much private writings. Harry

Harry stopped knowing anything as went past the curtains of Ron's bed and
posed himself over his lover's legs, hugged by his arms he let his back rest
on his chest and his head on his left shoulder. The two boys sat alone, safe
from the outer world and the ears of their sleeping classmates by four
curtains and a sound-proof spell.

"Hi, sexy" whispered Ron in Harry's ear.

"Nocturne reading?" asked Harry, pointing at the leather book laying on the

"Uh Huh..." confessed Ron. "I hate to admit it, but it is pretty good. It
even gave me some... ideas".

"Really?" said Harry, picking it up and placing it in Ron's hands. "Read me

Ron opened the book on a random page and read:

"The muggle kid looked terrified, floating on thin air, immobilized by a
force unknown to him, totally helpless to the wand of the teenaged wizard.
'What do you want from me?' he asked, but no answer came. The young wizard
closed his eyes, a second later, the muggle boy felt the touch of a thousand
small and invisible hands, traveling his body, caressing his every muscle,
his crotch, his ass. He screamed in horror, and fear as the lustful fingers
went under his school uniform and abused his most private parts."

"... like this" added Ron, and he let his hand invade Harry's groin under his

"Don't stop!" pleaded Harry, eyes clothes enjoying the multiple sensations he
was receiving.

"... one by one the buttons of the boy's white shirt jumped of exposing a
smooth chest, a sexy bellybutton. The invisible fingers turned into kissing,
licking mouths, the screams into loud, sexy moans. Free of the invisible
knots that held him, the boy started humping the air, caressing his body in
search for the mysterious tongues, with frenetic hands."

"Oh God, Ron!" said Harry, as wild and excited as the boy in the story, his
exposed prick in hands of his boyfriend.

"Calm down!" said Ron "we don't want to spoil the fun yet. Do we?" he let
his tongue explore the ear he was whispering into. Harry moaned and then he
lifted his sight and kissed Ron in the mouth.

"One movement of young wizard's wand and the muggle boy's fly snapped open,
exposing his tightly bulged underwear, a confession of his amusement. The
wizard smiled at this, a simple spell made all clothing left in the boy

Without time to react to his sudden nakedness, the boy watched his captor
vanish in front of him. But peace didn't last, the wizard aparated floating
over him, he felt his tongue invade his asshole, he gave up to the pleasure
and welcomed it in, giving up the little he had left of dignity. The wizard
put himself in position and entered the muggle boy with his hard cock..."

Harry was pleasantly surprised when, without warning, Ron entered him, in
unison with Malfoy's dirty story.

"...feeling himself being buggered was nothing like what he would have
expected it to be. The pain of his virginity being ripped off delighted every
inched of his body. He felt dirty, and he loved it."

Harry didn't know how could Ron manage to keep reading while fucking him, but
he loved the combination, he was being invaded with such force and wildness
he was almost jumping off the bed, while his imagination was fed with highly
sexually charged imaginary.

"... the magic mouths reappeared, making the boy's experience infinitely more
intense. One of them went down his crotch and started sucking him."

Ron was getting close, Harry sensed it and this drove him to the edge. In and
out he felt the sex tool pulsating in his guts. No words could describe what
Harry was feeling having his lover's orgasm inside him, while his own
exploded through and out of his dick.

"...for a split second the muggle boy tasted magic, he felt it's power as the
wizard drained himself in him. It ran through his veins, his muscles, his
brains and heart and finally, it escaped through his pulsating sex in form of
creamy white fluid before giving him the most intense feeling a man, muggle
or magical, could get."

It was the prefects bathroom again, by now Harry could tell he was dreaming,
the thick vapor of this surreal reality was now very familiar. He jumped into
the bath and enjoyed the hot water against his naked body. After a while he
became uneasy, he thought something was wrong, he was never alone in this
place, in his dreams. He looked all around him, not sign of life or even
ghost, like Moaning Mylthre. He got out of the water, not even bothering to
find his clothes, and ran for the door hoping to wake up when he left the

Just Words?

The door locked behind him before he even realized he had somehow entered the

"Harry Potter!! Have you got no shame?"

All that Harry could do was cover himself with his hands and smile stupidly.

"'No I don't!'" came the same voice. "'Not with you, anyway!' and he striped
of his last piece of clothing in front of his lover...'"

The girl was reading a book, Harry realized, a book about him! Every one
in the room was reading, actually, and no one had noticed Harry's naked
presence, it was like when he was inside Tom Riddle's diary, or in
Dumbledore's memories.

Harry looked around him, he was definitely at Hogwarts' Library, but he
didn't seem to know any of the kids in there. He took a glimpse at some cute
boy's book: "Harry Potter and the Slytherin Ass" read the cover. He noticed
the boy was deep inside his fiction and was clearly amused, judging by the
motions of his hands over his jeans.

This was to bizarre for Harry, but despite of all his efforts he was not able
to wake up. Suddenly, something caught his attention: a boy. Harry could
swear he was staring right at him, to his eyes, then... not precisely to his
eyes, from behind his book. He covered himself and looked around, in case
someone else could see him, but everyone else was still focused in their
reading. When he looked back, the kid was gone, but his book was on the

Curious, Harry went to where the boy was and picked it up: "Wet Nights at

"After the Second Task.

"..."...what you'll sorely miss...", remembered Harry. It wasn't the photo
album of his dead parents, nor the very useful Invisibility Cloak, inherited
from his dad even his precious Firebolt. It was Ron, his best friend..."

Harry was struck, as the book continued, it narrated his sexual awakens in
detail. He jumped a few pages and read:

"...Crabbe had his own pants in his ankles now and was rubbing his dick
against Ron's leg while caressing his chest and belly with his left hand.
Then he moved his hand lower, past the little red patch of pubes and made
a fist around Ron's raging hard on.

"Stop... please stop..." came a weak voice under his moans.

Draco let out a thick giggle. Harry turned to see him and was shocked at the
sight of him. Stark naked on the floor and jerking off!!! He had his legs
spread wide and was running his left index finger up and down his crack. He
realized at that moment that Malfoy had a nice body... and a nice dick! He
felt most embarrassed when he noticed his own member was crying for attention
too, attention he couldn't give it at the moment.

"NO DON'T DO THAT PLEASE!!" screamed Ron. Crabbe was struggling to get his
tongue to his ass..."

Harry couldn't believe his eyes, he couldn't believe himself either, getting
hard over your best friend and lover's worst moment of his life was not a
nice thing to do. So he decided to jump a few more chapters:

"..."The door locked behind him before he even realized he had somehow
entered the library.

"Harry Potter!! Have you got no shame?"

All that Harry could do was cover himself with his hands and smile stupidly.

"'No I don't!'" came the same voice. "'Not with you, anyway!' and he striped
of his last piece of clothing in front of his lover...'..."

Now it was his latest memories, the book was narrating his very dream! Maybe,
Harry thought, if he went forward he could get a glimpse of his future... he
went to the next page and watched as letters appeared in the blank paper,
forming words that narrated everything he saw, and felt as they were

When he lifted his sight, he saw the mysterious boy one more time. He was
right in font of him.

"I believe this is mine, Harry." he said retrieving the book. "It's time to
wake up!"


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