Harry Potter:
Wet Nights At Hogwarts Part 3 - Captives (mm)
by Alexis Sinclair ([email protected])

Harry was relief when his pants were unzipped, even though it meant being
exposed in front of Malfoy, Crabbe and Goyle, because it released the painful
pressure of his raging hard on.

"Are you embarrassed, Potter?" asked Malfoy mockingly as he slowly pulled
down his pants as far as his spread legs allowed them to go, just far enough
to completely expose his white cotton slips "are you afraid we are going to
see your 'weenie'?".

Harry didn't answer, instead he just twisted in the ropes that held him to
the Prefect's Bathroom walls, but not in an attempt to get lose, he was just
horny, he was willing to go trough anything that would get him to cumm once
and for all. He pulled on the ropes, rubbed his butt against the wall, moaned
because he didn't know what to do with all this sexual energy. Being there
spread eagled and helpless in front of three boys and at their mercy was
giving him a hard time to get a thought straight, he had never felt so sexy
in his entire life, and was surely enjoying it. Feeling his worst enemy's
breath in his groin, his mouth in level with it and barely inches of air and
a thin piece of fabric away.

"Oh! It seems that you are quite enjoying this, after all!" said Malfoy as he
gave Harry's hard cock a squeeze over his briefs. Harry let out a loud moan,
almost a scream. Then he moved closer and gave it a kiss "May I?"

"Y-yess!" replied Harry going mad in anticipation.

"Yes what?" insisted Draco.

"Yes s-ssir."

"I was hoping for a 'please', but I like it: 'sir'" said Malfoy whose ego had
grown a few feet higher. So then he lowly slid his fingers under the waist
band of Harry's underpants. They were hummed, from Harry's sweat and from the
thick vapour coming from the gigantic hot tub. He closed his eyes as the
fabric was gently pulled away from his skin and down, exposing him, his
shaft, his pink head, his balls hanging low, his few, soft, dark brown pubes.
His last piece of dignity torn away, not that it mattered, not if it would
mean an end to his torture.

"Harry! Are you there?!" came Ron's voice.

Harry opened his eyes to the mysterious basement where he was, hands tied to
his feet, and a magic gag in his mouth muting every sound that tried to go
past it.

Ron had awaken, he was still naked, as his rappers, the three boys Harry had
just been dreaming about, had left him. The pieces of cloth that had once
been his clothes were spread all over the room. Harry wasn't sure, until
then, that Ron had seen him hiding in the shadows, before they were both tied
up. He felt relieved that he had finally came back to consciousness because
he couldn't stand the tight bondages anymore, not to mention, the tight bulge
in his crotch.

"Harry!" shouted Ron "please, answer me!"

Harry tried with all his might to scream and move to get Ron's attention, but
muted and covered in shadows, there was no way Ron would notice him. His ray
of hope faded away, when he saw him sit down on the floor, with a look of
resignation in his face, apparently convinced that Harry wasn't there at all,
that what he had previously seen, had just been an illusion.

Ron started sobbing, he was completely alone, naked and helpless. Harry had
never seen him like this. He moved his hand down to his sore bottom, and
retrieved it with a little red blood stain.

"Bastards!" he muttered, as the flow of tears from his eyes increased. He put
his head between his legs and covered it with his arms in a sort of fetal
position and started crying loudly.

Harry was feeling miserable, he was there, watching his friend fall apart,
and he couldn't even put a hand over his shoulders, or perhaps, give him a
loving kiss in his round and red ears, or...

Ron jumped when he heard a flapping noise coming from the window below the
ceiling. Harry would have done so to, if he hadn't been so paralysed. But
they both relaxed and just like Fawkes had the previous year, Hedwig was
flying through Harry's darkest moment bringing hope.

She came down and gave Ron a horrified look. Harry could see that even though
Hedwig was an owl, Ron felt quite embarrassed of being seen exposed like that
to a female, whatever species, just as the bird was quite offended at this

"What are you doing here?" asked Ron, hands over his crotch.

Hedwig just flapped her wings and flew into darkness. Ron wasn't sure if to
follow, but he did as soon as he heard her squilling madly and desesperately.

"What's wrong?!" asked Ron as he ran to her. He moved closer to were the
noise was coming from. "Ouch!" he exclaimed when he stepped on something and
fell on it. If possible Hedwig went louder. "What is this!" he said before
Hedwig started biting him impatiently all over his naked body, instructing
him to get off Harry. "I don't know what your problem is, you stupid bird!"
said Ron quite irritated by now "but if you... What is this?" he asked when
the owl put something in his hand. Ron still couldn't see his nose, but from
the fill of it, he knew it was a wand.

Harry had never felt so relieved. About every single bone in his body cracked
they way to freedom when Ron undid the magic knots with a series of spells,
one that was miss-aimed and accidentally caused Harry's fly to snap open (he
wasn't very sure of the 'accidentally' part, though) and his raging hard-on
to pop out.

Hedwig, having considerably calmed down, posed herself on Harry's shoulder
and she extended her leg, with a letter attached.

"Oh! So THIS is why you came to find me!" said Harry taking the parchment.
"You are up to the best treat an owl has ever received!"

"Yeah! How would you like Malfoy's eyes served on Goyle's guts!" laughed Ron.

Hedwig lifted her chest in pride.

"Are you all right?" asked Ron when they were both back in the light.

"I guess so!" answered Harry, pushing his privates into place. "How about

Ron just looked down.

"Oh! I'm so sorry!" said Harry after putting a hand on his shoulder.

"It's all right" said Ron holding back a few tears and gently pulling away.
"It's over now... anyway... Was it true, what Malfoy said about you?"

Harry doubted if to tell Ron the truth or not. He knew that he would always
take his word over Malfoy's, but after all he had gone through, sincerity was
the least that his best friend disserved.

"Yes" said Harry, almost in a whisper, fearing for the worst answer. But an
even tighter hug and thankings to God were not his opinion of 'the worst'.

They kissed passionately for the first time, for Harry it felt nothing like
Draco in a costume, it was much more intense, he could feel his soul melt and
travel through Ron's body as his did the same to him. Once more Harry became
aware of his hornyness, Ron's naked body, his once again hard dick rubbing
against his was more than enough to cause this. His robes flew in the air,
his pants fell to his ankles, his shirt was pulled down and locked in his

"It looks like it's your turn now..." said Ron a few seconds before gently
pushing Harry, causing him to trip on his pants and fall on his back.

"Oh! Yes!" was all Harry could respond, his state excitement was quite
pathetic by now.

Once again almost unable to move, Harry lay there helplessly vulnerable to
his best friend, but he felt really safe, loved, and HORNY! The touch of
Ron's fist around his screaming boyhood felt natural, as it had been missing
all along. His face was red, his breathing fast, his moaning uncontrollable.
Ron stopped, for a second Harry felt as if his hand had been torn apart from
his own dick, but then, when he felt Ron's weight lying on his body, and
after that, his lips lying on his own, he felt peace, the one that had been
missing from his life ever since he was only one year old. A kiss from Ron
was so pure, so magical, but so sexual and mundane at the same time, so

As they made love, Harry felt himself floating along with Ron in a sea of
bubbles, just like in his dream, even though he was unable to move, he felt
free, he felt... a sharp pain in his right ear.

"Ouch Ouch! Get off, get... OUCH!" shouted Harry.

"What's the matter?" asked Ron, who had been giving him a blow job, and was
concerned he had bit him or something. But he soon realized that that wasn't
the problem.

"Stop it! Ron, get her of me!!!" shouted Harry, trying to move get his ears
away from Hedwig's beak.

"Oh! shit we completely forgot about her!" he said as he pulled the offended
animal away from Harry.

"Guess we did!" said Harry as he somehow managed to pull his shirt back up
and free his hands, which he immediately used to cover his crotch. Then he
looked at Ron who had done exactly the same, and smiled. "You know... it IS
just a bird..." he said.

"Yeah, I know... but's a female bird!" answered Ron. If they
hadn't both have their faces red with lust and damped in sweat, you could
have said they blushed.

Hedwig and was flying all over the room making all kinds of noises.

"D'you recon she's trying to tell us something?" asked Ron.

"I don't know" said Harry.

Suddenly they heard the door being unlocked.

"Quick!" exclaimed Ron as he grabbed Harry's arm and pulled him, jumping like
a bunny with his pants on his ankles, to the shadows, where he had previously
been unseen.

The door snapped open, it was Crabbe. He walked into the room. He looked all
around with the most idiotic of expressions. It took him a while to realize
that Ron was actually not in the room, and then he left slamming the door
behind him muffling something like "Draco's not going to like this!" along
the way.

"We've got to get outta here!" said Harry.

"I think he left the door unlocked!" said Ron and the boys and the owl headed
to the door.

"Wait!" Harry stopped Ron from opening the door as he said this. "You can't
go out like that!"

Once again aware of his nakedness, Ron's face filled with blood and he
couldn't help himself from covering his shames.

"Oh! wait!" said Harry. "I've got an idea!" and he lifted his wand and
started invoking the summoning charm, his new expertise, since the First

"Accio Ron's clothes!" he conjured and in less than two minutes Ron's change
of clothes came flying across the window and towards them.

"I can't believe this! You did it on purpose!" yelled Ron as he picked up his
Dress Robes.

Harry really hadn't done intently, but now he thought it was hilarious. He
tried to keep a straight face as he convinced him that to wear those was
better than nothing, but when he modelled the pink, effeminate-looking dress,
full of laces and stuff, it became to hard.

"It's not funny!" the colour of the dress-robes, now matched Ron's face.

Not an other word spoken the three boys opened the door to freedom.

"Where the hell are we?" asked Ron

"No Idea! Let's just follow Hedwig." answered Harry.

"What d'you mean 'No Idea!' how did you find me!?"

"I followed you... I mean Malfoy." Harry wished he hadn't made such a

"Oh!" said Ron. After a while of uncomfortable silence he added: "Really
Harry... how didn't you realize it wasn't really me?" Harry's hopes that Ron
would never ask that had been vane.

"I don't know..." muffled Harry. "I guess I did know something was up... but,
you know..."

"Know what?" asked Ron

"I thought it was because of what we, Malfoy and I were doing."

"Oh! I see..." Ron still looked hurt. The two boys followed the owl in

"Well, Potter. I'm glad you were with Weasley when his dress robes attacked
him. But you should have tried to call someone. We were worried sick!" either
Proffessor McGonagall was getting dumber, or Harry was becoming a better
liar. His story had not only explain their absence and kept them away from
trouble, but also gave Ron the chance to get rid of his ridiculous robes once
and for all.

"That was brilliant!" said Ron as they walked to the Gryffindor tower, where
they had been sent to 'rest'.

"Yes, it was!" smiled Harry.

Once in the boy's bedroom, the two boy's sat on Harry's bed.

"I can almost see Malfoy's face when we get him!" said Ron, with a psychotic
beam in his eyes.

"What shall we do to him?" asked Harry.

"Well..." answered Ron getting closer to him. "we should start slowly. Tie
him up and tickle him... all over." Ron reached Harry and tickled his ribs a
bit, then he continued. "Then we could move to a more... daring mood" his
voice had taken a different, lustful tone. "we could, perhaps, tease him,
endlessly, on his nipples, his butt, his dick..." Ron lifted a leg and placed
himself on top of Harry's legs, their faces inches away.

"Show me..." pleaded Harry.

There was no verbal answer. Instead a kiss, heaven. The teenaged bodies
pressing hard, wanting to become one with each other. Ron's new clothes flew
in the air with Harry's old ones in no time. The passionate kiss turned into
a 69. There were no moans, no pleads, no talking, the pleasure was just to
intense. Harry couldn't bare his cock anymore, he had been teased all day
long, and was now about to come in any second. The touch of Ron's finger in
his ass crack was enough for him. The flooding of Harry's cum in his mouth
was enough for Ron.


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