This story if FICTION. It is not to be read by people under 18 years old, or
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Harry Potter is Trademark of Warner Bros. Inc. and it's author J.K. Rowling.
But you knew that didn't you? All clear? good... Now: this story is based in
the Harry Potter series and takes place in the middle of the fourth book
("The Goblet of Fire"), right after the Second Task. I would advise you not
to read this if you haven't at least read this book (although to understand
that one, you should have read the other three ;-)). Ok I think that's about
it. Oh Wait! This is my first story (of this kind) and English is not my
mother tongue, so please, be patient. Any comments or CONSTRUCTIVE critics
please address them to [email protected] (hatemailers, don't bother).

Harry Potter:
Wet Nights At Hogwarts Part 1 - After The Second Task (mm,oral)
by Alexis Sinclair

"...what you'll sorely miss..." remembered Harry. It wasn't the photo album
of his dead parents, nor the very useful Invisibility Cloak, inherited from
his dad even his precious Firebolt. It was Ron, his best friend.

He was reliving the sensation he had when Dobby woke him up ten minutes to
the start of the Second Task, and told him the mere people had taken Ron. He
wasn't surprised, though, it seemed natural that it was him at that moment.
He was scared, he had to rescue him, he had only one hour or his friend be
gone for ever.

Unable to sleep, Harry got out of bed. He was heading towards the window, but
stopped when he saw Ron's curtains were opened. He peeked inside and saw him,
fast asleep.

Harry remembered how Ron had been complaining of Madam Pomfrey who had given
him to much heating potion when they got of the lake. It must have been that
what made him leave his curtains open. And also why his pajamas were on the
floor. A white blanket rested on the red haired boy's right leg and bumped
it's corner on his crotch. White also were his half covered briefs.

The peaceful look on Ron's face was quite the same he wore in the bottom of
the lake, Harry observed. He remembered how he was helplessly tied,
surrounded by murderous looking mermen, but yet asleep, he had no idea. As
he had not idea that Harry was watching him sleep, listening to his breath.
He remembered how they had stupidly not spoken for what had seemed like ages,
but that was all over now. Suddenly he felt an urge to hug him, to tell him
he was sorry, that he never wanted loose him. He wanted to kiss him all over.
But he couldn't, he knew he couldn't, but he wasn't able to keep himself at
least form touching him. He reached his chest, and caressed it a bit. Ron
quivered, the heating potion's effect had faded, Harry picked up his friend's
bed clothes and tucked him to warmth. Without waking up, the boy smiled and
muttered, "Thanks!"

When the vapor cleared Harry knew he was at the Prefects' bathroom. Some one
was filling the pool-sized bath and striping. He wanted to warn whoever it
was against Moaning Mylthre, the ghost that liked to spy on the boys that
bathed there.

"Look out! Moaning Mylthre will see you!" He yelled.

"YOU don't seem to have a problem with it" came Ron's voice.

Harry could see him clearly now, wearing nothing but a towel which was now

Harry looked down and saw his own naked body, horrified, he heard Moaning
Mylthre's giggles, but when he turned, it wasn't her, Rita Skeeter was
floating above the water, a piece of parchment and her Quick Notes Quill
scrambling fast. Harry could only read one word from it "GAY".

"I'm not Gay!" he shouted "I'm not Gay!"

"Come with me, Harry," said Ron, he was in the water now and extending his
hand to him. "It's warm in here."

Harry had never wanted anything so badly as to go with Ron right then. But he
knew that something terrible was going to happen if he did. He didn't know
what, or how. But then he felt himself being dragged into the bath.

"There is no point resisting" said a distant voice. "You have reached the
point of no return."

"But I'll be wet!" shouted Harry, "I don't want to be wet!" and then he fell
to Ron's arms. A sense of immense calm invaded him.

Laughter... Harry heard laughter as he was waking up. He opened his eyes.
Ron was looking down at him.

"Dreaming of Cho, Harry?" he asked. A mischievous grin on his face.

"W- what?" Harry was feeling very tired, even though he had overslept.

"Never mind," said Ron. "Launch is in five minutes. You may want to call
Dobby to wash your bed clothes and pajamas for you! HE may not tell
Dumbledore about it," he laughed and ran out of the room.

Harry blushed deeply when he noticed the wetness in his groin and in his bed.

"Why did you let me sleep like that?!" Harry asked as he took his usual seat
at the Gryffindor table.

"You weren't the only one," replied Ron, "Dumbledore told Neville, Seamus and
Dean to let us rest after yesterday..."

"Oh... ok.." said Harry.

"I, however, did the RESPONSIBLE thing and got up anyway!" said Hermione.
Harry didn't respond.

"Guess you were most tired because of all your night activity," said Ron
casually as he dug into his chicken. Harry didn't know what to make of these
words. Did Ron know he had been awake at night? He probably remembered when
he tucked him... but the rest; when he stared at him in awe, when he touched

"Don't be so embarrassed... it happens to all of us!" said Fred next to him.
Laughter came from the three Weasleys boys. Even though Harry felt relieved
when he understood what Ron had meant, he didn't join them until Hermione and
Ginny asked in unison, "What are you guys talking about?"

New thoughts and feelings haunted Harry all that afternoon. He couldn't stop
thinking about Ron, about the sight he had had of him last night.

"Hey, Potter!" Harry snapped back to reality, where Ron and him were both
fully dressed and separated a couple of feet. It was Draco Malfoy.

"Slept well? Kind'a wet and sticky wasn't it?"

"Whatever!" replied Harry trying to believe these words and his wet dream had
no relation. Ron was looking puzzled.

"Do you think he knows about it?" He said when Malfoy was out of sight.

"Don't think so," said Harry, "Who could have told him?"

"Yeah, your right" said Ron and they headed towards Hagrid's Cabin for their
Care of Magical Creatures lesson.

* * *

The pool-sized bath filled quickly as Harry undressed. The vapor was dense,
but he saw a figure approaching. He hoped it was him so much, that Harry
almost knew who it was, but he asked anyway.

"It's me Harry" answered Ron's voice. "Can I join you? I could really use a

"Sure, come on in." the words didn't seem to come from Harry's mouth, he felt
like he was under the Imperius Curse, though this time he had no intentions
to fight it.

The boys' legs touched as Ron got in the water. Harry felt so safe with
him ... so loved... he started soaping his back, his own hard dick pressing
against his friend's but cheeks in the warmth of the gigantic bubble bath.
They were both breathing heavily. The soap bar slid through Ron's back, down
his ass, it circled his hips and up to his chest and neck. The silence was
only broken by the sound of bubbles and their heavy and accelerating breaths.
Not a word spoken.

Harry kept exploring the body he loved with the soap. He went down again and
played with Ron's bellybutton under the surface, a teenaged pitched moan was
heard, though you couldn't tell if it was Harry's or Ron's. Then the soap
slid trough his stomach to his hard penis. Harry kept his direction and found
Ron's ballsac and soaped every inch of it.

Harry was trembling with excitement and lust. The soap bar jumped away from
his hand and sank in the water. He grabbed Ron's hardon and started stroking
it. It felt so smooth and slippery. He leaned closer, if possible, and held
his chest with his left hand while gently kissed his neck.

Ron turned around and met eyes with Harry. Then he moved towards him and they
both went underwater. The need to breathe was inexistent, all there was them
floating in a bottomless sea of hot water and bubbles. Ron's dick was
pressing hard against Harry's bum. An exchange of looks was all they needed
for communication. Ron entered Harry and was making love to him.

Harry had never felt so much pleasure in his fourteen years. This was beyond
magic, he thought. In and out, Ron was loving him, and this was more powerful
than sex, even more than what was about to come, what was starting to build
inside of him, what he wouldn't be able to stop now, even in he wanted to. He
felt Ron growing harder, pulsating in one rhythm with his insides, before
closing his eyes with anticipation Harry looked up and stared at his lover
beautiful face, and then they let themselves melt and become one with the

Harry opened his eyes when he reached for Ron and didn't find him. He lay on
his back trying to keep the memories of the dream from fading away. After a
few minutes a soft breeze came through his four-poster bed's curtains and he
felt a wet chill on his groin for the second night in a row. It was still
dark, so he figured it would be better to clean the mess to avoid the mocking
of his friends (and foes).

While he was heading to the bathroom he felt something funny in his behind,
it felt wet and lightly soared. He didn't know what to make of this, he
wasn't even entirely sure what it was that was happening to him; about his
feelings towards Ron and his last two dreams. There weren't any Sex Ed.
lessons at Hogwarts and the Dursleys had certainly never talked to him about
any of this. Harry took a cold shower and washed his pajamas and sheets and
went back to bed after drying them with a hot wind spell from his wand.

The next day went along quite normal, except Malfoy didn't show his face in
all afternoon, which absolutely welcome in Harry's opinion. Divination was
ok, he didn't receive more than six or seven death omens and he got to share
a table with Ron. And the Skrewts in Hagrid's class were quite stable,
without Draco provoking them to blast every ten seconds.

"What d'you reckon is about with Malfoy?" asked Ron.

"Maybe Moody paid him a night visit." said Harry with an evil smile.

"I just hope it's serious" laughed Hermione. Ron, however, just made an
insipid smile and went on feeding dragon liver to the Blast Ended Skrewts.

"It's everything all right?" asked Harry looking concerned.

"Yeah, I'm OK" replied Ron, avoiding Harry's eye.

Harry suddenly realized that Ron hadn't been quite himself this day. He was
wondering what was going through his mind. Did he knew about him? He wanted
to play cool, so he looked over at Hermione and they shrugged.

When he entered the Great Hall for dinner, he was received with cheering
and applauses form the Gryffindors, the Hufflepuffs and the Ravenclaws. He
managed draw a smile across his deeply blushed face, he was glad Ron wasn't
there yet, because he knew he felt kind of jealous about his "fame". He felt
relieved when Cedric came in and the attention was drawn to him instead. This
time even the Slytherins were clapping, just because thy thought it would
annoy Harry, but he proved them wrong when he also started shouting and
clapping. The Slytherin stopped the cheering at one, though Harry wasn't sure
if it was because of this, or because Professor McGonagall came stomping
through the middle of the Great Hall holding Draco Malfoy's ear and dragging
the rest of his complaining self towards the Slytherin table.

"Check that out!" Harry found it hard to talk behind the laughter.

"Where's Ron!" cried Hermione "he's missing it!"

If there were any complaints from the Slytherin table, there were covered by
whistles and mocking from all the other ones. Harry and Herminone were having
such a good time that they almost weren't sorry for Ron, who was missing the
fun! Half an hour later, though, Harry was getting worried.

"He's never late for dinner" he told Hermione "Do you think something's

"I don't know" she answered "I just asked the twins, and they say the haven't
seen him today!"

"Something must be wrong, he has been acting weird all afternoon and now..."
Hermione nodded at Harry's words. The two of them kept elaborating theories
about Ron's behavior, though Harry kept his most dreaded to himself: what if
he found out he fancied him and decided to start avoiding him, or if
something really serious had happened, he couldn't stand that idea.

Late that night, Ron appeared at the Gryfindor common room with a not very
convincing story of how he had got lost while trying to catch a butterfly.
Harry was really concerned, but the fear of the answer kept him from asking
to much questions. Hermione just gave him several looks of disaprovement,
and they both forgot to mention the Malfoy incident.

At the boy's dormitory, Ron was even less like Ron then ever. He was quiet
and nervous, and Harry couldn't help noticing he kept staring at him,
specially as the got changed for bed.

"Thinks are not always what they look like, Harry. Be Aware!"

"Shut up Mylthre, and get out. Ron will be here in any second." said Harry
anxiously. "Don't tell you I didn't warn you then!" and she disappeared
through one of the Prefect's bathroom walls.

Harry sat on the bath stairs, fully dressed in his pajamas. Ron appeared
through the dense vapor that filled the place.

"Been waiting for long?" he asked

"No." replied Harry. "Just my whole life!"

Ron was already naked. Harry found this sight as exiting and beautiful as
the first time he saw it. He got in the water and swam across to Harry. He
emerged to the surface and locked lips with him. Harry closed his eyes and
let Ron's hands explore his wet clothes, tight against his body. He felt
the first button of his pajama top open, and the second and the third...
Ron started sucking on his right nipples, he slid his tongue up his neck,
drinking the hot water mixed with Harry's sweat. He traveled down to his
other nipple. Harry was in heaven, he looked down and started stroking Ron's
red short hair while he went down and down. He felt his tongue playing up
the waist line of his trousers, now hard dick pressing against Ron's neck.
He couldn't control himself, his hips started moving up and down wildly;
Ron, taking advantage of this slid his pants all the way down and off. Harry
opened his eyes and smiled at him. Ron went took his head back to Harry's
body and continued sliding his tongue down his belly and stopped at his
crotch. He started licking the base of Harry's dick, teasing the head which
was pulsating in anticipation. Then he swallowed it with one gulp and started
sucking on it like there was no tomorrow. Harry was about to loose his mind,
the pleasure was unbearable. "Oh Ron! Yes!" he yelled and moaned extremely
loudly "keep it DON'T STOP, PLEafghhfpld!!!"

Ron had stop sucking and put a hand in his mouth. "Shhh" he said smiling.
"you'll wake them up" he was pointing outside the curtains where the other
beds were.
Harry realized that they weren't really at the Prefect's bathroom anymore.
They were at the dorm, and he wasn't dreaming!

He stopped thinking when Ron resumed his performances. His left hand still in
Harry's mouth, and his right one caressing his nipples. At a moment Ron slid
a finger up and down Harry's crack, and he exploded right in his mouth. His
screams of pleasure were muffled in the gagging hand. His back that had been
forming and arch as the orgasm was drained out of him no fell in the
mattress. Harry didn't know anything, he just stared blankly at the ceiling.
Then he saw Ron's face appear above him.

"You aren't mad are you?" he said.

When he manage to make his eyes focus, Harry smiled and wrapped his arms
around Ron pulling him down into a passionate kiss. Their naked bodies rolled
from side to side of Harry's bed, until he broke the spell to speak.

"What do you mean MAD!?" he said "Of course I'm MAD! Why on Earth didn't you
do that before!"

Ron smiled so widely that Harry thought his mouth was going to rip off. So he
kissed him again and rolled to his back.

"But I did!" said Ron." Last night and the night before!"

It was his own mouth Harry felt it was about to rip now.

"Do it again, then" he said. His voice had taken a very sensual tone. Then,
he lifted his wide opened legs to let Ron get access to his ass.


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