Disclaimer: This story contains content that should not be read by people
underneath the age of 21. It is 100% fiction and has no bearing on reality
whatsoever. 100% fiction means real life rape is WRONG. The author does not
condone illegal and immoral actions described. If you feel rape in the real
world is a good thing, bend over in a prison and whistle dixie. While I'm
disclaiming, racism, homophobia and other bigotry of any kind are also really
fucking stupid. I don't own any of JK Rowling's characters and make no profit
from this story. The title is from the album of the same name by the band
Saxon. The dog is also named after this band. Please read the story codes
above to ensure that you are not going to be offended by, or otherwise
dislike, the content.

Content Codes: Dog/F(oral/vaginal), first, beast, cons

Description: Home from Hogwarts for the Holidays, teen witch Hermione Granger
learns the pleasures of canine lust.

Additional Credit: CanisLupus of the TSSA forum suggested a Hermione/Dog

Harry Potter: Unleash The Beast
by JD ([email protected])

In the summer that fell after Hermione Granger's sixteenth birthday, but
before her seventeenth, the holiday from Hogwarts did little to break the
teenage witch away from the stress of opposing Voldemort's growing influence.
Though she was prohibited from using magic outside the school, she fully
intended to study as much as she could with the resources available. However,
Hermione'd barely been back home a week that summer before her parents
surprised her with the news that they would be looking after a neighbour's
dog for the next week, to save the lady some money.

"He's been Mrs Dieran's constant companion since her husband passed away
three years ago," Mrs Granger noted.

"That's right," replied Mr Granger, "and very well trained too."

"We'll save her such a lot of money on kennel fees for her first holiday
since Mr Dieran's funeral."

Hermione took the news with good grace and the merest frown to signal her
displeasure at the possible disturbance to her planned routine. She had a
lot of reading to do, and wanted a lot of time to do it in, on the large
comfortable sofa in the Grangers' front room. Truthfully, referring to
Hermione's parents as Mr and Mrs Granger may not be entirely accurate, for
both were qualified dentists. It was that career choice that led to their
second piece of news for their beloved if occasionally bemusing daughter.

"Dentists' conference. We'll be out of the house from lunchtime until about
one in the morning."

Typical parental guidance followed, though surely unneeded for a bright young
thing like Hermione. Mrs Dieran's dog would be let out in the garden before
they left, and then could be safely shut in the kitchen during the evening.
Hermione would not need to try and control the dog, which she understood to
be a crossbreed beast of some considerable size. When Mrs Dieran came to drop
her dog off, it seemed almost that `considerable' would not do justice to his

The dog, named Saxon, was huge. His coat was short and mostly black, save for
dark tan patches, and seemed to flow over his muscular body to longer hairs
on the belly. The colouring was reminiscent of a Rottweiller, while the tail
and head shape had something of a giant herding dog. Certainly he could weigh
as much as the petite schoolgirl, and likely more. His tongue lolled out of
his mouth and it almost seemed as if there was no end to it. Had Hermione
encountered this `muggle' dog in the care of Hagrid, she would not have been

He certainly was well trained though, accepting the authority of Mr and Mrs
Granger when passed to their control, and sitting, standing and following on
simple commands. Mrs Dieran had other commands for her faithful companion,
commands that she would not share with her neighbours. The widower had
specially trained Saxon for more than guarding and walking; in short, the
hulking crossbreed was trained for sex. Mrs Dieran's preferred position was
to have Saxon lie on his back while she rode his erection to her climax, but
she'd taken him in others. The big dog had experienced the widow's mouth,
pussy and ass - often in the same session.

No mention, of course, of these sweat-drenched passionate encounters to the
good dentists or their daughter. This was how it came to be that Hermione's
parents left for their conference and a few hours later she ate her cold
salad dinner, had a bath, and settled down on the sofa to enjoy her book. The
body of Hermione Granger at sixteen has oft been described. Petite frame,
small yet firm breasts and pretty hair framing an attractive if studious
face, and the like. That pretty body was clothed with a thin pink nightdress
that it had grown out of, leaving the skirt section barely thigh length.

Saxon had grown a little bored in the kitchen, although like most dogs was
capable of lying alone for hours, dreaming of chasing rabbits. There had
barely been a day since he'd been old enough to mate that he hadn't had the
chance, and the big dog seemed put out to be locked away from his mistress.
After a time, Saxon moved from the thick blanket laid down for him, and
worked at the door handle with his mouth. As smart as he was large, Saxon
soon opened the door and slipped out of the kitchen.

Hermione was absolutely engrossed in her book. Initially, she had been
mentally debating whether to try and find another nightdress to change into,
or perhaps to find some underwear, but had soon become lost in the academic
argument put forth within. The schoolgirl didn't hear Saxon's near silent
padding as he found his way through the well-appointed house. He could smell
Hermione though, and as he entered he saw her softly furred pussy between her
thighs. The tip of Saxon's cock emerged from his sheath as he regarded the

Still unaware that she was observed, Hermione shifted position on the sofa.
Her legs fell apart more, and underneath the hem of the nightdress even more
of her sweet pussy was revealed to Saxon's eager eyes. He took the opening of
Hermione's thighs as a clear body language invitation, and padded quickly
across the room. So engrossed was Hermione, that she only noticed the
situation she was in when Saxon's huge head pressed between her knees.

"Huh? What are you? Oh!"

Hermione's sudden exclamation came as Saxon's tongue lapped the length of her
pussy, from bottom to clitoris. He took more eager licks as Hermione, book
forgotten, first tried pushing her nightdress down, and then tried wiggling
out of the way. Saxon kept his tongue on her snatch, licking at the essence
of arousal that quickly began to flow. The schoolgirl gasped, face flushed
red with embarrassment. Saxon tasted the girl's juice and took it that she
was very eager to mate. Certainly, she made no attempt to give the commands
his mistress used if she wanted him to leave off.

In the time it took Hermione to wiggle and stand from the sofa, she'd already
experienced strong shameful pleasure from the touch of Saxon's tongue. She
didn't try to push him away quite as forcefully much as one might expect.
Although she told him "No!", Hermione's voice had a husky breathy edge to it,
that would be missing from her usual speech. The schoolgirl witch stood, legs
apart, as Saxon probed and licked her pussy with his tongue. Hermione's hands
were on the hem of her nightdress, although she didn't try to pull it down.

Intellectually, Hermione knew it was wrong to let the dog continue to lick
her intimately. Certainly it was against human law, and probably against
wizard law too although it had yet to specifically come up in lessons. Little
sexy gasps emerged from Hermione as Saxon repeatedly hit the sweetest most
pleasurable parts of her teenage snatch. Saxon could feel the amount of
arousal dribbling free increasing, and licked faster and with even more

It seemed intellectuality, normally the cornerstone of Hermione's
personality, was being warped by the delicious sensations of the big dog's
tongue. Hermione found herself justifying letting the dog continue with
seemingly rational arguments such as it wasn't hurting him or her and nobody
would ever know. It would be no different than letting an Animagus pleasure
her, Hermione decided, as her knees trembled. The schoolgirl's little clit
was erect and responding to the enthusiastic canine oral sex.

Hermione bit her fist as the building pleasure overwhelmed her. She barely
muffled her scream as she came for the first time in her life. Saxon was
surprised by the sudden splash of liquid in his face, but it certainly didn't
stop him as Hermione collapsed to her knees. It seemed as if her whole body
burned with pleasure; how could something that felt so good be wrong?
Hermione's orgasmic scream was followed up with panting, gasped moans as she
supported herself against the sofa.

Saxon thought he recognised this stage of play as well. The female was
pushing herself into position for the mating. He padded back and forth
impatiently, cock hanging several inches from its sheath. As Hermione
recovered from her intense beast-induced climax, she felt sudden guilt. To
be pleasured by a beast! For shame! It would be terribly disgraceful to have
the world know she'd let a dog lick her. She decided to get a shower and hide
upstairs until her parents returned. Still woozy from the powerful climax,
she miscalculated by learning onto the sofa to press herself up.

As Hermione went from kneeling to leaning, Saxon reared up on his hind legs
behind her. The huge black dog's dark pink/red cock slapped against
Hermione's buttocks as his weight pressed her against the Sofa. She realised
too late which position she'd put herself into. There was no wiggling away
this time as Saxon targeted Hermione's pussy with trained precision. Hermione
squealed as Saxon's hot cock penetrated her virginal teenage twat. Despite
the energetic life of a trainee witch, her hymen was intact and she felt a
sharp pain as Saxon pushed through.

"Merlin's beard!" cried Hermione, "He's so big! So hot!"

Even though Saxon's cock was still barely half stiffened Hermione's tight but
slick channel felt utterly stuffed already. The initial pain almost
immediately faded into incredible pleasure from the friction of Saxon's fast
thrusts. Hermione's hard little nipples rubbed through her nightdress against
the sofa as the witch tried to push back against Saxon and get more of him
inside her. Nothing in her life had felt as good as the steaming hot dog cock
hardening inside her. Saxon, for his part, was very pleased that Hermione was
so much tighter than he was used to. His tongue lolled freely from his head
as he humped Hermione's shaking rump.

Even half an hour before, Hermione would never have imagined nor foreseen
that she would end up on her knees rutting with a beast. She squealed
girlishly as Saxon's thrusts became harder and deeper, until the big dog was
slamming his entire thick length inside her. Hermione's extreme arousal and
juiced up pussy spared her any damage or suffering, allowing her to fully
enjoy the experience. She was so wet that when Saxon began to push his knot
into her, she felt merely discomfort and then soul smashing orgasm.

Hermione gripped the sofa cushion to her face and screamed, as Saxon pressed
his huge knot between her lips and into the gripping wetness within. The
witch's body was taut while a multiple chain of exhausting but exhilarating
pleasures exploded in her belly. In seconds Saxon completed the tie. Hermione
could feel his hairy balls pressed tightly against her stuffed pussy as Saxon
humped quickly inside her until his knot was expanded to maximum. The flat
head of his cock was pressed snugly against Hermione's cervix while the walls
of her pussy gripped his shaft like a vice. The sense of fullness was
amazing. Hermione wanted more than anything to carry on feeling it.

Much of the dog's weight was supported on his forelegs, planted either side
of Hermione's petite arms on the sofa. Hermione could feel the rest pressed
into her back, and the long soft hairs of the dog's underside rubbing through
her nightdress. She wished she'd thought to take the garment off so she could
feel the dog fur to skin. Hermione also wished she was in position to wrap
her arms and legs around the dog's warm torso and hold him to her. Intense
emotions whirled through the schoolgirl witch's mind before being blown into
insensibility as she came again. Saxon, for his part, enjoyed the pleasure he
took from the act and in his doggy mind he relished making the female happy.

Saxon's huge knot had grown to maximum inside Hermione, and the dog barked
with joy as he came. Hermione felt the hot explosion deep in the core of her
being. True magic. Saxon's heavy balls pumped dog sperm directly into the
exhausted girl's womb. If witches could have puppies, Hermione would have
been on track for a huge litter. Saxon's hot spurts seemed to last for ages,
triggering mini aftershock tremors of pleasure in the girl. He was well
trained though, and didn't try to turn around and walk away while knotted to
Hermione. He would certainly have dragged her across the floor if he had.

The teen witch reached down between her legs with trembling fingers. Hermione
gasped to feel the heat from Saxon's balls on her sticky digits, and to feel
the tight seal her pussy made with the knot within. Saxon stayed knotted
within her, Hermione had time to reflect that she would never be the same
again. Oh, publicly, she would still be the smartest girl or woman anybody
knew. Her morals and urge to do the right thing would remain unwavering. But
privately? The pleasure of being stuffed completely full with dog cock and
semen told her she would be mating with every animal she could find. Filthy
fantasies crowded Hermione's mind as she rubbed at her pussy around Saxon's

After half an hour Saxon's knot tugged free, and the dog stepped away.
Hermione was half asleep on her knees, although she came around more as the
big dog lapped again at her pussy. The river of warm dog spunk was leaking
out, and Saxon didn't want to waste a single high protein drop. Hermione
moaned into the sofa as the dog cleaned her pussy vigorously. He pushed his
long tongue inside, slurping up every last drop he could, but some was simply
too deep inside Hermione's pussy for him.

Hermione felt an urge to repay the favour. She pushed herself away from the
sofa, remaining on her knees. Saxon sat back on his haunches, panting. The
flat pink end of his cock still poked from his sheet, and Hermione pressed
her lips to it. She had been a little unsure of the taste, but found in her
heightened state of arousal that she loved it immediately. Saxon stood up,
allowing full access to his sheath. Hermione repositioned herself beside the
dog, and gently pulled his sheath back with her fingers. Saxon kept his legs
open as Hermione swallowed more of his shaft. She moaned as she felt it
growing between her lips.

Saxon's mistress sucked him off as a special treat, and he had been well
trained in receiving oral pleasure also. He stood still, tongue lolling, as
Hermione brought his cock to full hardness with her tongue and lips. She
gagged as she took the shaft down into her throat, and almost broke into a
coughing fit. Pulling back a little, Hermione instead worked on the cock in
her mouth. Saxon's knot grew at the base of his shaft as the teen witch
sucked him harder. Although she'd never so much as blown a human before,
Hermione excelled in oral pleasure. Saxon soon came, pumping a lesser but
still significant amount of semen between the girl's lips.

Hermione wantonly drank the dog's seed, gulping down as much as she could
while the rest ran down her chin and stained her nightdress. She rubbed Saxon
affectionately, hugging from beneath as best she could until he had finished
spurting. The witch kissed and licked Saxon's softening dog cock before
scraping drooled semen into her mouth. It was a hundred times better than
butterbeer or brief kisses at a Yule Ball.

In the aftermath of the act Hermione laid on the sofa with her eyes half
closed. Despite the thorough cleaning Saxon had given her, some of his semen
was still leaking between her puffy pussy lips. It was a testament to how
deeply inside Hermione the dog had shot his load. Hermione brushed her
fingers lightly across her skin, feeling the stickiness of sweat and saliva
on her small breasts. She knew she needed to shower before her parents
returned and found her stinking of canine sex, but for the moment she was
content to stay on the sofa and gaze adoringly at her bestial lover.

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