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Harry Potter: The Young Home For Wayward Girls Part 2 - Hermione Granger
by Muhabba

When Hermione ducked into the first tent she could find she wasn't surprised at all to find the inside as large as a house or that there were two people inside already. What did surprise her was when the front door shut behind her. Enchanted tent or not, there still should have been a flap instead of a door there.

"Can I help you?" the grown man asked, splitting Hermione's attention. She turned back around towards him, her bushy brown hair flaring around her.

"There are Deatheaters storming through the camp," she said through startled pants of breath, her magic wand held defensively in her trembling hand, "We have to get out of here!"

"I don't think your 'Deatheaters' will make it in here," the man said with a note of confidence.

"But they could set your tent on fire!" Hermione said worriedly.

"'Fraid I don't own a tent for them to set fire to," the man said calmly as he set down his stirring spoon. He adjusted the flame to the burners on the stove and rinsed his hands off before turning back to the frightened, young stranger. She was wearing a simple outfit of comfortable jeans, a sweat shirt, and a worn pair of sneakers. The jeans weren't particularly tight but showed off her little heart-shaped ass and her sweat shirt was stretched tightly over her slender chest.

Hermione was in a panic. Even among wizarding folks this man was acting strange. He looked completely calm in his simple button-up shirt and wear-worn slacks and his feet were completely bare as he stared at her. Usually the mere mention of a Deatheater was enough to send a wizard off into a fit of fright but this strange man and young girl just continued to stare at her. "But the Deatheaters..." she continued.

Mr. Young patted Mathilda on her shoulder to get her attention. "If it'll make her feel safer could you go lock the door?" he asked her.

Mathilda nodded her head and quickly scurried over behind their new guest and locked the door. She wasn't sure but she was pretty certain that the door hadn't had a lock yesterday. She grabbed the newly appeared girl by the elbow and began leading her to the kitchen area. "Feel better?" she asked as she pulled a chair out.

"But I have to get back to the Quidditch World Cup," Hermione mumbled as she took the offered chair.

"I'm sure it'll be there when you get back," Mr. Young said reassuringly as he turned back to the stove, "There isn't a person or thing in all the worlds that can find my door if I don't want them to." He handed Mathilda the stirring spoon and let her get back to the soup as he turned his attention back to the frightened young visitor. "This is Mathilda and you can call me Mr. Young. What's your name, dear?" he asked by way of introduction.

"I'm... I'm... I'm Hermione Granger," the young girl was finally able to blurt out as she looked around the small cottage in bewilderment.

"Pleased to meet you, Miss Granger," Mr. Young said as he began setting the kitchen table for three, "Why don't you join us for dinner. I'm teaching Mathilda here how to cook and the soup smells delicious."

With no real options, Hermione joined the strange man and young girl at the table. It turned out the girl was her age and had been adopted by Mr. Young which made Hermione feel just a bit safer. Well, certainly safer than she had been outside. The girl, Mathilda, was wearing a tight pair of cut-off shorts and a simple white T-shirt and she was pretty sure the dark-haired girl wasn't wearing a bra due to the twin points poking through the shirt. As a witch she had become used to strange people and places and the old man and his home certainly qualified as those. As she ate her fill of the rather bland soup she told her two hosts about what had led her to their home. While attending a sporting event with her friends the entire camp had been attacked by villains calling themselves The Deatheaters. She and her friends had tried to flee into the woods but became separated. With Deatheaters fast approaching she had ducked into a near-by tent and found herself in Mr. Young's house.

"So, you see, it was quite by accident that I barged into your house," Hermione said, finishing her story.

"Where my house is concerned there are no accidents," Mr. Young said with a smirk that Mathilda recognized to mean he wasn't planning on answering any questions about himself or the house, "But none the less you're here, you're safe, and you're well-fed," he finished with a proud pat on Mathilda's slender shoulders.

"But my friends..." Hermione started.

"I have no doubt your friends will be fine," Mr. Young said cheerfully as he stood up, "And I wouldn't at all be surprised if you joined them again in the morning. And in the meantime, allow Mathilda to show you where you can get cleaned up and sleep for the night."

Since finding out she was a witch and attending Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Hermione had thought she had gotten used to the strange and peculiar but Mr. Young and his house were something new. She wasn't aware of any type of spell that could transport someone without them even being aware of it but she had, in two steps, ran into a tent and been transported to this house. She had no idea if her friends Harry and Ron were safe but for some reason she was sure that if she just stayed here and relaxed that everything would turn out alright.

"Just follow me," Mathilda said cheerfully before walking towards the back of the house. "The house is pretty small most of the time so feel free to roam around," she said as she showed Hermione the only three doors in the short hallway.

"Most of the time?" Hermione asked.

"Yeah, pretty much. On the left are the bathroom and mine and Mr. Young's room and on the right is the spare room," Mathilda told the other girl.

"You and, uh... Mr. Young share a room?" Hermione asked suspiciously.

"Yep," Mathilda said proudly, "So you can get cleaned up and I'll get you something to sleep in."

Hermione poked her head into the bathroom and clicked on the light. Hogwarts had been built centuries ago and Mr. Young's bathroom looked only a few centuries newer than that. She stepped in and closed the door behind her and began getting undressed. Normally she was one of the more analytical children anyone had ever met but for some reason she just seemed to take everything that was happening to her as a given without giving the strangeness of it much of a second thought. She turned the water in the shower on and stepped in, looking forward to washing the day's events off of her skin.

Rolling her hair back under the warm water, Hermione moaned as her tense muscles began to relax. Her bushy, chestnut colored hair hung limply under the water, trailing down her back as she stepped back and forth beneath the stream. There was a clear bottle of shampoo with a fragrance she couldn't place and she used a liberal amount to get her hair clean. She used what was perhaps the softest washcloth she had ever felt to soap up her body before being startled by the sound of a sudden squeak.

Mathilda hadn't meant to walk in on Hermione naked in the shower, she just thought the young girl would have waited for her to get back with a change of clothes first. With the girl's hair wet it trailed most of the way to her pert backside and she felt her eyes being drawn to Hermione's ass. The young witch's breasts were about the same size as her own but her nipples were darker and a bit asymmetrical. Her legs were nicely rounded and she had a tight looking, hairless little slit nestled between her thighs.

Both girls stood staring at each other in shock for a moment before Mathilda broke the silence. "I, uh... I brought you some... some night clothes and, uh... and some towels," she said, her eyes never leaving Hermione's naked, sudsy body. Finally she walked backwards into the hall and closed the door behind her and decided that it would probably have been better for everybody if the young witch just spent the rest of her time naked, she was beautiful.

Hermione finished rinsing off and stepped out of the shower, the water dripping off of her ripe, naked body and soaked into the bathmat. She grabbed a towel that was even softer than the wash cloth and began to dry off, amazed at the feel of the material as it trailed over her skin. She dried her hair first before dragging the towel down her arms and back up again. She then spent several minutes running the soft towel over her chest, her small breasts, and her hard nipples. She found herself moaning in pleasure, cooing as her eyes fluttered. The towel trailed down her soft abdomen to her waist and she began using it to dry her legs but as she reached to the wet juncture of her slender thighs she cooed out again with pleasure. The soft material crawled across her suddenly warm pussy, teasing her, causing her to moan with her eyes closed in concentration of the sensations she was feeling.

Suddenly the young, horny witch's concentration was broken when she heard Mr. Young and Mathilda in the hall passing the door. A sudden fantasy of Mathilda walking back into the bathroom to find her nude and masturbating flashed through her mind and she shook it free. She finished drying off and got her nightclothes on, wadding the clothes she had been wearing under her arm before stepping out of the bathroom. Mr. Young and Mathilda were in the guest room making the bed up with clean linen and the older man turned to her with a warm smile.

"Let me get those for you," Mr. Young said before grabbing Hermione's dirty clothes, "I'll wash them and they'll be all ready for you in the morning."

Handing over her clothes without a second thought, Hermione kept her magic wand just in case the Deatheaters did find her. The strangeness of handing over nearly all of her worldly possessions never even crossed her mind as Mr. Young took her clothes and left her in only a old, comfortable night gown. She took a moment to really look at the strange couple who were both wearing sleeping gowns rather than pajamas, much like her. Mathilda was finishing up the bed while her adoptive father held a candle in his free hand which he sat down on the table beside her. She had seen the television in the living room and the lights had been electric but the oddness of using candle light rather than electric lights in the bedroom never occurred to Hermione. Staring at the bed the young witch yawned loudly before realizing how tired she was.

Mr. Young patted Hermione affectionately on the head before stepping out of the room. "You must be exhausted," he said as he motioned for Mathilda to follow him, "So we'll let you get some rest. The house is yours for anything you need so you just help yourself to whatever and have a good night."

"Nite," Mathilda said as she followed Mr. Young, waving good-bye to their young guest before shutting the door behind her.

Hermione looked from the door back to the bed and yawned again, stretching her arms and back. She didn't think she had ever felt this tired before. She crawled into bed, slipping between the sheets and snuggled into her pillow. She placed her wand on the table as close to the bed as possible before blowing the candle out. Even as tired as she was she couldn't stop from repeating the days events in her mind. The World Cup had been exciting, her first visit, and she had never seen so many wizards and witches in her entire life. The game itself had been beyond her wildest imagination despite having watched school Quidditch matches before. And the night camping after the match had been something she could barely describe. And then the Deatheaters had arrived.

A girlish giggle brought Hermione's attention back to the present. It appeared that Mathilda and Mr. Young were heading to bed. She wondered about their strange relationship, such a older man adopting and sleeping with such a young girl. There were many different types of relationships in the Wizarding World so she supposed that it really wasn't that strange and it didn't appear that either one was taking advantage of the other so what could it hurt really? Another girlish giggle sounded out on the other side of the door and she found herself smiling.

A manly chuckle came through the door next and Hermione found herself smiling even wider. Despite the severe age difference they certainly appeared to be a loving couple. Next she heard Mathilda moan slightly followed by another chuckle from Mr. Young. Another moan followed and she found herself listening intently as both Mr. Young and Mathilda moaned together and she found herself wondering if the couple was planning on having sex. Her question was answered when she heard wet smacking sounds as well as the passionate sound of kissing coming through her door.

As the sounds began to intensify, Hermione found herself wondering how so much sound could possibly pass through such a thick door. Her breathing became more ragged as Mr. Young and Mathilda moaned out again, their bed creaking. She chewed on her lower lip as she heard the young girl gasp out and more wet smacking noises echoed across the hall. Her fingers balled into little fists, gripping the sheets tightly as she listened to the couple, the dark haired girl's moans becoming louder and louder. Suddenly she was far to hot beneath her covers and kicked them off, her nightgown up around her slender thighs and her ragged breath becoming quick, light pants.

The wet sounds changed in a way that Hermione couldn't describe but caused her to respond none the less as Mathilda moaned out more, longer and louder. Her entire body felt hot as she gasped, her small chest pushing up against her now stifling gown, her nipples becoming twin points through the thin material. Her hands slowly released her sheets, crawling up her supple thighs as she listened to the heated pants, moans, and groans. Her hands slowly drug her gown up, exposing her young, heated body gleaming in the moonlight spilling through her window. Pulling the material up to her shoulders, her hands slid to her chest, holding her small breasts, her hard nipples slipping across her palms as Mathilda cried out in pleasure from across the hall.

Hermione lightly toyed with her nipples for the first time as the dark haired girl's cries of pleasure slowly quieted down. She gasped out as she softly pinched her pink nipples, licking her lips before chewing on her bottom lip. She heard Mr. Young groan out from across the hall. She began panting in lust as she heard a wet, slurping sound, unsure as to what it was but enjoying it anyway. One of her hands slid down her body as the older man groaned out even louder, the slurping sounds intensifying, repeating over and over again. Her hand slid over her soft stomach to the now burning juncture between her thighs. She spread her coltish legs wide, giving her hand room to work, cupping her virgin sex and moaning out as she squeezed her bald pussy. She could feel her juices slipping out between her fingers as she squeezed herself over and over again, touching herself sexually for the first time.

The bed across the hall began squeaking again, over and over and Hermione could hear Mathilda gasping and moaning with it. She could imagine what the couple having sex across the hall looked like, sometimes imagining herself in Mathilda's place with Mr. Young's hard penis inside of her and sometimes she imagined herself in Mr. Young's place having sex with Mathilda. Her hand kept squeezing her young sex, her pants and moans joining with Mathilda's as her young body built towards her first ever orgasm. She held off as long as she could wanting to cum at the same time as Mathilda, somehow joining in with them as they orgasmed together. She panted and moaned even louder wanting Mathilda and Mr. Young to hear her and then lovingly inviting her to join them.

As Mathilda and Mr. Young's moans of pleasure rose higher so did Hermione's as the young witch squeezed her small pussy over and over again. Her palm slid wetly across her hard, little clit triggering her orgasm, her teenage body shuddering in desire as the breath caught in her throat. As her graceful back bowed she could hear the two across the hall cry out as they joined her in ecstasy. Her body collapsed into the bed, her breath ragged and course as she came down from her first orgasmic high, her eyelids fluttering as a silly grin crossed her face. A small sense of pride filled her slender chest at making herself cum for the first time as if she had just reached a milestone in her life. She slowly passed into slumber, forgetting to pull her dressing gown down, her sweat slick body fully exposed in the dark, comforting room.

As the morning sun rose up over the horizon, Hermione woke up with a wide yawn and stretched, her dressing gown still pulled up under her arm pits. She pulled her gown down her youthful body and sat up on the edge of the bed. She knew that she had to get back to her friends at the Quidditch World Cup and find out if they were okay but she was in such a good mood she couldn't bring herself to worry to much about it. She had been really lucky to have found Mr. Young and Mathilda and she had no doubts that Ron and Harry would be fine. She didn't really know how her luck in finding this house could reach out to her two classmates but she was somehow sure that it did. She slid out of bed and then went to see how her two new friends were doing.

Hermione found Mr. Young sitting on the couch staring into a roaring fire, the air filled with the smell of wood smoke and the living room warm and toasty. The older man smiled warmly at her and patted the couch next to where he was sitting.

"Come have a seat," Mr. Young said to the young girl, "I'll make breakfast here in a bit." Hermione smiled back at him before scurrying up into the old, comfortable couch next to him before she looked around the living room and kitchen. "Mathilda appears to be sleeping late," he said with a nod back towards the bedrooms, "She.. ah, she had a busy night."

Hermione stifled a giggle as she blushed deeply. "I know. I, ah... I heard," she admitted.

Mr. Young chuckled a bit, "Yeah, she's... she's an enthusiastic girl."

"Sounded like it," Hermione giggled.

"I thought I heard you hearing us," Mr. Young chuckled again.

Blushing deeper, Hermione suddenly found her little feet dangling off of the couch very interesting, her hands clasped demurely in her lap. Images of what Mr. Young and Mathilda had been doing together swam through her teenage imagination as she tried not to smile and blush. Her worries of Deatheaters were completely forgotten as the fire and Mr. Young's presence made her feel warm and safe. Staring peacefully into the fire she found herself snuggling against the strange, older man that she had met less than twenty-four hours ago.

When Mr. Young placed his arm around her shoulders, Hermione snuggled against his chest. She ran her cheek against the fluffy material of his robe and didn't think anything of placing her hand on his abdomen. She began sliding her hand up and down the soft material, petting it as she stared into the fire. She looked up momentarily and found him staring down at her with a warm smile on his face that made her smile back. When she went back to looking into the warm fire she barely noticed as her hand began moving lower on his robe.

Hermione's dainty little hand slowly followed the hem of Mr. Young's robe until she reached his lap. His legs were open and she could feel the heat coming from between his thighs and even that made her feel warm and safe. He softly stroked her hair and it just added to her sense of contentment as she slid her hand into his robe. Her fingers trailed through his pubic hair and she felt him take a deep breath as she softly grabbed his slightly hard penis. The strange organ quickly grew in her grip and she began to automatically pull on it, the heated flesh of his hardening shaft moving down and up in her soft hand.

The young witch felt her body respond to the feel of Mr. Young responding to her touch. Her small nipples grew hard and the juncture of her thighs turned wet and hot as the kindly man grew fully hard in her hand. Being an intellectual child, Hermione had seen pictures of human sexual organs in biology and science journals but the size and shape of the older man's fully erect organ felt nothing like what the pictures had looked like. She looked into his lap at his robe bulging up and down with her hand and licked her lips while he moaned in pleasure above her and with a small flick of her wrist she parted his robe and uncovered his hard, throbbing prick.

The young girl looked in wide eyed amazement at the first erect penis she had ever seen. It was larger than any of the pictures she had ever seen and much thicker. Her fingers could just reach around his girth and the spongy tip throbbed in time with his rapid pulse and also with her hand massaging him. She used the bit of lubricant that she knew men produced to help ease her soft hand up and down his shaft as he groaned in pleasure. She felt a strange sense of pride and accomplishment at being able to make him feel so good as he lovingly stroked her hair and wondered what else she could do to make him feel good. And maybe even better than good.

Being a teenage girl, Hermione had of course heard about the things that boys and girls could do together, a hand-job just being the first. With Mr. Young's cock in her fist she looked up at him and gave him a smile that she hoped was full of passion and confidence. It wasn't. It was mostly awkward and silly but the older man thought it looked so cute with her trying her hardest to act more knowledgeable than she was that it just turned him on all the more. He stroked her hair, pulling it up into a ponytail in his fist as she opened her mouth and moved her face down into his lap.

When she felt Mr. Young's bulbous head slid against her warm, moist tongue, Hermione closed her pink lips around it, sealing it in her mouth. Despite it being called a "Blow-job", Hermione sucked as hard as possible on the strange bit of hot flesh. She wiggled her tongue around his pulsing head as she began bobbing her head up and down in his lap.

The flavor of a man's penis in her mouth was strange to Hermione and she thoroughly explored it with her tongue. He was warm to the touch and oddly salty but not too much so and the different textures of him on her tongue was very interesting to her. The top of his dick was extremely soft but his shaft was nearly as hard as metal. She could feel the veins running up and down his length throbbing in time with his cock-head and she felt a low, deep throb echoing through her lower body every time he pulsed in her mouth. Mr. Young was rocking his hips up in time with her, fucking her mouth while she swallowed his meat and her virgin pussy ached in newly discovered teenage desire.

One of Hermione's small hands remained wrapped around Mr. Young's cock but her other hand was trapped under her body as she sucked his prick leaving him to hold her hair out of her face with one hand and pull up her robe with his other. Inch after inch of smooth, teenage thigh was revealed until she was bare up to the hip and he placed his hand on her hip bone. As she continued enthusiastically sucking him he slid his hand down her back side, cupping her plump little ass and giving it a small squeeze before slipping his fingers between her cheeks questing for the hot, slick entrance to her horny body.

As Mr. Young's fingers slid over the schoolgirl's slick pussy she moaned lustfully around his cock in her mouth. With every slurp and suck she became more confident, taking more and more of him into her mouth as his fingers split her wet lips apart. He teased the burning entrance to her pussy with his middle finger, probing her slightly up to his first knuckle. She readjusted herself some to give him more access to her and also managed to free her trapped hand. She wrapped both of her fists around the base of his shaft, her head bobbing wetly in his lap, her tongue wiggling frantically against his shaft as he began working his finger in and out of her tight, virgin hole.

As Mr. Young slipped his finger in and out of her, Hermione swallowed more and more of his dick. His sensitive tip began bumping against the back of her mouth with every suck as his finger delved as deep inside of her as it could. Her entire young body began to shake and shiver as a orgasm rolled through her. She cried out on pleasure around the cock in her mouth, nearly choking on the thick prick as her body twitched with electric pleasure.

As her body twitched with the force of her orgasm, Mr. Young pulled the young witch off of his prick so she could breathe. He kept his finger buried deep inside of her spasming pussy as she came, her muscles clamping down on him as she groaned in pleasure. Her body suddenly went limp and he pulled his finger out of her as she laid bonelessly on the couch, her head in his lap and her nose tickling his up thrust cock.

Hermione snuggled up against Mr. Young and she could feel him stroking her bushy hair and cooing what a good girl she was. It was a strange sensation but it made her feel all warm and fuzzy inside as well as safe and protected. There were no Deatheaters here to ruin such a happy moment for her.

As the young witch got her strength back, Mr. Young began lifting her off of his lap. He open his robe the rest of the way and swung her over his lap until she was on her knees above his throbbing prick. It was his ardent belief that all beautiful young girls should be naked so he slid her robe off of her until she was completely exposed for him. She wrapped her slender arms around his neck as he held her hips and they kissed, his tongue exploring her moist, pink mouth nearly as thoroughly as his cock had.

The much older man kissed and licked his way down the horny young girl's neck to her under developed chest. He sucked in one small nipple and massaged it with his tongue causing the small witch to moan in pleasure before licking over to the other hard nipple. She groaned out above him and held him tightly to her chest as he moved back from one sensitive breast to the other. She began grinding herself against his lower abdomen and he could feel her slick juices trickling down his stomach to his pubic hair.

Gravity began pulling Hermione down as Mr. Young began relaxing his grip on her slender hips and she let it. She groaned lustfully when she felt the soft tip of his penis touch her plump, pink pussy-lips and she readjusted herself to let it split her dewy labia. She reached down and grabbed his shaft, holding him still as she squeezed him inside of her. She moaned in desire at the feel of him inside of her, her eyes fluttering and her mouth gapping open. It was pure desire that she wanted him inside of her, the warm, fuzzy feeling of contentment giving way to simple adolescent lust.

Letting gravity and Hermione decide how fast she wanted to take him, Mr. Young slid his hands around to grab into the young witch's taunt little ass. He squeezed her cheeks in his hands, his thumbs splitting the cleft of her cheeks and probing the right little entrance to her ass. She took inch after inch of him slowly, her eyes closed as she concentrated on the pleasure she was receiving. He rippled his fingers against the soft flesh of her heart shaped rear end, denying the need to thrust up inside of her wanton little body.

"Oh God," Hermione groaned as she took more and more of the older man's dick inside of her. Her tiny little pussy stretched as far as it could around him, parting around him as she groaned and painted in pleasure. Her smooth, pink body flowed with the effort of what she was doing but she refused to stop, she wanted all of him inside of her. And with the last inch she held herself still, relishing the feel of him as she got used to his cock buried inside of her.

As she rested on top of him, Hermione opened her eyes and stared at Mr. Young. She smiled at him and he could see pride and the feeling of accomplishment in her eyes. She was so proud of herself at taking all of his cock inside of her formally virgin body. "Such a good little witch," he told her before kissing the young girl. She squeezed his head in her arms even tighter as they kissed and he used his hold on her ass to begin rocking up inside of her, fucking the young girl.

"Yes, yes, yes..." Hermione chanted as she was fucked for the first time. The older man's cock pumped up inside of her, lifting her horny body up before he reversed course and she slid back down his pole. Her barely developed tits jiggled slightly on her slender chest as she was rocked up and down, Mr. Young's hands squeezing her rear-end and his mouth sucking on her small tits.

Mr. Young kept a casual pace, not wanting to buck to hard or to fast, just letting Hermione enjoy the ride. Her tight, little cunt squeezed down hard on him and he could feel the tip of his cock bumping against something deep inside of her. He licked and sucked hungrily at her tiny tits as she rode him, rubbing his face and beard stubble against her sensitive flesh. She moved her slender hips around, always questing for a new position to slid him inside of her and grind her clit against his abdomen.

Hermione squeezed her eyes shut as she pumped up and down on the older man's cock, concentrating on the pleasure she was feeling as she chanted, "Oh, oh, oh..." over and over again. There seemed to be some much to feel and do, every time she moved her hips his cock felt slightly different entering her and then again when he's slide part way out. Her sweaty little body pumped up and down faster, her chanting grew louder as she felt another, far stronger orgasm rise up inside of her.

Feeling Hermione's tight, wet cunt gripping down on his throbbing cock, Mr. Young knew that the teenage girl was about to cum. He held on tightly to her plump little ass and thrust up hard and fast inside of her, triggering the young girl's orgasm as he came. She cried out in joy as she came, her juices gushing out of her as he filled her spasming cunt with his thick, hot cum. Her small body shivered and shook, her slender thighs twitching around his hips as her shout of pleasure slowly grew quieter and her well fucked teenage body relaxed against him. He slid his arms around her spent body, hugging her sweetly as she nuzzled against his shoulder and slowly relaxed in his arms.

"And a good morning to you too," a voice called out from behind Hermione. Mr. Young looked over the young girl's slender shoulder at Mathilda standing in the hallway wearing her dressing gown and a robe. "Good morning, sweetheart," he said cheerfully and could feel the young witch look over her shoulder at the other girl, "You were asleep."

"And you couldn't have waited?" Mathilda asked with a bit of mock anger. Well, slightly mock but also slightly real.

"It just sort of happened," Hermione said a bit defensively.

Mathilda peered at Mr. Young from over Hermione's shoulder, her hand on her hip and her hips cocked. "Funny how 'things' just happen around here," she said and visibly waited for the older man's reply.

Mr. Young just shrugged helplessly at Mathilda. "How 'bout I get us some breakfast while Hermione gets cleaned up?" he offered to the obviously jealous teenager. It appeared to him that after spending so many years on his own that he had forgotten how to share.

Mathilda just sighed. "How 'bout you both get cleaned up and I'll get breakfast started," she said. It wasn't really a question.

"Yes, dear," Mr. Young said and gave Hermione an affectionate pat on her plump ass to signal her that everything was fine. Completely naked with their cum drying on their thighs, he and the adolescence witch walked past Mathilda, her eyes glued on him in case he dared show anything other than admonishment at not sharing, to their separate bedrooms.

Hermione couldn't stop blushing as she got cleaned up. Her clothes were washed and folded on the foot of her bed when she walked in despite never seeing Mr. Young or Mathilda wash or fold them. She quickly grabbed them and her wand and scurried to the bathroom to get cleaned up and dressed. When she exited Mr. Young was waiting his turn, still completely naked.

"It's fine," he told her warmly with a pat on her bushy head, "Just go eat and I'll be there momentarily.

Hermione peeked into the kitchen area just to be sure and say that Mathilda wasn't mad or holding a knife but the young girl was sitting at the table enjoying hot cereal and fruit. She didn't appear mad so she stepped quietly to the table and say down at the place made for her.

Mathilda playfully didn't make eye contact with the other girl. "Nice night?"

"Um... yeah?" Hermione said before shoving food into her mouth so she wouldn't be expected to answer any questions with a full mouth.

By the time Mr. Young joined the girls wearing a button-up shirt and worn jeans they were halfway done with their breakfast. He got them talking about where they were from and Hermione became worried about missing from her friends for an entire night.

"Don't worry, don't worry," Mr. Young reassured the nervous witch, "I'm sure you'll be deposited back where you came from, well out of danger and well before your friends can start to worry."

"You can really do that?" Hermione asked in astonishment. She had often heard of wizards being able to manipulate time with some varying degrees of success but never so precisely.

"It's the house," Mathilda said between bites of a banana, "It's good like that."

After eating, Mr. Young escorted Hermione to the front door. "And just remember," he told her, "We're here to help any young girl in need."

"But how will I find you again?" Hermione asked.

Mr. Young opened the front door and despite it being midmorning it opened to a wooded area deep into night time. "Finding us is as easy as stepping through a door."

The End.


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