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Harry Potter: The Snatchers Part 1
by TimTim

Hermione was finally happy. Ever since Ron, Harry and her had escaped from the Death Eaters in the coffee shop, she had felt an ever present dread. Now all she felt was a warm glow throughout her body. The ache in her joints, the hunger pains in her stomach, and the guilt of not being able to help her friends were gone. As long as he kept moving she would be happy. She wouldn't have to worry about trying to keep their clothes clean or finding those damn horcruxes any more. All she needed to do was to keep dancing. A new warm sensation filled her as she swung her hips. The voice in her head urged her on and on.

Hermione continued to dance barefoot around the table top pausing every now and again to bend at the waist. When she did her ass stuck out and was prominently displayed. Slowly rising back up she began to rub her hands up and down her body. The voice in the back of her mind knew what to do and as long as she kept listing to it she could be happy.

As her hands were rubbing her body she paused over her left breast and squeezed. A new sensation filled her up and she needed more of it. She kept dancing and swinging her hips as she slowly lifted her shirt over her head. Throwing it to the ground she began to rub her hand over her slender stomach. Making their way up her sides her hands sent waves of warmth throughout her body. Reaching her bra she began to rub both breasts while arching her back. Pinching her nipples through the fabric she let out a moan that vibrated her to the core.

The small voice was getting louder now telling her keep dancing. Hermione moved around the table again but unable to stop her hands from roaming her body. They soon found her young slit and she began to rub herself though her jeans. She had played with herself before, but it had never felt this good. Over the past months her pants had become too short for her, but there was little opportunity to get new ones. As a result the crotch had become tight against her and as she bent over again they rub her in just the right spot. She had to get more of this sensation and the voice knew how she could get it.

Hermione began to grind her hips back and forth as she bent her knees. The fabric pulled tight up against her as she moved. Her hands kept rubbing her body as she arched her back and pressed her ass out into the air. Slowly rising back up she let out a heavy breath as the fabric pulled slipped over her cherry. Reaching down with her left hand she grabbed herself and with the right she pulled at her nipple. She started grinding into her hand while she massaged her breast. Never had she felt this way before. It was like a thousand warm sunsets all over her body and it was all thanks to the voice. She knew as long as she listed to it she could have this feeling.

"More!" she said out loud in a hot breath, but her own voice was distant and muffled.

Confused she tried to look around but was all in a haze. The voice returned to her and calmed her. It urged her to get down on all fours with her knees spread far apart. Hermione hesitated only for a second and as soon as her keens hit the table she was back on her warm beach. Spreading them wide she felt her pants pull tight once again. She began to grind into them making her ass shake vigorously.

Moaning she moved one of her hands over her slim waste up to her breast. She paused only for moment to squeeze each in turn and continue to run her hand up her neck. Two fingers slipped into her mouth and she sucked on them. Using her tough she swirled it around her fingers as she slowly pulled them out. She made sure to grip them with her lips until the voice had her push them back down into her throat. She began to gag and cough when she got too over excited to please the voice. She heard laughter in the far distance, some saying, "We will get her use to that real soon". It didn't make since why was everything so far away?

Hermione started to stand up when the voice came back to her stronger than ever. All she had to do was listen to it, all she had to do was obey and she would be warm again. She had been cold for so long. Every day was a cold grey struggle and every night was full of darkness and fear, but not now. Now was warmth and pleasure. All she had to do was listen to the voice and she could be happy.

Slowly she stood back up and ran her hand through her hair. It was difficult with her bushy hair but she didn't care. She was back in the warmth. She ran her hands down her body again and came to the top of her jeans. Slowly she began to unbutton them and slip them down. She swung her hips side to side as her tight jeans inched their way down her body. Bending at the waist she pulled them lower and lower until they pooled around her ankles. Stepping out of them she kicked them off the table and started to dance again.

She had no idea dancing could be this much fun. She swung her hips and strutted around the table. Her hands moved all over her body sending wave after wave of joy straight to her brain. She rubbed her breast, she pinched her nipples, she bent over and felt her long smooth legs. Every part of her burned with a need to be touched, but none more than her nipples.

Falling to her knees she rubbed and pinched her breast. Arching her back she pulled both of them as hard as she could but it wasn't enough. She needed more, and the voice told her how to get it. Reaching back she undid her bra clasp and let it fall down. She covered both breast with her left arm and hid them. She had never been topples like this before. Sure she had been naked when she showered or changed clothes, but somehow this was different.

The voice urged her to move her arm and to go back to dancing, but there was now a second voice. The new one kept saying this was wrong and to stop. Hermione hesitated only for a moment more and then dropped her arm. Complete bliss filled her as she stood back up. This was the right thing to do. How could she do anything else but to bare her breast and dance?

The voice urged her on and on.

She danced, she bent over, she slowly sucked on her fingers, and she smacked her own ass. This was a complete new sensation. No one had ever spanked her before but the voice kept her at it. She brought her left hand down on her backside followed by her right. After each swat she would rub her ass through her panties. She was in complete bliss.

Getting back down on all fours she ground her hips back and forth. Reaching around to spank herself was more difficult in this position, but she could feel the vibrations of it reach her crotch. For the first time she had taken them off she wished that she had her jeans back on. She needed something to rub up against; needed something to stimulate her young slit.

As always, the voice knew what to do.

Turning over Hermione sat with her knees spread wide in the air. With only her panties on she would expect to be cold. The hard table top was unforgiving and the tent was not insulated. Why was she so warm?

The second voice came back to her now telling her to stop, telling her she was in danger.

Everything was in a haze; she sensed people all around her. They were looking at her; watching her this whole time as she displayed her body. The warm feelings came back as she remembered the past 15 minutes. Or was it an hour? It didn't matter anymore; the first voice was in control and would take care of her.

Lying on her back now with her knees spread in the air, Hermione reached down and began to rub herself though her panties. Only once had she done this before and never to completion. She was inexperienced, but the voice was not. It had her slowly rub the outside of her slit making small circles. Her other hand went to her nipple and pulled it tight. She moaned as her hand found its way to the small bump above her slit. This was new; never before had she had this sensation. All she wanted was more. She arched her back and pressed herself into her hand. Faster and faster she rubbed her clit. Her other hand moved back and forth between her breasts pinching and pulling. She was getting close to something, but didn't know what.

Before she could find out the voice had her stop. She wanted to continue, to keep rubbing and pinching but she was at the voice's command. There was now a need in her, deep down a place that needed to be scratched. She didn't know how to reach it, but the voice would guide her. It told her to stand up and dance.

As she moved her body back and forth it did not feel her with the same warmth as before. She needed more. She started to move her hands up and down her body. Feeling her every curve and the smoothness of her youth fuelled the need burning insider her. Ever so slowly she moved her and inside her panties. This was the first time she had touched herself in this way. The time before she had kept her hands on the outside of her panties, and now she was moving closer to the source of the itch. As soon as she reached her cherry she moaned. It was a deep moan that rattled her very core. She needed more, she needed to get deeper, and she needed to remove her underwear.

Reaching with both hands she grabbed the waste of her panties and slowly pulled them down. Bending at the waist her bare ass was on display. It was slightly red from her spankings and was the perfect shape for her body. Stepping out of her underwear the voice told her to dance. She moved around the table shaking and bending.

The need between her legs continued to growing. Soon she was at the point that she needed something new. Something that would fill her up deep down, that would scratch the itch inside of her. Whatever it was she wanted to do it, if only the voice would tell her. All it said was dance. She kept moving, kept shaking but she needed more. Her hands moved all around her body, but it wasn't enough.

"Please!" she said out loud. The sounds of her voice were still distant and muffled but she didn't care. "Please, Please" she begged, but the voice was silent.

She threw herself into the dancing hopping to convince it that she was ready. She twisted and stretched he body, presenting herself in every way she could think of. "Please take me!" she shouted and got down on all fours to grind against the air.

Her hips were shaking and her back arching. Then many different voices broke in at once.

"Get off the table and on your knees."

"Roll over and spread your legs."

"Put your legs on the ground and bend over the table."

"Reach back and spread your ass wide."

She was confused and started to get scared. Where was the first voice that made her was feel so warm? Why were there all these new voices? Through all of the confusion she kept hearing a quiet voice that grew closer and closer telling her to run. She stood up and started to dance again, trying to find the first voice, trying to make it happy.

Nothing worked, she kept hearing new voices. Telling her to suck things, to come over and bounce on their lap, to bend over and take it for the rest of the night. There was yelling now, not in her head but outside of it. She heard pushing and the creaking of chairs against the floor. The haze was back, but it was lifting. The voice telling her to run was louder than ever. The cold was back, the room around her dim except for the light right overhead. She stopped dancing and looked around.

Hermione was in Perkins's tent standing on the table with Snatchers all around her. They were arguing about something; about who would be first. She looked up and in the back of the tent were Harry and Ron. Both tied up and watching her with fear in their eyes. Harry's face puffy but was recovering from the jinx she had put on it. Ron had been roughed up pretty badly and had a gag in his mouth. Hermione was becoming aware of what had happened. They had been caught, and she was put under the Imperius curse. She had preformed for the Snatchers and entertained them with her young body. They were now fighting over who was going to get the first "Taste" of her. There was only one voice in her head now and it was screaming one word. "RUN!"


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