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Harry Potter: The First Year
by Akbashev C.

"I can't believe I'm failing potions." Ron said.

"Well, it is Professor Snape." Harry said.

"Hey, Hermione where are we going next?" Ron asked.

Hermione pulled out her schedule and looked. "We have...flying lessons, with
Madam Hooch."

"So, you think we'll be able to fly the first time?" Ron asked.

"Maybe, but I don't think so." Harry responded.

Harry, Ron, and Hermoine made their way out to the field where they would
receive flying lessons. Madam Hooch was waiting and told everyone to grab a
broom. There was a mad scuffle as everyone tried to grab a broom. Hermione
was pushed out of the way and somehow ended up last. Hermoine looked into
the shed and grabbed the only broom that was left, which looked like it had
only one defect, it had a thin branch sticking out on the handle but, it was
the only one left, so Hermione sighed and hurried to catch up with the rest
of the group.

When Hermione arrived, Madam Hooch was instructing the group how to correctly
hold a broom. Then she told the group to mount their brooms. As one, the
entire group shouted, "UP." But only 3 of the brooms rose into their rider's
hands. One of which was Hermione. The other brooms that did not rise were
picked up and held in place. Suddenly, Hermione's broom started to vibrate
and then stopped. Hermione didn't think this was odd but it alarmed her. Then
Madam Hooch told all of them to shove off the ground hard so they could get
into the air and practice there. Hermione pushed off just as Madam Hooch had
instructed. She rose into the air and held control of her broom and waited
for further instructions.

Madam Hooch looked around and saw that everyone was ready. "OK, Now we're
going to do some laps around the field." Madam Hooch said, "I will be
monitoring you to make sure you don't get into any kind of trouble, but if
you do, yell and I'll come and help you." Everyone nodded and flew off by
themselves. Hermione flew off, going as fast as she could. She felt a burst
of joy, riding on her first broom ride. She was thrilled and loved the
feeling of her robes flapping, and the wind in her face. She knew she
wouldn't be able to fly very well since, she was still in a tight group. So
she pulled her broomstick to the left and flew away from the rest of the
group, who were flying erratically and running into each other. "You doing
OK over there Ms. Granger?" Madam Hooch called. Hermione nodded and kept
flying. Suddenly her broom jerked and spun around in her hands so that the
thin branch stuck up towards her. Hermione didn't notice since she was
holding onto the broomstick loosely. (A trick Madam Hooch had told them to
use because, a tight grip might make the broom unstable.) Then the broom
started to slowly slide back though her hands. This time Hermione did notice.
She pulled on the broomstick trying to make it go back around. But the
broomstick wouldn't budge. Hermione started to get a little scared now. She
tried to yell to get Madam Hooch's attention but no sound came out. Hermione
watched as the twig inched closer and closer.

Hermione gasped as she felt the twig rest on the soft outer cover of her
panties. (She wasn't wearing trousers because when she wore the robe over
them it made her look fat, she told Professor McGonagall who said she
understood and gave her permission.) Then with a final jerk, the twig
punched a hole through her panties and slipped into Hermione's soft
virginal preteen pussy. A small gasp escaped Hermione's lips as she felt
it slide into her. She groaned in pain but also from a sort of forbidden
pleasure. Then Hermione thought, "No, not this way, please, I can't believe
that I'm going to lose my virginity to a broom." Hermione didn't want to
lose her virginity this way, her mother had always told her to save it till
her wedding night to make it feel more worth while. Hermione tried to fight
the broom but the harder she tried to pull it out; the more it would push
in harder and thus go in farther. Then she felt like her pussy was on fire.
She looked down and saw a few drops of blood falling to the ground. Then a
wave of ecstasy washed over her and she relaxed. She would never admit it
but this was starting to feel kind of good. Then the broom started to jerk
back and forth again as if sensing her sexual excitement. Hermione closed
her eyes, fully enjoying the feeling of the twig moving in and out of her
small preteen pussy. Then the broom started to vibrate again. Each vibration
caused wave after wave of ecstasy to flow through Hermione's body. "Uhhhh
uh uh uh uh uh OH MY GOD!" Hermione moaned as the broomstick started to
jerked harder and faster. "OH MY GOD!!!!!!" Hermione screamed as the first
orgasm of her young life hit her.

Cum flowed out of her pussy and all over the broom and flowed down her robe,
soaking it with her sweet virgin pussy juice. Hermione was so distracted with
her first orgasm that she didn't notice that she was flying towards the
ground. She hit the ground. Hard. Harry was the first one down because he had
been flying the closest to her and saw Hermione go out of control.

Harry ran up to Hermione and said, "Hermione are you Ok?"

"Yes, I'm fine." Hermione said as she sat up.

Madam Hooch came running up and asked, "Ms. Granger, are you all right?"

Harry looked at Hermione and then Madam Hooch and said, "She's fine, she just
had a little accident."

"I'll say." Madam Hooch said looking at her wet robe. Luckily Hermione's robe
flew closed when she was falling.

"I...I must have landed in a puddle or something." Hermione said feeling

"That's ok, can we take her over to Hagrid's and clean her up?" Harry said as
Ron came running up.

"Yes, that's fine but, be back soon to go to Madam Pomfrey and have her check
you before supper."

"Ok, come on Hermione." Harry said helping Hermione to her feet.

Harry knocked on Hagrid's door and waited for Hagrid to come to the door.
When Hagrid opened the door and saw Hermione, Harry and Ron standing there,
he started to get afraid. "What's the matter, what happened?" Hagrid asked.

"Nothing, Hermione just had a little accident."

Hagrid sighed and said, "Come on in then." Harry and Ron helped Hermione
inside and sat down at the table. "What happened Hermione?" Hagrid said
noticing her soaked robe.

Hermione reddened with embarrassment. Then she looked at Harry and Ron and
leaned over and whispered to Hagrid, "Can I speak to you alone?"

Hagrid nodded and said, "Harry, Ron could you step outside?" Harry and Ron
both said yes and Hagrid got up and opened the door as Harry and Ron walked
out. Then he sat back down and said, "Now, what's the problem?" Hermione
told him all about the broom and how she had her "accident". Throughout the
story Hagrid was getting more and more aroused. When Hermione finished Hagrid
was as hard as a rock. Hoping Hermione wouldn't notice, he cleared his throat
and said, "Well, don't worry about that, it's normal."

"But it felt so good, Hagrid am I a pervert?" Hermione suddenly asked.

"Oh, no, no, pleasure doesn't make anyone a pervert." Hermione seemed to
accept his answer and sighed.

"Do you mind if I get out of my wet robes?"

Hagrid nodded and said, "Go ahead." Hermione loosened the sash and pulled
down her robe slowly. First she pulled the robe down halfway, showing her
smooth, shoulders and then her small preteen breasts covered only by a
skimpy bra. The she slid the robe over her small perfect hips showing a
thong that barely covered her, (She wore a thong because she hated panty
lines showing through her robe.) and her perfect pubescent bum. Then she
slid her robe off showing her flawless young legs.

Hagrid said he wouldn't look and had turned his back to her when she started
undressing, but the temptation was too much for him and he turned around and
watched as she undressed. When she was finished she turned around and saw
that Hagrid was watching her, then she saw the bulge in Hagrid's trousers.
"Hagrid, what's that?" Hermione said pointing at the bulge in Hagrid's

Hagrid shook his head and was snapped out of his daze. "Oh, that, that's...
uh." Hagrid would have a hard time trying to explain it to Hermione so she
could understand it. So, he just said, "Sorry, I got a little excited." And
started turning scarlet. Then he said, "It's just my thing."

"Your thing?" Hermione said. Then she said, "Can I see it?" Normally Hermione
wouldn't have even asked such a daring question, but something inside her had

"Well,...uh, I guess so." Hagrid unzipped his trousers and as he did his dick
popped out. Hermione looked at it. It had to be at least 14 inches long and
5" wide! Hermione looked mesmerized at the size of Hagrids large dick. She
had never seen anything like it. Hermione took Hagrid's dick in her hand and
as she did Hagrid moaned.

Hermione noticed and said, "Do you like that Hagrid?" Hagrid moaned and
nodded. When Hermione asked what she should do next, Hagrid took her hand and
put something on it called "Alma's magic lubricant" and told her to make a
fist and hold it at the top of his dick. Hermione did and then Hagrid told
her to go up and down.

Hermione did and as she did Hagrid moaned, "Keep going Hermione,
ooooohhhhhhh." Hermione smiled and kept going and then she wondered what it
tasted like. She took her hand off and placed her mouth above the dick and
paused for a second. Dare she go this far? She had never done anything like
this before. What if she hurt Hagrid? Just as she was thinking this she felt
Hagrid begin to push her head down slowly to his swollen dick. Hermione
opened her mouth to accept Hagrid's enormous dick. She felt the head enter
her mouth and go through her throat and slip past her tonsils. Hagrid grunted
and shifted in an effort to get more of his dick into her and slid a few more
inches into her mouth. Hermione had no idea what to do but when Hagrid
started to thrust his hips back and forth she moved her tongue around his
long dick. As she did Hagrid moaned in satisfaction and told her she was
doing fine and to keep going. Then Hagrid began to push her head back and
forth gently and tell her to suck on it. While Hermione sucked, she pushed
her hands down to her pussy, which was sopping wet and stuck a finger in.
"Ohhhhhhh Goodddddddd!" Hagrid suddenly yelled and started to pump his
dick into Hermione's mouth faster and faster as he felt his orgasm coming.

Then he pulled his dick out of her mouth. It came out with a loud POP! Then,
Hagrid picked Hermione up and sat her on his enormous table and then reached
down and pulled off her panties. As her beautiful preteen bum came into view,
he almost came right then but managed to control himself. He couldn't believe
he was going to fuck Hermione, who he thought was too young but he wanted to
fuck her badly ever since he saw her. He walked up to Hermione and got in
between her legs. Hermione couldn't believe that this was happening. When
Hagrid got between her legs she wrapped her legs around him as he drove his
dick deep into Hermione's pussy.

She was surprised the she was able to accept such a large dick since her
hymen had just been destroyed but didn't question it as Hagrid started to
thrust. Hagrid moved slowly at first but knew he couldn't hold out much
longer and picked up his speed and intensity and they were both moaning in
pleasure now. Hermione was almost bouncing on his cock now. "Mmmm, yessss!"
Hermione said, if she had known that sex would be this good, she would've
tried it earlier.

"Ohhhh god, I'm going to cummmmm!" Hagrid exclaimed.

"Ooh yessssss!" Hermione cried out as he pushed his hips up, lifting her off
of the table, trying to shove his cock in as deeply as he could. Every muscle
in his body tensed as it gave way to orgasm. Hermione moaned in pleasure,
"Ooooooohhhhhhh stick it in me Hagrid! Oooooohhhhhh uhhhhhhh!" She rocked her
hips every time he thrust his dick into her and dug her nails into his back
as she felt her own orgasm coming. "Ooooohhhh Hagrid!" Hermione yelled.

"Ohhhhh god Hermione!" Hagrid felt his cum explode going deep into the depths
of her pussy.

"Ahhhh yesss! I feel it filling meeeee!" She cried back as she gave into her
own orgasm. Hagrid felt her pussy tighten around his cock as she pushed down
harder. Her pussy sucking at every drop he had to spare that shot out of him.
At the same time he felt a rush of hot fluids over his dick as Hermione came
on him. "Ahhhh!"

Hermione collapsed on top of the table and Hagrid put his massive arms around
her. They lay there for a moment, not moving, not saying a word. Her bum and
Hagrid's table was soaked with her sweet pussy juice. Then Hagrid let her get
up and clean herself and Hagrid off. She took his dick into her mouth to
clean off the rest of his sperm and her juices, which tasted salty and sweet
at the same time. Then she dressed and walked out. She saw that Harry and Ron
had already gone back to the school. She looked at her watch and saw that
supper was starting in a few minutes and hurried back to the great hall.

When Hermione arrived, supper had already began. Hermione ran over to the
table where Harry and Ron were sitting. "Hey, guys...I'm starving!" Hermione
said as she sat down and spooned some peas onto her plate.

"Hey, Hermione." Ron said with his mouth full of sausbury steak.

"Jeez, must really be hungry." Harry said as he watched
Hermione start to shovel mouthfuls of peas into her mouth.

"I'm exhausted." Hermione said through a mouthful of peas. Harry and Ron
both looked at her strangely. Hermione almost had trouble chewing because her
mouth was still a little sore from fitting Hagrid's dick inside, but she kept

"Exhausted from what exactly?" Harry said curiously. Hermione waved her hand
and kept eating.

"Anyways...back to our conversation...Harry, when is your first quidditch
game?" Ron asked.

"On Saturday...I hope I do Ok...since it is my first time." Harry said
looking nervous.

"I'm sure you'll be fine." Hermione said, she could feel Hagrid's cum running
down her legs. Harry nodded and continued to eat.

* * *

Hermione went back to the common room and Harry and Fred played a game of
wizard's chess as Hermione and Ron watched. Back at the great hall, Malfoy,
Crabbe, and Goyle had just finished eating a rather large supply of cakes,
puddings, and other delectable sweets. Goyle looked as if he was about to
explode as he walked up one stair, paused for a couple of moments and then
climb to another.

"Hurry up Goyle!" Malfoy said as he put his hand on the rail and quickly
withdrew it as he saw something white on the stairs below him. "Well, well,
what do we have here?" He said as he inspected it closely and sniffed it.

"What is it?" Crabbe asked as he bent down close to Malfoy.

"I don't know, but it smells like your rotten breath!" Malfoy pushed Crabbe
back and waved his hand in front of his nose. "How your breath can smell like
that, I'll never know."

"It looks like some icing off a cupcake." Goyle said.

"Is that all you ever think about? Food?" Malfoy replied as he stood back up.

"No..." Goyle said in defense.

"If you think it is cupcake icing, try it." Malfoy said with an evil smile.

"No way, you try it." Goyle argued as he backed away slightly.

"Do it Goyle!" Malfoy said angrily.

"Jeez, I'll try it!" Crabbe said as he dipped his finger in the mystery white
liquid and stuck it in his mouth.

"Well?" Goyle asked in a curious tone.

"It's not cupcake icing...kind of salty." Crabbe replied as he licked the
side of his finger again. "It would be good on shepherd's pie."

"Really?" Malfoy said as he bent forward and tasted a little. A disgusting
look came across his face as he gagged and began to spit. "Blimey, it's cum!"
Strangely, Malfoy knew all to well what cum tasted like, whenever his father
had a party with his friends, they would all line up and make Malfoy suck
each one of them until they came inside of his mouth. It wasn't that Malfoy
didn't like the taste of cum, he just wanted to keep it secret, just like
much of his other life out of school.

"Aghhh, bloody hell!" Crabbe said as he tried to wipe his mouth with his

"Whose is it, I wonder?" Malfoy said as he stopped spitting and gagging, all
an act because he had already swallowed half of it, and stood in thought.

"Who cares? Probably those Weasley's...they're dirty enough." Goyle said
through Crabbe's effort to rid his mouth of slithering sperm from some random

"Maybe...but it kind of smells like my mother's knickers." Malfoy replied.
That was another secret, he fucked his mother after eating her out on twelve
separate occasions when his father was out on business. "What?" Malfoy said
as he saw Crabbe and Goyle staring at him.

"So you think it came from a girl?" Goyle asked.

"Yes, but who?" Malfoy said as he cocked his head and thought again.

"How about Professor McGonagall?"

"McGonagall? Is that who you dream about?" Malfoy said as he looked at Goyle

"No...she's so nasty, I'll bet it was her." Goyle replied as he felt his face
grow hot and looked down at the ground.

"C'mon, let's go back to the common room so I can think this over more...we
don't want anyone hearing our conversations." Malfoy grabbed Crabbe and
pulled him up the stairs.

* * *

That night, Hermione sat in the common room and played a game of wizard's
chess with Ron, after Harry and Fred were done, she beat him miserably. Ron
said he was tired and went to his bedroom, when everyone was gone, leaving
just Hermione sitting in front of the fire, she pulled her wand out and
muttered, "Vibrato." The wand started to hum quietly and then it got louder
and stronger until it was almost falling out of her hands, she stuck it into
her pussy, moving it back in forth with one hand, and clenching the armrest
with her other. "Oh this is so fucking good!" She said quietly. She had just
learned the F-word from Lavender Brown when she overheard a conversation with
friends. She had no idea that saying this simple four-letter word was enough
to arouse her to greater pleasure.

She let out a small moan and shoved it further; all she could hear was the
crackle of the fire and the squishing "SLURP! SQUISH! SQITCH!" sounds the
wand made as it went in and out of her wet pussy. Then she heard something
else that made her stop...someone was breathing heavily...someone around
her. She quickly threw her robe over her wet pussy and pulled her wand out.
She turned and looked around but no one was there. When she turned back
around towards the fire, she screamed.

There, in front of her was Peeves. "Peeves get out of—." Hermione began to

Before she could finish, Peeves flew away crackling, "I saw Granger's muff,
it was covered with only a bit of fluff, Oh, what a sight, I bet it must be
tight..." Hermione scowled, got up and walked back to her room.

* * *

The next day, Hermione was sitting in transfiguration class when she heard
someone saying quietly, "I saw Granger's muff, it was covered with only a bit
of fluff, oh, what a sight, I bet it must-." She turned around and saw Malfoy
singing it to Goyle and Crabbe, who were snickering and pointing in her

"Hermione Granger, please pay attention!" Hermione whirled back around to see
Professor McGonagall, standing with her arms folded in front of her chest and
a stern look on her face. "If I have to tell you again you will be assigned

Hermione nodded to Professor McGonagall and began to furiously turn crimson
as she began to scribble the notes she had missed. Harry and Ron had also
heard Malfoy; Ron leaned over to Harry and whispered, "What's a muff?"

Harry shrugged and replied, "Beats me..."

Ron leaned back to his side and said quietly, "I'll bet George and Fred
know." Ron dipped his quill in ink and said, "Damn, too much ink." And tried
to wipe a large smear with the arm of his robe.

* * *

"A muff is what they call the things in between a girls leg's." George said.
"Don't you know anything?"

"Yeah, and Angelina has got a good one." Fred said licking his lips.

"You've seen her muff?" George said, looking at him.

"Yeah, of course, remember last year?" George shook his head, "When we were
playing Hufflepuff and she ripped her robes and was almost naked?"

George shook his head again and then he looked like he remembered, "Oh, yes,
now I remember...I didn't see anything."

"I was below her when it ripped, it was bloody open for the entire world to
see!" Fred said with a smirk. "I looked up at her before she was covered by
madam Hooch's cloaking spell."

"How was it?" George asked.

"Shaven." Fred said as he walked away.

"What else?" George asked as he ran after him. "C'mon tell me!"

"Wankers." Ron said as he walked away, leaving Harry in the common room.
Harry thought about what George had said, he hadn't understood very much
about it, Ron didn't seem to either.

* * *

"I still don't know who let the mountain troll in last month." Hermione said
as she took her seat among her fellow Gryffindor's. Ron sat next to Hagrid
who locked eyes with Hermione and winked.

"Blimey, I forgot my binoculars!" Hagrid quickly said. "I better go back and
get them."

Hagrid got up and began to walk down the stands, when Hermione quickly said,
"I'll come with you...I have something to ask you." Hermione quickly joined
him and walked away, leaving Ron with a puzzled look on his face.

As soon as Hagrid and Hermione were down the Gryffindor stands and out of
eyesight of everyone else, Hagrid grabbed Hermione and pulled her underneath
and into a small corner between the wooden wall and the stairs. Hermione
immediately pulled up her robe, revealing her pussy, no one seemed to notice
that she hadn't worn any trousers, they all assumed she was wearing a skirt.
Hagrid reached down with his massive hands and ran a finger up and down
Hermione's crack, which was already moist in anticipation. "Ooh, yessss
Hagridddd!" Hermione said as she felt the excitement when Hagrid worked in
one of his fingers. Hermione grunted because just one of Hagrid's fingers
was as thick and long as one of the sausages she had for breakfast that

Hagrid gave her a smile as he eased more of his finger in, now it was all
the way up to his knuckle, he moved his finger all around, feeling her pussy.
"Oh god, fuck!" Hermione said as he began to thrust his finger in and out
quickly, her pussy juices soaked everything around them, including both of
their robes. Hermione wa son her way to a mighty orgasm when she fell to her
knees and pulled down Hagrid's trousers and gripped of his 6 inch dick that
was quickly getting harder and longer. She ran her hands up and down its
entire length and then took it into her mouth as she finished stroking her
pussy. After Hagrid's enormous finger being inside of her, she found that
she could fit at least three of her fingers in her dripping wet pussy.

"Oh yessss Hermiiioooonneeee!" Hagrid groaned as she stretched her jaw to fit
the head inside. She had asked one of the older Gryffindor girls a few nights
ago if they knew a charm that could make her mouth get bigger so she could
fit more of Hagrid the next time. "Extensio massivus." She grunted as she
pointed her wand at her mouth. She felt her throat grow hot and them go loose
and she literally had to use her hands to keep her mouth from hitting the

Hagrid reached his hands down and massaged her small breasts inside her robe,
she unzipped it and gave Hagrids enormous hands full access to her perky
nipples that were already hard. He rubbed his fingers over them and would
squeeze them together gently every once in a while, eliciting pleasurable
groans from Hermione.

Hermione knew that Hagrid's dick was about to blow when she felt it get
larger, Hagrid stopped massaging her breasts and put his hand on Hermione's
head and tried to stop her. Hermione didn't stop though, in fact it only made
he suck faster. She wanted to feel Hagrid's thick cum slide down her throat
and into her hungry stomach. All that could be heard was the sucking sounds
of Hermione's hot wet mouth, Hagrid's groans, and the cheers of Gryffindor.
"What's Harry's broom doing?"

"Mwhuf-uf-uf?" Hermione choked as she looked up at Hagrid. Hermione was
almost about to orgasm when she saw he had a worried look on his face. He was
watching the quidditch match through the slats of wood. Hermione kept sucking
and Hagrid looked back down at Hermione and with a loud growl, Hagrid shot
his thick white load of sticky cum into Hermione's anxious and awaiting
mouth. She quickly licked Hagrid's dick clean of cum and said, "Normalous."
Just as she finished, Hagrid zipped his trousers and thundered up the stands,
almost making them collapse from his enormous weight, with Hermione not far
behind. She put off her orgasm for a later time and followed.

"If I didn't know any better, I'd say Harry had lost control of his broom..."
Hagrid said as he watched his broom pitch and sway.

"Did something happen when Flint blocked him?" Ron asked as soon as he
noticed Hagrid and Hermione were back.

"No, that couldn't have happened...nothing can do that unless it was dark
magic." Hermione replied as she watched Harry fly off of the broom, but still
hanging on by one hand. Everyone gasped as the watched.

"What are you doing?" Ron moaned as he watched Hermione take out her wand.

"Look at Snape." Hermione replied as she watched with a glint of anger in her

"He's bloody jinxing the broom." Ron said, watching Snape mutter beneath his
breath, looking right at Harry.

Suddenly, with a few chosen words, a blue flame shot out from her wand and
onto Snape's robes. At first Snape didn't notice until Professor Quirrell
shouted, "Fire!" Then he noticed and began to flail comically as he tried to
put the fire out.

"He's back on!" Ron shouted as Harry got back up and started speeding towards
the ground. At first Hermione thought he was still being jinxed but as soon
as he hit the ground and coughed up the snitch, she knew he was all right.
That night, she more than made up for stopping her orgasm earlier by cumming
more than three times, this time in the girls bathroom, ensuring that Peeves
wouldn't there to have a free glimpse of her tight preteen pussy.

* * *

Christmas came and Harry was shocked and surprised to find that there were
presents at the foot of his bed. He got a flute from Hagrid, a fifty pence
piece from Uncle Vernon, which he gave to Ron without hesitation, a handmade
sweater from Mrs. Weasley along with some fudge, and some chocolate frogs
from Hermione. He was hoping for some pussy or at least a blowjob from a
fellow Gryffindor girl, but decided that he would have to try to put his
mind off to something else. However another package caught his attention,
when he unwrapped it, something fluid and silvery fell on the floor. Ron
gasped and looked at the strange fabric.

"I've heard of those." He said as he dropped his box of Bertie Botts Every
Flavor Beans onto the floor. "If that is what I think it is...they're really
valuable and rare."

"What is it?" Harry asked as he held it in his hands.

"It's an invisabilitly cloak." As soon as Ron uttered the answer, Harry felt
his dick grow hard, all sorts of thoughts ran through his mind of what he
could do with this. He could barely contain his excitement but held it inside
so that Ron wouldn't know what he was thinking about. "Try it on!"

"I don't feel anything." Harry looked at Ron who had his mouth gaping open.

"Look!" Harry looked down and saw that his entire body was invisible. "A note
fell out!" Harry picked the note up and read it. The part about using it well
made him smile; he knew exactly how to use it.

"I'd give anything for on of these." Ron said with a far away longing look
in his eyes. Harry sighed and took off the cloak, he knew that he would be
loaning it to Ron more than once.

Later on they went down for the Christmas feast and Harry ate as much as he
could. Hagrid seemed to be having a good time as he called for more wine
and began kissing Professor McGonagall on the cheek; Harry didn't notice
Hermione's miffed expression as he ate more. When they went back to the
common room, Ron fell asleep with his curtains on his bed drawn closed, but
Harry suspected he was masturbating from seeing Professor McGonagall's
nipples from when Hagrid accidentally ripped her robe.

Harry waited until everything was quiet and then pulled out the invisibility
cloak from under his bed. He thought about where he should go first, to the
girl's bathroom? To the seventh year girls dormitory? Or maybe to the library
top find out some information about Nicholas Flamel. He groaned quietly and
knew he didn't have the courage to go the girl's dormitory and went to the
library instead.

He went to the restricted section right away and found a book that he thought
would be useful, only when he opened it, did he realize that he had made a
terrible mistake. "Who's in there? Find them, my sweet." It was Filch...and
he must've been talking to Ms. Norris. Harry quickly backed away from the
bookshelf and walked right past Argus Filch, although he got away, he could
swear that Ms. Norris looked right at him. When he looked up, he saw
Professor Snape walking right towards him.

Harry thought quickly and saw a door that was open just a little, it was his
only hope and he ducked inside. As soon as Snape was far enough away, he took
off the cloak and looked around. When he saw the unused desks and chairs he
realized he was in an old classroom. Then he saw the mirror with the
inscription, "Erised stra ehru oyt ube cafru oyt on wohsi."

Harry moved closer to the mirror to see what he looked like without his legs.
When he saw what was in front of him he had to stop himself from gasping
loudly. There he was, fucking Hermione, Professor McGonagall, and Madam
Hooch. His dick buried in Hermione, Professor McGonagall sucking his balls
and Madam Hooch licking her pussy from behind. It truly was a sight that made
him want to cum right there. He pulled out his dick that was already rock
hard, and began to stroke as he watched, suddenly, the reflection shifted and
his own bum (or the one in the mirror) blocked his view. When it withdrew he
saw that he had cum in Hermione's mouth, which she promptly swallowed with a
grin and winked at Harry in front of her as he masturbated. That made him
stroke harder and faster and he ended up blowing his load on the glass of the

"You didn't have to wake me up." Ron said as Harry pulled him by the arm, Ron
yawned loudly and reluctantly went along with him.

"I just wanted you to see something cool." He replied as he found the same
door. "See?" Harry said as he pushed Ron in front of the mystery mirror. "You
see it?"

"I don't see anyone but me...and Percy."

"Well, what is going on?" Harry asked curiously.

"We're..." Ron stopped and laughed.

"What?" Harry demanded.

"We're both fucking George...and Ginny is licking my bum." Ron burst out in a
fit of laughter and Harry knew how funny it must have been to see Ron fucking

"C'mon, we got to go." Harry quickly pulled Ron away and all the way back to
the Gryffindor dormitory with some difficulty.

* * *

The next night, Harry went back again to masturbate; it was like a nightly
ritual for him. He undressed and began to stroke his dick as he watched him
fuck the same three women then before. "So back again?" Harry quickly turned
around and saw Albus Dumbledore standing behind him.

"Oh god!" Harry said as he quickly covered himself.

"Don't worry, I myself like to enchant the old wizard from time to time." He
replied with a smile. Harry couldn't believe what he was hearing, but didn't
really care because of his embarrassment. "So, you, like hundreds of others,
have discovered the pleasures of the Mirror of Erised."

"Yes." Was all that Harry could reply as he wished he knew a good vanishing
spell right about now.

"Do you know what it shows us all?" Dumbledore asked as he walked to the
mirror and smiled.

"I don't know...whoever we want to shag?" Harry replied quietly.

"Well, yes and will show you who, but you must take it upon yourself
to get to that point." Dumbledore smiled again as he looked down and Harry
noticed the large bulge in his robe.

"Sir?" Dumbledore looked at him. "What do you see when you look into the

Dumbledore didn't respond, he only shrugged and turned away. "I'm going to
give it back to it's owner soon, so please do not come looking for it because
it will only drive you insane." Harry nodded but wished he had owned it. He
didn't know however that Dumbledore lied and was putting it in his office for
all the girls that would come see him at one point then he would take
advantage of them as the dirty old man that he was and have his dick sucked
or get fucked.

* * *

Hermione read the note that had just been delivered to her, Harry, Neville,
and Malfoy. "Your detention will take place at eleven o'clock tonight. Meet
Mr. Filch in the entrance hall." Professor McGonagall had signed it at the

"Oh well, at least we got Malfoy in trouble along with us." Ron said as he
set the letter down and started eating again.

"Oh what am I going to do?" Hermione groaned as she read the letter over and
over again in her hands. "This could go on our permanent manuscript."

That night, they all stood and waited for Mr. Filch to come, however, Harry,
Neville, and Malfoy never knew that Hermione had gone to see him an hour
before to try and get a lesser detention. She got it because she let him
stick his greasy dick up her tight bum; he then spoke to Hagrid and got him
to agree to take them to look for a slain unicorn in the forbidden forest.
She simply detested Mr. Filch but she waited until she served her detention
to do anything.

"Follow me." Filch said as he held a lamp in his hands and led them outside.
"I bet you'll think twice about breaking another school rule again...pity
they let the old punishments die out...hang you by your wrists from the
ceiling for a few days." Filch looked back at Hermione and gave her a smile,
showing his ugly broken and yellowed teeth. Hermione recoiled a little but
stood her ground but still shivered when he turned back around. "I always
keep them in my office in case we need them again." It was as if Mr. Filch
had said it loud enough for everyone to hear especially Hermione.

Mr. Filch found Hagrid, who stood waiting with his large crossbow at the
ready. "I'll be back in the morning for them...or what's left of them." He
smiled with his ugly teeth again and shuffled away back towards the castle.

"Right then, we're going to go into the forest to find a unicorn that's been
hurt." Malfoy looked as if he was about to faint at the prospect of work but
didn't say anything. "We'll split inter two different groups so we can follow
the trail and if you hear anything or see anything, use your wand and throw
up sparks." All of them nodded and then they started walking to the boundary
of the forbidden forest.

They split up but after only a few minutes, Neville sent up sparks and
Hagrid had to go, it was a false alarm and he was a bit angry with Malfoy
for scaring him. He then told Harry to go with Malfoy and Hermione and
Neville to go with him. They split up again and started walking. Hagrid
had already made his plan and waited for the right moment for Ronan to
take Hermione, then he would follow and ditch Neville, who would have
little chance of catching any of them. Right on cue, Ronan burst out of
the forest trees, grabbed Hermione, who was screaming her head off and
then Hagrid ran after her. When he finally found Ronan, Neville was no
where to be seen, and he was alone with Hermione. He sent Ronan back to
watch after Neville and one of his friends, Bane to watch out for Harry
and Malfoy.

"What was that Hagrid?" Hermione asked as she trembled in fear.

"Oh, that was just a's Ronan." Hagrid replied as he began to
unbuckle his large dragon skin belt. "Don't worry, he's gone now." He knew
that she loved to be alone whenever she could with Hagrid, once of twice
she borrowed, though he had his suspicion's that she had stolen it, the
invisibility cloak from Harry and would spend all night with him, fucking
him until he was spent, and she was dripping with his cum.

Hagrid reached down and pulled Hermione up quickly and set her in a tree
branch with two under her legs, and two that she could put her arms over to
hold herself up. Hermione waited until Hagrid pulled off her thong and spread
her legs and traced the outline of her pussy with his fingers. He spread her
pussy with his fingers; it was already moist with expectancy. He tasted her
lips with the tip of his tongue and was astonished at her sweetness as he ran
his tongue around the outside of her pussy. He had never tasted pussy before
this and he didn't know it would be so good. He held her by her legs and
licked the area between her bum hole and bottom of her pussy. He smiled as he
felt a shudder run through her body, and licked again and again. "Oh god...
yessssss!" She said, and then he pulled back. "Why did you-." Hagrid stopped
her as he thrust his tongue into her hot opening.

She arched her back, rose off the branch and moaned deeper as he moved his
tongue in and out. "!" She said as he flicked it over her. The
pussy juice from inside her pussy was sweeter and more pungent than before.
His dick was now pulsing with wanted attention and relief, but nothing would
dissuade him from making Hermione cum. He moved his tongue higher and she
gasped as it touched her clit, she panted deep and held his shaggy-haired
head in place with her legs. "Oh, lick it hardddd Hagrrrriiiiddddd!" She said

Hagrid looked up and saw she had her breasts pressed together with the side
of her arms that were straining to hold her up, her nipples we hard and
pointing straight up to the starry night. Seeing that made him want to see
her cum so badly that it was like it was his sole mission in life. Hagrid
pointed his tongue and pressed her sensitive clit as hard as he could. "I'm
gonna cummmmm!" She moaned loudly.

Hermione's fluid ran out as she pressed her bum down on his face and then
back up quickly. Her whole body trembled at every caress of Hagrid's tongue,
she brought her fingers to her mouth as she tried to muffle her moans, and
she closed her eyes in ecstasy. The fluid ran everywhere, down his face, in
his mouth and beard, and onto the ground. "Yessssss..." Hermione said as her
body calmed down. He gently lifted her off of the tree and set he back onto
the ground, ready to catch her in case she was still weak but she stood on
her own power, but wavered slightly. "Oh...thank you...Hagrid." Hermione
panted with a large smile spreading across her face.

"AAAAAAARGH!" Hermione knew that voice; it was Malfoy's. Hagrid quickly took
Hermione back to the castle grounds where Neville was sitting looking scared
and then went back to find Malfoy and Harry. He found Malfoy, but Harry was
gone. He began to get scared and went back to the castle to find Dumbledore
for help, but Filch told him that he was already back. Hagrid went back to
his house with a sigh of relief.

* * *

"I'm touched that you want to see your friend Ms. Granger, but he needs his
rest after dealing with You-Know-Who." Madam Pomfrey replied as she shut the
door and told her she could see him in the morning. Exasperated, Hermione
went back to the Gryffindor common room and sat in an annoyed huff. She
wanted to make sure he was all right and she hated to worry...then an idea
ran through her head. She got Seamus to get Ron from inside the boy's
dormitory and asked him for Harry's invisibility cloak, when he didn't agree,
she showed him a peek of her perky nipples and convinced him right there, a
few minutes later, Ron came scurrying down holding it in his hands.

"Thank you, Ron." Hermione said as she threw it on and hurried to the school
infirmary. When she went in, she saw Harry lying in bed with a tattered robe
on, which must've been from his encounter with You-Know-Who. She looked at
him and walked over to the bed, he looked completely oblivious that was going
on around him, the swirling pink mist that was healing him, and especially
the presence of Hermione. "Oh Harry, I'm so sorry." She said as she bent down
close to him and touched his arm. "If only I had known that You-Know-Who had
been there...I would've-."

Hermione stopped as soon as she heard a sound, but when she turned around she
didn't see anything. She went back to Harry and saw that her touch had made
him develop a large tent under the clean white sheets. "Well, well, well,
looks like I'll have to apologize to you after all, even if you aren't
awake." Hermione thought in her mind and grabbed the sheet and pulled it
down, glancing every once in a while to make sure she was still alone. When
she saw Harry's dick, she almost groaned out loud, but controlled herself, it
was only 5 inches but rock hard. She held it with one hand as she stroked her
pussy with the other.

Harry stirred a little and muttered a couple of words that Hermione couldn't
make out, but she thought it must've been good, after all, if she could make
Hagrid cum then Harry should be no problem. She settled her mouth over his
dick and breathed a couple of breaths of hot air, then licked the up and
down, flicked her tongue across the top and took it into her mouth. "Oh
yesss." She groaned quietly since Harry's dick was stuffed inside her mouth.
All that could be heard in the room was Hermione slurping and sucking sounds
as she deep throated Harry's dick like an expert. "Uh! Uh! Uh! Uh! Uh!" She
groaned as soon as she felt her orgasm coming from her own ministrations of
playing with her pussy. "UHHHHHHH!" She moaned quite loudly, louder then she
wanted but her orgasm seemed to over power all of her other senses. With one
final stroke, she squirted warm cum all over her fingers and hand. As she
calmed down from her orgasm, she sat with Harry's dick still in her mouth,
not moving because she didn't want to bite him if she did orgasm again. A few
minutes later, she pulled her lips from his dick, pulled down her trousers
and panties and settled down onto Harry's dick.

She could feel it protrude from inside of her, making her belly bulge a
little, not as much as Hagrid's but having a dick her size made her feel just
the same. She sat for a moment feeling his hardness inside of her; he was
still hard as a rock and so hot. "Oooh, yessss...thatsssss ittttt." She said
as she started to hump on top of him. She rocked her hips back and forth,
moving it in circular motions as she drove it in and out of her. She really
wished that Harry was awake to thrust with her, but on the other hand, she
had complete control over him, and was able to do stuff she couldn't do with
him awake. Her pussy was still stretched from Hagrid, and she did something
she had always thought about, she turned all the way around on top of him
without getting off of him.

She kept circling and found a position that made his dick poke at her most
vulnerable place, "OHHHH YESSSS, GODDDD YESSSSS!" She shouted as she came
on him and pushed down hard as her pussy gushed, then she felt Harry's dick
get bigger and blow inside of her, filling her with his special Harry Potter
sperm, "Ohhhhhhhhhhh!" She screamed as she pulled the invisibility cloak off
and humped him a couple of more strokes and fell onto the bed next to him.
"Oh yes, that was good...I suppose I am forgiven th-."

"Ms. Granger!" Hermione sat up and quickly tried to hide her face as soon as
she realized Madam Hooch had caught her. "Get off of there this instant!"
Hermione didn't move because she was so embarrassed. Madam Hooch walked over
to the bed and pulled her off roughly by her arm and led her down the hall,
out of the school infirmary, and into her office.

"I wasn't doing anything..." Hermione sobbed, she didn't know what was going
to happen, she would be thrown out of school and disgrace her parents when
they found out that she had been giving sexual favors to almost everyone at
school. "I'm so sorry!" She cried and buried her face inside her hands, she
wished she knew a good disappearing spell, but she wouldn't learn that until
she was older and even that was tricky to learn.

"Oh Ms. Granger...I know it must be hard not to have Harry's dick." There was
a large loud clatter of equipment being moved around and then a metal door
being closed, then footsteps coming towards her.

Hermione didn't look up and suddenly stopped crying and said, "What?"

"I said, it must be hard not having Harry's friendship." Madam Hooch answered
as she sat down in front of Hermione. "Though I must confess that I have a
secret...I was the one who cursed your broom so that it would no longer make
you a virgin."

Hermione looked up and could barely believe what Madam Hooch had just said.
If she had heard this at the beginning, she would've been quite mad but after
the pleasure she had felt over the past definitely didn't make her
mad. "Don't are the seventeenth girl I have done this was
your turn...Gryffindor...I put some special potion on it to make it so that
you would be able to take the first real one that came along, I do not need
to know who it was but I wager that it wasn't a small one." She gave Hermione
a devilish smile and continued speaking. "Now, will I go to Dumbledore? No,
I won't...if you grant me a small favor." Madam Hooch stood up from her chair
and grinned.

Hermione looked at her and then down at the rubber dick that stuck out from
the middle of her robe. Hermione could feel her mouth start to get wet with
saliva and her pussy tingled at the mere thought of it being inside of her.
Madam Hooch walked up to her and threw open her robe, revealing her breasts,
they were large and with only a little bit of a sag. Hermione always knew
that there was something about Madam Hooch that she couldn't figure out
despite of her sharp intelligence, now she knew that Madam Hooch was a

"Oooohhhh yesss, that's it Ms. Grangeeeerrrrrr." Hermione hadn't said a word
as she stood up and started to rub her hands over Madam Hooch's breasts.
Hermione had never been with a girl before but she knew what would get them
wetter then a river flowing, she moved her hands down her stomach. She rubbed
the rubber dick a couple of times and then dipped a finger inside of Madam
Hooch's warm already moistening pussy. Hermione was shocked to find that
there was only a little hair on it, and yet it had no razor burns or stubble
left as if it had been zapped away cleanly as hers was. Madam Hooch groaned
and said, "More...give it to me...I can handle it." Hermione listened and
gladly complied as she put two more of her fingers inside.

"Wait, what if someone hears us?" Hermione asked gently between the sucks and
slurps of Madam Hooch's glistening pussy.

"D-d-don't w-worry...I p-p-put a de –deaf...charm all aro...around the
rooooommm." Madam Hooch replied.

Hermione was surprised at the tightness of her, almost as if she didn't have
sex as much as she liked, despite being a full thirty-six years of age.
Hermione wanted to see how it looked around her fingers as she shoved it in
and out, she bent her head down and almost poked her eye out with the hard
rubber dick in front. Hermione didn't think as she sunk her mouth down on it
and began to go up and down while Madam Hooch bucked and squirmed on her
probing fingers. It wasn't as good as a real one but the smell of Madam
Hooch's pussy made her go crazy. Hermione sucked on it as hard as she could
and even gave it a little nibble here and there, something that she couldn't
do to a real dick, but she wanted to feel it slide all the way down her
throat. Madam Hooch suddenly reached down and pulled it out and Hermione was
left sucking in air, searching for her delicious rubber dick like a kitten
searching for nourishing milk.

Madam Hooch grabbed her by her shoulders and steered her over to her desk,
which was evidently cleaned in a hurry because her wand was lying on the
ground next to it, as if it had been thrown down or accidentally pushed off.
Madam Hooch lay down first on the cold wooden desktop and then Hermione knew
what she wanted and climbed up on top so that she could eat her out. "Oooh
yes Maddddaaaammmmm Hoooooccch!" Hermione cried out as soon as she felt her
fingers probing her pussy through her robe and then was joined by her tongue,
running up and down and flicking her clit side to side. Hermione smiled and
knew that Madam Hooch was sucking Harry's cum out of her. She tried to do the
same but was blocked by the rubber dick once again in front of her but she
stuck her fingers back in and felt Madam Hooch bucking lightly underneath her
with every plunge of her nimble fingers.

"Oh my god!" Madam Hooch said loudly and bucked hard, so hard that Hermione's
light body was almost thrown off, but she held onto her legs and kept going
as Madam Hooch spurted her cum every where. "Oooooh yessssss! Faster Ms.
Grangeeeerrr! Ohhhhh!" Hermione was amazed at how much came out and could see
it all over the desk and floor below her, it ran off the side of the desk
like rain drops off of a window.

Madam Hooch wasted no time in sitting up and rubbing the rubber dick that was
attached to her against Hermione's wet pussy. She had not cum yet and was
holding back painfully and certain that she was about to receive the large
dick that was in front of her. "Oooh yes! Stick it in me! Do me hardddd!"
Hermione shuddered as Madam Hooch bucked her hips forward, driving the rubber
dick inside of her, but Hermione could barely feel it as it pounded away.

Madam Hooch noticed and fished around with one of her free hands on the floor
below and found her wand and gasped a rather low, "Closmitus." As soon as she
said it, Hermione could feel her pussy getting tighter and tighter, and when
the spell was finished it was as if the rubber dick was as big as Hagrid's.
Hermione gasped in surprise and pleasure as she felt her original tightness
return to her pussy, it was almost as tight as the day she had lost her
virginity, but without the pain of losing her hymen.

"Oh yess, its so biggggg!" Hermione's entire body clenched and she felt her
juices flow out as she came faster then she had ever came before. "Oh god
yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Ohhhhhhh!" Hermione fell down onto Madam Hooch and was
cushioned by Madam Hooch's large breasts, she was almost too tired to suck
on them but she managed a couple of sucks and licks on her sensitive nipples
as Madam Hooch pulled the strap on rubber dick from her tight soaking wet
pussy. Hermione let out a gasp as she felt it pop out with a satisfying
SQUISH! Sound.

Hermione rested for a while, not moving on top of Madam Hooch and fell asleep
on her delicious and large cushioning breasts. When she awoke again, she
found that she was back in the Gryffindor common room. Her trousers, panties,
and robe were dry as a bone and smelled as if it had just been washed. She
smiled and waddled off to her dormitory, limping a little from the bulge of
the rubber dick that stretched her again, it still felt fresh in her memory
as she fell asleep in her own four poster bed.

* * *

"Another year gone!" Dumbledore said as he stood at the head table with a
cheerful smile. Hermione also smiled, it had been a great first year, and she
had lost her virginity, learned a lot about friends and how the school really
worked. After Gryffindor had won the house cup, Harry, Ron and Hermione
watched Professor Snape shake Professor McGonagalls hand with a sour and
defeated smile on his face.

They had all passed their exams which was a great relief, especially to Harry
and Ron, strangely enough though, Hermione got almost perfect grades in
flying lessons. She knew she wanted better grades next year in preparation
for O.W.L.S. exams when they came up and made a pact with herself to "work"
extra hard.

While the Hogwart's Express was riding back to King's Cross Station, Hermione
didn't feel shy as she changed from her wizarding robes and back into her
muggle clothes, but she felt she would miss the freedom of having nothing on
underneath when she walked around. She could hear Harry and Ron talking
quietly as she changed, making sure to give them a peek of her hairless pussy
and perky breasts before she put on her clothes. Harry and Ron both said they
had to go to the bathroom and didn't come back for a good while, Harry seemed
to be exhausted and Ron had a red face when he came back in. She knew that
they had been jacking off with the thought of her and couldn't help smile as
she stepped off the train and spoke to each other.

"You must come and stay with us...both of you...I'll send you an owl." Ron
said as he looked specifically at Hermione. She smiled and made Ron blushed,
but Harry hadn't noticed.

"Thanks...I'll need something to look forward to." Harry said as he saw
Ginny's red hair dodging through the crowd.

"Look Mom! There he is!" Ginny cried as she ran up to them, Harry looked at
her small petite body and thought he would love to fuck that sometime.

"Busy this year?" Mrs. Weasley said with a smile.

"Very." All three of them said in unison, of course, Hermione was the most
busy out of all of them.

"Ready are you?" Uncle Vernon stood off to the left with a purplish face.
Hermione looked at him and shuddered because he reminded her of Mr. Filch and
when she let him stick his greasy dick up her bum. Harry watched as Uncle
Vernon walked back to the car and waited, but Harry wanted to have one last
word with Ron and Hermione.

"See you over the summer, then." Harry said with a small smile.

"Hope you have-er-a good holiday." Hermione said as she stared at Uncle

"See you later." Ron said as he walked away and back to his family.

"Well, see you later...Spermione." Harry turned and walked away, leaving
Hermione with a shocked look on her face. She had thought he was asleep
when she "apologized," but it seems he was awake...just barely, but he was
surprised that it took her that long to fuck him. Hermione recovered from
her shock and smiled as he walked away, she had gained a new nickname and
a good one at that. She could barely wait until next year to start as she
saw her parents and went to meet them.


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