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Description: Millicent's attempt to offend Luna leads to new love for both of them

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Harry Potter: Millicent Moons Luna
by JD ([email protected])

The wide expanse of Millicent Bulstrode's pale buttocks in the moon's light had much in common with that satellite. With her skirt flipped up, she slapped at one meaty cheek while she wiggled it offensively towards Luna. It was near impossible to spend time in Scotland, even within wizardly enclaves, and not encounter some of the local traditions. She'd thought the idea of mooning the petite Ravenclaw girl even funnier than the usual taunts she reserved for friends of Potter, and so turned quickly when she encountered Luna along a corridor one night.

"This is what I think of you, Lovegood! Kiss my arse!"

Millicent looked back over her shoulder and laughed until Luna did something completely unexpected. After a moment's thought she leant forward and gave the tough Slytherin girl a kiss on the right cheek. She made firm contact, lingering a moment, before standing straight again. Looking not remotely offended, she ran her tongue delicately between her lips and dreamily returned Millicent's gaze. The complete silence in the corridor was quickly broken by a quiet snort of laughter from a shadowed portrait.

The angered Millicent tugged her skirt down so hard that she nearly pulled it off. She turned fully upon Luna and pushed her roughly against the cold wall directly in the moonlight streaming through the nearest window. While Millicent's black hair and glowering face seemed a part of the shadowed stretches of the corridor, Luna's blonde hair and pale skin appeared almost ethereal in the bright white light. She grunted softly, just once, when Millicent pushed her against the stone, but made no other noise.

"What did you do that for?" Millicent's strong chin jutted fearsomely as she questioned Luna.

"Don't be a silly Milly! You asked me to kiss you and I've been thinking about kissing you, so I did. It's patently obvious you've been hoping for some girl to kiss you. Why else would you like wrestling us down so much?"

As she spoke, Luna raised her index finger and ran it up the line of Millicent's jaw to her ear; softly, tenderly. She noticed Millicent's legs tremble involuntarily just before the bullying girl grabbed her wrist and pulled the fingers away.

"That's not true! I'm strong and you're weak, is all. Why waste magic on a little snot like you?"

Millicent's heart beat fearsomely within her chest. After several years in Hogwarts she'd become convinced nobody suspected her true inclinations. Her parents wouldn't approve. She'd always agree with Pansy and the others when they talked about which boys were the most handsome (Slytherin's of course). She'd never risked flirting with any of the girls, or being honest, even to her closest friend. Then, with one decision to moon Luna in the moonlight, she found the truth was more than suspected... by one girl at least.

So deep in thought was Millicent that she reacted to Luna's movement too slow to stop the petite Ravenclaw girl stretch up onto always bare toes, and kiss her. Luna's hands slipped to Millicent's fine hips as she probed quite forcefully with her tongue. She felt Millicent's strong hands grip her arms again, and trembled herself. It was deeply exciting to Luna for her light feminine body to be held so firmly by the physically stronger and heavier girl. She was delighted when Millicent pulled her closer, and returned the kiss with pent up passion.

The silence was again broken by breathy, excited gasps after minutes of experimental kissing. Millicent moved her hands from Luna's arms to her hips, and then around the back, feeling the contours of her dreamy minded seducer's body. Luna wasted no time also in enjoying the stocky curves of the Slytherin girl. She was certainly big boned, but young and firm, and Luna caressed her buttocks with particular pleasure.

Luna tossed her hair back before nuzzling at Millicent's neck. The soft sweaty tang of the girl's skin along with the urgent mutual groping had made her very excited. She hoped Millicent would be willing to go further only minutes into their first intimacy. The corridor wasn't the best place, but at least the portraits were quiet. She gently moved Millicent's left hand up to her chest. Luna's small breasts were shapely enough beneath her blouse. As Millicent eagerly fondled with one hand, Luna carefully pressed the other down the waist band of her skirt. As soon as she realised Luna's intent, Millicent's fingers surged downwards to Luna's gooey sex.

"Oh, yes!" they both murmured almost at once, before sharing a breathless laugh.

Luna kissed Millicent again, moaning all the time as thick fingers delved up easily inside her. Luna pressed one of her small hands to Millicent's large breasts, and lifted the bigger girl's skirt with the other. Millicent held her breath as Luna's fingers brushed the damp crotch of her panties, and then hooked the fabric aside. She felt the slim fingers in her thick bush, and then exquisite rubbing.

Neither girl cared about the risk of others coming along the corridor and interrupting their feverish manipulations. They only knew that they wanted to pleasure and be pleasured then, and for long weeks to come. Luna had worked three fingers into Millicent, and thrust skilfully while the bigger girl reacted with increasingly loud groans. Luna was glad her weight was supported by the wall and her new lover, for she felt as if she was about to collapse under Millicent's eager manipulations.

They remained luckily undisturbed, though Millicent's sudden great cry of release must have reached the ears of more than just the portraits. She literally drenched Luna's hand and squeezed the fingers deeper inside herself. Knowing she'd brought Millicent off was enough, along with the hefty girl's shaking fingers, for Luna to stiffen in total pleasure, but her thin cry barely travelled at all.

The girls collapsed entwined together, half in shadow and half in the moon's reflected light.


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