Warning: This story contains content that should not be read by people underneath the age of 21. It is 100% fiction and has no bearing on reality whatsoever. Real life rape is WRONG. The author does not condone illegal and immoral actions described. Please read the story codes and stop reading if you don't like the content. Nobody dies in this one, but it is still a nasty rape fantasy. I don't own The Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter nor any of the characters from them. I do not make any money from the writing of this story. If very close adherence to canon is necessary for your enjoyment of PWP rapefic in the LOTR or HP universes, you won't like this. This was written for the prompts Jam, Jello, Jingle.

Description: Ginny Weasley is transported to Middle-Earth, where her magical skills would make her an ideal Tenth Walker, if she hadn't appeared in an Orc camp instead of with the Fellowship.
Content Codes: M+f, f-gang, pwp, rape, bukkake, cream pie, viol

Harry Potter/Lord of the Rings: Ginny Weasley And The Hospitality Of The Orcs
by JD ([email protected])

The strange book, 'Visiting Middle-Earth' caught Ginny's eye and she pulled it from the library shelf. A needle, half-hidden, pricked her finger.


The tome slipped from her grasp. It dropped with a flutter of pages that showed her many beautifully illustrated locations, and then fell open instead displaying a scene of ugliness; an Orc camp. A distant jingle of bells sounded, and then suddenly Ginny was in Hogwarts no longer, but surrounded by Orcs, a day's march from the Misty Mountains.

The Orc war-band had ridden out in search of easy prey, but found villages evacuated, humans fled or already dead. They'd made camp, muttering and disappointed, when the human appeared musically amongst them, skin pale, hair a dangerous red. The chief recognised her wand for a magic weapon as she drew it. He wrenched it from her hand with his long reach and tossed it into the fire. The others cheered; their leader had clearly prevented a magical attack!

Ginny regretted drawing the wand; violence wasn't her way, and her wrist had been broken by the chief. He was the only one of the creatures taller than her. She clutched her arm to her belly, and sought a peaceful solution,

"I didn't come here by choice. We-"

Ginny's bloodied teeth flew from her mouth as the chief smacked her to the ground. The sharpness of her cry was music to his ears; his filthy, warty Orc cock hardened immediately. He unstrapped his armour as she lay dazed before him, her legs apart and her panties visible beneath her rucked up robes. He didn't bother to strip the human girl. He scratched her thighs as he yanked the thin fabric of her underwear to one side, and then pushed his stinking cockhead into her neat red bush.

"No!" Ginny managed through broken teeth, "Please, not rape!"

She felt two of the long armed creatures pulling her kicking legs wide, as more grabbed her hands and wrapped them around their cocks, made her stroke. The grinding of her bones in her wrist made Ginny howl, a cry that took on a higher pitch as the Chief brutally penetrated her dry, tight, channel. No girl's first time should be with a vile, smelly, Orc. Harry had been waiting for her to finish Hogwarts before they made love.

The girl's tear-streaked face was too much for one of the younger Orcs. He stepped up and spurted thick globs of sperm across Ginny's pain contorted eyes. It stung horribly, but Ginny, blinded, was concentrating more on the burning/stretching pain inside her dry pussy. The chief's warts seemed to tear up her sensitive inner tissue as he fOrced his way in deep enough to batter her cervix. She nearly passed out from the pain.

"Please, no! Stop! Make him stop!"

The Chief laughed. He didn't know her words, but the meaning was clear. The girl was so dry it hurt him to thrust into her, but he would show no pain. He supported his sallow-skinned body on one calloused hand, and used the other to shred Ginny's robes. Her pale breasts, smooth, firm, were revealed. He ducked his head down, bit around a nipple with his fanged mouth, drew blood. His victim's high pitched cries were delicious, forced faster from her as he sped up, brutalising her body with unforgiving rape.

Ginny drew a deep, ragged, breath, screamed for help. 18 years old, clothes torn, legs kicking wildly around a bony Orc ass. It had to be a dream, some terrible, evil, Dark Arts induced nightmare. So much pain for a teenage girl; so humiliating, to be beaten so quickly, fOrced down. She couldn't concentrate enough for any wandless magic. Further stinking streams painted her face. She choked, gagged, swallowed unwillingly the sloppy Orc mess. Then the rapist pulled out, flipped her face down into the dirt. The air, so cold, stung her bloody, gaping pussy. A clawed finger pushed between her buttocks, panties still clinging beside her crotch.

The chief accepted a jar of oil, slathered it around his cock, the human's asshole. His cock was fat, bloated and warty. Her puckered ring was so very tight around his finger. The act would thoroughly degrade the wand waver. He would show his band how totally the human had been defeated by his strength, his cunning, his cock. Oil slick, he pushed his crown between her pert buttocks. Oh, but how she screamed. He had to grip her thighs for leverage, to jam it all the way inside. His Orcs shot loads into her red hair, across the torn robes clinging to her back.

Ginny finally blinked enough to see clearly, she succeeded only in getting a brief warning before a cock was pushed between her lips. She bit down, hard, and a howl of pain was followed with a blow to the head that shattered her jaw and dislodged more teeth. The wounded cock was pushed back in, and Ginny's squeals were silenced, replaced with Orc grunts, squelchy rape thrusts.

The chief came. Balls nestled against the human's ass, he unloaded into her bowels. His cry of triumph echoed from the foothills. He unloaded four or five times the volume of a human inside the witch, and pulled out. His seed flooded back out, staining the mud. He stood back to allow another to take pleasure. There would be no mercy.

In Hogwarts, the book jingled again. Less than a minute had passed on Earth. With a gooey impact, Ginny returned. Her stripped body shook like jello, pain masked by shock. A small crowd of witches from her year had gathered as she disappeared. Luna padded barefoot towards her friend despite the stench. Shocked gasps turned to pleading and screams as the Orcs appeared in Ginny's wake, dragging wands from hands, robes from bodies.

The last thing Ginny saw before passing out was Luna Lovegood's pale body crushed between two even shorter, skinny Orc rapists, their blood-slick shafts jammed into her pain-wracked body.

The End

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