Harry Potter, Hermione Granger and all other elements belong to JK Rowling.
I wrote all the other naughty bits.

Rated NC-17 (I guess). Underage sexuality ahead. Don't read if you're
underage in your particular place. Ironic isn't it?

Time: Shortly before Chamber of Secrets

Harry Potter: Hermione's Transformation (f-mast)

Hermione was in the shower. She enjoyed the early morning because it gave her
time to plan her day. She was letting the water run over her, thinking about
all she would need to do today. There was the requisit trip to Daigon Alley
to pick up new books and then she would probably spend the day in her room
reading. After all, nothing worth learning was ever found outside a book. Or
maybe it was.

She took a moment to look down. Her breasts had still not developed like she
wanted yet. Still little bumps, the nips took up most of the area. She didn't
really care whether she ever got hair on her fannie, the other girls at
school seemed to not notice it. Yet she still looked 11! Ok, she was eleven
but would be twelve in another month and damnit(!) she bloody wanted boobs!

On more than one occasion Hermione had thought of using magic to make herself
grow, but she was told not to use magic in the muggle world and was sure her
parents would notice though probably not mention it. Her father had enough
trouble looking at her in her swimsuit, lord only knows what that was all

As she was washing she started to let her mind wonder. She missed Hogwart's
most in late summer. "So close and yet..." syndrome she called it. She missed
her two best friends, Harry and Ron. Both were sweet and cute but today she
was missing Oliver Wood most of all. He was a boy she really wanted to know
better. She stopped washing her underarm long enough to pause and think,
"Wow, my first crush. Guess I am growing up, if slowly." looking down at her
chest again and sighing.

A few minutes went by with her thinking about Oliver's eyes and his arms, how
well he played Quidditch... Suddenly she felt something in her stomach and
found her hand on her fannie. It felt very warm, but that was from the water
right? She had read about this in several books at the library but surely she
was too young? A bit frightened and yet curious she started to felt
nice...and then a small moan escaped her lips, startling her and bringing her
out of "the moment".

She got out of the shower, dried off, and wrapped the towel around her,
trying not to think about her feelings or "Oh god!" it hit her, "What if my
parents heard?" Mortified she went to her room to calm down.

It was then her father knocked on the door. Thinking he had heard her say
"Come in." he opened the door and was greeted to the site of his daughter
sitting on the bed with wet hair in a towel. A quick flash of excitement ran
thru him, then he noticed the horrified look on her face. "What's wrong
Hermione?" he asked, trying desperately to regain his composure.

"Nothing Dad. Just startled." The young girl replied.

"Very well. Your mother and I won't be able to take you to Daigon Alley
today, your aunt has taken ill and we are going to go check on her. You'll
be ok by yourself?" The elder Granger was trying very hard to ignore his
daughter's wet hair, framing her face. He felt he had to get these feelings
under control! After all, not only was she only 11 but she was his daughter
for god's sake!

Hermione, for her part, had all this time been wondering why her father was
looking at everything in her room but her. Then it occured to her that she
was only wearing a towel and he must have been uncomfortable. "I'll be fine.
Wish Auntie a speedy recovery."

Hermione's Dad retracted slowly backwards out the door, then stopped and took
a quick step back into his daughter's bedroom. "Are you sure you won't need


"Ok, then..." Her father stated in a wondering kind of way. As he turned to
leave he picked up her wand which was laying on her dresser by her door. He
seemed to examine it for a moment, smiled, and then left.

Hermione figured her father's curiosity was peaked because he was such a
muggle. She often wondered what it was that gave her magical ability and her
parents none. Obviously not genetics, but then what? Possibly a mutation, a
next step in human evolution...

Hermione heard her parents car leave and a wicked smile came over her.

Hermione got up, still in her towel, and hair still wet and went into her
parents room. She had heard other girls talking about their parents having
pornography, and she wanted to see if her parents did. She tiptoed in, being
extra quiet, then realized how silly that was, because her parents wouldn't
be back for hours.

She went to the closet first. That is where she would have kept something she
wanted kept secret. But alas there was not a thing beyond her parents shoes
and suits and dresses. She then went to the dresser. Its was big, about six
feet across, and was made out of stained oak. She examined all of the drawers
and found a long, but fat rubber feeling thing. It looked like a man's penis,
which she recognized from bio books from school. She put it back, not knowing
exactly what it was for.

Then Hermione went and looked in the nightstands, and found some magazines
(which she quickly thumbed thru) and tapes, all with mysterious labeling...
some said "Home Movie" with a number, and one said "Solo Coeds"....she
thought "Hey, I'm alone, so "SoloCoeds" it is...and left for the tv room. She
popped some mindless kiddie tape out of the VCR and inserted the tape from
her parents room.

It started off with lots of adverts for phone sex. She was not quite sure
what to make of them, she easily figured out that anyone who called would
certainly not be speaking to the woman on the screen. She laughed aloud and
fast forwarded.

Next was the credits, with ridiculous names like T.T. Boy and Courtknee...She
did find it interesting that one guy shared two of her friend's names. Ron
and Jeremy....

Then one woman came on screen, and she was dressed in a schoolgirl uniform,
plaid skirt, white shirt tied Britney Spears, and a guy walked
into the room. Some talking took place, when they started kissing...slowly
clothes were removed, and his penis made its first appearance (it wouldn't
be the last on the tape). It was soft at first but then the girl on the tape
took it in her mouth and what ever she was doing, it became very erect. It
was pretty big and Hermione started feeling the warmth in her belly again.
Since all she had on was the towel, and noone would be home for awhile, she
took it off.

She slid her hand down and rubbed her fannie some more...she was surprised
when the man on the tape called it a "pussy" instead and she thought this
somewhat appropriate since she started to pur as she played with hers. The
man started licking the girl on the nips, and so Hermione wondered what that
was like and decided to do the one thing she could that would be closest.
She put her fingers in her mouth and got them good and wet. Then she rubbed
them on her now erect nips.

She saw the man then take his finger and rub the woman's button on her
"pussy", so Hermione dug a little and found hers...she then rubbed it a
second and an automatic spark ran thru her body. She started rubbing it
more, and felt better and better...her body started to tighten and she was
not sure how long it took but finally she felt something go thru her that
felt better than anything ever had...

She watched some more of the tape, laying on the floor, on the towel. She
noticed juices flowing from her privates, but was too enthralled to care.
After watching for awhile she thought she understood that the women liked
having the penis in them, so she went back to her parents room to get the
fake one.

She examined it carefully, and could hear the tape continuing in the other
room. The fake penis was awfully big. She looked down at her "pussy" as she
was thinking of it now. She wanted the penis in her, but wasn't sure it would
fit. Her own finger was fairly tight in her. Then she heard something she
hadn't heard on the tape in the living room before.

Running in to the living room, with the fake penis in her hand she saw the
source of the noise. It was a slight buzzing noise and a different woman was
holding something very similar to the fake penis to her pussy. She appeared
to be rubbing it on her button. She wondered what it was that the penis-like
device was doing to the woman, which made her feel so good. It was obvious
from the woman's face that it was extremely pleasurable.

Having no clue from the tape, she returned to the bedroom to see if the
magazines held anything that would shed light on this mystery.

She started flipping thru the magazines again being much slower and
deliberate. It didn't take her long to find what she had been looking for.
An ad for what it called "Toys" and "Vibrators" and "Pocket Pussys" which
made her laugh. So the thing on the woman's quim must be a "Vibrator" it

But the one Hermione held in her hand (half held I should say, the
circumfrence wouldn't allow her to grab it all the way around) did not
vibrate. She had a thought....but no, using magic here is wrong. Also
Dumbledore would surely pick it up. Then she remembered the book she had....

See, Hermione always wondered about the power that resides at Hogwarts, what
if Dumbledore or Professor McGonagall went a little heywire? Someone would
have to step up, and though she knew Harry was more powerful and Ron was
gutsier, she knew she was more resourceful and book smart. So she had
aquired, quietly, a book of powerful spells. One of these would allow the
spellcaster to hide his magic from everyone. It was a dangerous spell to have
out in the world, but she realized that it like other spells could be used
for good as well. She went and looked the spell up, and cast it at once.

Once she was relatively sure she couldn't be found out...she got her regular
book and found a vibration spell. She cast it on the fake penis and it
started vibrating immediately. She went back to the living room and as she
watched the young woman, being stuffed with a "big black cock!" (as the woman
screamed it) she laid down on the towel.

Her sex was still juicing such that she didn't even have to do much to get
her finger wet beyond touch it lightly to her pussy. Her button was sticking
out alot. Hermione wondered if it was ever visible when she was clothed. She
held the vibrating "cock" to her button and a sharper shock than before ran
thru her body, and she held it there.

"God, oh god..." she began moaning...she was getting louder and breathing on
the verge of hyperventilation. "Mmmm..aahh,ahaha..." she continued, her body
shaking, building up to an orgasm, that frankly she was a bit scared of. What
if she couldn't survive it after all? But she didn't have time to think....
the pleasure was getting too much, and she finally exploded into a burst of
orgasmic intensity. As she came she screamed, "Yes! Yes! Daddy, Yes!", not
realizing she had used those exact words...she came down, many minutes

As she lay there, she heard her parents' car engine as they pulled into the
drive way...Hermione looked at the clock..she had been playing and watching
porn all day! It was now nearly 4:45 in the afternoon. She got up from her
prone position and looked frantically for the remote control and stopped the

She grabbed the towel, tape, her wand and the fake penis and ran to her room.
She didn't have much time if any so she threw on some shorts, sans panties
and a shirt without a bra (not that she would have felt the need anyhow), ran
and threw the tapes and magazines back...then she realized the terrible

She would have to still wash off the fake penis! So she took it into the
bathroom and started washing it. As she started the water, she heard her
parents enter the house. She dried it off best she could and ran back into
her parents' room. She put the rubber toy back and ran back to her room,
praying her parents didn't see or hear her, as she could hear them putting
something away in the kitchen.

"Hermione! We're home!" her mother yelled, but got no reply.

"I'll go check on her," her father said, and headed for his daughter's
bedroom. He had smelled something extraordinary the moment he entered the
house. He thought he smelled sex. He got to Hermione's room and knocked
lightly. He had hoped maybe he would catch her doing something naughty,
but alas, she was fast asleep with her back to him. She apparently had
kicked her covers away, because he could see her shorts riding up her bum,
and she wasn't wearing any panties! Her father immediately got hard.

Hermione on the other side of the room, had wished she had had time to pull
the covers up. She tried to keep her breathing even and eventually heard her
father close her bedroom door. The next thing she new, she heard her parents
in their room going having sex. At first she wondered what had gotten them
in the mood and then realized she could feel the air on her ass. And then
she put one hand on her bare bumcheek, looked at the wand she had in her
hand and smiled.

The End


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