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Harry Potter: Hermione's Elven Problem (MMF,creampie,rape,inter,bond,first,pwp)
by Greg ([email protected])

It was just after midnight when the doors of the Gryffindor's dormitory was silently open. A small, green palm placed an incense. It's soft scent quickly filled the room. Grungy and Phoongy waited for about fifteen minutes till they slipped inside. An incense was created to made all inside sleep pretty hard and to not wake up too easily. The two short, ugly house elves tiptoed toward the bed of the Hermione, savoring the scent of the young woman.

"Mmm, this bitch smells great" sighed Grungy, his stubby cock already twitching with excitement. It was their mistress command to take care of this stupid bitch. A word about Hermione's ideas of liberation of the house elves spread around and there was a certain number of the people that found this dangerous. One of the pure blood families decided to punish the stubborn mudblood. It should be a cruel and humiliating lesson for anyone who'd try to change an old traditions.

Grungy jumped onto the soft bed and carefully removed the sheet covering Hermione's sexy body. Miss Know it All slept naked, she snored softly, tired after another long evening of studying.

Phoongy joined Grungy on the bed and padded over to the pillows where Hermione's head was. As Grungy spread the girl's long legs, Phoongy cuffed her hands and legs to the bed frames, carefully to not wake her up. When she was secured, he produced a ring gag and stuffed inside her open mouth. Perverted house elf stroked her long hair and rubbed his cock over her face.

Grungy took a bottle and poured some of the thick, green stuff into Hermione's mouth. A special drink to make her docile, silent and weak for some time, enough for the house elves to do their vile job. The incense made all the humans inside sleep well, but her cries might wake them up.

Hermione's eyes went open as she felt something being poured into her mouth. She felt discomfort of the gag too, along with her hands and legs being shacked to the bed frames. But to her shock and surprise, she couldn't say any word and her limbs were like a made of wool. She simply couldn't alert anyone of what's going on.

Grungy grinned as he rubbed his dick under Hermione's prick, letting her get a good sniff of his prick.

"I'm gonna sperm your mouth, bitch" he murmured, cupping Hermione's cheeks as he forced his manhood against her mouth.

Phoongy molested Hermione's round butt, getting hard because of the sight of her pussy and asshole. Her gave her ass and good squeeze, kneading both of her ass cheeks, scratching them with his claws.

Hermione looked with her eyes open wide at the disgusting elf standing right beside her head. She hoped it's just a bad dream, but she felt her ass being kneaded and scratched. The feeling was way too real to be just a dream.

"Surprise, bitch" smiled Grungy and shoved his cock between her red lips.

Hermione was shocked when the elf began fucking her mouth. She couldn't do anything to stop him. Grungy clutched Hermione's head, thrusting into her mouth as Phoongy bent down to probe her ass with his surprisingly long tongue.

She wanted to cry, to call for help. Her friends were sleeping in the beds next to her. But she couldn't make a sound, her throat wasn't listening to her. She could only watch as Grungy humped her mouth, forcing his thick cock down her gagging throat.

"Your mouth is made to be fucked" murmured Grungy, his palms buried in Hermione's long hair as he continued to ride her face, pumping between her sobbing, salivating lips. Tears run down her cheeks as she was brutally face fucked.

Phoongy smiled as his tongue penetrated Hermione's ass. Then he slid his long tongue down to the immobilized girl's womanhood, lapping her pussy. This sudden invasion of her most private part shocked Hermione's even more. None ever touched her there. But the Phoongy's tongue had another effect on her body. She started feeling hot.

Hermione lost any hopes that it was just a wet, crazy dream as she sucked elf's cock. The hard pole rammed down her gulping throat as she had to give head. Ring gag kept her lips open wide, giving her no chance to resist against this invasion.

"You're talented whore. I'll make you drink all my sperm in reward" said Grungy as he jerked her hair, never stopping his thrusts into her blushing face. While she sucked the cock, Phoongy soaked her pussy with his saliva, licking her womanhood and enjoying it's taste. Spreading her pussy lips, Phoongy stuck his tongue deeper, probing her vagina.

Hermione moaned helplessly to the gag, her eyes were focused on the ugly house elf fucking her mouth. Her saliva coated the thick cock as Grungy stuffed her sobbing mouth with the prick again, slamming his crotch into Hermione's pretty face.

The two perverted elves molested helpless Hermione, Grungy's cock ramming her mouth, while Phoongy's tongue buried deep inside her sex. Drool dripped through the gag when Phoongy's tongue made her cum, causing her juices to run onto his disgusting face.

"It seems we made a bitch cum" sneered Grungy before pulling out of her drooling mouth ad shooting his load on her face. Hermione grimaced as sticky strings of sperm splashed across her face, blinking when the cum hit her lashes. House elf put the cock back into her mouth forcing her to swallow the remaining part of his big load.

"Enjoy the taste, bitch" he smiled, holding Hermione's head as he finished shooting his sperm into her mouth. Unhappy, Hermione had to gulp the disgusting, salty stuff.

Phoongy devoured all her love juices, licking her pussy clean. Positioning himself between her legs, he pressed his cock against her wet womanhood. Hermione wanted to scream and protest, when the ugly house elf pushed his cock deeper, moving inside her warm pussy. It wasn't how she imagined her first time. With another thrust, Phoongy ripped her hymen apart, causing sharp pain.

Grungy used her hair to wipe his cock clean of the semen and drool. But one look on the Hermione's shocked face, covered with his semen and fresh tears, made him hard again. He moved back, to place his cock between her round boobies. Mashing her tits together, Grungy started to tit fuck helpless young witch.

Hermione begged this nightmare to end. She was aware that she just lost her virginity to some perverted, ugly creature. Grungy's claws left the painful bruises on her tits. Two cocks worked on her body again, one in and one out. Both elves enjoyed the gang bang of the helpless Hermione. Phoongy pushed deeper into her wet snatch, till his entire cock was buried inside her tight fuckhole.

As much as he enjoyed fucking her tits, Grungy loved the Hermione's eyes, full of panic and shock. This look was making him even eager to work on her round boobies. Giving a little break, he twisted and turned her puffy nipples, enjoying the pain written on Hermione's face. He 'd love to listen to her screams of pain and he tormented her nipples more. Finally he resumed tit fucking her.

Phoongy increased the pace of fucking, his schlong already sunken inside her wet pussy, ramming it with balls slapping against her pussy. He grabbed her legs, spreading them wide as he continued raping the witch till them moment he exploded inside her, filling her womb with his potent seed. A moment later Grungy shoot his load on her face and tits.

Hermione hoped it's the end of her torment, but she was wrong. Both devil elves took another turn, sandwiching her. Grungy fucked her pussy while Phoongy claimed her ass, pushing his cock into her incredibly tight anal hole. With her face covered with globs of sperm, Hermione sobbed when the two cocks fucked her.

"Consider yourself fully spermed, slut" said Grungy as he came inside her. Phoongy filled her ass just a minute later. Both elves were spent, they fucked the young witch well, just like they were told too. Hermione looked pathetic, with cum leaking down her pussy and ass, strings of dried sperm on her face and tits. Elves had to finish their order. They blindfolded Hermione, covering her eyes with a black ribbon. Then they freed her legs and hands, to tie them with her own clothes.

Silently, both elves carried her numb body of the young witch out of the dormitory. They made her sit on the cold floor in the corridor. Phoongy untied her legs and spread them wide, making her well fucked pussy visible. He wrote "Cuntmione Spermger of the Suckindorf" on her forehead. Grungy grinned as he wrote "Claimed by SPEW - Society of Potent Elvish Whorebreakers" on her tits. He high-fived with Phoongy and both elves run away, disappearing in the darkness, leaving rape and humiliated Hermione there, to be find at the morning by the shocked students.


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