Harry Potter: Hermione And Harry's Magic Shaft (bg,exhib)
by Lude ([email protected])

This last Christmas Hermione and Harry Potter, her boyfriend, went to
her parent's house in sunny California. After dinner, the two young
twelve-year-olds slipped into their swimsuits for a little hot tubing.
Harry admired Hermione's statuesque young shape, dazzling looks and
bewitching smile as they got in the water.

Alone in the water they could feel the romance of the occasion. Harry fed on
the warmth of Hermione's sensual smile and the invitation of her loving arms.
In turn, Hermione saw Harry's desire in his handsome face. No words were
spoken. The shared the look of love was all that was needed.

Hermione then reached up and touched his face and caressed his cheek. She
smelled his intoxicating masculine scent as her face neared his. They just
gazed into each other's eyes, beholding the sparks of desire igniting in
them. Harry's hand traveled to the back of Hermione's head, his fingers
running through her hair, as he kissed her ear. Then he trailed down to
the lobe and gently nibbled on it.

Her arms wrapped around him, as his kisses travel down her neck. Hermione
could feel Harry's desire pressing hard against her, and she begin to tremble
with desire. Her fiery desire matched his. Slowly.... teasing, the young
wizard made his way to her lips and traced the contour of her soft lips with
his tongue. Their arms pull each other closer, aroused in pleasure, which
urged them on to greater heights of passion. After an excruciating moment
their mouths finally meet.... lips gently pressing together. Their lips meet
as his tongue slipped between Hermione's lips to entwine with hers in
exquisite pleasure, in a joining, in a timeless dance of the kiss. After
their mouths parted. Hermione smiled at Harry and reached lower along his
body. More kisses came his way, as her small bikini clad breast dangled
before his eyes.

Hermione moved her hands along Harry's waist and began lovingly stroking and
squeezing his balls, and teasing his rock-hard shaft, lightly moving up and
down the length of his shaft. Lightly moaning, he looking up at her as she
started jacked him off. They had their suits on, but Hermione cast a spell
and both their suit bottoms disappeared. She then reached both hands around
his neck and pulled him toward her, kissing him deeply as she did. He moved
toward her, reaching to hold her small, perfectly rounded, amazing breasts.

Harry was in heaven. Hermione's body was toned, tanned and firm. He started
kissing all over her body as he felt her amazing ass in his hands. Then she
squeezed both of her hot legs around his waist, pressing her pussy right onto
his cock. With their arms wrapped around each other, they pulled each other
closer. Harry then parted her legs and ever so gently peeled her cunt lips
apart and ran his fingers up and down the folds of her tiny wet pussy.
Anxiously, Harry's fingers cautiously parted her smooth labia and slipped an
index finger inside her. She moaned softly, but did not move.

"I'm a virgin," Hermione whispered, "pop my cherry, Harry! Make me a woman!"

His heart jumped as hardened cock twitched. His little girl friend was giving
her virginity to him! He kissed her fiercely on the mouth then whispered in
her ear. "Are you sure you want to do this Hermione?"

"Oh, yes Harry! I'm sure!" still whispering as she pressed against him. She
said panting into his mouth. "My little pussy is tight and wet and I want you
to be the first to bang my tight little pussy. I want you to fuck me right

"God, I want you," Harry said as he ran his hands over the smooth, creamy
flesh of her taut tummy and slid another finger into her rave haired thatch.

Hermione whimpered. "Oh, God! Fuck me! I'm so hot! I need your cock in me!"

He bent forward on his knees between her gorgeous thighs. "Ready?" he asked.
When she nodded warily he started pushing into her. He aimed his throbbing
cock at her cunt, pressing the tip toward her petite pink slit. Her hands
helped guide him.

His throbbing cock sensed the heat of her sopping womanhood. He pressed
harder and Hermione could feel his hardness prod apart her split peach. The
bulbous tip found its way inside. Slowly he slid his stiff dick into her
supple, virgin cunt. She let out a small gasp as his tip pushed aside the
outer walls. Deep in his throat he mimed her mild moans as he felt her
tender walls wrap around his hard flesh.

Hermione was such a tight fit that he suddenly became worried that that her
virgin snatch was too small for his large cock. She sensed his apprehension.
"I'm not afraid," she said kissing his ear.

"Oh Jeeezzus! You're so tight sweetheart," he moaned, feeling the walls of
her little pussy compress around his cock.

"Do it Harry!" she begged, abandoning her childhood. "Fuck me! I want you to
fuck me and fill me up with you cum!"

He grunted as the head of his prick slipped between hers swollen cunt lips.
`God, she's tight,' he thought. He pushed again and this time the whole head
went in.

`Wow!' thought Hermione. There was a stretchy feeling inside her pussy. It
hurt! But it felt good at the same time, but his size made her pussy ache.
She thought about casting another spell to make his cock smaller and ease
her pain, but decided against it.

He watched as his cock started to saw into Hermione's' little snatch. He
started sliding back and forth, back and forth, sawing into her pussy. Then,
suddenly, he slipped in another inch.

"Oh God," she groaned, "you're in me, you're in me!"

He pulled his prick head almost all the way out; it glistened with her
pussy-juice. Hermione stretched cunt lips pulled outward clinging to the
thick knob. As her cunt lips parted wider, she felt them envelop the head
of his cock. Hermione could feel the tip of his cock putting pressure
against her fragile maidenhood as her hot pussy lips closed in around the
entire tip of his pulsing manhood. With his cock head buried into the hot
wet velvety entrance of her virgin pussy, she couldn't describe the
sensation and feelings as the tip of his cock pushed against the elastic
barrier of her maidenhood. He would push forward ever so gently and it
would respond by every so softly pushing back. Hermione was rubbing his
nipples as Harry's cock poked her tiny cunt. He was barely halfway in when
he felt the unavoidable barrier. He pushed a little harder but the taut
membrane of flesh refused to give. Hermione pleaded into his eyes, her face
a mask of pleasure and pain.

"Am I hurting you, baby," He asked her kissing her ear.

"No, I'm okay," Hermione panted, "fuck me Harry!"

He pushed, her hymen stretched ... painfully.

"You're doing it. Oh God, you're doing it!" she groaned. "It hurts!" she

"Should I stop?" he asked.

"No ... ... Yes." She wailed. "Stop! Stop! STOP!" she screamed. "Please
stop!" she begged. "You're tearing me apart!" But Hermione knew it was
supposed to tear, so immediately she went on, "No, No! Don't stop, keep

He pushed. She felt a tearing sensation. Hermione started to bleed. But
encouraged by her lust he lunged forward lifting her ass as he impaled
her. Then Hermione screamed out in pain and pleasure when her hymen broke
and her virgin finally relented to the assault of his big cock. With one
deep thrust he tore open her tiny hymen and his swollen cock stretched
her pussy to a new limit. Hermione first squealed as her hymen broke,
then gave out a loud moan of pleasure as Harry's cock penetrated deeper
into her tiny cunt. She froze, her eyes bugged out as his shaft speared

Fully in her now, he found could only rocked back and forth only the
slightest amount because of the incredible sensation of his hard raging
cock inside the walls of her tight soft wet virgin pussy. The friction
was incredibly intense inside his innocent young daughter. Then it all
improved when she cummed again, and her juices dripped down his burly cock.

`Oh, Jeeezzus! Oh, shit! Oh, fuck!' flashed through her brain. It hurt
like hell! Her "yelp" of pain was muzzled as she buried her face into his
shoulder. She had never known such agony and such abandon at one time. His
dick felt huge as it invaded her tiny cunt. He pulled out and thrust in
again and again, pushing deeper with each lunge, tearing the remnants of
her cherry to shreds. After ten or twenty jabs he was buried to the hilt.
She let out a shriek as he filled her up. Mehree then moaned with pleasure
as her vaginal walls molded to the intruding shaft. She lifted her ass
higher off the ground and pulled him in even deeper. Her body jerked as he
hit her cervix, nothing had ever touched her there. Her shrieks turned to
grunts, then to low moans.

As Harry began to move in and out of her fresh cleft she closed her eyes
and fell silent. He felt her cunt wall quivering around his dick as he
drove all the way in, his dark pubic hairs mixing with her dark raven
fleece. He withdrew and entered again and again, stretching her with each
thrust. She let out another cry. Trying to fuck back as best she could,
her grasp tightened as he began to fuck her harder ... in and out; in and
out. Her tight pussy felt so good wrapped around his dick! When he was all
the way in her pussy, he began fondled her slippery breasts. As thrusting
began faster and faster and Hermione felt filled with his hard cock and
the slap of his balls slap against her ass crack with each thrust.

"Fuck me, Harry," Hermione begged. "Fuck me faster!" He thrust into her
pre-teenage slit. Her pussy was slick and tight as her inner muscles
clenched around him like an oiled fist, clamping his dick so hard it
almost hurt.

"Oh, God! Oh, yes! Oh, do it faster!" she gasped.

"Do you like it?" he grunted, pumping so hard and fast that the bed shook.
"Do you like me fucking you?" he asked.

"Yes! Yes! Don't stop!" she groaned.

He began seriously fucking her, causing coursing ripples of pleasure over
her sexual center, ripples that grew more frequent and intense. Soon the
incestuous pair was in perfect rhythm. His lunges were met by Hermione's
pelvic thrusts. A thin sheen of sweat gleamed on their luscious flesh.
They didn't notice their hasty hearts or their heavy breathing and the
room around them became a blur.

Hermione knew this was her moment, she would never know another like it.
Together she and Harry had changed her forever. She felt as if this was the
last minute of her life and she wanted it to go on forever. The horny young
enchantress wrapped her legs tighter around her Harry and pulled him even
deeper inside, terrified of letting him go. She matched his every stroke
with one of her own. Her heart and lungs were out of control as she plunged
into the abyss of passion.

Hermione felt her next orgasm build as she felt Harry building to a peek ...
and soon. The supple girl entwined him with her legs, her heels tapping his
moving ass. She tilted her pelvis, giving Harry's dick a different angle of
attack. The new position did the trick. Her stomach jerked and her legs
became weak as the ravaged teen felt his hard cock penetrate a fraction

The gorgeous little girl shivered, then moaned, followed by screams as his
cock impaled even deeper inside her adolescent cunt. Hermione was unaware
she had screamed. Her body trembled out of control and new emotions shredded
her young body in this one flawless instant.

Hermione gasped for breath and sighed as his cock continued sliding in
and out of her. It felt so good to have her handsome boy friend fucking
her slippery hole. Suddenly, Hermione felt something new; it was his cock

He shouted, "Fuck! Fuck en Yes!" as his erection swelled, his butt muscles
tightened, his balls throbbed, and he ejaculated loads of hot semen into the
pre-teenage seductress' tight slit. Her pussy already filled with his cock,
was now flooded with his boiling seed. Hermione flawless pussy was so tight
that there was no room for the hot jets of cum burning into her. The pressure
of the building load squeezed his molten seed past the seamless joint where
the skintight O-ring of her snug, little fuck hole encircled his swollen
cock. With each in stroke he pumped her full, as with each outstroke, sperm
squirted out of her perfect pink pussy. The adorable brunette could feel the
expelled spume run out of her tight pussy and dripped like hot wax down her
smooth inner thighs or floating up to the surface of the water around them.

He held tight to his darling-gorgeous doll, as his cock jerked for the last
time, shooting a final spurt of sticky cum into her. "O boy, O boy, O boy,"
he moaned as the spasms ran through him even after he had nothing left to
give. Luckily, Harry had be thoughtful enough to cast a silence and fog
spell before they had started fucking to hid what they were doing, because
right as his orgasm came, her father decided to come sit by the tub with his
after-dinner drink!

With Hermione still straddling his throbbing `magical shaft,' Harry tried
to pull out before the wise old feller figured out what was going on. But
Hermione kept her legs wrapped hard around his back and wouldn't let me out.
Her dad is 6'2" and about 200 pounds, so Harry was used to showing him some
respect, but he was trapped. Next thing, the whole family has decided to
sit by the hot tub.

So, while Hermione continued slowly rocking back and forth on her new
favorite Christmas toy, Harry tried to carry on conversations with her
uncles, aunts, gramps, brothers and sisters and their... "Ooooooo oooooo
ooooooo...excuse me! Where was I?" He said as they had one merry Christmas!

To be continued...?


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