Note: JK Rwoling and Warner Brothers own the rights to the characters and wish they had imagined these scenes as they could have written them better than I can.

Harry Potter: Harry Potter's Summer With The Weasleys Part 4: Real And Fake Incest (bg,bb?,pseudo inc)
by PedoJoe

Later that evening, Fred and George went to see Ron and Harry, who were sitting outside just talking. "Hey you two, we have created a super secret new trick candy." Fred announced to them. They both knew how much time and energy the twins spent creating new kinds of novelties. "They're called Polyjuice Poppers." Fred brought out two small, black candies. "All you have to do is to put this in your mouth with part of whoever you want to be. So far, it only lasts about 10 minutes."

"And we are giving you two the first two." George added.

"Do they actually work?" Ron asked skeptically.

"Yes." George answered with a hint of mischief. "We have been working on these for months and have both tried it. They work!"

"Thanks!" Ron smiled, still a bit unsure if his brothers were telling him the truth. But he also knew that they always shared with him the results of their novelty candy. Ron and Harry went to his room and debated whether this candy actually worked.

"Let's test it tomorrow." Harry said, putting it down on Ron's dresser. He got into his bed, removing his clothes.

"If it works, I know what I want to do with it." Ron said without telling Harry exactly what he was thinking, despite Harry's protestations.

"Well, Goodnight." Harry said to Ron.

Harry was awakened by Ginny the next morning. She came into the room and kissed him on the lips. "Mom wanted me to wake you up, Harry." she whispered to him seeing his eyes open. "She wants to serve you breakfast."

"Well, you sure know how to wake me up, don't you?" he smiled up at his girlfriend. He reached up at her and brought her face back down to him to give her a proper kiss.

"Don't take too long. Mom doesn't kiss like me." She smiled before ripping the covers off of her boyfriend. He quickly got dressed and started the day. It was a busy day as Mrs. Weasley had the kids, Harry included doing a lot of chores. They were not finished until dinner, tired out.

That night, Harry and Ron were in his room, resting from the hard work they did that day. "I can't remember feeling this tired since school let out. " Harry yawned.

"I know what you mean." Ron agreed with Harry, stripping and getting ready for bed. He laid down in bed and started to jack off. Harry followed suit and then saw on his Polyjuice Popper still where he left it the night before.

"I want to try the Polyjuice Popper." Harry announced to Ron.

"Go ahead. So who do you want to be?"

Harry thought about it before getting a mischievous smile on his face. "Wait here." he said, putting a robe on. He was gone for a few minutes before coming back smiling. He put the popper into his mouth and started bit into it. He could feel as the juice was running down his throat and only then remembered how horrible it tasted. But he did feel as his body was changing. And Ron was watching first as his hair changed color to his family's familiar red. Harry shrunk and in no time, Ron could see his sister standing right in front of him. As soon as Harry was able to, he explained in Ginny's voice, "You said Ginny was always welcome in your room.

"Well, let's see how far you are willing to go with her." Ron was taken aback. He knew what was happening but still wasn't sure how to respond.

"Ginny" removed her robe and stood in front of Ron naked. She walked over to Ron's bed and sat down next to him. He reached over to her and hugged her closer to him. For Harry, this was very weird, kissing and being this intimate with Ron, but he remembered that right now, he was simply playing the part of Ginny. They kissed a pseudo incestuous kiss, one that Ron had never given his sister before. He let his hands go over her body, feeling her sisterly body. Ron still knew it was just an illusion and it was actually Harry, but his sister's body was so real.

"Come on brother." She laid down on his bed. "Do whatever you want!" He gave up all inhibitions he had left and just attacked his "sister" as if she was his girlfriend. He started to suck on her little tits. "Oh my gosh, that feels so good!" Harry spoke as Ginny, realizing that his breasts, or actually her breasts were more sensitive. Ron loved hearing his sister's voice giving him such encouragement and sucked harder.

"I don't know how long this'll last. I want to do everything!" Harry-as-Ginny reminded Ron. Ron knew that he was definitely going to have to do this with his sister when he gets the chance. He moved down her body and was kissing at her pussy. Since this was the first time he had a pussy, he came immediately with the odd and overwhelmingly ecstatic feelings that were washing over him-as-her.

"I'm going to shag you now!" Ron told his "sister." He placed his cock at her pussy and started to push in.

"Oh..." Harry was at a loss of words at the feeling of having sex as a girl. It was so different from this side. Ron was completely in within a minute. He was actually inside of his sister, or at least a vision of his sister. He leaned over and planted a kiss on her lips. Harry didn't know if he was being influenced by being Ginny or what, but he was finding himself wanting to be more passionate with Ron. As Ginny, he kissed back lustily, shoving his tongue into his mouth. Ron shared in the kiss, now forgetting that this was actually Harry.

These feelings were so new to Harry that he started to cum. As Ginny, he was arching her back, yelling. "Oh Ron!" his words were blurring as he came hard, for the first time as a girl. Ron was so far gone in his fantasy, hearing his sister orgasming and feeling as his cock was being milked by her pussy muscles, that he came a minute later, unloading his cum into his sister.

Ron looked down at his "sister" again and just dove his face onto her face, kissing her passionately on the lips. He felt something strange happening with his cock as it was being pushed out of Ginny's pussy. He then realized that it was Harry's cock that was pushing up against his own as he was turning back into Harry.

Ron pulled out and sat up between his friend's legs as he watched his sister turn back into Harry. He looked down and could see his cum all over Harry's cock and pubic area. He leaned down and sucked on Harry's prick, tasting his own sperm mixed with something else. It was Ginny's female sex juices he realized. This was making him very hot now but Harry, who had just finished cumming as Ginny could feel Ron's mouth over his cock and he came again, now shooting his load into Ron's mouth.

Ron swallowed all of his friend's cum that he could, some of it spilling out of his mouth. "Damn!" Harry called out after he came down from two orgasms. There was such a mess and the two boys got up and went to the bathroom, not bothering to put any clothes on. They took a quick shower together with a bit of kissing and fondling, but they were both too spent to do anything else. After going back to the room, they decided to turn in for the night.

They were just typical preteen wizards for the next few days as Ron's parents were giving him and Harry more work to do. They were finally given a respite when not much work needed to be done at home but the parents went out for the day leaving Fred and George in charge, meaning really they had the house to themselves.

"Ron, you want to have sex with Ginny today?" Harry asked him in his room not too long after the parents left.

"Sure." Ron answered with a nervous excitement.

"Cool. I'll get her heated up and then suggest a rendevous. When I get the details all sorted out, I'll come back to you."

Harry went upstairs and found Ginny reading a book in her room. "Hey sexy!" he greeted her. She looked up from her bed and smiled. Getting up from her bed, she kissed him for her greeting. "You know, your parents are gone and your twin brothers are in charge. We haven't done anything lately."

"How about going down to our pond for a nice dip, and maybe more..." she hinted.

"Perfect. Let's meet down there in about half an hour. Just us two." Harry added. With the plans ready, Harry went upstairs to find Ron. He told Ron about the meeting at the lake. They got down there together to see Ginny lying out alone. Both boys had already switched clothes before they left. Now Ron took his popper out. "All right, now to get a part of you."

"Put it in your mouth." Harry said. Ron did and Harry kissed him, shoving his tongue into Ron's mouth. Soon, Ron was morphing into Harry. "You look good!" Harry joked at Ron, or rather himself. They looked over at Ginny, who had heard some noises in the bushes.

"Is that you, Harry?" she asked, not too nervous.

"Yes it is." Harry, the real one, replied. He then whispered to Ron-as-Harry, "OK, you ready?"

"Yeah." Ron took a big sigh and went out to see his sister.

"You gonna join me?" Ginny asked Ron-Harry. He quickly doffed his clothes and lay on the towel next to his sister. They kissed like lovers. Ron was a little unsure at first but soon was keeping up with Ginny. Ron's Harry cock was already hard and he climbed between Ginny's spread legs.

"Would you ever want to have sex with Ron?" he asked before doing anything.

"Oh yeah!" she answered. Ron almost came right then with her admission. That made any last reservation he had leave his body as he slid into his sister for the first time. Harry was watching in disbelief. He was watching himself having sex with Ginny. Ron leaned down to kiss his sister. She met his lips and they shared a quasi-incestuous kiss. He was playing with Ginny's nipples with his hands as he shoved his cock deeper into his sister. Ginny's hands were traveling down his body and pushing squeezing his ass cheeks.

Ginny was shoving herself up as 'Harry' was on his downstroke, helping him as she pushed his ass down onto her. "You feel different!" Ginny sighed.

"Better or worse?" Ron asked, afraid of giving himself away.

"A little better." Ginny replied. "I can't explain it." That almost pushed Ron over the edge. He started to shove himself into Ginny at a faster pace. Ginny was meeting his rhythm by shoving herself up on his downstroke. Ron-as-Harry finally had enough and filled his sister's cunny with his Harry-load. "Take it Ginny!" he yelled out as he was filling his sister up with cum.

"Oh Harry! You are so good!" she called out as she was cumming with him. Her cunt muscles were grasping at the pseudo-incestuous cock as the electricity was flowing through her body. From his vantage point, Harry could feel his scar tingle in intense pleasure as he could see his doppelganger and girlfriend hitting orgasm.

Ron-as-Harry fell onto Ginny's naked body as they both recovered from the incredible orgasm. He quickly remembered that he would change soon and excused himself saying he had to go to take a piss. Ron told Harry about the small details such as the fact that his sister wanted to have sex with him. A minute later, Harry, the real one, went over to Ginny. As much as he wanted to jerk off until he came, he hadn't and was as hot as he could be. He lay next to Ginny and they kissed intensely. He started to kiss down her body and had to clean her pussy out. He could see sperm leaking out of her slick slit, but whether is was still his or Ron's he had no idea. Either way, it was fun watching it go in.

Harry covered her pussy with his mouth and started to suck on her. He wanted all of the jism that was inside of her pussy. "Yeah!" she sighed. "I could do this with you all day, Harry!"

"If we could just stay here forever, I wouldn't want to do anything else." Harry said as he inserted his tongue deeply into her recently sexed pussy. The taste was immense, so strong. He didn't know whose sperm was inside of Ginny's pussy. After a few minutes of this, he came back up to kiss her lips once again. "You ready for some more of me?" he asked Ginny.

She smiled at him with an incredible lust. "Wow, you are all ready for another round?"

"With you, always!"

"Fine. But I'm on top this time." Harry understood what to do and laid down on his back. Ginny squatted over his cock and easily slid down his shaft, her pussy already very lubricated.

"I don't think I'll ever tire of this with you, Ginny." Harry said as he reached up to fondle his girlfriend's miniature tits. She was riding him with a preteen skill. "When you and Ron have sex, will you let me watch?" he asked.

"Of course." Ginny replied, slightly out of breath. "I would love for my boyfriend to watch as my brother shags me." She leaned over and kissed him as her hips were thrusting up and down. He was thinking whether to tell her that she had already had sex with Ron, but chose to keep her in the dark.

His hands were traveling all over her body, from her chest to her ass. After a few minutes, Harry felt ready to shoot. "Oh Ginny! I'm gonna cum!" He warned. Ginny bottomed out on his cock as he came inside his girlfriend. For the second time in a short while, Ginny also reached her orgasm and let out a scream.

Ron, now wearing his clothes, came out from hiding not long after the two lovebirds were cuddling after sex. "Hey." he greeted them.

"Oh hi Ron." Ginny replied casually, no indication that she had just been talking about having sex with him.

"I was going to take a dip." Ron said as he stripped his clothes.

"We'll join you in a minute." Harry called out as Ron was running for the water. He turned to Ginny, who had been watching her brother heading for the pond. "You really think he's cute, don't you?"

"Oh Harry!" Ginny gave him a slight punch. "You know, I've been talking with Hermione. I bet those new students that Hermione is bringing with her would love to join us. I wouldn't mind watching you and Hermione have sex either." Harry just smiled at her comment as the two kissed one last time before heading to join Ron for a fun dip.


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